Xiaomi launches a smart projector to have a screen of more than 100 inches at home | Gadgets

Xiaomi surprises us once again with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day in Youpin, to Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. And it is that the Asian giant is one of the manufacturers with the most variety of smart devices in its catalog.

The Fengmi brand part of the Xiaomi ecosystem continues to innovate in the field of projectors with the new Fengmi 4K Laser Projector TV C2 and a flexible Fresnel screen over 100 inches from today crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin at a price of 9999 yuan, about 1300 euros.

Xiaomi launches a smart projector over 100 inches

As the name suggests, the Fengmi 4K Laser Projector TV C2 comes with a 4K Ultra HD resolution, along with a 2200 ANSI lumens brightness, a increase of more than 20% compared to the previous generation. So even in the daytime and against a white wall, you can have a great viewing experience.

Xiaomi launches a smart projector Xiaomi

We also know that the Fengmi projector comes with ap100-inch flexible light apron Fresnel F2, a different technology than traditional LCD televisions or other anti-light screens manufactured by Fresnel. The flexible Fresnel F2 anti-glare screen has excellent anti-glare properties and 4K screen resolution. The relationship of 3000: 1 contrast it is comparable to cinematic quality and even the details in the dark parts of the image are clearly visible.

At the same time, Fengmi C2 can project in a screen with a maximum size of 150 inches and has an ultra-short throw ratio of 0.23: 1, so even if placed on a piece of furniture only 24 cm from the wall, it can project a 100-inch image.

The projector also features industry-leading 8-point keystone correction technology that is not limited by the home environment and not afraid of changes in position or uneven walls, ensuring image correction in any situation.

It also features a dual-range high-frequency audio system that uses the powerful technology of audio Dolby y DTS, allowing users to enjoy cinema-level sound quality. Lastly, the Fengmi C2 projector is equipped with 3 USB 3.0 ports and 3 HDMI 2.0 ports so you can freely connect hard drives, game consoles and computers.

Price and availability

Definitely a low-priced, high-quality ultra-short-throw projector. Especially if you consider that the Xiaomi Fengmi C2 has been put on sale for 9,999 yuan, about 1281 euros To the change.

We hope to see you on AliExpress very soon, but dAt the moment everything indicates that at first it will only be available for physical purchase in China, it will probably be able to reach our country through certain distributors such as the brand’s physical stores. We will be very attentive to inform you as soon as it is available in our country.


NBA suspends Marcus Smart for one game over threats to referee


28/04/2021 – 5:48 PM

Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart was suspended an unpaid game by the NBA on Wednesday for using threatening language against a referee in his team’s loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday.

The incident occurred during and after the Thunder defeated Boston 119-115.

Smart was 4-of-17 from the field goal, scoring 14 points and was fouled in the loss.

Smart’s suspension will keep him away from the Celtics’ home game on Wednesday against the Charlotte Hornets.

The 27-year-old point guard is in his seventh NBA season, all with the Celtics. He is averaging 13.6 points this season; 5.5 assists, 3.3 rebounds and 1.5 steals per game in 42 appearances for Boston this season.

The Celtics, at 32-30, are sixth in the Eastern Conference, just ahead of the Miami Heat in tiebreakers for last place heading to the playoffs.

Teams seventh through 10th in the East will participate in a mini-qualifying tournament for the last two postseason spots. The Hornets are eighth with a 30-31 record.


Xiaomi launches a four-door smart refrigerator that is controlled from the phone | Gadgets

There is no week in which we do not echo a new Xiaomi appliance, and this week is no exception. TOtime it is the turn of a smart fridge from the Chinese firm. Lhe last week presented under the MIJIA brand: the 185L MIJIA double door refrigerator and the 496L MIJIA Cross four door refrigerator.

The four-door model features first-class energy efficiency, unique and independent variable temperature storage, antibacterial property of silver ions and other outlets.

Xiaomi’s new smart refrigerator has 4 doors and a large capacity

The 496L capacity of the MIJIA Cross four-door refrigerator consists of of compartments, one of refrigeration 316L and another freezing from 162L. There is also a independent variable freezer 18L that can easily be used to store fruits, drinks and meats separately.

Xiaomi fridge Xiaomi

The refrigerator is 833mm wide and 660mm thick. Supports one 90 right angle opening°. Even if it is placed against the wall, the drawer can be pulled out directly, making it easy to pick up objects without problems.

The body has a Morandi gray satin brocade panel that is resistant to wear and tear and does not retain fingerprints. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and blends in perfectly with the modern home style. Supports the antibacterial function of silver ions with a protection index of up to 99.9%.

The cold room adopts a full-width air supply rear panel with 9 air outlets and a 360 ° surrounding three-dimensional air supply. The design ensures that the unit achieves a frost-free cooling so you don’t have to remove the ice frequently.

The MIJIA Cross 496L four-door refrigerator has four modes of operation: smart, vacation, quick cooling and quick freeze. The unique independent temperature change cabinet supports three temperature mode settings, and the unique temperature can be adjusted based on food storage needs.

Can be controlled from the phone

In terms of performance, it is equipped with a first-rate energy-efficient double-frequency conversion motor, which consumes only 0.83 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, while achieving a low noise level of 38dB. The fridge too Supports remote control via MIJIA APP, which allows you to control the state of the refrigerator with just one hand. It also supports XiaoAI voice control.

Price and availability

MIJIA Cross four-door refrigerator is priced at 3,499 yuan, about 450 euros to change and will go on sale from May 1.


Celtic Rustic Runner

100% Italian linen runner with tassels. The Celtic pattern pays homage to the Celts. The Celts worshipped natural elements, such as the sun and the moon. They believed that rivers, trees, and stones had their own soul. Their perception of the presence of spirits in all natural things gave rise to open-air worship of these beings. The Celtic Style is based on the interlaced patterns of ropes in spirals and curves instead of right angles. Made in Italy by Tessitura Pardi.

Sizes :

  • Small (47.24 x 12.99 inches)
  • Medium (50.05 x 12.99 inches )
  • Large (70.87 x 12.99 inches)


Smart and connected to mobile: this is the Xiaomi microscope for your children | Gadgets

Microscopes have always been one of those gifts that children have received without knowing too much what practical use it could be given, since, at least the subscriber, never had the opportunity to do class work using one of these devices . It wasn’t a tool for homework assignments. Fortunately, it is with the new generations that the idea of ​​education focused on competencies is being put into practice and some centers do use them periodically.

Microscopio de Xiaomi. Xiaomi

So if any of your children have jobs to do, or their passion for science goes beyond the usual, Xiaomi has launched a curious microscope on the market that has two characteristics that make it perfect for these times: it is smart and connected, so we can use it in combination with a mobile phone or tablet, to achieve extraordinary results.

On Youpin already at a knockdown price

This microscope has a very fun design, in white and made of plastic that barely weighs 100 grams and can be used anywhere since it has a battery to save us cables. Thanks to its wireless connectivity, wifi, it will be possible to link it to a mobile or tablet so that your screens act as amplifiers of the image you capture through your high definition cameras.

Xiaomi microscope connected to the mobile.
Xiaomi microscope connected to the mobile. Xiaomi

In this way, the user can see in real time, on the screen of a tablet (which is larger), every little detail of that material that has been placed under the microscope’s magnifying glass. In this way, you don’t have to be looking through a small viewer without the possibility of accessing the details. of what we are observing. And is that thanks to this ability to connect with mobile devices, we can store all work sessions and see them again at any time. Whenever we want.

The battery of this microscope is 2,700 mAh., Which allows you to be on uninterruptedly for 10 hours. It has a connector for USB-C chargers and if you want to do with it, you have it available right now through the platform from crowdfunding of the Chinese, Youpin, at one of those prices that are of authentic balance: 26 euros to change in promotional offer. If you also want it with the pack called “analysis”, then it will raise you up to 51 euros.


Oclean Xpro Elite, the smart toothbrushing

The age of intelligence has come to brushing your teeth. The commitment of oral care products to innovation is complete, with a point of improvement in improving hygiene and washing. A good example is the Oclean X Pro Elite, a toothbrush from the Xiaomi ecosystem that seeks to give its users an extra with a data analysis technology that adapts more than 20 brushing programs to the needs of each person.

Users are increasingly looking for a more complete service and the Oclean X Pro Elite electric toothbrush meets the needs of those who are looking for something more than adequate oral hygiene. To its innovative technology meets exquisite design and a noise reduction system that will isolate any sound from the brush while teeth are being washed.

PYou can buy the Oclean X Pro Elite brush by clicking here.

The problem of noise from electric toothbrushes can be a nuisance. To enhance the experience, the Oclean X Pro Elite has innovatively developed a ultrasonic noise reduction technology It removes much of the sound from your device. Oclean’s Xpro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush is equipped with WhisperClean Technology 2.0, which ensures that the working volume of the toothbrush remains below 45 decibels, while its cleaning power remains intact and fulfills its main function.

The Oclean X Pro Elite is fully immersed in the era of toothbrush intelligence but, thanks to its unique magnetic levitation brushless motor, achieves a speed of 42,000 revolutions per minute and provides more than enough power for the best oral cleaning on the market. Its diamond-shaped bristles are capable of deeply removing bacterial plaque between teeth and improving cleaning by 15% compared to other types of bristles.

Elegant and practical

The design of the brush and its appearance are aspects that Oclean does not neglect. The X pro Elite has, among many other utilities, a convenient automatic wake-up function in which the brush is activated when it is lifted and the screen lights up automatically so that you can press the button to start brushing more quickly and easily. The Oclean X Pro Elite takes up little space as it can be place on the wall using a modern magnetic levitation system, which does not take up space in the bathroom and prevents mold from arising from water stains.

Charging the toothbrush every two to three can be a tedious activity and a headache. The Oclean X Pro Elite it only takes three and a half hours to be fully charged and be ready to be used. Another advantage is that it does not leave any loophole in the mouth, thanks in part to refined technology such as color LCD touch screen with which it has, which shows the brushing data with graphics of dental models, and allows users to know the brushing situation at all times.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T Dual 128 GB

Mark Xiaomi Guarantee 3 Months Warranty Dual SIM And SIM type Nano SIM 2G bands 850 – 900 – 1800 – 1900 3G band 1700, 1900, 2100, 850, 900 Bandas 4G Latinas B17 (700 Mhz), B2 (1900 Mhz), B28 (700 Mhz), B3 (1800 Mhz), B38 (2600 Mhz), B4 (1700-2100 Mhz), B7 (2600 Mhz) Other 4G Bands 12 (700 Mhz), 20 (800 Mhz), 32 (1500 Mhz), 40 (2300 Mhz), 41 (2500 Mhz), B1 (2100 Mhz), B5 (850 Mhz), B8 (900 Mhz) Protection Gorilla Glass 5 Display technology LCD IPS Display range Greater than or equal to 5.5 Screen size 6.53″ Resolution 1080 x 2340p Operating system Android 10, MIUI 12 Chipset MediaTek Dimensity 800U CPU Processor / Cores (8) Octa-core Speed 2.4 GHz Graphics processor Mali-G57 MC3 Rear camera Triple 48Mp – 2Mp – 2Mp Flash LED Yes Video resolution 1080p FHD Frontal camera 13Mp Wireless Connectivity BeiDou, GALILEO , GLONASS, Radio FM, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Interface USB 2.0 Type-C Access Readers Fingerprint Drums Li-Ion 5,000 mAh Color Black Midnight Internal memory 128 GB Memoria RAM 4 GB


Xiaomi launches a gadget for the kitchen that will dry your cutlery intelligently | Gadgets

Xiaomi is one of the technology manufacturers with the largest number of products in its catalog. Products with a great value for money and the most varied. The Asian manufacturer has us used to new launches periodically among which we can see all kinds of products and now it has been the turn of this curious gadget.

As usual, the gadget has been made known through Youpin, the market that Xiaomi has in China to present some of its products and where some of them are placed in crowfounding. The newly presented product is a curious dryer for knives and cutlery that also sterilizes And on top of that, it’s smart since it has support for Xiaomi Home or Mi Home with different functions that make it more special than a normal dryer to use.

Xiaomi and its new product for the kitchen: a smart knife holder

Xiaomi and its smart knife holder Xiaomi

If we go into the details of the product, we are in front of a gadget manufactured by the FIVE company in conjunction with Xiaomi. If we look at its dimensions, it has measurements of 395 × 132.6 × 231.3mm, enough not to be a hindrance in the kitchen either. In addition to the dryer itself, it comes in a kit that adds two cutting boards that has holes inside the product to be introduced inside in order to sterilize them.

Second, we are going to talk about its use, which is very simple and simple, the cutlery dryer or sterilizer has different compartments. At the top it has several slits, in them you can place the cutting knives, the boards (already included), and the cutlery or chopsticks (Asian).

Already in operation, for drying, the gadget uses a system of 360º heat generation capable of reaching 70 degrees centigrade. This system allows the sterilization of utensils, making them clean and end up being free of bacteria and germs. Add that it has a practical tray in which to collect water at its bottom.

If we stop at its “smart” functions, we see that this dryer or sterilizer has many smart functions. It has compatibility with the Xiaomi Home or Mi Home platform, this allows that all the control can be done from the smartphone or with the gadgets that are in the intelligent ecosystem of Xiaomi for the home.

Price and availability

The introductory price of this new cutlery sterilizer and dryer is 309 yuan, about 39 euros To the change. At the moment, it will only be sold in China, although we may be able to buy it in the future through a distributor such as AliExpress.


The next Xiaomi Mi Band 6 could include GPS, SpO2 and compatibility with Alexa | Gadgets

In the world of inexpensive fitness smart wristbands, the series Xiaomi Mi Band It is the best-selling option of all. According to a new report, the brand’s next smartband may come with a blood oxygen level sensor, SpO2, built-in GPS and with support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Xiaomi’s next best seller

The report comes from the code finder Magical Unicorn en Logger.fr , which confirmed the existence of this upcoming smart wearable device, which has the code name “Pangu” and model number “XMSH16HM”. After a little more research on Xiaomi’s application for its “Zepp” wearable technology gadgets, evidence was found of the existence of two new devices, which could be the new Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

One is would be the China exclusive variant with the model number XMSH16HM, while there is also evidence of a global version being released which has the model number XMSH15HM. Like the previous models, the Chinese model would come with NFC, while the global version would not include this function, possibly due to the limitations of the payment platform, a pending task for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 interface design Logger

Turn also found some animation files and some WatchFaces of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 that from what is intuited, it will include a built-in GPS tracking unit and an SpO2 sensor. Among the animations you can see different sport modes such as:

  • Fitness interior
  • Indoor ice skating
  • HIIT
  • Training
  • Extension
  • Step by Step
  • Gymnastics
  • Pilates
  • Street dance
  • Dance
  • Zumba
  • Cricket
  • Cakes
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing

With included SpO2 oxygen level monitor and Alexa

Given how popular and affordable the Xiaomi Mi Band series has been, it seems that the Mi Band 6 could end up providing one of the biggest updates in recent years. Have the ability to monitor your SpO2 levels could be a big hit for the Mi Band 6.

Another notable novelty would be the support of Alexa, which will also be a great help for many people, since as some media confirm, the assistant of Amazon artificial intelligence will merge with Xiaomi artificial intelligence “Mi AI “to offer the voice controls of your sports smart bracelet.

The release date of this new smart bracelet is not yet known. We will see what this new inexpensive portable device focused on fitness from the Asian brand brings us in the future, which we hope will not be too distant.


Xiaomi wants you to do sports at home with this smart abdominal wheel | Lifestyle

Xiaomi surprises us once again with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day in Youpin, a plataforma de crowdfunding de Xiaomi. Among the many accessories for daily life on the platform, there is no shortage of products dedicated to sports and wellness. On this occasion, it is an intelligent abdominal roller, becoming the perfect ally for the home and your workouts in times of COVID-19.

A smart abs roller from Xiaomi – perfect for home training

He Yesoul smart abs roller by Xiaomi YouPin have a width 168 mm and a “futuristic” design; made with quality materials and with a multilayer structure – in order to avoid deforming – the device allows both training the abdominal area and other muscles (thoracic, triceps and so on) thanks to the particular movement that will be made to perform the various exercises in the best way.

Xiaomi smart abdominal wheel YouPin

Have a 3 kg weight and a width of 178 millimeters to make it more stable, compared to traditional ones. It should be noted that it can withstand a volume of force of up to 250 kilograms.

It has a LCD screen from which you can view the progress of your training, the battery level, the status of the Bluetooth connection. It connects via Bluetooth, through it you can connect this smart wheel to your smartphone to track exercise, and you can even access an app with tons of exercise classes to motivate you.

Price and availability

The Yesoul abdominal roller, launched in Xiaomi YouPin, is in crowdfunded at an introductory price of 199 yuan, or 25 euros to current exchange rate. At the moment this accessory is only available in China, through the platform of the Asian company, although it is possible that we will soon see it on AliExpress and other similar platforms. but it is expected to soon reach Europe.