success of family games this Christmas in Ibiza

Gifts. Staying at home for so long in recent months has marked the Christmas campaign: family board games have been one of the most requested gifts in Ibiza toy stores. The traditional chess, bingo or parchs in its economic version have shared the limelight with Monopoly, Trivial and card games such as Dobble or Virus! Another of the hits this Christmas has been the little Baby Yoda (as it arrived, it was exhausted) or the simple octopuses of emotions.

Family games have been one of the favorite gifts of Santa Claus and the Magi This 2021. Staying at home for so long in recent months, between confinement and the various restrictions decreed by the health crisis, has left its mark on some Christmas shopping that, in general, has been very similar to those of other years.

To the surprise of some merchants, fashion dolls and toys have been added this year more traditional board games, turned into Christmas stars. Games like “chess, bingo or Parcheesi” in their economic version have had a lot of output this year, according to the head of Citubo purchases, Ángeles Esteban. Items that “normally don’t sell much at this time.”

Card games like Dobble or Virus! are still in high demand this year, as well as other classics like Monopoly or Trivial, according to the administrator of Al·lots Toy Planet, Pepi Ferrer.

Djeco’s different options for playing with the family have also been very successful this Christmas, as well as creative games or puzzles, other gifts chosen as a formula for entertainment and learning that can be enjoyed without leaving home. We must be prepared in case the toughest restrictions return to stop the expansion of the covid.

Pepi Ferrer says that video game sales have also increased this Christmas.

Baby Yoda, the star

It’s been a few years since Star Wars toys had a presence in the form of gifts under Christmas trees, but this year Baby Yoda has been the real king, a success probably marked by the launch of the new episodes of ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ in 2020. The toy has been sold out for several weeks in many toy stores on the island: “They arrived and were quickly sold,” says Ferrer.

There is classics that never go out of style, like Lego, which are sold year after year in their different collections, or the Playmobil, which present a lot of possibilities for children to develop their imagination.

Another of the most unexpected surprises have been the pulpits of emotions. “Quite a bomb,” says Pepi Ferrer of this simple plush toy that has also sold out in many establishments on the island.

All of these items have been sold alongside a variety of toys. “Among girls, mannequin dolls like the Nancy dolls continue to be successful, and boys have asked for many Star Wars and Mario Bros items,” explains Ferrer.

A “strange” Christmas

“This year we didn’t know what to expect,” says Citubo’s purchasing manager. In this establishment, the Christmas campaign begins with the launch of the catalog, during the first week of November. Then there was uncertainty about how customers were going to behave (due to the economic crisis), but finally the campaign has been “normal, or even a little better than last year”.

One of the causes may be that, with the restrictions due to the pandemic in various autonomous communities and the recommendations not to travel, families who year after year spent these holidays outside the island have decided to stay.

Pepi Ferrer’s perception is a little different. «People have bought a little less. If before they took four toys, this time maybe they have been two», Thinks of this« strange »year in which Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men, in general, have been more forward-looking. It has been like that in general, but there are always things pending for the last days before Reyes. In fact, yesterday in some toy stores there were long lines of people waiting to enter (restrictions prevent full capacity).

More Santa Claus than Kings

Usually, Santa Claus is gaining ground from the Three Kings year after year. The tradition of Their Majesties loses steam to buy time to play. When gifts are expected for Reyes, the children spend the whole vacation without new toys and when they finally arrive, they immediately have to go back to school. “They usually ask Santa Claus for the toys they love the most,” says Pepi Ferrer. Ángeles Esteban agrees, adding: «Christmas sales tend to be higher; the Magi bring more necessary things ».


EasyJet ready to defend its European nationality after Brexit

EasyJet has confirmed the lines of the contingency plan that will activate, if necessary, to guarantee before the European Commission (EC) the ongoing compliance with the control and ownership requirements of the European Union (EU), once the transition period of the Brexi December 31, 2020. That plan, approved on November 17, would imply the suspension of certain voting rights of British shareholders and could even force them to sell their shares to citizens of the EU bloc, in accordance with the provisions in force in the statutes of the company, so that the ownership of the EU is 50.5% or more. The airline registered an air operator license in Austria. The current level of ownership of the company by the EU (excluding the UK) is 47.02%; so it would not be on the side of the EU.

To prepare the implementation of this contingency plan, the company’s board of directors has adopted various resolutions in accordance with its statutes to ensure that it can be activated when needed.

Among these, it has made modifications to articles necessary for the airline and some of its subsidiaries to continue to comply with EU ownership and control requirements; has established measures to protect the group’s operational rights; and has established a Maximum Allowed of Relevant Shares at 49.5% (British property).

The current level of ownership of the company by the EU, excluding the UK, is 47.02%. Once the Brexit transition period is over, this would mean an ownership level of Relevant Persons of 52.98% (British ownership).

Foto: Simon Dawson/ Bloomberg

EU regulations require that all airlines with EU operating licenses (including easyJet) be majority owned and controlled by citizens of one of its member states, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, countries attached to the air market European.

If, at the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31, 2020, the ownership of the relevant persons (British or non-EU) is above the maximum allowed and there is no temporary waiver of the ownership requirements and control of the EU, the company anticipates that it would activate its contingency plan suspending voting rights with respect to certain shares held by Relevant Persons in accordance with Article 39.6.1, so that the majority of voting rights in the company are held by EU persons. The suspension of voting rights will be applied on a “last in, first out” basis.In other words, the shares most recently acquired by Relevant Persons would have their voting rights suspended first.

The Company expects to keep the ownership position under review after the end of the Brexit transition period. If the property of the Relevant Persons continues to exceed the Maximum Allowed during a sustained period, The Company reserves the right to activate the existing provisions of its Bylaws, which allow the Company to oblige Relevant Persons to sell their shares to EU citizens (see Note 4). . There is no guarantee when, or if, the Maximum Allowed will be removed.

The airline cautions, however, that this suspension would not affect any rights these shareholders may have to receive dividends from easyJet in respect of the shares subject to suspension.

A further announcement will be made of any decision of the Board to activate contingency plan.


“Twitter is going crazy”

Outgoing US President Donald Trump stressed that “Twitter is going back”, and that it is trying “to hide even the truth“.

“Twitter is going crazy with its flags, trying to hide even the truth,” the outgoing president tweeted.

“It only shows how dangerous they are, deliberately repressing freedom of expression. Very dangerous for our Country,” he said.

“Does Congress know that this is how communism begins? Cancel culture at its worst. End of section 230!” He stressed.

Trump repeatedly threatened to veto the Defense bill, known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), because it does not include a repeal of Section 230. protects Internet companies responsibility for what they or third parties publish on their websites.

In recent weeks, Twitter has decided to hang an automatic red warning label every time Trump claims he has won the election, sparking the ire of the outgoing president.

On his Christmas Eve Trump tweeted in capital letters: “Voter fraud is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact“.

Trump tiene 88.5 million followers on Twitter, and the platform was during his tenure the springboard to communicate with his people, especially to transmit messages of questioned truth that traditional media do not usually publish.

But with the arrival of the electoral campaign, this year, social networks decided to combat “fake news”, which the president himself denounces, in order to avoid muddying the path to the White House with false messages.

Thus, messages from Trump about conspiracy theories pointing to electoral fraud in the November elections began to be marked by Twitter with warning labels.

Trump leaves with his wife for Florida. Photo: Reuters




Match preview: Chelsea host West Ham on matchday fourteen – naaju

Chelsea receives this Monday at 2:00 p.m. the visit of West Ham at Stamford Bridge during his fourteenth game in the Premier League.

Chelsea He wants to be victorious again in the match corresponding to the fourteenth day after suffering a defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the previous match by a score of 2-1. Since the competition began, the hosts have won six of the 13 matches played so far in the Premier League, with 26 goals for and 14 against.

On the visitors’ side, West Ham had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace during the last match, so he will try to keep adding points to his leaderboard against Chelsea. To date, of the 13 games he has played West Ham in the Premier League, he has won six of them with a figure of 21 goals for and 16 against.

Focusing on performance as a home team, Chelsea They have achieved a balance of three wins, one loss and two draws in six home games, which shows that they are slipping points in their fiefdom, giving the visitors hope of achieving positive results. At home, West Ham They have a record of three wins, two losses and a draw in six games that they have played so far, so they are quite a strong opponent away from home that the hosts will have to face.

The two rivals have met before at home ChelseaIn fact, the numbers show 15 wins, five losses and five draws in favor of the home team. The last time they faced each other Chelsea and West Ham in this competition it was in July 2020 and the match ended with a 3-2 result in favor of West Ham.

Analyzing the situation of these teams in the Premier League qualifying table, we can see that the locals are above West Ham with a difference of one point. Chelsea He arrives at the meeting with 22 points in his locker and occupying the eighth place before the game. For their part, the visitors are in ninth position with 21 points.


Crack: rumors of a new rivalry between Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan Markle grow

A renowned expert on royal issues, Sean Smith, said that the Dukes of Sussex should take over a historic work of Queen Elizabeth II, giving rise to speculation of a new confrontation between members of the British crown

Every year, the reina Isabell II distinguish in a

Author of recent biography Meghan Misunderstood, Sean Smith is a authorized voice to express opinions on matters inherent to the British crown. In this sense, the specialist stated that the accolades that His Majesty makes year after year are overvalued, since, although they can have a great weight for those figures who do deserve them, they are also received by people who should not be on the payroll.

“It has great meaning to the people who deserve it. Who could object to Captain Tom Moore receiving it? But handing it over to big donors or political failures makes, in my opinion, the whole thing a complete mockery“, sentenced Smith.

From his point of view, the historic honors list published for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday should be rethought. As slogan

[embedded content]

Before the holidays, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will launch a podcast Inaugural with guests to ring in the new year. Throughout the episodes, Meghan and Harry are expected to present stories of improvement that contribute to the well-being of society.

Through a teaser spread on social networks, the couple anticipated

In his statements, Smith implied that both initiatives should not coexist, but rather Prince Harry and his wife should take the lead. For the moment, to dispel doubts of any friction, in a statement issued by its spokesperson the sussex clarified: “We hope to share more about Archewell’s work in the coming weeks, but any hint that it intends to rival the UK honors list is false“.



6-month basic air connectivity proposal, in case of hard Brexit

The European Commission (EC) announces a six-month “basic air connectivity” proposal, within the set of contingency measures published this Thursday that, it says, will guarantee “basic reciprocal air and road connectivity between the European Union and the United Kingdom” in the event that an agreement is not reached within the framework of Brexit .

With the deadline for negotiations on a trade deal looming and no deal in sight, President Ursula von der Leyen said that “our responsibility is be prepared for all eventualities, including the lack of an agreement with the UK on January 1, 2021 “.

The Commission said that while a no-deal scenario “will cause disruptions in many areas, some sectors would be disproportionately affected due to the lack of adequate workarounds and because, in some cases, stakeholders are unable to take action on mitigation themselves. “

To this end, a set of proposed measures has been presented covering air and road connectivity:

Basic air connectivity: a proposal for a Regulation to guarantee the provision of certain air services between the UK and the EU for six months, provided the UK guarantees the same.

Aviation security– A proposal for a Regulation ensuring that various product safety certificates can continue to be used on EU aircraft without interruption, thus avoiding the grounding of EU aircraft.

Basic road connectivity– A proposal for a Regulation covering basic connectivity with regard to road freight and road passenger transport for 6 months, provided the UK guarantees the same to EU carriers.

The Commission said it would work with the European Parliament and the Council “with a view to facilitating the entry into application on 1 January 2021 of the four proposed Regulations.”


Star Wars Milestones Chewbacca 1/6 Scale Statue –


Let the Wookiee win! As seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story, a younger Chewbacca fires his Bowcaster while he’s in this new Star Wars Milestones statue by Gentle Giant Ltd. wear protective goggles! This 1/6 scale piece, approximately 14 inches in size, comes with a certificate of authenticity in a colored box. Designed and designed by Gentle Giant Studios.

Important NOTE
Danger! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Risk of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.


Brexit is already in the price

This morning I have to be honest and admit that I did not know what to write about, what to recommend to you in which I really had conviction. Suddenly I realized the obvious. At United Kingdom Only two things have been talked about in recent years: Brexit and the covid-19. So, as I already wrote about the pandemic or Juan Pedro did it for me, today we have Brexit.

The UK is cheap, that’s a fact. The FTSE 100 trades at 12x PE (2022), 35% off the S&P 500. In the coming weeks, most economists expect it to be signed with the European Union (EU) a “minimum” trade agreement (zero tariff and zero quota), with a formal ratification at the end of December. It is therefore more than likely that the elimination of Brexit risk will be a major positive catalyst for UK domestic stocks.

The removal of long-term political uncertainty, coupled with a large valuation disconnect, may act as an impetus to encourage mergers and takeover bids (takeover bids). The country’s valuation discount, cheap financing and high existing liquidity mean that both ‘private equity’ and strategic buyers are on the prowl (GFS, William Hill, Hastings o RSA are recent examples).

Different investment banks shuffle different pools. Prudential, ITV, BT, o British land appear in many of them. Although it is difficult to get the right name right, what is clear is that it is not difficult to get the subject right: start looking at English values, because the possibility that they will do it better than anyone else is high.

It is very likely that the EU Council meeting of the days December 10 and 11 is the deadline for whether Britain makes a trade “deal” with Brussels or not. For all practical purposes, it will symbolically mark the end of the period of Brexit uncertainty before the “transition period” ends in 35 days. And it will mark the beginning of a period that many in the current government would like to be characterized by their own vision with the word “Global Britain.”

Start looking at English values, because the chance that they will do better than anyone else is high

From a perspective of markets and investmentIt also marks a line in the sand and presents a simpler opportunity in the future. There are different aspects to consider:

The pound has had a clear downtrend since 2007, and flat since the 2016 Brexit vote. That trend may be about to change.

Because of this poor pound behavior And the uncertainty created by Brexit, it is clear that almost all professional investors have a very low percentage of their assets in the UK.

Furthermore, from a perspective of equity market, two realities are worth highlighting. On the one hand, the sectoral composition of both the FTSE100 and the FTSE250 are very suitable for ongoing cyclical exposure / recovery / value (finance and commodities 38% of the FTSE100, and 45% of the FTSE250). On the other, the discount at which the FTSE is compared to other world indices previously mentioned.

Likewise, in the last two weeks there have been two important events that will most likely encourage investors to increase their positions in the UK. On the one hand, the “Expenditure Review” by the Chancellor, this Wednesday, points to a flexible line that promotes both the required and necessary fiscal expansion, as well as responsible and prudent financial management. But, above all, the most relevant and illustrative of future ambition is Boris Johnson’s ‘Green Plan’: the ban on all sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles By 2030, maintain the position of world leader in offshore wind capacity, a radical electrification program, etc. These are all not just policy goals, but a loud and clear call for ESG funds.

And look at the money inflows into these funds, in recent months. (GS source)

The end of uncertainty, the new vision towards a green economy, the economic recovery after the covid, together with a very low position in the British economy by funds, present an opportunity to say the least. Do not forget in the annual review of your pension to put part of your savings supporting the British index.

To say goodbye, because I know you like comments about our own territory more, I will tell you that I think Sabadell and BBVA will end up merging, and that the break it is one more way to negotiate. Sabadell knows that it has no future alone and BBVA needs not to be eaten by the competition. Sooner or later we will have a wedding.


Ireland says it thinks a Brexit deal can be reached this week

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