Nebeus seeks funding through the Seedrs Crowdfunding Platform

BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 6 / PRNewswire / – Proceeds will be used for growth, expansion and new product and service launches

– The campaign, which starts on November 10th, is a first step towards the conclusion of a “Serie A” investment round

Nebeus (, the London and Barcelona-based FinTech start-up offering crypto-backed loans, is launching on November 10 on Seedrs (https: //www.seedrs .com / nebeus) a campaign to finance convertible bonds.

With this campaign, Nebeus wants to raise funds to boost its growth and to introduce new products and services, such as the brand new Nebeus Mastercard, which is planned for the first quarter of 2021. Nebeus will introduce its Mastercard through a partnership with the open API banking platform RailsBank.

In order to accompany its ambitious plans, Nebeus is applying for a license as an e-money institution in the UK before the end of 2020. One of the UK’s leading advisory and compliance firms, Compliancy Services, has partnered with Nebeus to help the start-up with its application process. For 2021, Nebeus still plans to apply for an additional EMI license in Spain in order to comply with EU rules and regulations after Brexit.

Michael Stroev, COO of Nebeus, comments, “We have big plans for 2021 and our crowdfunding campaign is a unique opportunity for potential investors. Investors will benefit from investing in our equity by keeping their investments as Nebeus grows see it grow. ”

Investors who will invest in this crowdfunding campaign will benefit from a 20% discount plus 8% interest on Nebeus’ future Series A investment round, which is planned for 2021. The main amount of each investment, plus 8% interest, is converted into shares with a 20% discount on the price of Nebeus shares during the Series A round. In addition, Nebeus will grant its crowdfunding investors exclusive discounts depending on the scope of the investment.

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Even the very ones in Madrid

Yes, Madrid is health relevant, but like the process, it is also a political conflict full of propaganda opportunism that is settled on the board of short-term tacticism: Sánchez definitively cedes Madrid to the PP as a price to weaken the PP in the rest of Spain . Meanwhile, behind the noise of Madrid multiplied by the media centricity of Madrid in the national newsrooms, many relevant issues that affect the entire country are lost. But the logic of the show prevails. The problem in Spain is not Madrid but the commitment of politics to the public interest. Too low, too low.

1 | Pedro Sanchez

“What we will do, ladies and gentlemen, is plan; what we will do is analyze, discuss with all of you and negotiate the modification of different laws to guarantee correct governance once we have raised the state of alarm.”

Sánchez is haunted by the acts of Congress after the Madrid disaster, which politically contaminates the entire country. In the spring, he maintained that only the state of alarm was possible, but he promised to dialogue, debate, evaluate and modify that. Nothing was done. Now the consequences are paid. The legislator has abandoned his obligations. In summer he declared victory over the virus, and they went on vacation. The second wave was on the agenda, but the Government ignored it. It is true that the Superior Court of Castilla y León has endorsed the rule rejected in Madrid, but piously warning that “the rule whose ratification is concerned contains a deficit of motivation.” The courts can redeem government incompetence, but this does not mean that Moncloa will cease to have been recklessly incompetent.

2 | Pablo Casado

“The photo [de Sánchez con Ayuso] it was papier-mâché to do what he wanted: to intervene in Madrid… “.

Casado has joined his luck with Ayuso, who has already become a stereotype: she is Maleficent for some, and Manuela Malasaña, a heroine for the liberation of the Madrilenians, for others. All ridiculous. Casado is right to focus on the very different treatment that the Government gives to Madrid with respect not to the Govern disloyal to the Constitution, even to Rufián, capable of qualifying the king as deputy 53 of Vox, but to other communities with very bad health data, but with acronyms related to Moncloa; but he is wrong to join his luck with Ayuso, because that will damage the PP in other communities with very different rulers like Feijjo, Mañueco, Miras or Juanma Moreno himself in Andalusia. Without going any further, Susana Díaz does not miss an opportunity to link the Andalusian president with Ayuso, even if it is an opportunistic comparison, because Ayuso has proven to be a very incompetent and irresponsible leader.

3 | Mercedes Schlapp x Trump

“[Trump] He has experience as a person, now, in the fight against the coronavirus. That first-hand experience doesn’t come from Joe Biden. “

There will always be a more despicable, more unseemly, or more stupid leader. That is sure. And that is not incompatible, anywhere, with the amount of power that it may have. The Trump show, after being infected during the electoral race, stages the worst of politics. Populism is capable of reversing everything – Trump has already said that he could shoot people on Fifth Avenue without punishment at the polls – but it is hard to believe that the argument that Trump is better to face the pandemic, 200,000 dead later, can work. because you know him first hand after months of irresponsible and stupid behavior. These things are always best synthesized by the traditional man: “you have to fuck yourself, and hold on to avoid falling.”

4 | Pablo Iglesias

“Have the decency not to yell from the bench when a vice president is speaking.”

Isn’t it delicious? One begins to imagine Pablo Iglesias saying, as the Malaga millionaire Mercedes Bolín – her husband was the one who rented the Dragon Rapide for Franco – at Sir Peter Chalmers’ house after the Republicans entered his palace to requisition his properties, fleeing only with the basic necessities: “Don’t you understand that a Rolls-Royce is not a luxury at all, but a basic necessity?” The fifteen-month-old prophet of the escraches, who used to boycott conferences, can no longer bear hearing voices while he speaks, which is understandable. It is not the Galapagar Syndrome; but the drive for power. It no longer supports judges, media or the opposition.

5 | Juan Bravo

“This deficit must be paid, and future generations will pay it, and in the case of the Government of Spain we have already passed a 100% debt”.

It is appreciated that the counselor assumes that the zero deficit due to the emergencies of the pandemic is over, but at the same time he speaks frankly to the citizens as political leaders do not usually do: this has to be paid for. Some speak of expansive budgets with the boundless joy of someone who shoots with the King’s gunpowder. Thatcher, who was sometimes more the Lady of the Coarse Salt than of iron, sarcasm portrayed that left: “Socialism fails when they run out of money … from others.” Bravo addresses citizens as well as adults: yes, you will have to go into debt, but you must not lose consciousness that you, and your children, and your grandchildren, are going to pay a high bill. It is necessary to celebrate that somebody talks like this, even if that questions how far his promising political career can go.

6 | Julio Diaz

“Someone who has ‘liked’ the tweet denouncing a purge would have to resign.”

Cs does not have two souls, but two opposing families, such as Montagues and Capulets, and the thing threatens an irreparable fracture. Fran Hervías attacks the vice president and regional coordinator accusing him of a “purge”; the spokesperson of the parliamentary group gives ‘Like’ to that message; The parliamentary group calls for the resignation of the spokesperson for weakening the position of the vice president, precisely when in Cs they are desperate because they are not able to monetize their action in the Government … In the polls, meanwhile, they continue to fall, but the message is to design the surveys.

7 | Juan Marin

“With Juan Espadas it is easy to talk.”

Who is this compliment against? Unamuno asked in his gathering when a gathering person made an unexpected praise of someone, knowing that often the compliments are made to take a third party as a bag. It is easy to think that the praise for Espadas is a dart for Susana Díaz. In his case, saying with “Swords you can talk” is to remember that with Susana Díaz it is impossible. And it has more history coinciding with Marín’s praise of Sánchez’s decision in Madrid, a reminder that Cs is a party that can agree with the PSOE also in Andalusia, although –it is inferred– with Susana Díaz not.

8 | Susana diaz

“All these jokes of the last days of the Minister of Health, I understand you, I do not understand you, nobody understands, that they have become viral, they are part of a strategy: they do not want people to know the truth, they do not want to explain things, they do not want their objective to be understood. And it is clear: to weaken public health “.

Susana Díaz has the gift, like Inspector Clouseau, of seeing hidden clues and guessing the veiled background of things. She has discovered that the counselor’s verbal entanglement with the family units was not an ostentatiously clumsy confusion but an orchestrated operation to destroy public health. Ahaha. Nobody had noticed, believing that it was a bad day for Aguirre, and it turns out that behind it was a good Conspiracy Theory: they are using Aguirre’s rag tongue to cover up a secret operation to destroy the public health service by providing it with greater budget than ever. E the ship goes.

9 | Elijah Bendodo

“I think that politicians are giving an unedifying spectacle in one of the most complicated moments of the last century … In the midst of a pandemic, we must agree, even if it means giving up our own approaches … We are able to reach agreements with Vox and with Podemos “.

The first person is very well used, because the show does not have acronyms. Only as a collective self-criticism does the message have value. But forgetting about the PSOE on the list has the dose of poison that cannot be lacking in the vitriolic syntax of the spokesperson. Yes, the “we are capable of reaching agreements with Vox and with Podemos” could be understood as being able to reach agreements from one extreme to another, but forgetting about the PSOE seems hardly casual, and more so in the current circumstances, with what It seems to mean that they can reach agreements with everyone except the PSOE for their overwhelming attitude. If you have to bet between the two meanings, it should be remembered that Bendodo can be said like Billy The Kid: “always shoot to hit.”

10 | Felipe VI

“Let’s show an image of unity … We have the opportunity to do things better; and to do them together.”

Preaching in the desert.


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