Lionel Messi: the possible sanction after his expulsion in Barcelona vs. Bilbao

Black day for Barcelona, ​​which, in the midst of its irregularities both in La Liga and in the UEFA Champions League, had the objective of taking the title in the Spanish Super Cup. However, he failed to do so.

This Sunday, with the city of Seville as the stage, the Catalan team found themselves face to face with Athletic Bilbao, and, despite being up twice on the scoreboard, ended up falling 3-2 in extra time.

Iñaki Williams, with a truly extraordinary definition, decreed the feat of the Basque team, which came from leaving another giant like Real Madrid on the road. To top it off, Lionel Messi saw the red card near the end of the game.

Wrapped in impotence, annoyance and anger, the Argentine star from Barcelona slapped Asier Villalibre, a footballer who had previously scored the 2-2 partial for Athletic Bilbao. He was expelled thanks to the VAR.

To add insult to injury, the all-time top scorer for both Barcelona and the Argentine National Team was exposed to a truly imposing sanction that represents a severe headache for Ronald Koeman’s team.

According to Article 98 of the Disciplinary Code, Messi can receive a sanction of between 4 and 12 games since his aggression is considered a serious offense. The last word will be the Disciplinary Committee of the RFEF.

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Lionel Messi – Barcelona vs. Athletic Club LIVE: LIVE via DirecTV Sports Spanish Super Cup Spanish football final from La Cartuja | Spain | Argentina

Barcelona vs. Athletic Club will face this Sunday, January 17 at the La Cartuja Stadium for the final of the Spain Supercup. The game LIVE and LIVE will be played from 3:00 pm (Peruvian time – 5:00 pm in Argentina) and will be broadcast by DirecTV Sports (610, 683 and 1610). You can follow all the details on the website.

The first title of the season is at stake and brings together an excited team like ‘Barza’ against a Bilbao that wants a boost before the arrival of coach Marcelino.

Athletic Club could be super champion before champion, with last year’s Cup final pending against Real Sociedad, and that’s what they aspire to at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville.

Barcelona, who lived in doubt until not long ago, has improved. He has risen positions in LaLiga, despite the fact that the leader Atlético de Madrid seems unattainable. In the Champions League, they hope to arrive well and, in this Super Cup, for now, he played well and, with fateful luck, he passed.

The doubt is, and it could be written in capital letters, Lionel Messi. The captain, the one who has regained the illusion to fight for everything and who is plugged in again, had to rest against Real. Some annoyances that he noticed in Granada now have him between cotton wool. He did not train on Friday and on Saturday yes, but Ronald Koeman advised that the player will have the last word on their participation.

The ‘Barza’ right now is not the favorite to be champion in his toughest future competitions such as LaLiga and the Champions League, although he goes straight in 2021 and with the Super Cup he hopes to find the necessary confidence.


Barcelona: Marc André Ter Stegen; Sergiño Dest, Ronaldo Araujo, Clement Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Sergio Busquets, Frenkie De Jong, Pedri; Ousmane Dembélé, Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann.

Athletic Club: Unai Simón; Ander Capa, Unai Núñez, Íñigo Martínez, Mikel Balenziaga; Oscar De Marcos, Unai Vencedor, Dani García, Iker Muniain; Raúl García, Iñaki Williams.


Athletic Bilbao seeks a “historic feat” against Barcelona

Iñaki Williams, Athletic Club player, stressed that after beating Real Madrid in the semifinals “the feat could be historic” if they beat Barcelona in the final on Sunday and win the Super Cup.

“Emotionally, it would give us all a lot of morale. You don’t always fight for a title and we are facing the possibility of bringing one back to Bilbao. That generates enthusiasm and generates pride for your club,” the forward said at the press conference prior to the last training session at the La Cartuja stadium.

Williams assured that, after the victory against Real Madrid, “the illusion has returned to Bilbao” and that the arrival to the bench of Marcelino Garcia Toral “It has been good” for the team because “the players, the coaching staff and the club were not going through” a completely good situation. “We have to take advantage of it. When things come new they generate illusion and we have to continue on that wave. The team is convinced that tomorrow it can win and we have to prove it,” he explained.

Williams recalled that in the 2015 Super Cup final, also against Barça, “few people gave something” for Athletic’s triumph, “over a double game”, and they won the trophy. “We have to go with the same illusion. Faith moves mountains and that is the attitude. We are a very hard team to beat and more than companions we are friends and when you fight with your friends it is easier to win,” he reflected.

Regarding the match, Athletic’s ‘9’ pointed out that even though they are “aware of the differences they make, it is the same whether they play or not Leo messi because Barcelona “has plenty of players to supply”. “We are going to do our thing. To make the game very uncomfortable and if they have to beat us, let them suffer. Everything happens to start well, get psyched and generate chances,” he said.

Williams claims to be “calm” in the hours before the game, although he admits that “the nerves will increase as the game approaches.” We have to do what we did since we were little, play football and enjoy ourselves. If we enjoy it, it will be a good sign, “he concluded.


‘Without Messi, Barcelona is a little team’, Hernán Pereyra

“When Lionel Messi is away, Barcelona is just another team, a mid-table team in the Spanish league,” highlighted ESPN’s leading analyst Hernán Pereyra after analyzing the semifinal match of the Super Cup in Spain, where the Catalan team advanced to the final after defeating Real Sociedad on penalties 1-1 (3-2).

“Messi empowers the team, empowers his teammates. But when he’s not there, nobody takes that role of leader,” said Pereyra, adding that Dutch coach Ronald Koeman’s team fell short of expectations in the match that assured him a position in Sunday’s final – which will be broadcast on ESPN Plus – against the winner of this Thursday’s clash between Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

“This Barcelona has been gradually improving, but in the semifinal against Real Sociedad it did not live up to what one wants, it played like another team in the Spanish league,” said Pereyra, who acknowledged that the joy of being in a final, of being able to obtain a title, has overwhelmed of optimism to players and partial of the Barcelona team.

Pereyra pointed out that the performance of the Blaugrana club left positive and negative things. The performance of the German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen stood out, not only on penalties where he saved three, but in the 120 minutes of time played. Although he clarified that when the goalkeeper is the figure that means that the team did not defend well.

He also underlined the personality of the Uruguayan defender of Barca, Ronald Araújo, “for whom the shirt of this team has not been too big at all. (Araújo) He’s doing well, he did not commit fouls, he recovered many balls together with Sergio Busquets. Barcelona has found a very good central in the charrúa “.

Regarding the Barça forwards, Pereyra commented that the French Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembélé shared good and bad actions. “Démbelé faces it, but sometimes it doesn’t end well, sometimes he gets too tangled up. He’s a player who has mastery of the ball and speed, but it seems that his football is like his life, full of irregularities.”

De Griezmann said he played in “cold chest” mode, unable to connect with the rest of the team. He acknowledged that he put in a good pass for Frankie de Jong to put the head 1-0 partial, but remarked that “he does not take the leading role when he has to take it, when Lionel Messi is not there.”

De Pedri praised his quality and his normal irregularity, given that he is a very young player, however, he considered that he is “inflating” on his quality. He has conditions, but be careful, let’s go slowly, it’s Pedri. He is a player who has a long way to go and is barely 18 years old. “

“Real Sociedad, a Europa League team, complicated them. It complicated Barcelona more than necessary. Barcelona playing like this cannot win the Champions League, playing like this cannot aspire to be the best team in Europe, nor the best team in Spain “, he alerted.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s So and Period ‘, also includes the opinion of Hernan Pereyra on the expressions of Milton Caraglio about the rumors of Blue Cross At the end of Guard1anes 2020 and the result of the second semifinal of the Liberators cup between Santos and Boca Juniors.

Listen in ‘It’s so and that’s it’, Pereyra’s opinion on Barcelona’s victory in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup


Barça goes to the final of the Super Cup on penalties

  • The balance with Real Sociedad was not broken until the shootout thanks to Ter Stegen

  • The German goalkeeper repelled the first two shots from Real Sociedad and the post helped him in the third

  • Dembélé and Pjanic got it right, De Jong and Griezmann missed theirs and Riqui Puig scored the last

Since 1998, in the final of the Copa del Rey, Barça did not face a penalty shoot-out. The victory that that title brought against Mallorca continued 22 and a half years later thanks, mainly, to success of Marc André Ter Stegen, whose magical hands (avoided defeat in the 120 minutes) repelled the first two shots from Real Sociedad.

Ter Stegen stopped two pitches (to Bautista and Oyarzabal) and the post kept him unbeaten. The batch was on track despite the failure of De Jong (at the post) after the successes of Dembélé and Pjanic, but Griezmann wasted another, with a shot that flew into the clouds, yielding the hero role to Riqui Puig, signer of 2-3.

Messi, in the standsWithout Messi, with muscular discomfort suffering in the stands, Barça went ahead with a beautiful goal from De Jong but Real equalized the score thanks to a penalty at the beginning of the second half transformed by Oyarzabal. The equality could only be undone two hours later.

Messi and Dest left Granada with discomfort and rested in Córdoba. Araujo, the third, had healed completely and served as center-back without blemish. Mingueza it was the right back. To fill the captain there was division of tasks. Griezmann tried to be the false nine that helps the midfielders, Dembélé took care of the stopped ball and De Jong scored the goal.

Creating game, especially dangerous actions, the most difficult, was a joint mission. Nobody assumed it. Each one had enough to solve his own thing when he received the ball. What should be the favorite moment for anyone, became the most distressing due to the pressure of the Real. Each player was paired with a Barça player to cancel any initiative. Neither play nor think. Nor much less acquire a general, collective perspective, which would give meaning to the intermittent Barça game.

The rigor was extraordinary on the blue and white side, of an outstanding constancy, much more insistent and disciplined than Barça, less self-sacrificing and less experienced. La Real pressed so high that Ter Stegen suffered from hypertension all night trying to give the least dangerous pass, not the most favorable.

The episodes of fatigue of the Real, which started the two parts like a shot but and reached the extension more fully, relieved more than the gol de De Jong. Moments before seeing the Dutchman invade the area like the nine that Barça did not have -Griezmann gave the center and Braithwaite ran from the left end-, Koeman’s box could already string together some possession, and the one that led to 0-1 it was the longest. Initiated, precisely, by a robbery by De Jong, an exemplary multipurpose player: the devoted recuperator, the fine auctioneer.

At 23, De Jong has the physical capacity to run from area to area – he was also in his own to commit the penalty for the draw – and demonstrated quality, which is now beginning to show at Barça with the regularity that was expected and that is not has produced until Koeman changed the system and made him responsible for the entire right wing of the team.

The problem of fame

De Jong was seen, but Pedri was swallowed by Guridi. The Canarian footballer warned the disadvantages of fame. Guridi devoted his performance to Pedri, Messi’s potential lookalike, disappearing like the great Leo. From time to time, the Dembélé train passed to ruffle Monreal, without ever running over the defender.

It may interest you

La Real repeated the procedure of the first half, convinced of the approach, and the success came thanks to a penalty of Oyarzabal. The accumulated fatigue somewhat reduced the degree of the blue and white pressure, but Barça had similar difficulties to progress in the field since they tried to do it step by step, standing up, except when it was impossible and Ter Stegen had to find a forward who offered. . Just to get the pass. Turning it into an elaborate play required a more expensive process.

Match sheet

Real society: Remiro (8); Gorosabel (6), Zubeldia (6), Le Normand (5), Monreal (6); Guridi (4), Guevara (6), Merino (6); Portu (4), Isak (7), Oyarzabal (7).

Technical: Imanol Alguacil (7).

Changes: Barrenetxea (6) by Guridi (m. 81); Willian Joseph (5) for Isaac (d. 91); Zaldua (6) by Gorosabel (m. 91); Januzaj (sc) for Portu (m. 103); Zubimendi (sc) for Guevara (m. 105); Bautista (sc) by Zaldua (m. 119).

Barcelona: Ter Stegen (9); Mingueza (6), Araújo (7), Lenglet (6), Alba (5); De Jong (7), Busquets (6), Pedri (5); Dembélé (6), Griezmann (6), Braithwaite (5).

Technical: Ronald Koeman (6).

Changes: Trincâo (5) by Braithwaite (m. 78); Riqui Puig () by Pedri (m. 91); Pjanic () by Busquets (m. 91); Junior (sc) for Mingueza (m. 114).

GOALS: 0-1 (m. 39), De Jong heads a cross from Griezmann; 1-1 (m. 50), Oyarzabal, from a penalty;

REFEREE: Munuera Montero (4), Andalusian.

CARDS: Dembélé (m.53), Le Normand (m. 57), Mingueza (m. 96),

STADIUM: New Archangel of Córdoba.


Riqui Puig sends Catalans through

Barcelona are through to the Spanish Super Cup final, where they will face Real Madrid or Athletic Bilbao, but it wasn’t easy to get there.


Upd. on 14/01/2021 at 00:12

They needed Marc-Andre ter Stegen to pull off several excellent saves and TWO in the penalty shoot-out to put the Catalans there.

Barcelona took the lead through Frenkie de Jong, who headed home brilliantly from Antoine Griezmann’s cross.

However, the Dutchman was at fault for La Real’s leveller, giving away a penalty for handball which was tucked away by Mikel Oyarzabal early in the second half.

The rest of the regulation 90 were dull, beyond some fine footwork from Ousmane Dembele, but the game kicked into life again in extra-time, with Ter Stegen coming to the fore.

The German saved brilliantly for Januzaj and tipped a free-kick off the post when it seemed ike it was flying in.

Then he became the first goalkeeper to keep out an Oyarzabal penalty in the shoot-out, having already detained one from Bautista.

De Jong hit the post with one of his and Antoine Griezmann spooned a spot-kick into the heavens to give Real Sociedad a chance.

Willian Jose struck the post and it was left for Riqui Puig to put Barcelona through, into the final.



Barcelona measures its strength in the Supecopa against Real Socedad

BARCELONA – The calendar is capricious and he wanted Barcelona’s debut in the 2021 Super Cup, his match against Real Sociedad on Wednesday, to coincide with the day on which, a year earlier, Josep Maria Bartomeu began setting the club on fire with him dismissal of Ernesto Valverde. Today neither is Bartomeu nor Quique Setién, a long-term substitute on the bench who was burned in the eyes of the squad in just three months. And under the direction of Ronald Koeman, the Barça team is playing the first title of the season. Less? We will have to see it.

Soccer Spain attends this Super Cup hoping that on Sunday Barça and Real Madrid will meet again in Seville, the greats, the giants to reissue a Classic that relaunches the football mood in a country too hit by the coronavirus and overwhelmed, tired and to some extent fed up with having to watch his team on television.

Before that, the Barça team will have to fulfill their role as favorites against Real Sociedad, waiting for Real Madrid to do so on Wednesday in Malaga against Athletic Bilbao.

For now, Barça will jump onto the New Archangel lawn, accumulating a whole month undefeated and having added six victories and two draws since they defeated Levante (1-0) at the Camp Nou on December 13. It is true that he left four points that seem dramatic against Valencia and Eibar in the stadium, as much as the three lost miserably in Cádiz a week before … But a kind of optimism has begun to settle around the Barça team that, still with dissimulation, he gives account of a rebirth, of a change to which Koeman has given as much luster as Messi strength.

The worst Barça in attack in the last 18 years has been forgotten after the seven goals that Athletic and Granada shared; the most depressive Messi is a thing of the past after scoring four goals, three shots on goal and one assist in the three games played this year; Frenkie de Jong is no longer a ghost and Sergio Busquets’ 600 games do not invite us to show him a path to retirement but rather they relocate him again.

Everything has changed in a team with both past and future, represented by Pedri and Dest, De Jong, Araújo and Ansu Fati (today injured and so missed by the coach). Koeman has found his way, or so it seems, and the Spanish Super Cup becomes a first title as minor taking into account the boom years at the Camp Nou and strategic in view of the present of the club, which has not won a trophy since April 27, 2019, when he celebrated his last League.

Without Gerard Piqué and without Sergi Roberto, Philippe Coutinho or the already mentioned Ansu, Barça recovers Clement Lenglet (sanctioned in the last game) and is supposed to match him with Samuel Umtiti for not taking risks with a Ronald Araújo injured in the hamstrings. That would mean that the pair of French centrals would meet again in a line-up for the first time since February 9, 2020, when the Barça team beat Real Betis (2-3) at Villamarín … And Lenglet was expelled.

With, it is understood, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen untouchable in the goal, Sergiño Dest and Jordi Alba will remain on the sides and it is unlikely that Koeman will retouch much more an eleven that was gaining strength in his last performances and which is contemplated favorite over a Real Sociedad that started the course fired and that, however, has lost a lot of momentum in recent weeks.

The Basque team has barely won one of its last twelve official matches and, worse still, in the League the streak shows a single victory in nine games, in which it has added 7 of 27 points to move from the leadership it enjoyed on November 20 , ahead of Barça by nine points, now being fifth in the table, four points below the Catalans and eight points ahead of Atlético de Madrid … Having played four more games than the colchoneros.

The numbers support Barça. The sensations too … But around Koeman’s team caution is always installed. Just in case.


Simeone loses bellows against Barcelona

Diego Simeone, Atlético’s coach, must feel an annoying tingling in his stomach every time he has a match against Barcelona ahead of him. The Argentine coach has managed to become the watchword of the mattress club after placing him and keeping him in the group of applicants in all the competitions he disputes, but until now he has never been able to feel comfortable before these confrontations nor can he boast of having found the right magic potion to stop the Blaugrana team in general and his compatriot Leo Messi in particular. Quite the opposite, Barça has become an annoying toothache for ‘cholismo’.


Act. a las 09:23


Since Simeone took over the rojiblanco bench in December 2011, Atlético has only managed to beat the Blaugrana team on three occasions in official competition, despite having enjoyed 28 opportunities for it and never in the League. It is clearly his worst balance against one of his usual rivals. With the Argentine coach, Atlético has only managed to score in 46.5 percent of their matches after having added 0.68 points on average per game. Ten draws and fifteen losses for just three wins are clearly discreet statistics.


You just have to compare the performance of the colchoneros against Real Madrid, the team with which they have played the most times (32 games). Derbies are much better for Simeone, who can boast of having scored almost 60% of the time (his team has added an average of 1.66 points). And let’s not say against Valencia, the third rival with the most clashes. Atlético has scored 85% of the time and averages almost two points per game.

Simeone made his debut against the Blaugrana team with a 1-2 defeat at Vicente Calderón on February 26, 2012 in a League match (Koke, Messi, Busquets and Piqué are the only survivors) and did not manage to score for the first time until the fourth match (1-1 in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup on August 21, 2013). Much more he had to wait to achieve his first triumph. It took eight games to savor that feeling. It was not until April 9, 2014, thanks to a lone goal by Koke in a Champions League match.

crucial moments

Yes, Simeone can always boast of having stood in the way of Barcelona at three crucial moments, because their only three victories came in two second leg matches in the quarterfinals of the Champions League (2013/2014 and 2015/2016) and in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup played last season in Jeddah. On those three occasions he took the cat to the water in front of Gerardo Martino, Luis Enrique Martínez and Ernesto Valverde. Precisely, that last victory caused the dismissal of Valverde. In the two previous precedents, Atlético left Barcelona by the wayside and in both cases it was planted in the final of the maximum continental competition. His bitterness is that in both Lisbon and Milan he succumbed to Real Madrid and could not lift the trophy.

The latest precedents, however, are quite favorable. Barça has not beaten Atlético for almost a year. His last victory dates from December 1, 2019 (0-1 at the Wanda Metropolitano with a goal from Messi). The two subsequent matches ended with a red-and-white victory (the aforementioned Super Cup match) and a draw (2-2 at the Camp Nou on June 30 in La Liga).