The Mandalorian: Fans Call For Gina Carano Out Again Following Star Wars Post About COVID-19

If there is one thing that has become clear, it is that fans do not forget and Star Wars fans do not, because although at times the waters calm down, they have not stopped asking that actress Gina Carano (Deadpool – 84%, Kickboxer: Vengeance – 41%, Suicide rescue – 6%), who plays Carasynthia Dune, a former rebel soldier turned mercenary from Alderaan who fought in the civil war for the Rebel Alliance, in The Mandalorian – 91% get fired for their controversial tweets.

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Carano has not stopped giving something to talk about after he retweeted several publications that mocked the vaccine against COVID-19, a disease that has claimed the lives of millions of people around the world, and about the presidential elections in United States, which had to be through the mail.

Likewise, previously, the 38-year-old actress had already looked bad with some fans after not supporting the trans community by using the appropriate pronouns on Twitter and making fun of them, which caused many groups to accuse her of transphobic. Likewise, he liked a series of pro-Trump publications and demanded that the election votes be honestly counted before the undoubted victory of Joe Biden.

From the above, the star of The Mandalorian She has not been a public favorite in recent months and many Star Wars fans have asked that she be fired for such behaviors, something that Carano has also poked fun at, saying that she will not leave social media and that she brings out the incendiary side. from the people.

Now, the hashtag #FireGinaCarano has become a trend again on Twitter after a well-intentioned publication shared by the official Star Wars account and that is in response to President Biden’s call for a moment of silence for those who died from COVID-19 during his inauguration, Star Wars published a message of solidarity.

Lucasfilm joins the national moment of unity by honoring and remembering the lives lost to COVID-19. #COVIDMemorial.

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Although there was nothing wrong with the message, many fans did not hesitate to recall that Lucasfilm continues to employ Carano, who has made it clear, on Twitter, that he is anti-mask and anti-vaccine. In this way, responses to the original tweet were filled with those calling for the star to be removed from season 3 of The Mandalorian.

While Carano has managed to stick around thus far, there are already sources saying Lucasfilm is losing patience with the star, though the cast and crew of The Mandalorian are believed to be on the actress’s side. Below we collect some of the responses that show the lack of congruence with the most recent message from the official Star Wars account:

However, you have G * na C * rano on your payroll.

You employ someone who thinks COVID is a hoax.

Fire Gina Carano, the anti mask.

You hired an actress who is anti-mask and spreads misinformation about Covid on her accounts. Middle-level information campaigns literally lead to more infections and deaths, but that’s okay.

This doesn’t mean much when you catapult Gina Carano, a COVID denier who believes the masks infringe on her rights.

I can’t hear you about @ginacarano telling people not to wear masks and spouting nonsense misinformation. #FireGinaCarano.

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the series of the moment starring Pedro Pascal

We talked with the members of Star Wars, Manuel Avendaño and Soledad Fierro, to address in detail the success of the series The Mandalorian, starring the Chilean-American actor, Pedro Pascal.

This production belonging to the saga of The War of the Galaxies, had a good reception from the public, which will allow Disney perform another three new series.


Baby Yoda dresses in Mexican clothes and becomes ?? Baby Tacos de Canasta ??

The character doll Yoda from the series ?? Tha Mandalorian ??, also known as Baby Yoda, became a trend in the networks social then they dressed him in a typical Mexican costume and painted his face a flesh color, which turned him into “Baby Tacos de Canasta “, according to the post.

After the resounding success of the series ?? The Mandalorian ??, based on the saga of Star Wars, the popular character of Yoda when he was a baby he began to become popular to such a degree that now his doll It is one of the most sought after sales pages online.

So many people took on the task of acquiring it and some even customized it, as was the case with ?? Lady Tacos de Canasta ??, who shared on his account Facebook to its Baby yoda dressed in typical Mexican clothing and even wearing a headdress.

Yoda is once again the sensation in networks

Besides the clothing in bright colors, the doll of Yoda She wears a multicolored headband in the shape of a bow, false eyelashes and even blush on her cheeks. Then what ?? Lady Tacos de Canasta ?? published the photograph of Baby Yoda the character became the sensation in the networks.

?? Always fashion ???, ???????????????????????????????????????????????????, ??? comments that have left the users in the Facebook post.

The image became a success and has already received 6,500 reactions, more than 400 comments and has been shared almost 500 times. Without a doubt the doll of Yoda It will continue to be a trend and more so now with its radical change of look.


The Mandalorian: The director of the last episode dedicates an emotional message to Mark Hamill

The Mandalorian – 91% has almost meant a rebirth in the Star Wars universe, after the premiere of the two seasons, the audience response was quite positive and so far they have been satisfied with the result. Although the story of the house rewards worked perfectly without the use of the most popular characters of the franchise, when these were used it was like a pinch of salt that would highlight the explosion of flavors of this series.

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Although the series was well received from the first season, the second was very successful and became a topic of conversation for weeks. Perhaps the most important moment was the end of the second season where viewers have a reunion with the star of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope – 93%: Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, who would now take care of little Grogu.

Peyton Reed, who would be in charge of directing the last episode of the second season, confessed on Twitter that Luke had been his hero since he was a child and having worked with Hamill was the arrival of one of his biggest dreams.

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Dear Mark Hamill: When I was a child, this photo hung on the wall in my room. STAR WARS, and Luke Skywalker in particular, meant a lot to me. Some things never change. It was an honor and a dream come true to work with you on The Mandalorian. Thank you.

Without a doubt Jon Favreau, creator and producer of the series, has managed to stay on the sidelines in the film industry achieving great achievements as a director and producer since he kept the beginning of the MCU present and high with the films starring Robert Downey Jr. from Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93%. And now that he has taken the lead on the major project from Disney and Lucasfilm, he continues to receive praise.

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The truth is that, despite taking years in this, the actor also confessed that it was not easy to keep secret the great moments that it would bring The Mandalorian for fans of the universe created by George Lucas. One of these would be the arrival of Luke Skywalker at the end of the second season. For his part, the interpreter of the legendary Jedi also said it was difficult for him to keep the secret for more than a year.

So far it is not known if we will see Luke and Grogu again in the future, although many consider that the relationship between the boy and Mando is a fundamental part of the series. What is certain is that there will be a third season of The Mandalorian and will continue to surprise fans. Now we just have to wait to see what Favreau has in store.


Marvel President on The Mandalorian’s Influence: “There is a lot that has inspired us” | TV and Show

These days there are three series of streaming they have taken over the conversation. Bridgerton (Netflix), Mandalorian (Disney +) and Wandavision (Disney+).

And although the latter opens just this Friday, public expectations are high. After all, it is the first original series of Marvel for the platform streaming.

“This is Marvel Studios’ first foray into television with an incredible cast and characters that we’ve already seen in the movies. And the idea was always to do something that couldn’t be done in the movies “, explained the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, at a press conference attended BioBioChile.

“There were a lot of meetings before people really understood what we were trying to do; and we’re only sitting here today because Jac (Schaeffer, the series creator) and Matt (Shakman, the director) did. AND they were able to turn a crazy idea into a spectacular series ”, he claimed.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney/AFP

The Mandalorian

The series will debut in the midst of the phenomenon it has generated The Mandalorian, the first series of Star Wars for Disney +, and of which Marvel and Wandavision they were influenced.

“We were all working on WandaVision before seeing The Mandalorian“Feige began, before acknowledging that they have rescued some elements of the production starring Pedro Pascal.

“Still, there is a lot of The Mandalorian that has inspired us in Marvel Studios, some of it is the StageCraft [plataforma de producción virtual integrada] that we are using in some future projects ”, he explained.

Disney +

“However, I think it was wonderful to see the incredible work Disney and the Disney marketing team did to turn it into an event (weekly),” he added.

“We want people to understand that these projects on Disney Plus are just as important as the projects that go to theaters., and we want them to feel the same emotion. And the Disney marketing team, which is the best in the world, the best of all time, frankly, did it, “he said.

“With The Mandalorian, they showed that they can do it spectacularly well with Disney plus ”, he declared and added that they also managed to keep the fun on a weekly basis and the discussions around the series in the public, something they seek to replicate with Wandavision.

Week to week

The head of Marvel also affirmed that the strategy of launching chapters week by week can be complex, but that Disney knew how to do it.

“I think Disney was very smart to do it weekly because that conversation that happens every week about the episodes, is very important, and frankly, it’s a lot of fun.”, said.

“Every time I witness that, I experience it and join in that conversation with The Mandalorian, I’m excited for the premiere of Wandavision and the way we build it ”, he closed.

The first two episodes of Wandavision debut this Friday on Disney +.


The hilarious opening of The Mandalorian in the 90’s sitcom style that changes the names of the characters

Some fans have created a fun intro of The Mandalorian by altering the names of the characters in a hilarious way.

2021 may be a year without The Mandalorian, but not without fan creations. The Star Wars series created by Jon Favreau and produced by Dave Filoni finished its second season in style in mid-December, and it does not anticipate the premiere of the third season until early 2022. That does not imply that this year we will not have productions of Star Wars to enjoy, among others, the series of The Book of Boba Fett, which will arrive in December to satisfy our Mandalorian appetites.

In recent weeks we have seen how fans of The Mandalorian they put their artistic abilities to work. We have seen the musical compositions with different versions of the main theme composed by Ludwig Göransson.

We have also seen some opening from different series focused on The Mandalorian, which technically has no opening as such. We still remember that anime-style version of the nineties that reminded us of Cowboy Bebop.

The Mandalorian 2 is now available on Disney + internationally. If you sign up for one year, you will save two months.

Today we bring you a new fan creation that we have caught on Twitter. On this occasion, The Mandalorian becomes a 1990s sitcom to the rhythm of the music of The problems grow (Growing pains), so the title has been changed to Gogu’s Pains, in a very appropriate way. The series sees the names of the protagonists altered, calling Giancarlo Esposito “the great television antagonist” or giving Grogu the name of another boy who would become a legend, Goku, de Dragon Ball.

What do you think of this fun intro of The Mandalorian in the 90s style?


‘Star Wars’ updates its chronology

Star Wars is a saga that has never stopped expanding, if we do not count the time that Disney acquired Lucasfilm and removed from the canon a good handful of stories outside the movies (the known, now, as ‘Star Wars Legends’). After the controversial experience with the new trilogy, however, the House of the Mouse seems to have begun to get the hang of the juicy license it has in its hands (thanks, above all, to The Mandalorian) and this has resulted in a multitude of announcements that will make the continuity of the saga something much more confusing than it already is. Weeks after a dozen new movies and series were confirmed during Investor Day, we now have the tools to position ourselves.

Until now, the timeline of Star Wars It had been divided into three simple phases, corresponding to the different trilogies to which it gave rise: the prequels belonged to the Era of the republic, the original trilogy to Era of the Rebellion, and the three recent films by J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson to Era of the Resistance, distributing the various spin-off between the margins. On the occasion of the publication of the novel The High Republic: Light of the Jedi at the hands of Charles Soule, Disney has carried out a restructuring of this chronology, so that it is now divided into six different periods. You can see a sample image below these lines.

New ‘Star Wars’ chronology

We try to sow some clarity. The era known as ‘The High Republic’ It does not yet have an associated series or film, but it is easy to place it in historical terms. Soule’s novel belongs to this space, with the idea that it gives rise to a whole collection of new plots, and starts with the purpose of clarifying what happened before The Phantom Menace, he Episodio I of George Lucas. We also know of the existence of The Accolyte, series announced during Investor Day that promises to show the most terrifying facet of the galaxy and, according to what was stated at the time, is set “In the last days of the High Republic”.

‘Fall of the Jedi’ includes the three prequels directed by Lucas: the aforementioned Ghost menace, Attack of the clones and Revenge of the Sith. Throughout this stage, the rise of Emperor Palpatine, Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the Dark Side and the Jedi purge took place, as well as the great military conflict known as the Clone Wars. Hence, in addition to the movies, ‘The Fall of the Jedi’ also includes the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, developed by Dave Filoni.

‘The reign of the Empire’ develops immediately in later years, and covers the timeframe between Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is included here, as is also confirmed to do The Bad Batch, Filoni’s upcoming animated series. Pulling from logic, we can also include other series announced as Country and Obi-Wan Kenobi; the latter being starred by a Ewan McGregor newly exiled and a Hayden Christensen under Darth Vader’s helmet.

Without much news with ‘The Age of Rebellion’; we find again in it the original trilogy of Star Wars made of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, but they are also officially included in it Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the animated series Star Wars Rebels. Pulling the thread, it would not be unreasonable to add Andor, the future series starring Diego Luna which refers to events prior to Rogue One.

The margin between the Age of Rebellion and the Age of Resistance now has a name: this is ‘The New Republic’, and spans the years of deceptive peace that traversed the galaxy between wars. We have already been able to explore this phase and will continue to explore it thanks to The Mandalorian, and it is to be assumed that the series Ahsoka (with the Jedi played by Rosario Dawson), Rangers of the New Republic and The Book of Boba Fett (which would arrive in December of this year).

By last, ‘The rise of the First Order’ It includes The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The rise of Skywalker, as well as another animated series: Star Wars Resistance. After what was narrated in The rise of Skywalker nothing is known yet, but it is probably a matter of time before Disney sets a new movie or series in this indeterminate future.


The Mandalorian ranks as the most pirated series du

The year of the pandemic has been the time when the most time has been spent at home, and to cope with the situation, many people have turned to television series and movies, specifically in this case illegally, making The Mandalorian the most hacked of the year.

The Mandalorian lidera series Disney+, and it follows The Boys‘ (in Amazon) and Westworld‘ (in HBO), according to the ranking prepared by the specialized web Torrent Freak, which is responsible for publishing every year which are the most downloaded series. The impact it has had on the public has been unquestionable, yunot of the characters that most repercussion has is Baby Yoda.

After the farewell of ‘Game of Thrones’, which has caused a change of era, piracy has also been affected.

‘The Mandalorian, created by Jon Favreau, It is the series that has been illegally downloaded the most times during the 2020 pandemic year.

Serie ‘The Mandalorian’

About of an unreal universe, inspired by the saga Star Wars‘. During throughout 2019, the series was two places below the ranking, occupying the third position, but the pandemic and home confinements have helped the series have had more downloads than two years ago. Thus, it becomes the most downloaded series and ignores The Boys‘ already Westworld‘, the other two most watched series this year, being configured in second and third place respectively.

The adventures of the first two seasons of the series released in the months of March and November have caught the attention of all viewers looking for action, characters with charisma and comedy.

Each of the three series most demanded by the public has a different theme, since the great diversity of options is one of the characteristics that most favor the version streaming from the world of technologies.

Following the statistics published annually by the Torrent Freak portal, the list that includes the most pirated series, apart from ‘The Mandalorian, continue with Vikings’, ‘Star Trek: Picard’, ‘Rick y Morty, The Walking Dead’, ‘The Outsider’, ‘Arrow’ y ‘The Flash’.

Therefore, the fact of being able to consider that there are four series within the Top 10 that did not appear in the same ranking during 2019, a fact that demonstrates with evidence the good reception that the series has had ‘The Boys’, the growing popularity it has had ‘Star Trek: Picard’, and the doubts that HBO has about whether or not to go ahead with the second season of ‘The visitor’.

On the part of ‘WestWorld’ There was no season at any time in 2019, a fact that denotes that in the previous year it did not appear on the list. By contrast, it was the series ‘Chernobyl’ the one that ranked second during that year.

Disney+ VS. HBO Max

One of the most important things is not only the success you have had Disney+ with the most downloaded series of the year, but also continues to grow thanks to other types of films, and positioning itself higher and higher.

An example of this is the large number of downloads that movies found on the platform are having, such as’Soul’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, since they are two of the great bets that he has made Disney+ With HBO Max so that the number of customers during Christmas increased. Between those two movies, ‘Soul’ has generated greater interest from Disney+ what ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ by HBO Max.

When it comes to putting figures on this, according to the data it provides Bloomberg, the mobile application for HBO Max had a total of 544.000 downloads during December 25 and 27, completing a record for the short life of the platform.

By contrast, the application of Disney+ had a total of 2.3 million of downloads, positioning the platform with a growth of a 28% compared to the previous week.


Moff Gideon’s past in The Mandalorian | Disney Plus Series | SPORTS-PLAY

Moff Gideon is the main villain of “The Mandalorian”, and has been known to earn the respect of fans of the franchise. But what is your past? What happened to you before the events of the Disney Plus series?

MORE INFORMATION: 10 things that season 3 of the series “The Mandalorian”

The first two seasons of “The Mandalorian” presented to Giancarlo Esposito interpreting a Moff Gideon, the imminent threat to This Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Yellow. Despite its short screen time so far, the impact it has had on the first live-action series of “Star Wars” is significant.

It wasn’t until the final episodes of season 1 that Moff Gideon made his debut, revealing himself to be the one who wanted the blood of Grogu, also known as ‘Baby Yoda’. After his forces nearly killed the main characters in an attempt to trap Grogu, Din Djarin believed he had killed him when he fired his TIE fighter from the sky over Nevarro; however, he returned for season two, this time as a major threat.

The first two seasons of “The Mandalorian” featured Giancarlo Esposito playing Moff Gideon (Image: Lucasfilm / Disney)

Gideon unleashed an army of dark soldiers to kidnap ‘Baby Yoda’ and continued the experiments based on Grogu’s high count of midichlorians. But he was defeated at the end of the season and is now in the custody of Din Djarin facing the season 3. But what do we know about his past?


“The Mandalorian” He does not reveal details about his backstory yet, but has confirmed that Moff Gideon was an officer in the Imperial Security Office during the Empire’s reign. Although it is not known when he began working for the Galactic Empire. His involvement with the ISB led him to participate in the Great Mandalorian Purge. This event saw Gideon fighting with the Empire against Mandalore, leading the victorious Empire to confiscate Beskar and nearly annihilate the Mandalorians.

Presumably it was during the Great Purge that Gideon took possession of the Darksaber, the powerful Mandalorian weapon that was last known as the property of Bo-Katan Kryze, who later became the leader of Mandalore.

On the other hand, the series showed Bo-Katan on the quest to find Gideon and claim the Darksaber, but Din Djarin had already defeated him, and almost inadvertently became the rightful owner of the Darksaber. Now, it is believed that Bo-Katan lost the Darksaber to Gideon during the Great Purge, but it is unknown how and when the latter managed to disarm it to acquire the weapon.

“The Mandalorian” does not yet reveal details about its backstory, but has confirmed that Moff Gideon was an officer in the Imperial Security Office during the Empire’s reign (Photo: Disney Plus)

Likewise, when the Empire fell, Gideon had reached the imperial rank of Moff. Thanks to this position, he became the leader of some remnants of the Empire. During this time, he began searching for Grogu, which could be part of the plan to help further attempts to clone Emperor Palpatine, perhaps using his blood.

Finally, Gideon managed to operate mainly in the shadows during this timeas it was believed that he had been executed for his war crimes. Somehow, she had managed to fake her own death and made it convincing enough that even Cara Dune believed she was.

“The Mandalorian” He’s not done with Moff Gideon yet, so more information about his past is likely to be revealed in future seasons, or perhaps even his own spin-off.

Moff Gideon couldn't do anything against Mando's armor (Photo: Disney +)

Moff Gideon couldn’t do anything against Mando’s armor (Photo: Disney +)


Baby Quetzalcóatl. Where to buy and how much does the new Grogu cost

Millennium Digital

Mexico City / 08.01.2021 12:13:01

The success of The Mandalorian, the series Disney Plus, was largely due to the appearance of the charismatic Baby Yoda, who Star Wars fans fell in love with from the first trailer of the show. Since then, users They boast photos of their Grogu, used as a Christmas ornament, company to watch series, and even, a doll inside the rosca de Reyes. However, a close competitor came out and he is no less a tender version of the god of the wind, whom they already nicknamed ‘Baby Quetzalcóatl’.

At the moment his photo began to circulate on social networks, a heated debate began, since the roots of Yellow is big; However, many others feel more identified with the new version of the ‘feathered serpent’, the meaning of the word.

Quetzalcoatl He is an important god for Mesoamerican cultures since the period Preclassic, and his influence spread throughout much of the region. Its significance is such that, upon the arrival of Hernan Cortes to Tenochtitlan, the Mexica thought that it was the return of their god, because of his appearance different from what they knew.

How do I get my Baby Quetzalcóatl?

If you want your own miniature god, the process will be simple, as all you have to do is enter the online store Esty and order it at home, in an import that comes from Russia that they warn that it could take between 16 and 18 months to arrive.

However, to acquire the character of the moment you will have to pay 15 thousand 700 Mexican pesos, which you can also pay through the PayPal service. Highlights the page that is handmade.

Users react to Baby Quetzalcóatl

The return of the god of the wind, now on social networks, put some Internet users to discuss. Who will win this battle: Baby Quetzalcóatl or Baby Yoda? We don’t know, but we both wish May the force be with you.