The CEOE calls for more support measures and a “favorable climate” for companies

Madrid, Apr 29 (EFE) .- The CEOE has urged to intensify measures to “minimize” the impact of the pandemic crisis on companies and to generate a “favorable climate” that allows to “reverse” the destruction of employment and take advantage of the greater economic vigor expected for the second part of the year.

In a statement to assess the data from the Active Population Survey (EPA) for the first quarter of the year – when the number of employed persons decreased by 137,500 people – the CEOE points out that the data from this survey “point to a setback in the normalization process of activity and employment at the beginning of the year, “which” makes it extremely difficult “to meet the Government’s objectives of growth and job creation for the whole of the year.

Both the levels of employment and activity, adds the employer, are “clearly lower” than those existing a year ago, even taking into account that the ERTE are playing “a relevant role”, avoiding a greater increase in unemployment.

For its part, the Chamber of Commerce has also indicated that the labor market data continue to reflect the intense recession facing the Spanish economy although they see “certain signs of incipient recovery.”

According to his forecasts, the job market will gradually recover, “with around 1 million jobs being created between 2021 and 2022, insufficient in any case to compensate for the 1,375,000 jobs lost in 2020.”


Ángel Víctor Torres receives CV CCO 7 Palmas and confirms his support for the Champions League

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has received the players of the CV CCO 7 Palmas de volleyball, winners of the Iberdrola Women’s Volleyball League, and has confirmed that they will have the support of the regional government in the Champions League.

Historic first league title for CV CCO 7 Palmas

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The regional president has assured that “from his current institutional competence and in previous ones he has tried to support sport, much more to female sport” because it is “of justice and it is necessary to balance”.

For this reason, he has confirmed that for the Champions League “he will have the support of the Government of the Canary Islands” and he hopes that also that of the other Canary Islands institutions.

“When we talk about equality it also means betting on women’s sport,” he said.

This cup “weighs a couple of kilos but carries with it the work of many years of many people, Manolo Campos and his team” and today “the fruits of a planting done with humility, thanks to work, are reaped.”

Canarian sport, Torres has celebrated, “is in luck”, because this team and this cup “places women’s sport in the elite of Spanish and international sports.”

The Olímpico receives “the torch of being the best team in the women’s volleyball league” and this is “great news for sport in general, for women’s sport in particular.”

As he recalled, this triumph is “thanks to the work carried out by these teams, their technical teams, and the social support they have in the Canary Islands”.

At his reception he stressed that “we must continue to support women’s sport so that more girls are federated” and because that trust “they return with the title of league champions.”

This “is a historic moment”, because this team is the first in Gran Canaria to win the women’s volleyball league cup, which is “great news, even more so in this difficult time of pandemic.”

The president of the club, Manolo Campos, stressed that this “is a beautiful day” because “it is a great pride to return to society the affection, support and sensitivity that has been shown in recent times for sport”, on all “in times of pandemic and economic crisis.”

This is the fruit of “the 30-year effort of many people” in a success that “belongs to everyone.”

“We would be very excited to be that women’s team in the Champions League, because no one has played in Spain in the Champions League for more than 10 years,” for which he thanked the Canarian president for his support.

Saray Manzano, the captain of the Siete Palmas CCO 7 Palmas Shopping and Leisure Center Volleyball Club, said she was “very grateful and happy” because “we deserved this recognition and I think now we have to enjoy it”.

“A very long season is over, but I think we have finished in the best possible way” and we are “very happy and very grateful,” he added.


Email would prove little crown support for Meghan Markle after conflict with Kate Middleton

The controversies continue after the explosive interview he gave Meghan y Harry last sunday to Oprah Winfrey. Recently, an email has been leaked, supposedly written by the Duchess of Sussex that would prove the little support of the crown for her person and the conflicts she had with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

The report made by Harper’s Bazaar, made by the Royal General Editor Omid Scobie, the same one who is the author of the biography of Meghan and Harry Finding Freedon, addressed the subject.

Recall that when Oprah asked Meghan about the alleged incident where she would have left Kate crying for a disagreement over the dresses of the little girls in their wedding party with Harry in 2018, the Duchess pointed out that what happened was totally the opposite. William’s wife would have left her crying.

The Omid article that shares Meghan’s alleged email would demonstrate how the royal family did nothing to quell these rumors unlike what they have done with other members of the clan.

Later, when Kensington Palace asked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to sign a statement claiming that William was not intimidating the couple, Meghan reportedly responded to her assistant: “Well, if we’re just releasing a statement now, then maybe KP can finally clear things up about me. [sin hacer llorar a Kate]”.

The article indicates that Meghan and Harry requested to make the clarification “But no matter how many requests the couple made, their suggestion was ignored. As they told him, the Duchess of Cambridge was not to be the subject of gossip. ”

Omid’s report adds to the sayings of Janina Gavankar, a friend of Markle, who said the Duchess kept the messages confirming what Oprah was told about the episode with Kate.

I’ve wanted to come to her defense for a long time, but she [Meghan Markle] asked us never to comment on her because heThe institution was going to protect her from all attacks. And years later, we have been able to verify that they were not telling the truth “added the friend in an interview with This Morning, a British television program.


Beyoncé is the only ‘Queen’ (B) who supports Meghan Markle, and not Elizabeth II

After this Sunday the interview of Meghan Markle (39) and the Prince Harry (36) with Oprah, and a lot of bombs were released, there have been many people who have spoken about it, but almost all to criticize in some way the Duchess of Sussex, like her father who wanted to deny what he had said, or Queen Elizabeth II, which yesterday issued a fairly neutral statement.

However, today we finally have someone who supports Meghan, and not just anyone, but the very same Beyoncé (39), who wrote this message dedicated to her through her social networks: “Thank you, Meghan, for your courage and your leadership. We all feel empowered and inspired by your exampleAlong with the message, ‘Queen B’ also shared a photo of when she met Meghan at the European premiere of ‘The Lion King’ in 2019 in London. At that time, the singer skipped protocol to greet the Duchess with a hug and assure you that both your husband Jay Z (51) like her, they adored the then newlyweds for the revolutionary way in which they were approaching their institutional role.

In fact, months before they met, Beyonce and Jay-Z already showed their admiration for Meghan by send you a shy hello during the BRIT Awards 2019 posing in front of a custom painting of Meghan with which they even turned around to admire the artwork after finishing their speech of appreciation for the award for Best International Group.


Casa Real.- Fourth night of altercations in the rallies in support of rapper Pablo Hasél

Casa Real.- Fourth night of altercations in the rallies in support of rapper Pablo Hasél

MADRID, 19 Feb. 2021 (Europa Press) –

The concentrations of rejection of the arrest and imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, condemned for exalting terrorism and insults and slander against the monarchy and the State security forces and bodies, have resulted this Friday in the fourth night of altercations.

Since last Tuesday, when the first concentrations were registered, several Spanish cities have been the scene of riots and police charges that have caused violent clashes between protesters and authorities and significant damage.

This Friday, several Catalan cities have hosted what has been the fourth night of protests, with Barcelona as the main victim of the altercations and also the scene of a university strike in support of the rapper that has been settled without major incidents.

It was not until the night when the city registered the first violent incidents, when the protesters went towards Via Laietana, where the Headquarters of the National Police is located in Barcelona, ​​a building in front of which they have concentrated.

Protesters have started throwing glass bottles and firecrackers at the building and the National Police officers guarding it.

The Mossos d’Esquadra, located several meters below, have warned by loudspeaker that they will act, and the protesters have responded to the warning by advancing towards the line of the Mossos vehicles.

Some 400 protesters have left from Plaza Universitat, have advanced towards Plaza Urquinaona and up to Via Laietana between pro-independence slogans and chants of ‘A for them’.

Both the National Police and the Mossos d’Esquadra have a strong deployment, although until 8 pm they have not prevented the advance of the protesters.

Violent acts have also been recorded in other Catalan cities such as Girona, where protesters have painted with the slogans ‘Death to Bourbon’ and ‘Freedom Hasel’ on the windows of the Generalitat building in the city and fires have also been lit before the courts.

Some 500 people, according to the Local Police, have participated in the demonstration this Friday, which began in the Mercat de Lleó square and has been advancing through different parts of the city in the direction of the headquarters of the Generalitat.

The protesters have thrown stones at the Mossos d’Esquadra in front of the courts, at which point the agents have begun to act and the protesters have dispersed through the adjacent streets, and have also thrown containers and taken glass to throw them at the police.

In addition, in Villafranca del Penedés (Barcelona), violent groups have launched fireworks at the police line that guards the Mossos d’Esquadra police station and threw stones and paint at the police signs that guard the police station.


Parades appeared in La Bombonera before the Boca final for the League

Hot weather was experienced in Boca after the tough elimination in the Copa Libertadores against Santos. For some hegemonic media it was a result that could mean the end of the cycle of Miguel Ángel Russo and of several references of a team that did not measure up.

However, from Xeneize they hope to reverse the pale image provided in San Pablo in the search for their 70th title in history against Banfield in the Diego Maradona Cup.

“Players, on Sunday all with you: the finals are won”; “Román Riquelme, we know that they are operating against you, we will bank you to death”; “Periodi $ mo anti Boca, the true fan knows them”, were some of the chosen messages that surprised the world of Boca.


Poland seeks key position in the OECD with support from Colombia – Investigative Unit

Michal Kurtyka is not a household name. But it could become someone key if, with the wink of Colombia and other countries, He is the next secretary of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

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Today he occupies the portfolio of Climate and Environment in Poland, and is an expert in global economics. He agreed to speak with EL TIEMPO about the blows of the pandemic in the world economy, the return of the United States to the Paris Agreement and the nexus of Poland with Colombia and Latin America.

Why did you decide to run for the OECD Secretariat, if your strength is the environment?

It is not entirely true. I have been dedicated to protecting the climate and the environment for years. But in a country like Poland it is not possible to talk about climate protection without developing a multidimensional vision, consistent with the energy transformation. I specialized in economics; I promoted European cooperation in industrial transformation and adaptation of the industry in Europe to the challenges of globalization. Before being president of COP24, I was Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Energy. I think my knowledge and experience can be a great asset.

What projects can Poland present in the fight against global warming?

Strategies for improving air quality can be the answer to the challenges that arise at European and national level. Poland can be proud of its strategy in favor of Sustainable Development and National Air Protection Program (…) On the other hand, the priority program My Electricity is an instrument of exceptional scope, dedicated to supporting the development of self-consumption energy , through the segment of photovoltaic microcircuits.

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If elected, what types of projects would involve Latin America?

Change the paradigm of thinking in economic development. The vision I present unites the traditional concept of GDP growth with the assessment of the resistance of economies to shock, access to infrastructure and the improvement of living standards. I believe that this change is fundamental in the context of the opportunities arising from the reconstruction fund, after the covid-19 pandemic.

We have to plan a fiscal stimulus, to be closer to the needs of societies

We have to plan a fiscal stimulus, to be closer to the needs of societies. To achieve this goal, I see an important role for Latin America. It is a region that I consider my ally, in terms of respect for the idea of ​​free trade or special attention to the growing problem of social exclusion and inequalities.

Is the covid a tail of global warming?

I would not seek relationships in this regard. Theories have emerged that the disappearance of glaciers, due to global warming, contributes to the appearance of viruses that until now remained asleep in the ice sheet. However, we know that the virus that causes COVID-19 is of animal origin. At the beginning of the year we saw a positive effect that the pandemic had on the environment. Due to the cessation of industrial production (mainly in China), the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere was significantly reduced.

Is a global environmental policy possible without the US in the Paris Agreement?

We hope that, according to the president-elect, they will rejoin the Paris Agreement. Consequently, perhaps as early as the first quarter of 2021 we will be able to rejoice in Washington’s return to the formal structures of global climate policy.

Undoubtedly, the participation of North American diplomacy will contribute to developing commitments during next year’s COP26 (…) However, the practical actions of the United States are more important than the implementation of the declared and planned objectives.

Do you think that this shift will lead to changes in the area of ​​global responsibility?

The fight against climate change and the return of the United States to the Paris Agreement are one of the four priorities of the program of President-elect, Joe Biden. You want the US to take global leadership on climate. That country is responsible for 15% of global emissions, ranking second after China. The United States’ economic potential and its ability to reduce emissions are unquestionable and must be harnessed for the good of the entire planet.

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Why is Poland seeking support from Colombia?

I find many points in common with the priorities of Colombia, regarding the future development of the OECD. Among others, support for economic growth linked to improving the standard of living; and the important role that the OECD must play in global economic reconstruction, post-pandemic. In addition, the reinforcement of the resistance of economies and societies to crises, developments in the digital economy and multilateralism.

Despite the thousands of kilometers that separate Poland and Colombia, there are things that unite us. We do not belong to the richest group of members of the OECD, but we do belong to the group of countries with dynamic growth and economies in transformation. Poland can share with Colombia its experiences of a successful political and economic transformation.

The problems of global economic development reached new dimensions with the pandemic. Developing reconstruction strategies is vital

What other issues should the OECD deal with?

The main objective of the international community is to put countries back on the path of economic development. Keep in mind that, although it may seem otherwise, this is not a new problem. The world could not find a remedy for economic reconstruction, in view of the increase in public debt, since the financial crisis of 2007; or the permanent low level of interest rates. Many things have been done to stimulate consumption and investment, including through central bank liquidity programs, but the process of returning to the development path was never completed.

These problems reached new dimensions with the pandemic. In this phase of the crisis, it is of vital importance to develop general strategies for economic reconstruction.

On Twitter: @uinvestigativa


The Ibex-35 rebounds with the extension of the ‘brexit’ negotiation

The Ibex-35 bounces around 1.5% in the day this Monday, to attack the level of 8,200 points. This, after having lost 3.12% last week, when it broke the sequence of five consecutive gains. In the rest of the Old Continent, the green numbers also dominate first thing in the morning, although more discreet than in the domestic selective. Thus, the German Dax and the Ftse Mib of Milan advanced around 0.8%. The French Cac 40, meanwhile, scored 0.75%. The British Ftse 100, for its part, is practically there. Precisely, one of the reliefs that the markets have this morning is with the extension of the talks between the European Union and the United Kingdom on Brexit: the negotiators have given themselves more time as of yesterday when they had expected to conclude.

According to Javier Molina, eToro spokesperson in Spain, “the objective continues to be to try to attack the 8,500 points.” But, in the opinion of this analyst, the market needs to digest the previous upward vertical section and, as long as the 7,980-8,000 points hold, these levels present a buying opportunity for those who think that the market floor has already been defined at the minimum seen By the end of october.

This morning, the Asian indicators have moved with a mixed tone. Thus, the Nikkei in Tokyo has added 0.3%, while the Hang Seng in Hong Kong has fallen by around 0.3%. And Wall Street on Friday closed with uneven behavior: the Dow Jones advanced 0.16%, but the S&P 500 fell slightly more than 0.10% and the Nasdaq, slightly more than 0.2%. According to Molina, if the 8,000 points are lost, prices could go up to 7,800 and 7,500 points. At the top, the levels to be conquered are 8,350 points, first, and 8,500, next.

In the selective Spanish, bank bounce after the sharp falls recorded last week. Thus, Sabadell scores more than 4%. Meanwhile, CaixaBank, Santander, Bankinter and Bankia add up more than two percentage points. BBVA, for its part, advanced 1.75%.

Among the most bullish values ​​are also IAG and ACS, which gained 4.22% and 3.15%, respectively.

In negative, very few names. Thus, Endesa is the value that falls the most, with a decline of about 0.9%. Next are Cellnex, Siemens Gamesa and Iberdrola, which lost between 0.10% and 0.20%. They do not add to the promotions either PharmaMar and Solaria, which are practically unchanged from yesterday’s close.

In the debt market, the yield on the ten-year Spanish bond is still above 0%. Specifically, it is placed at 0.007%. Last Friday he made some foray into negative territory, but he could not sustain it. The previous session, the Treasury made its first issue with a negative return of this maturity of one decade. The risk premium stands at 62.80 basis points this morning.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro advanced 0.17% against the greenback, to exceed the level of 1,215 units.

In the commodities market, a barrel of Brent, a benchmark in Europe, advanced 1.6%, to approach 51 dollars. The barrel of West Texas, a benchmark in the United States, adds 1.6%, to grow above the level of 47 dollars. Gold, meanwhile, lost 0.26% to $ 1,835 an ounce.


IFRC shows how effective support helps refugees in Turkey get their lives back

Turkey is currently home to nearly four million displaced people, the world’s largest refugee population, and around 3.6 million of them are Syrians who fled the war that has devastated their country. International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC, for its acronym in English) is no stranger to these figures and this Tuesday, December 8, launches the digital campaign #powertobe, which connects Turkey’s most inspiring and talented refugees with influencers from all over Europe, like musician Antonio Orozco. An initiative that reflects the passions and dreams of four young refugees – a singer, a cook, a footballer and a parkour runner – who regain control of their lives through the largest humanitarian program in the European Union.

The campaign provides financial support to vulnerable refugees in Turkey struggling to make ends meet. The four participating in it are supported by the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN), funded by the European Union and implemented by the IFCR and the Turkish Red Crescent, in partnership with the Government of Turkey.

Through the ESSN, about 1.8 million vulnerable refugees, the majority from Syria, receive small monthly payments using a debit card. Regular cash support allows them to pay for what they need most, such as food, rent, transportation, or medicine. An additional quarterly allowance is provided, depending on family size, with special payments for those in need of additional care.

This financial support gives families the dignity to choose and prevents them from adopting negative coping mechanisms, such as taking children out of school to contribute money to the family or going into further debt. Thanks to the ESSN, families regain control of their lives and, ultimately, the power to be themselves.

The digital campaign #powertobe It is launched in five countries – Austria, France, Romania, Spain and Turkey – with the aim of raising awareness about the challenges faced by people fleeing conflict, portraying them with different people with their own passions and talents.

The passions of Hamad, Davud, Amal and Bilal

Hamad, Davud, Amal and Bilal are four refugees who talk about their passion, their dreams and challenges, as they rebuild a new normal in Turkey with the assistance of ESSN. Through this campaign, which runs from December 8 to January 4, we can see these four displaced young people chat with influencers who are in other countries and how they discuss their common passions in video messages, online calls and clips of mobile phone to the eyes.

Hamad / singer: “You will find me singing anywhere”

Hamad likes to sing love songs at home, outdoors, with friends … Singing helps him overcome his problems. He fled Syria to Turkey as a refugee and thanks to the provision of ESSN he can buy the things that are most important to him. He exchanges mobile phone clips with Antonio Orozco, who listens to him from Spain, and with Feli, from Romania. He also rehearses some of his songs and always does it in Arabic.

For Hamad music is so important because it is the food of his soul. This is how she tells how she lives her passion for singing to Antonio Orozco, with whom she shares her passion for love songs: “The Red Crescent card helps us buy everything we need at home. We arrived from Syria only with the clothes that we were wearing. When faced with a difficult situation, I sing. Singing fills my soul. Singing is not just a passion, for me it is everything in life and you will usually find me singing anywhere. ”

Davud / parkour runner: “I have a lot of energy”

He likes sports of all kinds, although what he is really passionate about is parkour, ‘the art of displacement’, that practice that consists of moving from one point to another in the city adapting to the demands of the terrain with the only help of the own body. The streets with Davud’s gym, who also practices balance and somersaults on mattresses in his family’s living room, though he prefers to train outside.

In the campaign video, Davud shows off his favorite move, the “bargainer.” She has been living with her parents and siblings in Istanbul since she fled Syria and uses the ESSN grant to buy bus tickets or daily breakfast on the way to school. In the videos with Alex from Austria and Phosky from Spain, he talks about the best places to practice parkour. He is passionate about it and practices it almost every day with his friend Cengiz: “I came to Turkey in 2012. The lack of food in Syria made us have to move here. It is difficult to adapt to a new place, but I have a lot of energy. Parkour gives adrenaline “.

Amal / cook: “We came alone with our souls”

She has her own YouTube channel and regularly posts cooking videos with delicious recipes. For the digital campaign #powertobe She makes hummus, without garlic and with lots of tahini, which is her favorite. Amal talks about cooking with Idil from Turkey and Ryan from France. She is the mother of three children and uses the ESSN monthly allowance mostly to buy food.

The kitchen allows her to enter into herself and opens up new possibilities for her after being forced to abandon her studies in Syria. Amal would like to open her own restaurant one day: “I didn’t bring anything with me from Syria. We came alone with our souls. Cooking helps me forget the outside world. The money I get helps me so that my children don’t lack anything.” .

Bilal / footballer: “My dream is to play for Real Madrid”

When Bilal came to Turkey from Syria, he was only nine years old. His family uses almost all of the ESSN subsidy for rent. He lives in Istanbul, trains in the small soccer fields in his neighborhood and his brother Mahmoud is always with him. Online, he swaps clips with Hamit from Turkey and only talks about one thing: football.

The great idol of Bilal is Cristiano Ronaldo, although he still does not understand why the famous Portuguese footballer left Real Madrid for Juventus, since what he would like most would be to play for the Madrid team: “I don’t know why Ronaldo He left Real Madrid, I wouldn’t have done it because my dream is to play for Real Madrid and one of the great Turkish teams, Besiktas.

Influential engagement

Influential people, influencers from all over Europe, show their commitment to refugees in Turkey and participate in the campaign of IFRC, from the Spanish musician Antonio Orozco to the Turkish-American cook Idil Yazar.

Antonio Orozco / Spain / singer
The Spanish singer-songwriter and composer was born in Barcelona in 1972, the son of Sevillian workers. At age 15 he bought his first guitar and began composing songs. He has been awarded the Ondas Award and his success has allowed him to perform throughout Latin America and the United States.

Phosky / Spain / parkour runner
Phosky is a Spanish parkour athlete, member of the famous Galizian Urban Project, with which the parkour movement has had a lasting and global influence with his Spanish friends. Phosky’s movements are characterized by their flow, variety, and unique style. In addition to international projects, he teaches workshops, such as at the ParkourOne Academy in Berlin, on different approaches, philosophies and communities of parkour.

Alex Schauer / Austria / corredor parkour
He is a professional freerunner and parkour athlete from Austria. Alex works as an actor, content creator, director, and stuntman. His life revolves around discovering paths and possibilities that no one has explored before. Thanks to his many travels, he knows exactly what it is like to be in a foreign environment. His open-mindedness and willingness to cross borders make him a great ESSN ambassador.

Ryan Milstein / France / Cook
Ryan is one of the three founders of the La Main Noire cooking collective. The trio met in Melbourne, capital of modern brunch and coffee shops. After traveling several continents, always looking for new experiences and inspiration. They returned to Paris together and founded La Main Noire, a group specializing in the culture of those cafes and brunches that delight them. His ambitions: new ideas and new healthy, delicious and innovative products, to delight the Parisian coffee scene as well.

Feli Donose / Romania / music
Better known as Feli, this Romanian singer-songwriter became famous thanks to her participation in the Romanian show The Voice in 2012. Unlike other pop stars, Feli likes to show her reserved and unadorned side on her account. of Instagram, which makes her a close, friendly and accessible person for many.

Hamit Altıntop / Turkey / former footballer
Hamit was born in 1982 in Gelsenkirchen. He is a former professional soccer player and former player for the Turkish national team with a brilliant international career. His twin brother, Halil, was also a professional footballer and also played for the national team. Since June 1, 2019, Hamit has been a member of the board of directors of the Turkish Football Association, as well as a volunteer for the German Bone Marrow Donation Center DKMS. In 2010 he advertised all over Turkey about the importance of stem cell donation.

Idil Yazar / Turkey / cook
Born in 1985 and raised in the United States, Idil combines her business experience and culinary training with her passion for cooking online. In 2015, he opened his cooking channel on YouTube, which has become one of the most popular of all food on the video platform, with more than 600 published recipes and 700,000 subscribers.

The ESSN program

The ESSN prepaid debit card is available to all refugees in Turkey, home to the largest refugee population in the world – nearly four million people.

An average household of six people receives 720 lira (current exchange rate) Turkish each month. In addition, the family receives ‘extras’ every four months depending on their needs. Thanks to this help, 97% of families can maintain a balanced and varied diet.

The money can be used in stores or for paying rent, buying food or simply on a day-to-day basis.

This aid enables people to participate in community life and contribute to their local economies.


Trump begins to lose the support of Fox and the Republicans in his pulse to the system

06/11/2020 05:00Updated: 11/06/2020 08:30

Donald Trump has burned all the ships. This Thursday, in a new incendiary press conference and with the scrutiny of several states still underway, the president of the United States again denounced that they are “stealing” the elections – without presenting any proof. He also repeated that voting by mail was a “fraud” and that, counting only the “legal” ballots, he had won, despite Joe Biden leading the way. “No one is going to steal our democracy from us. Not now. Never,” replied the Democratic candidate on Twitter.

Trump’s speech, which seeks to sow doubts and delegitimize the provisional results of the elections, is very similar to what he already delivered early Wednesday morning. However, there is an important difference after 48 agonizing hours. Since then, several figures in the Republican Party have distanced themselves from him and, although they have not opposed frontally, have rejected their allegations of fraud. In parallel, Fox News, his favorite television, seems to be letting him down.

“We have not seen any evidence that shows that there has been fraud”, said the presenters of this television immediately after the press conference from the White House. In addition, Fox News’ move to say that the Democrats had won Arizona, a state that would be vital for Trump and other media still mark in dispute, greatly pissed the family of the New York tycoon. With Arizona in his pocket, Biden would only need one of the states at stake (Pennsylvania, Georgia or Nevada) to become the next 46th president of the United States.

“Where is the Republican Party? Our voters will never forget it, ”he furiously wrote. Eric Trump this Thursday before the appearance of his father. His tweet is a clear call-up at a time when domestic support for the president may be fading, especially as he has crossed the red line of declaring not an open war against the Democratic party, the media or the technology, but against the system completely.

The all mighty Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, contradicted Trump on Wednesday and said the country needed to wait for the final results to draw conclusions. “It is not the same to say that you have won the elections to win them when the scrutiny is over,” he stressed. But McConnell has not been the only one to walk away from Trump’s theory of the electoral ‘bump’.

“Taking several days to count the votes cast legally is NOT fraud”Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote on his Twitter account. Chris Christie, former governor and adviser to the president, followed the same line of argument when he charged him at his press conference. “It is a bad strategic decision, it is a bad political decision and it is not the kind of decision that someone who occupies the position that he occupies would be expected to make tonight,” Christie said on television.

“Taking several days to count the votes cast legally is NOT fraud,” wrote Republican Senator Marco Rubio

The next day, after Trump’s press conference, Christie repeated the same argument. “Show us the tests, we haven’t heard anything about the tests,” he said on ABC television. “This kind of thing just inflames without reporting. If Trump is right and there is fraud, I will be furious, but I need to see the evidence. “

For his part, the Republican Governor of Ohio, Mike Dewine, also implicitly moved away from the president’s position. “We count the votes. We believe in the rule of law. I support Trump, but if this ends up going to Biden, all of us will accept it… All votes have to be counted. Our country accepts the electoral results, ”he declared on Wednesday.

In short, the lines of the Republican establishment they have received with great skepticism the cries of “fraud” of the president. It does not seem that, after a new incendiary appearance by Trump, they will change their speech. For a simple reason: there is no evidence to support the serious allegations of fraud. “To make a pout of hundreds of thousands of votes, it would take a conspiracy typical of a James Bond movie. And that will not happen,” he wrote Karl Rove, George W. Bush’s powerful former chief of staff and Republican adviser, in an op-ed in the ‘Wall Street Journal‘.

Much indecision in the Republican Party

However, the statements of these politicians do not imply a clear condemnation of the president’s words. Also, some, like Vice President Mike Pence, have limited themselves to saying that they support Trump and that “every legal vote” must be counted (but not to mention any fraud). Others like Ted Cruz or Lindsey Graham have been more explicit and have subscribed to the theories of the boss.

The reason? Among the ranks of the GOP there is much fear of alienating their bases because, even if he ends up losing, Trump has achieved a historic support of almost 70 million votes. Conservative leaders would rather keep a low profile than make an outright repudiation like the one his party did in the summer of 1974, when Republican congressional leaders, concerned about the Watergate scandal, told Richard Nixon that he was finished.

Because, despite all the turmoil and mess in recent years, Trump has demonstrated an innate ability to land on his feet every time he’s left for dead. If these four years have made one thing clear on the American right, it is that their voters listen to and follow Trump, not the Republican Party. Y party leaders prefer to wait and learn about the election results before fleeing the ship too soon.

Joe Biden’s victory, pending final scrutiny in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina, could be imminent because he only needs two of those states. And, paradoxically, Fox News could be the first television network in the country to announce it. “It’s hard to overstate how angry Trump’s advisers are with Fox right now.”Jonathan Swan, a journalist for the Axios news portal, tweeted.

Is Fox dropping the president?

As I wrote a few days ago Gabriel Sherman, the journalist who best knows the ins and outs of this network, the only medium that matters now to know where the country is going is Fox. This is the most watched (cable news) channel in the entire US and the main source of news. information from many voters who bet on Trump. Are the Murdochs stepping back to drop Trump? Although it is still too early to know for sure, there is already evidence to suggest it.

“Fox is going to win even if Donald Trump is not president”Sherman explains by email to El Confidencial. “Fox audiences have been just as high with a Democratic president in the White House. If Fox continues to distance itself from Trump, it will be increasingly difficult for Trump to keep saying that the elections have been a fraud. ” Sherman himself, who wrote the acclaimed book ‘The Loudest Voice in the Room’ about the rise of Fox, has been warning for days of the divorce between the network and the Trump family: “Fox is distancing himself from Trump like someone who tiptoes away at a farting party.”, wrote.

Donald Trump during the press conference this Thursday.  (Reuters)Donald Trump during the press conference this Thursday.  (Reuters)
Donald Trump during the press conference this Thursday. (Reuters)

According to the journalist’s sources, Trump telephoned the owner of the television empire, Rupert Murdoch, and he vociferously demanded that they recant after their decision to give Arizona to Biden. Murdoch, who has been saying for months that Trump would lose the election, refused (both Fox News and AP have explained why they believe that Arizona will fall on the safe Democratic side, while media such as the ‘New York Times’ or CNN say that it is still in Game).

Of course, like all major media, Fox is not a uniform entity that has rebelled en bloc against Trump. In fact, the situation in the United States right now is so fickle that any position is momentary. The famous presenters Tucker Carlson y Sean HannityFriends of the president echoed Trump’s words minutes later and aired his conspiracy theories by interviewing the few Republican leaders who have come out to support him openly.

Carlson also attacked the media for declaring Biden’s lead “too soon”, in a clear allusion to his own network. However, even he was cured in health by assuring that he had not yet seen “the evidence” that confirmed the electoral “fraud”.

Four hypotheses about Fox

Amid this uncertain landscape, the question is not whether Donald Trump is no longer friends with Rupert Murdoch and his children, but whether he (honestly) once was. That Fox News has been the media arm of Trumpism is beyond doubt, but no less crystalline is the business pragmatism of the Murdoch empire (within its conservatism). Ideology is important; the nose for business is more. When Donald Trump started sweeping the Republican primaries, Murdoch showed his discomfort on several occasions (He even said that he hated Trump). When Trump became a presidential candidate, Murdoch tweeted: “When is Trump going to stop embarrassing his friends? As well as the entire country.”

What happened after? That Trump won the election, became the number one propagandist for Fox, and created a favorable business climate. All such friends … until today? Minutes after the president’s press conference, the ‘New York Post’, owned by Murdoch and one of the few newspapers that supported Trump’s candidacy against Joe Biden, published this news: “Dejected Trump Makes Unsubstantiated Claims About Election Fraud In His White House Speech”. But there are more clues.

During the election night, before the recount began, Fox screened the results of its own poll on the state of the nation … so heeled to the left that it generated astonishment in the US ‘tweetosphere’. 54% of respondents had a “unfavorable” opinion of the Republican Party, 78% believed that the US has a problem with racism, 72% were concerned about climate change and 72% would grant citizenship to illegal immigrants.

Later, after Fox gave Biden more votes than CNN, the scandal erupted. So one of these four hypotheses is true (or perhaps all four): either Fox is more independent than the myth says, or there are Trotskyist infiltrators, or there is no one in charge, or Donald Trump smells like a corpse. Perhaps the answer was given by the president himself on Tuesday in a morning connection on the Fox & Friends network program: “Fox has changed a lot. Someone asked me: What is the biggest difference between now and four years ago? And I said, “La Fox.”