Clashes between US-backed militias and Turkey in Syria

Forces backed by Turkey and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Kurdish-Arab militia fought in Al-Raqa, Syria.

The armed conflicts occurred in the city of Ain Isa, north of the northern city of Al-Raqa, and there were casualties and large numbers of losses on both sides, the official Syrian news agency reported on Saturday YOU.

The clashes have also caused extensive material damage to private property and public facilities and the displacement of residents of villages near the conflict zone.

Worst of all, two civilians lost their lives on Friday in the villages of Al-Jahbel and Al-Mashrefeh due to fighting on the same day between US-backed forces and Turkey in Al-Raqa, according to the Syrian half.

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011, Turkey has directed its attacks against the SDF, claiming that its ranks are made up of members of the Kurdish-Syrian People’s Protection Units (YPG, for its acronym in Kurdish) and links these with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK, for its acronym in Kurdish), which it considers a terrorist group.

Syrian President Bashar al-Asad insists, for his part, that all the forces of Turkey and the United States, both deployed illegally on Syrian soil, must leave the Arab country.

In fact, the Syrian government considers both the Turkish and US forces as occupiers, since they are in the country without authorization and, to make matters worse, they support terrorists with the purpose of looting Syrian wealth, in particular oil.

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Syrian army shoots down Turkish aggressor drone in Raqqa

The Syrian Army has shot down a Turkish drone while attempting to attack Syrian positions in the northern field of Al-Raqa (north).

As the portal has announced Al Masdar NewsCiting a field source in Hama governorate, the confrontation occurred on Tuesday when the attacking aircraft attempted to attack the positions of Syrian troops.

However, the Levantine country’s Army, together with its Russian counterparts, managed to shoot down the Turkish drone as it headed towards the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near the city of Ain Isa, in the north of the city of Al -Raqa.

The incident came shortly after a fierce firefight between Kurdish forces, supported by the United States, and the Turkish Army in the Ain Isa camp.

While the Syrian Army has tried to stay out of these clashes, the Turkish side and its militant allies continually attack their positions, often causing damage to their fortifications east of the Euphrates.

The Syrian authorities have repeatedly denounced Turkey’s military presence in their country and consider both the Turkish military intervention and the US military support to insurgents in their territory as ‘unacceptable’, and reiterate that the unofficial presence of Foreign force in the country is an obstacle to peace and the struggle of the Arab country and its allies against the scourge of terrorism.

The Syrian Government has sent large amounts of military forces and armaments to the main cities on the border with Turkey (in the north), including Kobani, Al-Raqa, and Manbiy, to prevent the advance of the Turkish Armed Forces. President Bashar al-Assad has in turn promised that Damascus will use “all legitimate means” at its disposal to respond to Turkey’s aggression.

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Protesters reject illegal US and Turkish presence in Syria

Hundreds of Syrian citizens took to the streets of Qamishli again to reject the illegal presence of US and Turkish troops in their country.

The protest march took place on Tuesday in the city of Qamishli, in the oil-rich province of Al-Hasaka (northeast), according to the official news agency. YOU.

The protesters carried national flags and banners demanding the withdrawal of US “occupying” troops from the Al-Jazeera region in Al-Hasaka.

The outraged also condemned the theft of Syrian natural resources, specifically oil, by US troops and called on the Army to fight to expel all the occupiers from Syrian territory.

Today’s protest in Qamishli is a message of rejection of the presence of any occupying force in Syrian territory”Said a protester at the protest.

In addition to rejecting the US and Turkish military presence in their country, the inhabitants of the Syrian provinces of Al-Hasaka and Deir Ezzor (east), among other regions, have repeatedly denounced the continuous attacks and arrests carried out by the Kurdish militias- Arabs, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), seconded by the US, and the instability they create, as they have negatively affected their businesses and livelihoods.

Locals also denounce that Kurdish militias have occupied schools in Al-Hasaka, thus depriving thousands of children of their right to education, and other practices aimed at destabilizing security.

The Damascus government accuses Washington of training, financing and arming terrorist gangs and armed gangs in order to overthrow the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Asad, which has promised to cleanse the country of terrorists and drive out the invaders.

The Syrian president also criticizes Washington’s obsession with Syrian oil, which demonstrates the Nazi style of the policy of the current US Administration, chaired by Donald Trump.

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