Lawyers Call on Europe to Force Turkey to Release Demirtaş – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Turkish authorities arrested former HDP co-chair Salahuddin Demirtaş in early October 2016 with former party co-chair Vigen Yuksekdag, in addition to 13 party representatives, under the pretext of cooperation with the PKK.

The Turkish court ruled to imprison Saladin Demirtaş for a period of four years and eight months without trial, facing prison sentences under the guise of “terrorism” upon being imprisoned for 142 years if convicted of his main charge.

On December 22, the European Court of Human Rights condemned the arrest of the former HDP co-chair by the Turkish authorities, calling for his immediate release, and the court ordered Turkey to pay Demirtas financial compensation of 60,400. euros, and the court also said that Turkey’s justifications for its four-year arrest on terrorism-related charges, which are nothing more than a veil, through which the authorities seek to limit pluralism and democratic debate in the country.

In this context, lawyers from the canton of al-Shahba spoke with our agency, asking the international community to hold the Turkish state accountable for its failure to comply with the letters and decisions issued by the European Court of Human Rights to immediately release Saladin Demirtaş.

Lawyer Roshin Mustafa said: “The arrest of former HDP co-chair Salah al-Din Demirtaş is nothing new or strange about the Turkish state’s policies based on racism that cannot be accepted without a flag, a religion and a nation. “.

Lawyer Roshin explained that “the fascist Turkish authorities led by the Justice and Development Party seek, keeping Demirtaş in prison for 142 years, to eliminate his opponents after the failed coup of 2016, using these facts to silence the peoples asking for freedom and demanding their rights. “

Roshin confirmed that Saladin Demirtaş’s survival in custody and his face with prison terms constitute a flagrant violation of human rights.

Lawyer Roshin Mustafa emphasized that the international community “must be fully aware that the Turkish state has become a rogue state in accordance with international law and does not respect international provisions, statutes and covenants related to human rights and freedom. expression”.

For his part, the co-president of the Lawyers’ Union in the Afrin region, Gabriel Mustafa, indicated that the intransigence of the Turkish state in not releasing Saladin Demirtaş and the failure to comply with the decision issued by the European Court “indicates that there is no justice and an independent judiciary in Turkey, but has become a political judiciary. “

Mustafa stressed that the implementation of the European Court’s decision to immediately release Demirtaş by the Turkish state would pave the way for Turkey to release thousands of political detainees in Turkish jails.

Lawyer Gabriel Mustafa affirmed that the arrest of democratic politicians by the Turkish fascist authorities and the recent ruling against Turkish policy Leila Guven, Turkish Member of Parliament for the HDP, expresses the scope of the dictatorship of the Turkish state and the exploitation of the AKP. of the judicial power and confining it in his hand “.

The co-chair of the Lawyers’ Union called on the international community to force Turkey to implement the decision issued by the European Court and release Saladin Demirtaş, and to hold the Turkish state responsible for not respecting international covenants and covenants related to rights humans and freedom of expression.



Businesses affected by the restrictions in Sitges (Barcelona) ask to reopen in a concentration


Hoteliers, restaurateurs and owners of nightclubs and other venues closed due to Covid-19 restrictions have demonstrated this Sunday in Sitges (Barcelona) to ask to be allowed to reopen their businesses.

In a tweet collected by Europa Press, the president of the Gremi d’Hostaleria de Sitges, J.Oskar Stöber Blázquez, said that with this concentration they show their “rejection of measures that criminalize bars and restaurants and put many at risk” businesses and families.

Under the motto ‘SOS. Salvem l’economia de Sitges’, a hundred people have participated in the concentration in the Plaza de la Indústria to criticize that those affected continue “without billing, without aid and paying taxes,” according to the banner on the head.


Members of the European Parliament call for an investigation into Turkey’s crimes in northern Syria – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Sixty-eight members of the European Parliament called for the formation of a delegation to travel to northern Syria and gather information on the situation in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, now and in the past, as groups supported by Turkey have been accused to commit human rights. rapes and war crimes, according to Turkey’s European Commission civilian website.

In an open letter to the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, members of the European Parliament called on the Turkish government to stop its political, economic and military support to all groups involved in the systematic human rights violations documented in the United Nations report. United on Syria.

It should be noted that the United Nations Commission of Inquiry has found that mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey have committed systematic looting, sexual violence, confiscation of property, and widespread arbitrary deprivation of liberty.

The members of the European Parliament pointed out that “the victims, most of them Kurds, who fled these atrocities are currently in the regions of the Autonomous Administration of northeast Syria”, and asked Sassoli to initiate “a dialogue with the body politician from the Administration and eastern Syria, and to engage in talks with displaced people from areas under Turkish occupation. “

Members of the European Parliament said that after further investigations, the prosecution of perpetrators of rights violations and war crimes could begin within the framework of the International Criminal Court.