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Real Madrid (1,276 million euros), Barcelona (1,266 million) and Manchester United (1,130 million) maintain their positions on the podium, occupying the first, second and third place respectively in the ranking of the most valuable football club brands in Spain. 2021, according to the Football 50 2021 report by Brand Finance, the intangibles valuation consultancy.

LaLiga giants: Real Madrid and Barcelona retain gold and silver

Real Madrid, the first Spanish club by economic value (3,130 million euros), is also still the most valuable in the world with a brand value of 1,272 million euros. Covid-19 has caused the white club to lose -10.1% of its brand value this year and 2020 was the first year, since 2012, that it reversed the upward trend. Real Madrid has managed to double (+684 million euros) its brand value in the last ten years in large part due to the enormous strength of its brand. His brand fortress, which has remained stable during the past decade, reaching a score of 91.3 points out of 100, -3.6 points less than in 2020 and maintaining the AAA + elite rating in brand strength. According to Teresa de Lemus, managing director of Brand Finance Spain: “Now it is the turn for Spanish clubs to make the right decisions, it is not a time to divide or compete with each other, but to join together in the face of a common goal.”

Silver is again for FC Barcelona: with a value of 1,266 million euros, the number two in the world ranking is placed, which it already achieved in 2020 just 10 million euros away from Real Madrid. The Blaugrana club, which has been increasing its brand value since 2012, reduces it this year somewhat more than its rival (it falls by -10.4%), but manages to retain its brand strength (-2.5 points) which now stands at 91.1 over 100 (AAA +). At the club, the eyes of many are on Leo Messi, who at the end of this season will announce if he renews or with the Barça team.

While the LaLiga giants remain on the podium in 2021, it has been three years since a LaLiga club reached the UEFA Champions League final and the last appearance was Real Madrid’s win over Liverpool in 2018. Manchester City (2021 finalists) and Bayern Munich (2020 winners) have moved up to 4th and 5th places respectively, demonstrating the positive impact of strong European performances on brand equity. Despite this, both Spanish clubs have been able to qualify among the top spots in the Champions League year after year, for more than 20 years. This constant influx of income and status from the Champions League has played an essential role in the overall success of both, say from Brand Finance.

The list of Spanish clubs in the Brand Finance Football 50 2021 ranking is completed by Atlético de Madrid (position 13), Sevilla FC (position 23), Valencia CF (position 43), Athlétic de Bilbao (position 43) and Villareal CF (position 44).

Atlético de Madrid, the third most valuable Spanish football club brand, is still a big difference from the first two. The pandemic makes it lose 5.3% in brand value and -3.6 points in strength. The entity controlled by the Gil family has agreed to a partial refinancing of the financial debt, which at the end of the 2018/2019 season amounted to 223.6 million euros (of which 160 million correspond to those borrowed from the Mexican bank Inbursa , of the magnate Carlos Slim, for the construction of the Wanda Metropolitano stadium).

Of the Spanish club brands, that of the Athletic de Bilbao is the one that has experienced the greatest fall (-14.5%), since it has been mainly impacted by Covid-19 which, like all clubs, has affected its financial results and they have remained at half of the table in La Liga (9th). Athletic Club will close the 2020/21 academic year with a Spanish Super Cup under its arm, a Copa del Rey final and at the gates of European positions.

In the case of Villareal CF, Although it is in the final of the Europa League, it is currently not within the European places in La Liga (7th), and therefore it would not be classified as it is, so the revenue forecasts have been affected by this. It is, therefore, a key brand for Spanish football at the moment since, if it wins the Europa League and in LaLiga it does not qualify in European positions, there will be 5 Spaniards in the Champions League, 2 in the Europa League and 1 in the Conference League.

For its part, Real Betis, which barely reached the ranking of the most valuable club brands last year at 50th place, has not managed to stay this year as their results in La Liga have not improved and income has also been seen. affected by the pandemic.

The announcement of the Super League makes the clubs involved lose brand strength.

The failed European Super League (ESL) project has washed away the brand strength of the 12 clubs involved, robbing them of more than € 600 million of their total brand value. This has resulted in an average decrease in their Brand Strength Index scores of -3.0 points.

Likewise, the Super League proposal has also caused them to lose 606 million euros from the sum of the total value of the clubs’ brand, the equivalent of an annual decrease of -6%. The weaker brands have poor prognoses for their commercial success and sponsorship possibilities.

In addition to measuring overall brand equity, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics that assess marketing investment, brand equity, and business performance among others.

According to these criteria, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid have seen their brand strength drop more than the rest of the Spanish teams due to the announcement of the European Super League (ESL) that provoked a significant backlash from groups of key stakeholders, from players, managers, fans, football associations and regulators, as well as politicians and members of the government. Although the European Super League project seems to have been shelved, it has left collateral effects for the clubs involved such as the damage caused to the brands by the negative sentiment that the idea caused.

According to De Lemus, “to repair the damage that the Superliga has done to the brands, the clubs involved would have to act in some way. Perhaps rewarding the damage to the fans, or apologizing or any action that could bring him closer to the fans in an honest and humble way as well as credible and try to realign the brands with the lost values: these are mainly respect for the fans, community spirit and play cleansed. This will also need real actions to demonstrate commitment to this, and not just a statement. “


West Ham vs Everton: how the Toffees fared playing at Arsenal this season in England | Premier League

Everton visits West Ham United this Sunday, in a crucial match in the English Premier League, as both teams struggle to qualify for the Champions or Europa League. The ‘toffee’ come in eighth place, while the ‘hammers’ are fifth. There are six points of difference in favor of the locals, so those led by Carlo Ancelotti are bound to win.

There are six London teams this season in the England League. This will be the last time Everton visits the British capital, so you can’t afford to miss out; even a draw would leave a taste of defeat in the Liverpool team.

How has Everton fared in London this season? The results are positive, although you already know what it is to lose with a direct rival. Be careful, with West Ham he cannot relax and has an outstanding debt, as he lost at Goodison Park.

The first visit to London was on date 3, September 26, 2020: he won 1-2 and continued with a perfect performance starting the season. The second time in the capital was on November 22, with a 2-3 win over Fulham on matchday 9. And closing 2020 -December 16- he beat Leicester City 0-2.

In 2021 (March 8) they lost for the first and only time in London, 2-0 against Chelsea. And last April 23 was the last time he played in the capital, with a 1-0 victory over Arsenal.

Thus, the balance is 5 games in London until this Sunday, with 4 wins and 1 loss.


Boris Johnson always wins, Labor loses again

LondonBad news for Labor and its leader, Keir Starmer. Good news for Boris Johnson, a head of government beset by a series of scandals that do not seem to take any kind of bill. Another area of ​​the red belt in northern England has changed color this Friday morning. The first significant result of the Super Thursday lived in Great Britain has thus confirmed the worst forecasts for a left still knocked out that, like Madrid, continues to find neither arguments nor policies with which to oppose right-wing populism. The British Conservative Party has won the only seat at stake in the Westminster Parliament on election day, disputed in a by-election after the resignation of the hitherto incumbent, over a case of sexual harassment.


Apple AirTags are official: price, features and release date | Gadgets

For months we had known exactly Apple’s plans to put on sale a small locator device to attach it to all kinds of objects, such as the famous Tiles that have been on the market for years. It’s more, the definitive clue was given by Samsung when at its presentation event at the beginning of the year it did the same with SmartTags: it was evident that a confluence of locator beacons was going to take place together with those of Cupertino.

AirTags Features. Apple

As it is, of everything we saw yesterday again in the keynote from Apple, the most original of all were the AirTags, although we only consider it for its status as a new range that officially arrives on the market for the first time, such as a line of products that until now did not exist within the portfolio of the Americans. With them, we can keep localized everything that we use daily and that is of vital importance to us: keys, bags, coats, umbrellas …

Small and customizable

AirTags are a small device that looks like a super-vitamin button cell battery. will stay localized thanks to its bluetooth LE connectivity, capable of extending its autonomy for a little over a year without the need to replace the battery inside. There, precisely, a small U1 chip is installed capable of offering a lost mode thanks to the NFC that it also equips and, how could it be otherwise, it has IP67 certification that gives it resistance to liquids and dust.

What will protect your AirTag?
What will protect your AirTag? Apple

These AirTags They have a small speaker capable of emitting the sounds necessary to locate it in case we cannot find the object to which it is attached, and thanks to the application “Search” of iOS 14.5, we will achieve surprising precision to locate it. They will also be through this app that we define its specific characteristics to differentiate it from other AirTags that we may have on more objects in the house.

AirTags de Apple.
AirTags de Apple. Apple

Even if it looks like a lie is compatible with Siri, you can customize it with all kinds of emojis and characters at the top, Apple will sell accessories specifically designed to better place the AirTag on any object and if you are interested in it, it is possible to reserve it through the North American website to start receiving it from April 30. Its price?, 35 euros but if you prefer a pack out of five, the thing goes up to 119 euros. Although if you prefer luxury, you can buy several models of the Hermes brand: the normal one for 349 euros, another in the shape of a bag pendant from 299 euros and, finally, the one that they have focused as a luggage tag that will stay at 449 euros. .


The power of the City crumbles three months after Brexit | Markets

What until the end of last year was the great financial temple of Europe, the British City, begins its collapse only three months after Brexit. English law, used preferentially for all types of operations, is in decline, due to the legal uncertainties that the United Kingdom’s break with the European Union has sown.

The exit of the club was negotiated until the last minute by the current British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who strove to sell the agreement as very positive for the country. But the European negotiators left without closing a major issue: that of financial services. There is not a letter on this subject. And its effects are already being noticed, according to the financial and legal sources consulted.

Investment banks, venture capital managers and market platforms have fled to Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin or Frankfurt and, to a lesser extent, Madrid to keep the European passport. Morgan Stanley, Nomura and Citi, among other entities, have created subsidiaries to operate in the EU, due to the loss of community safe conduct.

“London is a financial center, among other issues, due to the relevance of English law. Well defined, efficient, with very fast and predictable court resolutions. It is in a way this environment of legal certainty that has generated, over time, an enormous attraction to the United Kingdom, where banks, funds and financial institutions have gone, followed by lawyers, investment bankers and different service providers ”, says Miguel Lamo de Espinosa, partner of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, coordinator of Banking and Restructuring.

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo foresees that the jurisdictions of other countries will gain weight

But this idyllic situation in which British law was practically exportable to anywhere else in the world thanks to the EU agreements is over. Once and possibly forever.

An investment banker explains that Goldman Sachs already operates its direct lending business from Paris instead of London, adding that Amundi, when investing in Spain, did so from its team in the City, but now it does so from the capital as well. French. It’s more, Credit Suisse has decided to make Madrid its center of operations in the Twenty-seven with a team led by Wenceslao Wunge, its boss in Spain.

The partner of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo highlights that the loss of hegemony of British laws in the financial world is beginning to be seen. “On the one hand, I anticipate fiercer competition with New York law in certain financial transactions. On the other, a more recurrent use of the local rights of the different jurisdictions in which it is invested, as long as they provide minimum legal guarantees ”, he anticipates.

Miguel Lamo de Espinosa anticipates that a gradual transfer of part of the decision-making center in London operations to other capitals is already beginning to be noticed, although he rules out a radical or accelerated movement. “In any case, it will be interesting to see how it develops and the movements made by both the United Kingdom and the other jurisdictions, as well as the EU, in this situation,” he says.

The possibility of a financial regulation agreement is on the table. The UK and the EU have created a forum to discuss an alliance, Bloomberg published last week. But this agreement, if it is achieved – it is expected to be tortuous – will not be the panacea either, since the substantive discrepancies on the law will still be there.

“It will be interesting to observe the effects that Brexit may have on the export of English law, something that, in my opinion, has been surprisingly little analyzed, taking into account the relevance that this law has had in the constitution and maintenance of London. as a global financial city ”, explains the partner of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo.

Attract SPAC and IPOs

  • Markets. Data from Cboe Global Markets reveal that the hegemony of the British Stock Exchange has ended in favor of other markets, among which the Dutch one stands out (see graph). The lack of equivalence, which implies that an EU intermediary has to buy the shares of a company on a Community market despite the fact that these are also listed in the United Kingdom, has been a serious blow. Similarly, the EU also does not allow banks or European companies to trade key derivatives on London-based platforms. The annual amount of derivatives with obligation to negotiate are those of interest rates in euros, dollars and pounds, and also those of debt, with an aggregate amount compared to the underlying assets of almost 570 trillion in 2019.
  • Strategy. The United Kingdom wants to position its market as one of the most friendly for SPAC (Special Purpose Purchasing Companies) premieres, which are causing a sensation around the world and IPOs in general. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the country’s financial conduct supervisor, studies regulatory changes. The premiere of Deliveroo, one of the worst in history on the British stock market, with a collapse of 26% in its first session was a failure. Mutual fund distribution giant Allfunds, with strong ties to the UK, has chosen Amsterdam for its eventual debut on the market.


British Prime Minister happy after losing weight

I’ve been eating less carbs, less chocolate and cheese. This is how the British Prime Minister told how he has managed to lose weight in recent weeks.

Boris Johnson He had been trying to lose weight since a few months ago he overcame the coronavirus with 112 kilos of weight. Since then the Prime Minister of 56 years He has combined the regimen with exercise and in this video on social networks he encourages everyone who is in the same situation.

“I am full of energy and I highly recommend it” Summarized Johnson.

And their commitment transcends mere confession. It has announced that the British government has allocated more than 115 million euros to fight obesity in the United Kingdom.


Large European oil companies lose more than 45,000 million due to Covid | Companies

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on economic activity and, therefore, on energy demand, has dealt a severe blow to the big oil companies, which have gone from controlling a traditionally billion dollar business to register losses also billions in 2020. In the case of the European, the British BP Y Shell and the french Total they have together lost 40,857 million in 2020, which contrasts with the benefits of 25,824 million obtained the previous year. The norway Equinor, which presented results this Wednesday, recorded losses of 4,544 million euros in 2020. Added to the Norwegian, the accumulated losses by European oil companies exceed 45,000 million euros. Next week the other two major European oil companies will present results: the Spanish Repsol, and the Italian Eni.

And it is that, 2020 will mark a before and after in a oil industry that is in the process of transformation to adapt to the green transition that is coming in the post-covid stage. The impact of the virus has caused a situation of collapse in the sector, which has seen the take-off of renewables accelerate, in addition to the promotion of regulations to reduce CO2 emissions and measures to restrict mobility for most of the time. of the year due to the spread of the virus. All of this has caused a sharp drop in the price of crude oil, which set record lows, trading negatively for the first time in history, last April.

Due to these new circumstances, companies have had to review the valuation of your assets to adjust them to the market price, which has caused millionaire damage. In that sense, the French giant Total yesterday reported red numbers for 5,982 million euros in 2020 due to low oil prices, which led the company to assume an adverse impact of 8,261 million euros due to the impairment of Canadian assets in the oil sands segment.

For its part, Shell recorded attributable losses of 18,048 million euros. The oil company indicated that, compared to 2019, total production fell due to the impact of divestments, high maintenance expenses and also due to the passage of hurricanes that affected activities in the Gulf of Mexico.

BPDespite achieving an attributable net profit of 1,125 million euros in the fourth quarter of the year, it closed the year with a red figure of 16,824 million.

Although Eni will present results on February 19, it has already registered losses of 501 million in the first nine months of the year.

Repsol, which will communicate its annual results to the market on the 18th, is the only major European oil company that could save the year from the pandemic. According to the consensus of Bloomberg analysts and other experts, the company chaired by Antonio Brufau can obtain a profit of 315 million euros and income of 30,660 million (-37%). In 2019, Repsol already made adjustments to its highest issuance assets for a value of 4,800 million euros, causing a negative net result of 3,816 million.

Norway’s Equinor loses 4,544 million

The Norwegian energy group Equinor presented this Wednesday a net loss of 5,496 million dollars (4,544 million euros) in 2020 due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and low oil and gas prices. The former Statoil, which changed its name three years ago, had made $ 1.85 billion (1.53 billion euros) in 2019.

The operating loss was 3,423 million dollars (2,830 million euros), when in 2019 a profit of 9,299 million dollars (7,688 million euros) had been registered. Revenues amounted to 45,753 million dollars (37,828 million euros), 27% less year-on-year.

Equinor, whose main shareholder is the Norwegian state, produced 2.07 million barrels of oil equivalents per day, an amount almost identical to that of a year ago. Free cash flow was $ 85 million (€ 70 million), thanks, among other factors, to a drop in tax payments and lower capital spending.

In the fourth quarter, Equinor lost $ 2,416 million (1,998 million euros) net, ten times more, due to the crisis, the low price of oil and gas and the deterioration of assets in several projects.

“Our result was influenced by the turbulence in the market, but with a solid improvement in costs and capital discipline we presented a positive cash flow for the quarter and for the whole year,” the CEO of the Norwegian group, Anders, said on the balance sheet. Opedal, reports Efe. Equinor expects production to increase 2% in 2021 from the previous year.

Renewable business

In fact, Repsol is one of the oil companies that has anticipated the energy transition and has already designed its roadmap to transform the company with investments of 18.3 billion until 2025, in which it has also reorganized its structure in four areas to strengthen its business of low-emission generation. In fact, it expects to have a generation capacity that will reach 7.5 GW in 2025 and 15 GW in 2030. The company has been developing projects, especially offshore wind and hydrogen, and leads a consortium to build the first plant for 100 MW alkaline electrolyzers in Europe.

For their part, Total and BP have also embarked on the diversification of their business in renewable energy projects. This Monday, the two British oil companies were the big winners in the last contest for rights over the seabed in the United Kingdom. Total acquired 1,500 MW to develop with Green Investment, and BP won 3,000 MW in consortium with EnBW.

Price collapse in 2020

The lower production and the collapse in the price of a barrel of crude oil caused a collapse in the stock market of the oil companies, some of them with falls of more than 40%. In this way, Repsol shares lost 39.9% in 2020, going from 12.8 euros per share in the first trading session of the year to 8.25 euros per share in the last session. Italy’s Eni experienced a similar trend, with an annual drop of 38.88%. On the other hand, the British BP (-47.02%) and Shell (-44.97%) registered the biggest losses on the stock market. Total was the company that sold the least on the stock market and even so its shares dropped 29.14% to 35.3 euros per share in 2020.


YouTube stops working on some Apple TVs, is yours among them? | Smart tv

This is one of the problems that we have had to suffer in this technological world full of gadgets that are updated every so often and that, as the years go by, they lose compatibility with some platforms that remain intact. That as much as they continue to function without problems, the developers of the applications are removing compatibility to STB which, as in the case of Apple TV, have five generations in the market.

Precisely, today’s news Has jumped when confirming that YouTube is going to stop offering support, updates and, therefore, compatibility, with the third generation Apple TV that hit the market in March 2012 and that, a year later, had a small hardware revision. At a stroke of the pen, both these models, as well as the previous ones from 2007 and 2010, pass to a better life for the world’s leading video platform.

The app will not work, but there are alternatives

The notice of this loss of compatibility is reaching users through a message that they can read when starting the app, and in which they remember that “Starting in early March, the YouTube app will no longer be available on Apple TV (third generation). You can still watch YouTube on Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, iPhone or iPad. With AirPlay, you can also stream YouTube from your iOS device directly to any Apple TV (3rd generation or later). “

Third generation Apple TV. Apple

So, those of Mountain View confirm that they do not leave the platform since the 2015 and 2017 models remain active. It must be remembered that those fourth and fifth generation Apple TVs, respectively, were very different from the previous ones since they introduced for the first time an ecosystem very similar to that of their iPhone and iPad where it is possible to install applications and video games, compared to the previous ones in what those apps they were offered as available from a limited catalog offered by Apple.

The alternative to continue enjoying videos on a third-generation Apple TV goes through, as indicated from YouTube, use the AirPlay functions of the Cupertino ecosystem to wirelessly send content from an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac. Although it is not the best possible solution, at least it will prevent the purchase of a new STB from becoming mandatory and we can hold out for a few more months to see if Californians put a new Apple TV on the market for sale. Something that in 2021 could come true.


Gabbarini admits that losing the final against Barcelona “really hurt”

Adrián Gabbarini will go for a rematch in this 2021. For him, Liga de Quito will fight to win the crown in all competitions, driven by this desire for a rematch. After all, understand the pain of the fans for the final lost in Ponciano against Barcelona and he even feels it just like them.

Mauricio Pochettino: “It would be beautiful to train Messi at PSG”

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“Not only people (swollen) are hurt by what happened. For me and many of my colleagues this is not just a job, it really hurt (to lose the final) but there is no other choice but to lift your head and look forward “, began this Monday, February 1, 2021, at the official press conference.

Gabbarini sees that loss as an incentive to stay. “We want to be champions. That’s why we stay in this club, That’s why many of us have renewed, to show that we are at the height of this club. Telling people that logically we would have liked to finish as champions the previous year in a series in which we were superior, but on penalties we could not win, “said Gabbarini

The new compatriot is confident that things will improve this year. It relied on the sustained performance of the last few campaigns. “We have classified the last 3 years to the group stage of Libertadores. Over there, for other clubs a good year is to qualify for South AmericaAoa the first phases of the Libertadores, but for Liga (of Quito) if you don’t finish champion it is not a good year “.

Gabriel-Cortez-Matías Oyola

Barcelona: Two teams that excite

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Stellan Skarsgard: “There is a cinema that cannot be lost because we would all lose”

The story of ‘Hope’ is based on the experience of the director, who is also her friend. How did you deal with a role that emerged from such an intimate and painful space?

Maria Sødahl has been a great friend for a long time. With her husband, Hans Petter Moland, I have made six films, so imagine the degree of connection she had with them. Of course she knew the story, she knew everything Maria had gone through because of her illness. When she sent me the script I was scared of the way she had approached it, but when I read it I realized that she had not been self-indulgent with herself, that she had kept a distance from what she was narrating. Most importantly, it doesn’t take the point of view of the typical cancer movie. Let’s say it does not fall into the characteristic sentimentality of the genre, it is much more rigorous.

You play your husband, Hans Petter Moland. Did you ever talk about that and how to approach it?

I never wanted to do an imitation. I think she left it in my hands, she trusted me a lot and that I also had enough distance not to get carried away by my friendship with them.

What was the most surprising thing about the story?

That Maria was able to introduce humor. That she didn’t get carried away by gravity, that she didn’t seem obsessed with the movie. It was a kind of exorcism for her, but she made everything easy and enjoyable. What it counts is very dramatic, but the tone it uses is not, it demystifies everything.

His character in the film is a man devoted to his work who little by little is distancing himself from his family. Is it a personal choice or does society somehow push us to that?

Of course, we have spent decades with the idea that what is good for business is good for society, and therefore for ourselves. It is what unbridled capitalism is about, in which we have all been absorbed in some way. I think it’s something that we didn’t even stop to think about, because we had it very internalized. But I also think the horror of the coronavirus has changed all that. And we have realized, at least many people around me, how empty and absurd it is to focus on your professional career and how necessary it is to return to the true values ​​of life. Of course, I speak of privileged citizens like me, because there are millions of people who have no choice but to work in difficult situations to survive.

In the film it is said that “sometimes something bad has to happen for us to react.”

I think he’s right. It has happened with Trump, it has happened with the coronavirus. All of that has given us a good shake.

You alternate large productions with auteur films, such as ‘Hope’. How do you see the future of the industry after the structural changes we are experiencing?

I think that before the pandemic, small and medium-sized films already had to fight a lot. Distributors have been absorbed by large corporations that are not interested in auteur cinema, only popcorn cinema. I sincerely hope that people want to go back to the cinema, feel the experience of a movie theater and not be at home watching a movie while waiting for the cell phone or the messenger that knocks on the door.

The thing is complicated.

Everything indicates that the films that are exploited are those that are sold as great events. I have seen how most of the people who worked in small and medium films have gone to television. I do not blame them, networks like HBO make series of a high cinematographic level, which take into account the story, the narration, they are not only aware of the action and nonsense things happening. But I want to keep making movies like Hope, like The Painted Bird. That cinema cannot be lost, because we would all lose.