Egyptian organization reveals the recruitment of 1,316 children by Turkey in Syria – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Titled “Turkey’s involvement in the recruitment of children from the areas it occupies in northern Syria,” the Maat Foundation stated in a report released today that the repeated failure of the international community to act effectively to protect civilians in Syria it has encouraged Turkish mercenaries to commit systematic war crimes and other violations of international law, including the recruitment of children.

‘Turkish mercenaries recruit children by force’

The “Maat” report indicated that mercenaries use complex patterns to forcibly recruit children and drive them to war in the various areas it controls in northern Syria, killing and wounding hundreds of them.

The report confirmed Turkey’s direct involvement in the recruitment of children to fight in northern and eastern Syria, and the transfer and use of these children to fight in Libya to support the Government of National Accord, Turkey’s political ally, through the use of security companies working to recruit children under the age of 18 to participate in armed hostilities, especially in Libya.

“Maat” warned that “children are used at the front as direct combatants, or in security services such as inspection of border points, or logistical support related to military operations, in addition to working to serve older combatants, in addition to spying. ”.

What reinforced the emergence of the phenomenon of child recruitment – according to the report – the presence of a group of social factors, the most prominent are; the lack of funds, awareness and education, which facilitated the recruitment of these children on an ideological basis.

The report noted that “in April 2020 the Turkish mercenaries sent two children to carry out a bombing operation on military concentrations of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northern and eastern Syria, who were no more than 15 years old, disguised as Sheep herders, as one of the two children blew himself up before reaching one of the military points, while the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to arrest the second child, who was injured.

For his part, the director of the Maat Foundation, Ayman Aqil, said that “Turkish mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria were involved in the recruitment of some 1,316 children during the period from 2014 to 2019, according to UN reports. and the monitoring of the Maat Foundation “.

He added: “This matter violates all the international conventions and treaties that prohibit the recruitment of children in armed conflicts, and the related actions derived from them.”

Aqil revealed that Turkey had “sent some 380 children after being recruited by loyal mercenaries in northern Syria to fight in the various conflict areas involved, especially Libya, resulting in the death of about 25 of them.”

‘Turkey ignores international agreements’

Maat Foundation researcher Muhammad Mukhtar confirmed that Turkey, despite its adherence to most international conventions that prevent the recruitment of children under the age of eighteen, either directly or indirectly, ignores these letters, agreements and resolutions. international organizations, and provides full support to its mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria, in order to recruit children to participate in armed conflicts.

‘Turkey’s crimes in Afrin’

In a previous report, the Maat Foundation monitored Turkey’s crimes in occupied Afrin, especially; Attempts to erase identity, systematic displacement, resettlement of foreign mercenaries and extrajudicial executions.

Ayman Aqil said: “Turkey began to bring about a demographic change that includes the establishment of its mercenaries in Afrin instead of the indigenous peoples.”

He continued: “This came together with the renaming of government and service buildings to Turkish names, representing the destruction of cultural identity in the region and perpetuating the ongoing Turkish occupation process in the Afrin region.” .

It should be noted that the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights is an Egyptian non-governmental organization that works to promote and respect human rights in Africa and the Middle East.



The best cosplay from World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was seen during BlizzConline 2021

Given the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s BlizzCon, whose summary in Spanish you can read here, it has been held completely virtual under the apt name of ‘BlizzConline‘. Despite this, one of the main activities of the event has remained standing: the contest cosplays. Since fans of Blizzard games could not attend the fair disguised as their favorite characters, the company organized this activity in virtual format and the results are just as spectacular.

We already know which have been the winners of the contest cosplayers BlizzConline 2021 and the top spot in the main category is well deserved: the winner has been Hartigan Cosplay, a cosplayer Belgian who has surprised with a stunning Bolvar Fordragon costume, one of the main characters of World of Warcraft which, in addition to having a fundamental role in the saga, is one of the most important appearances of the last published expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Below these lines you can see a video in which he explains how this fascinating cosplayer.

A cosplay burning

As you can see, Hartigan has done his best to get all the details of this version of Bolvar Fordragon: her skin burned, magma gushing out from between the openings in her body, eyes lit up One detail that has been particularly liked is that the cosplay it even emanates smoke, giving the sensation of being an entity of living lava and volcanic rock. Thanks to this creation, which by the way is the first of its kind to make the cosplayer, has managed to win two awards at BlizzConline 2021: best adaptation of a Blizzard character and that of best of the contest.

There are other categories within the contest cosplayers of BlizzConline 2021 and in all of them there are several finalists who have presented costumes as surprising and detailed as Hartigan’s. Special mention to cosplayer Spanish Anhyra Cosplay, that with his cosplay Leader’s Barbara has not only achieved a place among the finalists of the award for the best of the contest, but also has won the award for best weapon and armor.


Freedom day? – Eduardo Posada Carbó column – Columnists – Opinion

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his government’s plans to end the confinement decreed since Christmas time. It will be a gradual opening, in stages. From the return to schools, on March 8, until the removal of the restrictions that today impede social life and have paralyzed many sectors of the economy, on June 21: “freedom day”, reported the Financial Times.

Faced with the rays of light at the end of what is still a long tunnel, the respite has been general. Thanks to the good successes of the vaccination program, in particular its accelerated rate of coverage, we would walk, in Johnson’s words, on “a one-way street to freedom.”

There are good reasons for hope. And it is up to every government to motivate social optimism. But it is also important to note the need to be cautious – the gradual nature of the plan confirms this. Furthermore, enthusiasm for early triumphs against COVID-19 may need to subside.

The response of the so-called developed world has been to vaccinate their own as soon as possible and close borders. It is urgent to accelerate global vaccination programs, reinforcing initiatives such as Covax.

‘It’s Going Global’ was the headline on the cover of The Economist in the edition that began to circulate almost a year ago (on February 29, twelve months ago). The virus had already hit hard in Italy, in Lombardy, where the authorities had ordered the closure of a good number of sites to avoid agglomerations. But most of the attention remained focused on China. The International Health Organization was still examining whether to declare the pandemic.

What followed is history. And when that story is written with the serenity that only the passage of time, the eyes will turn to that great incongruity of wanting to bring down an evil of global dimensions with national strategies (not to say nationalist).

The path traveled by vaccines demonstrates this, despite the examples of the scientific community, which from the beginning of the crisis pointed out the path of international collaboration necessary to move forward. Its results are in sight: in record time, humanity today has several vaccines that seem effective.

The achievements of the scientific community must be countered by political failures in a world that prided itself on globalization, the notable absence of international leadership (see Philip Ball’s essay in New Statesman, 23/10/2020).

The virus, meanwhile, continues to send messages with challenges: there are its variants, mutations in South Africa, Brazil, the United Kingdom, which threaten to decrease the effectiveness of vaccines. What to do?

An understandable and reasonable answer in the short term. But unless it is believed possible to live in “autarchies”, as the Financial Times, the successes of such national strategies will be limited.

It is therefore urgent to accelerate global vaccination programs, reinforcing initiatives such as Covax, which promote access to vaccines in poor countries. As the Financial TimesThere are moral reasons for doing so, although there are also economic interests that rich countries may understand better.

Just think of the tourism industry – on which one in ten jobs in the world depend and more than 4 percent of the GDP of OECD members (The Economist, 02/13/2021) -. For some countries, in southern Europe and across the vast geography of underdevelopment, the effects of the coronavirus on tourism have been devastating.

Without global triumphs, those celebrations of freedom in times of pandemic seem somewhat premature.

Eduardo Posada Carbo


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T Dual 128 GB

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Religious scholars are also arrested in Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The religious scholar Ezzedin Agha was in a guest house in the Turkish city of Mersin, when the Turkish authorities raided the house and arrested him.

Simultaneously with his arrest, the Turkish authorities raided Izz al-Din’s home in the city of “Batman”.

“Faruq Agha”, said one of the sons of the scholar Izzedin: when the Turkish police raided their house, they threatened them and said: “We will kill them.”

According to the information, Izzedin Agha was transferred to the Security Directorate in Mersin, and the reason for his arrest is still unknown.



Mark Kent, on humanitarian work in the Malvinas: “It was very exciting”

He has been ambassador to Argentina for four and a half years and is on his way to five, as he will conclude his task in September when his successor arrives. Until then, his goal will be “to continue looking for links and strengthening relationships.”

“The relationship with Argentina must be the closest that the United Kingdom has in comparison with the other Latin American countries,” said the diplomat.


Mark Kent made a balance on the Humanitarian Project Plan that managed to materialize between June and August 2017 in the Falkland Islands: “It was something unique and historic that the Argentines, the British, the families of the fallen, achieved. Of the 122 unnamed graves in the Darwin cemetery, 115 were identified, only 7 are missing and this work continues ”, he highlighted.

And he recalled that “we used two flights with family members to see the grave of their loved ones, it was very exciting.” Kent He defined this project as the most important professional job of his career “because you can see the difference you can make in people’s lives, something very important,” he said.


Referring to the administration of the vaccine, he highlighted two aspects: production by the AstraZeneca companies and its partners in Argentina and Mexico, and distribution. In this sense, he proposed to discuss how the vaccine will be distributed in an equitable way: “If we do not give access to the countries and all the people within the countries who need the vaccine, we will not get out of the pandemic,” he said.

“In Great Britain we are coming out of a very difficult time, there it is in winter and it was quite a hard blow in the last two weeks, but the cases are already falling and the vaccination plan is being advanced,” commented the ambassador. “Up to this date, 16 million people who are in the high-risk group have already been vaccinated. We are going to see a drop in the number of cases in the coming weeks ”, he estimated.


The United Kingdom ambassador relativized the importance of what Brexit meant for his country today: “We are looking for free trade agreements, evaluating other markets, including Mercosur, Argentina are possibilities in the future.” And he considered that “leaving the European Union gives us more possibilities to make our own free trade agreements that can be faster and more focused on what the country itself needs.”

Regarding the relationship with the rest of Latin America, the ambassador considered that even more can be done, specifically with regard to climate change: “Argentina is a very important actor in this climate change issue, with many possibilities for energy renewable and are also large agricultural producers ”. (

If you like what we do, we ask you to help us to continue exercising our journalistic work with the greatest independence and objectivity possible.

We invite you to collaborate with realpolitik

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Kongra Star: Turkey should be judged by the Paris massacre – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Ismail Hakkı Pekin, former head of the Intelligence Department of the General Staff, said on a television program that the murder of the three revolutionary activists Sakine Cansiz, Leila Soylemez and Fidan Dogan in Paris on December 9, 2013 was carried out by the state Turkish.

Kongra Star Coordinator spokeswoman Remziya Mohamed referred to the murders carried out against women leaders and prominent people and said: “Before, murders, violence, massacres and sexual assaults were carried out in secret, now the Turkish state openly attacks free women ”.

Regarding the crime of murder against the three activists in Paris, Remziya says: “France is a very advanced state in the field of security and protection, however, that took place in Paris, as if external powers were not involved, since the idea that terrorists were promoted to give legitimacy to the crime in public opinion. The Turkish state, the Baathist regime and the Iraqi government are responsible for the murder of the martyr Sheilan Kobani in the city of Mosul, Hevrine Xelef, Zehra Bergel, Hebun Weysi, Emina Xelil, Si’da al-Hirmas and Hind al-Khider were all orchestrated directly or indirectly by the Turkish intelligence services in northeast Syria, all the evidence corroborates that the massacre was perpetrated by the Turkish state.

” In order to take into custody the murderers of our comrades, Si’da and Hind, the Peoples Protection Units, the Women’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces carried out an operation against the mercenaries of ISIS in Shadadi, in which a number of mercenaries were captured who all confessed to receiving information from the Turkish state, and who take refuge in Turkey when they are accused. Zehra Bergel and two other comrades in Kobani were killed in an airstrike carried out by the Turkish state, and in the same days of the Turkish attack on Sere Kaniye Hevrine Xelef was killed on the M4, all this indicates that the Turkish state leads to carry out such massacres ”.

Remziye stressed the need for the international community to break the silence in reference to the crimes committed by the Turkish state, “ all international powers, especially France, must stop supporting the massacres and crimes committed by the Turkish state, the into account the Turkish State for the perpetration of the Paris Massacre ”.



the passage of goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland may explode the agreement

Post Brexit in danger. The Northern Ireland protocol is the one that establishes the non-border and the conditions of customs passage between Ireland, the last European border, and Northern Ireland, British territory.

Ulster Prime Minister Arlene Foster decided to challenge in court the protocol signed with the European Union, the most sensitive part of Brexit, as “incompatible with the agreements of Good Friday and Act 1800 of the Union ”of the United Kingdom.

That means that the most delicate instrument that maintains Brexit and through which goods pass to Great Britain and Europe can fall. No one uses Calais or the other ports anymore. All trucks go to Ireland and from there to Great Britain, via Northern Ireland, which still remains in the European single market.

It all started with the vaccine war, when European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen activated Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol and imposed a hard border on the spot. He believed that the Astrazeneca and Pfizer vaccines passed through that border, which were missing from the EU and were going to Great Britain. It was not true, the diplomatic act was a mess and rectified. But the damage was done.

The democratic Protestant unionists, who exercise power in Northern Ireland, never believed in the Northern Ireland protocol, they were not even warned by the EU. They immediately demanded that Boris Johnson be repealed.

Simultaneously the Protestant Loyalist militias, who oppose the Protocol, reappeared on the edge and threatened truckers and customs officers. They were the protagonists of the religious civil war in the province against the Catholic Republicans for 30 years, with 3,000 dead.

El gesto de Von der Leyen woke up the worst demons of the civil war between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland and it jeopardized the Good Friday Agreement, which protected it.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked the EU to relax some step measures and the Europeans refuse. Nor can crustaceans like oysters, lobsters, clams from Great Britain pass over to the mainland and fishermen melt.

The deal

Arlene Foster, the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, challenges the legality of Boris Johnson’s Northern Ireland Protocol, arguing that “Is incompatible with the agreement of Good Friday of 1998 and the Law of Union of 1800 ”.

Foster, along with leading MPs from the Democratic Unionist Party, will seek to overturn the protocol, which imposes controls on goods crossing the Irish Sea.

Unionists are furious about the necessary new regulatory and customs processes to bring goods to Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, under the EU withdrawal agreement.

Lord Frost, the new Brexit minister, is in talks with the EU to ease some of the restrictions, having taken over the negotiations in place of Michael Gove. However, Brussels has made it clear that it will not accept any significant changes to the agreement, arguing that It is up to the UK to make the protocol work.

It has now emerged that food traders will face another layer of bureaucracy sending fresh processed meat, such as hot dogs, to the province. Britain got a six-month waiver from an EU-wide ban on importing such products from outside the bloc as part of a deal last December. However, now the merchants must present an export health certificate personalized. Despite this, such products could still face a total ban, when the exemption period ends in June.

Foster said that the Northern Ireland protocol clearly violated previous legislation. “Fundamental to the Act of Union is unrestricted trade across the UK“, He said. “At the center of the Belfast agreement was the principle of consent. Now they have brought a horse and a driver through the Union Accord and the Belfast Accord,” he said.

Irish politicians are concerned at the decision of the Protestant Prime Minister, in fragile Northern Ireland, where because of protocol supermarkets have empty shelves.

Colum Eastwood, leader of the nationalist and Catholic SDLP, called the legal action badly judged. He said it will “strengthen the feverish political climate and create more uncertainty for people and businesses.” “There will be few who sympathize with the argument that the protocol, which prevents a firm border in Ireland and guarantees dual market access for local businesses, violates the Good Friday agreement,” he said.

Micheal Martin, the Irish Prime Minister, has urged the DUP “to reduce rhetoric and work to resolve issues with the protocol”.



a survey revealed what is Apple’s definitive advantage over Microsoft

The positioning of a company or its brand with respect to competitors is widely considered as a key factor in the competitive success of a commercial strategy. To try to measure these intangible values, the Brand Keys consultancy carries out the annual index of customer loyalty every year.

In its 25th edition, the most relevant data of this study indicates that Apple notebook users show greater emotional commitment than those with a Microsoft laptop.

Unlike surveys that measure specific market data, Brand Keys uses a research methodology that fuses emotional and rational aspects and identifies four specific buying behavior loyalty drivers, along with their percentage contribution to engagement, loyalty and profitability.

As part of this survey, the firm asked about the feelings that the MacBook awakens and what causes the Microsoft Surface.

Apple consumers happy with their products. Photo: EFE

While the Macs were placed in the loyalty quadrant of the stress test that read: high emotional commitment, high levels of meeting expectations.

The Surfaces, on the other hand, were in the so-called lower right quadrant: low emotional commitment, high levels of meeting expectations.

As if to get an idea of ​​the commitment they arouse, Microsoft’s laptops were on the same level as the Canon, HP and Brother printers, Kobo e-reader, and Audio-Technica headphones.

In the squad of the successful, led by Apple Macs the iPhone, iPad and AirPods. These were joined by Konica-Minolta photocopiers, Samsung, Sony, LG and Amazon Kindle TVs.

The consultancy highlighted as a key data how the Covid era influenced loyalty to all types of brands and technology products.

For many people, the arrival of the pandemic has increased the need for high-tech brands to be willing to offer more than just a “colored iron”.

Microsoft, leader in sales of the segment.  Photo: Reuters

Microsoft, leader in sales of the segment. Photo: Reuters

“Loyal customers are six times more likely to give the brand a suspicious benefit under difficult circumstances,” said Robert Passikoff, founder and president of BrandKeys.

Of the high-tech brands and products that people actually do not have positive emotions and do not inspire the desire of customers to live up to your expectations. Here are the Sharp and Hitachi TVs. They are joined by all Epson, Panasonic and LG tablets headphones.

Research shows that building a community around a brand generates higher loyalty than reward, whether intentional or not.

For this work, the firm interviewed 75,804 Americans, 40% were interviewed by phone and the remaining 60% through online interviews. Participants were asked about 94 categories that included 855 different brands.



The IPO climate puts the loyalty actions proposed by Calviño in check

The draft Law that modifies the Capital Companies Law In order to promote the long-term involvement of shareholders in listed companies, it is being processed by parliament. This standard will include one of the most controversial figures in the business world, double voting shares or loyalty shares, and the boom in IPOs that is expected in 2021 after several years of drought in national markets puts its use in check.

The new rule will allow those companies that wish to include this instrument in their bylaws, widely used in other countries but was not allowed in Spain, which grants additional voting rights to the shares that the holder has maintained without interruption during a minimum period of two years. Its implementation involves harmonizing Spanish regulations with those of other neighboring countries, although it also implies several challenges for companies.

In this sense, and among the amendments that were presented in the parliamentary process, one of them stands out. Citizens and what proposes that companies that request admission to trading of their shares on a regulated market should wait to include this figure in their bylaws until, at least, the fifth year from the date of the bell. The objective of this movement would be to encourage the participation and investment of new shareholders at the same time as it is intended to limit the capacity of the control partners prior to trading in the regulated market.

The IPO of companies is done, in most cases, as a way of raising resources, so business circles understand that including from the beginning of their arrival on the market this type of actions in the bylaws of a company could lead to a brake on investment. In this way, and if this clause requested by the orange party is finally approved, a five-year grace period would be imposed from the arrival on the market in order to facilitate liquidity.

Already at the beginning of the parliamentary procedure of this project they came to light discrepancies about its use. Specifically, the European Banking Authority (EBA, for its acronym in English) last summer recommended to financial institutions caution in their use, since he considered that it could have implications in the context of the recapitalization, as there is the possibility that its use would hinder the entry of new shareholders.

The EBA requested that they be used with caution and the CES warned of the risks in matters such as the obligation to launch a takeover bid

On the opposite side is the Economic and Social Council -CES- that despite supporting its use, in the opinion it issued in 2019, at the beginning of the process, it explained that in some cases the use of loyalty actions could achieve the opposite effect to that desired. For this he gave the example of OPA and the obligation to launch a public offering if certain capital thresholds are exceeded. In the event of this circumstance, the use of double voting shares could incentivize short-term investment, since the movements of other shareholders would influence the total number of rights.

Experts on the subject also see the use of loyalty actions as a danger high litigation that can be derived from the chain of custody of the shares. Specifically, they recall that the chains of intermediaries can make it difficult to exercise the right of transparency that the regulation includes, since the use of different companies could camouflage different ultimate owners of the shares with the same ‘loyal shareholder’ that benefits from an increase in voting rights.