There will be an Apple launch event in April and Siri already knows, do you know when? | Lifestyle

Apple always takes great care in the way in which it announces launch events and, although practically all analysts placed the time of the announcement of new launches in April, nobody really had the convincing proof. But curiously, this time Siri has been the one who has given the good news to all who have wanted to ask her.

This is how they have discovered it some media from the USA who, when questioning the virtual assistant about when the next Californians event will be, has responded by giving precise data on the date and place of the event (the time is already known, 7pm in Spain). In this case, “The special event is Tuesday, April 20 at Apple Park in Cupertino, CA. You can get all the details at “So the countdown begins to guess what’s new.

Answers only in USA

It must be said that, if you try to ask the same question to Siri that we have with us in Spain and that he speaks Spanish, you will not get the same answer as it seems limited only to the US territory. In any case, with the current world panorama, it does not seem very easy to bypass the restrictions to end up going to California, even if we had an invitation, so the company has chosen to limit the diffusion of the ad to their country.

Siri already knows when the next Apple event will be. The Verge

And that is another of the doubts that assail the message that Siri announces: Are we facing the first face-to-face event after the start of the pandemic in March 2020? Remember that from Apple they took the habit of offering canned events, already recorded, so publicizing a physical location can only mean that those of Tim Cook want to make their news official with attendees in the auditorium who will later be able to test the new products.

What there seems to be no doubt about is that one of the products that can be seen will be the new iPad Pro with its mini-LED screens that, surely, are going to be a revolution within all the ranges of devices of Californians. In addition to those tablets, Americans could unveil their long-awaited Airtags, those little gadgets that we can stick to clothes, house keys, bags or any other object with the mission of having them permanently located. A Search application (my iPhone) that in recent days has shown how, in addition to the Cupertino’s own devices, it will allow the entry of third-party models that want to use that platform within iOS.


The 12-year-old girl who entered university and wants to get to NASA – People – Culture

With only 12 years old, Alena Wicker is ready to enter Arizona State University in May, which will bring her even closer to a dream she has had all her life: to be the younger afro woman to work for NASA.

In an interview for the program ‘Good Morning America’, Alena, who lives in Texas (USA), said that she plans to obtain two specializations in science and chemistry astronomical and planetary, to be able to build a space vehicle when I work as an engineer in the American agency.

“I would love to build a rover to go into space”Alena confessed.

(You can read: 60 years of the journey of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space).

In fact, his passion for making things started when he was four years. Using Lego pieces, he has built elaborate figures such as the Taj Mahal, the Apollo 11 rover, and the Millenium Falcon, from Star Wars, which took 14 to 15 hours to build.

“I can’t pick a favorite, but if I could … it would be the Millennium Falcon.”added.

(If you read us from the EL TIEMPO app, you can see the publication here).

“She organized the Legos by color, by size. (…) she was always strategic with her Legos, and if you ruined them, it was a problem. If you took a Lego out of the small set, she knew she needed it”, said his mother Diane McQuarter a ‘Good Morning America’.

In addition to working on her future projects as an engineer, Alena is learning Spanish and Arabic. Although she is very young, she is determined to continue fighting for what she wants, inspired by a phrase she once heard from a postal worker:

“We are in a new year, in a new season, and no one can hold us back. Keep your feet on the ground, but you can keep reaching for the stars”.

(Also: Can there be life on other planets?).

(If you read us from the EL TIEMPO app, you can see the publication here).

Beyond science

Her passion for NASA has led Alena to reflect on the racial and gender gap that exists in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), which is why you have created the website ‘Brown Stem Girl’, to offer opportunities to young people of African descent who want to practice these professions.

“She said, ‘Mom, I want to create this Brown Girl culture in STEM (…) I just want to do something.’McQuarter said of his daughter’s page.

Additionally, she will start a podcast to talk to other girls about STEM, inviting influential women like Dr. Mae Jemison, who made history as the first African female astronaut.

(We recommend: How is the behavior of children born in the digital age).

(If you read us from the EL TIEMPO app, you can see the publication here).

According to data from the research center Pew Research Center, half of the STEM workers in the United States are women, but, for the most part, they are health workers. In areas such as computer science and engineering they have little representation.

Likewise, Afro workers only represent The 9% of workers in these professions.


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We will have a new iPad Pro at the end of the month, and it will come with a small problem | Tablets

Despite the fact that in March 2020 Apple launched new iPad Pro to the market, in the middle of the confinement, this year will repeat the strategy by bringing new models of its most professional tablets to the market. Thus, at least, the main analysts of the North American ecosystem point it out, who also predict a qualitative leap in the hardware that will reach stores this year.

These are models that will not substantially modify everything seen so far in the range, since 2018, when it modified its design to integrate Face ID, leave the frames to a minimum and adopt the second-generation Apple Pencil. Even if there will be a new component that, as they say in the US, could change the rules of the game hereinafter. A virtue that, in the first moments of his arrival, will also be his most important defect.

Component supply issues

That element that is going to differentiate the iPad Pro of 2021 from those of last year is the screen, which according to all indications it is going to be the first mini-LED in the range, which is going to produce huge improvements in tablets. On the one hand, they are panels that do not reduce the quality seen in the previous two generations by a single gram and, on top of that, they occupy much less space (and energy consumption) which gives rise to either thinning the tablet in thickness, or offering a little more space to integrate new components or make existing ones larger. Like for example the battery.


But the problem with those mini-LED panels is that manufacturers are not supplying to Americans of sufficient quantity enough to arrive on launch day one with guarantees of providing all stores and points of sale with the number of units planned. Specifically of the 12.9-inch model. Something that, internally, would have already caused a first delay in its announcement and that, definitively, that event could occur at the end of this month.

As we reminded you before, in 2020 the iPad Pro landed in stores on March 21 and surely for this year those of Tim Cook had similar plans. That low rate of production of mini-LED screens could have affected those forecasts For this reason, April appears as the new month in which these models will be revealed to all users, once they have secured minimum quantities to have a launch at the same level as the previous models.


Apple wants all its iPhone 13 to arrive with LiDAR sensors | Smartphones

LiDAR is a term that we have become accustomed to in the last year and that refers to a device that, according to Wikipedia, “allows the distance from a laser emitter to an object or surface to be determined using a pulsed laser beam”. That is, by constantly sending these beams it is capable of map an entire area and digitize it for any subsequent use we want to do.

Thanks to this technology, for example, archaeologists have been able to rediscover new areas in excavations or, in the case of iPhones, all these advantages translate into greater precision when applying photographic effects or to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds thanks to an augmented reality that every day that passes offers more and better results in applications and video games of all kinds.

One sensor available for all models

The point is that, according to they report from DigiTimes, the policy that Apple has followed in 2020 with its LiDAR sensors is going to change substantially, allowing them to reach models that last year seemed banned forever. Thus, and unlike the iPhone 12, the future iPhone 13 will all have this technology, without distinction.

For that reason, the smartphones that hit stores this year will all have that little black circle that you can see in the opening image and that he will be in charge of carrying out all that scanning work of what is in front of him, which includes both the Mini and standard models, so it will not be an exclusive closed preserve of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. phones that, if nothing exceptional happens, will hit stores at the end of next September.

iPad Pro with LiDAR sensors. Apple

According to the same information, lThe Cupertino people signed a contract with Sony to be the official supplier of these components and that expires in the year 2023, reason why until that date the supplies of the Japanese seem assured. It should be noted that the PlayStation brand is developing a new generation of these sensors that include a more precise “single photon avalanche diode array (SPAD)”. Remember that The first time Apple included one of these LiDAR sensors in its devices was in March last year, when they hit the market the new 12.9 and 11-inch iPad Pro models that began to be sold just after the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the West.


Discounts on toys: the countdown is coming to get the best gifts on Three Kings Day | Showcase

Every year on the night of January 5 it makes thousands of children prepare a glass of milk, polvorones, water … In each house a different offering is left, what is common to all is that the little ones take time to fall asleep, nervous about the arrival of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. After such an unusual year as 2020, start the new year with the illusionary faces of the little ones at home opening your gifts, it is an amazing experience. They must have already written the letter and you have a lot of toys on the list to satisfy their wishes. As always, we recommend that you do not leave it until the last minute, since every year, the most demanded toys end up running out the days before the King’s Night.

Although there is not much time left until the big night, you still have options. In THE COUNTRY Showcase we have wanted to gather the stores online where you can still buy toys and have them arrive in time for Twelfth Night. Best of all, all these options have discounts So that January does not become too uphill and enjoying a day of hope with the little ones is not a pain for the pocket.

The English Court

El Corte Inglés is the safe bet to buy Christmas gifts. Not only for its promotions, although that alone should convince you. Right now They have toys with up to 33% discount or up to 23% if you are looking for electronic toys. Also, when buying toys from the brand El Corte Inglés will be able to enjoy its 3×2 promotion. As if that were not enough, Shipping costs in toys they are free.

A wide variety of toys feature delivery or collection in The same day, so you can rush more in your purchases. And of course, you will have the El Corte Inglés money-back guarantee until January 15, so you’ll have plenty of time after the big day.

In addition, toys in high demand such as Baby Yoda, are still available in your catalog online.



If you are looking for a guarantee that your gifts will arrive on time, Amazon is the best option. Every day in their offers flash you will find discounts of up to 70%. And also, in the children’s toys section there are discounts of up to 50%.

And if you are looking like crazy for the singing doll from Frozen 2, we have good news. Yet you can buy it on Amazon and receive it with prime shipping. Also, some models are on sale.



In the big toy store you will be able to buy with irresistible discounts of up to half price. A direct discount on hundreds of items without a minimum purchase. LEGO, stuffed animals, dolls, costumes … And best of all, you can combine these discounts with a Exclusive promotional coupon of 3, 6 or 10 euros additional to your order. The more you spend, the greater the savings available.

Receive your purchase at home or at a nearby collection point without having to pay shipping costs when your order exceeds 40 euros. And if you need to change something, don’t worry, you will have a very long deadline. Until February 4, they will accept returns.


due attention

At outlet of Bebitus toys and gifts you can save up to 99%. Seriously, this is not a joke. It is the ideal place to give to the little ones who live their first Christmas. You’ll find Very varied stuffed animals, activity mats, dolls … And even toys for older boys and girls like LEGO, makeup kits, dolls …

He outlet from Bebitus will not be the only place where you will find promotions, In its Super Promos section you will be able to see all the store’s saving options. And if that wasn’t enough, you can get the free shipping if your purchase exceeds 65 euros. And the return? You will have until January 15 to return an item.



For fans of DC, Star Wars, Marvel or Harry Potter, giving away at Fnac is an ideal option. You will not only find toys from these universes, we recommend that you take a look at the entire catalog, you will surely find what you were looking for. And if you become a member of Fnac you will have a guaranteed discount on hundreds of items.


Cash Converters

The toys that you will find in Cash Converters have had a previous life, but you can filter by their condition: perfect condition, good condition or used. It is a way to save up to 30% and contribute to reuse. Further, all toys come with a two-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about anything.



If you’re looking like crazy for a toy that you can’t find anywhere, eBay is sure to be there. You have a large selection of new toys with free shipping for a limited time, to make sure it arrives on time.

You can also buy by universes, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars or Playmobil of all kinds. If you buy you can save up to 53% on the best toys. And remember that eBay is also known for selling second-hand items, toys are no exception.



The toys that you will find in the Tutete offers section, they have direct discounts of up to 40%. If you want to make an original gift, we recommend that you see their catalog. There are gift options for all ages and you can receive it from free way exceeding 60 euros of purchase.


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The Xiaomi Mi 11 has a presentation date, what can you expect? | Smartphones

One of the most anticipated phones of the beginning of 2021 is getting closer and closer to being presented and therefore reaching the market. The fact is that officially there is already a date for it to be announced by the Chinese company and it will not be long for this to occur. We talk about Xiaomi Mi 11.

According it has been indicated the day chosen by Xiaomi to announce its next high-end phone, the December 28th, and that it will have some details that will be most interesting if the predictions come true. An example of what we say is that it may be the first phone on the market to include the processor Snapdragon 888, a component that is designed to offer very high performance and that will be used by the most powerful devices that are released in 2020.

By the way, if you are interested in following the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 11 live, the time in Spain in which the event will take place is 12:30, and possibly something else will be announced by the firm (as it usually happens), but at the moment there is no information about it.

What to expect from the Xiaomi Mi 11

Apart from the processor that we have discussed, and which is already a good example of the good things that this mobile will have, it is expected that this terminal includes an AMOLED screen with a maximum frequency of 120 HzTherefore, the consumption of multimedia content will greatly benefit. Besides, everything indicates that this device will have 12 GB of RAM, and several storage options where 256 gigs will be an option (but it is by no means ruled out that the Pro variant reaches 512, in order to compete in the highest range on the market).


In what has to do with autonomy, and being able to know the times of use of course until tests can be carried out, what seems quite clear is that the Xiaomi Mi 11 will include a fast charge of up to 120 W, so it would be close to completing complete processes in half an hour … something that is simply impressive if it is achieved. As far as battery amperage is concerned, the standard model will have with 4,780 mAh, while the Pro will reach 4,970, a difference that will be due to the fact that the latter will have a somewhat larger screen.

With everything indicated, and reaching the market this model with Android 11 Inside, this is surely one of the terminals that attracts the most attention at the beginning of the year and keeps Xiaomi in a good line to compete in the high-end of smartphones against companies like Samsung or Huawei.


The Ibex falls 3% in its worst session since September due to the new strain of the virus and Brexit | Markets

Perfect storm in the markets. The European bags have recorded heavy losses, of 3% in the Ibex 35 and somewhat lower in other indices, given the news about the new strain of coronavirus detected in the UK. Although, according to the European Center for Disease Control, the mutation does not aggravate the disease, it is more contagious. That is why the United Kingdom has closed London and Kent, and that is why air traffic in the country and the movement of goods in the English Channel have been closed, frightening investors with new waves of draft restrictions. The health situation, and the blockage in the negotiation of Brexi, cloud the positive announcement of the fifth fiscal stimulus package in the US and the expected approval today of the Pfizer vaccine in the EU.

He Ibex 35 It has fallen by more than 4%, although at the close it has moderated the fall to 3.08% that has served to sustain the 7,800 points. Wall Street has started with losses of 0.6% in the Dow Jones. The securities most exposed to the United Kingdom are the most punished. So, IAG it plummets 8.8%, while Meliá cuts 2.07% and NH falls 7.05%. Aena leaves 2%, while in banking, one of the most affected sectors in Europe, Sabadell subtracts 6.8% and Santander, 5%. The rest of the entities suffered falls of more than 3%.

The nervousness also affects the commodity market and the Petroleum it goes back 5%, but has fallen to 5% and lost 50 dollars. A barrel of Brent stands at $ 50.12. So, Repsol registers a decrease of 5.6%. The energy sector is the second worst in the Euro Stoxx. All the values ​​of the Spanish selective are tinted red.

“The different governments continue to increase restrictive measures to the mobility of people and economic activity as the only solution to contain the pandemic, pending the arrival of vaccines,” they explain in Link analysis. “In the short term, the impact of these actions on these economies can be very negative,” he adds. Thus, although at the health level the new strain does not cause more deaths, the one that is contagious to a greater extent can force more intense restrictions and, therefore, more economic impact.

Spain and Portugal have finally joined the restrictions of other European countries, and outside Europe, to travel with the United Kingdom. At first, the Spanish Government had announced that it would reinforce the PCR test verification control at airports and ports, however, it has decided in coordination with the Portuguese country to suspend the arrival of flights from the United Kingdom from tomorrow and reinforce control in Gibraltar to prevent the spread of the new strain. A British government spokesman has said that the new strain of the virus has also been detected in Gibraltar, Denmark and Australia.

For his part, the spokesman for eToro in Spain, Javier Molina, warns that “despite the news of vaccines, the determination of new confinements will continue to affect economic activity and as always, the investor must be very cautious when it comes to to raise the positioning in any type of asset. ”And he points out that“ the news about the health crisis will continue to impact sharply, generating volatility and possibly giving up the Christmas effect ”.

The flight of investors from equities favors safe haven assets. The dollar is up 0.9% against the European currency, which stands at $ 1,215. The debt of the United States also rises, and puts downward pressure on profitability. The yield on the US 10-year bond falls to 0.923%, six basis points less. In Europe, bund German cuts their performance, points, and Spanish draws. In other words, investor fear has not come to classify debt as a risky asset, something that does happen in Italy, but it is not considered a safe haven either. The yen rises 0.5%.

Natixis IM’s Esty Dwek believes that “more stringent measures will need to be taken into account in the coming months as this strain is unlikely to remain in the UK alone, which could lead to temporary market setbacks although the vision in the long term it remains constructive. “

The bad news does not end, as the Brexit negotiations remain blocked. Brussels and London continue to try to reach a pact on their relationship after Brexit, once the deadline set by the European Parliament for the negotiation has passed, which in any case neither party had endorsed. The pound falls 1.8% against the dollar.

Brexit and the pandemic “will weigh on the behavior of the European stock markets at the beginning of the week, overshadowing two very good news: the agreement finally reached in the US for Congress to approve a new fiscal aid program for those affected by Covid- 19, and the progress of the vaccination process “, they maintain in Link Securities.


A hidden camera behind the screen, the Chinese innovation that comes with the Axon 20 5G | Innovation

The Chinese copy everything is a maxim that increasingly collides with reality. And smart mobile phones are one of the best examples of this, because the Asian giant’s brands, which enjoy a growing market share globally, have been developing new technologies that revolutionize the sector for years. OPPO first invented the rotating camera and then the retractable, Xiaomi dazzled with the first device all screen, Vivo debuted the fingerprint reader under the screen and showed the first fast charging of 120W, and Huawei launched the first periscope camera to offer an optical zoom previously reserved for cameras. Now, ZTE does its bit with the first selfie camera hidden behind the screen.

The Axon 20 5G It is the terminal that launches it commercially, and everything indicates that other brands will copy next year this system that allows to get rid of the holes in the screen and the notch (the notch that Apple has popularized since the iPhone X) to offer a totally clean panel without the need to install a mechanical system to extend the front camera of the mobile. ZTE assures that it has not been easy to achieve this: it has had to develop five different technologies so that the glass that covers the lens lights up like any other area of ​​the screen when the user is not taking a selfie and so that it is transparent when self-portraying .

“Special materials, dual control processors, unique circuits, a new pixel matrix, and an algorithm developed by ZTE have been used,” the company explains in a statement. In short, the objective lens is covered by a special glass and a film with pixels of another type that, thanks to a special sensor, integrate well with the rest of the panel. “Consistency is improved and you get a natural transition,” ZTE explains. Additionally, the Shenzhen brand has also dispensed with the speaker for calls, ensuring that the front panel does not have any type of hole. The sound reaches the ear through a component also located under the screen, a system that Xiaomi also experimented with in the first device of the Mix series.

The system works. THE COUNTRY has been able to test the Axon 20 5G for several days and, although with the mobile off the trick becomes evident with a small block of a more intense black in the upper central part, when the screen is turned on the location of the camera is not easy to find. To make it even more difficult, ZTE uses a gradient on the wallpapers that darkens the upper part. In any case, camouflage is effective even with full-screen photos: you have to look closely and look for the least flattering angle to find those wayward pixels, which are revealed above all by their different density.

Axon 20 5G

Axon 20 5G Zigor Aldama

“The goal is to offer the most immersive experience possible,” they comment from ZTE’s Communication department. They recognize that, as with folding phones, the technology will be refined next year until it is seamlessly integrated into the display. It is something that is appreciated, because playing or watching movies on a screen whose size flirts with that of tablets is much more pleasant if there is not a hole or a notch eating part of the image.

In addition, the case of the Axon 20 5G is curious because, unlike what other brands that incorporate their technological innovations in high-end flagships tend to do, ZTE has preferred to release the camera under the screen in an affordable mobile. The terminal, which goes on sale today through an invitation system that will allow to better dose the scarce stock available, it costs 449 euros in Europe. “Our goal is to win over users of generation Z”, they explain from the company.

That’s why the Axon 20 5G incorporates a long list of discrete components that allow you to reduce the price. It works thanks to the Qualcomm 765G processor and 8 GB of RAM memory, it has an internal storage of 128 GB expandable up to 2TB per card, and in the back it is equipped with four cameras of which only two are truly interesting: the main one, with a generous 64 megapixel sensor but no optical stabilizer, and an 8 megapixel wide angle that covers a 120 degree viewing angle. That pair, which offers decent results, is accompanied by a 2-megapixel macro lens that is best not to use, and a depth sensor whose usefulness in portrait mode is always in doubt.

The selfie lens that hides behind the screen works with a 32 megapixel sensor that offers better quality than expected, although the images tend to offer somewhat washed out colors. For its part, the 4,220 mAh battery with a 30-watt fast charge does its job well, but, weighed down by the large screen size, it arrives just at the end of the day. The design of the terminal seems quite standard, without fanfare, but perhaps excessively bland. Fortunately, ZTE has not released a brick, and the terminal weighs 198 grams, less than other smaller ones.

It is clear that, although it has plenty of power and quality components, the Axon 20 5G is one of those mobiles that concentrates its appeal in one of its elements. It is what in marketing they call wow effect. And ZTE is betting on that camera behind the screen to recover the place it has vacated in recent years in Western markets. It was the first Chinese telecommunications company that the United States attacked before declaring war on Huawei, and although it has recovered from that blow, it is clear that the brand has significantly reduced its presence in developed markets. It will be necessary to see if this telephone opens the doors to him.


London and the EU still do not reach an agreement on Brexit – 12/13/2020

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British and European Union (EU) negotiators continued to meet last night, but the odds of reaching a post-brexit trade agreement They were decreasing, so London and Brussels prepare for the possibility of failure when the deadline they set expires today.

“As it stands, the EU proposals remain unacceptable,” said a British government source.

The UK it officially left the EU on January 31, and has since been in a transition period that expires on December 31, when the country will completely exit the single market and the customs union.

The negotiations were stalled on three points: European access to fishing grounds in British waters; the competition rules for access to the single market and the legal management of the future relationship.

Boris Johnson he told British press on Friday that it was “very, very likely” that an agreement would not be possible.

Ships of the Royal Navy are ready to patrol in British fishing areas to face possible tensions caused if there is no agreement.

In any case, the European Commission has already presented its emergency plan on fishing rights and to protect air and land transport.


Jack the Ripper is still in fashion | Elementary Blog

About no murderer in history has been written as much as about Jack the Ripper. Not in such an outlandish or conspiranoid way either. How many women did he actually kill? Who was? Was there a single killer? These are questions that go a long way, especially in that dark White Chapel in London at the end of the 19th century. That is why it is to be celebrated that, among the mountain of books published each year on the subject, two more than notable examples now reach Spanish bookstores.

The first one is a map, a small treasure chest. A map? Well, that and much more. It’s what they do the crazy people of literary adventures. Galdós’s Madrid, Jane Austen’s London, Lorca’s Granada … and my favorite, of which I have two copies, one for the wall and the other to consult the reverse, Sherlock Holmes’s London. Meticulous and scholarly works of which this Jack the Ripper. Black map. London, 1888 it is one of the best if not the best example.

As soon as we open it, we find the fold-out in which they tell the history of the art of Baritsu, the defense system with a cane used by Sherlock Holmes. Only, as they explain, it is not a Japanese method nor is it called that. It’s all a Watson mistake. Oh. Very of the time, but only to warm up. Then we have an architectural map of Greater London built after the fire of 1666. But the true story is in the 100×70 centimeter fold-out and the victims’ notebook. There are detailed suspects (almost 40 officers), the craziest theories, the analysis of the number of victims according to the investigator in question, the methods used in the autopsies. Wait, number of victims? Yes, because that’s where the mess begins. According to the canon, there are five, which we will talk about later. There are doubts as to whether there are others after and even some in between (some authors place other victims in September 1888 as part of the same series of murders, which occurred between August and November) and, for example, Michael Arntfield and Marcel Danesi include even six more in his, on the other hand, canonical Murder in Plain English, without forgetting various torsos without identifying one hundred percent.

Guilty? Place your bets. The authors do not go into analyzing, they only describe the existing theories, loaded in many cases with homophobia, anti-Semitism and the very classy, ​​a whole cocktail of Victorian England. The fantasies of the town, the urban legends and the business do the rest.

The victims

That is where you have to look, not to find the murderer, who knows, but to dignify them. And it is what the historian does with sobriety and an overwhelming research work. Hallie Rubenhold en The five women (Rocaeditorial). Who really were Polly Nichols, Annie Eliza Smith, Elisabeth Ericsson, Kate Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly? Historiography and journalism have been limited to repeating what was said at the time, based on rumors, exaggerations and inventions of “angry middle-aged men”, as the author describes them. But Rubenhold looks into the lives of each of the victims and rebuilds them. And he tells us about the cruel asylum system of England at the time, the scourge of alcoholism, the prevailing misogyny or how a single woman was socially sinking. Without that, you cannot understand the victims of Jack the Ripper and the impunity with which the murderer acted.

But, in addition, it focuses on women, on fascinating characters like Elisabeth Stride and her double life, her dual nationality, how a biography is constructed that is a story to try to escape depravity. Or how Polly’s husband loved her despite the separation and sank forever after her death. And how Annie Chapman worked what she could to pay for alcoholism but was not a prostitute. Because, surprise, only Mary Jane Kelly, who we know less about, practiced prostitution on a regular basis. The rest are inventions of the press, which filled biographical gaps with total impunity. As was the case with Läetitia or the end of men, by Ivan Jablonka (Anagrama), the author forgets the murderer, builds the case of each one with what little there is, without ever crossing the red lines, with an iron pulse. A necessary work to know more about one of the most famous murderers in history but without bloody fantasies or unnecessary myths.