Servant, la serie de M. Nigth Shyamalan para Apple TV

Apple TV and M. Nigth Shyamalan teamed up to create a new series of psychological horror which bears the name Servat. This series is cataloged as one of his best works after Glass, to the point of remembering the tape that led him to fame, ‘The sixth sense’.

The story they tell in a partner what you just lost your two month old baby. Both are in therapy to help them get out of the tragic event, one of the tasks that their psychologist imposes on them is to take care of a hyper-realistic doll as if it were their baby and at some point they decide to hire a nanny to take care of him.

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After the arrival of the babysitter, strange things begin to happen, if it is not already take care of a doll that they take like your son. The argument will focus on discovering what happens to the nanny and how the baby died and what that has to do with his parents.

The tension, he suspended and even the panic are some of the emotions that this series will make you feel, because only with the trailer you can already perceive it because it is not just any director that we are talking about. Shyamlan is an expert in the genre and for that reason he has achieved the fame that he maintains until now.

Elenco y staff of Servant

Shylamalan apart from serving as director or showrunner of some episodes, he is also an executive producer and will work hand in hand with Tony Basgallop the screenwriter of this series, and also who wrote Hotel Babylon. The producer commented that apart from wanting to cause terror in the viewer, he also wants to provoke laughter.

The premise is tragic, strange and terrifying, but it is also peculiar and with a lot of black humor. It is the tone that I am interested in, as in The Visit or Multiple, that you feel fear and laugh at the same time, ā€¯Shyamalam commented.

On the other hand, within the cast there will be the participation of Lauren Ambrose who gives life to Dhoroty, the mother. Her husband Sean, will be played by Toby Kebbel. And the babysitter who will be the most disturbing in this project will be played byr Nell Tiger Free, who acted as Myrcella in Game of Thrones. In addition to having the participation of Rupert Grint, who has been seen as Ron in the saga of Harry Potter.

Rupert Grint and Lauren Ambrose on stage. Apple TV.

This series is becoming one of the most representative works by M. Nigth Shyamalan, as the audience manages to see his early works through Servant. This story was released in November 2019 but it continues to cause a lot of curiosity and impact on the public. So if you haven’t seen it, run to do it!