Ángel Víctor Torres receives CV CCO 7 Palmas and confirms his support for the Champions League

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has received the players of the CV CCO 7 Palmas de volleyball, winners of the Iberdrola Women’s Volleyball League, and has confirmed that they will have the support of the regional government in the Champions League.

Historic first league title for CV CCO 7 Palmas

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The regional president has assured that “from his current institutional competence and in previous ones he has tried to support sport, much more to female sport” because it is “of justice and it is necessary to balance”.

For this reason, he has confirmed that for the Champions League “he will have the support of the Government of the Canary Islands” and he hopes that also that of the other Canary Islands institutions.

“When we talk about equality it also means betting on women’s sport,” he said.

This cup “weighs a couple of kilos but carries with it the work of many years of many people, Manolo Campos and his team” and today “the fruits of a planting done with humility, thanks to work, are reaped.”

Canarian sport, Torres has celebrated, “is in luck”, because this team and this cup “places women’s sport in the elite of Spanish and international sports.”

The Olímpico receives “the torch of being the best team in the women’s volleyball league” and this is “great news for sport in general, for women’s sport in particular.”

As he recalled, this triumph is “thanks to the work carried out by these teams, their technical teams, and the social support they have in the Canary Islands”.

At his reception he stressed that “we must continue to support women’s sport so that more girls are federated” and because that trust “they return with the title of league champions.”

This “is a historic moment”, because this team is the first in Gran Canaria to win the women’s volleyball league cup, which is “great news, even more so in this difficult time of pandemic.”

The president of the club, Manolo Campos, stressed that this “is a beautiful day” because “it is a great pride to return to society the affection, support and sensitivity that has been shown in recent times for sport”, on all “in times of pandemic and economic crisis.”

This is the fruit of “the 30-year effort of many people” in a success that “belongs to everyone.”

“We would be very excited to be that women’s team in the Champions League, because no one has played in Spain in the Champions League for more than 10 years,” for which he thanked the Canarian president for his support.

Saray Manzano, the captain of the Siete Palmas CCO 7 Palmas Shopping and Leisure Center Volleyball Club, said she was “very grateful and happy” because “we deserved this recognition and I think now we have to enjoy it”.

“A very long season is over, but I think we have finished in the best possible way” and we are “very happy and very grateful,” he added.


Galdames towers route

They do not look like those of the Lord of the Rings, but they are two towers. In the poster of the film they included those of evil, Orthanc and Barad-dûr; we lean towards the light of luxury in Loizaga and the spiritual light of San Esteban. The lands of Enkarterri were home to illustrious Basque families. The Galdames lineages left their mark on the town. They built buildings to shelter from the cold and attacks, towers and manor houses that sought to show relevance … there is no timid power. Emblazoned houses and architectural elements recall that heritage, protected by history.

If you approach the municipality you will remember that domain. You have a small map to guide you, in the Tourism section of the web local. The route, by footpath and road, starts in the neighborhood of San Esteban and its church of the same name. Born with the Pico Moro overshadowing it, the signs of the stately past stand out. Stop to observe the shields of the facades, the palatial structure of some houses. Remember also that the Pico del Moro and La Cerca housed old forts, settlements prior to the Romanization, installed in high areas to protect themselves.

The hermitage of Concejuelo.
The hermitage of Concejuelo.

In addition to this parish, the council has two others: San Pedro, in Galdames de Yuso, and Santa María de Montellano. San Esteban responds to a reconstruction of a new plant (1886) on the old temple. Sober on the outside, adorned only by a porch, the interior reflects the historicist claims of its builders, with neo-Gothic formulas. Thirteen stained glass windows create a peculiar misty feeling.

After visiting the area, you can continue to the El Escobal neighborhood or choose a complementary route that takes you to Garai, where bread making became art, and also to El Valle. The next stop chooses a visit to El Escobal, shelter of agricultural wealth and pastures before the mines imposed themselves on the natural and economic landscape.

It precedes the Concejuelo neighborhood, distinguished by its emblazoned houses, on the royal road from Güeñes to Sopuerta. There the Loizaga tower-house awaits, restored from a medieval tower. The walled enclosure houses the largest collection of Rolls-Royces in the world, a perfect destination not only for car lovers but for those who enjoy the beauty of design. Put an end to the march in the church of Santiago de Loizaga. Many residents defend it as the oldest in Bizkaia. The current property could date from the end of the 16th century or the beginning of the 17th.

The Rolls of the Bastion

Former defensive bastion of the Ochoa García de Loyzaga lineage, it was rescued by the businessman from Galdames Miguel de la Vía. His Museum It spans almost a hundred years of the history of the Rolls-Royce brand. Inside you will see four-wheeled jewels like a 1939 Merryweather fire truck. A Silver Wraith Limousine, belonging to the British Royal Fleet, equipped with a small spotlight on the windshield that emitted blue and white light announcing the presence of Queen Elizabeth II. A Phantom IV delivered to the Emir of Kuwait in 1955, tall and with huge doors to access without stooping … it is already known that a president should not recline. Or the Silver Ghost ‘Rois des Belges Tourier’ designed to the taste of the Marchioness of Marlborough and destined for Blenheim Palace, where Churchill was born.