What do Real Madrid need in the Champions League?

Real Madrid are a game away from being eliminated from the Champions League after their 2-0 defeat by Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday. They are third in the group with seven points, the same as second place Shakhtar, who have a better head to head.


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The leaders are Borussia Monchengladbach, who have eight points and face Inter Milan tonight. The Italians are bottom on two points and can only go through if they win tonight.

If Gladbach beat inter then they will have 11 points and first place wrapped up. They face Madrid in the last game, who would then need to win and hope Shakhtar don’t beat Inter. That would put Madrid into the Europa League.

If Gladbach and Inter draw, Madrid would be fine with a win over the Germans in the last game, regardless of the other result.

An Inter win also opens the door to Madrid being knocked out. The Italians would need to win and Madrid lose.


Champions League: Shakhtar Donetsk – Real Madrid: schedule and where to watch the Champions League match on TV today

Champions League Real Madrid could ensure their mathematical classification

Shakthar – Real Madrid: schedule and where to watch the Champions match on TV today


Follow the live of Day 3 of the Champions League

The Champions, LIVE: goooooooooooooool from City!

Gooooooooooooooooo from Manchester City! Judgment Gabriel Jesus with a shoe to the near post when Olympiacos was arriving with some danger. Those of Guardiola already win 2-0 to the Hellenic team.

The Champions League, LIVE: Bayern gooooooooooooal!

Gooooooooooooool from Bayern! The Bavarian team is put in front again through Boateng, who saves, for the moment, the game for Flick’s team. Salzburg 2-3 Bayern.

The Champions, LIVE: Madrid gooooooooooal!

Gooooooooooal from Madrid! Brazilian connection ten minutes from the end to make it 3-2 on the scoreboard. Vinicius ran down the left and sent the ball into the area, flat, for Rodrygo. This controlled and put it near the square with the right.

The Champions League, LIVE: Salzburg forgave Bayern 3-2!

Backlash that could have been 3-2 for Salzburg! Neuer stopped Okogawa’s shot and was quick with the ball in the second instance when an opponent already had the boot on the ball.

The Champions League, LIVE: Porto sentence with 3-0 against Marseille

Gooooooooooooool from Luis Díaz! Another assist from Corona for the ‘7’ to put the ball, with perfect definition, on Mandanda’s long stick.

The Champions, LIVE: gooooooooooal from Salzburg to Bayern!

Gooooooooooooooooal from Salzburg! Again the surprise jumps in Austria! After getting ahead on the scoreboard, the locals now make it 2-2 through Okogawa, just entered the game. Great definition in the area.

The Champions League, LIVE: Inter gooooooooooal!

Gooooooooooal from Inter! Perisic tied after finishing in the area with his left foot on a counterattack. The ball came in crying and complicated the game for Madrid, who wasted 2-0.

The Champions League, LIVE: Ajax goal annulled!

Antony was offside at the start of the play. It is not worth as much and follows the Midtjylland 1-2 Ajax.

The Champions, LIVE: Ajax gooooooooal!

Gooooooooooal from Ajax in Denmark! The Dutch team put the 1-3 on the scoreboard through Antony, who decided on his break in the area, although it could be offside.

The Champions, LIVE: Zapata touched the goal of honor with a whiplash to the crosshead!

To the crosshead, but inside! Zapatazo de Zapata, worth the redundancy, which hit just at the point where the crossbar and post meet. Brutal.

The Champions League, LIVE: Diogo Jota’s hat trick for Liverpool!

Gooooooal! The fifth for Liverpool! And the third for Jota, who defined in the area after getting ahead of Sportiello, who left the area, to sign his hat trick.

The Champions League, LIVE: a stop for Neuer to save Bayern!

What a hand down from Neuer! Mwepu’s shot after receiving from the left and the goalkeeper saved Salzburg’s tie with a great stretch.

The Champions, LIVE: and another from Liverpool! He already wins 0-4 at Atalanta

Goooooooooal from Sadio Mané! Sportiello bit the ball after receiving from Salah only in the area, heeled to the left, and put the fourth. Gale ‘red’ in Bergamo.

The Champions, LIVE: golaaaaaaaaaazo from Salah!

Not two minutes! Gooooooooooooool from Liverpool in the 47th minute. Salah came into the area chased by a defender on a counter, cut his pair and, with his left foot, put her in the squad.

The Champions League, LIVE: the second halves are already played!

Get the ball rolling again! The second halves began in Madrid, Salzburg, Bergamo, Manchester, Porto and Denmark.

The Champions, LIVE: the breaks are coming! We review the results

End of the first parts! This is how the six games are at halftime:

Real Madrid 2-1 Inter

Atalanta 0-2 Liverpool

Salzburg 1-2 Bavaria

Midtjylland 1-2 Ajax

Manchester City 1-0 Olympiacos

Porto 2-0 Olympique de Marseille

The Champions League, LIVE: Bayern gooooooooooal! Go back in Austria

Goooooooooooal from Bayern Munich! Kristensen, at his own goal, makes it 1-2 just before half-time. Great play between Lewandowski, who gave Müller a great heel hit, and Müller, who crossed and ran into the Salzburg player.

The Champions League, LIVE: Inter cut distances! Lautaro scores a goal!

Gooooooooooooool from Inter! Lautaro defines well in the area a brutal assistance from Barella spur and puts the 2-1 in Valdebebas. Mazazo for Madrid after Ramos’ goal.

The Champions, LIVE: Diogo Jota gooooooooal! DOUBLET!

Ooooooooootro by Diogo Jota! The Portuguese is sweet and puts the 0-2 for Liverpool against Atalanta. Shot in the area with the right that surprised Sportiello.

The Champions, LIVE: Ramos gooooooooooal!

Gooooooooal from Ramos! Madrid put the second on the scoreboard with a good shot from the center after a corner kick.

The Champions League, LIVE: Porto gooooooooooooal!

Gooooooooooooal from Porto! Sergio Oliveira converts a penalty to make it 2-0 against Olympique de Marseille.

The Champions League, LIVE: Benzema gooooooooal for Real Madrid!

Goooooooooooal from Benzema! The striker dribbled over Handanovic to make it 1-0 at Valdebebas at will.

The Champions, LIVE: Bayern gooooooooooool!

Draw Bayern from a penalty! Lewandowski transforms a maximum penalty on Müller and puts the 1-1 in Salzburg.

The Champions League, LIVE: a great goal from Midtjylland!

What a golaaaaaaaaaaaazo from Midtjylland! Lefty by Dreyer to the near post and at mid-height before which Onana could do nothing.

The Champions, LIVE: Liverpool gooooooooooool! Diogo Jota!

Gooooooooal from Diogo Jota! Definition of ‘crack’ of the Portuguese, who is still blessed by the goal, to chop the ball enough in hand-to-hand against the Atalanta goalkeeper.

The Champions, LIVE: goooooooooooool from City! Ferran Torres!

Gooooooooooooooal from Ferran Torres! City is ahead through Spanish at 14 minutes. The former Valencia player continues on a scoring streak.

The Champions, LIVE: Ajax gooooooooooal! The second!

Another from Ajax! Gooooooooooool from Tadic, who makes it 0-2 after Quincy Promes’ kickoff from an indirect free kick in the area.

The Champions League, LIVE: penalty for Bayern that the referee cancels!

Penalty for Bayern in Austria that the referee cancels after the VAR review.

The Champions League, LIVE: Marseille missed a penalty in Portugal!

Olympique de Marseille had a penalty in their favor that Mateu Lahoz whistled for knocking down Thauvin in the area, but Payet sent the shot wide.

The Champions, LIVE: SURPRISE! Goooooooooal from Salzburg to Bayern

Gooooooooooooooooal from Salzburg! In minute 4, the Austrian side surprised with Berisha’s goal, to which a loose ball fell in the area.

The Champions League, LIVE: Porto gooooooooooooal!

Gooooooooooooooooooooooo from Porto! Marega, in minute 4, overtakes the Portuguese team. He riveted the pass of the death of Luis Díaz.

The Champions, LIVE: Ajax gooooooooool!

Ajax already wins! Antony, in the first minute, makes the first of the night to pass Tadic.

The Champions League, LIVE: the matches begin!

Matches are already being played in Italy, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Portugal and England!

The Champions, LIVE: final in Russia! Atlético did not pass the draw

Finaaaaaaaaal! Atlético failed with Lokomotiv Moscow. The 1-1 with which the first half ended prevails during the second half and leaves the Spaniards with four points after three days.

The Champions, LIVE: final in Ukraine! Goleada of the ‘Gladbach

Finaaaaal! The ‘Gladbach puts Shakhtar Donetsk 0-6 and forces Madrid and Inter to press in the match that begins in 15 minutes.

The Champions, LIVE: Ajax can count on the six positives, which were false

Ajax will be able to play in Denmark with all the artillery. The visit to Midtjylland will be somewhat less rocky to be able to count on, who turned out to be false positives in COVID-19: André Onana, Ryan Gravenberch and Dusan Tadic, who are in the eleven, and Maarten Stekelenburg, Davy Klaassen and Zakaria Labyad, alternates.

The Champions, LIVE: recital and win by ‘Gladbach in Ukraine

Borussia Mönchengladbach is beating a 0-6 Shakhtar Donetsk who just two weeks ago beat Real Madrid in Valdebebas. Plea, with a hat trick, special protagonist.

The Champions, LIVE: Atleti cannot with Lokomotiv

Last five minutes in Moscow! Atleti does not go from 1-1 against Lokomotiv and is leaving two points that may be key for the classification. Giménez put the Spaniards ahead, but Miranchuk, from a penalty, put the tie.

Goodnight! The Champions League is on fire …

Goodnight! Welcome to the broadcast of Matchday 3 of the 2020-21 Champions League on this Tuesday, November 3. Today, we have two games at stake and six that will start in just under half an hour.

In Game:

Lokomotiv Moscow 1-1 Atlético de Madrid

Shakhtar Donetsk 0-6 Borussia Mönchengladbach

At 9:00 pm:

Real Madrid-Inter




Manchester City-Olympiacos

Porto-Olympique de Marseille

Live with us the story of everything that happens in Tuesday’s matches of Matchday 3 of the 2020-21 Champions League.


“Madrid is still the favorite for the Champions”

Madrid is Madrid and is still a favorite to win the Champions and, if not, look at the game that he played against Barcelona, ​​”the Portuguese coach of Barcelona said in an interview with ‘EFE’. Shakhtar Donetsk, Luís Castro, a technician who has his staff very decimated due to the COVID-19.

He acknowledges that in the Champions League victory in Madrid (2-3) took advantage of “some oversight” of the meringues and insists that it was a day when his team was very well, with a less inspired Real Madrid, which “is still favorites”, despite the fact that the Ukrainian team He came with numerous casualties due to coronavirus, including that of his scorer Junior Moraes.

On October 21 he played against the team of Zinedine Zidane, yesterday Saturday he tied at the home of the Ukrainian leader and, with endless casualties due to covid, next Tuesday he will face the Inter de Milan in Champions.

Luís Castro, at 59 years old, is one of the great connoisseurs of Portuguese football since much of his career he was the sports director of Porto, where players who today are in the best European leagues such as Fábio Silva, Rúben Snow, Dalot, Patience The André Silva.

After training Rio Ave, keys The victory of Guimaraes, last season he signed for the Shakhtar Donetsk With which he was proclaimed champion of the League with 23 points over the second and took him to the semifinals of the Europa League.

Question: Did Shakhtar win or did Madrid lose?

Answer: Madrid is always Madrid, it is always among the best teams in the world, if not the best. There is another that is very good, Bayern, but Madrid will always be Madrid. Historic clubs with the best players and coaches in the world. We have to speak with respect.

We take good advantage of some oversight of the Real. Real Madrid did not lose, Shakhtar won, that phrase defines what happened. We had a very high level and Madrid that day was not good, as, for example, it was against Barça (yesterday, 1-3). We had a less inspired Madrid and Shakhtar had a very inspired day. We did a fantastic first part. And with 2-3 we knew how to defend very well. In the first half we knew how to attack very well and in the second we knew how to defend very well.

P. Players like the Brazilian Tete, 20, and Marlos, 32, shone.

Q: When you win a game like against Madrid it is only possible as a team. Tetê and Marlos were very good during the game, they made assists, goals, missed goals, very participative. Tetê has a lot of room for improvement and at times reaches very high levels. It is part of the Shakhtar project: acquiring younger players, training them, making them profitable in sport and putting them on the market.

Q: A legion of Ukrainians and Brazilians.

A: We speak in Portuguese with a translator because half of the staff (13) is Brazilian and understands what we say and for the other half the translator speaks Ukrainian. Only Solomon is an Israelite, who understands Portuguese well, and Khocholava, who is Georgian, understands Ukrainian.

Q: How do the two styles marry?

A: The Ukrainian is more disciplined, more rigid, he likes to know what to do at all times. The Brazilian likes freedom of movement more in the offensive moment.

Q: Workforce reduced by Covid.

A: Some are recovering, but you know what covid is like, right? It forces us to be away for 10 days and when they return they are somewhat weakened. World leaders do not say what happens when they have covid, it leaves marks that they do not say, in the lungs, in the heart. And their recovery takes some time. It is extremely dangerous and we are in that process. Those who are playing are wearing out because they play every three days and those who got infected are not fit because they haven’t trained for days. So we have very fatigued players and others not prepared. We are having the most difficult time of the time.

Q: Against Inter you will play with many casualties …

A: Very difficult for us. We have to recover those who play as quickly as possible, but it is not easy. We continue with many casualties, with players who still cannot train, who are not well. Some will enter the squad, let’s see. We do things day by day. Inter has been reinforced with world-class players and its goal is to be champion of Italy, it is one of the best clubs in Europe. We always think that we can do it well, it is what guides us every day.

Q: Shakhtar goals in the Champions League?

A: Talking about objectives in Champions is talking about the unknown, something very complex. In the Champions League everything happens very fast. All games are very difficult and they are great battles. It cannot be foreseen in the Champions League, the best thing is to work with dignity.

Q: The Luís Castro project?

A: Life teaches you to live from day to day. Last year we won the League with 23 points difference over the second, we reached the semi-finals of the Europa League. In the future, we think we have a market, of course we do, but what will happen I don’t know. What we want is to be champions with Shakhtar and then listen to those who are interested in our work. But our focus is Shakhtar.

Q: You went through Porto and other Portuguese teams.

A: A coach cannot be emotionally attached to any club. I have many friends in Porto, in Benfica, Guimaraes, etc.

Q: You had players in the Oporto quarry who shine in Europe today.

A: In the Porto quarry we had Fabio Silva, Ruben Neves, Dalot, Paciencia, André Silva, there are so many, Diogo Leite, … Fantastic players who have developed. The great merit of the evolution belongs to the player himself, he is the one who has his talent, although with the coach’s proposal.

Q: Portuguese football is in fashion

A: We agree on the positive evolution, with very interesting methodologies. The academies are doing very well with very competent coaches. The national team beat France in the final of the Eurocup, the coaches are also very successful abroad. And Portuguese football has a lot of visibility. Portugal is really a country of football, of coaches, of players and, therefore, I like that Portugal is like this.


Madrid-Shakhtar was the most followed Champions League match on television

There was a desire for the Champions League to return and it showed on television. ‘Movistar + Champions League’ was once again the only place to follow the great continental tournament.

Of all those available on the grid during this first day, ‘AS’ compiles that the five most watched were Real Madrid-Shakhtar Donetsk, Barcelona-Ferencvaros, Bayern-Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea-Sevilla and Dinamo de Kiev-Juventus.

Among all of them, the one that accumulated the largest audience was Real Madrid’s Champions League debut against him. Shakhtar Donetsk, in which the Whites fell 2-3 after a bad first half.

Specifically, that Madrid-Shakhtar accumulated 686,000 viewers and had a peak of 6% de share. Behind was Barcelona-Ferencvaros with 585,000 viewers and a 3,5% screen quota.

As for the other two Spaniards, the Bayern-Atlético de Madrid it attracted 477,000 viewers and a 2.7% share. Meanwhile, the Chelsea-Sevilla it gathered 219,000 and reached 1.3%.


Real Madrid have lost four of their last seven home games in the Champions League

The loss to Shakhtar was added to the list of falls of the meringues as a local in the European tournament

Real Madrid fell 2-3 to him Shakhtar Donetsk, defeat that means the fourth loss of the merengues in their last seven home matches in La Champions LeagueDuels in which Zinedine Zidane’s team, in addition to having a win and two draws, has received 16 annotations.

The white team began its participation in the current edition of the Champions League with a loss to the Ukrainians, who were already up 0-3 in the first half. For the second half, the locals reacted with goals from Luka Modric at 54 ‘and Vinícius Júnior at 59’, but they did not get the equalizer even though they had options, they even disallowed a goal out of place in the last minute.

The bad streak of Real Madrid at home began on December 12, 2018, the day on which the CSKA Moscow defeated them 0-3 on the last day of the group stage of the 2018/2019 edition, in which they were eliminated in the round of 16 by the Ajax, whom they defeated in Amsterdam 2-1, but at the Santiago Bernabéu the Dutch turned them around with a 1-4.

For the 2019/2020 season, the Whites appeared at home with a 2-2 against Bruges, later they beat Galatasaray 6-0 and drew 2-2 against Paris Saint-Germain.

In that edition they were again eliminated in the round of 16 by a defeat at home, which was given to them by Manchester City by 1-2 to leave the aggregate score at 2-4.

The numbers left by the defeat of Real Madrid

The defeat of Real Madrid in his first game of the Champions League before him Shakhtar Donetsk left a series of data, especially in the absence of one of the pillars of the white box in the last decade, Sergio Ramos.

Alexis-Martín Tamayo, better known as’Mister Chip‘He pointed out that the Spanish team has succumbed in six of the seven matches of the European competition in which Ramos has not participated.

The team directed by Zinedine Zidane fell without the defender in the matches against him CSKA (twice), Ajax, PSG, Manchester City Y Shakhtar.

Throughout its history, the Real Madrid He had started the tournament 12 times at home, in all of these he had gone ahead, but this Wednesday he succumbed to the Ukraine team.

It is the fourth time that Chamartín’s team has fallen when they go to half time with a deficit of three goals. The last time was in 1999 when he faced Zaragoza in LaLiga. The end result was a 5-1 win.

To the consolation of the Spanish team, “Vinicius (at 14 seconds) scored the fastest goal by a substitute player in the entire history of the UEFA Champions League. The previous record was in 15 seconds and was shared by Ricken and Van der Meyde ”.


The Champions League is here: Morbos and incentives

32 teams will fight to advance in the Group Stage of a Champions League that after throwing the curtain just two months ago, is here.

The premieres of the Spanish will have different difficulty. And if Barcelona and Real Madrid make their home debuts against Ferencvaros and Shakhtar, Sevilla and Atlético de Madrid do so against tough bones like Chelsea and Bayern away from their stadium.

Gunmen duel in Rome

Lazio and Dortmund are a priori the favorites of group F and the Olympic Stadium in Rome will see the first duel between gunmen between Ciro Immobile, Golden Boot from last year and Erling Haaland, second top gunner of the last Champions League and in the orbit of the great for beefing up your attacks.

Ciro Immobile Scarpa d

The most veteran coach puts the ‘Cristianodependencia’ to the test

Lucescu, coach of Dinamo Kiev, will become the oldest coach of this Champions League. The veteran ‘coach’ Mircea Lucescu will turn 75 years and 83 days becoming the oldest coach in the history of the Champions League after beating Jupp Heynckes and will put to the test the ‘Cristianodependencia’ of a Juventus that cannot count on him Portuguese after his positive for Covid-19.

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus

Koeman will enter the club of 6

Ronald Koeman will debut on the culé bench after just over two months since he took office and will enter the select ‘club of 6’. He will be the fifth coach to coach at least six teams in the Champions League alongside Ancelotti (8), Ranieri (6), Mourinho (6) and Benítez (6).

Koeman FC Barcelona

Koeman FC Barcelona

The king of the group stage is back: Leo Messi

Barcelona debuts in this new Champions League and does so in an unprecedented duel against the Hungarian Ferencvaros. A priori he has a group in which he should pass and with options to do it as first (Juventus is the toughest rival a priori of a group G that make up Dinamo Kiev and Ferencvaros).

Lionel Messi - Barcelona

Lionel Messi - Barcelona

PSG – United, without the dreamed reunion of Cavani

It was the morbidity of the first day, Cavani’s reunion with his former PSG teammates, but he has been left out of the list. Mbappé had spoken about it, making it clear that “he is not one of us and despite his absence, it is without a doubt the match of the day.

Edinson Cavani Kylian Mbappe PSG

Edinson Cavani Kylian Mbappe PSG

Bayern-Atlético: The fateful final in Brussels and Saúl’s great goal

Bavarians and Madrilenians are getting used to seeing each other. With the bitter memory of the rojiblancos of the fateful final of the European Cup lost in Brussels to the Germans and with the sweet taste of Saúl’s goal that put the pass to the Milan final on track. The canterano, hesitates until the last moment, made the foundations of the mythical Calderón vibrate, dribbling Xabi Alonso, Bernat and later Alaba to beat Neuer.

Saul Niguez Xabi Alonso Atletico Madrid Bayern Munich 270416 Saul Niguez Xabi Alonso Atletico Madrid Bayern Munich 270416

Real Madrid-Shakhtar, with the sweet memory of La Undécima

Precisely in that 2015-2016 season, Real Madrid, ultimately champion after lifting the Undécima against Atlético de Madrid, faced Shakhtar for the last time, which they defeated in both league games. It is true that the whites arrive after falling against Cádiz and that it will be an incentive to discover what alignment Zidane puts after his latest ups and downs.

Azevedo Modric Kovacic Shakhtar Donetsk Real Madrid Champions League

Azevedo Modric Kovacic Shakhtar Donetsk Real Madrid Champions League

The premiere of Camavinga, the failed signing of Madrid

During the past Transfer Market there was speculation with several names to reinforce Real Madrid. One of them was Eduardo Camavinga who will debut in the Champions League with Rennes against Krasnodar. Undoubtedly, a great incentive for Madrid fans to get to know a little better who they say will be the Whites’ player in the future.

Camavinga/Real Madrid composite

Camavinga/Real Madrid composite

Chelsea-Sevilla: A great of Europe against another who wants to be one again

Chelsea wants to return by their own privileges and be that team that frightened their rivals at the beginning of the century where they even raised a Champions League, but they are measured against a Sevilla that is one of the greats of Europe after winning their sixth Europa League just two months ago . Rakitic is morbid on his return to the Seville team, although two summers ago he was able to wear the blues shirt.



Inter-Gladbach, the spicy is put by Lautaro

Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martínez has scored five goals in six games as a starter in the Champions League, and eight goals in 14 in European competition overall. All eyes will be on the Argentine after his failed move to Barcelona last season.



Ajax-Liverpool, without one of the pillars: Van Dijk

The incentive will be to know how Klopp’s Liverpool reacts after the fundamental loss of Virgil Van Dijk, seriously injured against Everton and who will practically miss the season so it is time to see how the German rearranges.

Virgil van Dijk Liverpool 2020-21

Virgil van Dijk Liverpool 2020-21

Midjtylland-Atalanta, the return of the ‘disappeared’ Ilicic

Josip Ilicic was one of the great protagonists of the last Champions League for Atalanta, where he endorsed a goal poker to Valencia and despite the fact that his team was one of the revelations of the competition, the bergamot striker mysteriously disappeared from the lists ( they talked about personal matters, mental problems…). After returning to Napoli, it is hoped to see one of the great attractions of the last edition again.

Josip Ilicic Atalanta

Josip Ilicic Atalanta

Several unpublished duels

Up to six matches will serve to inaugurate the statistics of precedents of twelve teams. Leipzig-Istanbul, Barça-Ferencvaros, Rennes-Krasnodar, Chelsea-Seville, Salzburg-Lokomotive and Midtjylland-Atalanta. Without a doubt, the hype was whimsical.

Champions League draw

Champions League draw


Kroos analyzed the Champions group and Madrid’s German rival

Real Madrid is a few days away from releasing a new edition of the Champions League. He Shakhtar Donetsk, he Inter de Milan and the Borussia Monchengladbach, rivals. This is how Toni Kroos sees the German rival, whom he knows well.

“For me the ‘Gladbach is the best team that could play from bass drum 4. We won twice in Munich, we played in Dortmund, a win and a draw. The last defeat was in Wolfsburg. Maybe now you don’t believe it, but it was well deserved. It was a bitter night, “he said of Real Madrid’s latest defeat against a German rival.

Kroos, on the other hand, analyzed in his podcast that tie against Wolfsburg, in which Cristiano Ronaldo was key. “Thank God we were able to turn the tie around. Cristiano scored a hat-trick in the second leg and in the end we won the title. But that was the only defeat in the entire Champions League, in Wolfsburg. It surprised many, including me too, “he added.

Real Madrid host Cádiz this Saturday (6.30pm) and also Shakhtar Donetsk at the Alfredo di Stéfano next Wednesday (5.55pm). Two key meetings for Zidane’s men, who want to come back from the break in the best way.


Champions League 2020-21 team guide infographic

October 20, 2020 – May 29, 2021 – The new season of the European UEFA Champions League kicks off on October 20 and culminates with the final at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Turkey on May 29, 2021.

The 2020-21 UEFA Champions League is the 29th season of Europe’s primary club football tournament.

Bayern Munich are aiming for seventh title to equal AC Milan as joint-second most successful club in European Cup history, behind Spanish giants Real Madrid, with 13 titles.

The UEFA Champions League is contested by the highest ranked teams of the strongest UEFA national associations. It is the top club competition in European football and one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. The Champions League final is the most watched annual sporting event worldwide.