Coronavirus: Spain remains out of the 20 most advanced countries in the Covid-19 vaccine | Companies

Spain is outside the research and industrial elite in vaccines against the coronavirus. No Spanish initiative has yet reached the human trials phase, a stage in which there are already 64 products from 21 different countries, according to information from the World Health Organization (WHO). All this arsenal from pharmaceutical companies and leading research centers around the world makes it very difficult for a Spanish alternative to arrive on the market, since not only does it arrive late but it should improve on what already exists in order to obtain financing from some partner among pharmaceutical companies to carry out the trials and produce it on an industrial scale.

There are currently two vaccines for Covid-19, that of Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna, approved in the EU. Others also have authorization in some countries, such as that of the British multinational AstraZeneca, the Russian Sputnik V, the Chinese of Sinovac, Cansino and Sinopharm and the Indian Bharat. To get to market, they must first demonstrate safety and later efficacy by testing them on thousands of people.

Spanish initiatives are not yet in that clinical stage. They are in preclinical or animal testing. Among the most advanced national projects, two of the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB) of the CSIC stand out (one associated with the Spanish company Zendal); another from Navarrabiomed; from IrsiCaixa, and two from Idibaps-Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. They are among the more than 170 initiatives in the world in preclinical, according to the WHO.

The barrier that national vaccines will encounter is to convince an industrial partner to bet on them when there are already others on the market, which also in the case of Pfizer and Moderna are based on the cutting-edge messenger RNA technology and have proven effective protection of about 95% of cases.


“The probability that a Spanish vaccine reaches the market will depend on the financial resources necessary to carry out clinical development quickly and ensure its manufacture”, says Olga Fidalgo, partner of life sciences from the consulting firm KPMG. “The competitive environment should not be minimized, but neither should we ignore the fact that the ideal vaccine is not available and that, for now, vaccination will be gradual in accordance with the progressive availability of authorized vaccines,” he says. “The probability that one of the Spanish companies under development is a collaboration option for a pharmaceutical company will depend on the robustness of the preliminary data that they can provide versus other more advanced or already marketed vaccines and the degree of improvement they provide,” he adds.

“In a step below, still in the preclinical phase, Spain has at least a dozen projects that seek a vaccine from different perspectives”, says Jaime del Barrio, senior advisor of health & life sciences from the firm EY. “The fact that vaccines are approved and are successful, in principle, can act as a brake on other research, since the prevalence of the virus will decrease,” he explains. “In this sense, the conjunctural collaboration of the Administration and public and private institutions is not enough to launch a vaccine to the market, the pharmaceutical industry is essential, and its capacity, even though it is very large, is limited and subject to priorities,” he recalls.

Strategic importance

The Ministry of Science led by Pedro Duque has insisted on several occasions on the importance of developing a national alternative to create that chain that goes from research to the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the case of possible future pandemics.

“For a country, betting on its own production ensures self-sufficiency and, therefore, you have to keep working. In Spain there is little tradition of this type of studies reaching the clinic and for this reason it is worth trying ”, agrees Mario Mellado, director of the CNB. “This is the challenge, from the point of view of the country, an initiative that ensures self-sufficiency is very relevant,” he adds.

“The structural problems of Spanish science weigh down this type of project and several of the groups of researchers who are now immersed in this career know a lot about this and who have seen on previous occasions how their research, even being successful, has not reached the market” recalls Del Barrio. Even so, the problem is not only one of financing the industry, because while dozens of basic research centers around the world have advanced in record time, in Spain the laboratory task has not yet been completed.

The US has especially shone in this fast-paced battle thanks to its cutting-edge research centers and its powerful pharmaceutical industry, actors involved in 21 of the candidates who have reached human trials (see graph). It is followed by China (14) and Germany (including the already approved BioNTech and CureVac). Similarly, with four alternatives per country, the R&D of the United Kingdom (AstraZeneca as the best example), India, South Korea and the exceptional case of Cuba has proven effective, with duplicate initiatives from two public institutes. Canada, Russia, France, Australia, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Belgium or Indonesia are also on that elite list, which includes other less common cases such as Vietnam, Kazakhstan or Thailand.

Among the most advanced in Spain is the one led by Luis Enjuanes, from the CNB, who a week ago in an interview indicated that he hoped to start clinical trials in March, for which he negotiates with the Belgian company Univercells.

“There is no doubt that the quality of research and science in Spain is excellent and that there are very promising Spanish vaccines under investigation. The key is not scientific quality or productive capacity, the key will be the financing of clinical trials “, they point out from Zendal, a company associated with the CNB initiative headed by Mariano Esteban and which is also a partner of the American Novavax, of which will make the antigen.

“Possible? Yes Easy? No. In Spain we have a world-class basic research fabric, but the gap between this research and its subsequent development is very large and this continuum is not improvised ”, summarizes Del Barrio.


good weather delayed the return after the pilot test of what will be summer

It is a fixed. It should be included in Murphy’s laws: the last day of a long holiday or vacation is the best day for the beach. It happened in the mini-vacations for the “Day of the Virgin” and tourists delayed the return trip until the last minute. The result: delays on Highway 2 starting in Dolores and a peak of 2,700 cars per hour at the Samborombón post, starting at 5 pm this Tuesday.

Excited by the weather data – a maximum of 28º, clear skies and moderate wind – almost a third of the travelers stayed until the end to rest by the sea. According to data from Aubasa, the concessionaire of the Atlantic road network, at the peak of traffic that was registered last Friday, 83 thousand vehicles used that road. This Monday 40 thousand returned and until mid-afternoon the record marked the passage of another 20 thousand.

Therefore, in the 120 kilometers prior to entering the metropolitan area there were heavy traffic which delayed the trip for more than half an hour. The first “super weekend” in the pandemic left a high bar on the expectations of tour operators. Also some overflows due to deviations in the compliance with sanitary measures at night and it was a testing ground for all the state control mechanisms that will set the pace for the 2020/2021 season.

Mar del Plata received –according to preliminary data from EMTUR- more than 100 thousand people, between non-resident owners and tourists. For hotel businessmen and the workers’ union in this sector of Mar del Plata, the “advance” of vacations “Exceeded all expectations.”

Return from the Atlantic Coast this Tuesday afternoon. Traffic intensified and some delays were recorded on Highway 2. Photo: Mauricio Nievas.

The “Marplatense” train, which also debuted last week, operated with “Full occupation”. Although Trenes Argentinos only enabled just over 20% of its capacity, it traveled with full occupancy. More than 4,300 tickets were sold and next week they will enable New services. ”As of Thursday 10 we added a new frequency on the train that connects Buenos Aires with Mar del Plata. It will be a daily service, -without intermediate stops- that will depart from Constitución at 5:10 p.m. and will return at 1:14 a.m. ”, the company reported from its official account. The rage for the railway variant has an explanation: at 660 pesos the passage from Constitución to Mar del Plata, it is up to five times cheaper than other ground transportation offers.

This time there was a historical data derived from the statistics revealed by the “Caring / Summer” application. For the first time, the Costa party appears as the municipality most chosen by those who registered on that platform. They opted for one of the 14 beaches that this district has more than 110 thousand people, according to the reports of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation that operates the system. The podium is made up of Mar del Plata and Villa Gesell. Behind the Buenos Aires beaches appear Pinamar, Monte Hermoso and Miramar.

In Pinamar, a 69.2% occupancy was reported in lodgings, almost double that of last year on the same date (although in 2019 it was not a long holiday). The municipal reports reveal that the average stay was 3.6 nights and in the towns of the district the behavior was similar: Ostend 57%; Valeria del Mar 72% and Cariló 83% of occupied places.

Long weekend on the Coast.  For businessmen and tourism leaders, the balance was good.  Photo: Télam

Long weekend on the Coast. For businessmen and tourism leaders, the balance was good. Photo: Télam

The dark spot of the weekend were night overflows. The closures of gastronomic establishments or bars due to excess customers or due to lack of sanitary security measures toured all the beaches of the provincial coast. Y illegal parties put the authorities on alert provincial and municipal audits. The Ministry of Security found 70 unauthorized events in public lands or private farms. From the suburbs and the tourist cities. There were also another fifty closures operated by municipal inspectors.

La Plata (Correspondent)



The first Covid-19 self-diagnosis tests arrive at pharmacies

Updated:05/12/2020 18: 11h


The first self-diagnostic tests can now be purchased at pharmacies. The cooperative of distribution of medicines and health products Cofares is distributing among pharmacies the first rapid tests for Covid-19 antibodies so that the pharmacies can dispense this type of tests to the general population, as reported by the company.

After the health authorities have clarified that the marketing and dispensing of this type of test is allowed in pharmacies, the pharmaceutical distribution cooperative begins the supply in pharmacies of rapid antibody tests, which will be supplied from now on in a phased manner, at the rate that these tests become available on the market.

These are rapid self-diagnostic antibody tests under medical prescription (with prescription), which allow the user to know the result in 10 minutes, at their own home and with a slight prick on the fingertip and that does not generate waste in the pharmacy. All this with a degree of correctly interpreted results greater than 90 percent.

«From the distribution we will continue supplying all the material that is necessary to contribute in the fight against this health crisis that we are going through. On this occasion, we are working intensely so that the pharmacy has these tests available for its patients ”, said the president of Cofares, Eduardo Pastor.

He also recalled that “with the possibility of dispensing rapid self-diagnostic tests, the pharmacy, as the first point of access to the health system, takes another step forward in your role as a key health agent in containing the Covid-19 pandemic ».

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Covid test to international travelers faces Colombian authorities

The requirement of a negative test for covid-19 to allow the entry of international travelers to Colombia has faced the Ministry of Health, which eliminated that requirement a month ago, and a court of Bogota, which ordered through a guardianship judgment resume measure.

The Health portfolio eliminated this condition by considering the guidelines of international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (OPS), which recommended not depending on the tests because they have a limited impact on the control of spread of the virus.

However, citizens criticized the measure and one of them presented an action of protection (amparo appeal) to demand that the negative result of the PCR test would once again be a requirement to enter Colombia by air, a request that was resolved in favor by the administrative judge 11 of orality of the circuit of Bogota.

“(The ruling) puts us in a very complex situation because it somehow superimposes the individual right on collective rights, which is what prevails in a condition like the one we are going through a pandemic, “said this Friday, December 4, 2020 Health Minister, Fernando Ruiz.

The official questioned that the judge, who he said did not use epidemiological reasons in his ruling, also demanded a mandatory isolation 14 days for those arriving from abroad.

“That would lead us to quarantine more than 120,000 people in December, of which 80,000 would have a negative test,” said Ruiz.

The Ministry denies contempt

The Minister stated that “before the impossibility“to comply with the ruling” what will proceed now will be the filing of the challenge “thereof.

Given the criticism of those who pointed out a alleged incident from disrespect to the court order, Ruiz explained that his office is respectful of the court decisions, while specifying that part of the ruling limits the capacity of the ministry as an authority of the public health facing the exercise of the health emergency.

“Contempt is a manifest attitude of ill will, negligence, seeking to obstruct or conscientiously deceive the Justice and this is not our situation. Ours is the impossibility from the point of view of health and defense of the public health of this country to be able to apply a ruling that generates an extreme situation in the face of public health policy, “said the Minister.

The government Nacional considers that the judge’s order cannot be taken into account for an indefinite period of time because it does not make sense to limit air activity, as well as the right to mobilize people. }

Call for dialogue and notice effects on tourism

Faced with the controversy, the attorney general, Fernando Carrillo, summoned the Minister of Health to participate in a dialogue with the judge of Bogotá to expose the technical aspects that motivated the objection to the guardianship ruling.

Carrillo pointed out “that although it is recognized that the sentences granting guardianships must have immediate effectss in the terms provided by the judicial decision, it is necessary to seek a space that allows finding inter-institutional solutions that benefit the health of the population. “

Due to the controversy generated, the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Colombia) expressed his concern and assured that “the damage caused by the uncertainty caused by the court ruling (…) is enormous.”

“Many travelers are already reconsidering their decision to travel to Colombia due to the inconsistency that we are projecting at the international level, which also goes against the recommendations of the World Organization of the Health in health matters “, warned the director of AmCham Colombia, Mary Claudia Lacouture.

For his part, Ministry of Health clarified that international travelers will continue to reach Colombia without the test, as established by the current norm.


AFC Champions League 2020: Appointments – Football Referees

The AFC Refereeing Department appointed the following refereeing teams for the 2020 AFC Champions League matches:

Group stage
Group E

FC Seoul (KOR) 1: 2 Beijing Sinobo Guoan FC (CHN)
A: Turki Al Khudayr (SAU)
AA1: Mohammed Al Abakry (SAU)
AA2: Khalaf Al Shammari (SAU)
4ºA: Ali Sabah Adday Al Qaysi (IRQ)

Group F

Ulsan Hyundai FC (DISEASE) : Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC (CHN)
A: Khamis Al Marri (QAT)
AA1: Yousef Aref Al Shamari (QAT)
AA2: Zahy Al Shammari (QAT)
4ºA: Abdelrahman Al Jassim (QAT)

Source: AFC


Xbox Series X in the test: full throttle and Game Pass into the future

So there it is, the future of gaming, Microsoft edition. Simple, unobtrusive, powerful. Also known as: Xbox Series X. We tested the new console and revealed what the new generation of gaming feels like. So much in advance: pretty similar to the old one.

Smaller than expected

Months and even years of waiting are over and there it is: the Xbox Series X, the most powerful console of all time. Of course, we were very curious to see how it would look, because photos and videos are one thing, holding a device in your own hand is another. And indeed: after unpacking the Xbox Series X, you immediately notice that it is smaller than expected. And heavier than expected.

Smaller than expected: Xbox Series X

The next question remained: will it fit into the TV board and the technical compartment (measuring beforehand would only have been half the fun): No, it doesn’t. But that doesn’t matter, because the new Xbox can be placed next to it and after a few minutes the device no longer registers. This is due to the simple and unobtrusive design. The Xbox Series X is more reminiscent of a (small) subwoofer, which is usually placed exactly there.

And Microsoft is very clever, if it was intended or factored in: By denying the long, flat design, you force the player to a certain extent to set up the device in a “free” and accordingly well-ventilated place. Whether on purpose or not: The placement outside the intended place works and doesn’t bother in the least.

Air at all? The light is on, but I don’t hear anything

Speaking of subwoofers and “sound” that only happens immediately, so that the wrong impression is not created: The new Xbox is the quietest console that the author of these lines has ever come across, at least in the past few generations. The Xbox Series X is so whisper-quiet even under load that one can only remember with horror the Dsenjet turbines of days gone by.
Microsoft Xbox Series XDisadvantage of the position next to the TV board: It arouses the interest of young players

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that in a few years the fan will have a game that demands more of the device and also increases the temperature of the hardware (currently the software is certainly only scratching the surface of the possibilities), but as far as you can can currently judge, the Redmond-based company has done a great job here.

Practical setup via app

The system is set up a little differently than with previous consoles, because the smartphone app plays a major role here. Of course, you can do without it, but everything is much faster and easier with the mobile application. The same applies to an SSD if you take it over from an Xbox One (X): If you plug in an external memory, the games installed on it will be recognized by the new generation without any problems and can be played immediately.

And here we come to the central point of the Xbox Series X: Yes, the new Microsoft console is missing a big launch hit after the postponement of Halo: Infinite. Does that matter? Yes and no. Of course, it would have been nice to be able to experience the potential of the latest generation from zero, through an exclusive game. But does that really bother us? No.

Egg-like wool milk game pass

The reason is as follows: Anyone who buys an Xbox Series X and also has an Xbox Game Pass subscription can enjoy almost 200 games right from the start. Only a handful of these are for the Series X and Series S (recognizable by the “X | S” symbol), but you still get an impressive amount of games.

With the launch of the new console, not only all previous Game Pass games are included (including all Microsoft-owned titles without exception), but since the launch of the new Xbox devices also the games from and on EA Play (included, if you have the Ultimate package). Much of it is a bit older, but if you don’t know games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Battlefield 5 or Mass Effect: Andromeda, you will get hours of additional fun here. In addition, you also get games like FIFA 20. And let’s be honest: It doesn’t matter whether you play the latest version of FIFA and Co. or not.

On the next page you can find out what the interface looks like, how quickly the Xbox Series X is set up and how the new controller feels.

Microsoft, Konsole, Xbox, Xbox One, Spielekonsolen, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Microsoft Xbox Series X, Microsoft Xbox One X

Microsoft, Konsole, Xbox, Xbox One, Spielekonsolen, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Microsoft Xbox Series X, Microsoft Xbox One X


Lego Star Wars Holiday Special


„Lego Star Wars Holiday Special“ // Deutschland-Start: 17. November 2020 (Disney+)

The first order has been defeated, peace has returned to the galaxy – the perfect occasion to prepare for the day of life! But Rey is not in the mood to celebrate right now, because somehow her attempts to train Finn to be a Jedi are not really fruitful. When she comes across a mystical artifact that allows her to travel through time, she takes this as an opportunity to be inspired by the great Jedi masters of bygone days. But it’s not quite as simple as expected: She repeatedly stumbles into chaotic situations, especially since the other side soon gets wind of the valuable object and now wants it for himself …

Star Wars is not only one of the greatest series of films of all time, but also one of the most heatedly debated. Already at the end of the original trilogy there was a dispute about what George Lucas was thinking of unpacking a second Death Star and letting teddy bears go to war. But then it got really intense with the prequels and the sequel trilogy: There is currently no end of fighting on the Internet, fans tear each other apart when asked what Star Wars is and should be, what works and what doesn’t, what works and what doesn’t.

Iconic junk
At least on one thing almost everyone should agree: The one that was hastily turned down in 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, which one from the still overwhelming success of Episode IV – A New Hope should benefit was an absolute disaster. The story was nonsensical and kitschy, the ensemble was obviously on drugs, the furnishings were so cheap, as if a few visitors had one Star Wars Convention teamed up to make a fan video. The result was so horrific that neither Lucas nor Disney, both of which always wanted to squeeze money out of the franchise, wanted something to do with it and the film is therefore still not officially available – which also contributes to the enormous cult status.

When it became known that there would be a new special, the reactions ranged from curiosity to skepticism to pure joy. In addition, it was supposed to be a Lego version. And who has seen previous productions from the series, for example The new Yoda Chronicleswho knows that spin-offs like to make fun of the time-honored star saga. If their makers now take on the infamous Holiday Special, then it promised to be a single party. Unfortunately it is Lego Star Wars Holiday Special but not become one. It is already a big disappointment that, apart from the occasional mention of the day of life, no reference is made to the trashy ancestor, as huge potential is wasted.

Gagrevue from better days
Instead it exists Lego Star Wars Holiday Special from randomly edited scenes from the three trilogies, this time with the participation of Rey. A kind of best of, just in the Lego version and with a little more humor. These two differentiating factors are also insufficiently used. Where other Lego animation titles have integrated the aspect of the world of blocks into the story, at least into the jokes, Lego is just a look here. The jokes, on the other hand, are unmotivated because a lot has been reused from previous productions. Anyone who has already seen this will rarely find a real reason to laugh here.

The 45-minute special increases later, when at least the journey through time, the actual differentiating factor of the film, comes into its own and when the script is being written, one dares to step out of the ready-made tracks. And there are certainly a few reasons to smile, especially for newbies. In the sum is Lego Star Wars Holiday Special but a boring, unimaginative practice of a success story that was much more entertaining and fresher in earlier Lego Star Wars works. This will not achieve the cult status of the Original Holiday Special anyway, because the predecessor was so uniquely bad that you can’t forget it, while the Klötzchen descendant is already on the file before the credits appear.


OT: „Lego Star Wars Holiday Special“
Land: USA
Year: 2020
Director: Ken Cunningham
Script: David Shayne
Music: Michael Kramer


Star Wars SpecialYou can find more about the main films, the various spin-offs and other films and series around Star Wars in our special.

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Illa opens the door to test for Covid in pharmacies | Economy

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has confirmed, after the meeting of the Interterritorial Council held in Extremadura this afternoon, his predisposition that pharmacies can begin to do antigen tests. To this end, Health has asked the autonomous communities that those who want to test for Covid-19 in pharmacies, as requested by the Community of Madrid, present a detailed plan.

This plan must include aspects related to personnel, means, personal protective equipment, records and facilities in the pharmacy offices so that they can adequately carry out the coronavirus detection tests.

Therefore, the minister has not refused that these tests can be carried out in pharmacies, although he has warned that it is a technical debate in which there are reservations of a legal nature and professional groups. “The more diagnostic tests the better, as long as they are well done,” Illa added.

The performance of antigen tests in pharmacies has been demanded by both the Government of the Community of Madrid and the Catalan Government, which have defended the professionalism of the pharmaceutical staff to carry it out despite the reluctance on the part of groups such as the Nursing or Public Health experts.

The regional government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has insisted on many occasions on the request that antigen tests can be done in the pharmacies of the Madid Community, which has a network of more than 2,800 stores of this type, and has defended that its “professionals are trained, guarantee safety and hygiene and the results can be communicated to the Madrid Health System”.

The regional government, in addition, has pointed to massive tests and rapid diagnosis as key factors in managing this second wave regarding the incidence of Covid-19 in the Community of Madrid, where more than 3 million have been carried out of tests since this pandemic began, with an average of 190,000 weekly.

Today, the European Commission has endorsed the training of “additional test operators other than health personnel” to carry out antigen tests, including pharmacists, in order to “guarantee sufficient capacities and resources for sampling, the tests and the presentation of reports “, as expressed by the community organism through a document published this Wednesday.

For its part, Illa has announced that the Government and regional executives have agreed to create a working group so that the next Interterritorial Health Council present a package of recommendations in relation to the December long weekend and Christmas.

The bridge of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception next to Christmas are looming on the horizon as the next great health challenge facing the ministry led by Salvador Illa. His department, together with the autonomous communities, is already working to agree on guidelines that allow safe mobility and celebrations that do not fertilize a hypothetical third wave of the pandemic.


UK is ready to sell £ 200 million quick tests as a ‘pass’ to go to events


Updated:11/14/2020 01:42h


The UK is ready to launch a new step in managing the coronavirus pandemic, with the purchase of 200 million rapid tests that would allow people to know, in just 15 minutes and after paying five pounds (6.6 euros) if they are a carrier of Covid-19. If the result is negative, the person may have a special pass to attend sporting or cultural events that same day and in the same city. This was reported by the newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”, which ensures that the Government of Boris Johnson has placed an order for approximately 60 million rapid test kits for January, and at least 192 million more insured for March.

Scientists say that this test could detect around three out of four cases positive for Covid, with an accuracy of 95% in people who have a high viral load, which makes them more contagious, a percentage that however falls in those with a lower viral load. If the test is finally made available to the population, experts believe that it would be key to loosen the strongest restrictions to stop the outbreak, as long as people are correctly oriented on how to perform the test so that the results are correct.

John Bell, a professor of medicine at Oxford, explained that “these easy-to-use and inexpensive tests can play an important role in our fight against Covid-19” by “identifying those who are more likely to spread the disease“And when used” systematically in mass testing could reduce transmissions by 90%. ” In the same vein, Susan Hopkins, chief medical advisor of the public contact tracing system, the NHS Test and Trace, stated that these rapid tests “are proving to be accurate and reliable, and, more importantly, they are capable of detecting Covid-19 in people without symptoms who could be transmitting the virus to others without knowing it. The first beneficiaries would be the residents of nursing homes, whose relatives would be subjected to the test so that they can finally visit them.

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TEST: What style of Harry Styles goes best with your personality?

Harry Styles has had several facets: with One Direction, when he experimented with long hair, now he is a boy who dares and proposes, in this test you will find out the style of the star that is for you.

The singer From London has become a icon from fashion, is known for its great history in the music, but it has also contributed a lot to the fashion industry with their collaborations with different brands.

Harry Styles has grown a lot and from time to time it has reinvented, bringing their fanatics a version improved of himself, not only physically, but also artistically, implementing interesting concepts to your work.

The styles of Harry Styles

Surely you admire the singer of ‘Watermelon Sugar‘and perhaps you witnessed the various style changes that have marked his career. You have someone time favorite of Harry Styles?.

This time we bring you a funny Y entertaining test, will tell you what style from star from music is for you. Will it be during his time with 1D, long hair o de soloist?, find out below.


Define your personality with one word …

  • Lively (2)
  • Talented (6)
  • Friendly (4)
  • Generous (8)

How would you define fame?

  • Like a big aspiration (8)
  • A power that is hard to carry (4)
  • As a motivation (6)
  • A dream that few achieve (2)

What is your style of dress?

  • Formal (2)
  • You like to experiment with your looks (8)
  • Urban (4)
  • Comfortable (6)

How do you usually wear your hair?

  • Loose and rebellious (2)
  • Depends on the situation (6)
  • You constantly change your look (8)
  • Always well groomed (4)

What era of Harry do you miss?

  • None, currently is his best time (8)
  • When I was in One Direction (2)
  • When I had long hair (6)
  • During your career with 1D (4)

Pick a Harry Styles song:

  • Golden (4)
  • Watermelon Sugar (2)
  • Kiwi (8)
  • Sing Of The Times (6)

What type of footwear can not be missing in your closet?

  • Some cool boots (6)
  • Unique and formal shoes (8)
  • Tennis (2)
  • Any of the above (4)


If you want to have fun with more TEST, visit our section.

Harry Styles in One Direction:

Harry Styles had an incredible time with his teammates One Direction, the singer made his hair iconic and his looks used to be from a formal jacket, jeans and comfortable shirts, try this style, since it would be the ideal one for you.

Harry Styles teen:

At this time Harry Styles seemed that he had matured very quickly, he was a boy who showed to have a great personality and his style changed to plaid shirts, he let his hair grow out, he wore caps and he looked a little more tanned, maybe these looks will go better with your personality.

Harry Styles long hair:

The era of Prince harry it’s epic, long hair, looks elegant, but casual, with a touch of rebellion, always reflected his great personalityThis style is for you, you can believe your hair and use some accessories that the singer made fashionable during this great era.

Harry Styles during his time as a soloist:

You are a person who likes to have fun with their clothes, you are not afraid of what they will say and you are in search of new trends to wear and appropriate them, you should try to recreate some looks from Harry StylesDon’t forget pearls and flared jeans.