Dua Lipa – Visit Barcelona

Another of the great artists of the international scene who visits us after the cancellation of her concerts in 2020 due to the Coronavirus crisis is the British of Albanian origin Dua Lipa. The singer, songwriter, model, and fashion designer rose to fame in 2017 with her self-titled debut album. In 2020 he released his second album, “Future Nostalgia“And with this tour she now arrives in our country. Dua Lipa has already received several awards such as the Brit Award 2018 for the best female singer and the 2019 Grammy for best new artist.


Millionaire bought all the flight tickets to avoid getting covid

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A millionaire in Indonesia decided to buy all the tickets of an airplane flight to travel from Jakarta a Bali with his wife. Richard Muljadi wanted to avoid the risk of getting SARS-CoV-2.

Muljadi revealed that because he and his wife Shalvynne chang they were “super paranoid” about being infected with the new coronavirus. He had booked the entire flight so they could travel alone, according to a publication from the outlet. Mashable SE Asia, a famous socialite magazine from Jakarta.

The fact was known last Tuesday, January 12, 2021, but the trip would have been made on January 4.

Richard Muljadi used the social network Instagram to tell the details of your trip. In a series of Instagram stories, he shared images of completely empty airplane seats.

Richard Muljadi, on the plane with empty seats. Taken from Instagram Richard Muljadi

In one of the stories which he shared with his followers wrote “After reserving as many seats as possible, it was still cheaper than renting a PJ (private jet). That’s the catch, guys.”

Lion Air Group, owners of Batik Air, they confirmed that Richard Muljadi and Shalvynne chang they were aboard flight ID-6502 from Jakarta to Denpasar, Bali. However, the airline also mentioned that the Muljadi booking was only confirmed for two passengers.

The man is a famous member of the high society of Jakarta, Richard Muljadi, known for his lifestyle extravagant and his blood ties with a wealthy pharmaceutical mogul Indonesian.


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These are the most watched movies on Disney Plus

With 2020 coming to a close, these were the most viewed movies on Disney Plus for the year, with a few surprises. The data was provided by Flixpatrol, which monitors which are the most popular movies and series on different streaming services.

“Moana” was the most popular movie of 2020, which was not a huge surprise as it was consistently near the top of the trend chart every day, which is why Disney Plus will release a series based on the film.

The “Frozen” movies (both the first and second) were also among the most viewed.

“Hamilton” was also a huge success at Disney Plus, a production that garnered the most new subscribers during its premiere, even more than “Mulan,” “Frozen 2,” and “The Mandalorian.”

Also notable on the list is the great popularity of classic Christmas movies: “The Santa Clause,” “Hocus Pocus,” “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and “Home Alone” managed to attract more viewers than the newer releases.

The list of the most viewed movies on Disney Plus is:

Frozen 2
Home Alone
Toy Story 4
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
Mulan (2020)
Avengers: Endgame
The Santa Clause
Hocus Pocus
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Once Upon A Snowman
Toy Story
Incredibles 2
Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil
The Lion King (2020)
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker


What streaming to hire today? Disney Plus, Netflix or Prime Video – Connoisseurs.com

With an increasingly complete and, at the same time, more segmented entertainment offer, with new providers, series and movie lovers are wondering which streaming to hire today? With the recent launch of Disney Plus in Latin America, which achieved a massive success, plus the already established Netflix and the good response of Prime Video, it is difficult to choose one.

To them, Apple TV + is also added, perhaps the one with the least impact among streamers, since it has a small catalog compared to its rivals, although its proposals are 100% original, they were never seen on any other platform and they have with renowned actors, actresses and directors.

Depending on the budget of each family, you will have to choose one or the other, and if you allow it for at least two.

The good news is that with the exception of Netflix, they all offer a free trial period. Apple TV + and Disney + give us seven days free, while Amazon Prime Video is a bit more generous, with 30 days to scrutinize the content.

In our understanding, Disney Plus is almost indispensable. On the one hand, it has one of the most competitive prices on the market and has the amazing catalog of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, Marvel and some Fox content (which will no longer be called Fox, but for better understanding, we’ll leave it as Fox), including some seasons of The Simpsons. One of the strengths of Disney Plus is the series “The Mandalorian”, based on the “Star Wars” saga, as well as exclusive premieres of films such as “Mulán” and “Soul”, which will be added in 2021, expected series Marvel as “Loki” and “Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

Between Netflix and Prime Video is perhaps the biggest struggle from which to choose. Our preference is for Prime Video. Although the Netflix catalog is larger, Prime Video, owned by Amazon, offers series and movies that one cannot find on any other platform such as “24”, “The Good Wife”, “The Good Fight”, “Will & Grace », In addition to original quality productions. And, for this year, they will have the launch of the Diego Armando Maradona series, which will add many followers.

Netflix began to produce more original content, but it was losing its quality, although it still has more than attractive bets. Here it is a matter of taste. Surely, many will prefer Netflix, which is not bad. But, as we indicated above, it is worth trying Prime Video for 30 days for free and see the difference.

In relation to Apple TV +, it is difficult to recommend it as indispensable. There are well-known series like “The Morning Show”, “See”, “Defending Jacob”, “Ted Lasso” or “For all Manking” which many will find attractive, but the catalog is quite limited. And at $ 4.99 per month, it’s hard to justify the equation.

Subscribing to one or two is almost necessary to replace traditional cable. But do not forget that in 2021, new services such as HBO Max and Paramount + (relaunched) will arrive, which will also require our budget and will also have more than attractive content.


We remember: Netflix no longer offers the possibility of trying the service for free.


without quarantines or tests – Conodores.com

It is a very small list. If you are wondering which countries you can travel to without restrictions now, there are very few options for international tourists. Of course, within each country there are even variations, as in the United States where a quarantine is necessary in the state of New York, plus two negative PCR tests, while in the state of Florida, no requirement is requested. Of course, citizens of a large number of countries cannot enter, including those from Brazil or Europe.

The situation in Europe also varies, constantly, due to the constant increase in coronavirus cases. Europeans are allowed to move “freely” (with very large quotation marks) in the Old Continent, as well as foreigners with European passports.

Therefore, when we say to which countries you can travel without restrictions now, it is, without any quarantines or negative PCR tests or having a citizen of a particular country. Therefore, the list is very short.

At the time of publishing this report, those countries are: Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and Afghanistan.


It does not require any type of test or quarantine, just fill out a form called the “Traveler Risk Identification Questionnaire” that can be complete and download hereí.


It is not necessary to present any document, medical insurance or test or quarantine


Those entering Turkey will only go through a random medical check upon arrival.


No restrictions

Of course, there are many more options, but all include some type of requirement, in most cases, a negative PCR test and / or medical insurance that includes coverage against COVID-19.


Is it worth subscribing to Disney Plus or Apple TV instead of Netflix? – Connoisseurs.com

November 17 was one of the expected dates in all of Latin America because the new (and great) player in streaming proposals arrived, bringing an extensive catalog and original content. Is it worth hiring Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus or Prime instead of Netflix?

Disney Plus is an excellent bet from the entertainment giant that has many strengths: a library with 900 titles, with the great classics of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic, plus some Fox highlights such as The Simpsons (for now only two seasons) and movies like “X-Men.” Added to them are the originals, including “The Mandalorian” and exclusive premiere films for the platform such as “Mulan” (December 4) and “Soul” (December 25).

Disney Plus It also has an excellent user interface, easy to use, with large blocks that distribute the contents of each of the brands, a high image quality (which manages to sustain itself even with fluctuations in internet connections), the possibility of downloading content on up to 10 devices and view simultaneously on up to four, with seven different profiles.

Apple TV Plus, for its part released a year ago, does not have a library of old movies and series, but it does have a great extra. Everything on Apple TV Plus cannot and cannot be seen anywhere else. They are 100% original Apple content, some that got a great response from the audience and critics such as “The Morning Show.” And although their offer is limited in quantity, all are products with the seal of the apple company and are well worth enjoying or at least trying them: «For All Manking», «Defending Jaboc», «Ted Lasso», « Home Before Dark “,” Truth Be Told “,” The Banker “were some of our favorites.

Apple TV Plus it has excellent image quality, although its user interface may be somewhat confusing (in fact, quite confusing), and allows content to be downloaded and viewed simultaneously, as well as to make use of the Family Sharing function.

Both Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus offer a seven-day free trial, so it’s worth trying them out. If you are satisfied, you can keep them.

Disney Plus has several ace up its sleeves such as the 2021 premieres of “Wanda Vision”, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and “Loki”, among others, while Apple TV Plus will soon release the great science fiction proposal ” Foundation ”, based on the literary saga of one of the greatest writers of the genre: Isaac Asimov.

Prime Video has another giant behind it: Amazon. Its platform is not as elegant as those of Netflix or Disney, but it serves its purpose, with a lot of original content that began to be a trend. In addition, they have already secured the Diego Maradona series that will debut in 2021. It is also possible to try Amazon Prime Video for a period of 30 days.

Are they replacements for Netflix? They are actually add-ons. Possibly having a single service will make us lose a lot of content and proposals and, based on our budget, it is worth having two or three of them.




How to watch Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and Prime Video for free – Connoisseurs.com

While more and more players in the streaming field, there is a possibility to try them and say which ones we like the most. Therefore, we review how worm Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and Prime video, among other services, free.

Disney Plus launched in Latin America on November 17, with an excellent pre-sale offer that culminated on November 16. However, it offers the possibility of watch Disney Plus in a 7-day trial period for free. A great option to analyze the catalog and original content such as “The Mandalorian” and classics from the Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic library.

Apple TV Plus also offers the option of a seven-day free trial and access to its 100% original content. Apple TV + does not have licensed material or an extensive catalog, but it is interesting to access series and movies that we will not find anywhere. From the renowned series “The Morning Show”, “See” or “Defending Jacob” to “Home Before Dark”, “Ted Lasso”, “The Ghostwriters” and more.

Prime Video has a slightly longer trial period, 30 days, and for this you have to register with Amazon.

Despite the competition, Netflix decided to stop offering trial periods (at least for now) and it remains to be seen what decision HBO Max makes when it launches in Latin America.

For now, if you are not sure what to hire, it is a good option to sign up for the trial period of Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and / or Amazon and decide which one or which to keep.


Xiaomi: Blogs y Posts de Xiaomi

Posted in: Business and Inspiration

The Chinese giant Xiaomi launched the Mi 10T Pro in Colombia, a cell phone that promises to “empower and creativity to its users in all aspects of their personal and professional life with a user experience at the highest level in aesthetics, efficiency, innovation and distinction to (…)

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What to see on Disney Plus? Also series and Fox movies – Connoisseurs.com

The entertainment giant touts its streaming service as the home for far and Disney Plus Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star Wars content. But the reality is that it offers much more than that, also with Fox series and movies. Why? Because Disney bought Fox, in an operation that became effective in March 2019, after paying $ 71.3 billion.

At the moment Disney is trying to keep the businesses separate, as it did with the purchase of two other giants: ESPN and Hulu (and many others). In fact, in the United States, in addition to subscribing to Disney Plus separately, one can purchase packages that include ESPN and Hulu.

For the same reason, to keep these businesses separate, is that not all the seasons of The Simpsons are available on Disney Plus and, at the moment, in Latin America there are only two: 29 and 30. Will there be more? Surely and, as with other Fox content, it will depend, on the one hand, on some specific licenses and on the other, on how the competition behaves and how Disney + wants to make use of that content.

Why? Disney will launch its new Star platform in 2021, which will be designed for a slightly more adult audience than Disney Plus, and which will contain material from Fox, ABC, FX, Freeform and Searchlight.

Among the series and movies that we can currently see on Disney Plus and that are from Fox, there are blockbusters such as “Avatar”; “My Poor Little Angel” 1, 2 and 3; “The Ice Age”, parts 1, 2 and 3; or the franchise “X-Men” (although it is based on Marvel material they were produced by Fox), among other proposals.



Why subscribe to Disney Plus? Which streaming is better? – Connoisseurs.com

Tastes, tastes and tastes. It all comes down to personal taste. But there are also factual facts and reasons for subscribe to Disney Plus over other platforms, or, combine it with one in which one is subscribed.

Which streaming service is better? It is also subjective. Some stand out for their huge catalog, like Netflix. Disney Plus stands out for having a very competitive price, the entire Star Wars franchise, Disney films, Pixar and Marvel films, the attractive National Geographic and Fox productions.

Apple TV + has a more limited library, but with an advantage. All its contents are one hundred percent original and you will not be able to find them anywhere else, nor will you have ever seen them. In addition, each production bears the seal or participation of great names in entertainment: from Steven Spielberg, to JJ Abrams or Oprah or Chris Evans.

Prime Video is also another great bet. It has many original proposals (not at the level of Apple TV +), but it managed to arm itself with an attractive catalog, although it is limited to rights, so that, at some point we can see a complete series (such as “24” or “Will & Grace “) And sometimes only a few seasons (like” The Good Wife “). And this can change from one month to the next.

HBO Max will debut in Latin America in 2021. An analysis will have to be made of the content that Warner Bros. will end up offering and if it improved its streaming platform. The HBO GO is by far the worst, with an outdated interface and a load of series and movies out of this time.

Disney Plus has several advantages: it offers a single plan with Full HD or 4K definition, the possibility of viewing content on up to four devices at the same time, unlimited downloads of the entire library on up to ten devices and the option to create up to 7 profiles, with a super convenient price (see the different options for each country here).

Why subscribe to Disney Plus? There are all the classics of always and new productions that will be arriving week by week. And for those who believe that it is only family content, just enough sign up for the seven-day free trial and see that there is much to enjoy.