Xiaomi works on a 200 megapixel camera phone | Smartphones

The Chinese firm Xiaomi has become in the last two years a benchmark in mobile photography. The hole that little by little is leaving Huawei Xiaomi is taking advantage of it to rise as the manufacturer with the best cameras on their mobiles. Something that it has achieved on its own merits, and due to its good relationship with sensor manufacturers. This is the case of his relationship with Samsung, which gave excellent results by launching the first mobile with 108 megapixel camera thanks to the collaboration with the Korean firm, incorporating one of its sensors. Now it seems that history is going to repeat itself in a mobile future of the Chinese firm.

It would also release the new Samsung sensor

Xiaomi alone does not have the capacity to develop photographic sensors that large manufacturers such as Samsung or Sony have, the main suppliers in the industry. And Xiaomi’s good relationship with Samsung allows it to access some of the new sensors developed by the Koreans for the first time. As we have learned now thanks to the Chinese “leakster” Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi is working on a telephone with 200 megapixel camera. It seems that the sensor that the brand will use will be from Samsung, which agrees with the rumors that have been known in recent times that the Korean firm has this new sensor very advanced.

A 108 megapixel camera in a Xiaomi mobile Xiaomi

Therefore, it would not be surprising that in the second half of this year the first mobile with a camera of these characteristics is released, and as it happened with the 108 megapixel sensor, even ahead of Samsung’s new top of the range, which could release this great new sensor by early 2022, on the Samsung Galaxy S22. If 200 megapixels already seem like a barbarity in the camera of a mobile phone, what Samsung works on is also going to seem something simply delusional.

Because it seems that Koreans are working on a 600 megapixel sensor for your mobiles. Something that does not seem to happen anytime soon, simply because there is no processor today that can handle a sensor of this size. In fact, the most popular today are capable of housing sensors of up to 200 megapixels, something that agrees with this information. As to which will be the first phone with this camera by Xiaomi, it is anyone’s guess, but a Xiaomi Mi 11T Ultra that can incorporate this huge sensor cannot be ruled out.


The iPhone 13 will be Apple’s cleanest ‘smartphones’ in recent years, why? | Smartphones

Surely the most veteran of you remember that trend that became fashionable a few years ago, practically a decade, when Some smartphonesincluding iPhones, used as a sales argument that they had an “oleophobic” touch screen, that is to say, it was able to resist the onslaught of our fingers and not be marked in order to continue having a clean and healthy appearance.

With the passage of time, these types of characteristics were maintained although many no longer called their attention, despite the fact that our fingers continue today to be one of the most polluting agents that our mobile can face and that, depending on the time of day, they are able to mist the back with visible traces of each finger with which we touch and hold the device.

Apple wants a clean iPhone 13

As it is, it seems that this year Apple wants its new iPhone 13 to hit the market with some kind of protection before this festival of fingerprints that we leave every day when we use the mobile. Fingers grasp the smartphone that leave their mark on the glass and that not only do not make its appearance more aesthetic, but depending on the case they can worsen the grip, with the risks that this entails of suffering an accidental fall.

iPhone 12 de Apple. Unsplash

It has been Max Weinbach through his Twitter and YouTube accounts where has unveiled Apple’s intentions to root out those problems with the fingers that remain imprinted on the back areas of its iPhone 13. The idea, as revealed, is to add a special coating that will only be available for Pro models, and that it will prevent both smudges and fingerprints from being imprinted on the surface.

That is why thanks to this new design of the grip area of ​​the next iPhone 13, it will be easier to hold it in the hand, in addition to giving a matte appearance to all the tones that are part of the catalog. It is true that The iPhone have never been, at least without a case, terminals with a lot of grip and in certain generations, even uncomfortable to carry in hand, so we hope that Californians have hit the same key that other competing companies (Android) have already achieved with their more expensive terminals.


Xiaomi will follow in Apple’s footsteps and starts working on its own car | Engine

More and more information points to Apple’s entry into the market for electric and autonomous vehicles, in what would be a new invasion of a big tech within a sector that is not the origin of its activity. And for what is known in the last hours it will not be the last. Xiaomi, which has seen spectacular growth in recent years, seems to be considering carrying out something similar.

According some chinese media, Xiaomi is preparing a project through which it will build its own car and it frames it within what they call “strategic decision”, although the details of what its characteristics will be have not transpired. It is obvious, however, that the great giants of technology are moving faster and faster around electric mobility and autonomous driving, the main pillars of the sector in the coming years.

The founder of the company, in front

As a sign of the importance of this new strategy of the Chinese is that, according to the same information, Lei Jun himself, founder of the company, is in charge of this Xiaomi vehicle and current CEO, who has been one of the main responsible for the success of a company that has multiplied its volume of business in the last five years as well as its presence beyond China.

Oficinas de Xiaomi en Beijing. Twitter

This new Xiaomi project is curious because In 2013 Lei Jun traveled to the US to meet with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, where he showed a lot of interest in the field of electric mobility and autonomous driving that in those years the Americans were already revolutionizing with their first models. And it is that according to the report in which this project of the Chinese is collected, it speaks specifically of the need to “diversify” their activities in view of the evident “stagnation in the sale of smartphones” that they have been detecting.

For now Xiaomi has neither confirmed nor denied the information that arrives about a vehicle who would still have a long time to reach the stores. You just have to look at what is happening with Apple, whose automotive project has experienced several starts and stops until, a few months ago, it seems that it has already gained momentum in the face of a launch throughout this decade. We will see if in addition to Xiaomi and the Californians, other brands are encouraged to develop something similar.


The Eures Network organizes a workshop on living and working in Ireland

The Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) of the Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment reports through the Eures Employment Network in the European Union, about a workshop with practical information for people interested in living and working in Ireland, organized by Eures Spain and Eures Ireland. The workshop will be held electronically on Thursday, February 4 at 11:00 and can be followed live, via streaming, through the European Online Job Days website.

The workshop will be given by a person representing the Employment Service in Ireland, in English. It will explain detailed information about the Irish job market, how and where to look for work in Ireland, preparing your resume and submitting applications, among other things.

Through the chat, attendees will be able to ask questions about the presentation and any doubts they may have about job hunting in Ireland. People interested in attending just have to enter the link https://www.europeanjobdays.eu/european-info-day-eures-ireland-spainIt is not necessary to register in advance and there is no limitation on the number of attendees.

New conditions after Brexit

On the other hand, the Eures network has published on its blog an article on various aspects that affect mobility and employment in the United Kingdom, once it has left the European Union. The article (https://euresdotblog.wordpress.com/2021/01/04/espana-y-reino-unido-y-ahora-que-enero-2021/) addresses aspects such as the export of unemployment benefits, health care or work permits.

The Eures service, the cooperation network for employment and the free movement of workers in the European Economic Area, provides guidance and advice in the search for employment and has information points at the Provincial Directorate of the Andalusian Employment Service, through the Eures counselor (with whom you can make an appointment on the phone 950011432 or at the email address eures.almeria.sae@juntadeandalucia.es) and at the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) offices in the province.


Kristine Braden: “Citi works in a Brexit scenario without a final agreement” | Markets

A woman at the top of an investment bank is still a rarity. Kristine Braden, managing director of Citi in Europe and CEO of the firm’s Germany-based broker, is one of the pioneers paving the way to which they will reach. With a career of more than 22 years in the entity and after having held positions of maximum responsibility in Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Egypt, among other countries, her last mission was to be the director of the counselor’s cabinet. Citi delegate at the planetary level, Mike Corbat. “I am extremely proud of the culture of diversity and inclusion that Citi promotes,” she says. Installed in Frankfurt just when Covid-19 broke out and after doing an enormous job there, it answers the questions of Five days through a questionnaire.

He pilots the broker that provides service to the European Union after dispensing with, due to Brexit, the one that was based in London. What will the final break with the UK look like?

I want to hope that an agreement is still possible. But given that the situation remains uncertain, Citi has based its planning on a scenario in which the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a final agreement or a transition period.

What consequences would a rough Brexit have?

London will remain a key financial center, regardless of the bottom line, because the UK is an important business center in its own right, as well as serving the rest of the world. But we will certainly see a reconfiguration of trade flows and foreign direct investment, both to the UK and to the EU. We look beyond Brexit to the possible opportunities that this situation will represent for our clients in both jurisdictions. From a cultural and geographical perspective, we have deep roots in Europe. For example, in Spain, Belgium and Italy we have been operating for more than 100 years.

Will there be more business movements from the UK to continental Europe?

We already have a relevant presence on the continent, with around 14,000 employees serving our customers in Europe. We have planned to add more than 200 new positions in several key markets, in a combination of staff transfers and new employee onboarding.

Cross-border bank mergers will depend primarily on regulatory frameworks

What will be the structure of Citi in the EU after the exit of the United Kingdom?

After Brexit, we will essentially operate from two vehicles: our bank, Citibank Europe, whose headquarters are in Dublin, and our investment firm or broker, Citigroup Global Markets Europe, with headquarters in Frankfurt. Our staff consists of some 14,000 people in 23 countries, including Norway and Switzerland. We have also expanded our presence in key capitals such as Madrid, Paris, Dublin, Luxembourg, Milan and Amsterdam, so we are well positioned to serve our clients. We were prepared last March and we are fully prepared for January 1st.

Has there been a problem with the creation of the bank in Ireland and the transfer of the broker to Germany?

Not fortunately. We established the headquarters of our European bank in Dublin before the Brexit referendum took place, and it is seamlessly integrated into our European network of 23 countries. Our investment company in Frankfurt is fully operational and we are preparing to be under the supervision of the European Central Bank in the future. We have already carried out operations for our clients and we expect flows to increase substantially in the periods before and after January 1, 2021.

From that key date, what will be the growth plans in Europe?

I believe the greatest growth opportunities are in our corporate and investment banking and capital markets businesses, and in our foreign trade and treasury solutions. In both cases, they provide services to the main companies and financial institutions. Private banking and commercial banking also have unique opportunities to grow their penetration and market share in the region. After a very solid 2020 for the markets, we expect volumes to normalize in 2021; however, overall, we continue to invest to enhance our capabilities.

We have expanded our presence in Madrid, Paris, Dublin, Luxembourg, Milan and Amsterdam

Will there be more changes in Spain, in addition to the transfer of its core of private banking from southern Europe to Madrid, How did CincoDías publish on March 16?

Spain is an important market for us in Europe. We are one of the leading banks in investment and corporate banking, capital markets, private banking and transactional banking for large Spanish and multinational companies, as well as one of the main banks in helping to raise financing for the country.

How has the bank dealt with Covid-19 with its employees and clients?

I am extremely impressed by the resilience of all our staff, not only in Europe, but also around the world. Since the start of the pandemic, more than 200,000 employees have adopted telecommuting, and that has involved a huge effort for the operations and technology teams. Our priority has been and will continue to be the health and safety of our employees. We also focus on our clients and assist them, both in their immediate liquidity needs and in advising them on their long-term strategic corporate decisions.

What has been Citi’s role in the markets during the pandemic?

In March, we reopened the European corporate bond market, with an offer for European companies, Engie and Unilever. Our head of corporate debt capital markets conducted that transaction from his kitchen table! Another iconic operation, in this case in Spain, was the advice of Telefónica on its operation in the United Kingdom, which has been the largest operation of the year, and which was successfully closed at the height of the pandemic. We were also very active in the syndicated loan sector for European clients, participating in 13 of the 14 loans signed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the first quarter.

In Spain, we have the first major banking merger with Bankia-CaixaBank, pending approval at the meeting. And after the break between BBVA and Sabadell, the negotiations between Unicaja and Liberbank are ongoing. Will there be more operations of this type in Europe?

Increasing difficulties we face – such as Covid-19 – tougher regulatory requirements and pressure to maintain cost efficiency and profitability are conditions that are precipitating consolidation in the industry. Our perspective is that there will be an increase in consolidation at the national level, but cross-border consolidation processes will depend primarily on regulatory frameworks.


70 job offers with a salary up to € 96,000

Companies this year have been forced to reduce staff spending as a consequence of the crisis derived from the coronavirus. For that reason, people who are actively seeking employment they take longer than usual to get a vacancy that matches their profile. However, some companies continue to offer job opportunities, despite poor economic situation that is traversed globally.

Mercadona, Leroy Merlin, Sprinter … there are many companies that need an increase in their workforce to face the massive purchases caused by the Christmas season. Salespeople, cashiers, replenishers are needed … Although there are also opportunities for those who have a most qualified profile. Apple is one of the companies looking for 47 qualified people to be incorporate to their staff within Spain.

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for tech lovers who want to start their professional career in a technological multinational that is at the forefront of innovation. The tech giant is looking for people employed in Spain in all its areas: machine learning and artificial intelligence, hardware, software and services, design, marketing, business development and sales … It even offers the option to work from home to more than 90 people, so you can work for another of its world offices from Spain.

Salary at Apple

Within the information for each job position, the company explains the necessary and additional requirements you need to meet the candidates. However, the company does not detail the salary to be received in the company. To do this, you have to go to online portals where you can find out the average salaries charged by company workers. According to him portal Glassdoor, the person responsible for the area is the one with a higher salary in Spain, which ranges between 155,000 euros a year and 166,000 euros and, currently, Apple has a vacant offer to fill in that position In our country.

The Business Development Managers they are the ones that occupy the second position. They receive a salary between 96,000 euros and 105,000 euros. And neither are the sales department workers, with a salary greater than 95,000 euros. On the lower side of the table we find the store clerks, who receive an average of 11,000 euros per year.


European leaders show willingness to work with the Biden Administration | Economy

The main European leaders have sent their first messages to Joe Biden almost at the same time on Twitter after being proclaimed president of the United States.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has launched this Saturday a message of congratulations to the declared president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, and his vice-president-elect, Kamala Harris, for their victory in the North American elections.

In a message on his official Twitter profile, the Spanish chief executive wished the new North American Administration “luck” and has shown himself to be “prepared” to cooperate with the United States and face “together” the great global challenges. “The American people have elected their 46th president. Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We wish you luck. We are prepared to cooperate with the United States and face the great global challenges together,” Sánchez said via Twitter.

Outside of Spain, the first to demonstrate was the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who congratulated Democrat Joe Biden and wished they could work together on “shared priorities, from climate change to trade to security.” “Congratulations to Joe Biden on his election as President of the United States and to Kamala Harris (Vice Presidential Candidate for her historic achievement,” the UK Conservative Prime Minister said on Twitter. “The US is our most important ally and I want to be able to work closely on our shared priorities, from climate change to trade and security, “he said.

In the UK, they are waiting to see what relationship these two politicians forge, since so far Johnson has shown an affinity with the outgoing US president, Donald Trump. London is especially interested in negotiating a trade agreement with the United States in view of its break with the European Union (EU) on December 31, at the end of the post-Brexit transition period, which was formally executed on January 31.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, congratulated Biden and stressed the importance of “transatlantic friendship” to overcome current global challenges. In a statement shortly after it was known that Biden also won in the state of Pennsylvania and, with him, obtained the majority of voters necessary to proclaim himself the winner of the elections, the Chancellor wished “fortune” and “success” to the Democrat and his candidate for the vice president, Kamala Harris.

“Congratulations! The citizens of the United States have decided. Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States,” the Chancellor said in a statement. “I sincerely wish him fortune and success and I also congratulate Kamala Harris, the first vice president-elect of her country,” he added.

The chancellor opted to strengthen ties between Berlin and Washington again, after the cooling of bilateral relations in the last four years, with President Donald Trump in the White House. “Our transatlantic friendship is irreplaceable if we want to overcome the great challenges of our time,” stressed the chancellor.

For his part, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, conveyed his congratulations to President-elect and his Vice President, Kamala Harris. “The Americans have appointed their President. Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! We have a lot to do to overcome today’s challenges! Let’s take action!” Macron wrote on Twitter.

Warmest congratulations were made by the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, who called this Saturday a “great day for the US and Europe” due to Biden’s triumph, and expressed his desire for him to help “rebuild our association.” The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, also congratulated Biden and stressed that the European Union (EU) is “ready to engage in a strong transatlantic partnership.”

The president of the European Parliament (EP), David Sassoli, expressed his “best wishes” for the democrat and called for a “solid” relationship between that country and the European Union “EU),” especially in these difficult times.

For his part, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has refused to recognize the result of practically all the projections of the American media that grant his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, the victory in the elections, he has announced legal actions to guarantee the legality of the recount and assured that the elections “are far from over.”


[M-234] – Chef de Rang “Le Blizzard” (H / F) – (Foreigner) in Badajoz

27 oct


Important group



27 oct

Important group



Ho The Blizzard

Introduction We are looking for a:

Chef de Rang (M / F) Missions Within our Hô 5- and for our gourmet restaurant “Le Blizzard”, you ensure the smooth running of the service in order to satisfy a demanding international clientele. Under the direction of the Maître d’hô, you pay particular attention to the full satisfaction of the client. You set the tables and keep the restaurant clean; You greet the customer on his arrival, place him at a table and present the card to him; You advise the client in his choice of dishes according to his tastes; You ensure the order taking as well as the service of the dishes; You clean the dining room after the service.

Your benefits Fed and accommodated post


In order to satisfy our demanding international clientele, you adapt your posture accordingly, with good speech and presentation.

Desired skills

Mastery of restaurant codes

Organization and method


Sense of welcome

Good presentation, appearance, distinction

Fluency in English essential, Russian would be a plus.

The original advertisement can be found in Employment Kit:


Marie-Chantal from Greece claims that the Greek royal family were not very happy with her working – People

Surely every new princess finds herself with the trouble of adapting to her in-laws. There are the cases of Queen Letizia, Meghan Markle or Mary of Denmark. But the case that concerns us now is that of Marie-Chantal of Greece, married to the crown prince Paul, who in different circumstances would have been Kings of the Hellenes, but who will now settle for being the heads of the House of Glücksburg, who previously he reigned in Greece.

Although he got along very well with his in-laws and brothers-in-law, perhaps his ambition generated concern among members of the Greek royal family. When she had been married to Prince Paul for several years and awaiting her third child, the princess decided to open a children’s clothing store with her own name.

As she herself reveals, then her in-laws did not agree very much. In an interview with the magazine Paper, the princess said that royal families do not feel “too comfortable” with the idea that their members work. However, that she decided to make children’s clothing seemed “very sweet” and “they saw that there was nothing wrong with it”, if it did not imply the use of their royal titles.

“They saw that I was doing something that I liked, and that it was healthy. I have never exploited or taken advantage of family. He was simply doing something that was complementary ”, detailed the political cousin of King Felipe VI, who reaffirmed his position of working inherited from his father, the American billionaire Robert Warren Miller. @worldly


Foreign Affairs welcomes London and Berlin to remove the Canary Islands from their risk list and hopes to work with more Autonomous Communities


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, celebrated this Thursday that the United Kingdom and Germany have removed the Canary Islands from their list of territories at risk due to the incidence of coronavirus, and has trusted that it can be worked with other communities as epidemiological data improve.

In statements to journalists, González Laya stressed that this is “very good news” for a territory that has its peak tourist season in winter and for which the United Kingdom and Germany are large emitters of tourists.

As he has said, “it is the result of a very great effort by the autonomous communities and the citizens of the Canary Islands to improve epidemiological figures” and also “of a discreet but sustainable and very determined diplomacy” on the part of the Foreign Ministries, of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and Health.

“We have taken a very important step forward for this autonomous community, we hope it is not the only one, we hope we can work with other Spanish regions as epidemiological data improve,” he added.

In any case, it has made it clear that the Government will continue contacts with other European partners so that European tourism returns to Spain even though it is necessary to put “additional measures such as tests, traceability or health coverage”. They are what have been called “safe corridors” that should allow, with these additional measures, the arrival of tourists even when the incidence figures are slightly higher than the risk thresholds.

In addition, he explained that there are other countries that do not set restrictions on travel to Spain, such as Luxembourg, and with which they are working to improve air connectivity. The minister received her colleague Jean Asselborn in Madrid on Wednesday.

Asked about the situation in the Balearic Islands, which has also drawn up a protocol to launch a safe corridor with other countries, she has made it clear that the Government “works for all the autonomous communities” although the priority has been for those with high season in winter.

With all of them, he said, work will be done to lower the incidence figures and to “convince community partners that Spain continues to be a safe country to travel to.”