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Saturday, July 4, 2020


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The French pay homage to the British soldier heroes who died in the battle of the Somme – World News

French villagers paid a moving tribute today to the 20,000 British soldiers who died in the early hours of the Somme battle....

The army is testing coricavirus-affected Leicester residents as the blockade could be extended

Soldiers are testing coronavirus in Leicester as the government considers keeping the city closed for another two weeks following a spike in...

Angela Rayner: The work is with our armed forces – and will listen to them – Angela Rayner

Today, as we celebrate Armed Forces Day, on behalf of the Labor Party and a wider workers movement, I want to thank...

Labor’s Keir Starmer tries to build bridges with the military on the day of the armed forces

Today the job launches an offer to restore its reputation among the British military as the nation marks Armed Forces Day. ...
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Will swine flu really be the next pandemic?

The world has been concerned about pandemic diseases for many years. Before COVID-19, the focus was on influenza viruses as the most likely...

Sky Sports’ surprising prediction for the battle of Derby County with Nottingham Forest

Sky Sports expert David Prutton hailed the recent form of Derby County, but believes that his former Nottingham Forest club will complete...