Youth for Climate defends a Food Market that has Tomelloso farmers

In a press release, Youth for the Climate of Tomelloso asks the Plenary of the City Council not to miss the opportunity to turn the area into a space where local and sustainable commerce prevails.

The environmental movement affirms that the abandonment of the Municipal Market since the 1990s “was a failure as a society. Several generations of tomelloseros and tomelloseras have seen over the years the degradation of a historical environment to levels rarely seen ”. And, according to the statement, it was not only renounced to offer an alternative business model to that of large supermarket franchises, which has ended up harming citizens in their food health and in their pockets. Also, what was, and continues to be, a space with high heritage value was left in the hands of vandalism ”.

Since the current Corporation announced the recovery of the Supply Market through FEDER funds, Juventud por el Clima Tomelloso has always bet on its conversion into an ecological market where farmers could offer their neighbors food produced in a sustainable way in the town .

However – the press release continues – the environmental movement has encountered two main obstacles in the execution of this undertaking. “On the one hand, that of regional legislation drafted in defense of the interests of the large distribution chains. On the other, the disinterest of the local government team to adopt a truly eco-socialist agenda ”.

Youth for Climate recalls in the press release that the regional Executive has taken the first step in this regard. “The decree for the direct sale of agri-food products, which will take effect from December, will put an end to an important part of the bureaucratic obstacles that hinder local commerce.” That is why the group once again launched the Tomelloso City Council with the proposal to use the Mercado de Abastos as an agroecological market ”.

An idea that is not new, says the statement, since Youth for the Climate of Tomelloso since it learned of the intention of the Government team to reshape the market, has defended the creation of a local production market in which organic agriculture prevails . “Now there are no more excuses for not empowering our local farmers. There are no longer reasons not to transform Tomelloso into an ecological city ”.

Youth for Climate demands We demand “the Government team and the Plenary of the City Council as a whole not to miss this opportunity. There is no time to postpone the ecological transition. Sooner or later we will have to go through it ”. The group asks the councilors to “be brave, be ambitious, be useful and, above all, be green. Before you is the litmus test to know if you really care about a more just, sustainable and respectful world with local commerce and the environment ”. The group ends the statement by assuring that “Whenever you want to bet on an environment that is more respectful of people and the environment, we will be willing to collaborate with the councilors.”