Spain falls in the quarterfinals against a great Turkey


Spain falls in the quarterfinals against a great Turkey

5/8/2021 – 2:45 PM

For the second consecutive Open, the Spanish eSports team fell in the quarterfinals. Turkey, the current defending champions, had a sensational third game to reach the semi-finals. The team led by RafaelTGR forced the decisive match and showed many of the qualities that have made it one of the most competitive teams on the continent.


The quarterfinals were once again the ceiling for the Spanish eSports team. From the FEB Museum, the team led by Rafael TGR forced the decisive match against great Turkey, defender of the title harvested at the FIBA ​​eSports Open II. The Turkish team, a solid team with very clear ideas (all their players play for Fenerbahce), were better in the last twenty minutes of the series and closed their pass to the Final Four of the tournament, the first played in Next Gen .

The two defeats suffered by Spain in the first phase (against France and Germany) were fundamental, as they led the National Team to the hardest part of the final table. The crossing against the Turks did not disappoint. Three tough games, competitive and full of talent and quality. The first fell on the opponent’s side (61-67), the second was for ours (54-53, with a heart attack ending included). In the decider, the current ones were superior and achieved the ticket for the final (60-45).


Roblox promocodes valid for Arsenal May 2021

Arsenal it’s from the games first-person shooter most popular on Roblox. Within this game we will be able to immerse ourselves in a team fight with other users. The peculiarity is that the weapons change with each kill you register.

Foto: Roblox Corp.

This game was created by the talented ROLVe in 2015 and since then it has been constantly updated. On its sixth anniversary and with more than 2 million people calling it their favorite game, it is clear that the popularity of Arsenal it will be very difficult to match.

Roblox Promocodes – Arsenal (May 2021)

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ROLVE: use this code to get a new skin for your character.

Remember that to enter these promocodes you must do it from within Arsenal. When you are already inside, before deploying your character, you must do click the Twitter icon so you can enter them.

Entering the codes requires some attention as you must be pay attention to upper and lower case in addition to not confusing the number “0” (zero) with the letter “O” for “Orthodontist” for example.

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Sports betting combined odds last matches of the sixth date of League 1 and Seville in Spanish League

Live and enjoy these days of football fever with Chaskibet and the recommendations that Libero gives you so you can multiply your winnings with the combined plays.

Today, Monday, May 3, you will find a lot of football in our country with League 1 with the last three matches of Phase 1. They are: Sport Huancayo vs Alianza Universidad (11 a.m.), Cesar Vallejo vs Cusco FC (3:30 p.m.) y Cienciano vs Carlos A. Mannucci (6 p.m.).

Later, in the Spanish league There will also be activity with Sevilla vs Athletic Club. The Sevillians are in tune and need victory to continue fighting for the title. They are close to Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In the Premier League, the Know Brom will visit Wolves Y West Ham will do the same with Burnley. Meanwhile, the needy Torino will want to triumph before the almost descended Parma. You will be able to see all the quotas of the matches on the digital platform of Chaskibet.


Odds: 17.45 Bet: 10 soles Profit: 174.48 soles.

Mainz vs. Hertha Berlin (EV) 1.47

Sevilla vs. Athletic Club (L) 1.60

La Plata students vs. Platense (L) 1.69

Burnley vs. West Ham (V) 2.36

César Vallejo vs. Cusco FC (L) 1.86

Odds: 10.81 Bet: 20 soles Profit: 216.26 soles.

Turin vs. Parma (L) 1.58

West Brom vs. Wolves (LE) 1.42

Manchester City vs. PSG (+2.5 goles) 1.53

Atlético Mineiro vs. Cerro Porteño (L) 1.50

S. Huancayo vs. Alliance Huánuco (L) 2.10

Odds: 6.94 Bet: 30 soles Profit: 208.24 soles.

Cesar Vallejo vs. Cusco FC (+2.5 goals) 1.82

Barcelona SC vs Boca Juniors             (EV) 1.31

Burnley vs. West Ham    (V) 2.36

Manchester City vs. PSG    (EV) 1.98

Santos vs. The Strongest    (L) 1.19

Odds: 13.26 Bet: 50 soles Winning: 662.88 soles.

Cienciano vs. Mannucci (L) 2.02

Sevilla vs. Athletic Club (L) 1.60

Santos vs. The Strongest (L) 1.19

LDU vs. Flamengo (EV) 1.41

Sarmiento vs. Gymnastics La Plata (EV) 1.28


Sports betting win up to 330 nuevos soles matches Liga 1 classic Peruvian soccer Sporting Cristal Alianza Lima

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Today Sunday in May you will find a lot of international football, but also in our country with League 1. This afternoon (3:30 pm) Sporting Cristal will seek to recover from the defeat in the Copa Libertadores (with Racing Club) against a careful rival like Alianza Lima, who is undefeated in the Phase 1.

In the Spanish league, Barcelona will not want to stay on the road after the triumphs of Atlético de Madrid Y Real Madrid, and will visit Valencia in Mestalla. Without a doubt, a complicated duel for the Catalans.

In the Premier League, the Manchester United vs Liverpool It will be the highlight of today. If those led by Klopp do not win, officially the Manchester City He will be champion in the absence of four dates for the end of the tournament.


Odds: 10.65 | Bet: 10 soles | Profit: 106.54 soles.

Mónaco vs. Lyon (LE) 1.36

Villarreal vs. Getafe (L) 2.12

Banfield vs. River Plate (V) 1.64

Tottenham vs. Sheffield (L) 1.31

Sporting Cristal vs. Alianza (L) 1.72

Odds: 8.78 | Bet: 20 soles | Profit: 175.56 soles.

Granada vs. Cádiz (L) 1.79

Naples vs. Cagliari (L) 1.39

Man United vs. Liverpool (EV) 1.40

Boca Juniors vs. Lanús (LE) 1.20

S. Huancayo vs. Alliance Huánuco (L) 2.10

Odds: 11.05 | Bet: 30 soles | Profit: 331.47 soles.

César Vallejo vs. Cusco FC (L) 1.86

Tottenham vs. Sheffield (L) 1.31

Udinese vs. Juventus (V) 1.44

Burnley vs. West Ham (V) 2.35

Valencia vs Barcelona  (V) 1.34

Odds: 4.31 | Bet: 50 soles | Profit: 215.59 soles.

Sporting Cristal vs. Alliance (+1.5 goals) 1.28

Tottenham vs. Sheffield (L) 1.31

Mónaco vs. Lyon (EV) 1.54

Sassuolo vs. Atalanta (+2.5 goles) 1.38

Cienciano vs. Mannucci (LE) 1.21


Celtic Elche U19 – Results, Match Fixtures and Statistics in Spain Liga Nacional Juvenil: Group 8 2020/2021

Celtic Elche U19 Liga Nacional Juvenil: Group 8 Match Fixtures and Results

Home Overall Away  ]

Celtic Elche U19 have played a total of 25 matches in Spain Liga Nacional Juvenil: Group 8. Their current statistics is 9 win, 11 draw and 8 lose.

Celtic Elche U19 did not win their last two matches in the competition.

The overall results is shown by default. You can also analyze
Celtic Elche U19 results for their home or away matches in
Liga Nacional Juvenil: Group 8 2020/2021.

Click on + to view detailed soccer statistics of the goal scorers, yellow and red cards for each match.
The match kick-off date and time is automatically converted to your local timezone.

Chart Analysis

The graph shows the performance and results of
Celtic Elche U19 in Liga Nacional Juvenil: Group 8.

Celtic Elche U19 are in the 7th position of Liga Nacional Juvenil: Group 8 and they are in contention for Relegation Round.


Colo Colo C does not resist and goes thrashed from Chillán

A peculiar eleven of emergency must have presented Gustavo Quinteros. Despite coming forward, the Ñublense attack triad had a feast at the close.

The interesting Ñublense of Jaime García thrashed Colo Colo 5-1 and finished with his winning stride. After a first period of equal forces, with the jewels of the mini Cacique dazzling with their first little luxury in professional football and the Red Devils puzzled by the premiere festival, the chillanejo team imposed their experience and what an overwhelming way.

The story of Ñublense – Colo Colo

Is that Gustavo Quinteros had to manage to stop even an eleven. Due to the positive for coronavirus and the entire stellar squad in quarantine as they were considered close contacts, he could only count on Felipe Campos and Leonardo Gil as professionals (plus Fritz and Gaete who were not being part of the team), in addition to an arsenal of youth who They had been asking for their space for a while longer, as many newcomers as they changed the inactivity of the pandemic for the pressure of debuting in the highest competition.

Luci Arriagada was encouraged by the assembly of a counterattack and observed closely who motivated to join the attack. The combination with Carlo Villanueva and the pique into space so that the ’10’ finally opted for Juan Carlos Gaete highlighted that individualism could meet expectations. But of course, it is impossible to ask athletes who do not even play together for the collective performance shown by the discarded week after week. “Strategically they blocked me,” Garcia acknowledged about that start.

Maxi Quinteros tied with a killing volley before half an hour, Mathías Pinto inserted a shoe into the door of Julio Fierro – chosen over Carabalí – after a very long ball from Nicolás Vargas in the hour, and quickly the physical and the White concentration: Quinteros made the double with a header between two markers after the center of Chiqui Cordero, Nico Guerra shot Fierro by the same route as in the second red goal since Enzo Guerrero rejected from the bottom and found the former U. The timing errors were replicated, Fritz found it difficult to act as a winger and Bruno Gutiérrez found it difficult to join the attack due to the constant pressure from outside. “They released marks with the goals, it is typical, but I saw it complicated in the first half. We were upset, we used calm. We handled the game, they had to open up more than they were,” emphasized the winning coach.

Albo lost it 1-5 in the 90th minute. Manita for Ñublense in an afternoon that Fierro dreamed of, owner of paths covered by Federico Mateos, Branco Provoste, Pinto, Quinteros and Bernardo Cerezo, although with the worst possible result after the center behind by Jovany Campusano that Cerezo connected at full disposal. Not all were bad news, as Vicho Pizarro imposed his terms in the core passing circuit, Leo Gil led the debutants, Gaete proved strong in the duels with Campusano and between Villanueva and Cruz they moved as much as they could.

Decimated to nothing, the Popular failed to rise to first place or imitate its Superclassic version. Ñublense equaled him on the 10-point line showing that he can be just as deadly on a 3 or 4 line if he maintains his momentum and character to take advantage of every failure. Or accident. Or virus …


Bavaria: Fewer naturalizations in Bavaria – Bavaria

Munich (dpa / lby) – The number of naturalizations in Bavaria fell slightly in the past year. In 2020, 20,192 people received their certificates in the Free State, 3.7 percent less than in 2019. “Despite the slight decrease, the number is overall well above the figures of previous years,” said Integration Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) in Munich on Wednesday.


The 5 best games for mobile devices with a competitive scene

Mobile esports have recently gained popularity and arguably represent the future of gaming as we know it. They keep evolving and with increasingly powerful mobile devices, it will continue to grow.

Globally, they are clearly a phenomenon and just keep growing. Here are some of the best mobile esports you can get into.

Clash Royale by Supercell

Supercell’s huge success is still going strong and has a sizable esports scene. Going back to a one-on-one format was a huge benefit for the scene. The team competition was an incredible thing, but the roots of the competition lie in the one-on-one game.

Currently the Clash Royale format is completely open to all players and features eight individual seasons culminating in the CRL 2021 Global Finals. The qualification process for the tournament is ongoing month by month.

Free Fire de Garena

With a base of over 500 million international players, massive jackpots, and a Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired character, Garena Free Fire should be included on this list.

Millions and millions of people around the world play Free Fire and, although it has not become so popular in the West, it is still one of the most important esports in the world.

PUBG Mobile by Tencent

The battle royale craze began with PUBG, but the genre it quickly popularized bypassed it. Fortnite took the concept to the stratosphere, and newcomers Apex Legends and Warzone have been great additions as well.

PUBG remains the most popular mobile battle royale and features esports tournaments with sizable amounts of prize money. It’s $ 14 million at stake in PUBG Mobile, and it added seven regions this 2021: CIS, Turkey, Western Europe, Arabia, North America, Latin America, and Brazil.

Call of Duty Mobile de Activision

The Call of Duty League may be the most visible form of Call of Duty, but its mobile counterpart boasts a sizable scene with $ 2 million up for grabs in June at the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship.

I may be young, but there is great potential in CoD: Mobile. With increased investment from Activision Blizzard and a growing player base, there is no reason why esport cannot prosper.

You will face stiff competition from the console / PC versions of your game. Call of Duty esports continue to be incredibly popular, boasting one of the most dedicated core fan groups in all of esports. It will be difficult to overcome that established core.

Arena of Valor by Tencent

Mobile MOBAs are exploding in popularity, and one of the largest in the world is Arena of Valor. In 2020, the game surpassed 100 million daily users. The esports scene isn’t what it used to be, but the game is still hugely popular.

Other mobile MOBAs are on the way, specifically Wild Rift by Riot Games. But Arena of Valor (known as Honor of Kings in China) still tops the list for now.

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Champions League 2021 LIVE Schedule semifinal matches schedules ESPN 2 channels FOX Sports Facebook Watch where to watch Champions League Real Madrid Chelsea Man City PSG

Champions League LIVE | Semifinals first leg starts this Tuesday, April 27 from 2:00 p.m. with the duels between Real Madrid vs Chelsea and PSG vs Manchester City VIA ESPN LIVE. Follow the incidents by Lí

Real Madrid vs Chelsea The semifinals first leg opens this Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. Peru and 8:00 p.m. Spain. The Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium is the chosen location.

On Wednesday, PSG, receive the Manchester City from the Park of the Princes. The agreed time is 2:00 p.m. Peru, 8:00 p.m. France.

What channels broadcast the Champions League semi-finals?

The semifinals of the Champions League will be broadcast by the international television network, ESPN and from all its digital platforms. You can also follow the minute by minute, incidents and goals by Lí


14:00 Hour | Real Madrid vs Chelsea | ESPN Sur, ESPN2 Sur, ESPN Andina


14:00 Hour | PSG vs Manchester City | ESPN Sur, ESPN2 Sur, ESPN Andina

Champions League LIVE Transmission channels

Argentina | ESPN2 On, ESPN On

Bolivia | ESPN On, ESPN2 On

Brazil | GUIGO, TNT Go, TNT Brasil, TNT Sports Stadium

Chile | ESPN On, ESPN2 On

Colombia | ESPN2 Colombia, ESPN South

Ecuador | ESPN South, ESPN Andina

Francia | RMC Sport and direct, RMC Sport 1

Alemania | Blue Sport, Sky Go, Sky Ticket, DAZN, Sky Sport 1/HD

Italy | Sky Sport Football, NOW TV, Canale 5, SKY Go Italia, Sky Sport 251

Mexico | ESPN North, ESPN Play North, Fox Sports App, ESPN2 North, Fox Sports 2 North Cone, Fox Sports North Cone

Paraguay | ESPN2 On, ESPN On

Peru | ESPN South, ESPN2 South

Portugal | Eleven Sports 1 Portugal

Spain | Movistar Champions League, Movistar +, Mitele Plus

Reino Unido |, BT Sport App, BT Sport 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, TalkSport Radio UK

United States |, TUDN Radio, Univision, TUDN App, ZonaFutbol, ​​TUDN USA, Paramount +, CBS Sports Network, Univision

Uruguay | ESPN2 On, ESPN On

Venezuela | Andean ESPN, Fox Sports 2 North Cone, ESPN South, Fox Sports North Cone, Fox Sports App


Champions League Atlético Madrid Real Madrid Barcelona Sevilla classified to next edition LaLiga continental tournament

In the absence of 5 dates for the end of the Spanish League, the four teams that will play the Champions League 2021-2022 edition are already fixed: Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, in that respective order, at least, so far.

“The four La Liga teams classified for the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League have now closed, still with 5 days remaining for the conclusion of the championship: 73 Atlético, 71 Madrid, 71 Barça and 70 Sevilla. There are no precedents,” published the Spanish journalist and sports commentator Alexis Tamayo, popularly known as Misterchip, on his official Twitter account.

Currently, Atlético Madrid leads the standings with 73 points, the product of 22 victories, 7 draws and 4 defeats; Then the Real Madrid of the French Zinedine Zidane and the Barcelona of Lionel Messi appear with 71 units. Finally, Seville with 70 points.

It should be noted that the first four Spanish professional football teams qualify for the Champions League. While in the Europa League, the fifth and sixth, in this case, Real Sociedad and Real Betis, respectively, both with 50 points.

In this way, the Spanish league He gets on fire, especially because there may be variations in the title dispute, despite the fact that the Uruguayan forward’s team Luis Suarez and Argentine coach Diego Simeone has just lost against Athletic Bilbao 2-1 at the San Mamés Barria stadium.