Apple’s latest move: right or wrong?

When Apple announced its change of ports, in 2012, we were all surprised and although the play did not go wrong, it did lock Apple more into its technological inbreeding since since then you either have the original or a specific adapter is necessary to connect helmets, charge the device or connect them to others to download files or configure it.

But now the trend is changing. The Lightning port has proven not to be as fast, neither charging nor transferring, as the USB Type-C used by almost all other manufacturers. To this is added the EU guideline that requires that all manufacturers have the same type of charger.

What could Apple’s response be? One option is to do without the ports entirely. The truth is that there are more and better wireless helmets and bluetooth technology for audio has improved a lot in the last five years. The port would not be necessary. Also reduces the possibility of water ingress, taking the device a step beyond being waterproof and with the potential to revolutionize underwater photography. To all this must be added the program made for iPhone.


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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the foldable device in Peru, has 5G as its main standard. The smartphone has a 7.6-inch QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex screen on the inside, but a much wider screen different from the first generation, 6.2-inch Super AMOLED. The RAM is 12 GB and 256 GB. Around the wide-angle camera, it has 12 MP (1.12 µm) f / 2.2, in addition to the main ones: 12 MP (1.8 µm) f / 1.8, OIS, Dual Pixel and the 12 MP telephoto lens (1 µm) f / 2.4. (Photo: Samsung)


Scott Bader: Resin producer expands production in France again

Installation of an additional mixer in Amiens, France (Photo: Scott Bader)

Three years after the last investment in the French Amiens plant, the resin producer Scott Bader (Wollaston / Great Britain) has again expanded its capacity there.

With the additional mixer installed for EUR 1.8 million, the British are primarily increasing the production options for structural adhesives in the “Crestabond”, “Crestomer” and “Crestafix” series as well as “Crystic” gelcoats. The commercial director Jonathan Stowell indicates the recent capacity expansion with 30 percent.


UK net supermarket Ocado invests about 1.5 billion yen in autonomous driving system development Oxbotica, aiming to support the development of delivery business of other companies | TechCrunch Japan

UK net supermarketOcado(Ocado) is on track to resell its technology to help other grocery companies develop their online ordering and delivery businesses. On April 16, local time, the company will invest in what it believes will be the next chapter in business growth.British startup developing self-driving systemsAcquire £ 10m worth of shares in Oxbotica

Ocado is making a strategic investment in the acquisition of the shares to develop an AI-powered autonomous driving system that can be used on the vehicle itself and in all operations from inside and outside the packaging warehouse to the last mile vehicle that delivers grocery orders to the home. I’m catching it. The company expects the first product from the deal to be available in a warehouse-like closed environment rather than an unclear road, perhaps within two years.

“We’re not trying to tie ourselves to one use case effort,” Ocado’s Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Technology Alex Harvey said in an interview. But in order to deploy automated systems everywhere, “I realized that there are areas that need to be regulated,” Harvey added. The share acquisition transaction is non-exclusive and both companies have confirmed that they can collaborate with other partners.

The investment will be made as an extension of Oxbotica’s Series B announced in January 2021.Oil and gas giantbpThe total size of Series B is 6000, led by bp Ventures, an investment division of BGF, safety equipment maker Halma ,, pension fund HostPlus, IP Group, Tencent, Venture Science, and multiple funds advised by Doxa Partners. It was over 10,000 dollars (about 6.5 billion yen). Oxbotica didn’t disclose the valuation, but its co-founder and CTO Paul Newman confirmed in an interview that the latest investment has boosted the valuation.

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The timing of this news is very interesting.Walmart of the United States is part of a huge round of $ 2.75 billion (about 299.1 billion yen) of autonomous driving tech company CruiseAcquired sharesIt was the day after the news came out (actually less than 24 hours have passed).

Until February 2021Walmart owned ASDA, one of Ocado’s major UK competitors. And Ocado has made a foray into the United States in a deal to support Kroger’s online grocery business, which will go live this week. Therefore, the competition between the two companies is becoming fierce.

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In general, 2020 online grocery and delivery services have grown significantly. Ocado, a pioneer offering only online services, Tesco in the UK (with real stores and online networks), and Instacart in the US have witnessed record demand, but they are well-funded and seize the opportunity. We also faced competition with a large number of new entrants who were enthusiastic and brought in different approaches (delivery within an hour, low volume sales, specific products, etc.).

Big name companies from other countries are also looking to expand into Ocado’s home UK.For those companiesRoom(Formerly Kolonial), CzechRohlik(Raised about 25 billion yen in March 2021), Everli of Italy (formerly known as Supermercato24, raised about 10.8 billion yen), NetherlandsPicnic(Although we haven’t announced funding recently,Publicized ambition for overseas expansionGiven that, it seems like it’s only a matter of time). Ocado also pursues ambition for global expansionRaised a huge amount.. And that was before dozens of small grocery delivery companies came out.

Related article: European shopping agency Everli in collaboration with a local supermarket raises about 11 billion yen in Series C

2020 was a hit for many of these small businesses. Not a little because of the pandemic. In a pandemic, many people stayed home and avoided places where they could become infected with the new coronavirus or spread the virus.

But now, when people return to their “normal” lives, the big question is what the online grocery market will look like in the future.

As TechCrunch pointed out earlier, Ocado has already predicted that demand will shrink, but it’s still higher than it was before the pandemic. In fact, competition will probably intensify in New Normal.

That may be one of the reasons companies like Ocado are spending more money on what’s likely to be the next generation of services: efficient and purely technology-powered.

The rationale for paying a fortune for a very expensive self-driving tech that hasn’t been tested yet to save costs is based on a long-term perspective. Logistics account for about 10% of the cost of grocery delivery operations. But this number is even higher during peak demand or when regular services collapse.

The author predicts that cost-subsidizing services such as free delivery services to promote new businesses and discounts on grocery stores are currently being rolled out here and there (as a result of fierce market competition). ), Logistics are even more costly.

So even if the industry giants are seeing results within years instead of weeks, look at how they can leverage their tech strengths to control those costs and speed up operations. It’s no surprise to point it. Of course, investors will see it unless it doesn’t get going.

In addition to collaborating with Oxbotica, Ocado said it is looking to invest more in the partnership while developing its self-driving vehicle capabilities. This is the first investment in Oxbotica, but we have also invested in many other startups to work with the next stage of technology.Here to grab something that will be introduced soonBuild a robot armResearch on two recent robot companies (Kindred and Haddington) for $ 262 millionAcquisition, Robot startupKarakuriOrMyrmexIncludes investment in.

It’s worth noting that Oxbotica and Ocado are not ignorant of each other. The two companies began collaborating in the delivery testing business in 2017. You can see what the delivery service looks like in the video below.

“For Oxbotica and Ocado, this is a great opportunity to share a vision for the future of autonomous driving and strengthen the partnership,” Newman said in a statement. “We hope that by combining the cutting-edge knowledge and resources of both companies, we will bring our universal automation vision to our lives and continue to solve the world’s most complex automation problems.”

But autonomous driving technology is terribly complex and has regulatory and safety hurdles that make it far from a complete commercial system that almost eliminates people from a series of operations.

“Due to regulation and complexity, Ocado is more likely to develop vehicles that drive at low speeds in urban areas or areas with restricted access, such as in CFC buildings and CFC yards, than fully autonomous delivery to consumers’ homes. We expect it to become a reality much sooner, “Ocado wrote in a statement about the deal. “However, all elements of self-driving car development are within the scope of collaboration. Ocado expects to unveil the first prototype of an early use case for self-driving cars within two years.”

While autonomous driving on the road is still a few years away, Newman pointed out that it’s not as much a moonshot concept as it used to be, and Oxbotica is already working towards it. “You can get closer to the moon little by little,” he said.

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Apple Arcade takes a turn and increases its catalog to more than 180 games

When Apple announced a paid video game service (much like Netflix or to be fair, what Xbox Game Pass offers) many of us were surprised to think that the most awarded and popular of all the titles available for iOS would be there. But the reality hit us in the face showing us only a handful of recognized games and most belonging to the independent scene.

Although the latter by no means does it mean they are bad titles, yes, other better known ones were surprised that could be played in a complete way only by paying the monthly subscription, which in our country reaches the 3,500 pesos per month. Of course there was some Sonic, also from Sponge Bob and those who always bailed us out as we moved around town (when we could) like a Solitaire or a chess, but without a doubt more were missing and perhaps that made this plane called Apple Arcade it would not take off or it would but to the tumbles.

Well, that has already begun to change since the catalog has just expanded to almost 200 titles but this time including some hits which was just what the Apple Arcade was missing. In this past they have just joined NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, also Star Trek: Legends and the quite successful Monument Valley.

It is not the only thing, because it also adds several to the Apple Store Greats category such as Fruit Ninja Classic y Mini Metro, among several others, all ad-free and fully unlocked, precisely complying with what this Apple service proposes, playing without any complication or hassle just by paying the monthly fee.

The good thing is that most of the titles can be played in multi platform, all thanks to the real Apple ecosystem It must be recognized that they did well from the beginning. They were the first and so far it is the most stable of the existing ones. So, you can “run” them in iPhone, iPad, Mac y Apple TV.

This change in Apple Arcade is a step further that goes in the right direction to captivate or convince its users and for sure If the same applied to its criticized Apple TV + service, it would also pay off positive dividends.. Good for Apple … now yes.


Resurrected a game that is timeless

In an interview with Rob Gallerani, Main Designer, and Chris Amaral, Main Artist of the game, we were able to learn more about the main advantages, what they think and how new players can be attracted to the title and remember those moments of nostalgia that the players had. who already knew Diablo.

One of the main challenges that the developers faced is manifested in the ability to understand the game. “It’s not about making the game as it was but how the players remember it,” says Rob, when asked about the main challenges of bringing a game with such nostalgia and that it can be the victim of criticism when bringing it to new modes.

“The key is not to betray the game itself” and only redesign what can be improved with current technology, for example, the already traditional multiplayer capacity that can now be more dynamic, thanks to the connections, or the user interface that It will no longer be necessary for the classic paper and sheet of that time, ”said Rob.

Vicariuos Visions became the leading cell of this reissue after leaving the Activision division and becoming Blizzard entirely. This creator of games like Tonny Hawk, gives a new perspective, generates hope in the current title and promises interesting games, with an “old-fashioned” gameplay with current resources.

Same game, same difficulty, new hardware

One of the main concerns of the developers is based on the fact that current games have privileged simple missions, guides, or a marker where you have to go to start the mission or unlimited weaponry. Diablo II was characterized by the ability to discover the map, spaces, handling fields of view in the way a real life experience would be, and that is not going to change. The difficulty, that which was characteristic, will remain the same.

And despite the fact that the style of play may be very different from what new generations of players are used to, the increase we have seen in games, which have even reached awards such as Hades, lays the foundations for the acceptance of these games.

Inclusion in consoles

Diablo II: Resurrected in its final version will arrive on PC, and consoles, including Nintendo Switch. This speaks of the target pursued by this new version, however, it will create a new way of playing, and although it will include cross saving between platforms, the experience will be very different, the replacement of mouse for control, it will have a handling of scrolling and attack.

Without a doubt, Diablo II, became a legendary game for now adults, and that thanks to 4k resolution, 7.1 Dolby Surround sound and a 3D rendering Diablo II: Resurrected seeks to generate that same feeling in young generations and prove that a A game like Diablo II, which has privileged gameplay over cosmetic details, can become a timeless game and be a hit in 2000, 2021 or why not in 2050.


Your mixed reality headsets could have up to 15 cameras

Mobile phones
Video game

Leaks 16/04/2021

Ming-Chi Kuo continues to give details about the Apple headphones.

For : Kiko perozo


iPhone 13: What surprises does Apple have for its new cell phone? | Chronicle

Tuesday April 20 Apple will hold a presentation event in which, according to rumors, it will announce news in its catalog of iPad Pro tablets. And all those anxious who wish to meet the iPhone 13 will have to wait a few months: the company will only announce how the new series of smartphones will be around September or October.

Although it separates us for a long time from that presentation, speculation already circulates about the new iPhone models. So far, the company maintains its classic secrecy. But from all the unofficial information that circulates you can rescue some data: Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst specializing in Apple products who regularly hits the key revealed some details.

One of the speculations that circulates with the most force is the one that affirms that the screen notch size will be reduced, the space also known as “nocth” where the front camera and other components of the phone are housed.

In this series, the notch debuted in the iPhone X of 2017 and since then it hardly changed. For the iPhone 13 it is said that the “notch” will be smaller and that in the next few years it will disappear. At this point, Kuo said that Apple will bet on integrating Face ID to the screena.

According to the analyst, the technology is under development and that it would only materialize in 2023.

That said, it is understood that this year the iPhone will still maintain the notch, although it would be smaller and more refined in relation to the design of the current models. Specialized sources such as MacRumors and Apple Insider agree on this point.

The expert also held that lThe iPhone 14 series from 2022 will have a small hole in the screen where the front camera will be, just as they occur in devices of other brands already available on the market. In this way, the iPhone will gain space for the front panel.

In this framework, it was leaked that Apple I would bet this year on the return of Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor. With that strategy, it could minimize the size of the notch (including that biometric system under the screen) and also achieve better results in the era of the chinstraps, in which facial recognition ran into obstacles.

In any case, we will have to wait until the third quarter of the year for Apple to confirm the news of its next series of smartphones.



This smartphone stands out for its 6.67-inch screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate and its 64 MP + 13 MP + 5 MP triple rear camera. As for the CPU, it comes equipped with the Snapdragon 865 and a 5000 mAh battery that will give it a good autonomy.



Aaminacenamiento: 128 GB


  • Size: 6.67 inch
  • Resolution: 2400 x 1080
  • Colors: 24-bit (16777216 colors)

64MP high resolution main camera

  • Sony IMX682, 1 / 1.7 “sensor size.
  • 0.8μm pixel size, 4 in 1 to 1.6μm Super Pixel
  • Up to 10x digital zoom
  • f / 1.89, spring 6P, AF

Rear Camera (second)

  • Camera type
  • Wide angle
  • Resolution
  • 13 MP (4128 x 3096)
  • Opening
  • f. 2.4

Rear Camera (third)

Photo mode resolution
5 MP (2592 x 1944)

  • SO: Android 10
  • Manufacturer interface: MIUI 12
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Side fingerprint reader, Infrared, Ambient light, Proximity,
  • Núcleo: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G (8 núcleos Kryo 585 CPU a 2.8 GHz ) 7 nm
  • Frequency: 2840 MHz
  • Graphics core: Adreno 650
  • Geoposicionamiento: GPS, A-GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, GPS Dual, QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System)
  • Battery: Lithium 5000mAh


Offer at Xiaomi! Up to 400 euros in savings on the purchase of the Mi10 at the Tecnoprices of El Corte Inglés

Renew or die … in all respects! Whether to change look and bet on one of the fashion cuts of this season or to give a twist to our sports life and join a discipline that makes it difficult for us, we all like to face changes, in one way or another. This does not exclude, at any point, the renewal of our devices techies, well, there is nothing the user likes more than firing the wearables old to give way to the latest models with which to satisfy our needs and demands. And smartphones are the ones that usually have the most changes behind them.

Thus, choosing one of the many options that the technology market makes available to us is not always easy; unless one of them is subject to a considerable discount with which to save 400 euros. And this is what happens with the Xiaomi Mi 10 that, thanks to the Tecnoprices of El Corte Inglés, can be yours at half the price if you buy it before April 21st. Do you want to know what it offers you and why you should not give up its charms?

Xiaomi Mi 10.
Xiaomi Mi 10.
The English Court

The key features of this device

  • A powerful camera system. This model is designed with a 108 MP primary sensor and a 13 MP ultra-wide angle lens, among others. With them and with features such as laser autofocus mode, night mode or dual flash, it becomes one of the mobile phones on the market that is most committed to photography. These slow motion cameras provide bright and clear night images at night. As for video, it records in UHD 8K 30fps and offers modes to achieve the best audiovisual productions.
  • Unique design. In addition to a 6.67 ” TrueColor display for unmatched graphics, this version is designed to deliver an elegant image where beauty and functionality come together. The front and rear are 3D curved with smooth contoured edges and side bezels. Its screen offers a higher brightness with better energy efficiency and always ensuring eye safety.
  • Performance and connection. This model has the performance of the Qualcomm SD 865 which allows to obtain great speed when using the device and transferring data. In addition, it has an advanced cooling system that dissipates the heat generated during long-term use to ensure maximum performance. Regarding the connection, in addition to the demanded 5G, this terminal offers simultaneous fast connection in three networks.
  • Drums. Its 4,780mAh battery can be recharged wirelessly and maximizes its duration so that nothing leaves us without autonomy.

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