Trump vetoes California fishing bill over seafood trade deficit – NBC 52

President Donald Trump on Friday vetoed a bill that would have phased out the use of large-mesh driftnets deployed exclusively in federal waters off the coast of California, saying such legislation would increase dependence on seafood. imported and would worsen the multi-billion dollar seafood trade deficit.

Trump also said in his Senate veto message that the legislation sponsored by Senators Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, and Shelley Moore Capito, RW.Va., “will not achieve its purported conservation benefits.”

Feinstein issued a statement Friday night saying that Trump’s veto “has ensured that more whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life are unnecessarily killed, even when we have a proven alternative available.”

Trump vetoed the fishing bill as the Republican-controlled Senate followed the Democratic-led House and voted to override his previous veto of the annual defense policy bill, signing it into law despite Trump’s objections. .

Sponsors of the fisheries bill said large-mesh driftnets, which are between 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) and 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) long and can extend 200 feet (60.9 meters) below the ocean surface, they are left in the waters overnight to fish for swordfish and thresher sharks. But they said that at least 60 other marine species, including whales, dolphins and sea lions, can also become entangled in nets, where they are injured or killed.

It is illegal to use these nets in US territorial waters in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and off the coasts of Washington State, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii. They remain legal in federal waters off the coast of California.

Summary of Randy Serrano.

In 2018, California approved a four-year phase-out of large-mesh driftnets in state waters to protect marine life.

The bill that Trump vetoed would have extended similar protections to federal waters off the California coast within five years and would have authorized the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to help the commercial fishing industry switch to more sustainable gear types. .

Trump said the West Coast driftnet fishery is subject to “robust legal and regulatory requirements” for environmental protection that equal or go beyond environmental protections applied to foreign fisheries.

He said Americans will import more swordfish and other species from foreign sources without this fishery.

Feinstein promised to “reintroduce this bill on the first day of the new Congress” and said he will push for it to be quickly enacted once President-elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20.


Due to covid in California, Apple announces closure of its stores

Reuters and EFE

California, United States / 19.12.2020 18:56:16

Apple Inc temporarily closed its 53 stores in California amid the increase in covid-19 casessaid a company spokesperson, expanding on a previous announcement of closures.

Apple claimed it was temporarily closing some stores in California following the increase in COVID-19 cases in the state, what brought the iPhone maker’s stock down in operations after the regular market close. That ad covered at least 12 stores.

The United States reached 17 million 416 thousand 108 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and 313 thousand 035 on Friday deceased from covid-19 disease, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

The state of New York remains the worst hit in the country by the pandemic with 36,177 deaths, followed by Texas (25,198), California (22,260), Florida (20,401) and New Jersey (18,124).

Other states with a large death toll are Illinois (15,206), Pennsylvania (13,549), Michigan (11,868), Massachusetts (11,610) or Georgia (10,332).

In terms of infections, California has a million 782 thousand 933, followed by Texas with one million 559 thousand 935, third is Florida with one million 181 thousand 483, Illinois is fourth with 886 thousand 805 and New York fifth with 828 thousand 166.



Due to covid in California, Apple announces closure of its stores

Reuters and EFE

California, United States / 19.12.2020 18:56:16

Apple Inc temporarily closed its 53 stores in California amid the increase in covid-19 casessaid a company spokesperson, expanding on a previous announcement of closures.

Apple claimed it was temporarily closing some stores in California following the increase in COVID-19 cases in the state, what brought the iPhone maker’s stock down in operations after the regular market close. That ad covered at least 12 stores.

The United States reached 17 million 416 thousand 108 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and 313 thousand 035 on Friday deceased from covid-19 disease, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

The state of New York remains the worst hit in the country by the pandemic with 36,177 deaths, followed by Texas (25,198), California (22,260), Florida (20,401) and New Jersey (18,124).

Other states with a large death toll are Illinois (15,206), Pennsylvania (13,549), Michigan (11,868), Massachusetts (11,610) or Georgia (10,332).

In terms of infections, California has a million 782 thousand 933, followed by Texas with one million 559 thousand 935, third is Florida with one million 181 thousand 483, Illinois is fourth with 886 thousand 805 and New York fifth with 828 thousand 166.



Apple Temporarily Closes All California Stores Amid Rise Of COVID-19 Cases

FILE IMAGE. People sitting inside a closed Apple store during the coronavirus outbreak, in Santa Monica, California, USA. March 16, 2020. REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson

Dec 19 (Reuters) – Apple Inc temporarily closed its 53 stores in California amid the coronavirus outbreak, a company spokesman said on Saturday, expanding on a previous announcement of closures.

Apple said Friday that it was temporarily closing some stores in California following a surge in COVID-19 cases in the state, sending the iPhone maker’s shares tumbling in after-market trading.

That ad covered at least 12 stores.

Report of Kanishka Singh in Bengaluru, Edited in Spanish by Manuel Farías


Edomex business hours reduce due to Covid-19 rebound – States

Toluca, Mex. The Governor of the State of Mexico Alfredo Del Mazo Maza, reported that given the rise in infections and hospitalizations in the entity, he has made the determination to reduce the hours of operation of all commercial establishments as of Monday, December 14, so that they suspend operations at five in the afternoon.

This measure is aimed at reducing mobility and trying to avoid the saturation of spaces and crowds that could trigger outbreaks of Covid-19 infections in the most populated areas.

To date, the state of Mexico reports more than 121 thousand confirmed cases of Covid and in the last two weeks, the rate of transmission of the disease has grown steadily to levels when the peak of the pandemic was recorded at the beginning of June.

Hospitalizations of Covid patients have also increased as now the state reports more than 66 percent of beds occupied and the number of hospitalized Mexicans, both in the state and outside the state territory, is higher than 4,300 patients.

In addition to this, more than 22 thousand Mexicans are known to be in home security for presenting mild symptoms.

“If we act responsibly today, we will have a less complicated end of the year and start of the year. We must reduce mobility, saturation of spaces, crowds and activities that create a risk for everyone. At the same time, we must seek a balance so as not to slow down commercial activities and thus support the families’ economy. For this reason, it is necessary and from Monday, December 14 and for the next two weeks, all large and small businesses close their doors at 5:00 in the afternoon ”, he reiterated.

The measure applies to all types of establishments, from department stores, shopping malls, small businesses, spaces for cultural activities such as museums, cinemas and theaters; spaces for the practice of sports activities such as gyms and clubs; nonessential activity venues, as well as zoos and natural areas.

The governor clarified that restaurants must also close at 5:00 in the afternoon and from that time they will only be able to offer take-out food.

Essential activities establishments such as pharmacies and self-service stores may continue to operate in their normal hours, but with a maximum capacity of 30 percent.

He pointed out that the operation of bars, nightclubs and places for social events are not yet allowed and called on the population to report if any of these lines is operating.

Alfredo Del Mazo said that the Ministry of Health will increase the number of daily tests to 12 thousand, to detect more cases and be able to isolate them.

The president also called on Mexicans to stay at home as much as possible and urged them to avoid parties, meetings, posadas, pilgrimages and any activity that puts health at risk.


Apple reopens its stores in Madrid more than three months after closing them

Apple has reopened this week three of the four stores that the company has in the Community of Madrid, including the one located in Puerta del Sol. The premises were opened on November 17, almost three months after the closure that occurred on August 21 due to the expansion of the coronavirus in the region. The establishments in Zaragoza, Murcia and Valladolid continue to be completely closed due to the health crisis.

The only one that remains closed in the Community of Madrid is the one in the store in the Xanadú shopping center, in Arroyomolinos. The reopening will not be complete, since it will only be possible to go to the establishments by appointment in some ‘stans’ placed at the entrance of the stores.

The company has reported that it is not possible to access the premises to look at products, or to go to technical service. “The store is open to collect products purchased online and to receive technical support by appointment, but we cannot serve clients who come without an appointment. We hope to return to operating normally as soon as possible “, you can read on the company’s website.

Closed premises

Other cities, such as Zaragoza, Murcia and Valladolid, still have their stores closed. The one that has been without activity for the longest is Puerto Venecia, in Zaragoza, which closed on August 7. Those of Valladolid and Murcia closed on September 23. Other stores of the brand that have never been closed are those in Barcelona or Valencia. The one in the La Cañada commercial park, in Marbella, is also open again.


They launch DHL eShop, an app to buy on Amazon, Apple, Gap and 100 other stores in the United States

The German logistics giant DHL today launched a mobile application that allows shop at over 100 stores in the United States, between them Amazon, Apple, Gap y Barnes & Nobles. It is a virtual shopping, which includes a door-to-door delivery system, with “an average delay of 11 days“, said to Clarion Alejandro Jasiukiewicz, Country Manager of the local branch of the company. Due to the regulations in force in Argentina, a user can make up to 5 shipments per year, with a cap of US $ 2,500 and up to 50 kilos in each purchase.

The new platform is called DHL LATAM eShop and it works from today in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay and Panama. It was created precisely to attract consumers in the region through eCommerce. In this way “they will get the opportunity to select from more than 8.5 billion products and choose to buy from a single store, or buy from multiple stores and consolidate the selected products so that they travel together to the destination country through DHL Express, “the official statement said.

The mechanism to make purchases requires the download of the application (DHL LATAM eShop) in the Play Store (Android) or in the Apple Store (iOs). Then you have to complete the registration process. From there you can access the virtual shopping center, where all the businesses that are attached to the system appear. The list includes multi-item stores (Amazon, Macy´s y Nordstrom), electronics (Apple), books (Barnes & Noble) and numerous clothing and footwear brands, such as Gap, Armani Exchanges, Old Navy, y Banana Republic.

When the user executes the purchase (with a limit of three units for the same product), the app executes the order and elaborates the total cost of the operation: for Argentines, the formula includes the price of the product quoted in “savings dollars” , taxes, freight and home delivery. Either way, the application calculates all the costs and quotes the operation, so the person knows how much they will have to pay in pesos.

DHL today launched the app at the regional level. For Argentines, the system allows a user to buy in 4 stores in a single shipment. It is not a minor data since the transport has a fixed cost, beyond the quantities and the amount. You can buy up to 15 products per store. Payment can only be made with Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card. “Transfers are not accepted,” Jasiukiewicz clarified.

Look also

Look also

Why is Amazon now shipping online purchases in Super Mario Bros bundles?


Bars and shops in Cartagena adapt their schedules after the new restrictions to reduce expenses

The increase in restrictions as a result of the pandemic has made most of the bars and businesses in the municipality reconsider changing their opening hours to adapt to the new rhythms of citizens and, incidentally, reduce expenses, which they so much need make. The curfew imposed from eleven at night to six in the morning is the main cause of this hourly restructuring. While many hospitality establishments are opting to close in the afternoon without waiting for dinners, stores have chosen to advance their evening opening and closing by half an hour.

Now, the usual thing in some businesses and others is to see posters with the new hours on their shop windows, doors and windows. This is the case of Alejandro Cano, the manager of My Exclusive Store, a store that sells products from the Xiaomi mobile phone brand, located on Calle del Carmen.

«I have had no choice but to adapt. Until a few days ago it closed at nine in the evening, but from eight in the afternoon, with the curfew time, there are hardly any people left on the street, so I decided to end the day half an hour earlier, “he said. to the true.

The Open Shopping Center Association raises the possibility of unifying the hours of entry and exit

To compensate for those thirty minutes, Cano opens at 4.30 pm, “because it seems that around that time citizens begin to be seen more on the street,” added this businessman, while this Monday he placed a sign in his shop window with the new schedule.

Other establishments, such as the Sánchez Casado Hardware Store, have chosen to maintain the morning hours and vary the afternoon hours. Like the previous one, it opens and closes half an hour before. There are even those who, to have a better chance of selling, will keep their stores operating at noon on weekends, such as La Boutique de Sandra.

In other cases they have decided to close directly throughout the afternoon and offer service from 10 am to 2 pm, as in Alpargatus, two gift shops on Calle Mayor. In this case, they do it to save costs and when customers drop off in the evening hours.

The commercial sector is the one that is carrying out the most changes. The objective is to adjust the opening times to the clients’ routines. That is why, now, most of the shops that were open on Sundays and holidays in the old town have decided not to. They did about fifty. Practically all of them participated in the Friends of the Cruises campaign. But since no tourists from ocean liners arrive, these establishments have chosen to keep the blinds drawn and save costs. Now only a dozen are open, most of them for clothing, footwear and accessories.

At five in the afternoon

Faced with the tidal wave of schedules that customers are finding in stores, the Open Shopping Center Association has decided to ask its partners which is the best for all, to unify them, according to sources from the group.

A bit of the same happens in hospitality. The majority of businessmen have given up the dinner service and are already closing, from Monday to Friday, from five and seven in the afternoon. This is the case of Jerónimo Roca, owner of Ayre Gastrobar, a restaurant located on Calle del Aire. “We have decided to open from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon, because from that time on, there are hardly any customers. And on weekends we are thinking of doing the same, “he said.

The president of the Cartagena Hospitality Entrepreneurs Association (Hostecar), Juan José López, believes that this is a measure “that everyone will adopt in the end.” “We cannot have our businesses at times where we do not have clients. We will have to adapt to the new circumstances, “he said. Of course, having to close in the afternoon and lose the dinner service, he warned: “It will take many jobs ahead, which will cost a lot to recover later.”

This situation occurs in the old town, but also in the Ensanche area and even in neighborhoods and councils. For example, in Los Belones there are shops that have reduced their hours, but more bars. According to the president of the Hospitality Merchants Association of that town, Carlos García, some “have decided to close directly, because it was only open on weekend nights.”

Forty hoteliers are still waiting for the authorization to expand their terraces and others already have two

Around forty bars and restaurants in the municipality are still waiting for the license from the City Council to be able to expand their terraces. They have been doing it for five months now, since the City Council gave the go-ahead to the sector’s proposal to install more chairs and tables in the street last May to face the restrictions imposed by the central government due to the health crisis .

Meanwhile, other establishments in the sector are already doing it for the second time, as explained this Monday by the president of the Cartagena Hospitality Business Association, Juan José López. The City Council has granted another extension to the premises that request it. “The City Council technicians are already going through the terraces to see the possibilities that exist, but while they keep forty hoteliers in suspense,” López denounced.

Hostecar held a meeting last week with representatives of the local government and at the meeting they asked again to speed up the procedures that have been underway since May. Most of those affected are establishments located in narrow streets with traffic whose sidewalk surface is small. To achieve this, it is necessary to adapt the spaces to be able to expand them and create new sites. Among them, most are bars and nightclubs that have changed their license to cafeteria-bar.

At forced marches

Employers are aware that the City Council is working hard to solve this setback, but they do not understand why the technicians take so long. Municipal sources insisted that expanding watchmen is not so simple, since it must be combined with the rest of economic activities, because there are spaces that were already being used by other companies or freelancers, such as the ORA, with which it is necessary to negotiate .

From this association they warn that they will return “as many times as necessary”, to demand that the City Council grant the application licenses as soon as possible, “in order to have more margin for recovery,” warned the president of the hoteliers.


LEGO City Leipzig: LEGO Store and other shops

The LEGO city of Leipzig: LEGO Store and other shops – what Leipzig has to offer LEGO fans.

“I praise my Leipzig, it’s a little Paris!”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said about the trade fair city. The famous poet and author of works such as “Faust” and “The Sorrows of Young Werther” studied law here at the University of Leipzig and was enthusiastic about the city’s cultural offerings and the art academy in Pleißenburg. What he didn’t know: In addition to the cultural offerings and the renowned universities, such as the University of Leipzig and the University of Technology, Business and Culture, Leipzig also offers great opportunities for LEGO fans. Today I would like to show you why my hometown Leipzig is interesting for LEGO fans passing through.

Many of you probably know that there is a LEGO store here in Leipzig, which I will explain in more detail in a moment. But there’s more to LEGO here than just this one.

A little disclaimer before we start: All of the content of this article reflects my personal opinion and my experiences. I have not been paid by LEGO itself or any of the operators of the other local stores.

The LEGO store in the Höfe am Brühl

When you arrive at the main train station in Leipzig, you’re almost in the LEGO store. The large shopping mile, the Höfe am Brühl, is only about 100 to 200 meters away. In addition to everything that is always available in such shopping centers, the Leipzig LEGO Store is also located here, in which you can find all the exclusives as well as the catalog offer. In my experience, the LEGO Store always has everything you would expect. The only thing that has become difficult since Corona are minifigures, because these are sold pre-sorted in our shop (maybe also in other LEGO stores). Means you go to the cash register and say which minifigures you want and how often and these are then given to you.

The problem is that figures such as the knight and especially the Vikings are always sold out and new deliveries only come when the figures are sold out. I’ve been looking for the Viking for weeks and keep checking back but it hasn’t worked out yet. But if you’re not coming to Leipzig to buy the Viking, then the store offers everything you could want.

Here is an almost current picture of the single part wall.

The staff are always friendly and helpful, there is never a bad mood. Most of them are enthusiastic LEGO fans themselves and can also give parents and grandparents good advice on what to give the children for their birthday. I have to admit that I’m not here often and that’s mainly due to the following two shops …

Schlegobilbox Leipzig: The shop of my choice

In the Zschocherschen Str. 36, 04229 Leipzig, there is a small shop called Schlegobilbox. In addition to Playmobil, Schleich and Matchbox, the shop also sells LEGO. These are used sets, including many treasures from the last ten years and occasionally older items. Some of the models I have presented here, as well as personal favorites from my collection, come from this shop.

In the shop you can get clean used sets in good to excellent condition. In my experience, the owners control the quality of the used stones very well. The price of the models is also extremely fair, especially compared to current “market prices” for the used sets.

Here is an example: I bought the Sphinx (5978) from the Adventurers series in this shop. For 60 euros, completely in great condition. It’s also great that you have a guarantee of completeness here. With old sets, in particular, it always happens that the instructions are unclear and therefore a part is missing or in the wrong color. In this case you are relatively lost on Ebay. At Schlegobilbox, however, you can simply drive by again and ask about the part. I was already missing a small part twice, which I couldn’t replace from my parts box. But it was never a problem and therefore I am very convinced of this store: fair price, great quality and guarantee.

Part of the offer on my last visit.

The operators of the shop are also always friendly and there is no such thing as a bad mood in their shop. Questions are also always answered. Definitely the best shop in town if you’re looking for older sets at good prices or if you need standard bricks in different colors.

All in all, I highly recommend the shop and Star Wars and Harry Potter fans in particular should perhaps stop by, as many figures on these topics (old and new) are offered individually. Trains have always been there too, for example the motorized old Hoghwarts Express. And hey Andre, some old technology is also included. 😉

Star Wars figures at Schlegobilbox

There is also a nice selection of parts at a price per kilo. For more specific parts (I needed a radiator grille for the vehicles of the Adventurers series) you can also ask the operator directly. Sometimes he has them there and can do without one of them.

Interesting for Harry Potter fans … 🙂

Since this is a second-hand goods store, the offer is of course not always the same and it may be that when you pass there, for example, the minifigure wall looks completely different.

To the Klotzkopf Leipzig: individual parts and sets

The “Zum Klotzkopf” shop is also located at Gorkistraße 106, 04347 Leipzig, and it also sells used and new LEGO.

There is no guarantee for the sets here and “bought as seen” applies to used sets. But there are also some newer sets in their original packaging. But you can buy many individual parts in this shop. Schlegobilbox also offers individual parts at a price per kilo in different colors, but Zum Klotzkopf offers rare parts at an individual price (ask the owner). Since Schlegobilbox gives the sets with a guarantee, they understandably cannot sell the rare parts individually (chrome parts and flags are mentioned here as examples).

The Klotzkopf has a fantastic selection of individual stones at a kilo price and special elements individually, so I was able to buy chrome trumpets from the Western range individually, as well as sabers and muskets for my pirates.

Here, too, the owner is a LEGO fan and always friendly. Every year he organizes the LEGO stock exchange in Schkeuditz at the tram depot here in Leipzig. There is a MOC exhibition there, as well as dealers who offer LEGO sets from their collections for sale, used or new. This fair will take place on October 10th and 11th in 2020. instead of. However, due to the crisis, the number of visitors who can be in the old tram depot at the same time is limited. All in all, I would say if you’re looking for individual parts for your MOCs, then you should definitely stop by here.

Downtown Leipzig: This, that and polybags

Always keep an eye out for offers 😉

The LEGO Store offers almost everything from the current program and you get VIP points when you buy. In the city center, however, there are various providers such as Müller, Spielemax, Galeria Kaufhof and other shops where you can get LEGO sets from the current range. Here you can count on discounts. So depending on how important the VIP points are to you, you can purchase the normal catalog sets in the store or in town. At Müller there is also a good selection of LEGO polybags, which might be interesting for one or the other. I won’t be looking for the addresses for all the shops now, as they are all in the center and not too far away from the Höfe am Brühl. You can just go for a stroll there (there are also many good ice cream parlors here, the best in my opinion is the penguin ice cream bar).

Conclusion: LEGO City Leipzig

For a LEGO fan, Leipzig is fantastic. There are many ways to get the sets you want. And the luxury of a LEGO store is always nice. My favorite remains the Schlegobilbox – which makes it the shop I prefer to go to, even if it’s just to chat a little with the operators but usually to take a set with me. He is followed by the Klotzkopf, where I like to add figures and accessories to my sets of Schlegobilbox. Both stores therefore get an absolute recommendation from a fan of classic sets when you are in Leipzig with a little time. Both shops can be easily reached by train (Schlegobilbox: Line 3, Elsterpassage / Klotzkopf stop: Line 1, Stöckelstraße stop)

The Gondwana-Land in Leipzig Zoo

I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to the local LEGO trade here in Leipzig and that you will find something nice for you when you are in Leipzig. For most people, the LEGO store will be the most interesting and can be reached on foot in five to ten minutes from the main train station.

Finally, what I can highly recommend is a walk in the alluvial forest, it is very nice to unwind and relax. In general, I like how much green we have around Leipzig. The Völkerschlachtsdenkmal is of course also worth a visit. But this is not made of LEGO bricks. 😉

Your opinion!

Have you ever visited the LEGO Store or one of the many shops described in Leipzig? Feel free to comment in the comments!


To the rescue of the downtown stores

It is difficult to say which companies have been most affected by the crisis we are suffering, but a walk through the center of Valencia is scary. The business transfer and ground floor offer posters appear every few meters and the matter does not have many signs of improvement. Up to 70% less sales in the sector of stores in historic centers, according to a study by the association that groups all Spanish cities.

The reason is obvious: there are no tourists and Valencian customers have had and still suffer from an irrational fear of catching Covid-19 in the subway or EMT buses. Several studies have been published showing this as an unfounded fear, although the plastic flaps that have separated the driver from the passengers for months have done nothing to eliminate this urban legend. Even taxis are questioned for the same reason, as I found the other day by a comment from a colleague, who preferred a good walk to attend a press conference.

That is the case no matter how much we try to deny it and the shops in the historic centers are collateral victims. In addition, shopping through internet platforms has skyrocketed since March and in many families that way of life has remained forever. It is the perfect storm that, in the case of Valencia, does not enjoy an increase in population either.

Since the previous real estate crisis, the register had gradually recovered its pulse thanks to the arrival of immigrants. The vegetative balance already seems like a losing battle and if the population does not age before it is due to the new neighbors. But the historic center has not benefited. The goose that lays the golden eggs, tourism, has always prevailed and the available homes have been used for short stays.

All of these elements have come together with the force of a hurricane. The Spanish confederation that groups together the associations has asked the Government to reserve a part of the European funds for the 2021-27 period to rescue a sector that is dying.

Cities are nothing without neighbors, but the same thing happens to historical centers with shops, which become mere decorations with monuments and pedestrian squares where you only go for a walk.

The Association of Merchants of the Historic Center has swallowed and crossed its fingers for the Christmas campaign. The last bullet they have left before closing a disastrous exercise depends largely on the numbers of people infected by Covid-19. As they say, they hope for the best and prepare for the worst. But that does not mean that they organize activities like every year to attract customers to the center again.

On November 14 they will launch the carousel in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the little train that runs through some streets of Ciutat Vella. All with a safety distance between the seats, plastic separators and constant cleaning. Like the ice skating rink from the 27th of the same month on the esplanade where the mascletaes are fired.

With all possible security is what it touches, that is, living with the coronavirus in the best possible way for the economy. The track, by the way, is no longer questioned by Compromís or the councils that manage contrary to what happened as soon as Mayor Ribó came to power. Now, all that remains is for the infected rate to drop and customers return to the center for something more than to go on a scooter along the pedestrianized part of the Town Hall square or check the herbs in the San Agustín square.