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America is Back ‘. “America is back,” said Joe Biden excitedly. He was speaking to political leaders, mainly European, who participated in a recent meeting on international security that took place, via videoconference, in Munich.

At that hearing, the message was, of course, very well received. Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson registered their satisfaction at the new position of the US In his speech, Biden vigorously renewed his country’s commitment to Article V of NATO. This article obliges the member countries of that military alliance to collectively respond to an attack against one of its members. During his presidency, Donald Trump repeatedly refrained from publicly acknowledging that, as a member of NATO, his country accepted that obligation.

This changed with the arrival of Biden to the White House. The US president used his speech at the Munich Conference to leave no doubt about his administration’s position on Article V. As president, Donald Trump disdained multilateralism, alliance-building and diplomacy, which, according to him, were waste of time.

For their part, both Biden and his team repeat, whenever they can, that alliances will be the pillar of their foreign policy. They see diplomacy as the main instrument available to them to advance in the achievement of their national objectives. According to them, successfully attacking the pandemic, climate change, the economic crisis or preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons requires working together with allied countries. From the perspective of Biden and his administration, Trump’s catchphrase, ‘America First’, ended up being ‘America Alone’. Potential allies are keen to work together with the US in pursuit of common interests. There is no doubt that these repowered alliances are necessary.

The construction of a much-needed network of international alliances led by Washington will have one major limitation: the volatility of US domestic politics.

Unfortunately, the construction of a much-needed network of international alliances led by Washington will have one major limitation: the volatility of US domestic politics.

What happens to a country that, enthusiastic about Biden, dives deep into its alliance with the United States and four years later finds that the elections bring to power a new American president who is unaware of his duties as an ally? That question is very much on the minds of those responsible for the foreign policy of the countries that Washington needs as allies. In the conversations in the virtual corridors of the Munich Conference, the most pressing question was not whether the US was back. The burning question was, and still is, how long this comeback is going to last.

It is very interesting to see top diplomats emulating top executives of multinational companies. Since the late 1990s, entrepreneurs have built complex and highly efficient supply chains starting in China and leading to end markets around the world. These chains allowed companies to drastically reduce their inventories. Just-in-time logistics practices became universal in inventory management. To minimize costs, supplies arrive with great speed and precision at their destination, just when they are required.

Trump’s declared trade war against China created all kinds of headaches in global supply chains. Thus, companies that rely on having ‘just-in-time’ inventories discovered that it was dangerous to put all your eggs in that basket. To mitigate that risk, executives were forced to balance the principle of ‘just in time’ with that of ‘just in case’. Many were forced to invest in developing relationships with other suppliers, no matter how expensive they were. Business leaders understood that as much as they want the United States to create stability and not imbalances, this will not always be the case. Political leaders will surely emulate them. The politics of alliances will be shaped by ‘just in case’ diplomacy.



How will the weather be in Chihuahua for the next few days?

The State Coordination of Civil Protection (CEPC) reported that during the next few days the Chihuahuan territory will have a very marked climatic variation, during the day very hot conditions, moderate winds at dusk, with gusts of up to 85 kilometers per hour (Km / h) due to the arrival of the Cold front number 38 and at night freezing temperatures.

The system is forecast to move south of U.S and stop affecting the national territory and the northern part of the country.

This phenomenon in interaction with jet stream It favors an environment from very cold to cold in the morning and from warm to hot in the afternoon, with a sky from partial to partly cloudy and wind from 20 to 35 km / h.

In addition, rains are expected in the mountain area, during the afternoon of Saturday 27 and the morning of Sunday 28, mainly in Madera and Creel, Bocoyna, as well as sleet and snow in the upper parts of the Sierra Tarahumara.

The temperatures The lowest on Thursday were recorded in (° C): Basaseachi -1.3, Temósachic -0.7, Creel -0.2, Madera 3.3, Ahumada 5.1, El Vergel 6.7, Juárez 6.8, Janos 8.7, Balleza 9.7, Nuevo Casas Grandes 9.7 , Jiménez 10.2, Cuauhtémoc 10.8, Chihuahua 12.7, Ojinaga 13.2 and Parral 14.9.

Regarding wind gusts, the agency warned that they could exceed 85 km / h in parts of the northwest and center of the state, such as Namiquipa, Buenaventura, Riva Palace and Swedish.

Weather for Saturday and Sunday

The agency pointed out that for Saturday 27 wind gusts with speeds above 75 km / h are forecast, especially in the municipalities of Ignacio Zaragoza and Guerrero, as well as dust collectors in the Juárez-Ascensión, Sueco-Ahumada and Jiménez-Parral.

That day there will be isolated rains in the northwest and west areas, mainly in Madera, Temósachic, Ocampo, Guerrero, Ocampo, Bocoyna and Maguarichi.

Such precipitation may be accompanied by falling sleet and snow in the upper parts of the Sierra Tarahumara and in the city of Madera.

The expected temperatures for this Saturday 27 are (° C max / min): Chihuahua 12/27, Juárez 5/22, Janos 21/1, Madera 15/0, Temósachic 16 / -2, Cuauhtémoc 21/7, Ojinaga 29/14, Delicias 30/13, Camargo 30/12, Jiménez 29/9, Parral 11/26, El Vergel 16 / -1.

On Sunday 28 the Cold Front number 39 to the northwest of the country and in the afternoon to the entity, so strong gusts of wind are expected that could exceed up to 85 km / h.

Isolated rains will also occur in Temósachic, Guerrero, Ocampo, Guerrero, Bocoyna, Guazapares, Carichí, Camargo, Coyame and Ojinaga.



Karla Sofa, the Mexicali student who was recruited by Apple

Karla Sofa Naranjo, student of Mechanical Engineer at CETYS University Campus Mexicali, she was recruited by Apple Inc: obtained the internship as Engineering Program Manager within the Acoustics team at Apple Park Cupertino.

According to the university, Karla is Mexican but was born in state United. Master four Languages and he is a member of various representative teams of the institution. He even left exchange acadmico a Korea of Sure last year.

The student of Mexicali be in charge of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team at the headquarters of Apple Inc. in Silicon Valley, California, in the United States.

Karla was accepted into Apple, for a period of six months, after being subjected to a series of interviews.

My leadership skills, ease of speech, ability to adapt to various cultures and engineering knowledge are characteristics that define me and I have improved during my student training, which undoubtedly helped me achieve this opportunity, said the student to CETYS University Campus Mexicali.

The beginning of this experience for Karla to be remote, due to the pandemic of Covid-19. However, the boarding school will eventually migrate to presence.

It is estimated that during my internship if the health contingency situation makes it viable, I will be able to physically go to the company’s headquarters in Cupertino to have a complete experience, he said.

Karla She has indicated that she wants to be a source of inspiration for other people: to show that in the field of engineering sciences women can transcend.



What will the weather be like for the next few hours in Chihuahua?

The Cold front number 37 and its air mass, in interaction with the jet stream will bring an environment from icy to very cold in the mornings and mostly clear skies in the north, northeast and center of Chihuahua, mostly cloudy in the west and southwest, as reported by the State Coordination of Civil Protection of the state.

The CEPC He pointed out that tomorrow Tuesday the wind will oscillate between 5 and 20 km / h with gusts that can exceed 45 km / h in the northwest, center and south, especially in Namiquipa, Chihuahua and Parral.

They could also exceed 35 km / h in parts of the north, northwest, west and southwest areas, such as in Juarez City, Janos, Guerrero, Cuauhtémoc, Bocoyna and Guachochi.

The temperature will rise

However the thermometer for the afternoon it will mark warmer temperatures and a more favorable climate for the inhabitants of the state.

As highs for the afternoon are expected (° C): Chihuahua 20, Juárez 16, Janos 19, Madera 17, Temósachic 18, Cuauhtémoc 17, Ojinaga 21, Delight 22, Camargo 23, Jiménez 23, Parral 20, El Vergel 17.

The lowest temperatures recorded on Monday were (° C): El Vergel -8.7, Majalca -8.2, Basaseachi -5.3, Creel -5.3, Madera -5.2, Janos -5.1, Temósachic -4.3, New Big Houses -4.2, Chinatú -3.2, Guachochi -2.8, Ahumada -2.1, Cuauhtémoc -0.2, Juárez 0.7, Chihuahua 2, Ojinaga 2.1, Balleza 3.4, Jiménez 3.9, Delicias 4.9, Parral 4.9, Maguarichi 7.1, Chínipas 8.4, Urique 15.5.

Temperatures are expected to be (° C max / min): Chihuahua 27/7, Juarez 21/0, Janos 25 / -2, Wood 18 / -3, Temósachic 19 / -3, Cuauhtémoc 23/2, Ojinaga 26/5, Delicias 28/6, Camargo 28/5, Jiménez 28/3, Parral 27/5, El Vergel, Balleza 18 / -6.

Meanwhile, the National Water Comission (Conagua) reported in its daily report that temperatures below -5 ° C are expected in the mountain areas of Chihuahua, Sonora, Durango Y Zacatecas and west wind from 80 to 90 km / h with dust collectors in Chihuahua.



Disney World turns 50 with the most magical celebration in the world

The celebration, which will last 18 months, will have as its central attraction the Cinderella Castle of the transformed Magic Kingdom park, which will display golden pennants, sparkling decorations and a commemorative shield of the 50th anniversary, the company announced this Friday in a statement.

Each theme park will transform at night and so Cinderella’s castle will illuminate the Magic Kingdom with a “dazzling glow with the glitter of frost and fairy magic.”

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In the Animal Kingdom, a “warm light will emanate from the Tree of Life while a flock of magical fireflies” will fly to give way to the magic of nature.

The celebration will also come to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which will be covered in glittering glitters that evoke “the shining golden age of imagination and adventure.”


And in the EPCOT park, Spaceship Earth reflector panels will launch new lights connecting together like a “symbol of optimism” in a night sky.

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of Disney World will be hosted by Walt Disney characters, Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their friends, who will wear “new outfits” for this occasion.

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The Disney World fantasy park, located in Orlando, central Florida, in the United States, is considered the largest theme park complex in the world. It also has water parks, golf courses, a sports center, hotels, hundreds of shops and restaurants and numerous entertainment venues.

During this time, Magic Kingdom became the most visited theme park in the world.

The company indicated in the statement that they will reveal more details of the celebration in the coming months.


Knives, a taser pistol and bear spray: the arsenal of weapons seized after the assault on the Capitol

Supporters of former President Donald Trump who stormed the United States Capitol, they traveled to Washington equipped with all kinds of weapons to commit the invasion of the institution, as confirmed by the Department of Justice.

But among confiscated belongings several assailants were found a baseball bat, a hockey stick, a fire extinguisher, chemical irritants, a bear attack spray, a spear, pepper spray cans, stolen police shields, different knives, and even a taser stun gun.

The weapons were used by the assailants when the agents guarding the Capitol sought to prevent the assault. Y It is suspected that the death of Brian Sicknick, the policeman who lost his life during the attack, was caused by the spray against bears with which they could spray him. And the FBI is considering several suspects for possible Sicknick homicide.

Although 12 officers needed to be transferred to the hospital, and almost a hundred policemen were injured On January 6, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson played down an unprecedented assault on the United States, which ended with five deaths and which the Republican did not consider an “armed insurrection.”

But Police also found a gun and up to 25 rounds of ammunition on Christopher Alberts, an assailant who alleged he was carrying it for personal protection. And according to CNN, many Trump supporters who did not get to the Capitol did carry firearms that day to the US capital.

Lonnie Coffman, was arrested shortly before the attack on the Capitol with what the police classified as “A small armory in his truck”. Up to three pistols, 11 Molotov cocktails, a crossbow with bolts, smoke bombs and a stun gun, according to court documents. But Coffman, 70, was found not guilty last month of a 17-count criminal charge.

On the other hand, the FBI continues to offer a reward for obtaining relevant information on those responsible for planting two bombs in the vicinity of the headquarters of the US Government. Two artifacts that did not explode but were real, the feds have confirmed.


The fine print of the Brexit agreement on transport

Although the agreement signed between the European Union and the United Kingdom has allowed the continuity of trade flows between the different countries of the European Union and the British country, the establishment of new border and customs controls is negatively affecting the provision of road transport services, both export and import of goods.

In fact, although the post-Brexit Agreement provides for access unlimited to international transport without limitations of number of trips, the new bureaucratic procedures and border controls that occur especially in the return of merchandise from the United Kingdom, is discouraging many Spanish carriers and other European countries that carry merchandise to that country to return loaded, so they are choosing to choose more comfortable and more profitable destinations on the European continent, as there are no customs controls or any other type.

Unable to cope on the return trip

However, the post-brexit agreement expressly prohibits European hauliers coming from the United Kingdom empty to do internal transport (cabotage) in any Member State, as it is considered a third country for the purposes of applying European regulations on international and cabotage transport.

This mainly affects Spanish companies that transport goods from our country to the United Kingdom, and that on the return to Spain used to do domestic transport on French territory back to our country. In fact, according to data managed by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, of the total cabotage operations carried out by Spanish carriers in the remaining Member States, practically all of them are practiced in France, specifically, 89.2% of the total, followed very far by Portugal, with 3.1%, Italy with 2.8% and Germany with 2.3%.


Judge links two detainees to trial with arsenal

A Specialized in Accusatory Penal System based in Tijuana, linked two alleged members of organized crime arrested with an arsenal to the process.

The Delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic in Baja California, reported that the Public Ministry of the Attorney General of the Republic in Baja California, obtained from the Specialized District Court the order of connection to the process against two people.

It specifies that, according to the research folder, elements of the State Guard Security and Investigation, when attending an anonymous complaint, they located on the free highway Tijuana-Mexicali, at the height of the Loma Tova ejido, the two accused aboard two vehicles where they were secured nine long weapons, 209 useful cartridges and nine chargers.

He stressed that Federal Public Ministry (MPF) requested a hearing before the Control Judge, who described the arrest and retention of the detainees as legal and issued an order to be linked to the process for crimes stipulated in the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives.

The Specialized Judge, established as a precautionary measure justified preventive prison for the defendants and set a period of one month for the closing of the investigation.

By: Atahualpa Garibay


“I threw myself to the field to cry” – AGP Deportes

Ensenada, Baja California.- Oscar Manzanarez is from Ensenada. He made his debut with Santos in the First Division and three years later he was champion of the Expansion League with Tampico-Madero.

“It is a great happiness, something that I always dreamed of and longed for, and now achieving it is an incredible feeling. As a child I envisioned myself with a title at this level. When the referee whistled my first reaction was to throw myself onto the field and cry. Something very nice, “he said.

The final was to the limit.

Tampico-Madero, “La Jaiba Brava”, was always down, until the end when he came back at Atlante’s house.

“The first leg was tight, tied at one without many arrivals, and in the return we were down twice, but we tied and in the overtime they scored another goal in the second overtime, it seemed lapidary.

“But we got the draw and that gave us the confidence to win it. Being down twice and finishing gave us the peace of mind of knowing that we could win the title, “said Choko.

The central defender, who gained the trust of coach Gerardo Espinoza, said: “I take everything with a challenge to strengthen myself and gain experience as a professional footballer, and now this result has been given that speaks of what the institution has done.”

The former player of the Real Azteca de Ensenada team considered that the effort has been the factor in his present.

“I have taken advantage of the opportunities and I had to have a lot of participation, the entire league from beginning to end,” he explained about his participation in the eleven champion of the immediate circuit at the first time.

In the same group Orlegi, owner of the Jaiba, the footballer born in Ensenada 25 years ago was able to make his debut in the First Division as a member of Santos both in the Copa and in the MX League.

“They are the two most important moments as a player. The debut in first (against Monterrey) is the watershed of everything, a unique moment that I like to remember. And I cannot compare the championship, but both events generate an emotion in me ”, he explained.

From Tampico, he described: “It is a very passionate, beautiful square, with demanding people who have had to live important moments in the First Division. Right now people cannot be there because of the contingency but still the energy is felt “

His return to the First Division, at zero term.

“It is a goal, an objective that I have, but it depends on many factors, so I have to continue working hard in Tampico and the rest will come,” he said.

For now, COVID has not touched him.

“There are reviews every 10 days and I have not caught it. They check us continuously and we take measures not to leave the house. I do the pantry and go home where I am most of the time, ”he explained.

And as for the level of the Expansion League, he said that “it is demanding, with a lot of dynamics, the teams are daring, they propose and are growing to project more young people by giving an important show”

Oscar Gibram Manzanarez arrived at Santos Laguna at the age of 15, today part of Grupo Orlegi, and hopes to move on.

“I have more than 10 years in the institution always grateful for the opportunities,” he said.

The former player of the teams of Miguel Collins and the Alvarado brothers in Ensenada recalled his beginnings and appreciated the fact of having grown up to be considered a professional soccer player.

“It is a pride for me, something that I sounded like a boy and now I can enjoy living what I like, a privilege that I take with great responsibility because I know what it takes to reach professional football,” he added.

Finally, and after thanking the coach who signed him with Santos, the renowned former footballer Eduardo Rergis, as well as Robert Dante Siboldi, who debuted him in first, reported that he has only signed with Orlegi until June 2022.


American who was going to join the Islamic State arrested in Turkey

The American Mohamed Fathy Suliman was arrested in Turkey after trying to join the jihadist Islamic State (EI) and brought back to Florida, where he faces charges of terrorism, reported this Monday, February 1, 2021, the State’s Northern District Prosecutor’s Office.

Suliman, 33, is charged with attempting to provide material support Y services al NO and faces up to 20 years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine if found guilty.

According to the criminal complaint, the defendant traveled from Gainesville, in the north of Florida, to Turkey and tried to enter Syria illegally in 2014 to join and support IS.

The Prosecutor’s office He said that the Turkish authorities had arrested him since June 2014 for illegally crossing into Syria from Turkey.

Emails and audios Sulivan’s show their desire to join that terrorist group between May 2009 and October 2012.

In 2014, his Facebook account featured a profile photo of ISIS with its black flag, details the complaint.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Turkey is a main road used by foreign fighters who aspire to join IS forces in Syria, due to the land border shared by the two countries.

He stressed that like others, Suliman allegedly concealed his intentions from his family telling them he planned to travel to Egypt.

Suliman’s actions are consistent with those of others who have tried to join ISIS and crossed from Turkey into Syria in the border crossing de Kilis, after traveling to Gaziantep, detailed the Prosecutor’s Office.

“This arrest was the result of years of work and coordination by our prosecutors and FBI agents from the Jacksonville field office,” in North Florida, said US Attorney Lawrence Keefe.