Boris Johnson: Increase in thefts and kidnappings of dogs in England leads Boris Johnson to create a task force

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is convinced that “zero tolerance” must be applied to theft or kidnapping of pets. This police, judicial and educational strategy of which the exact results have not yet been measured is based on penalizing petty crimes to avoid older ones. A controversial practice, that of harshly punishing a minor offense as a measure of circumventing a major offense and thus entering an escalating criminal spiral. “Anyone who is cynical and bad enough to steal a dog, with an organized gang, is surely at the beginning of committing other types of crimes,” Johnson said in the announcement of The Pet Theft Taskforce, a police force to combat the disappearance of dogs.

The pets of Downing Street – the cat Larry, who has turned ten years old and goes with the house, and the dog Dilyn de Boris and his companion Carrie -, like the queen’s corgis, are protected by the security device that accompanies their owners, but the same does not happen with the rest of pets. The stereotype of the English citizen responds to the animal lover; even hooligans have bulldogs. The year of confinement has set off alarms in the Police for the increase in theft or kidnapping of dogs to ask for ransom from their owners or to sell them. According to the figures of 37 of the 45 Police officers – geographically fragmented – in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), in 2019 there were reported 2046 dog thefts while in 2020 the number was 2438. To the London Police, in 2016, 180 complaints were filed; in 2020, it was 317.

180 complaints were made to the London Police in 2016; in 2020, there were 317

The English language has already absorbed the term dognapping to refer to the abduction of puppies with malicious intent (hostage or sale). The Nottinghamshire Police were the first to dedicate a police officer exclusively to the subject. The Sussex Police, south of England with a center on the Brighton coast, is one of those that has warned of the increase in dog thieves with recently published data. Based on a consultation of 125,000 people, they conclude that in the year of the pandemic the theft of mutts has increased by 250%. 97% of those asked consider the problem “very serious”; 78% go out with fear to walk their pet during the day and 83% do it with fear at night.

In North London, the Powells have put up large posters across the huge, leafy park on Hampstead Heath offering a reward for the return of their dog stolen from a robbery at their home. “We miss him a lot, it’s as if a family member had been kidnapped; the uncertainty is the worst,” says Joanne, who adds that “we have malicious phone calls with exorbitant ransom figures or people who make fun of us. , although there are others who support us and have even offered us temporary dogs. ” The couple made a formal complaint to the police because when they filed the complaint they were told that crimes with violence, drug trafficking and sexual assaults had priority. After the complaint, an agent calls them from time to time to inform them if there is any news. Private investigators are another option for finding the four missing legs.

30% of the dogs whose disappearance was reported returned home to their owners

According to official figures, in 2019 30% of the dogs whose disappearance was reported returned home to their owners. Among thieves, one in a hundred came to be tried; fined or reprimanded for their actions. Increased penalties for robbers or blackmailers are one of the measures called for by non-profit organizations such as Dog Lost, which helps the reunion between lost animals and their owners. In Dog Lost they say that in 219 they had 172 cases of stolen dogs, in 2020 the number was 465 and in the first quarter of this year there has been an increase of 50% compared to the first quarter of 2020. The figures all point to an accelerated increase in this type of subtraction.

In the Dog Trust, another organization that protects the dog species, they attribute to the pandemic and the rise in the prices of certain kinds of dogs what has made them a desired object. “The price of some species has gone from 500 euros to 2,500 in 2020, you just have to take a look at the internet market where there are them for more than 10,000 euros,” explains the Dog Trust spokeswoman, who recalls at the same time that Some 130,000 dogs are abandoned each year in Britain, according to a pre-2020 count.

The Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, has described the growth of dog theft as “of great impact”. Together with Boris Johnson, the minister has promised to toughen current legislation, although she has not named the “zero tolerance” strategy. A few weeks ago the walker of two bulldogs of the singer Lady Gaga was injured in a park in Los Angeles in the struggle with a thief who took Koji and Gustav. The singer offered half a million dollars in reward, which she did not have to spend because they were returned before payment. The thief claimed that he did not know who the owner of the animals was.


Darth Vader ™ Helmet | Star Wars | LEGO® Themenwelten

Product information “Darth Vader ™ helmet”

Show your admiration for the Dark Lord of the Sith with the LEGO® Star Wars ™ Darth Vader ™ Helmet (75304). Immerse yourself in a complex construction project and recall classic scenes from the Star Wars saga as you recreate the legendary shape and sinister details of the helmet in LEGO style.

A model that can be seen
The compact size, the holder and the name tag make the Darth Vader helmet a spectacular eye-catcher in every room or office. Also make sure to check out the other new LEGO Star Wars helmet to build and display.

Special gift
This high-quality set is part of a collection of LEGO Star Wars building sets for adults. The helmet is a great gift for yourself, any Star Wars fan, experienced LEGO builder and anyone who appreciates creative building challenges.

LEGO® theme world: Star Wars
Age recommendation: 18+
LEGO® Item number: 75304
Number of Parts: 834
Warnings: Not suitable for children under 3 years, as small parts can be swallowed. Suffocation hazard!

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War of the terminal blocks: Lego alternative for WoT fans and racing fans

Bring “World of Tanks” to your home – die Welt clamping block sets (Source: “”.

Lego is a household name for almost everyone; the company has been building the famous plastic building block sets since 1932. The company’s toys are extremely popular with children and adult collectors alike. In recent years, however, the original has faced some competition. Terminal block sets from China, Poland and other countries are entering the market.

Table of Contents

  • 1 War of the terminal blocks: Lego alternative for WoT fans and racing fans (special)

But what are the strengths of the competing offerings and which products can compete with the original? We want to shed light on these questions.

Terminal blocks from Cobi, XingBao & Co: Alternative to Lego

Lego is a multi-billion dollar corporation, which of course would prefer to do without the competition from the Far East or Poland. The group even lies with YouTubers like that “Hero of the Stones” at. The Frankfurter Thomas Panke evaluates various models from Lego and other providers of terminal block sets in his videos.

The manufacturer does not want competing products to be called Lego, or protected logos may not be used if they are very similar to the original from Lego. At the beginning of the year, the YouTuber therefore received a mail from the company’s lawyer, whereupon some videos had to be deleted.

25 games that no clear minded gamer would ever touch
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So the market is competitive and Lego doesn’t want to be ousted by the top. Especially since, of course, the Lego group is feeling the financial losses caused by the strong competition. Nevertheless, Lego remains the market leader and posted a record-breaking 5.9 billion euros in annual sales in 2020, it reports Handelsblatt in an article on the company’s trading practices.

The success is mainly due to well-known brands. Many parents know that their kids are mainly known franchises, such as “Lego Ninjago” or “Lego Star Wars”, of course think it’s mega cool. The kids see the toys with their friends and watch the TV series that goes with it, then of course the toys have to be found.

Lego has the rights to also market the latest hyped series merchandise, such as the cute little ones Yellow (Mini-Yoda) from the series “The Mandalorian”.

Here can the competition not keep up. Still ask Manufacturers such as Cada, XindBao and Cobi produce numerous other sets of terminal blocksthat concern neutral “not legally protected” topics, such as fire engines, racing cars or a farm, railway stations with trains, construction vehicles, tractors and much more. Here Lego cannot do anything against the competition unless a set is copied directly.

Klemmbausteine: World of Tanks- & „Kingdom Come: Deliverance“-Fan-Merchandise

Especially in the field of military vehicles, the company policy of the Danish manufacturer does not allow tanks, fighter jets, battleships and aircraft carriers to conquer the Lego shelves. The Polish manufacturers Cobi or Xinbao have fewer concerns here and almost everything can be bought, from small guns to the first armored car from the First World War.

Come here “World of Tanks”Fans and “World of Warship”-Enthusiasts really at their expense. Then the tanks also roll on the carpet and not just on the screen. Because the Polish manufacturer produces its own sets of terminal blocks for computer games.

So there is a “World of Tanks “Panzerkampfwagen 3 (Game Edition) or the famous Tiger-Panzer (WoT-Edition) to buy. But then it has a neutral model name with product number in the German Amazon shop, because otherwise it might have a “Gschmäckle”, but the correct name is on the packaging. Of course, the German World War II models will be delivered to your home without Nazi symbols.

COBI 2519 construction toy (Tiger tank: beige / black)

COBI 2519 construction toy (Tiger tank: beige / black)

COBI 2519 construction toy (Tiger tank: beige / black)

There are now many Online-Shops, such as “Blue Brixx”who sell numerous series of terminal blocks from subject areas such as architecture or military technology and also commission and market their own series.

So too „Kingdom Come: Deliverance“ Klemmbausteine-Sets, with some nice cottages from the game. The site also links its own product videos in which the models are assembled and discussed. However, it is often not kept secret that some models adhere less well to one another than original Lego bricks – the traditional company Lego is ahead of the curve when it comes to quality.

BlueBrixx 11005 - Kingdom Come Deliverance, Skalitz Merchant - Compatible with Lego

BlueBrixx 11005 - Kingdom Come Deliverance, Skalitz Merchant - Compatible with Lego

BlueBrixx 11005 – Kingdom Come Deliverance, Skalitz Merchant – Compatible with Lego

Clamp building blocks from Lego and alternative building block sets: cost examples and differences

Often the tough crackdown by Lego against trademark infringements by the competition is of course justified. Especially when, for example, deceptively similar Lego technology sets are offered from the Far East – of course at a much lower price.

But if you’re not a hardcore Lego fan or a Lego collector, you might not mind. Because many sets are of good quality and are even compatible with Lego technology products.

Like that for example Cada sports car “building blocks set C61041W” (from Figure Art), which in terms of construction and appearance is the pretty “Lego 42083 Bugatti-Chiron Technology” resembles. The design and model come from the pen of “MOC designer Thijs de Boer”.

  CADA technical building blocks sports car (1: 8) - by FigureArt

  CADA technical building blocks sports car (1: 8) - by FigureArt

CADA technical building blocks sports car (1: 8) – by FigureArt

  • The price for that Cada terminal block set is currently attached that. 150 Euro, the Bugatti Lego-Set however at around 300 euros, so costs about twice as much. Both sets are 1: 8 scale models with more than 3,500 parts.
LEGO 42083 Technic - Bugatti Chiron Supercar (Collector's Model)

LEGO 42083 Technic - Bugatti Chiron Supercar (Collector's Model)

LEGO 42083 Technic – Bugatti Chiron Supercar (Collector’s Model)

Both models are technically very complex and have detailed engine replicas. Here it is more the price or the collector’s love that decides the purchase decision.

In this case, Lego has had tough competition and the Cada set is also much cheaper, even if Lego sets are often on offer at Amazon and Co. Such models make a “Need for Speed” or racing fan pause, Such a car also looks great next to the PS5 console.

Was Lego but generally has less to offer are military kits. There might be a nice kit for one Double decker (WWI) for collectors aged 14 and over on a large scale with a weight of 1.5 kilos, but nothing more.

Lego SOPWITH - Camel 10226 (Biplane Airplane)

Lego SOPWITH - Camel 10226 (Biplane Airplane)

Lego SOPWITH – Camel 10226 (Biplane Airplane)

  • The model is nice to look at and has 800 parts, but it also costs a lot 270 Euro.

The Manufacturer Cobi however, has an impressive range of World War II vehicles. From armored car 3 to Battleship Prinz Eugen everything is included. Of course there are also Russian T34 tanks or fighter planes, such as the American F14 fighter jet in the product range, which Tom Cruise was allowed to fly in the film “Top Gun”.

COBI 4823 building bricks set (heavy cruiser “Prinz Eugen”)

  • The history and “World of Warship” fan should be pleased that a huge Model of the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen (73.9 x 5.1 x 21.6 cm) on Amazon only around 130 euros costs and one Panzerkampfwagen 3 (WoT-Edition/ 27.51 x 5.51 x 18.01 cm) even only that. 30 Euro.
COBI COBI-3062 Pz.  - Kpfw.  III - Gray

COBI COBI-3062 Pz.  - Kpfw.  III - Gray

COBI COBI-3062 Pz. – Kpfw. III – Gray

The cost argument cannot be dismissed out of hand when making a purchase decision. Lego does not serve this market and here the alternative providers of terminal block sets are clearly in the lead.

Our colleague's Cobi collection The Cobi collection of our colleague “Max”!

But if you are unsure about the quality, then take a look at the product tests at online shops such as “BlueBrixx” or the “Lord of the Stones”. In any case, our colleague Max from the graphics department has a lot of fun with the Cobi tanks, the collection on the desk is growing every month. He is very satisfied with the quality, you can admire part of his collection in the photo, but there are also some Lego sets among them.


4Sceners: Revision 2021 – All highlights at a glance

Clean Slate / Conspiracy (PC 64k Intro, 1. Platz)
The variety of colors and objects, crystal-clear optics and groovy music feel as if this thing weighs several 100 megabytes. But it doesn’t. Clean State measures only 64 kilobytes and already bears the title as an intro with most scenes per line of code. Incredibly hot!

God Cervidae / Nuance (PC 64k Intro, 2nd place)
Nuance came to the stag. Exactly such a specimen blows up an entire cyber city with its eyes. It’s such a blatant, grandiose experience that we doubt our hunter’s Latin.

Arcade / Spectrals (1. Platz, PC Demo)
An impressive flight through the gambling halls of the past. Looks very chic, looks like it is all of a piece and sends you musically into a mind-blowing world of emotions.

A New World Awaits / Peisik & ____blnk (2nd place, PC demo)
Fractal worlds whose natural beauty scratches photorealism. Amazed faces, dropping chins and tears of enthusiasm are the logical consequence.

There / STILL (3. Platz, PC Demo)
There are designers who are simply on a completely different level than everyone else. Pixtur is one of them. An artist, a visionary, a different thinker. This is exactly what you see in There. Those who can get involved will experience the most intensive experience in digital art in recent years.

Color / Ninjadev (4. Platz, PC Demo)
Colordope at speed. Ninjadev unpack the “No Invitation” design hammer again and rush us through a colorful potpurri of effects, perfectly synced down to the last millisecond.

Umbra / Bitbendaz (5th place, PC demo)
After their unbelievable success in 2020, the Bitbendaz are stalking creepy, gloomy climes that are usually home to the French from Cocoon. With success, even if there is still a little too much air to breathe.

Babylon / Cocoon (6. Platz, PC Demo)
Wasn’t there a cyberpunk game on everyone’s lips recently? Cocoon jump on this trend and present living metal with sex appeal. Unfortunately only as a small bite.

More / MFX (8. Platz, PC Demo)
So much is possible with Cables.GL. Also an excursion into past design days, when pumping techno rhythms often accompanied a lightning-fast staccato effect.

Sable And Silver / 1. December (PC Demo, 10. Platz)
Notch can also be used by creative non-coders. This leads to such epic moments as in Sable and Silver, which are later pulverized in pounding scenes.

Ephemeral / LJ & Puryx (PC 4k Intro, 1. Platz)
This gem looks like a wonderful, relaxing dream with its shimmering colors, the nebulous veil and Puryx magical soundtrack.

HoloGrail / MajorX (Wild Demo, 1st place)
We already liked holograms in Star Wars. MajorX uses a new display technology here to enable oldskool effects to live three-dimensionally. Impressive from every perspective.

The Martini Effekt / Flex (Amiga Demo, 1. Platz)
Fat 3D scenes and atmospheric music lift us straight into the age when TBL and Ephidrena still regularly fought monster demo battles for the place at the top of the Amiga AGA.

Fisherhawk DR / Melon Dezign (Amiga Demo, 2. Platz)
Melon Dezign are something of a cult! With this demo they are making a surprising comeback and not only offer a cool melon style, but also some extremely fresh effects.

D-Zero / Desire (SNES Demo, 1. Platz Oldskool Demo Compo)
Great, this Super Nintendo. It’s great that Desire did a demo for it. Of course, we think it’s really round and varied … Exactly! Excellent!

Red Crash / NuSan (PC 4k Procedural Graphics / 1. Platz)
This picture leaves you speechless. And when you know that it consists entirely of different lines of code and this code is only 4096 bytes small, we can say nothing more.

Friend Capella / Gaspode (animation / video), 1st place)
Nice looks different. But this animation in the style of the old Amiga anims by Erich Schhwartz is not the most important thing here. Rather, it is about well-known demo melodies that are sung here by various Amiga computers. A capella, without instruments!

Amaranth / Illoe (animation / video, 2nd place)
A professional photographer with a penchant for Urbex scenery sends a ballerina in front of the lens. In a red robe, because there must be contrast. Very atmospheric and classy.

Out Of Dimension / Lamers (animation / video, 3rd place)
Demo style in video form. Shexbeer gets to the point again and knows how to entertain with it.

Koritsu 2 / Ronny Selnes & Xerxes (animation / video, 4th place)
There are already a few drone videos. However, by far the most beautiful moving images of some of the most impressive locations on this planet are delivered here. A real feast for the eyes!


The iPhone 13 will be Apple’s cleanest ‘smartphones’ in recent years, why? | Smartphones

Surely the most veteran of you remember that trend that became fashionable a few years ago, practically a decade, when Some smartphonesincluding iPhones, used as a sales argument that they had an “oleophobic” touch screen, that is to say, it was able to resist the onslaught of our fingers and not be marked in order to continue having a clean and healthy appearance.

With the passage of time, these types of characteristics were maintained although many no longer called their attention, despite the fact that our fingers continue today to be one of the most polluting agents that our mobile can face and that, depending on the time of day, they are able to mist the back with visible traces of each finger with which we touch and hold the device.

Apple wants a clean iPhone 13

As it is, it seems that this year Apple wants its new iPhone 13 to hit the market with some kind of protection before this festival of fingerprints that we leave every day when we use the mobile. Fingers grasp the smartphone that leave their mark on the glass and that not only do not make its appearance more aesthetic, but depending on the case they can worsen the grip, with the risks that this entails of suffering an accidental fall.

iPhone 12 de Apple. Unsplash

It has been Max Weinbach through his Twitter and YouTube accounts where has unveiled Apple’s intentions to root out those problems with the fingers that remain imprinted on the back areas of its iPhone 13. The idea, as revealed, is to add a special coating that will only be available for Pro models, and that it will prevent both smudges and fingerprints from being imprinted on the surface.

That is why thanks to this new design of the grip area of ​​the next iPhone 13, it will be easier to hold it in the hand, in addition to giving a matte appearance to all the tones that are part of the catalog. It is true that The iPhone have never been, at least without a case, terminals with a lot of grip and in certain generations, even uncomfortable to carry in hand, so we hope that Californians have hit the same key that other competing companies (Android) have already achieved with their more expensive terminals.


“When I saw the images of the island it seemed very special to me”

Exchange students during the welcoming ceremony. | A.MARTÍNEZ

“When I saw the images of Mallorca I decided to come because it seemed like a very special and beautiful island.” Happy and excited, the exchange students received yesterday the welcome from the University of the Balearic Islands after a first semester where these programs were canceled due to the evolution of the pandemic. As Igor Prieto, director of promotion for Internationalization at the UIB, explained, all expectations have been exceeded: “We are surprised with the amount of people we are receiving. They have exceeded expectations considering the difficulties of the current situation.

165 students join the UIB during this second semester, students coming from countries like Germany, France or even Bosnia and Herzegovina, as is the case with Sanel, who study economics and he is very excited about this new adventure: «I hope it will be a great experience, especially when the good weather arrives. At the same time, I will also try to enjoy the university campus because it can serve me a lot. An illusion shared by Helena Schlegel, from Germany: “With this exchange I seek to meet new people and learn a new language such as Catalan and Spanish.”

Sanel, student from Bosnia. A. MARTÍNEZ

One of the elements for which these students have decided living this experience on the island is the climate and landscape that surrounds Mallorca. “It is a very beautiful island, with a large city and many spaces to visit,” he said. Lara Vondenburg, student from Belgium. A vision that he also shared Helena Schlegel: “The sun and the beach, the good weather has undoubtedly influenced the decision”

On the other hand, the United Kingdom has been one of the countries with the fewest students (only two). From the point of view of Igor Prieto, is not a consequence of Brexi, but rather the epidemiological situation that exists there: “The arrival of British students has been reduced but I would not link it to Brexit, I think it has more to do with the situation of the pandemic”.

Lara, from Belgium. A. MARTINEZ

Happy with the measurements

Despite the data left by the third wave on the island, the students they were very satisfied with the measures taken by the UIB in the presentation and they were also surprised by the degree of compliance with the rules on the island. «In my country people are not so strict with the measures. In fact, here there are more restrictions, such as the closing of bars and restaurants, in which they only let you pick up the food and take it home. Here they are very strict with this type of norm ».

Mobility control

The UIB and Vodafone have developed a technological project to obtain objective data on the use of space on the university campus and thus control the capacity in public use areas. The objective is to promote reliable information on the use made by students, teachers and staff of areas such as the library, laboratories or classrooms. The first data analyzed indicate that the number of daily visitors to the campus has decreased by 70% compared to the previous year, as a result of the new face-to-face measures adopted by the University of the islands.


La Nación / Demand for delivery grew, especially in gastronomy, they say

The media presented a constitutional protection for Nicanor Duarte Frutos to deliver public information, after he omitted a ruling from the Ministry of Justice. His whim goes against all measures to combat corruption. According to legal specialists, a constitutional rule is violated. The case is now in the hands of First Instance Judge Alice de Lorenzi.

After several attempts for the Yacyretá Binational Entity (EBY) to deliver the information on its spending on advertising and social assistance, through the Access to Public Information Law, and that it has not passed the corresponding data, the newspaper La Nación decided to present a lawsuit against the entity. The lack of transparency of director Nicanor Duarte Frutos also affects the image of the country, according to analysts.

The document presented this Friday before the Judiciary is a constitutional protection for Yacyretá to deliver the public information requested by this means. Said judicial appeal was sponsored by the legal advisor of Grupo Nación, Dr. Raúl Prono, who acted on behalf of the requests made by investigative journalist Jhojhanni Vega Fiorini.

Moment in which the lawyers Raúl Prono and Mirian Vásquez present the document before the Judicial Power.

“This is a transit that began in October, EBY argued that we should process the authorization for the delivery of this documentation with the Foreign Ministry, which is incorrect, the very Directorate of Access to Public Information of the Ministry of Justice already ordered in a they report that EBY is a public source of information and that there is no prior procedure at the Foreign Ministry ”, the lawyer recalled.

Likewise, he stressed that at the time Yacyretá also said that it could not provide this information because they are governed by a treaty that is supposedly above the law, which does not apply in this case either. According to the lawyer, a right is being exercised based on a law that regulates a constitutional provision referring to Article 28 of the right to information.

According to this article, public sources of information are free for all. “The law will regulate the modalities, terms and penalties corresponding to them, so that this right is effective. Any person affected by the dissemination of false, distorted or ambiguous information has the right to demand its rectification or clarification by the same means and under the same conditions that it has been disclosed, without prejudice to other compensatory rights ”, reads the National Constitution .

Part of the amparo presented by journalist Jhojhanni Vega.

The case was finally in the hands of the judge of the First Instance for Children and Adolescents of the 2nd shift, Alice de Lorenzi, who was bypassed to attend the amparo. Next week the Court must issue a transfer order to EBY, which will answer within the time limits established by law.

Last Monday, January 25, journalists Rossana Escobar and Jhojhanni Vega Fiorini, from the Research area of ​​Grupo Nación, presented an injunction to the director of EBY, Nicanor Duarte Frutos, to provide information on the accountability of expenses in social help and publicity. However, the entity only offered in response the publication of very limited data on its website.

Duarte Frutos’ whim of not providing data on his spending on advertising and social investments not only constitutes a violation of the law but also affects the image of the country that is currently facing the Mutual Evaluation (EM) process before the Group of Financial Action of Latin America (Gafilat), in which the country must defend advances in money laundering and terrorist financing before its peers or member countries.

According to specialists from the economic sector, the attitude of Duarte Frutos goes against the transparency policies that are imposed to present the country in the best way. “I think they contribute negatively, because the first establishment that should be transparent is precisely the public sector,” said the former Minister of Finance, César Barreto, when asked about it.

He indicated that Yacyretá should provide the information that is requested since for some reason the data is requested. “Any act of government that implies a lack of transparency conspires against this (EM), because acts of corruption are related to preceding crimes of money laundering and are punishable,” said Barreto.

For his part, Diego Marcet Oviedo, general director of Legal Advice of the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money or Property Laundering (Seprelad), pointed out that the precept of transparency is judicially protected so it is also important that it is about a state policy. “A Gafilat evaluator looks at the threat, vulnerability and consequence of laundering, and if corruption is a threat, transparency policies help to combat this phenomenon because it is important that all public management is transparent,” said Marcet.

Finally, the economist Juan Cresta said that the refusal of an institution like Yacyretá could also affect the image of the country. “It is extremely important that the entire system is transparent, that all the rules are followed,” he said. If it does not pass the Gafilat evaluation, Paraguay would be on the “gray list” and lose many investments.

So far it is known that about US $ 70 million were distributed by Yacyretá by Nicanor Duarte Frutos, through social transfers, as obtained from the entity’s portal. What is not known is how it was spent, how much it was purchased, the contractors and the beneficiaries of many of the social programs financed by the binational.


The IOC’s special greeting for Tevez’s birthday

Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Rodrigo Palacio and Marcos Díaz, among other footballers, have in common with Carlos Tevez They were all born on the same calendar date, February 5. The Boca forward received hundreds of pampering on social networks for the celebration of his 37th birthday and there was a special one, from the International Olympic Committee.

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Yes, the official account of the Olympic Games ruled on the Apache’s anniversary with a very special message, which included a video with the eight goals scored by the striker in the consecration of the gold medal in Athens 2004.

Tevez at the Athens 2004 awards show, in a star-studded team.

Tevez at the Athens 2004 awards show, in a star-studded team.

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The sports agenda of the weekend

“Carlos Tevez scored eight goals and won the gold medal for Argentina at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Happy birthday, Carlos!”wrote the Lausanne, Switzerland-based body. How many of the then Xeneize attacker who broke it in its first cycle? One better than the other, they were worth gold.

Carlitos was the 10th of the Albiceleste in the Olympics.

Carlitos was the 10th of the Albiceleste in the Olympics.

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Three from River and one from Boca in Conmebol's ideal team

He was one of the top figures in the team that Marcelo Bielsa led tactically and the tournament’s top scorer with eight shouts in six games played. On August 11 of the aforementioned year, he scored twice against Serbia and Montenegro (6-0 victory) and then returned to convert against Tunisia (2-0). Both games for Group C and once in the quarterfinals, they contributed three more in the 4-0 favor against Costa Rica.

In semis and scissors, he converted to Italy (triumph 3-0) and later had the great coronation against Paraguay thanks to his goal (yes, it was 1-0 as a result of Carlitos’ advance). Tevez was 20 years old at the time and after a successful run for Corinthians, West Ham, Manchester United, City, Juventus and China’s Shanghai Shenhua; He continues to score important goals with Boca’s.

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Bielsa's phrase that brings debate: play well or finish higher in the table?


Star Wars Tritan drinking bottle with lid in transparent 620ml

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  string(822) "Hier kommt fr alle "Star Wars" Fans eine tolle Trinkflasche aus BPA freien Tritan Kunststoff, die in ihrem Design etwas ganz besonderes ist. 
Ob beim Ausflug, in der Schule oder im Kindergarten man wird sie einfach lieben und immer mit im Gepck haben wollen.
Nicht nur die Optik und die gute Verarbeitung, unter anderem auch der Deckel und dem besonderem Design mit Star Wars Motiv lsst Sie lange Freude daran haben, sondern auch der super praktische Trinkverschluss womit man trinkt wie aus einem Strohhalm.
Dank des Trinksystems der Flasche mit klappbarem Verschluss, ist das trinken kinderleicht.
Aufklappen - wie am Strohalm trinken ohne die Flasche hochzuheben - zuklappen - fertig

Material: Tritan Kunststoff (BPA-Frei)
Fllmenge: 620ml" ["cAnmerkung"]=> string(0) "" ["cArtNr"]=> string(5) "16887" ["cURL"]=> string(40) "Star-Wars-Trinkflasche-620ml-Transparent" ["cURLFull"]=> string(73) "" ["cVPE"]=> string(1) "N" ["cVPEEinheit"]=> string(0) "" ["cSuchbegriffe"]=> string(34) "Flasche Wasserflasche Sportflasche" ["cTeilbar"]=> string(1) "N" ["cBarcode"]=> string(13) "8412497517978" ["cLagerBeachten"]=> string(1) "Y" ["cLagerKleinerNull"]=> string(1) "N" ["cLagerVariation"]=> string(1) "N" ["cKurzBeschreibung"]=> string(0) "" ["cMwstVersandText"]=> string(102) "Preis inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten" ["cLieferstatus"]=> NULL ["cVorschaubild"]=> string(73) "media/image/product/87874/sm/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent.jpg" ["cHerstellerMetaTitle"]=> string(66) "Disney Star Wars Kleidung | Mode | Kids-Hits-Fashion "" ["cHerstellerMetaKeywords"]=> string(0) "" ["cHerstellerMetaDescription"]=> string(142) "Bei Kids-Hits-Fashion kaufen Sie gnstig Star Wars Kleidung fr Jungen und Mdchen l schnelle Lieferung l regelmig Neuheiten l groe Auswahl" ["cHerstellerBeschreibung"]=> string(0) "" ["dZulaufDatum"]=> string(10) "0000-00-00" ["dMHD"]=> string(10) "0000-00-00" ["dErscheinungsdatum"]=> string(10) "2015-09-12" ["cTopArtikel"]=> string(1) "N" ["cNeu"]=> string(1) "Y" ["Preise"]=> object(Preise)#687 (57) { ["kKundengruppe"]=> int(1) ["kArtikel"]=> int(87874) ["kKunde"]=> int(0) ["cPreis1Localized"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(11) "0,00 €" [1]=> string(11) "0,00 €" } ["cPreis2Localized"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(11) "0,00 €" [1]=> string(11) "0,00 €" } ["cPreis3Localized"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(11) "0,00 €" [1]=> string(11) "0,00 €" } ["cPreis4Localized"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(11) "0,00 €" [1]=> string(11) "0,00 €" } ["cPreis5Localized"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(11) "0,00 €" [1]=> string(11) "0,00 €" } ["cVKLocalized"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(11) "9,95 €" [1]=> string(11) "8,36 €" } ["fVKNetto"]=> float(8.36134454) ["fVKBrutto"]=> float(9.95) ["fPreis1"]=> NULL ["fPreis2"]=> NULL ["fPreis3"]=> NULL ["fPreis4"]=> NULL ["fPreis5"]=> NULL ["fUst"]=> string(5) "19.00" ["alterVKNetto"]=> NULL ["nAnzahl1"]=> NULL ["nAnzahl2"]=> NULL ["nAnzahl3"]=> NULL ["nAnzahl4"]=> NULL ["nAnzahl5"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_Detail"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_Suche"]=> NULL ["alterVK"]=> array(2) { [0]=> float(0) [1]=> int(0) } ["fStaffelpreis1"]=> array(2) { [0]=> float(0) [1]=> int(0) } ["fStaffelpreis2"]=> array(2) { [0]=> float(0) [1]=> int(0) } ["fStaffelpreis3"]=> array(2) { [0]=> float(0) [1]=> int(0) } ["fStaffelpreis4"]=> array(2) { [0]=> float(0) [1]=> int(0) } ["fStaffelpreis5"]=> array(2) { [0]=> float(0) [1]=> int(0) } ["rabatt"]=> NULL ["alterVKLocalized"]=> NULL ["fVK"]=> array(2) { [0]=> float(9.95) [1]=> float(8.36134454) } ["nAnzahl_arr"]=> array(0) { } ["fPreis_arr"]=> array(0) { } ["fStaffelpreis_arr"]=> array(0) { } ["cPreisLocalized_arr"]=> array(0) { } ["strPreisGrafik_Topbox"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_Sonderbox"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_Neubox"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_Bestsellerbox"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_Zuletztbox"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_Baldbox"]=> NULL ["cPreisGrafik_Boxen"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_TopboxStartseite"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_SonderboxStartseite"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_NeuboxStartseite"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_BestsellerboxStartseite"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_ZuletztboxStartseite"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_BaldboxStartseite"]=> NULL ["cPreisGrafik_Startseite"]=> NULL ["cPreisGrafik_Artikeldetails"]=> NULL ["strPreisGrafik_Uebersicht"]=> NULL ["cPreisGrafik_Artikeluebersicht"]=> NULL ["Sonderpreis_aktiv"]=> bool(false) ["Kundenpreis_aktiv"]=> bool(false) } ["Bilder"]=> array(5) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#680 (7) { ["cPfadMini"]=> string(73) "media/image/product/87874/xs/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent.jpg" ["cPfadKlein"]=> string(73) "media/image/product/87874/sm/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent.jpg" ["cPfadNormal"]=> string(73) "" ["cPfadGross"]=> string(73) "" ["nNr"]=> string(1) "1" ["cAltAttribut"]=> string(77) "Star Wars Trinkflasche Flasche Wasserflasche Sportflasche Deckel Tritan 620ml" ["galleryJSON"]=> string(893) "{"xs":{"src":"media/image/product/87874/xs/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent.jpg","size":{"width":40,"height":40},"type":2,"alt":"Star Wars Trinkflasche Flasche Wasserflasche Sportflasche Deckel Tritan 620ml"},"sm":{"src":"media/image/product/87874/sm/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent.jpg","size":{"width":250,"height":250},"type":2,"alt":"Star Wars Trinkflasche Flasche Wasserflasche Sportflasche Deckel Tritan 620ml"},"md":{"src":"media/image/product/87874/md/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent.jpg","size":{"width":400,"height":400},"type":2,"alt":"Star Wars Trinkflasche Flasche Wasserflasche Sportflasche Deckel Tritan 620ml"},"lg":{"src":"media/image/product/87874/lg/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent.jpg","size":{"width":1000,"height":1000},"type":2,"alt":"Star Wars Trinkflasche Flasche Wasserflasche Sportflasche Deckel Tritan 620ml"}}" } [1]=> object(stdClass)#685 (7) { ["cPfadMini"]=> string(75) "media/image/product/87874/xs/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent~2.jpg" ["cPfadKlein"]=> string(75) "media/image/product/87874/sm/star-wars-trinkflasche-620ml-transparent~2.jpg" ["cPfadNormal"]=> string(75) "" ["cPfadGross"]=> string(75) "" ["nNr"]=> string(1) "2" ["cAltAttribut"]=> string(44) "Star Wars - 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“Death to 2020”: Netflix says goodbye to the year with a special from the creators of “Black Mirror” – Tvshow – 12/29/2020

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Like in a science fiction movie, like inside a dystopia or, in some cases, like a real horror movie nightmare. This is how we feel throughout 2020, the strangest year that most have lived: the year of masks, confinement, distance, the disappearance of physical contact; the year a bat soup affected even the very time, the year presidents of world powers denied a disease that kills people like flies.

We are, since March, in a day that no one knows exactly when it ends and yet 2021 is one step away. And who better to take stock of recent months than the creative duo of Black Mirror?

Charlie Brooker already demonstrated, with that British anthology series that it grew exponentially since its arrival in Netflix in 2016, the world to come you could imagine. Across five seasons, a Christmas special and an interactive movie (Bandersnatch), the humorist, screenwriter and producer composed a new reality traversed by the ravages of technological dependence. Always with Annabel Jones by his side.

Brooker put on the table an exaggerated reality, taken to the extreme, but the behaviors that society develops with social networks and technological advances in themselves show that Black Mirror, at one point, it’s not that far.

Now, the director dipped into a year in which surreal events were the order of the day. The coronavirus pandemic, the electoral dispute in the United States between Donald Trump y Joe Biden, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the death of the African American George Floyd as a result of police violence are the pillars of Death to 2020.

The mockumentary, which in Uruguay can also be found as Death to 2020, premiered on Sunday on Netflix, is a co-creation with the production company of Black Mirror Annabel Jones, and she has a stellar cast. There they are, to parody the unusual events of the season, Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow y Hugh Grant, además de Kumail Nanjiani, Tracey Ullman, Samson Kayo, Diane Morgan, Leslie Jones, Cristin Milioti y Joe Keery.

In times of balance sheets, this mockumentary brings together some relevant (fictitious) voices with real archive images spanning the last 12 months. The focus, beyond the pandemic, is placed almost specifically on the United States and the United Kingdom and, more specifically, on the figures of Trump and Boris Johnson. If the reader is not interested in the adventures of these media political personalities, it is possible that this feature film of just over an hour will not interest him at all.

For the rest, Death to 2020 is a humorous special that, through characters that in this case are very close to reality, offers a cloak of sarcasm about the everyday life of an unforgettable year. It is, as they say at the beginning, “the most definitive story of the most historic year in history”, pompous as it sounds.

Is that Death to 2020 is pompous in itself and with all the scheme behind it – Netflix, the heads of Black Mirror and very good actors—, entertains in the right measure. He has witty jokes but many others are flat, and the viciousness against Trump and Johnson is to the detriment of the global one.

In an effort to expose them, the simple and expected move is used more than once. Not bad; no more than that.

Lisa Kudrow en
Lisa Kudrow en “Death to 2020”. Foto: Netflix

The fires in Australia, the figure of Greta Thunberg, the separation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the British crown and even the Oscars appear in the story but hardly mentioned. Political upheavals and social upheavals in Latin America do not take place, although curiously Uruguay does appear in the dialogues.

“It was felt that the government was not taking the coronavirus seriously,” says the journalist played by Samuel L. Jackson at one point. “Maybe because there were people who compared it to the flu, which is like comparing Uruguay to a banana. And one of those people was the president (Trump).

Jackson as this reporter, Kudrow as the unofficial spokesperson for the American government Jeanetta Grace Susan, or Grant as a British history professor shine in the composition of their roles and reveal the ridiculousness that abounds in the world around us and that In 2020, it seemed to grow stronger than ever.

“A lot of comedy is basically dystopia,” Brooker told The Guardian. “The worst things happen constantly to people, but you have permission to laugh at that.”

Death to 2020 It is, although superficially incisive, a way of laughing at everything that happened to us this year as a society, with the innocent illusion that everything will improve with the simple fact of changing the year.