Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition 2K: your smallest and cheapest security camera | Gadgets

In recent years the home automation market has taken a 180º turn and now any user is able to control their home remotely without problems. Gone are the days of camera systems with high cost closed circuits, and only available to the privileged few. Now the home security sector has managed to transform itself with all smart cameras that we can install ourselves and monitor from the mobile.

Xiaomi has put on sale in recent years several models that only need a place to plug in and an internet connection if you are staying in an establishment on vacation and you want to make sure that no one enters your room without permission.

Well now Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition 2K that, first of all, it must be said that it actually only has a single lens with 180º rotation.

Your small and inexpensive 2K security camera

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition 2K Xiaomi

The new Xiaomi Smart Camera AI Discovery Edition has a photographic sensor of 2,304 × 1,296 pixels capable of recording at a vertical angle of 118º. In addition, thanks to its rotating head, the field of vision is expanded up to 360º.

This camera connects to the Wi-Fi of the house and we can control it in real time, or by watching the clips it has captured through a app (iOS, Android, web and Windows) that offers us alerts and notifications in case it detects movement. It does not have its own storage, but through an SD card or in the cloud, in addition to offering FullHD quality (1,920×1,080 pixels). Video is encoded in H.265, taking up half the space of older cameras and offering great image quality.

Connectivity and imaging technologies

Regarding its connectivity and imaging technologies, it has night vision thanks to the 940 nm infrared lights, connection Bluetoothas well as connection WiFi AC compatible with 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

The camera also integrates functions of intelligent recognition of elements and faces through AI. Thanks to this, it can recognize faces to avoid sounding the alarm if it sees a familiar face, in addition to alerting you to family entry times through notifications.

Price and availability

Its price is 399 yuan, about 51 euros to the change and it will begin to commercialize in the next days in China. From this, it is very likely that we will see it on AliExpress at a slightly higher price.


Legal uncertainty after Brexit weighs on British investments in Spain | Legal

The weight of tourism -18 million Anglo-Saxons visited us in 2019- and the activity of British residents are key to the economy of the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands. The limitation to the free movement of people and goods after Brexit, obstacles to the acquisition of real estate, access to health or taxation for non-residents are some of the issues that create legal uncertainty that they try to avoid to promote the increase in investments after Covid-19.

According to INE data, more than 300,000 Britons resided in Spain in 2020, with 82,000 residents in Andalusia and 16,000 in the Balearic Islands. Although the idea is of a group of people who enjoy the sun and the beach after their retirement, the reality is that the British in Spain have an average age of 53.6 years, according to data from the 2021 Register.

The terms of Brexit were regulated through the Withdrawal Agreement with a series of provisions so that the effective departure of the United Kingdom was ordered, establishing a transitional period until December 31, 2020. The Withdrawal Agreement has a lot of small print and will bring quite a few surprises in the form of problems that will have to be solved by legal experts. Many British residents face Brexit uncertainty as they feel abandoned by the Boris Johnson government.

Withdrawal agreement

Since January 1, nationals of the United Kingdom in Spain are either beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement (holders of a certificate of temporary registration and five years of legal residence in our country who can obtain permanent residence) or non-EU citizens who are governed by the general immigration provisions.

The British from this year – like any other foreigner – can only spend 90 days out of 180 in Spain legally. “The main problem is that, now, the British have to resort to non-EU channels to apply for their residence,” says Javier Blas Guasp, managing partner of Illeslex Abogados. Law firms that offer services in tourist areas facilitate the process for the British to obtain residence permits that greatly expedite the process through non-profit residence, which only requires the possession of sufficient financial means and being the holder of private health insurance, or the golden visa or investor visa, provided that they intend to make an investment in real estate to obtain residency.

A large number of British residents with second homes in Spain have been affected by the 90-day limitation on their stays. Daniel Olabarria, lawyer at Bufete Buades, highlights that “among the mechanisms that have been activated to make the indicated period more flexible is the application for residence through the special procedure of the Withdrawal Agreement.”

Health coverage and pensions

In relation to health coverage, Guasp assures that “the British will continue to be cared for as up to now, passing the costs to English health care, provided they are entitled to it, but the health cards of British citizens will be valid, for the moment, until end of June ”.

Pensions recognized before December 31 will continue to be satisfied by the “principle of exportability”, provided for in European regulations according to Olabarría. Those recognized from January 1 will be satisfied in accordance with the Coordination Protocol on Social Security of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Great Britain.

To make it easier for the British to start or invest in Spain, Adolfo Martos, coordinator of the International Section of the Malaga Bar Association, proposes to reduce the high consular fees charged to the British (1,500 pounds for the investor visa against the 60 euros of the general tax to a Saudi) and in turn negotiate with the United Kingdom to lower the rates applied to the Spanish so that Spain does the same with the British

Legal activity

  • Institutional concern. The president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, and the dean of the Bar Association, Salvador González, want to have a greater role in matters related to tourism to avoid the brake on investments. It is a matter of utmost concern due to the weight of British tourism on the Costa del Sol and in the province’s economy.
  • Purchase of real estate. The British have a new legal obstacle to acquire a property on rustic land. According to Law 8/1975 on Zones and Installations of Interest for National Defense, prior military authorization from the Ministry of Defense must be obtained before the purchase, the issuance of which takes four months, and is necessary for registration in the Property Registry. . This limitation also affects Spanish companies with British majority capital.
  • Regulate telework. Many British people would like to telecommute from Spain, but our labor and immigration regulations are somewhat rigid. The Malaga lawyer Adolfo Martos proposes “adapting the Spanish labor regulations on telework” to make possible a reality that would also attract talent and enrich the Spanish business and entrepreneurial fabric.


We will have a new iPad Pro at the end of the month, and it will come with a small problem | Tablets

Despite the fact that in March 2020 Apple launched new iPad Pro to the market, in the middle of the confinement, this year will repeat the strategy by bringing new models of its most professional tablets to the market. Thus, at least, the main analysts of the North American ecosystem point it out, who also predict a qualitative leap in the hardware that will reach stores this year.

These are models that will not substantially modify everything seen so far in the range, since 2018, when it modified its design to integrate Face ID, leave the frames to a minimum and adopt the second-generation Apple Pencil. Even if there will be a new component that, as they say in the US, could change the rules of the game hereinafter. A virtue that, in the first moments of his arrival, will also be his most important defect.

Component supply issues

That element that is going to differentiate the iPad Pro of 2021 from those of last year is the screen, which according to all indications it is going to be the first mini-LED in the range, which is going to produce huge improvements in tablets. On the one hand, they are panels that do not reduce the quality seen in the previous two generations by a single gram and, on top of that, they occupy much less space (and energy consumption) which gives rise to either thinning the tablet in thickness, or offering a little more space to integrate new components or make existing ones larger. Like for example the battery.


But the problem with those mini-LED panels is that manufacturers are not supplying to Americans of sufficient quantity enough to arrive on launch day one with guarantees of providing all stores and points of sale with the number of units planned. Specifically of the 12.9-inch model. Something that, internally, would have already caused a first delay in its announcement and that, definitively, that event could occur at the end of this month.

As we reminded you before, in 2020 the iPad Pro landed in stores on March 21 and surely for this year those of Tim Cook had similar plans. That low rate of production of mini-LED screens could have affected those forecasts For this reason, April appears as the new month in which these models will be revealed to all users, once they have secured minimum quantities to have a launch at the same level as the previous models.


‘The irregular’: small sherlocks in an inclusive world

Perhaps Arthur Conan Doyle will roll over in his grave, but it is inevitable that his creation, the most popular detective in the history of literature, will stand up to a thousand and one substitutes in multiple formats. The youth film ‘Enola Holmes’, the first installment of a probable saga starring Millie Bobby Brown, exalted for her starring role in ‘Stranger Things’, was a surprise, staying overnight on the Netflix menu. The same streaming entertainment platform launched the series last weekend ‘The irregular ones’, eight chapters around fifty minutes They describe the tribulations of a gang of orphans who are dedicated to solving strange cases in the underworld of London. The British city is the center of a wave of supernatural crimes and these small investigators try to remedy the situation following the trail of Dr. Watson – at first an arrogant and unbearable guy -, under the shadow of Sherlock Holmes – elusive and addicted to drugs-, whose presence is anecdotal and purely symbolic. In the Victorian era, the streets refer to ‘Oliver Twist’, another literary classic, while the bunch of brats, a group of misfits with special gifts, it faces to an evil that manifests itself physically in surprising ways, like a flock of deadly crows attacking citizens as in Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. The black magic and certain visions they are also present in a series of events that converge in a greater, terrifying and apparently unstoppable threat.

Enola is the sister of Sherlock, a little detective heroine, somewhat rebellious, who sets out on a journey in search of her mother in the recommended film available on Netflix. He follows the clues that his own mother has left him, as if it were one of his usual games, but on his way he runs into another curious case that affects British politics, with the dark London of Jack the Ripper as the setting. ‘Irregulars’ could be the hidden cousins ​​of the Holmes family. Are lost children, from the neighborhood, who live little adventures in a kind of vintage ‘Stranger Things’, although his ways are current, as well as the modern music that accompanies the images. This chick canny and restlessHe was already poking his head out of the Conan Doyle books. His relationship with the ineffable literary detective myth ends up being a drag on his exploits. The endearing main characters don’t end up flying alone. The setting refers to other series, such as ‘Penny Dreadful’ or ‘The Alienist’. It is not gothic enough, but it works minimally in its search for the general public. It is obvious in some passages, but neither does it claim to offer more than a string of moments of escape.

A still from 'Los irregulares'.
A still from ‘Los irregulares’.

As happened in ‘Enola Holmes’, superior in tone, in ‘The irregular’ the focus of attention of the narrative falls on a female with character, despite her age, which is to be appreciated.Thaddea Graham, seen in the series ‘The King’s Letter’, where he already showed his virtues in front of the camera, eating the rest of the artistic team, leads a young and inclusive cast of a proposal that grows in intensity and darkens as the chapters progress. In each installment there is a mystery to solve, but all the episodes connect in a plot arc that puts all the pieces together and opens the doors for a continuation. Tom Bidwell, responsible for ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, is the creator of this production that moves between the detective story and the fantastic adventure that deals with friendship, companionship and the possibility of choosing your own family. Completing the good casting, the best of the lot, we find Royce Pierreson (‘The Witcher’) as Dr. Watson and Jojo macari (‘Sex Education’), McKell David (‘Don’t grow up or you will die’) and Darci Shaw (‘Judy’) as the protagonist gang, which she joins Harrison Osterfield (‘Avengers: Infinity War’) in a curious role. Sherlock Holmes barely appears until late in the season, played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes (‘Anna Karenina’).

The first season of ‘Los Irregulares’ is available on Netflix.


Found in Olympia a small bronze bull offered to Zeus 2,500 years ago


Monday 22 March 2021, 23:39

It is intact. It is made of bronze. It is over 2,500 years old and is an offering to Zeus, father of gods and men. So is the small bull found in the sanctuary dedicated to Zeus in Olympia, according to the Greek Ministry of Culture. Like so many discoveries, it has been the result of chance, since a great storm softened the land that hid it


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‘Small ax’, a large Jamaican fresco in London

McQueen, whose position on the racial issue did not begin to manifest itself until the appearance of his Oscar-winning film 12 Years of Slavery (2013), devises three arguments of his own and is inspired by two real characters to draw this fresco in which the idea of ​​the community as resistance, education, the attempt to eradicate from within the police the prevailing racism in the body, the manipulation of the judiciary and, especially, the Jamaican musical culture as identity and awareness.

‘Small ax’, a large Jamaican fresco in London

Before 12 years of slavery, McQueen had made two camera films with white characters, both played by Michael Fassbender, Hunger (2008), about an IRA member who leads a hunger strike in prison, and Shame (2011), centered on the self-destructive sex life of a New Yorker. After his plea against racism and slavery, his work has taken a thematic turn: Viudas (2018) adapted a British television miniseries from the 80s to the Chicago racial confrontation, and the five installments of Small ax – the last one, broadcast last Thursday on Movistar + – portrays the hard life of the population of Caribbean origin in a post-swinging London and in the Thatcher era.

The music is fundamental in the second chapter, Lovers rock, which is the name by which the most romantic variant of reggae music is known. The title of Small ax is taken from a 1973 Bob Marley & The Wailers song, in which whites are equated with a thick tree and blacks with a small but very sharp ax in order to cut it.

Epifánico sound system

The Lovers rocks action takes place in a house, around 1979 or 1980, in which a massive party is held on Saturday night, when young blacks had difficult access to white discotheques. There, the sound system made up of disc jockeys and sound technicians who create the atmosphere between hedonistic and erotic with reggae, dub, rock steady and disco themes that McQueen films with great precision, takes on special importance.

Dance, innuendo, sweat, courtship, seduction, pure expression of bodies vibrating with the music, from the hit disco of the era Kung fu fightin, by Carl Douglas, to He’s the greatest dancer, by Sister Sledge, until reaching the authentic epiphany by Silly games, by Janet Kay, danced by the protagonists and chanted at the end a cappella in a sublime moment. The producer of this song, Dennis Bovell, appears briefly as one of the partygoers.

Musical relevance

In the old European episode films it was always the same: some chapters were correct, others discreet and there was one that shone with its own light and obscured the others. Something similar happens with Lovers rock. None of the other four parts of Small ax has its power of conviction, its harmony, its narrative musicality beyond being built from a musical party.

In the first, El Mangrove, and the fourth, Alex Wheatle, music also plays an important role. Mangrove is the name of a Caribbean food restaurant turned into the epicenter of the punished black community of the Notting Hill neighborhood. The action takes place between 1968 and 1969, and Jamaican music is very present in the opening minutes as an element of cultural cohesion and attachment to roots. The film then drifts towards a more conventional story -McQueen is more interesting when he films sensations than when he illustrates thesis- about the trial to which the participants in a demonstration are subjected, unjustly accused of assaulting the police (does that sound familiar? ).

For his part, the real character of Alex Wheatle, renowned writer and DJ of the London black community and author of books such as Brixton rock, remembers his years of youth and training after entering prison for participating in the riots in Brixton, in 1981 For Wheatle it was decisive his arrival in this neighborhood and the introduction in record stores with reggae music and Rastafarian culture.

Leroy Logan, the protagonist of the third story, Red, White and Blue, is also real: he was a forensic technician who, in 1983, became an agent of the metropolitan police with the idea of ​​combating racism and segmentation, being repudiated by those of his race and humiliated by white agents. On this general overview, McQueen draws a more personal conflict, since Leroy’s father has been attacked by the police and cannot understand his son’s attitude. In both the Wheatle and Logan stories, McQueen decides to end long before the protagonists achieve their purposes: Logan founded the Black Police Association and received the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, but none of that is seen in the film.

The Education anthology closes, still with the resounding echoes of Silly games. Unlike the rest, it focuses on a black child with attention problems who is sent, against the will of his family, to a special education center. The boy dreams of rockets and space travel, and McQueen makes him the victim of a type of disguised segregation in the realm of education.


La Cala de Mijas will have a new small hotel in the heart of the urban center

The establishment will have about twenty rooms after an investment of approximately 500,000 euros

The hotel is on Tolox street in La Cala de Mijas.  south
The hotel is on Tolox street in La Cala de Mijas. south

Despite the crisis caused by the pandemic, there are those who dare to invest in tourism. The mayor of Urbanism of Mijas, Andrés Ruiz, announced yesterday together with the promoters of the British company (Duncoles.SL), Jo Coles and Paul Dunford, the construction of a small boutique hotel «with charm» in La Cala de Mijas. “We have already granted the building license so work will begin in the next few days. We are talking about an investment of close to 500,000 euros that comes to offer new jobs in the area as well as to join the hotel plant of the municipality. The intention is that it is finished by the end of 2021 and can be put into service for next year, “the councilor explained.

The establishment is located on Tolox street on a 170 square meter lot and will have 20 rooms in a ground floor structure plus three and a maximum height of 12.5 meters. From the Consistory they emphasize that investment from the United Kingdom continues to be present in the city despite Brexit and Covid 19. “Everyone who comes to this place wants to return and, of course, after the pandemic there are many British people wanting to come to visit us again, “said the promoter.


Milan, Arsenal and Manchester United, to eighth of Europa League

The development of the round of 32 of the Europa League was as expected for the Spanish teams this Thursday: Villarreal and Granada, who had their playoffs very on track, sealed their pass to the second round, while Real Sociedad, beaten in the first leg, consummated their elimination.

Granada advanced to the next round despite their 2-1 defeat in Naples, asserting the 2-0 victory achieved in the first leg at home, while Villarreal beat RB Salzburg 2-1, which they had already beaten 2-0 in Austria.

Real Sociedad, defeated 4-0 at home in the first leg in a match relocated to Turin (Italy), tied this Thursday 0-0 at Manchester United.

Villarreal and Granada have therefore brought joy to the representatives of LaLiga in the return this month from European competitions with Real Madrid, that on Wednesday they beat Atalanta 1-0 in Bergamo, in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

In addition to the elimination of Real Sociedad, three Spanish Champions teams (Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, Atlético de Madrid) have lost at home in the last two weeks in the first leg of the round of 16 and are on the ropes in the main tournament on the continent.

The merit of Granada is especially remarkable, being a debuting team in Europe this course and that began in this Europa League from the previous rounds.

Napoli went ahead very early this Thursday, with a great goal from Piotr Zielinski in minute 3. However, the joy did not last long because Ángel Montoro tied after a while (25) bringing tranquility to the visitors, completely broken in the second half from the second Neapolitan goal, the work of Fabián Ruiz (59).

The triumph of Gennaro Gattuso’s team in this return match at the Diego Maradona stadium did not help his team to come back the 2-0 adverse of the first leg and the Andalusians continue dreaming in this tournament.

For his part, in Villarreal the protagonist was Gerard Moreno, author of a double (40, 89 from a penalty), for the 2-1 victory over RB Salzburg, who gave a scare by taking the lead at 10 through Mergim Berisha. However, the ‘Yellow Submarine’ knew how to control the situation and will be in the draw on Friday.

Leicester and Lille, KO

At Old Trafford there was no miracle for Real Sociedad, which drew 0-0 against Manchester United, who calmly asserted his 4-0 income that he brought from the first leg.

Among the English teams, Leicester, third-placed in the Premier League, avoided the plenary session of their country by losing 2-0 at home to Slavia Prague, after the goalless draw in the first leg.

Yes, Arsenal, who beat Benfica 3-2 (first leg: 1-1) with a decisive double from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Tottenham could go to the second round, who beat Austrian Wolfsberg again on Wednesday (4-0 in the second leg, 4-1 in the first leg).

Among the Italians, Naples was the disappointment and AC Milan suffered more than expected, but was able to qualify. The ‘rossonero’ team drew 1-1 at home with Red Star, after the 2-2 first leg in Belgrade, and qualified by the highest value of goals scored away from home.

Roma had fewer problems and advanced with a 3-1 win over Sporting Braga, which he had already dominated 2-0 in the first game.

In the rest of the game, two eliminations stood out, that of Lille (leaders of the French league) and Bayer Leverkusen, against Dutch Ajax and the Swiss Young Boys, respectively. Germany is left without options in the tournament also due to the unexpected loss of Hoffenheim, defeated in their stadium 2-0 by the Norwegian Molde.

Finally, Rangers beat Antwerp 5-2 with a masterful performance by Alfredo Morelos with a goal and assists included.


Timothy Weah, the young American promise who has Tecatito Corona as an idol

The 20-year-old forward said he had the Mexican as a reference, in addition to being a great friend of Eugenio Pizzuto.

Timothy Weah he is one of the most promising American players. Son of legend George WeahHe wears the Lille shirt, an institution in which he continues to train and shares a dressing room with the Mexican Eugenio Pizzuto.

Weah talked about that Is a friend of the Mexican midfielder, confessing his great admiration for another compatriot: “He is my friend, we have a nickname for everyone. Tecatito tells me, by Jesús Corona del Porto, it’s my favorite player. He’s a great boy is already learning French. We talk a lot about the United States against Mexico ”, assured for beIN Sports.

At 20, the striker can boast that he has already played with PSG, Celtic and Lille, as well as being watched by the United States teams. It would not be a surprise that in some years, constantly face the Tricolor.

For his part, everything seemed to indicate that Pizzuto would make his debut with the first team of Les Dogues this week. Unfortunately, tested positive for COVID-19.


‘Honor’ and ‘Small Ax’, the best of January

We leave behind the fateful 2020 and cling to 2021 as if it were the renewal of a series. With the premiere of the year, the new productions return, but also more seasons of some of the most interesting fictions on the television scene. In fact, the year could not have started in a better way with the third season of ‘Cobra Kai’, which on January 1 was already available on Netflix. On January 2, ‘Vikings’ returns to the TNT grid, with a marathon in which the last ten episodes of the fiction will be broadcast. Four days later, the second season of ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ starts on HBO. On January 8, the second season of ‘Memories of Idhún’ will be on Movistar + and the second of ‘Dickinson’ on Apple TV +. Amazon Prime Video unveils the third season of ‘American Gods’ on January 11. Another third season, that of ‘Disenchantment’, arrives on Netflix on January 15. That same day the second season of the creepy ‘Servant’ comes to life on Apple TV +. And finally, on January 25, ‘Charmed’ will return to HBO with its third season and we will attend a new chapter of ‘Euphoria’, also on HBO. And now for the news.

The Stand

Starzplay, January 3

New television adaptation of a work by Stephen King, in this case the apocalyptic ‘The Stand’, which will also have a different ending than the novel written by the author himself. Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Skarsgard star in this fiction set in a world decimated by a plague. The fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of 108-year-old mother Abagail (Goldberg) and a handful of survivors. His worst nightmares are embodied in a man with a deadly smile and indescribable powers: Randall Flagg (Skarsgard), the dark man.


Filmin, January 5

Keeley Hawes stars in this fiction based on a true story that follows the police investigation and revelations about police failures in the run-up to the ‘honor killing’ of Banaz Mahmod, a 20-year-old Iraqi Kurdish woman who was killed on the orders of her family. after leaving an abusive marriage for another man. Gwyneth Hughes has been in charge of the script for this miniseries, which has been directed by Richard Laxton, responsible for the wonderful ‘Mrs. Wilson. ‘

Small Axe

Movistar +, January 7

Steve McQueen, the person in charge of ‘Shame’, ’12 Years a Slave ‘or’ Widows’, writes and directs this miniseries of five episodes of around an hour in length that addresses the racism suffered by the black community in London in the decades from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The series has been produced, among others, by the BBC and Amazon Studios.


Netflix, January 8

Arsène Lupine, the famous white-collar thief, returns to television, this time played by Omar Sy. The first part of this new installment consists of five episodes and tells how this famous French character tries to follow in the footsteps of his father, Théophraste, one of the greatest assailants in history, who has just been assassinated by one of his accomplices.

Scarlet Witch and Vision

Disney +, January 15

Good martian that Marvel Studios has prepared for us here. Two of the most unique characters in the Marvel universe, Scarlet Witch and Vision, pay homage to the golden age of American television. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany embody the two protagonists who enjoy an idealized daily life … until they begin to suspect that all that glitters is not gold.


Cosmo, January 15

Nick Mohammed directs and stars for Sky One in this series that tells, in a comedy key, how they work in the cybercrimes unit of the United Kingdom Government’s Central Communications Unit. But if we have selected this six-episode comedy for something, it is because it co-stars David Schwimmer, the Ross from ‘Friends’.

Losing Alice

Apple TV +, January 22

Sigal Avin directs this psychological thriller that follows Alice, a middle-aged filmmaker, who feels irrelevant since she has decided to start a family. Low in morale, Alice is beginning to obsess over Sophie, a young screenwriter who has just given birth to a dark and troublesome text that, instead of fiction, seems real.

3 paths

Amazon Prime Video, January 22

Alex González, Verónica Echegui and Anna Katharina Schimrigk, among others, star in ‘3 roads’, a series that explores the trails of five young people who meet on the Camino de Santiago. The protagonists, who come from five different countries, go on pilgrimage together in a story of personal discovery that will rediscover them in three moments of their lives: 1996, 2006 and 2021. Alberto Macías, Carlos Molinero, and Juan Ramón Ruiz de Somavía direct this story of friendship that runs through Roncesvalles, Pamplona, ​​Astorga or Ponferrada.

The savvy

Movistar +, January 29

Albert Espinosa, the person in charge of ‘Red Bracelets’, is the author of ‘Los espabilados’. His new fiction tells the story of five young people who escape from a psychiatric center. Despite their clinical diagnoses, these five boys will go on a journey through Europe to find the brother of one of them. The first three episodes and from there, one will be released every Friday. The first season has seven.