Egypt / Turkey.- Egypt and Turkey describe as “frank” their contacts to address the possible restart of relations

MADRID, 7 May. 2021 (Europa Press) –

The governments of Egypt and Turkey have highlighted that their recent contacts to address the possible restoration of diplomatic relations have been “frank” and “in depth”, after two days of meetings in Cairo to try to bring positions closer.

In a joint statement, they noted that the “exploratory talks” have addressed “various bilateral issues, as well as regional issues, in particular the situation in Libya, Syria, Iraq and the need to achieve peace and security in the eastern Mediterranean.”

“The two parties will evaluate the results of this round of consultation and agree on the next steps,” they have indicated, after which Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has pointed to “a positive atmosphere” in the meetings, according to the chain of Turkish television TRT Haber.

In this sense, Cavusoglu has pointed out that “discussions will continue on the steps that can be taken to normalize relations in the next period,” while stressing that Ankara “has always said that Egypt will also benefit from cooperation”, such and as the Turkish state agency, Anatolia, has collected.

Cavusoglu himself announced in mid-March the existence of diplomatic “contacts” with Egypt after the freezing of their relations in 2013 as a result of the coup that overthrew the then Egyptian president, Mohamed Mursi, backed from Ankara.

Diplomatic tensions between Ankara and Cairo after the overthrow of Mursi have been followed by various diplomatic clashes around the conflict in Libya, where they supported opposing sides, and the maritime claims of both countries.


Hayden Christensen turns 40 and will be Anakin Skywalker again – Film and TV – Culture

Hayden Christensen, the actor from the iconic Star Wars, celebrates 40 years after announcing his return to the empire: he will once again star as Anakin / Darth Vader in the series Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“Difficult to see it is. The future is always in motion ”. Master Yoda would not imagine that the future of his world would continue to grow fans after more than four decades of its first edition. This month, Obi Wan Kenobi, one of the series of the universe of Lucasfilm most anticipated, recording will begin, and the iconic Darth Vader (o Anakin Skywalker) It will once again star Hayden Christensen, an ad that coincides with the celebration of her birthday.

Before perceiving the strength in him, the Canadian actor of Danish, Swedish and Italian blood was born in Vancouver on April 19, 1981. After accompanying his sister to a casting for a commercial, he was discovered by one of the directors, and to seven years began his career in acting. It was in the fantasy horror cinema that he made his debut, which for some could give a sign of his first approaches to the dark side. He continued in other supporting roles such as In the mouth of fear (1994); The Virgin Suicides (1999), the debut of Sofia Coppola; Y The Hairy Bird (1998).

It was in the year 2000 when he had greater recognition with the television series Highlands (2000), in which he represented a young man with drug addiction problems in a school. But in The house of my life2001) played the role that would launch him to stardom, and not just as the death star. For this role he earned a nomination for Golden Globe, SAG Awards, and in the National Board of Reviews for best supporting actor. It also found favor in the eyes of director George Lucas, who at the time was seeking to create the prequel to the already famous Star Wars trilogy.

In an interview, Lucas explains that he saw in Hayden’s face, who was just 19 years old, the dark side that the character needed, as well as the chemistry he had with the actress Natalie Portman, who starred as Queen Padme Amidala. This is how after 400 candidates, including Leonardo Dicaprio himself, Christensen passed all filters and was cast as Anakin in the episodes Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones Y Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Total filming began in June 2000 and ended in September 2003. This role earned him absolute fame, although it did not exempt him from some negative reviews, to the point of receiving two Razzie Awards for worst supporting actor at that time.

Nonetheless, he was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards for Best Drama / Action Actor, and took home the Best Villain award at the MTV Movie Awards in 2006. He was also named in People Magazine’s as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People and in Teen People’s one of the ’25 Hottest Stars Under 25 ‘.

His later career

After becoming an icon of the saga, he participated in other films that did not earn him greater recognition, but they rubbed shoulders with great actors. Between episode ll and lll of Star Wars, I work in The price of the truth with Billy Ray, on the story of a journalist who invented his reports, Stephen Glass; also participated in Awake in 2006 with Jessica Alba. In 2007 he worked on the tape Jumper with Samuel Jackson, with whom he was later in three more films, and where he met actress Rachel Bilson, his wife for a decade and the mother of his daughter born in 2014.

He also had other duo collaborations such as Nicolas Cage (2014), or Bruce Willis (2017). A few years ago he worked in an Argentine production called The last man, and in Little Italy (2018), a romantic comedy that he co-stars with Emma Roberts.

However, after 2008, the actor gradually moved away from Hollywood and began another life. As he told the Toronto Star in 2008, he bought a farm outside of Toronto to become a rancher. “I guess I felt like I had something wonderful in Star Wars that gave me all those opportunities and gave me a career, but I felt like they had put a little too much on my plate,” the actor recounted in 2015, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Retorno a ‘Star Wars’

I am excited to be working with Ewan again. It feels good to be back, ”says Hayden.

In 2017, the actor was present at the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the first film in the saga (1977) and received applause from the public when he took the stage with Ian McDiarmid, who played Darth Sidious. Despite the criticism he had a few decades ago, the recent announcement about his return was praised by fans, a wait that has been seen since the new presentations of the original saga began to come out in 2013.

The miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi will take place 10 years after the events located in Revenge of the sith, between episode III and IV. Therefore, we will see the actor in the role of Vader although we know little about his plot, it is known that we will see a Darth Vader in his definitive role on the dark side and in the loneliness of the Jedi master Obi Wan kenobi, also starring the original of the prequels Ewan Mcgregor, after witnessing the extermination of his fellow Jedi. Some images of the first sets of the series have also been exhibited in a desert village.

It will be directed by Deborah Chow, who directed some episodes of the hit series. The Mandolarian and the script will be in charge of Hossein Amini. Its cast was announced on March 29 and will also feature Joel Edgerton, Sung Kang, Rubert Friend, among others.

According to rumors of Bounding Into Comics, Darth Vader will sometimes appear without his helmet, so that he can see the actor’s face. The miniseries just began filming this month after some interruptions due to alleged script problems and the pandemic, its launch is expected in 2022 on the Disneyplus streaming platform.

“It was an incredible journey playing Anakin Skywalker. Of course Anakin and Obi-Wan weren’t on the best of terms when we last saw them … It will be interesting to see what an amazing director like Deborah Chow has in store for all of us. I am excited to be working with Ewan again. It feels good to be back, ”says Hayden.



Ramziyya Muhammad: International silence helps Turkey continue its crimes – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The town of Al-Hasakah is suffering harsh conditions due to the cut off of the water supply of the Alouk station, which causes a crisis for millions of people, coinciding with the high temperatures of summer and the expansion of the coronavirus.

In this regard, Kongra Star spokeswoman Ramziyya Muhammad stated that “it is not the first time that the Turkish occupation cut off the water supply to the population of Hasakah city after the occupation of Serekaniye city.”

He explained that “the Turkish occupation seeks to expand its hegemony over the entire region and harm its people, with the aim, through its policy, of subjugating the Autonomous Administration and allowing it to control our regions.”

She continued: “The Turkish occupation seeks, by cutting off the water, to implement a special war against the people of the region with the aim of displacing them from their city.”

Ramziya Muhammad warned of “dire consequences and a humanitarian catastrophe” in the region, noting that “cutting off the water supply to the people of Al-Hasakah is a continuation of the practices and violations committed by the northern and eastern regions of Syria. “.

He went on to say: cutting off the water increases the spread of the corona virus in the region, as people are unable to carry out their daily work and take care of hygiene.

Muhammad criticized the silence of the international community on the crimes of the Turkish occupation in the northern and eastern regions of Syria, calling on the authorities concerned to intervene to stop these crimes and hold the Turkish state accountable, stating that the international silence “means that it helps the Turkish state to commit these crimes. “

Alouk water station is strategic for Al-Hasakah city, Tal Tamr district and southern Hasakah regions such as Al-Houl, Al-Areesheh, Al-Shaddadi and Marka, in addition to the camps located within of the region, such as Al-Arisha, Al-Hol, Washokani and Serekaniye, with a population of more than one million.



Britain is about to scare the world with aircraft carriers again and regain superpower status

Great Britain is going to regain the status of “master of the seas” and is ready to intimidate the world with the power of its aircraft carriers. This activation of London has been recorded for the first time in the past few decades.

Image via:

Soon, an aircraft carrier strike group of the British Navy will set off on a long-distance campaign, the ultimate goal is the Pacific Ocean. A pair of Daring-class destroyers will be sent to the shores of Asia, which are designed to provide air defense of the ship group, two frigates are also involved to organize anti-submarine defense, several ships of the floating rear and one nuclear submarine. If we talk about the military-political side of the issue, then such actions of London can be regarded as a demonstration of force, the observers of the Vzglyad portal believe. The head of the British Ministry of Defense Ben Wallace made it clear that the operation was intended to show the power of the kingdom’s fleet and the global orientation of the state. Experts find such statements a reflection of London’s ambitions to join the ranks of the modern great powers. The influence of Great Britain in the world is only growing, and the Navy, in this case, is a necessary tool so that, if necessary, the country can support its position with open force. The center of development, journalists believe, will be the Pacific region, where the British fleet is also going to participate in exercises with the allies.

Great past

The authors of the article point out that after the end of World War II, Great Britain fully deserved the title of superpower, possessing a powerful navy and air force. The Suez crisis was a blow to the authority of London, for which the USSR is to blame, but the country recovered and developed nuclear weapons. The turning point took place in 1964, when the Laborites came to power. They intervened in unnecessary conflicts, sacrificing powerful aircraft carriers that were the backbone of the fleet. Instead of keeping the ships there, they decided to build anti-submarine helicopter-carrying cruisers. Since that time, the problems in the Navy have only increased and accumulated, which brought their world superiority to nothing.

Image via:

Weak aircraft carrier group

The concept of “aircraft carrier” group appeared at the suggestion of the United States, moreover, in peacetime. The group that Great Britain sends to the Pacific Ocean has much less opportunities than the American ones. For example, this is noticeable in the apparent shortage of cruise missiles. Only a submarine is capable of using them, but the volleys in their power do not reach the Pentagon destroyers. Ships of the “Daring” class are not capable of hitting targets beyond 120 km, for the Americans this figure exceeds 200 km. In addition, Washington has AWACS aircraft, while Britain has only helicopters. The capabilities of aviation, which in this case are based on the F-35B, are not impressive either. To strike a surface ship, the plane will have to be in the area of ​​the latter’s air defense. Another problem is the absence of its own pilots, and now there are only Americans among the deck ships, who are unlikely to fight a country with which the United States is not in conflict. The authors of the article call the UK AUG “imitation” of the real one.

It is worth fearing

However, even so, Russia should be wary, observers believe. In particular, the Russian Navy does not have any aircraft carriers or naval pilots at all. The Premier League is a serious force in Great Britain. The same Pacific Fleet has practically nothing to oppose to submarines of the “Astyut” type. Difficulties may arise with Trafalgar. With all the problems of the surface “Daring”, the Russian Federation has practically no aviation capable of penetrating the protection of such ships, experts summarize. Although the assault regiments of the Black Sea and Baltic fleets have prospects, they need serious training and a large stock of X-35 missiles.

Image via:

The important point is not even the current power of the British Navy, but London’s intentions to develop the fleet. The kingdom’s interference in international affairs is in danger of increasing. This concerns, for example, the position on Turkey, which differs from the approaches of other countries. Britain wants to become a world power again, which is potentially ready to achieve, including by military means. The state has the ability to build new aircraft carriers, train naval pilots, acquire equipment and increase combat capabilities to the level of the United States. AUG’s visit to the Pacific is a testament to London’s desire to regain its former glory.


Author: Marina Weber


Lar gives the green light to a dividend of 27.5 million after increasing its income

Green light for dividends after the first year of Covid. The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Lar Spain has approved this Thursday the proposal of pay out a dividend of 31 euro cents per share, up to a total of 27.5 million euros and one 6.7% return per share.

The listed company has a market capitalization that exceeds 460 million euros and has positioned itself as one of the main investment vehicles in the segment of malls, a typology that has suffered greatly from the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. In fact, the value of its assets fell by 4.9% last year, up to 1,475 million euros, which caused an accounting impact of 100.7 million euros.

However, the company managed to increase your income by 15% in 2020, from 81.1 million to 93.3 million euros. On the other hand, ebitda was 69.7 million euros, with an increase of 18%, and recurring net profit reached 53.7 million euros, 30.3% higher than the 41.2 million euros obtained in 2019.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, José Luis del Valle, highlighted in his speech to shareholders that “the Brexit and the signs of a slowdown Growth in the main economies made some sectoral adjustment foreseeable. The pandemic came to aggravate that scenario, which logically also reached our specific retail sector. All over the world, specialized companies have had to apply nonessential activity closures and restrictions very relevant of different kinds in our shopping centers and parks “.

[Grupoturismo]  Ndp Castellana Properties Acquires The El Corte Inglés Spaces Of The Los Arcos And Bahía Sur Shopping Centers For 36.8 Million Euros EUROPA PRESS (FILE PHOTO) 5/27/2019

Regarding the impact of the pandemic on the income of its tenants, the businessman has indicated that “we have renegotiated practically 100% of the more than a thousand rental contracts existing in our fourteen centers. The agreed bonuses, and therefore the impact on cash for the year, represented a final amount of 22 million euros, which at the level of results will be applied over the next few years “.

The manager valued that the success achieved in 2020 was mainly due to the “extraordinary coordination with our merchants. We were the first to implement comprehensive security measures, subject to independent health certification. In parallel, we managed to update commercial agreements with practically all tenants, with rates always close to full technical occupancy, “he said.

Merlin Properties requests authorization from the CNMC to purchase Saba's logistics business

Even so, the businessman has recognized the blow that the sector has received and the need to make adjustments. Del Valle has clarified that the recovery will tend to focus on prime shopping centers and parks: “If before the real estate assets depended mainly on the location, from now on they will depend on their dominance and ability to attract end customers and merchants. It is important where you are, but above all how you are and who you are with. Commercial offer, shopping experience, entertainment, omnichannel and customer knowledge will make the difference. “


Queen Elizabeth II and the UK bid farewell to Prince Philip

Dead at almost 100 years old, Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was buried on Saturday April 17, 2021 at Windsor Castle, in the vault of Saint George’s Chapel.

Sitting alone during the ceremony and all dressed in black, even to the mask, Queen Elizabeth II bid farewell to her husband Prince Philip on Saturday, who has supported her for more than seven decades with tireless dedication to the crown.

The prince, dead “Peacefully” eight days ago at Windsor Castle at the age of 99, now rests in the vault of Saint George’s Chapel, on the grounds of the royal residence, after a sober ceremony, pandemic obliges, and millimeter. His coffin will remain in the crypt of the vault until the queen joins him there. The spouses thus reunited will then have as their final abode the Memorial Chapel of King George VI, father of Elizabeth II.

A few days before her 95th birthday, the Queen paid tribute, surrounded by the closest members of the royal family, to the one she defined as her ” force » and his ” support “, since his coronation in 1952. Known for his outspokenness and his jokes – sometimes flirting with racism or sexism – the prince consort, with the record longevity in the history of the country, would have been 100 years old on June 10.

During the ceremony, the Dean of Windsor paid tribute to the ” unshakeable loyalty “ of Prince Philip to the Queen, his ” courage », to ” strength of soul ” and his ” was “.

Limited to 30 people due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony opened at the grounds of Windsor Castle, west London, shortly before 3 p.m. at which time the UK, in national mourning for eight days, observed a minute of silence.

Covered with the Duke of Edinburgh’s personal standard, sword, Navy cap and a wreath of flowers, the coffin was carried in the back of a military green Land Rover that Prince Philip had himself helped conceive for sixteen years.

The two brothers seen talking

Led by Charles, the Crown Prince, and his sister the Princess Royal Anne, the short procession, followed by the Queen in a Bentley, accompanied the coffin to Saint George’s Chapel for religious service.

In the third line in the funeral procession, behind the children of the Queen and Prince Philip, were their grandsons William and Harry. They were seen exchanging a few words as they left the chapel. During the procession, the two brothers with broken relations were separated by their cousin Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne. This choice was widely commented on in the press, on the lookout for any sign of reconciliation between the two sons of Prince Charles.

It was the first time since his shattering withdrawal and his departure across the Atlantic that Prince Harry had found the royal family in public, whom he accused of racism and indifference to his Métis wife Meghan.

Grandsons of the deceased: William and Harry

Queen Elizabeth II lived some 70 years with Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth II lived some 70 years with Prince Philip

Prince Charles led the procession
Prince Charles led the procession

The UK observed a minute of silence in tribute to Prince Philip yesterday at 3 p.m.
The UK observed a minute of silence in tribute to Prince Philip yesterday at 3 p.m.


Europe has its crosses and there will be a new Champions

On the side of the prized Champions League, Spanish Real Madrid and English Chelsea will meet first in Madrid, on the 27th of this month, then in London, on May 5. The merengue team eliminated the last champion, Liverpool. The blues, for their part, have had an impeccable Champions League so far, leaving behind teams like Atlético de Madrid.

In the other semi-final, Manchester City will be the 28 against the French PSG, who will receive him in the rematch on May 4. Both have been seeking their consecration for several seasons and this may be for one of the two.

EUROPE LEAGUE. Villarreal of Spain will face Arsenal and Manchester United in Rome next Thursday, April 29, the first leg and on May 6, the return, in the crosses that have resulted in the Europa League, the other current tournament.

Manchester United will face Rome in the semifinals, on the same dates.

On the other hand, next Monday UEFA would approve a new 36-team format from 2024, with a single qualifying table.


Why do all the giants of Europe want Erling Haaland?

The giant Norwegian scorer, the same one that the greats of Europe fight for, stood in front of the ball and before activating his explosive left foot he shouted furiously: Kiricocho.

Later, the 20-year-old boy with many goals, explained: “I have no idea what I yelled at him, I said the same thing he had told me. I do not know what it means”.

The Moroccan goalkeeper Yassine Bounou, better known as Bono, from Sevilla, had appealed to the defensive blocker that Bilardo invented and continued among others Basile. Kiricocho yelled three times and confirmed the supposed effect of the spell: he contained the penalty and also the rebound. But the technology, in the VAR version, is refractory to magical thinking: Bono went ahead and the execution had to be repeated.

The Kirikocho moment between Haaland and Bono. Photo: EFE

Erling Braut Haaland does not usually miss twice and converted for Borussia Dortmund, although he never understood the spell in which they wanted to trap him.

The boy in question measures 1.94, will turn 21 in July, scores a goal every 80 minutes and is the Holy Grail of the next transfer market. Although there is a problem: his German team would have quoted him at 180 million euros, according to the ESPN chain, citing club sources.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern Munich sigh for him and the big firms follow. The Spanish media publish something every day about his possible pass: one day they say that Madrid is the favorite because Martin Odegaard, a close friend of Haaland, also Norwegian, will return from the loan at Arsenal and it is one of the conditions that the forward puts to sign on the white side of the peninsula.

Another day, the media assure that Haaland is the great bet to convince Messi that Barcelona will be serious about the Champions League. And last Thursday they went crazy when they saw the forward’s father and the representative in Madrid and Barcelona within a few hours of each other and without the need for dissimulation. The tour would continue through England.

As in front of the arch, the blonde does not seem to flinch. They ask him about the super cracks. He responds: “Messi? Christian? I still have a long way to go to get to their level. They are possibly the best players in history ”. They consult him about his references. Answer: “I had many idols when I was a child. But I have to name two players: Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic ”.

What does this Norwegian have to put together so much madness? Goal, above all. Much goal. And many years to continue converting.

It is not easy to find a resemblance to other forwards. His minimalism in the movements contrasts with his maximalism to take advantage of every situation that comes his way. He has little of the ball in his possession, he takes it off right away, plays a lot of first class, looks for a partner and goes into space. From the back, the same. Its verticality with respect to the rival arc is astonishing and lethal. Don’t think, shoot.

Erling Braut Haaland was born in Leeds, England, because his father Alf-Inge was playing there then. It was July 21, 2000. At age three they moved to Bryne, Norway. The football planet began to talk about Messi extra large, although little resembles Rosario, when in the U20 World Cup played in Poland in 2019 he scored nine goals in a single game, 12-0 against Honduras.

Alf Inge Haaland and Roy Keane, the man who injured and cut off the scorer's father.

Alf Inge Haaland and Roy Keane, the man who injured and cut off the scorer’s father.

At his first major club, Red Bull Salzburg of Austria, he had already shown his determination. Stanislav Macek, Slovakia U18 coach who shared preseason in August 2019, told As newspaper: “He had a girlfriend in Norway who went to visit him in Austria. A few days later he told the girl to turn back because he needed to focus only on soccer. He was a child working as a mature professional ”.

Macek also detailed that Haaland did 1,000 sit-ups and 300 push-ups “practically daily.” “He has a great mentality, he is a footballer for Real Madrid,” he concluded to the delight of the Madrid newspaper.

He has 33 goals in 32 games played in the current season.  Photo: AP

He has 33 goals in 32 games played in the current season. Photo: AP

The senior team, whose last World Cup participation was in France 98, made it debut on September 5 of that 2019, against Malta for qualification for Euro 2020. On October 11, in its sixth match, it achieved its first hat-trick , against Romania (4-0) for the Nations League.

In Borussia Dortmund (he paid 20 million plus 23 commissions for him) he debuted on January 18, 2020, against Ausburg, and again caused astonishment. He entered at 11 minutes into the second half and in 23 minutes he scored three goals. His team won 5-3.

He has a contract with the German yellow team until 2024, but the gurus of the transfer market predict that he will change his shirt very soon. Haaland is a model for the Nike firm and his representative is one of the sharks with the sharpest teeth in world football: Mino Raiola.

Mino Raiola, the Haaland representative who is offering it to the highest bidder.

Mino Raiola, the Haaland representative who is offering it to the highest bidder.

“Maybe I was too careful with Haaland when I said, ‘oh no, let’s go first to Dortmund instead of I don’t know where,'” the agent confessed these days.

“I still have a three-year contract with Dortmund and I’m not upset by rumors,” says Haaland, but few believe him. Many media claim that he has already notified that he wants to go in June.

Raiola did not want to answer the concern of the Norwegian newspaper VG, the same one that haunts the entire environment: where and for how long can Haaland go?

According to Yvan Le Mee, director of the company Sport Profile Consulting, “Haaland is the future world soccer star alongside Mbappé. Its value, if not for the pandemic, could be close to 200 million euros. In the current market, the minimum that can be expected is a transfer for 100 million ”.

Speaking of salaries, Le Mée contributed: “Mbappé, for example, earns 12 million net a year. Neymar wins 18. Cristiano Ronaldo wins 31. Lionel Messi wins 70, including all bonuses. So I imagine Haaland will earn between € 12 million and € 15 million net a year. It has become a normal salary for world stars of this level ”.

Jamie Moralee, head of New Era Global Sports, also opined: “I would say that Haaland’s market value is now around € 175 million. I think it will end in England. Manchester City or Chelsea. Your salary can end between 230,000 and 350,000 euros a week. In other words, between 12 and 18 million euros per year ”.

Dan Spiegel from Germany says Bayern Munich is willing to shell out 150 million euros. From Madrid, they say that Real would put 120 more Vinicius, which would make a total of 180.

What does Erling Haaland do before entering the court? “Meditate,” he explains. “I like listening to music from the Norwegian rapper Amara. And before each game I listen to a song called Keep dreaming ”, he adds. “I train and meditate a lot, and I play FIFA with friends. My favorite food is kebab pizza, ”she says when asked about tastes.

“Being hungry, always on the lookout for goals and balls,” he says when asked for advice for young people. What he does not say is which club he will choose for the immediate future. Everything indicates that the decision will be made by himself.


League Cup Saturday: River, Boca and Independiente play key games

It will be a Saturday of super action in Argentine soccer, with the presence of three of the largest teams in the country on the field. Yes, River, Boca and also Independiente will play their respective games in search of recovery, after two draws last date.

While River will visit Arsenal at night given the proximity with its Argentina Cup clash this Wednesday 7 against Atlético Tucumán; Boca will receive Defense and Justice hours before since the Falcon de Varela will also have to face Palmeiras from Brazil in the middle of the week at home for the first leg of the Recopa Sudamericana. Meanwhile, Independiente play this Saturday in the first shift is also due to his rival: Talleres, which on Wednesday will also have Argentina Cup action, against Velez for the 16th. final.

In Sarandí, Marcelo Gallardo’s men will seek to find their way in the competition after an irregular start, which has him out of qualifying positions for the second phase in Zone A with 11 points. El Millonario won only one of their last four games (0-1 with Argentinos, 1-1 with Boca, 6-1 against Godoy Cruz and 0-0 with Racing) and will have a good opportunity against Arsenal, which adds only one unit in the Cup and above it has seven players affected by coronavirus. In any case, in Núñez the sights are more set on the duel against the Tucumanos for the Argentine Cup since, if they advance, there will be Superclásico with their eternal rival in the second round.

For its part, Boca will seek to get away from the extra-football tremor that shook the club with the resignation of Mario Pergolini to the vice presidency. During yesterday, President Jorge Ameal and his second Juan Román Riquelme were seen in the Reserve party as a symbol of unity. The members of the media Council of Soccer, Marcelo Delgado, Jorge Bermúdez and Raúl Cascini were also there. Miguel Angel Russo’s team is also out of the second round for the moment, with 10 points in Zone B. Xeneize has equaled 1-1 with Independiente and has not won three (1-1 with River and 1- 2 with Workshops). In front, Sebastián Beccacece will go with his headlines despite the proximity of the Recopa. El Halcón has 11 units and comes from drawing 1-1 with Vélez.

Another who will try to raise his head is the Independiente de Julio Falcioni. After carrying five successes in a row, Red fell to Vélez (0-1) and leveled with Boca with the saving appearance of Uruguayan Sebastián Sosa on the epilogue to save a penalty. Second in Zone B with 13 points, Independiente will not make changes to visit Talleres, which has nine and comes from drawing 1-1 at home against Godoy Cruz.

The day will be completed with the simultaneous presentations of Gymnastics against Lanús, and Sarmiento against Atlético Tucumán. El Lobo (10 points in B) is hit by the pandemic, with a dozen players who tested positive, so it will have many youths among its ranks, such as the 19-year-old debutant goalkeeper Tomás Durso, who will replace Rodrigo Rey. Lanús (13), who has just beaten Patronato 4-2, will seek to take advantage of the situation and climb to the top of the group, at least until Vélez (16) receives Unión on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Sarmiento (7) will try to stretch his pleasant present after defeating Defense 3-1 and drawing without goals with Unión. For that Mario Sciacqua how much with the return of eleven footballers who were lost in recent weeks by covid-19. Opposite will be the Tucumanos of Omar De Felippe, who add six points and come from equaling 2-2 against Newell’s at the Monumental José Fierro.

Probable teams, time and TV of Saturday’s games

14.00 Talleres vs Independiente (FOX Sports Premium).

Workshops: Guido Herrera; Nahuel Tenaglia, Rafael Pérez, Piero Hincapié and Ángelo Martino; Juan Ignacio Méndez and Federico Navarro; Diego Valoyes, Franco Fragapane, Carlos Auzqui and Diego Valoyes; Mateo Retegui. DT: Alexander Medina.

Independent: Sebastián Sosa; Fabricio Bustos, Sergio Barreto, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Ayrton Costa, Gastón Togni; Lucas Romero, Domingo Blanco; Sebastián Palacios, Nicolás Messiniti and Jonathan Menéndez. DT: Julio César Falcioni.

Referee: Ariel Penel.

16.15 LP Gimnasia vs Lanús (TNT Sports).

Gymnastics LP: Tomás Durso; Marcelo Weigandt, Maximiliano Coronel, Germán Guiffrey and Lucas Licht; Emanuel Cecchini and Matías Miranda; Brahian Alemán, Matías Pérez García and Johan Carbonero; Lucas Barrios. DT: Leandro Martini.

Lanús: Lautaro Morales; José Luis Gómez, Nicolás Burdisso, Alexis Pérez and Alexandro Bernabei; Facundo Pérez, Tomás Belmonte and Matías Esquivel; Lautaro Acosta, José Sand and Nicolás Orsini. DT: Luis Zubeldia.

16.15 Sarmiento vs Atlético Tucumán (FOX Sports Premium).

Sarmiento: Manuel Vicentini; Martin Garcia, Marcelo Herrera, Braian Salvareschi and Facundo Castet; Benjamín Borasi, Fausto Montero, Federico Bravo and Gabriel Alanís; Sergio Quiroga and Jonatan Torres. DT: Mario Sciacqua ?.

Atlético Tucumán: Christian Lucchetti; Agustín Lagos, Santiago Vergini, Guillermo Ortiz, Gabriel Risso Patron; Guillermo Acosta, Cristian Erbes, Nicolás Aguirre, Ramiro Carrera; Javier Toledo and Augusto Lotti. DT: Omar De Felippe.

Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer.

18.30 Boca vs Defense and Justice (TNT Sports).

Mouth: Esteban Andrada; Nicolás Capaldo, Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Izquierdoz, Marcos Rojo, Frank Fabra; Alan Varela, Campuzano / Medina / Almendra, Mauro Zárate; Sebastián Villa and Carlos Tevez. DT: Miguel Ángel Russo.

Defense: Ezequiel Unsain; Nestor Breitenbruch, Adonis Frías, Fernando Meza; Franco Paredes, Raúl Loaiza, Tomás Martínez / Valentín Larralde / Tomás Escalante, Marcelo Benítez, Francisco Pizzini, Walter Bou and Eugenio Isnaldo.

Referee: Fernando Echenique.

21.00 Arsenal vs River (FOX Sports Premium).

Arsenal: Alejandro Medina; Julián Navas, Ignacio Gariglio, Gastón Suso, Nicolás Castro or Ulises Abreliano; Jesús Soraire, Leonel Picco, Alejo Antilef; Alan Ruiz; Jhonatan Candia and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Sergio Rondina.

River: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel or Alex Vigo, Jonatan Maidana, Paulo Díaz, Fabrizio Angileri; Nicolás De La Cruz, Enzo Pérez, Agustín Palavecino; Julián Álvarez; Matías Suárez and Rafael Santos Borré.

Referee: Patricio Loustau.


Warhead pain of London – World – Kommersant

The UK authorities on Tuesday will announce their intention to increase the number of their nuclear warheads by more than 40%. This was reported on Monday by The Guardian newspaper with reference to the Defense and Foreign Policy Review of the country, which will be presented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The publication emphasizes that we are talking about a radical revision of the previous efforts of the British authorities in the field of disarmament. Boris Johnson is expected to name the threat from Russia and China as the reason why London decided to take such a step.

A new UK Defense and Foreign Policy Review will be unveiled on Tuesday afternoon, but the newspaper The Guardian got acquainted with it on Monday. The journalists drew attention to the main innovation of the doctrine, which the government of Boris Johnson plans to announce:

«For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Great Britain intends not to disarm, but, on the contrary, to build up its nuclear potential. “

The UK is currently armed with four strategic nuclear submarines equipped with American Trident-II ballistic missiles. One of these submarines is always on combat patrol. Since the 1990s, the authorities have pursued the goal of reducing the total number of deployed and non-deployed warheads. In 2010, when the number was 225, the government announced its intention to cut this figure to 180 by the mid-2020s (in 2015, this goal was re-confirmed). According to The Guardian, the ceiling will be raised to 260 warheads on Tuesday.

The article notes that the government considers such a step justified in light of the alleged threats from Russia and China. It is planned to spend more than 10 billion to increase the arsenal. Russia is expected to be named in the survey as an “active threat” to the security of Great Britain, and China as a “system challenge”.

«Britain has far fewer warheads than Russia (about 4300), the United States (about 3800) or China (about 320), ”the newspaper recalls.

Dmitry Stefanovich, a researcher at the Center for International Security of the IMEMO RAS, co-founder of the Vatfor project, believes that this situation should not be dramatized. “Indeed, in the previous edition (of the Review. – “B”) the target was 120 “readily available” nuclear warheads with a total arsenal of 180 by the mid-2020s. However, now the partners are planning to deploy a new generation of combat equipment for ballistic missile submarines Trident-II (recall, leased from the United States), unified with the American promising naval warheads W93. The modernization of the arsenal, it seems, can lead to a situation in which some of the “new” heads have not yet been certified and deployed, but already in warehouses, and some of the old ones have already been removed, but not yet disassembled and disposed of. To prevent such a collision, which calls into question the observance of its own target indicators, the figures are being clarified, ”he writes in the project’s Telegram channel. The expert doubts that the royal fleet has decided to suddenly dramatically increase its power.

Meanwhile, the plans of the British authorities have already drew sharp criticism from supporters of nuclear disarmament, including in the United Kingdom itself. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) Secretary General Keith Hudson warns that the UK is at risk of starting a “new nuclear arms race” at a time when the world is struggling to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. “When the government is tight on funds, we don’t need huge spending on weapons of mass destruction,” she said.

Criticism is also heard from abroad. “We are talking about a significant increase in British stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. This incredibly irresponsible behavior of the UK is fueling global instability and is a clear sign that it is completely abandoning its legal obligations under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT.— “B”) “, – wrote in Twitter Executive Director of the International Campaign to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Beatrice Fin.

Andrei Baklitsky, senior researcher at the Moscow State Institute of International Studies, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, PIR Center consultant, is confident that such a sharp increase in ceilings will not go unnoticed at the NPT Review Conference in August.

“According to the treaty, all nuclear states must strive to reduce their nuclear arsenals, and this has been the case in the past few decades, at least where official figures are published. London will become the first state of the nuclear five to unleash this trend, – the expert told Kommersant. – With the extension of the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms by Russia and the United States, and the high likelihood of further bilateral negotiations, it seemed that disarmament issues would not be too hot on the agenda August conference “. But now, he says, Britain will be surprisingly the main irritant.

Elena Chernenko