everything we know so far about seasons 5 and 6

On August 13, Netflix announced that the nominee for Oscar Jonathan Pryce (The two popes, Game of Thrones) will play Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in the seasons five and six. In ‘Game of Thrones’, Pryce played the High Sparrow and in the Netflix movie “The Two Popes,” he played Pope Francis alongside Anthony Hopkins.

Matt Smith He played Queen Elizabeth’s husband in seasons one and two and Tobias Menzies continued him for seasons three and four.

On August 16, 2020, the official Twitter account of ‘The Crown’ announced that Elizabeth debicki will play Princess Diana in the fifth and sixth season. She will take the place of Emma Corrin, who played the mother of Princes William and Harry in season 4.

“The spirit of Princess Diana, her words and her actions live in the hearts of many people,” Debicki said in a statement. “It is truly an honor and a privilege to join this series, which has had me absolutely hooked since the first episode.”

The actress is best known for her role as Jed Marshall in the 2016 BBC drama “The Night Manager” and has also appeared in the film “Widows” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”


The British Royal Family vs. “The Crown”

The fourth season of ‘The Crown’ has been the most controversial.

The arrival of Margaret Thatcher and Diana of Wales was aimed at uncovering the most uncomfortable moments of British royalty. This forecast has been fulfilled and the Crown is extremely upset with the portrait of the relationship between Prince Charles and Lady Di considering that it has “dangerous historical errors”.

What is the dose of truth and fiction in The Crown? According to the end credits of the series created by Peter Morgan, the fiction is inspired by the play “The Audience”, centered on the meetings between the British head of state and her prime ministers, and not on the real life of the family real.

It seems quite clear that the series took its own artistic licenses from a fictional production such as had happened with “The Queen”, the Stephen Daldry film, written by Peter Morgan, and considered the foundation stone of the Netflix series.

The underlying problem is that the series combines real events with elements of fiction.

In other words, everything that appears on the screen happened, but the dialogue and details are made up. That wasn’t a problem before, when The Crown featured stories that occurred 50 years ago, but it is now, which exposes recent issues.

Royal censorship

The Daily Mail revealed that a coalition made up of politicians, royal pundits and a close friend of Prince Charles had joined forces to demand that Netflix broadcast a message before each episode warning viewers of The Crown that many key scenes never happened or are distortions of the truth.

Most of the controversy stems from Prince Charles’s dramatic marriage to Lady Di and the alleged tensions in the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher.

The own brother of Princess Diana of Wales, Charles Spencer also pronounced: “I hope that the spectators do not forget that it is fiction”.

The only one to get angry was Harry himself who ensures that he will not allow the next seasons of the series to come to the present and show his current life.

Meghan Markle’s husband promised to insist that the plot does not alter or show her intimacies since he considers it an invasion of her privacy.

Good Vs. Villains

As for the series there is a real malaise. The resemblance of the actors is so impressive that the vast majority of viewers will not doubt for a second that they are watching a 100% real story.

There are characters like Diana and Queen Isabel who provoke respect and empathy, others like Camilia and Carlos who arouse visceral hatred.

Diana appears as a victim driven to despair by the contempt of her in-laws. In the series her instability, her whims and the fact that she also had lovers are not touched at any time.

The queen provokes respect and has few flaws in her personality, projects measure, discipline and balance.

For her part, Princess Margarita is presented as a witch, a woman with a great sexual libido and multiple lovers.

And what about Camilla Parker Bowles, the bad guy in the series, presented as an adulteress who doesn’t care about her husband or her children.

The same treatment received Prince Charles, a true idiot who mistreats Diana without mercy. In England not only the royal family is concerned but the people in general about the manipulation of events that could damage the future of the Monarchy.

There is also another major problem. Whether they are fictionalized details or real events The Crown evokes private and often embarrassing family situations.

It is true, for example, that Diana was bulimic and tried to commit suicide, that Carlos was forced to get a virgin wife from a good family … But some librettist had the idea of ​​wondering what princes William and Harry would feel when watching on television the images of his mother cutting her veins.

The series that is watching the whole world uncovers questionable aspects of royalty but the result could be disastrous in real life.

Historical errors

1.- The death of Lord Mountbatten

In the first episode of the season, Lord Mountbatten is assassinated by the IRA. It is implied that he died in the explosion on his boat but was actually rescued alive and died before reaching land. In addition, the series insists on describing a conflictive relationship between Carlos and his great-uncle that according to the royal house never existed.

2.- The beginning of the Falklands war

The series made the disappearance of Margaret Thatcher’s son coincide in time at the Paris-Dakar rally with the start of the Falklands War. In reality, what happened to Mark was on January 9, 1982, while the Falklands War did not begin until April 2 of the same year, almost three months later.

3.- A postponed retirement

Martin Charteris is considered one of the Queen’s favorite secretaries. However, Charteris retired in 1977, while the plots for the fourth season are set between 1979 and 1990, which means that, in “The Crown,” Charteris was delayed several years in retirement.

4.- The friction between Elizabeth II and Thatcher

Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher did not get along, however the series shows that the monarch herself orders her disagreement with the Prime Minister to be leaked to the press. Buckingham Palace has always denied being the source of the news. Even Robert Hardman, Thatcher’s official biographer, rejects such recklessness of Elizabeth II.

5.- Carlos’s relationship with Camila

Following the official story, the Prince of Wales resumed his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, current Duchess of Cornwall, in 1986, after his marriage to Lady Di deteriorated.

The series shows that Carlos had an idyll with Parker Bowles since before meeting Diana and that this relationship continued in parallel with their later marriage.


Rolling Stones, the story that the producers will tell ‘the Crown’

It was to be expected that one of the most successful bands in the sixties could not be left behind in a biographical production that narrates its trajectory. After the success of biographical films like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ de Freddie Mercury y ‘Rocketman’ de Elton John, it has been announced that Rolling Stones They will also have their place and it will be on the small screen.

So announced John Landgrave, CEO of FX (a television channel owned by The Walt Disney Company), within the framework of ‘Disney Investor Day’, in which several announcements were made about the news that the giant company has prepared.

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Although there are not many details that are had of the striking production of the mythical band composed of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts y Ronnie Wood, The names behind the script that will give life to the series are great. Is about Nick Hornby author of ‘Hi-Fi’ or ‘Fever in the stands’, as well as the participation of the producers of the hit series ‘The Crown’.


The Crown Season 4: Discover the darkest and most chilling facade of the British monarchy

Season 4 of The Crown revealed a darker side to the British monarchy that could leave viewers questioning their love for the characters they have come to know.

December 05, 2020 · 09:59 hs

Season 4 of The Crown takes place in the 1980s, the period of time during which the princess Diana arrives on the scene. The princess is still talked about today, especially after the events surrounding the marriage of the prince harry Y Meghan Markle have some similarities to the story of Diana.

What do you think of the sad reality that haunted the royals?

Likewise, previous seasons of the show highlighted a time when the British monarchy was most celebrated and viewers could find themselves engulfed in royal glamor from a different time period. But the more modern a society becomes, the more difficult it is to justify the relevance of a monarchy.

The first episode of the season, “Gold Stick,” begins with Trooping the Color, which is an annual ceremony held to celebrate the queen’s birthday. The Queen travels on horseback with Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Lord Mountbatten behind her in what is known as the Horse Guard Parade in Whitehall.

In her speech, the young queen pledges her allegiance to the Commonwealth. You can watch the original speech online and it’s quite moving to see the young future queen make a seemingly disinterested statement. The speech is superimposed on scenes of people from different Commonwealth countries listening to his speech. The people are of different races, seem poor, and live in cultures that are nothing like the queen’s.

This scene could have been created to show Elizabeth’s dedication to the Commonwealth, as this is also the episode where the Queen works with Commonwealth leaders to get Margaret Thatcher to pass sanctions that will help stop apartheid in South Africa, but the difference between the two worlds. And the way his speech didn’t move any of the listeners makes me think that this scene just shows how unnecessary British royalty really are.

There has been a lot of speculation about how the royal family actually treated Princess Diana Today there are several documentaries that are more sympathetic to the perspective of the monarchy on the story of Diana, however many others focus on the side of the story of Diana. In the same way, in The Crown Through the scenes between Princess Diana and members of the royal family we can see how these different points of view develop. Princess Diana mentions that she did not feel supported by the family since she arrived.

It is important to mention that earlier in the episode, Princess Margaret brought to the attention of this same group of women that Princess Diana was not happy in her marriage and suffered from bulimia. None of these women suggested that they help Diana cope with this serious disorder.

This part really pissed me off, a simple choice to comfort her or just asking her how she’s feeling could make a difference. Let’s not get confused, the British royal family has a privileged and decent life, but the way the system operates has caused a lot of damage within the family, as it is because of their duty to the crown that their lives do not really belong to them.


Beyond the Crown: the royals’ (serious) attempts at fashion

In the fourth season of “The Crown” they present Prince Charles as an abusive and indifferent husband with Diana and this has revived old wounds that in times where there were no social networks have increased a hundredfold: each post he makes about his work, together with the Duchess of Cornwall, the hated Camilla, has received the answer that almost thirty years ago was the same, rejection of them. Beyond the Crown: the royals’ (serious) attempts at fashion

And, of course, what now looks like a hashtag brought directly from 1997: #Dianaforever.

Beyond the Crown: the royals’ (serious) attempts at fashion

But beyond the wake (or shadow?) Of the princess, the prince has worked on serious causes about the environment and other current issues. One of them is fashion and thus it joins royals and former members of the royal family in a field where, although they generate revenue for the brands they use (you have to see what Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have caused each time they use a dress from a brand that goes viral) have also given their voice, with permission from Buckingham Palace through editorials and collections.

These have been his approaches.

The Modern Artisan

Prince Charles is the main collaborator of a collection where the Yoox Net-A-Porter group participates and where his foundation also plays an important role. They brought together six design students from the Milan Polytechnic and four artisans who are at The Prince Foundation, which since 2000 preserves traditional crafts in Scotland.

Thus, they presented a collection of 18 timeless pieces, 10 for women and eight for men, which can be found in both Yoox, Net-A-Porter, Mr Porter and The Outnet and where each profit generated will be reinvested in the foundation. Of course, and following sustainable protocols (the prince has always been a great supporter of environmental causes), he tracks the origin of the product, who made it or what craftsman made it.

Now, the interesting thing about the collection is that the designers accessed the data of 4.3 million clients, in order to understand their preferences and thus incorporate these findings, where timelessness triumphs and they add elements such as belts or popular colors such as navy blue. You can also find tailored suits, silk blouses and various knitwear.

principe carlos the new artisan

Meghan Markle, Vogue editor

Last year, when she was still in the royal family, Meghan was editor of the September Issue, the most important fashion edition of the iconic Condé Nast magazine, for the British edition. Very much in line with the policies of its editor, Edward Enninful, the edition that he commanded focused on current affairs, inclusion and recognizing the work of various women around the world. The edition was called “Forces for Change” and it featured 15 women from various sectors who have been inspiring today.

mehgan markle vogue uk

Enninful and Meghan worked together for seven months to create the issue, and the cover featured New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, Greta Thunberg, Laverne Cox, Salma Hakek and author Chimamanda Adichie, among others. The Duchess of Sussex also supported with a letter and an interview with former first lady Michelle Obama.

meghan markle vogue uk

Diana, fashion for a social cause

When the princess was alive, it was clear that she was the main star at every event she did and that her most popular dresses were going to sell well: in fact, in June 1997, she put up an auction with all her most famous dresses at a event called “Fit for a Princesss”. Thus, the one he used to dance with John Travolta at the White House in the 1980s sold for $ 222,000. In total, she sold 79 cocktail and ball gowns that day when she was a member of the royal family and grossed $ 3.25 million in total.

diana john travolta

Although the dresses originally cost $ 5,000, they ended up selling for $ 41,000 on average and this attracted more than 1,000 bidders, who by purchasing the pieces benefited charities supported by the princess and fighting cancer and cancer. HIV. Pieces like the “Elvis dress”, which she wore alone on a tour ending in the 1980s in New York, which sold for $ 151,000. And at that time, having the piece of the biggest royal star was worth it.

Today is different: last year, her dress that she used in the White House was auctioned again. He was expected to collect at least $ 410,000 for him. The piece, designed by Kerry Cusack, didn’t even reach 300,000.

British fashion and royalty: symbolism and connection to the people

queen mother elizabeth

For some centuries, the monarchies of Europe (not all) learned through blows and revolutions that flaunting, especially in difficult times for their people, was the worst thing they could do, or ask Marie Antoinette. In the case of the British monarchy, Queen Victoria imposed austerity airs that were followed by almost all her descendants, with few exceptions such as Edward VII and VIII, icons of men’s fashion and elegance. By the time George VI came to power, the former Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, supported the victims of the bombings in World War II with her colorful costumes, without any display of luxury. His daughter, on the other hand, adapted to the swing of the times, but always wearing an image that gave the impression of stability.

By the time Diana arrived, she became a fashion icon by herself and was followed by her daughters-in-law, who sell out everything they wear online. But Kate Middleton, in particular, has become famous for repeating dresses, suits and jackets, and this has also endeared her to her husband’s grandmother and the establishment she is now a part of.


The drastic decision that Prince Charles made after the premiere of The Crown – People

The Crown season four revives the love triangle between Prince Charles, Diana of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles… And also the hatred of the followers of Lady Di towards the current Duchess of Cornwall, the true villain of the fourth season of the acclaimed Netflix series.

The heir to the throne has made it clear that he is ‘outraged’ with the image that fiction gives of him and his current wife, but the insults, claims and comparisons between the two women that flood social networks have led him to make another decision – Block all comments from the official Clarence House account.

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The British Government requires Netflix to make it clear that The Crown is fiction

Is Prince Charles the villain they paint us in The Crown?

And it seems that the son of Queen Elizabeth II is not willing to expose his beloved to such an unpleasant situation as the one that Meghan Markle experienced when she reached the royal family. Or even Diana herself at the time … although with much, much, much smaller dimensions.

“Money can buy you fancy clothes and jewelry, but not DIANA’s class, charm, or magnetic presence. You can never replace it in a million years. She is our PRINCESS, now and forever! ” or “Diana forever” were some of the messages that Camilla received in a photograph in which we see her share with the residents of a charity for the homeless in the UK.
The drama adds up and goes on … @worldly


UK Culture Secretary suggests that “The Crown” be considered a “fiction series”

The UK Secretary for Culture, Oliver Dowden, asked Netflix to tag the series The Crown as fiction, since according to him some events are not so true.

“It is a beautifully produced work of fiction, so as with other television productions, Netflix should be very clear at first that it is just that “Dowden said in an interview with Daily Mail.

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“Without this, I am afraid that a generation of viewers who did not experience these events may confuse fiction with reality”, he expressed.

Dowden will formally request the streaming platform to add a message at the beginning of each chapter, indicating to users that it is a “fiction series”.


Dowden’s remarks come amid growing criticism of the production created and written by Peter Morgan. Some scenes from the fourth season have been considered harmful to the royal family and Prince Charles in particular.

The suggestion that romance between Carlos and Camilla Parker Bowles would have continued during her marriage to Diana, it has caused particular consternation in the royal house. Both were even forced to restrict comments on their social networks.


?? The Crown ??: this is what we can expect from the fifth part

Finally the world is enjoying season four of ??The Crown??, the series about British royalty that continues to occupy the first positions among the favorites of the seriéfilo public.

But it seems that anxiety can do more, especially for those who have already seen all the chapters and are thinking about how the story will continue during the fifth season that will come later.


The Crown: The series could be extended to chronicle the adult life of 2 royals

The drama that narrates the life of the British royal family The Crown, premiered its season 4, pending the 5th and 6th installments. Now, it is very likely that the series will extend until season 7, to include in the story the adulthood of princes William and Harry.

November 28, 2020 · 01:37 hs

On November 15, the transmission platform Netflix premiered the fourth season of the drama chronicling the life of the British royal family The Crown.

The Crown has just premiered its fourth season and has yet to deliver the 5th and 6th seasons that are already authorized to be produced.

The new installment of The Crown focuses on the time of the 1980s, developing part of the story between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, as well as the uneasy relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Margareth Thatcher.

As fans of The Crown will know, it was announced months ago that the drama’s story will end after the broadcast of season 6, which received the green light from Netflix.

However, things could change for The Crown, as an extension of the series could be made to include the adult life story of Princes William and Harry.

In this regard, the author of the Harry and Meghan Markle biography, Finding Freedom, said that Netflix may want to do a season with adult princes William and Harry.

Netflix is ​​likely to extend The Crown to narrate the adult lives of princes William y Harry

In an episode of the Heirpod podcast, the author of the biography, Omid Scobie said that he had heard rumors that Netflix is ​​considering extending the series.

“There is already a lot of talk about seasons five and six. They have already been confirmed. Originally, the series would end before William and Harry became adults. “

However, so far neither the streaming giant Netflix nor The Crown showrunner Peter Morgan has officially referred to an extension of The Crown. At the time, Morgan said that season 6 would not focus on the present so the adult life of William and Harry would be left out.

In the event that the series continues beyond season 6, it will focus on William and Harry; but, it only remains to wait for confirmation from Netflix.


The Crown: Prince William gave his opinion on the show’s fourth season

After months of anticipation, season 4 of The Crown finally launched on Netflix with a season that has fans both old and new talking thanks in large part to the introduction of Princess Diana of Wales.

November 20, 2020 06:22 hs

The season has just fallen, but critics are already calling it the show’s best broadcast yet, praising the performances of Emma Corrin Y Gillian Anderson who stole the scene like Princess Diana Y Margaret Thatcher.

The Crown: Prince William gave his opinion on the show.

Meanwhile, fans can’t stop talking on social media about the season and presentation of Corrin as Princess Diana.

Although fans love the season, the same can’t be said for Prince William and the royal family, who have a long history of disapproving of the series and its portrayal of their family. Although the public does not tire of The Crown, Prince William and the royal family are far from fans of the show.

In fact, the prince William has such a strong disdain for the series that he was reportedly furious that the prince Harry Y Meghan Markle they got into bed with the company behind the show to strike a production deal with Netflix.

“William and other royals are incredibly uncomfortable with this drama and Harry now it is associated with the company that is transmitting it “.

In other words, don’t expect William is tuning in season 4 at this time. On the other hand, prince william Not only is he not a fan of the series, but neither is his grandmother, the queen, or the royal family.

The queen even published a statement where she made it quite clear that the monarchy was not associated with the show in any way or endorsed the series.