Train traffic between Madrid and Barcelona interrupted

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Stories of snow and ice in emptied Spain: without light or heating in the health center and isolated in the mountains

21 hours without electricity, without heating or telephone or internet in the Retuerta del Bullaque Health Center, in Ciudad Real, a town that does not reach 1,000 inhabitants in the foothills of the Cabañeros National Park.

It is one of the consequences of the storm Filomena in combination with a cold front in central Spain. “We have oil heating that only works with light, a microwave, ceramic hob, no hot water in the thermos … And then no landline, no mobile phone, internet or television,” says Reyes, a nurse at the health center who tells how since Friday at night, in the middle of a red warning due to snowfall “it was impossible to communicate with 112, we do not know if there were emergencies.

Added to that was the impossibility of moving the vehicle for the center’s emergencies. “He was locked in the yard and covered in snow. Yesterday when the sun came out we even used the footrests of the wheelchairs to clean it with buckets of hot water and it took us two hours ”.

Writes Carmen Bachiller

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Israel records a new record for daily coronavirus infections and exceeds 500,000 in total

The Israeli Health Ministry announced today that 9,589 new cases of coronavirus were detected this Monday, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic and that brings the total number of infections to more than half a million.

Israel had not registered a maximum number of infections for more than three months, and this time it is almost three weeks after the third lockdown began and while a rapid vaccination campaign is advancing.

This new record, however, coincides with an increase in the tests carried out, which surpassed 129,000 yesterday, placing the positive rate at 7.6%. At the beginning of October, when a maximum number of infections close to 9,000 had been registered, the number of tests was much lower and more than 13% had been positive.

With the new cases detected, Israel, with nine million inhabitants, reached 504,269 infected since the beginning of the pandemic, of which almost 75,000 are still active and more than 1,000 in serious condition.

EFE reports.

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Train circulation between Madrid and Barcelona restored

Train traffic between Madrid and Barcelona has already been restored, Renfe has reported through its social networks. Early this morning, the connection between the two cities was interrupted due to an “electrification” failure. The line had been restored this Monday around noon.

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China adds 42 local coronavirus infections among 55 new infections

The National Health Commission of China reported today that the Asian country diagnosed 55 new positives of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus this Monday, of which 42 were local infections.

The latter were mostly detected in the northeastern province of Hebei (40), the scene of an outbreak that has prompted authorities to seal off the provincial capital and carry out a second round of nucleic acid analysis on the 11 million inhabitants.

The other two local infections were detected in Beijing and Heilongjiang province (northeast), two points that have minor outbreaks.

As for the other 13 cases, diagnosed in travelers from abroad, they occurred in Shanghai (east, 4) and in the provinces of Liaoning (northeast, 3), Tianjin (northeast, 2), Fujian (southeast, 1), Henan (center-east, 1), Canton (southeast, 1) and Shaanxi (center, 1).

EFE reports.

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Almost 91 million infected with coronavirus in the world, according to Hopkins University

The number of covid-19 cases in the world is close to 91 million, while the death toll is close to 2 million, according to the John Hopkins University count.

In the calculation that appears on the website of that independent university, the total number of infected is 90,891,380, with the United States leading with 22,613,784, followed by India with 10,479,179, Brazil with 8,131,612 , Russia with 3,389,733 and the United Kingdom with 3,127,643.

Regarding Latin America, Colombia is in eleventh place, with 1,801,903 cases, Argentina in twelfth with 1,730,921 and Mexico in thirteenth with 1,541,633.

Spain ranks ninth with 2,111,782 infected.

The number of deaths worldwide reaches 1,944,750, with the United States in first place (376,060), followed by Brazil (203,580), India (151,327), Mexico (134,368) and the United Kingdom (82,096).

Among the European countries with the highest mortality rates, in addition to the United Kingdom, which occupies the fifth place globally, Italy appears in sixth place (79,203), France in seventh (68,197), Russia in eighth (61,389) and Spain in tenth (52,275) ).

EFE reports.

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Germany registers 12,802 new cases of coronavirus and 891 deaths from coronavirus

Germany added 12,802 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, in addition to 891 deaths, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the national epidemiological center, reported on Tuesday.

The number of infections remains clearly below the highs of the last two weeks, although experts ask for caution due to the influence of the weekend and the effect of the Christmas and New Year holidays. The daily death toll, for its part, remains very high, although far from the highs of last week.

The record of infections was registered on December 18, with 33,777 cases, and that of deaths, last Friday, with 1,188 people.

The accumulated incidence in the last seven days in the country as a whole has risen to 164.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The rate is below the 197.6 reached on December 22, but a long way from the German government’s goal of reducing it to 50.

EFE reports.

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These are the minimum temperatures registered this morning by the Aemet: -25.4ºC in Bello (Teruel)

Provisional data from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), reflect the freezing temperatures recorded tonight on the Peninsula. According to the latest update:

Nice, Teruel -25.4ºC

Molina de Aragón, Guadalajara -25.2ºC

Santa Eulalia del Campo, Teruel -23.0ºC

Calamocha, Teruel -21.3ºC

Teruel, Teruel -21.0ºC

Daroca, Zaragoza -18.5ºC

Alhama de Aragón, Zaragoza -18.0ºC

Sigüenza, Guadalajara -16.8ºC

Puerto El Pico, Ávila -16.4ºC

Cuéllar, Segovia -16.1ºC

In the city of Madrid, specifically in the Ciudad Universitaria station, -10.4ºC has been recorded; in Salamanca -7.6º have been reached; in Lleida, -5.7ºC.

Twelve communities maintain the alert on Tuesday for extreme minimum temperatures of up to 16 degrees below zero, four of them -Madrid, Aragon, Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha in red warning, reports the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) on its website .

The extreme cold wave that Spain is suffering has put communications, vaccination against COVID and back to school in check. The climate crisis is behind these types of cold waves, which cause greater mortality than heat.


Star Wars toys from 1978 are being restored

Toys inspire young and old, and some will also have some from their childhood days. After all this time, some of it probably doesn’t look so nice anymore – colors have faded or yellowing has formed. One shop specializes in giving old toys a new shine.

There is something fascinating and at the same time comforting when a 43-year-old toy is returned to its original state. Rescue & Restore has specialized in this and this time an employee has an old “Star Wars” favorite in his hands – the “X-Wing Starfighter” from Kenner, which came onto the market in 1978.

Using a method called Retrobright, the plastic was bleached to remove the yellowing. The end result can definitely be seen and maybe it looks even more beautiful than before.


Warm weather looming and high surge warning extended for coastal areas – Telemundo San Diego (20)

SAN DIEGO- A high surf advisory in San Diego County was extended through Tuesday, accompanied by a coastal flood advisory Monday morning.

Santa Ana conditions, with low humidity and gusty winds, are also expected this week, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

Dry weather with above-normal temperatures is expected to continue across San Diego County as a Santa Ana pattern prevails, with peak heat late next week, the National Weather Service said.

The authority in time

A high tide advisory has been extended until 1 pm Tuesday for coastal areas, said Crystal Egger, a meteorologist for our sister network, NBC 7. Waves and tides can be expected to be 4 to 7 feet and 8 to 10 feet. The rip currents will remain very high, so you can expect dangerous swimming conditions.

A coastal flood advisory is in effect from 3 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday. You can expect to see minor flooding in beach parking lots and boardwalks during morning high tide.

Areas that are most susceptible to flooding include Cardiff and Seaside State beaches, parts of Del Mar, La Jolla Shores, Mission Beach and Imperial Beach, the NWS said.

On the beaches, the large swells from the west-northwest will sometimes continue through Tuesday, producing swells high to high. The tide will peak on Saturday, with another higher peak on Monday, the NWS said.

High temperatures along the coast on Sunday were expected to be 65 to 70 degrees with overnight lows of 39 to 46, the NWS said. Western valley highs will be around 71 with overnight lows of 40-48. Highs near the hills will be 65-70 with wind gusts of 30 mph in the morning.

Mountain highs were expected to be 54-62 with overnight lows of 32-41 and wind gusts up to 30 mph. Desert highs will be 66-71 with overnight lows of 38-48.

In the coming week, clear skies and dry conditions will keep nights cool, but after this weekend, a warming trend will set in under increasing pressure, the weather service said. Temperatures will be well above average with no rain in sight during the second half of the week.


Live snowstorm in Valencia

The snow forces to close the judicial headquarters of Requena and to suspend the non-urgent actions.

The acting dean magistrate-judge of Requena has decreed, at 11.30 am, the closure of the judicial headquarters due to the heavy snowfalls that are affecting this judicial district and the A-3 highway, given the impossibility of access to the aforementioned headquarters and the return to their homes of workers with due security guarantees.

In case of urgent actions, the interested parties should go to the Requena Civil Guard barracks or any other barracks of the same security force existing in the judicial district to receive the appropriate instructions.


a new storm brings more snow and rain

The first week of January begins with more snow and rain on the Cantabrian coast, and with rainfall that will be locally strong in the Canaries, especially in La Palma, due to the approach of a Atlantic storm.

The rains that will be persistent and may be accompanied by storm In the north of Galicia and the Cantabrian area, they will occur in a weaker way in other points of the extreme north of the peninsula, the northern plateau and the surroundings of the Central and Iberian systems.

The winds They will continue from the west and northwest, with strong intervals on the Cantabrian coast, the Pyrenees, the Empordà and the lower Ebro. In the Canary Islands, they have an eastern component.

The weather for this Monday in EL ESPAÑOL.


GALICIA: cloudy or overcast, opening clear to the west from noon, leaving cloudy only in the northeast of the Community. In the northern third, rains and showers that will occasionally be accompanied by a storm on the coast, more likely in the first half of the day, being limited to the coast in the afternoon. In the rest of the Community some weak and scattered precipitation is not ruled out, more likely in mountain areas in the eastern half.

The snow level around 300 or 500 meters. Mists and fog banks in mountain areas of the eastern half, tending to dissipate during the central hours. The minimum temperatures are decreasing, registering at the end of the day, and the maximums remain with little change. Generalized frosts in the interior, weak in general, more intense in eastern mountain areas. On the coast, north winds turning northeast in the afternoon. In the interior, variable light winds predominating the western component in the morning.

ASTURIAS: cloudy or covered with rains and showers occasionally accompanied by a storm, they will be more intense and persistent on the eastern coast and will tend to subside in the southwestern third in the afternoon. The snow level around 300 or 500 meters. Mists and probable fog banks in high areas.

Temperatures remain with slight changes, although in some inland locations the minimums will be reached at the end of the day. Weak frosts in the interior, more intense in high mountain areas. The loose wind of the west component with some more intense interval in the capes of the eastern coast.

CANTABRIA: cloudy or covered with rains and showers in the northern half, which can be persistent on the coast, occasionally accompanied by storms and which will be less likely in the south. Probable fogs in high areas. The snow level between 300 and 500 meters.

Temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing. Frosts in the interior, which will be locally strong in mountain areas. On the coast, wind from the west and northwest, with some strong interval in the early hours and that will be light from noon. In the interior, wind from the west and northwest generally weak.

BASQUE COUNTRY: cloudy or covered with rains and showers that can be persistent on the coast and occasionally accompanied by a storm. Probable fogs in mountain areas. Snow level around 300-500 meters. The minimum temperatures without changes or with slight changes, and the maximum in slight decrease.

Frosts in Araba and mountain areas. On the coast, wind from the southwest, with some strong interval at the beginning rolling to a weak north component in the afternoon. Inland, generally weak westerly wind.

CASTILLA AND LEÓN: in the extreme north, cloudy or covered with probability of weak precipitations. In the rest, cloudy intervals, with probable weak precipitations in the eastern third and Central system and not ruled out in the rest. the level of the snow between 300 and 500 meters.

The minimum temperatures in decrease in the northwest and with slight changes in the rest, and the maximum without changes or in slight decrease. Generalized frosts that locally can be strong in mountain areas. The west component winds.

NAVARRA: cloudy or covered with opening of clearings in the Tudela area. Rains and showers in the northern half, which will be less likely and intense in the south. The snow level around 300-500 meters.

The minimum temperatures without changes or with slight changes, predominating the descents in the south and the ascents in the north third; the maximum in descent. More intense generalized frosts in the Pyrenees. The wind from the south and southwest lazy rolling northwest in the afternoon.

THE RIOJA: cloudy intervals with probable occasional weak precipitations in the Mountain range and without being discarded in the rest. The snow level from 300 to 500 meters. Minimum temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing and maximum temperatures slightly decreasing. Generalized frosts, more intense in the Iberian. Winds from the west in the Valley and from the southwest in the Sierra, tending to the northwest in the afternoon.

ARAGON: in the northern third, cloudy or covered skies, with weak rainfall, preferably in the eastern half of the Pyrenees and the north of Cinco Villas, which may be in the form of snow from 300 or 400 meters. In the rest, cloudy intervals, more abundant in the Iberian, where they may leave some weak and scattered precipitations in the form of snow from 400 meters.

Temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing. Generalized frosts, locally strong in the Pyrenees and parts of the Iberian, weaker in the Ebro valley. The west and northwest wind weak to moderate, with a weak south in the early hours in the Pyrenees.

CATALONIA: in the Pyrenees, cloudy or overcast skies, with weak rainfall during the second half of the day, more abundant in the western sector, where it may be in the form of snow from 300 or 400 meters. In the rest, cloudy intervals without ruling out weak and scattered showers in the northeast in the afternoon, more likely in coastal areas, with the snow level around 500 and 700 meters.

Temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing. Generalized frosts in the interior, strong in the Pyrenees and weaker in pre-coastal areas. In the extreme northeast and southern third, wind from the north and northwest light to moderate; in the rest, a weak variable with a predominance of the western component.

ESTREMADURA: cloudy intervals with occasional light precipitation in the second half of the day. The snow level is between 600 and 800 meters. Minimum temperatures rising and maximum decreasing in the northwest and unchanged in the rest. Frosts in high areas, more intense in Gredos and not ruled out in flat areas. The west component wind, loose in general.

MADRID: cloudy with low clouds, diminishing soon until being slightly cloudy, although with some intervals during the day. Precipitation in the form of snow in the Sierra above 400 or 600 meters, more likely in the early morning, is not ruled out. There will be morning mists or fog banks in the Sierra.

Temperatures with slight changes, predominantly declines, with lows that will occur locally at the end of the day. Generalized frosts, more intense in the Sierra where they can be locally strong on the summits. The loose wind from the west component.

CASTILLA LA MANCHA: cloudy or covered with low clouds, tending in the east to cloudy intervals in the late afternoon. In the second half of the day some weak, scattered and occasional snowfall is not ruled out in La Mancha and in mountain areas, at any level. There will be morning mists or fog banks in high areas of both the western and eastern extremes.

The minimum temperatures that will remain with slight changes, predominantly decreases in Guadalajara and Cuenca, where locally they will occur at the end of the day, and increases in Toledo, Ciudad Real and the extreme west of Albacete. The maximums without changes or in slight descent, something more pronounced in La Mancha de Ciudad Real. Generalized frosts, locally strong on peaks of the mountains of the eastern half. The loose wind from the west component, more intense in central hours in the southeast.

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: cloudy intervals, more abundant in Castellón during the first half of the day and in Alicante in the afternoon, without ruling out a shower in the morning on the north coast. Temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing. Weak frosts in inland areas, somewhat more intense in the northern interior. Wind from the west and northwest light to moderate.

MURCIA: slightly cloudy skies, with cloudy intervals in the interior. Temperatures unchanged, locally decreasing the minimum. Frost inside. The west component winds.

BALEARES: cloudy intervals with occasional showers that can be accompanied by a storm and small hail, preferably in Menorca and Mallorca. The snow level about 800 meters down to 500 meters at night. Night temperatures with little change and weak local frosts in Mallorca, and daytime temperatures in slight ascent. The wind from the west and northwest, with calm intervals in Mallorca at dawn.

ANDALUSIA: slightly cloudy skies, tending to cloudy, without ruling out weak and occasional rainfall starting in the afternoon in Sierra Morena and, with more probability, in the northeastern mountains, which will be snow above 600 or 700 meters. Morning fog banks are not ruled out in the Guadiana valley and northern mountain ranges. Minimum temperatures on the rise, with widespread frosts inside; the maxims unchanged. The west component winds, loose in the interior.

CANARY ISLANDS: in the islands of greater relief, cloudy or covered. Showers that could be locally strong and occasionally accompanied by storms in La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera and south and west of Tenerife and in the southwest of Gran Canaria. In Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, cloudy intervals, with probable light rains in the afternoon. Temperatures slightly rising. The wind of moderate south component turning west with strong intervals, and with probable very strong gusts in summits.


Alert for freezing temperatures in various areas of southern California – Telemundo 52

A freezing temperature warning is in effect Friday for some areas of Los Angeles County, where temperatures near freezing or below freezing are expected overnight.

The advisory is in effect through Wednesday for the Antelope Valley, but is scheduled to expire after midnight Friday for the Santa Clarita Valley and the mountainous areas of Los Angeles County, according to the Department of Public Health.

“Children, the elderly and people with disabilities or with special medical needs are especially vulnerable during cold weather. Those people should take extra precaution to make sure they don’t get too cold when they’re outside, ”said Dr. Muntu Davis, county health officer, said,

“There are places that people can go to stay warm, like shelters or other public facilities. We also want to remind people not to use stoves, barbecues or ovens to heat their homes due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. ”

Those in need of shelter can call the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, which has a winter shelter program, at phone number 211 or online at

Public health officials reminded the public about the threat of hypothermia, which develops when people are exposed to cold weather for prolonged periods.

The first symptoms include chills, fatigue, loss of coordination, and confusion and disorientation. Late symptoms do not involve chills, but include blue skin, dilated pupils, slow pulse and breathing, and loss of consciousness.

Anyone who has these symptoms or thinks they are experiencing frostbite should seek medical attention.

Authorities are also urging people not to leave their pets outside at night when temperatures are at or near zero, which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


Two storms approaching this weekend – NBC New England

Two storms are brewing to start the new year.

The first is found on the southern plains through the state of Texas. It is expected that it will impact us for this Friday, especially hours of the night towards Saturday morning.

This storm could bring a brief episode of snow or mix throughout the night but mostly locally it will be in the form of rain. It is not ruled out that in the early hours of Saturday a slippery scenario is experienced on the roads.

The temperature will be rising by Saturday around 50 °, therefore, that precipitation will be in the form of rain. Saturday night, conditions are recovering as for Sunday.

The second storm comes to us on Sunday. That’s over southern California. This storm is hitting us late Sunday night into Monday. For now we are forecasting a rain and mix scenario for the central zone and snow for the mountains. The temperature will stay around 40 ° keeping above freezing point and a few degrees above normal.

Our recommendation is to stay off the roads for any light ice conditions that could give way to slippery and dangerous conditions.


Liverpool closed the year as the leader of a tournament increasingly hit by the coronavirus

Three hundred and sixty-three days elapsed between Liverpool’s first and last game in 2020. In between, an English league title after 30 years of waiting and a virus that has already infected almost 2.5 million Britons and spread claimed the lives of more than 72,500. In the midst of a worrying health situation in the country, the Reds They closed the year the same way they started it: as leaders of the Premier League.

In the last meeting of this atypical championship in 2020, the team led by Jürgen Klopp equaled 0-0 as a visitor with Newcastle and thus maintained its privileged position in a contest that in the last hours was especially conditioned by the coronavirus pandemic, since two games of this 16th date had to be postponed due to infections in the Manchester City campuses (he had to face Everton on Monday) and Fulham (he had to play with Tottenham on Wednesday).

Klopp’s team made merits to take the three points of St. James Park, but collided again and again against the bolt that those led by Steve Bruce opposed during the 90 minutes. That defensive structure had as two of its props the goalkeeper Karl Darlow and the former defender of the Argentine national team Federico Fernández.

Federico Fernández disputes the ball in the air with James Milner. (Photo: Peter Powell / PA Wire / DPA)

In this way, Liverpool reached 33 points and leads Manchester United by three, which on Tuesday had defeated Wolverhampton with a goal in added time from Marcus Rashford and who still has a game pending on the first date against Burnley. One step down, with 29 units, are Leicester and Everton, who must play their postponed duel against Manchester City (no date yet).

In principle, the pause in the Premier’s activity at the end of the year will be very short, since the 17th day is scheduled to take place between January 1 and 4. However, several protagonists, including West Bromwich Albion coach Sam Allardyce, raised their voices to demand that the tournament stop due to the growth of COVID-19 infections in the campuses.

On Tuesday, the organization of the contest reported the highest number of positive cases during a week: 18 after 1,479 tests to players and club employees between December 21 and 27.

To this is added the general situation in the United Kingdom, where a disturbing increase in the number of cases is being recorded (on Wednesday there were 50,023) that led the Government of Boris Johnson to reinforce the restrictions on movement in the greater part of the country. Thus, 78 per cent of the population of England will be confined, a situation that already lived the entire population of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This will also have an impact on football, since the authorization that 10 clubs (including Liverpool) had received since the beginning of December to open their stadiums to 2,000 supporters in each of their home matches will be without effect. Now the grandstands of all the arenas will be empty again.


The Apple Watch lets you know the time without looking at the screen | Gadgets

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch It is the smart watch of reference. Its performance, functions and capabilities have made it so, but the truth is that this means that not everyone knows how to get the most out of this powerful device. Recently, it was the company itself that published a video showing a feature few users know of the Apple Watch.

We refer to the option of being able to know what time it is each moment without having to look at the clock screen. The function in English is called Tap Out Time, while its Spanish translation is Touch to tell the time. As its name suggests, it is a feature that allows the Apple Watch to tell us what time it is through a series of vibrations and without having to look or activate the screen.

A very useful function when the watch is in silence mode and that, despite having been designed for people with certain vision difficulties, it can be useful for many other users when at a certain moment they want to know the time without having to look at the screen.

How to activate the function on Apple Watch


This function is within the accessibility options introduced in the Apple Watch by Apple, however, its activation is very simple. To do this, the first thing we have to do is enter the Settings, click on Watch and then we slide with our finger up until we find the option Touch to tell the time.

Next to this option we will find a switch that we must slide or touch to activate. Once this is done, we will be asked to choose the way in which the clock will indicate the exact time, through vibrations. Possible options are Digits, Concise or Morse Code.

If we choose the first option, the Apple Watch will play long vibrations for every 10 hours, followed by short vibrations for every hour, followed by long vibrations for every 10 minutes, followed by short vibrations for every minute. The mode Consiso plays long vibrations for every five hours, followed by short vibrations for the remaining hours, followed by long vibrations for every quarter of an hour. Finally, with the Morse code el Apple Watch vibrates for each digit of the hour in Morse code.

Once we have chosen the way in which we want to indicate the time by means of vibrations, all we have to do for the Apple Watch to indicate the exact time is touch the screen with two fingers.


The Time | Basketball | Legendary KC Jones passed away

Jones (right) and Rusell (left) formed a duet of legends with Celtics / Photo: AP

The NBA is in mourning this Friday, Christmas Day, upon confirming the death at 88 of the legendary KC Jones, player and coach of the Boston Celtics, reported the EFE news agency.

The information was confirmed by the Celtics, a team with which he played nine seasons in the NBA, and won titles in eight of them, the third most in the history of the league, only behind his legendary teammates Bill Russell (11 ) and Sam Jones (10).

That success carried over to his coaching days, when he won three titles (one as an assistant and two as a coach) during Boston’s hit streak of the 1980s starring Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. best in NBA history.

Although he always stayed in the background as both player and coach, Jones, who was affectionately called “C”, as a symbol of champion, nor his statistics were striking, he barely achieved an average of 7.4 points in his career, His work as a point guard on the field was always key, especially in the defensive section.


Jones was the consummate team player whose defense always created serious problems for rival stars like Jerry West and Oscar Robertson and whose form of play powered the Celtics’ engine.

“I didn’t see how a man who shot as badly at the basket as KC could stay in the NBA,” recalled the legendary Bob Cousy, the famous Celtics point guard whom Jones initially endorsed and then replaced as a starter when “Cooz” retired in 1963.

Cousy said they were all wrong about Jones when it came to assessing the qualities he had, that he turned out to be incredible on defense, and that he eventually learned to score enough that opposing teams couldn’t afford not to score him.

Jones was on title-winning teams with the Celtics from 1959 to 1966, an eight-year streak unmatched in professional sports.

The only season he did not win a championship was 1966-67, and soon after, Jones, at 34, retired.

But Jones remained in the competition, first as a coach at Brandeis University outside Boston and then as an assistant or head coach in the NBA or ABA before returning to the Celtics as an assistant to the legendary Bill Fitch in 1977.

Fitch left the team for four years. later, and Jones replaced him, inheriting a group led by Bird and his fellow Hall of Famers McHale and Parish.

Three weeks after Jones took over, the Celtics made a move to acquire point guard Dennis Johnson, who would be key in the Boston team’s resurgence.


Together, they reached the NBA Finals four consecutive seasons (1984-87), winning titles in 1984 and 1986. Jones’ laid-back training style was criticized by some, but was welcomed by his players, especially the great leader of the NBA. team, the legendary Bird, who always showed him great respect as a professional and person.

Jones stopped coaching the Celtics after the 1987 season, and moved into the Celtics main office before ending his coaching career with Seattle’s SuperSonics and Detroit Pistons.

Celtics decided to withdraw his number 25 and was also inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, in the class of 1989.

Jones, a native of Texas, trained alongside Russell at the University of San Francisco, winning consecutive NCAA titles in 1955 and 1956.

Unforgettable summer

The summer after the second title, the two led the United States national team to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia.

Jones is also just one of seven players to win college and NBA basketball titles as well as Olympic gold, joining Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Jerry Lucas, Quinn Buckner and Clyde Lovellette.

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