U24 News | Amsterdam celebrates that Brexit is sinking London

Amsterdam displaces London as the main trading center for stocks in Europe, as a result of Brexit. The historical relationship between the English and Dutch royal houses is known, but specifically in January an average of 9.2 billion shares were traded per day in Euronext Amsterdam and the Dutch subsidiaries of CBOE Europe and Turquoise, more than 4 times more than in December .

Amsterdam Stock Exchange emerges as the winner, at least so far, of Brexit.

London Stock Exchange waiting for a negotiation with the European Union to try to recover what it is losing.

The Paris Stock Exchange also has its ambition in the redistribution of businesses that should occur due to the loss of importance of London.

In January, Amsterdam surpassed London as Europe’s largest equity trading center, and the Netherlands took over business lost to the UK since Brexit.

Volumes in London fell sharply to € 8.6 billion, dislodging the UK from its historic position as the main hub of the European market, according to data from CBOE Europe.

The change was prompted by a ban on EU-based financial institutions from operating in London because Brussels has not recognized that UK exchanges and trading venues have the same supervisory status as its own.

Without this so-called equivalency to facilitate cross-border transactions, there was an immediate transfer of deals to the EU worth € 6.5 billion when the Brexit transition period ended at the end of last year. Half the amount of business London banks and brokers handled.


Big winner is Amsterdam Euronext.

Euronext NV is a pan-European stock exchange based in Amsterdam. It was established in September 2000 as a group of European stock exchanges derived from the merger of the Paris Stock Exchange, Amsterdam Stock Exchange and Brussels Stock Exchange.

It is represented in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Dublin, Oslo and the United Kingdom.

CBOE Europe also celebrates. Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) is the largest options market in the USA.

Its owner, CBOE Global Markets, operates 4 options exchanges, 7 stock exchanges, 1 futures exchange and 1 forex market.

Since 2008 it has had CBOE Europe, with operations in London and Amsterdam.

About Turquoise, it is majority owned by the London Stock Exchange Group, in association with 12 investment banks.

Fue creado in 2008 by a consorcio of BNP Paribas, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Société Générale y UBS.

During 2020 it developed a contingency plan that allows it to operate the LSEG market on Amsterdam.

The business

According to the Financial Times, “analysts and executives say the transfer would not mean thousands of jobs will leave London, while the fiscal impact would be limited to the effects the move in trade would have on the profits of the companies involved, they said. Financial services contributed nearly £ 76 billion in tax revenue to the UK Treasury last year. “

Anish Puaar, market structure analyst at Rosenblatt Securities in London, put it all down: “Fund managers will be more concerned about the availability of liquidity and the costs of making a trade, than whether an order is executed in London or Amsterdam.” .

Paris (France) and Dublin (Ireland) also saw small increases in business in January, through the EU operations of Aquis and Liquidnet respectively, rather than through London.

In response, London has lifted the ban on trading in Swiss stocks such as Nestlé and Roche, currently banned from EU exchanges.

Still, the big move in stock trading to Amsterdam makes the city a Brexit winner.

Amsterdam has also recovered activity in the swap and sovereign debt markets that would normally have taken place in London before Brexit.

CBOE Europe is setting up a derivatives trading business in the Dutch capital in the first half of the year.

The US-based Intercontinental Exchange is also moving the € 1 billion a day carbon emissions trading market to the Netherlands, although the offset will remain in London.


the endometriosis surgery that dares to put in the networks

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There are more and more famous e influencers who share their experiences with menstruation on social media to normalize and bring health problems to the table many women live. The last one has been the presenter and model, Chrissy Teigen, who has recently had an endometriosis operation.

Through stories On Instagram, Teigen, wife of singer John Legend, has posted videos showing her doubts and fears before surgery, and your pain and recovery after it.

The endometriosis is a gynecological disease that affects 10-15% of women of childbearing age. It causes the cells of the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, to grow in other places in the pelvic area such as the ovaries or fallopian tubes. This can cause severe pain, heavy bleeding, and fertility problems.

Chrissy Teigen and el hospital.

In the most serious cases, like Chrissy Teigen’s, it is necessary to operate through a laparoscopic procedure that removes any visible endometriosis implants and scar tissue outside the uterus.

Teigen has recounted the procedure before entering the hospital through social networks, where he has million followers (13 million on Twitter and 33 on Instagram). In a tweet he even asked his followers about their experiences going under the knife.

“Can anyone tell me about your experience after endometriosis surgery? What is the level of difficulty of recovery? How can I make soup afterwards,” he wrote on February 3.

Once at the hospital, he explained how he was doing. On Instagram he posted a photo from his bed saying “endometriosis operation, please stop this pain “. Once operated, she updated her condition and uploaded videos showing the scars on her gut, still covered.

Thousands of women have responded to her story to encourage her in the process and some have even shared photos of their bellies with scars endometriosis operations.

Sincere about her health

Teigen has always been transparent about her health and, particularly, about her gynecological health. In 2017 uploaded a video in which he showed the skin of his face more reddened than usual with a message that said: “Period skin, what madness “.

In September she shared her “bed rest chronicles,” when she was forced to stay on strict rest for several weeks for difficulties during your third pregnancy.

Finally, in early October, and after several visits to the hospital, the baby I was expecting passed away. Again, she publicly displayed that ordeal, and despite being devastated, she has always spoken openly about it.

More women tell

Like her, more and more celebrities are telling their experiences about gynecological health. The model Olivia Culpo underwent an endometriosis operation in November and posted images of the process.

Others like the feminist screenwriter and actress, Lena Dunham, The Emma StoneThey have also talked about their endometriosis. Dunham even had to undergo a removal of the uterus and the cervix to eliminate the chronic pain suffered as a result of endometriosis.

Meghan Markle revealed to have suffered an abortion, just a year after having her first child, Archie. After announcing her twin pregnancy, Beyoncé made public that he had to undergo fertility treatments.

For its part, Dakota Johnson expressed her problems with menstruation and strong hormonal changes that suffers every month. “My hormonal changes during my menstrual cycle are ruining my life,” he went on to say in an interview with InStyle.

The actress Sophie Turner She was photographed crying in the middle of the street with her, then fiancé, Joe Jonas, and to the concern of thousands of followers explained on social networks that it was due to strong menstrual cramps that he was suffering.

As Chrissy Teigen said in an interview, speaking honestly about these issues is important because “once you open up about it you realize that many other people in your life are also going through the same thing and they are ashamed of it.”


The message from Gina Carano, from ‘The Mandalorian’, with which she thanks her fans for their support for her controversial statements on Twitter

The protagonist of one of the hottest debates in recent weeks on the social network is pronounced.

If you are a fan of ‘The Mandalorian’, the Disney + series that is the last great success of the Star Wars saga -its second season premiered at the end of last year on the on-demand content platform-, you will know who is Gina Carano, the actress who plays the character of Cara Dunne in fiction.

And if you are not, we tell you that Dunne is one of the main characters of the series, a warrior and expert marksman friend of Din Djarin, the main protagonist of a story from which the most viral gift of last Christmas has emerged, the ‘Baby Yoda’. It is also possible that in the promotional photos Gina Carano slightly reminds you of Xena, “The Warrior Princess”, but that’s another topic … Things from having grown up in the 90s.

Expert in mixed martial arts, a sport in which she was one of the best professional wrestlers in the world, and born in the city of Dallas (Texas) 38 years ago, Carano has accumulated a notable cinematographic presence since 2012 in productions related to her specialty, the action.

Since then, He has worked on films like ‘Fast & Furious 6’ or ‘Deadpool’, where he gave life to Angel Dust, but it has been with ‘The Mandalorian’ when he has achieved the most media attention in his career to date.

Well, once the context is introduced to those who do not follow the Disney + series, we can now address the controversy that has made Gina Carano the protagonist on the front page of the North American social chronicle and that has now led him to publish a message of thanks to those who have supported him on Twitter.

It turns out that Carano is very active on this social network. But not like many other celebrities are. She gets very wet in current affairs; in fact, it doesn’t matter to get to the bottom of puddles. And defends very conservative ideas, related to the republican party. This is an important detail in the story.

For example, has come to publicly criticize the obligation to wear masks: “Democrats recommend that we wear blindfolds in addition to masks so that we do not find out what is happening,” is the meme he published about it last November on the bird’s network.

She has also hinted that she is a supporter of the conspiracy theory of electoral fraud against former President Trump in the last elections to the White House by giving ‘like’ to different tweets that sympathized with the assault on the Capitol last Three Kings Day. And he even “wavered” those people who choose to include the pronouns with which they feel identified in their Twitter bio. “Gina Carano boop / bop / bep”, she put herself in the name of her account – she no longer has it that way.

From these and other controversial statements and gestures, the tweeting community that defends opposing values ​​and thoughts was organized with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano. They did it not only to criticize her way of thinking, but to even ask for her dismissal from the series that has made her a world star.

In front, his followers did the same. First with the hashtag #StandWithGinaCarano and more recently with another, #WeLoveCaraDune, in reference to the character he plays in ‘The Mandalorian’. The mess was mounted. And more on Twitter, the ideal context for this type of controversy taken by polarized opinions, far from consensus.

Nor has Gina Carano felt like putting out the fire, who has said on several occasions her firm decision to continue on Twitter, the last at the beginning of the year in a talk on the YouTube channel ‘Drunk 3PO’.

And proof of the firmness of this decision of the actress is the video that he has published in the last hours on the social network to thank the love and support received by fans of the series and those who think like her through the aforementioned hashtag #WeLoveCaraDune, which has become a trending topic.“I want you to know that I see you and that you inspire me”Carano tells her followers in a small recorded statement that she has shared along with a message in which she acknowledges feeling blessed.

The hashtag with which the tweet in question closes is a declaration of intent by the actress regarding this particular controversy and how life is taken in general: “#nevergiveup (I never give up, in Spanish ‘).

It seems that we have Gina Carano and controversy around her on social networks for a while. And also, at least for now, Cara Dunne, because Disney + has not publicly referred to that hashtag that demanded the dismissal of the actress from its hit series.


Hander Ercel: meet the most beautiful woman in the world | Fashion | Trend | United States | USA | Mexico | MX | PHOTOS | TRENDS

Updated on 02/01/2021 05:48 pm

The 27-year-old Turkish model and actress who was born in northern Turkey in 1993, Hander Ercel, was named the most beautiful woman in the world, according to the “Top Beauty World” ranking. This ranking has been carried out by the fashion and entertainment portal TC Candler & The Independent Critics for more than 10 years

Ercel was chosen the winner under certain criteria of the competition, which are as follows: 50% for facial proportions, 20% for global beauty standards and 30% for the votes of a poll. He won the award beating renowned celebrities such as Rihanna, Selena Gómez and Ana de Armas.

The portals TC Candler & The Independent Critics decreed that the 27-year-old woman be consecrated as the most beautiful in the world.

During her childhood, she was far from her mother and brothers, her grandparents were the ones who raised her, her father wanted Hander to be a doctor and she too, she finished her studies at the University of Fine Arts Mimar Sanín, but leaned into acting.

In 2012, she started her modeling career and won the “Miss Turkey” award. A year later he made his debut in his first novel ‘Tatar Ramazan’. Between 2016 and 2017 starred in the series ‘Love does not understand words’. Then in 2017-2018 she played the role of ‘Hazal’ in ‘Black Pearl’.

Finally, in 2020 she was cast for the first time in a leading role in “’Love is in the air” or also “You knock on my door”. This series was broadcast by ‘Fox Turkey’ and was a success in European countries.

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You won’t be able to believe it: unexpectedly, the revelation that puts Meghan Markle on edge

Without a doubt, the resignation of Meghan Markle The British crown made a huge impact in the real world and became one of the moments of the year.

Despite this and according to some sources, the American actress will not have completely cut the tie that binds her to royalty.


What the CEO of Apple said about data privacy on social networks

The controversy around the privacy of users on the Internet now added the opinion of Apple CEO, the American Tim Cook, who questioned polarization and misinformation in social networks, as well as the management of user data.

The executive director of the apple company criticized the applications for prioritizing “conspiracy theories and incitement to violence”, in addition to collecting too much personal information, in a conference held this Thursday virtually for the International Day of Protection of Personal Data.

“In a time of rampant disinformation and algorithm-driven conspiracy theories, we can no longer turn a blind eye to a theory of technology that says every compromise is a good compromise, the longer the better, and all with the goal of collecting as much data as possible, “Cook said.

In addition, he criticized what is known as the data economy, stating that if it is accepted “as normal and inevitable that everything in our lives can be added and sold,” not only control of information is lost, but mainly “freedom as beings humans”.

“If a company lives by deceiving users, exploiting their data and offering options that are anything but, that, then it does not deserve our praise, but a reform,” he said. Cook said it is not true that technology requires large amounts of data to personalize ads: “Advertising has existed and thrived for decades without something like that,” he said.

Apple’s top figure insisted that it is necessary to advance in the approval of laws that regulate privacy and the use of data. “It is time not only for a comprehensive privacy law here in the United States, but also for global laws and new international agreements that enshrine the principles of minimal data use, as well as data knowledge, access and security around the world. ”, He indicated.

Although there was no allusion to a specific recipient, everything indicates that Cook’s criticisms were targeting Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s company, which has been at odds with Apple for months.

The dispute between the two tech giants centers on changes to the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating software, which includes a tracking transparency feature that Facebook says will cripple its ability to serve targeted ads, AFP published.

Last month, the social media giant opened fire on Apple, saying the iPhone maker’s new measures on data collection and targeted ads would affect small businesses. In this sense, Zuckerberg said Wednesday that the Californian company has “every incentive to use its dominant platform position to interfere with the operation of our applications and other applications.”


City premieres lead against bottom, United visit Arsenal

The Manchester City has the chance to confirm their status as the new Premier League leader against bottom line Sheffield United, on Saturday in the 21st day, while the Manchester United, now second, he moves to London to play against Arsenal (9th) a gala duel.

An unexpected misstep on Wednesday at Old Trafford against Sheffield United (2-1) itself caused United to leave the lead to their neighbor, who have one more point – and one game less.

The day before, City had feasted (5-0) against another team in the relegation zone, West Brom.

Three weeks after opening their Champions League round of 16 match against Borussia Mönchengladbach (February 24), the team led by Pep Guardiola has an impressive streak of 11 consecutive victories, including the Premier, the Cup and the League Cup. You have to go back to December 15 to find the Citizens dropping points, when they drew 1-1 with West Brom.

Since then they have been impressive, in most of the games against humble teams, although they beat Chelsea 3-1. At the moment they are not paying the loss of their game director Kevin de Bruyne, who still has a few weeks to return after a muscle problem.

In a very close title fight, with the top four on four points, Leicester, third two points behind the lead, host Leeds (12th) on Sunday.

Right after that, Liverpool, who reacted with a 3-1 win over Tottenham (6th) on Thursday, appear to be back after a five-game losing streak.

The reigning Premier League champions will have a tough test on Sunday, visiting West Ham, surprisingly fifth-placed in the competition.

– Program of the 21st day of the English championship (in GMT hours):


(12h30) Everton – Newcastle

(16h00) West Brom – Fulham

Manchester City – Sheffield United

Crystal Palace – Wolverhampton

(17h30) Arsenal – Manchester United

(20h00) Southampton – Aston Villa


(12h00) Chelsea – Burnley

(14h00) Leicester – Leeds United

(16h30) West Ham – Liverpool

(19h15) Brighton – Tottenham

Classification: Pts JGEP gf gc diff

1. Manchester City 41 19 12 5 2 36 13 23

2. Manchester United 40 20 12 4 4 37 27 10

3. Leicester 39 20 12 3 5 36 22 14

4. Liverpool 37 20 10 7 3 40 23 17

5. West Ham 35 20 10 5 5 30 24 6

6. Tottenham 33 19 9 6 4 34 20 14

7. Everton 33 18 10 3 5 29 22 7

8. Chelsea 30 20 8 6 6 33 23 10

9. Arsenal 30 20 9 3 8 26 20 6

10. Aston Villa 29 18 9 2 7 33 21 12

11. Southampton 29 19 8 5 6 27 24 3

12. Leeds United 26 19 8 2 9 32 35 -3

13. Wolverhampton 23 20 6 5 9 21 29 -8

14. Crystal Palace 23 20 6 5 9 24 36 -12

15. Burnley 22 19 6 4 9 13 24 -11

16. Newcastle 19 20 5 4 11 19 34 -15

17. Brighton 18 20 3 9 8 22 29 -7

18. Fulham 13 19 2 7 10 15 27 -12

19. West Brom 11 20 2 5 13 15 48 -33

20. Sheffield United 8 20 2 2 16 12 33 -21


The commented coat of Cristina Pedroche that has attracted the attention of the internet: “For rainy days” – Trending topic

We are in the heat of the warm season and if you notice! A week ago we experienced a storm of frost and snow levels that exceeded all others. Although we love summer, wearing winter looks can also be fun and if we can achieve a balance between comfort and style, all the better. Right now you have to keep warm and many brands compete to do it in the best possible way. You sure have seen Balenciaga and Chen Pen’s coats that look like they’re made for giants or cinematic characters like Chewbacca from the movie Star Wars.

Many celebrities join the long list of celebrities who wear their winter look with extravagant clothes of all sizes, designs and of course, colors. Cristina Pedroche placeholder image It was the last to share it and we are sure that it will not be cold. The presenter has revolutionized the networks with a really curious coat but above all, creative. It is a design with a high neck and covered with bears stuffed with feathers, providing greater volume and it is a more fun way to keep warm.

Along with the post, I added the message: “Rainy day, but tasty.” A few weeks ago, while he was teasing in Zapping that he had this coat in his closet, his great friend and stylist, Josie, also admitted on the show that he has one in gold.

It is a coat that United Colors of Benetton sells for 700 euros and is currently sweepingas it offers a unique design, reflecting innovation and a very fun way to get out of the cold.

The coat already has other famous owners

Úrsula Corberó has become the benchmark actress of modern looks and is that she also has good taste for winter clothes. The actress of ‘The paper house’ appeared with the same coat in nets in the first days of snow.


He surprised his followers after showing the funny bear coat. Next to the photo, he wrote the message: “Hopefully this is not the end of the world” He joked in front of his followers while posing in networks with a look very similar to Cristina’s.

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Champions League | Twitter | Jack Wilshere boasts of his memorable performance at Arsenal-Barcelona in 2011

Jack Wilshere He has always been recognized as a player with great conditions, but he could never fully succeed in professional football. However, he maintains a remarkable self-esteem, despite successive accidents in his career.

The midfielder and teammate of Alexis Sanchez during its passage through the Arsenal faced thousands of fans of the Barcelona in your account Twitter, after launching a bold statement about the duel between the two teams in 2011 in Champions League.

The victory was for the Gunners (2-1) with a memorable performance by the English midfielder who was only 19 years old, in front of a luxurious core area in the Barça team, made up of Sergio Busquets, Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta.

They asked the good guy from Wilshere about that on Twitter and his answer left no one indifferent. “Who did you learn more from in the game against Barcelona in 2011: Xavi, Iniesta or Busquets”, a fan asked him.

And the answer brought tail. “I could not learn much, they spent the whole night in my pocket,” proudly replied the player who today plays for Bournemouth in the second division of British football.

The phrase quickly went viral with almost 100,000 likes and 15,000 retweets, especially from Barça fans who showed him the enormous difference his career had with that of the trident in the middle of Barça.

But Super Jack does not care, because he also attracted thousands of comments from Arsenal fans who have in a frame his performance that night, one of the unforgettable in the history of the Champions League of the London team.

And in the memories, Wilshere already knows that he is one step ahead of the best midfield of the last decade in the whole world. Thanks to an exceptional night at the Emirates Stadium.


PHOTOS: María José Costa Márquez proudly shows off her freckles in very seductive snapshots | News from El Salvador

In addition to confirming that these little spots on the skin are very sensual, the beautiful presenter of “Liberadas” also dedicated an emotional post to the love of her life.

Although for many they are very uncomfortable, freckles became fashionable in 2018, thanks to the popularity that American actress Meghan Markle gained after becoming the wife of Prince Harry of England.

Many famous people owe their freckles part of their fame. Among the most coveted freckles in the entertainment world we can mention Kylie Jenner, Emma Watson, Lily Cole or Emma Stone, and not to mention Tom Hiddleston, Ed Sheeran and Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne.

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In El Salvador, one of the famous women on national television who declares herself in love with her freckles is the beautiful María José Costa, who in recent days dedicated several posts to those little spots that really make her look very sexy.

The presenter shocked her fans with this snapshot that she shared in her stories. Photo / Instagram @majocostamarquez

“This 2021 brought me my first gift! My freckles as I missed them !!! “, he wrote next to one of the snapshots, causing a chain reaction in a second:” CUTE … God bless you. A beautiful night for you and your family ”,“ Pretty woman on the outside and inside, greetings ”,“ As Linda Majo as always, may God bless her In every moment of her life ”were part of the greetings that some of her friends dedicated to her. followers, who on his Instagram number more than 66,000.

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In the photo posted on her profile this weekend, Majo Costa highlighted how lucky women with freckles are. “Women with freckles have many points in their favor! AMOOOOOOOOO MY FREAKES! Almost almost 38 !!! Blessed for my life! ”, He posted.

The presenter of “Liberadas” declares herself in love with her freckles. Photo / Instagram @majocostamarquez

Freckles are the most common spots, especially on fair skin. “They are accumulations of brown pigment,” explained Dr. Óscar Junco in a publication of efesalud.com, and warns that with sun exposure, their tone intensifies, which makes them more visible in some epochs.

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And although they make the people who wear them special, but you have to be very careful. “It is essential to use sun protection throughout the year so that those beautiful freckles do not turn into problem spots”, say Marta Barrero and Elena Ramos, pharmacists and experts in dermocosmetics.

The admirers of María José take the opportunity to express their admiration for her on social media. Photo / instagram @majocostamarquez

In addition to expressing to her ‘followers’ how blessed she feels for her freckles, Majo Costa also shared an image with the man of her life, dedicating an emotional message that was praised by her most loyal fans.

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Thank you for being everything to me! Love me as you love me, for accepting my mistakes and making me grow in every aspect! I am very lucky to have you in my life! I love you till the end! SOS the best human being in this world! apart you are the most intelligent being! Brilliant! .. ”, wrote the beautiful presenter.

The television host has dedicated several posts to her beloved husband, to express her feelings for him. Photo / Instagram @majocostamarquez