They discover a dinosaur similar to a creature from Star Wars

Researchers found the fossil of an animal similar to the one that appears in the movie “The Last Jedi.” It dates back 160 million years.

The international team of paleontologists found the skeleton inside a rock in China’s Hubei province and, with the help of X-ray images, the team examined the tiny flying animal.

The scientists, who published the finding in the journal PeerJ, identified the dinosaur as a new genus and species of pterosaur called Sinomacrops bondei.

“Despite being squashed to the point of erasing many details, the specimen is quite complete and provides new information for the group,” the report details.

The use of X-ray images allowed the researchers to reconstruct the tiny winged creature extinct about 160 million years ago.

According to Megan Jabobs, a paleontologist at Baylor University in Texas, United States, This flying dinosaur lived among the trees of present-day China, and had large eyes and a smile on its mouth that made it resemble the Porgs, the small native creatures of the planet Ahch-To from the Star Wars saga.

“This dinosaur is round, with large, forward-facing eyes. Most of the pterosaurs of this period have elongated snouts filled with small teeth, “said Jacobs and related the animal to the cinematic creatures.

The porgs that appear in the movie Star Wars.

Scientists believe the new creature they found is a prehistoric version of bats, which roam in low-light conditions to catch insects and eat them as their main diet.

Jabobs said the findings are exciting because pterosaur fossils are extremely rare. since their thin and hollow bones are not preserved as well as those of other creatures.

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ESPN live events would go to the STAR + platform

There is less and less exclusive content offered by channels on cable operators. Most brands migrate to ‘streaming’ e ESPN is no exception. Starting in June, your live content would go to the platform of Star +.

This means that those who are willing to see skills such as Premier League, Serie A, LaLiga, Eredivisie, Copa Libertadores, NBA, MLB, NFL, boxing or the Grand Slam tennis players would have to subscribe to Star + to access all its content.

Star + was born as an appendix over Disney + for the adult audience. Joins Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars y National Geographic as another attribute of the platform. Those who already have Disney + and want to access Star + will have to pay an additional amount. Those who are not subscribed to Disney + will be able to purchase Star + separately.

The platform already debuted in February in areas such as Europe, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. In order to June it would be making its foray into Latin America.

It is still unknown if ESPN will have the broadcast rights of the competitions that it still has. What is clear is that to increase your demand you must make your offer much more attractive.

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Review: Star Wars: Republic Commando – News

Republic Commando is a first person shooter by LucasArts, which first appeared in March 2005 for the PC and the first Xbox. We take on the role of the leader of an elite four-man clone warrior team for the Delta Squad and have to operate behind enemy lines. Since April 6th, the port for the Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch has been from Aspyr Media available. Aspyr kindly provided us with a key Republic Commando tested on the Playstation 4 and tell you how the game is doing in 2021.


The Delta Squad consists of four elite clones that are responsible for particularly difficult missions. The Delta Leader RC-1138 is the leader of the team. RC-1140 is also called the fixer and is the group’s tech and computer expert. RC-1207 is a sniper and is nicknamed Sev. Scorch with number RC-1262 is the guy in charge of the rough and tumble and the use of explosives.

Each of the three team members will be introduced to Geonosis during the first mission. So the individual characters get a somewhat rudimentary but entertaining character. In the course of the game, the three of them comment on story sections or our commands over and over again. Especially if one of our instructions doesn’t fit at all, this creates entertaining moments.

Timed plays Republic Commando between episode II and III. After a short prologue on Kamino, the Delta Squad heads to Geonosis, an abandoned Republican cruiser and the homeworld of the Wookies Kashyyyk. You shouldn’t expect a big coherent story here. Instead, the individual missions are very loosely linked by radio communications.

The mission is usually simple: we go from one level marker to the next and kill everything that gets in our way. A mission in which we have to sneak through a droid factory is the exception. Some cameos of well-known characters like Sun Fac, Yoda or General Grievous are nice but not particularly exciting. Only two missions are put into a larger context. Otherwise, the events take place quite detached from the big plot of the films.

Feeling of play

Are playful Republic Commando the 16 years to be clearly noted. While many shooters in recent years have been using open levels Republic Commando completely linear. In each of the three scenes we fight our way through hose levels that repeatedly require hacking terminals or blowing up walls. From time to time there is the possibility to use artillery or to use the environment against the enemies.

Speaking of enemies. While the masses of battle droids and Geonosians pose no threat, the super battle droids in particular pose a challenge. Here it is important to use grenades and weapon attachments skillfully, otherwise the metal buckets swallow up tons of bullets. Overall, the enemies, with the exception of a few elite opponents, pose a danger only because of their sheer number.

Our arsenal is essentially limited to a DC-15s blaster pistol with unlimited ammunition and a DC-17m blower rifle with a sniper and armor piercing attachment. There is also a small extendable vibrating blade for close combat. A bit of variety brings some detachable weapons, such as a Geonosian beam weapon, into play. However, we can only carry one additional weapon at a time. There are also four types of grenades that can be very helpful when used skillfully.


Anyone who has ever held a controller should play on the normal or difficult level of difficulty. Otherwise it is possible to play half the game with the vibrating blade. This shows the degree of hardness or realism of the game. This is how oil or blood splatters sometimes land in our field of vision. Getting really challenging Republic Commando especially when we are faced with multiple super battle droids or elite opponents.

Especially in the higher level of difficulty, it becomes elementary to use the Tatik options. Again and again we can instruct our team members to take cover and perform sniper or grenade maneuvers. Should we go down, we can decide whether a team member should help us immediately or the team should take care of the enemies first.

Overall feels like Republic Commando much darker and dirtier than, for example, Battlefront. If we sneak through the droid factory alone without team members and countless super battle droids could be activated at any moment or we explore a supposedly abandoned cruiser and cut off the connection with the others, then real tension will build up. Especially the driving, almost threatening soundtrack supports the gloomy atmosphere perfectly.


Republic Commando was released in 2005 and you can see that in the game. There are no actual cinematics or dynamic environments. Despite some optical highlights, neither the textures nor the level structure are up-to-date. The levels are relatively small and are repeatedly interrupted by short loading times. At every save point my PlayStation 4 had very brief stutters. There were also two three slips, but they weren’t tragic. Otherwise it plays Republic Commando on the PlayStation 4 liquid.



The review may sound very negative so far. So I want to explain why I am Republic Commando I still want to recommend you to my heart. As soon as the soundtrack sounded in the menu, I felt immediately back 15 years. Despite the outdated graphics and the no longer up-to-date level structure is Republic Commando Still an excellent shooter for Star Wars fans in my opinion. Hardly any other Star Wars game has impressed me as much as Republic Commando. While KotoR I and II tell a terrific story, is Republic Commando a dirty, nasty, playable action movie. In each of the three locations there are set pieces that make Star Wars fans’ hearts beat faster. The super battle droids are really challenging opponents. The comments from my teammates always make for a slight smile and the references to the big story round off the experience perfectly.

Despite the shortcomings described above, the game creates a unique atmosphere. If you are fast, you can come along in six to seven hours Republic Commando be through. 15 in the PS store is a good deal in my opinion. who Republic Commando has already played, the game can finally just play on the big screen and everyone else has the opportunity to catch up on what is perhaps the best Star Wars shooter of all time.


The lightsaber is now a reality

“Star Wars” and lightsabers have been with you all your life? So far, the lightsabers were only fiction, but now fans can look forward to a real one.

In early April, Disney Park Chairman Josh D’Amaro unveiled “real” lightsabers for Disney’s “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” attraction at a virtual event. “It’s real,” he said at the presentation before revealing the lightsaber.

Those in attendance were not allowed to take photos or videos, but fans quickly discovered a patent that Disney had filed in 2017 for a “sword device with a retractable, internally-lit blade.” While not the sword that D’Amaro revealed during the presentation, it does provide a glimpse into how this Star Wars technology evolved.

“It won’t cut through metal doors or a hand, but it has a lighted blade that extends and retracts at the push of a button,” wrote Twitter user Ridout. Then he posted a video with an animation demonstrating “the concept behind the technology”.

It is unclear whether these “real” lightsabers will be part of the character costumes in the park or whether they will be available for purchase. Given that it was only unveiled earlier this month, the “real” lightsabers could potentially appear with the new “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel” too.


(Bild: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)


Why doesn’t Hayden Christensen’s daughter know “Star Wars”?

Briar Rose Christensen (6) is the offspring of a true Star Wars great – and apparently has no idea about it! Despite their split in September 2017, Rachel Bilson (39) and Hayden Christensen (39) look after their daughter together. It’s not always easy for the OC California actress, but the ex-couple probably agree on one point: The little one should not see any part of the “Star Wars” series for the time being!

Im “Betches Moms”-Podcast, the 39-year-old spoke about her parenting methods. She reported that Briar knows that her father was in “Star Wars”. Nevertheless, the little one is not aware of what that means – after all, she has never seen one of the films and consequently never saw her father as Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker. “I would like to keep it that way too,” explained Rachel. She voiced her concerns about the brutal role of her ex-fiancé. “He kills children, so we’d better keep that away from her – preferably until she’s 80 years old!”the brunette joked.

But not only Hayden’s career, but also her own TV past wants Rachel sweep under the carpet for now. The American wants to keep her appearances as Summer Roberts in the hit series “OC California” a secret from the 6-year-old. Briar should see the scenes at the earliest at the age of 35, if the actress has its way.

Collage: Hayden Christensen with daughter Briar Rose and ex Rachel Bilson

Collection Christophel / ActionPress

Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
The cast of “OC California”


Spanish League: Dembelé suffers publagia, concern at FC Barcelona due to his continuous injuries | Spanish League

The concern begins to become a habit in FC Barcelona. It is not only Messi and his future, the LaLiga table, the economic crisis. Injuries are here to stay.

The newspaper Sport reports that, despite having played almost all the last matches, Ousmane Dembelé is experiencing an injury that can become complex.

The Frenchman would be dragging a pubalgia that has made him end up with discomfort several times and, for now, a conservative treatment is being applied before considering another alternative.

It is a common injury in footballers, which is why, among others, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, had to undergo an intervention in Germany.

“At the moment any drastic measure is ruled out so it is not contemplated to go through the operating room. Dembélé is focused on playing and wants to recover his best feelings. The Frenchman knows that he has the most important phase of the season ahead of him and wants to help his Also, we must not forget that in summer there is the Eurocup and he is one of the key pieces of the French team, “said Sport.

The concern is that pubalgia requires, especially, rest, more in a player who has been especially prone to injuries. The issue is that FC Barcelona needs it and he doesn’t expect to stop now. From now on, everything is a risk.


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The news of series and movies of the week in pictures

GLAAD, the world’s largest organization leading the fight for acceptance of LGBTQ people, has announced the winners of the 32nd edition of its awards, in which you have recognized Poison, the series created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, as the Best Spanish-Language Television Series. Other winning series were Schitt’s Creek, Star Trek: Discovery Y I could destroy youin comedy, drama, and miniseries, respectively).


Premiere: Shailene Woodley caught on a date with fiancé

Shailene Woodley, 29, was first spotted with her fiancé! The love between the actress and the professional football player Aaron Rodgers (37) became serious very quickly. Chatted just days after an insider announced their relationship in February 2021 Aaron even from being engaged. The “Divergent” actress then confirmed that she wanted to take the next step with her lover. There haven’t been any joint appearances yet – until now: Because the lovebirds were spotted together in Disneyland!

It’s the first time you’ve seen the two of them together in public. Spent the Easter weekend Shailene and her lover namely at Disneyland in Orlando, Florida, where Paparazzi they caught. But the couple didn’t let that bother them, because they turtled around in the amusement park. The two apparently no longer want to hide their fresh love happiness. So they were even in a partner look and wore the same Star Wars masks.

In the meantime, more details about her engagement are known. Shailene explained on the US talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”that they have been engaged for a long time. Apparently it has Aaron quickly realized that she is right for him. Because the two only met last year.

Shailene Woodley, actress
Aaron Rodgers, Football-Star
Shailene Woodley, actress


The future Air Force One will be supersonic, a mix of the luxury of the White House and the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

The Air Force One of the future will be supersonic. A California aerospace company is working with the United States Government to develop a presidential aircraft capable of exceeding the speed of sound.
The next private jet of the president of the United States will be a twin-engine March 1.8 that you will have all the details for the entourage of the US administration that They will travel anywhere on the planet at twice the speed of the current presidential plane..

“We plan to implement new technologies that are not currently available or that they are not (yet) seen on commercial or business jets, ”Stephanie Chahan, chief aircraft interior designer at Exosonic, the company commissioned by the US Air Force, told CNN.

The plane cIt will feature two private suites for meeting rooms, equipped with leather seats and Internet connection and big screens to communicate with world leaders or hold press conferences from the air.

Another room of the aircraft will have a capacity for 20 people, in addition to bathrooms and kitchens for make the plane an authentic extension of the White House with certain Peregrine Falcon airs, the famous ship of Star Wars, known for her ability to outrun anyone thanks to her speed.

It will reach 2,222 kilometers per hour, more than twice the speed of a commercial flight. But its design allows reducing noise pollution so that it does not disturb passengers and the people and cities it flies over. But nor it will be until the mid-2030s when the new Air Force One begins its first flights.