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When people want to buy a new smartphone, undoubtedly one of the first technical features they pay attention to is the camera.

And, today, the vast majority of mobile phone users are looking for much more than making calls or using messaging services. Capturing images in photos or videos to upload them to social networks and immortalize everyday life is one of the most widespread habits in the world today.

But what features should a good cell phone camera have?

The answer is made up of several factors. Of course, one of the most important to take into account is the number of megapixels that the camera sensor has, as these determine the resolution of the image and are the ones that ensure that a photograph or video has a high quality. .

It is a rule that could basically be summarized as follows: the higher the number of megapixels, the better the captured images will look.

However, megapixels are not everything. And it is that each type of image, depending on the moment and the characteristics of the photographed object, requires different functions.

Therefore, another fundamental factor to take into account is the variety of approaches and modes. One of the most relevant technologies in this sense is the telemacro, which allows the backgrounds to be blurred so that the captured object appears more clearly highlighted.

This is a very valuable function for capturing small details of everyday life, such as flowers or insects.

Another option that stands out in this regard is the night mode. After all, who has not struggled unsuccessfully against the lack of light to capture a unique moment at night?

For this reason, the best smartphones have dedicated themselves to developing better night modes so that capturing images at night is as easy as doing it in broad daylight.

The new Redmi Note 10 Pro, with great camera and much more

A smartphone that has proposed to gather these and more features is Xiaomi’s new Redmi Note 10 Pro, whose main camera has a capacity of 108 megapixels, thus offering one of the highest resolution image sensors in the world for high-end smartphones. half.

Also, the Redmi Note 10 Pro has an excellent telemacro, with a 360 ° light sensor and a Night Mode 2.0 that uses multiple frames to achieve better shots at night, with a high degree of detail and avoiding grainy. .

It is worth mentioning that this quest to capture excellent images is completed by the phone’s 6.67-inch screen, which has AMOLED technology, which provides bright colors, deep blacks and a high level of contrast.

It should be added that the Redmi Note 10 Pro, in addition to having the best features in terms of camera, also offers a very complete experience thanks to its Qualcomm Snapragon 732G processor and its dual performance cores of up to 2.3 GHz, which provide speed, fluidity and efficiency. And all this at the best price. To learn more about the new Redmi Note 10 Pro, visit mixiaomi.co.


Xiaomi launches a smart projector to have a screen of more than 100 inches at home | Gadgets

Xiaomi surprises us once again with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day in Youpin, to Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. And it is that the Asian giant is one of the manufacturers with the most variety of smart devices in its catalog.

The Fengmi brand part of the Xiaomi ecosystem continues to innovate in the field of projectors with the new Fengmi 4K Laser Projector TV C2 and a flexible Fresnel screen over 100 inches from today crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin at a price of 9999 yuan, about 1300 euros.

Xiaomi launches a smart projector over 100 inches

As the name suggests, the Fengmi 4K Laser Projector TV C2 comes with a 4K Ultra HD resolution, along with a 2200 ANSI lumens brightness, a increase of more than 20% compared to the previous generation. So even in the daytime and against a white wall, you can have a great viewing experience.

Xiaomi launches a smart projector Xiaomi

We also know that the Fengmi projector comes with ap100-inch flexible light apron Fresnel F2, a different technology than traditional LCD televisions or other anti-light screens manufactured by Fresnel. The flexible Fresnel F2 anti-glare screen has excellent anti-glare properties and 4K screen resolution. The relationship of 3000: 1 contrast it is comparable to cinematic quality and even the details in the dark parts of the image are clearly visible.

At the same time, Fengmi C2 can project in a screen with a maximum size of 150 inches and has an ultra-short throw ratio of 0.23: 1, so even if placed on a piece of furniture only 24 cm from the wall, it can project a 100-inch image.

The projector also features industry-leading 8-point keystone correction technology that is not limited by the home environment and not afraid of changes in position or uneven walls, ensuring image correction in any situation.

It also features a dual-range high-frequency audio system that uses the powerful technology of audio Dolby y DTS, allowing users to enjoy cinema-level sound quality. Lastly, the Fengmi C2 projector is equipped with 3 USB 3.0 ports and 3 HDMI 2.0 ports so you can freely connect hard drives, game consoles and computers.

Price and availability

Definitely a low-priced, high-quality ultra-short-throw projector. Especially if you consider that the Xiaomi Fengmi C2 has been put on sale for 9,999 yuan, about 1281 euros To the change.

We hope to see you on AliExpress very soon, but dAt the moment everything indicates that at first it will only be available for physical purchase in China, it will probably be able to reach our country through certain distributors such as the brand’s physical stores. We will be very attentive to inform you as soon as it is available in our country.


A Valencian woman who arrived in the United Kingdom to work was held in a London immigration center

  • Since last January 1, all EU citizens who intend to reside in the United Kingdom must first register in a registry

  • The Foreign Office is providing legal help to the young woman pending the British authorities decide if she can stay in the country or should return to Spain

A friend of the young María, not her real name, has sounded the alarm through Twitter: “A friend came to London yesterday to live a season in the United Kingdom. Today she is detained at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Center, a center for internment for foreigners “, Oriol Arnedo tells in a Tweet.

The 25-year-old girl arrived in the British capital on Monday afternoon with the intention of finding a job and living there. As her friend Oriol recounts, María had already been living and working in London for a season in 2019, so you already have your ‘national isurance number’, the British Social Security number that allows you to work in the UK.

“What was not accepted was the ‘EU Settlement Status’, the new visa in force for citizens of the European Union,” says Oriol, who does not doubt that this situation is one of the consequences of Brexit.

The truth is that since Brexit became effective, since last January 1, all citizens of the European Union who intend to reside in the United Kingdom must have previously registered in the registry of EU citizens, the ‘UE Settlement Status ‘. This registry allows you, among other things, to live and work in the country, as well as to access public services.

Upon arrival at the airport, the agents asked María for the usual documentation: passport, negative PCR and the reasons for her arrival in the country. After explaining his intention to work and live in the United Kingdom, where he also has relatives, the agents verified that he did not have the regularized UE Settlement Status, for which she was informed that her entry into the United Kingdom was illegal, and she was detained until her case was resolved.

They took her with other passengers in the same situation and seized their mobile phones to prevent them from making calls, Oriol says. The young Valencian woman was informed that she would be transferred to a detention center until her situation was resolved, something that María tried to avoid by offering to buy a plane ticket to return to Spain. “The agents told him that it was not possible, and that in case of deportation they would be in charge of organizing it,” says Oriol.

The British authorities informed María’s relatives of her situation and where she was located. When trying to locate her, another of the detained passengers warned them that they had taken her to another detention center. Family members called all London immigrant centers until they located her. “He is at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Center, two hours from London, where he will be interviewed in the next 72 hours”, says his friend Oriol.

The family knows nothing more about her, they have not been able to speak directly with María, nor do they know how she is. In the next few hours they hope to be able to speak with her or that the lawyer who will defend their situation in the United Kingdom will inform them of their situation.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry has informed NIUS that they are providing legal aid to the young woman, pending the British authorities decide if she can stay in the country or should return to Spain.


Apple has a plan to end the hegemony of WhatsApp from 2022, how? | Lifestyle

Apple’s iMessage (Messages) application is an old acquaintance that has been with us practically since the first iPhone, although it cover the years Apple has seen in it a way to integrate other elements more typical of the apps courier like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc. The problem is that outside the US it is practically perceived as that site where we are only going to read or send SMS.

But what many users do not know is that when those messages are exchanged with other users also on iPhone (or iPad and Mac), it is possible to access a richer experience, with animojis, voice notes, photos and videos and practically anything we can imagine. Even confetti and balloons flying all over the screen when we congratulate a friend on a birthday.

Apple wants your WhatsApp

It is precisely because of that condition as a messaging application strictly focused on the Apple ecosystem, that It has not managed to penetrate among users clearly (except in the US), so Californians now want to go one step further. According they report Some media, iOS 15 is going to undergo a “great renovation” that includes aspects such as a radical change in notifications or the home screen of their tablets. Maybe the arrival of the widgets?

iMessage from Apple in iOS 14. Apple

Besides all that, and many more things, the goal of those from Cupertino is to turn that iMessage into a clear alternative to WhatsApp, including a good part of all those functionalities that the app owned by Facebook in terms of managing chats, groups, conversations and content that can be shared quickly and easily. Now, it remains to be seen that within those changes, there is a modification of this exclusivity strategy that limits any revolution to the iOS ecosystem.

And it is that in countries of mass adoption of the iPhone it is easy to reach the goal of turning iMessage into an alternative to WhatsApp, but In more fragmented countries with a clear majority of Android mobiles, such as Spain, reaching this goal is practically impossible, Especially if we talk about rivaling an app that has more than 2,000 million users. These changes will arrive with iOS 15 and, therefore, never before the month of September 2022, when the iPhone will go on sale that year, as well as the new operating system. Although we will be able to see something before, when for the month of June, with the WWDC underway, those of Cupertino already have something to show the worldor. Not just intentions.


Legal uncertainty after Brexit weighs on British investments in Spain | Legal

The weight of tourism -18 million Anglo-Saxons visited us in 2019- and the activity of British residents are key to the economy of the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands. The limitation to the free movement of people and goods after Brexit, obstacles to the acquisition of real estate, access to health or taxation for non-residents are some of the issues that create legal uncertainty that they try to avoid to promote the increase in investments after Covid-19.

According to INE data, more than 300,000 Britons resided in Spain in 2020, with 82,000 residents in Andalusia and 16,000 in the Balearic Islands. Although the idea is of a group of people who enjoy the sun and the beach after their retirement, the reality is that the British in Spain have an average age of 53.6 years, according to data from the 2021 Register.

The terms of Brexit were regulated through the Withdrawal Agreement with a series of provisions so that the effective departure of the United Kingdom was ordered, establishing a transitional period until December 31, 2020. The Withdrawal Agreement has a lot of small print and will bring quite a few surprises in the form of problems that will have to be solved by legal experts. Many British residents face Brexit uncertainty as they feel abandoned by the Boris Johnson government.

Withdrawal agreement

Since January 1, nationals of the United Kingdom in Spain are either beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement (holders of a certificate of temporary registration and five years of legal residence in our country who can obtain permanent residence) or non-EU citizens who are governed by the general immigration provisions.

The British from this year – like any other foreigner – can only spend 90 days out of 180 in Spain legally. “The main problem is that, now, the British have to resort to non-EU channels to apply for their residence,” says Javier Blas Guasp, managing partner of Illeslex Abogados. Law firms that offer services in tourist areas facilitate the process for the British to obtain residence permits that greatly expedite the process through non-profit residence, which only requires the possession of sufficient financial means and being the holder of private health insurance, or the golden visa or investor visa, provided that they intend to make an investment in real estate to obtain residency.

A large number of British residents with second homes in Spain have been affected by the 90-day limitation on their stays. Daniel Olabarria, lawyer at Bufete Buades, highlights that “among the mechanisms that have been activated to make the indicated period more flexible is the application for residence through the special procedure of the Withdrawal Agreement.”

Health coverage and pensions

In relation to health coverage, Guasp assures that “the British will continue to be cared for as up to now, passing the costs to English health care, provided they are entitled to it, but the health cards of British citizens will be valid, for the moment, until end of June ”.

Pensions recognized before December 31 will continue to be satisfied by the “principle of exportability”, provided for in European regulations according to Olabarría. Those recognized from January 1 will be satisfied in accordance with the Coordination Protocol on Social Security of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Great Britain.

To make it easier for the British to start or invest in Spain, Adolfo Martos, coordinator of the International Section of the Malaga Bar Association, proposes to reduce the high consular fees charged to the British (1,500 pounds for the investor visa against the 60 euros of the general tax to a Saudi) and in turn negotiate with the United Kingdom to lower the rates applied to the Spanish so that Spain does the same with the British

Legal activity

  • Institutional concern. The president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, and the dean of the Bar Association, Salvador González, want to have a greater role in matters related to tourism to avoid the brake on investments. It is a matter of utmost concern due to the weight of British tourism on the Costa del Sol and in the province’s economy.
  • Purchase of real estate. The British have a new legal obstacle to acquire a property on rustic land. According to Law 8/1975 on Zones and Installations of Interest for National Defense, prior military authorization from the Ministry of Defense must be obtained before the purchase, the issuance of which takes four months, and is necessary for registration in the Property Registry. . This limitation also affects Spanish companies with British majority capital.
  • Regulate telework. Many British people would like to telecommute from Spain, but our labor and immigration regulations are somewhat rigid. The Malaga lawyer Adolfo Martos proposes “adapting the Spanish labor regulations on telework” to make possible a reality that would also attract talent and enrich the Spanish business and entrepreneurial fabric.


This is what the new Apple iPhone will look like (and the name) for this year | Smartphones

We all know that Apple works with very defined plans, which are marking their times month by month until the moment of launch arrives. And in the case of the iPhone range, it is known by all that we find ourselves at those times of the year when Certain data that comes in can be practically considered good.

And since news about the smartphones from 2021, the name that has always been used to refer to them is iPhone 13 although, according to what they publish Some media such as CNet, this year we could return to the name “s”, after skipping the 11s version (for obvious reasons), those from Cupertino want their new models to end up being called iPhone 12s this year, despite the changes in the design more than obvious like that notch smaller.

Why no iPhone 13?

According to the sources, Apple wants to avoid that number 13 of the numbering of its iPhone because of the negative connotations that it has in much of the world, skipping that natural order until next year, in 2022, when we would have an iPhone 14 in our hands, directly. The way to sell this strategy would be that next year’s models are going to be a major leap in terms of terminal design, which would explain the continuity of the 12 range to its “s” version and that direct jump to another generation that does not have such “bad optics”.

Design of the iPhone 12s? of 2021. EverythingApplePro

But leaving aside the name, which is surely nothing more than an anecdote (although it is the only point where Apple’s strategy does not seem to have a clear criterion), we have other characteristics that will make apple fans happy. . One of them is the battery life. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhones from 2021 will be 20% more energy efficient than iPhone 12s from 2020 So, finally, autonomy can be stretched a little more and we cannot blame 5G connectivity.

New camera layout of the iPhone 12s?
New camera layout of the iPhone 12s? EverythingApplePro

In parallel, Jon Prosser he’s back to counterattack with a new prediction: we will have foldable iPhone with smartphones from 2022, so in Cupertino they seem to have taken that leap seriously. Finally, to say that this modification in the design of the two lenses of what will be the future iPhone 12s is also confirmed, since they will not have a vertical but oblique arrangement.


We will have a new iPad Pro at the end of the month, and it will come with a small problem | Tablets

Despite the fact that in March 2020 Apple launched new iPad Pro to the market, in the middle of the confinement, this year will repeat the strategy by bringing new models of its most professional tablets to the market. Thus, at least, the main analysts of the North American ecosystem point it out, who also predict a qualitative leap in the hardware that will reach stores this year.

These are models that will not substantially modify everything seen so far in the range, since 2018, when it modified its design to integrate Face ID, leave the frames to a minimum and adopt the second-generation Apple Pencil. Even if there will be a new component that, as they say in the US, could change the rules of the game hereinafter. A virtue that, in the first moments of his arrival, will also be his most important defect.

Component supply issues

That element that is going to differentiate the iPad Pro of 2021 from those of last year is the screen, which according to all indications it is going to be the first mini-LED in the range, which is going to produce huge improvements in tablets. On the one hand, they are panels that do not reduce the quality seen in the previous two generations by a single gram and, on top of that, they occupy much less space (and energy consumption) which gives rise to either thinning the tablet in thickness, or offering a little more space to integrate new components or make existing ones larger. Like for example the battery.


But the problem with those mini-LED panels is that manufacturers are not supplying to Americans of sufficient quantity enough to arrive on launch day one with guarantees of providing all stores and points of sale with the number of units planned. Specifically of the 12.9-inch model. Something that, internally, would have already caused a first delay in its announcement and that, definitively, that event could occur at the end of this month.

As we reminded you before, in 2020 the iPad Pro landed in stores on March 21 and surely for this year those of Tim Cook had similar plans. That low rate of production of mini-LED screens could have affected those forecasts For this reason, April appears as the new month in which these models will be revealed to all users, once they have secured minimum quantities to have a launch at the same level as the previous models.


Xiaomi plans to manufacture electric cars, these are its plans | Engine

Apple is definitely not the only technology manufacturer of telephones interested in “putting head” in the world of electric cars and it is that the company is already rumored to be designing the first concepts.

Xiaomi plans to make electric cars

Reuters sources, they comment that the Asian giant plans to produce electric cars with the aim of reaching a “mass market”. Among the details of the electric cars that the brand could be working on, data has not yet been released, what if it is clear is that Xiaomi would integrate them with other products and manufacture them in a plant of the Chinese automotive giant Great Wall.

In addition, they ensure that the first model of the brand could arrive by the year 2023, a date that surprises many because of its close date. According to this information, the company could give the first details in a few days.

Xiaomi Car SmartLife

Xiaomi wants to take advantage of its technologies

The reason for this move is very simple: Xiaomi wants to diversify its line and make it more resistant and to be an even more financially sound company. While it is true, it is one of the largest phone brands in China, it operates with still too small profit margins and this economically speaking may burst the growing bubble it is in in a short period of time. If any problem like the recent chip shortage spreads, it may spell checkmate for the Chinese company.

Electric vehicles would give Xiaomi a more reliable source of income throughout the year, given the great benefit that manufacturers usually obtain in this sector, in addition to the technologies that the macar already has in its possession, it could make a 360º product with which to profit from many areas.

The problem, of course, is that Xiaomi is not the only company that has this idea in mind, others like Apple or Huawei are also exploring how to enter the automotive sector. Chinese search company Baidu has already revealed its plans to build an electric vehicle with the help of the Geely company. Technology companies want to enter the automotive world to be able to expand its technologies much more. Xiaomi wants to bet on its ecosystem to attract people.

Founder Lei Jun is betting that the company’s experience with hardware design will be an advantage, according to a source. Unlike some of its rivals, Xiaomi makes a number of products beyond phones that include everything from smart TVs to cooking pots. Knows how to make a variety of devices, and it has many affiliate brand partnerships, many of which communicate with each other, and that could be attractive, and one more source of profit for the brand.


European summit: Belgium must be entitled to a share of the 10 million anticipated doses, according to Alexander De Croo

At the end of the European Council which met mainly to discuss the redistribution of vaccines, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo indicated that Belgium should be entitled to a share of the 10 million doses of anti-Covid vaccine that BioNTech / Pfizer has promised to deliver early to the EU.

LBelgium must also be entitled to a share of the 10 million doses of anti-Covid vaccine that BioNTech / Pfizer has promised to deliver early to the European Union, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said Thursday evening, at the end of ‘a European Council.

These doses were due to be delivered in November, but the Commission was able to reach an agreement last week with the manufacturer so that this would be the case before the summer. The ambassadors of the Member States must now agree on the distribution key for these 10 million doses, “in a spirit of solidarity”, according to the conclusions of the 27. The objective will be to respond to the problem of differences in the speed of vaccine supply.

Almost 50 million (47.8) million doses of the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine have already been delivered to Member States, including more than one million in Belgium.

Belgium has also adopted a lukewarm attitude in discussions between Heads of State and Government on the mechanism for licensing the export of vaccines to non-EU countries, which the Commission has proposed to tighten up, with the United Kingdom and AstraZeneca in the crosshairs.

“We are one of the largest vaccine producers in the world, so we want to make sure that global value chains are preserved as much as possible,” said De Croo. This concept of value chains appears in the conclusions of the Summit.

Towards an EU-UK agreement?

If Belgium agrees to provide the Commission with a tool to put pressure on producers to ensure that the agreements are respected, “the discussion with the United Kingdom must be able to be resolved by a good agreement”, according to the Belgian Prime Minister.

On this subject, the EU and London could reach an agreement on Saturday on the supply of vaccines, estimated the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a press conference after the summit.

In the eyes of Alexander De Croo, the ban on the export of vaccines should only be used “in a targeted manner towards producers who do not respect the agreements agreed upon, and as a last resort. Untargeted export bans would only result in the losers, starting with the populations, ”he insisted.

According to data relayed by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the EU has, since the beginning of last December, exported 77 million doses of vaccine to 33 countries around the world. Much of these exports have gone to the UK, as nearly 11 million doses have traveled in that direction since the licensing mechanism came into effect at the end of January.

According to a European source, the EU has even, since the beginning of December, exported some 21 million doses to the United Kingdom, without seeing anything in return.

The EU is expected to have received, by the end of this week, some 88 million doses from its various suppliers. She expects to receive some 360 ​​million doses in the second trimester.

Presence of Joe Biden

At the end of the summit, the President of the United States Joe Biden took part in the video conference of the Twenty-Seven, to reaffirm his desire to revitalize the transatlantic link. He addressed the necessary cooperation in the fight against the pandemic, climate change, the need for “clean and sustainable” growth, a recovery based on job creation and innovation, as well as the unity of democracies. in the defense of human rights and human dignity.


New Instagram functionality: it will give you the news of COVID-19 in a new space | Lifestyle

In recent times the same technology companies that fought for our attention, because we did not stop looking at the mobile screen to see if we had likes, comments or new followers, seem to have realized that in a healthy, long-term relationship, it is not advisable to squeeze the client from which you live.

In the last year, Instagram development teams have been working to connect people around the world with authentic information about COVID-19 and to support businesses and communities most affected by the pandemic. But now they have wanted to go one step further, and to help people find reliable information about COVID-19, we present our COVID-19 Information Center all over the world.

New Instagram functionality: it will give you the news of COVID-19 in a new space

With this center, people will have direct access from Instagram to more information about the pandemic from the health authorities. For the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, India, and Chile, this new feature will allow people to access trusted information from health experts based on their location, such as who can get vaccinated, preventive information from trusted health organizations, and content to debunk myths about vaccines. Also in the coming weeks, they will add more information so that people know where they can get vaccinated, the number of COVID-19 cases in their area, among other things.

New Instagram Covid-19 functionality Instagram

Starting today, the platform will display notifications at the top of users’ feed to direct them to the new COVID-19 Information Center so they can quickly access trusted information directly from Instagram. Also, in the coming weeks, they will launch a new story sticker to allow people to show their support for the COVID-19 vaccine and share accurate information about it.

They will eliminate all publications with hoaxes about COVID-19

The platform has also promised to increase efforts to detect and remove all Instagram posts that contain Claims that violate COVID-19 and Vaccine Policies. In the case of publications with claims that have not yet been disproved by health experts, they will apply international labels on vaccines and COVID-19.

As a further measure, Facebook has announced that it will continue its efforts and that tag all Facebook and Instagram content related to Covid vaccines, providing information from reliable sources such as WHO. These labels have been released worldwide in six languages, including English and Spanish.