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Believe it or not, but since absurdity is an intrinsic part of the Trump administration, in these final days of the year and also of the presidency of Donald Trump, the Pentagon and the military leaders of the Washington area are on red alert.

It seems that they too, driven by suspicion and perhaps by what they have seen or known of the four-year tenure of the tycoon-president, fear any far-fetched ideas – I suppose from Trump’s fanatical followers, encouraged by his constant refusal to do so. acknowledge that he lost the elections and his repeated accusation that they were stolen — which may lead to the outgoing president decreeing martial law.

The problem is that Newsweek has published that “the military commands responsible for Washington DC are involved in secret contingency planning in case the armed forces are called upon to maintain or restore civil order during the inauguration and transition period.”

“I have been associated with the military for more than 40 years and I have never seen the discussions that are taking place at this time, the need for such discussions,” an official told that publication – on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. Retired, currently a defense contractor who has mentored his service’s senior leaders.

And the possibility is mentioned that Trump tries to rally the paramilitary groups and private militias that are in his favor in an effort to interrupt the transition and bring violence to the capital. Rumors go as far as the possibility of moves to stop the certification of President-elect Joe Biden at the joint session of Congress on January 6.

It would be a total destabilization of the process of American democracy, practically unthinkable in the United States, until now, when irrationality has taken hold of those who are reluctant to give up the White House.

There are several retired military personnel and at the moment contractors who express those fears, but also their confidence that the uniformed servicemen keep their heads cool.

Yet the noises on the subject seem to be so loud and so loud that Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy and Army Chief of Staff James McConville felt compelled to issue a joint statement last Friday: “There is no paper for the American military in determining the outcome of an American election. ‘

It is that the signals are not few, and when Trump gave the presidential pardon to his first national security adviser, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, he immediately dedicated himself to intervene in massive rallies of the president’s followers and give statements and interviews with conservative channels in which he expressed, without any concealment, subversive calls such as that Trump “could take military capabilities and could basically rerun an election” … “The President has to plan for every eventuality because we cannot allow may this choice and the integrity of our choice go as is, “he said.

The New York Times reported that President Trump called a meeting in the Oval Office last Friday in which attorney Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn participated and both launched the scandalous suggestion to annul the election, although others present were said to have had it. invalidated.

On December 20, as if to calm spirits and allay fears about that encounter with two of the heroes of the QAnon movement, @realDonaldTrump tweeted: “Martial Law = Fake News. Just more, knowing bad reports! ».

Despite this “denial,” the concern exists.

Also the true fact that that same Sunday the 20th, Trump returned again and again to his Twitter account and retweeted 11 accounts linked to QAnon, the far-right movement related to one of the main conspiracy theories, which details a supposed secret conspiracy against Donald Trump and his followers, organized by an alleged “deep state” where they locate, among others, progressive Hollywood intellectuals and Democratic politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

QAnon’s followers see Trump as a messiah sent by God, and at the same time the FBI identifies these extremists as a threat of national terrorism …


The European Climate Pact will promote citizen action for the ecological transition of the continent

The European Commission has launched the European Climate Pact, an EU-wide initiative that invites individuals, communities and organizations to participate in climate action and build a greener Europe. The Climate Pact, which is part of the European Green Deal, offers a space for all citizens to share information, debate and act on the climate crisis, and can be part of a growing European climate movement.

French Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the European Green Deal, said: “The European Climate Pact will bring together all those who wish to act for the good of our planet. Through the Pact we want to help all the citizens of Europe to act in their daily lives, to give them the opportunity to participate in the ecological transition and to inspire each other. In the fight against climate change, anyone can take action, and everyone can take part.

A year ago, the Commission launched the European Green Deal as a plan to transform the EU into a just, healthy, sustainable and prosperous society, and to fix our way of interacting with nature. The Commission is formulating the necessary policy and legislation for systemic change, but the solutions outlined in the Green Deal can only be successful if everyone is actively involved and contributing.

Spread awareness and support action

The European Climate Pact provides a space for people of all walks of life to communicate and create and implement climate solutions large and small together. By sharing ideas and inspiring each other, we can multiply our collective impact. The Covenant is a open, inclusive and evolving initiative for climate action. It invites regions, local communities, industry, schools and civil society to share information on climate change and environmental degradation, as well as on how to deal with these existential threats. Through an online platform and dialogues and exchanges with citizens, it will promote the link between the digital and ecological transition.

The Commission starts a open convocatory in which it invites citizens and organizations to become ambassadors of the Pact for the Climate. Climate Compact ambassadors will lead by example and engage their communities in climate action.

The Climate Pact aims to contribute to disseminate scientifically founded information on climate action and provide practical tips for everyday life. Support local initiatives and will promote commitments on climate action by individuals or groups, helping to mobilize support and participation.

In the initial phase, the Pact will give priority to actions focused on four areas that offer immediate benefits not only for the climate and the environment, but also for the health and well-being of citizens: green areas, ecological mobility, efficient buildings and green skills. The Pact has an open mandate and its scope of application will evolve based on the ideas and contributions of the individuals and organizations participating in it. An event of the Annual Compact on Climate will bring together participants to share their experiences and knowledge.

Inaugural act

On December 16, there will be a opening ceremony in line with Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans, responsible for the European Climate Pact, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. CET. The event will include the presentation of the first ambassadors of the Pact for the EU Climate, a debate on the upcoming commitments of the Climate Pact and talks by special guests on the measures that we can all take to fight climate change.

Reflecting the richness and diversity of climate action in Europe, the Commission invites individuals, companies or civil society organizations to organize satellite events of the Climate Pact. These events will allow for multi-lingual discussions to reach local communities, focus on specific issues or highlight the role of certain groups or sectors in the Climate Pact.


US Congress fears Trump will have relations with Mexico during transition

UNITED STATES. – A A document from the United States Congress warned about the possibilities of President Donald Trump straining diplomatic relations, particularly with Mexico, during the transitional period before virtual president-elect Joe Biden takes office in late January.

In the report dated Tuesday, Congress warned about these concerns after possible acts of clemency, in favor of convicted criminals, on the part of the Republican could have “implications for the foreign relations of the United States.”

The judicial system of that country allows the president in turn to issue an act of clemency in favor of any citizen sentenced after committing a crime. Historically all outgoing presidents since Gerald Ford have significantly increased the amount of pardons granted in the last four months of his administration.

An example of the negative implications for US diplomatic relations with Mexico that presidential pardons can bring in transitional periods occurred when George W. Bush left, before handing over power to Barack Obama, as cited in the document.

“In one of his last acts before leaving office, the presidente George W. Bush commuted the sentences of two United States Border Patrol Agents convicted of shooting against a Mexican citizen who had entered Texas illegally ”, details On that occasion the Mexican Foreign Ministry protested the decision, calling it a” message of impunity “that it was “difficult to understand”.

The then Mexican president Felipe Calderon He had previously filed a diplomatic protest in the case, which further strained the incident.

Given Mexico’s current concerns about the treatment of immigrants in the United States, some might infer that ex-President Bush’s pardons may have damaged relations between United States and Mexico”, Says the legislative report.

According to the document, another possible concern for Congress is that the acts of clemency issued by Trump, during the transition period, “could restrict the oversight of the executive branch by the Justice Department”.

This fear comes to light, after several investigations were opened against him during the Republican administration and against some of his associates or people from his closest circle in the United States, which, in a hypothetical case, could lead him to prison of being found guilty.

Just this month two more judicial investigations, one criminal and one civil, were opened in the state of New York, where he is from, for possible tax fraud. The indictment includes President Trump and his companies, as well as others linked to his family.



“” Bullish momentum. Transitional week, but positive. Next catalyst: central banks “

We are facing a week full of relevant macro and rather weak bias. Employment data will be released in both the US and Europe. Predictably they will loosen. Something logical given the re-outbreak of the virus and the containment measures imposed. The ISM / PMI Manufacturing and Services data will have the same bias. The OECD will review its macro forecasts, but we estimate little change.

They are very much in line with the recent IMF WEO update. OPEC will meet. We think it will delay the reduction in production cuts scheduled for January. The positive counterweight will come from the US with the first figures of the Christmas shopping campaign. The first estimates point to an advance in online sales of + 22% y / y on Blackfriday and anticipate growth of + 15% / + 35% for Cyber ​​Monday. For the campaign as a whole, the National Retail Federation estimates a sales increase of +3.6% / + 5.2%. A very positive figure in the current context. In fact, it compares with the advance of + 4.0% in 2019 and an average of + 3.5% in the last five years. In any event, we face a transitional week before the next great catalyst: the meetings of the world’s leading central banks. In the next few days we will have news of all of them: the ECB could announce an increase / extension of its purchase program on December 10, the Fed will foreseeably do the same on December 16 and on December 17/18 the BoE and the BoJ ( respectively) will return to ultra dovish.

The weekly balance will be positive. Inertia in bags is still clearly bullish. And is that everything that could go well has gone even better than estimated and what remains to come presents very good prospects. Let’s go in order.

(i) The American elections are in practice resolved. Trump accepts the transition of power to Biden and the cast in the chambers is the best we could imagine for the market.

(ii) Brexit progresses very slowly. Nothing new. We have been with this open front since 2016. But in practice the positions are not as far apart as it sometimes seems and in the end an orderly exit from the United Kingdom will be closed.

(iii) The flow of news about vaccines is only getting better. More and more drugstores announce very high efficacy of their vaccines (70% / 95%) and the distribution of some of them could arrive very soon. The FDA will decide on December 10 whether to authorize Pfizer’s vaccine. If approved, vaccination would begin immediately after in the US (Dec 11/12).


Trump gives GSA green light to transition to Biden

Twenty days after his electoral defeat, Trump empowers the General Services Administration to initiate the handover of power to Biden.

Through his Twitter account, the outgoing US president, Republican Donald Trump, still without acknowledging his failure in the November 3 election, has given the green light to the General Services Administration (GSA, for its acronym in English) to “do what it takes.”

“¡Our case continues STRONG, we will continue with the good … fight, and I believe we will prevail! However, in the best interest of our country, I recommend that [la jefa de la GSA] Emily [Murfy] and your team do whatever it takes regarding the initial protocols, and I’ve told my team to do the same“Trump wrote this Monday.

The announcement came shortly after Murphy notified, on the same day, in a letter to Biden’s team of his willingness to begin the formal process of transitioning to the “apparent winner” of the election.

“I take this role seriously and, due to recent events related to legal challenges and certification of electoral results, I transmit this letter today so that you have those resources and services,” said Murphy.

The Democratic candidate has welcomed the agency’s decision and described it as a step toward a “quiet and peaceful transfer of power”; since different experts and politicians had expressed their concern about a chaotic transition of power, the outbreak of more violence that could result in a civil war.

On the same day on Monday, the state of Michigan certified Biden’s victory in the elections, limiting the options for the Republican president in his campaign to challenge the results of the presidential elections.

A special commission in Michigan decided by three votes in favor and one abstention that Biden be certified as the winner of the elections, in which he won by about 156,000 votes to Trump, in a state where there were 5.5 million votes.

In recent days, pressure had been redoubled on GSA, which has the responsibility to formally recognize the results of the US elections, to facilitate the change of government process.

Legislators, various congressional committees, former Republican officials, national security experts and former senior officials from both parties, among other figures, had warned the GSA of the consequences of its delay in recognizing the result.

This while the General Services Administration affirmed until a few hours ago that it still could not allow the transition process and that only on Monday, November 30, the deputy administrator, Allison Brigati, would address the issue with legislators in a 30-minute briefing. .

Biden repeatedly repudiated “the incredible irresponsibility” of Trump and called “outrageous” the unsubstantiated claims of the Republican mogul about alleged “fraudulent acts” committed in the elections.



Senator Rubio recommends Trump collaborate with the transition

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a supporter of US President Donald Trump, recommends that you help with the transition of power to Biden.

In an interview with the American chain Telemundo Y published on Saturday, Rubio said he has contacted members of Trump’s campaign team to recommend that President-elect Democrat Joe Biden be given access to intelligence information to facilitate the transition.

“This would be positive for the country, because our enemies are not going to give the next president three months to acclimatize to start working.”said the Florida senator.

Trump, the first president in 28 years who has not been reelected for a second term, does not acknowledge his defeat to Biden in the November 3 elections and has resorted to arguments such as electoral fraud or that he will take the issue of the elections to court. ; although several organizations, including the Federal Electoral Commission, have determined that there are no signs of fraud.

In this regard, the US senator emphasized that, if the electoral result continues to confirm that the vice president of the North American country is also going to be the president, begin to facilitate the transition of power “does not hurt anyone.”

However, Rubio claimed to have had contact with the vice president-elect of the United States, Kamala Harris, to tell her that “there is no harm in allowing the transition work to begin, that does not mean that Donald Trump is admitting defeat. […] nor is it detrimental to their legal cases, “he added.

Faced with the vain attempts of the New York magnate to remain in power and not acknowledge his electoral defeat, a report published last Tuesday by the US newspaper The Hill revealed that Republican senators will recognize Democrat Joe Biden as president this week despite threats from the outgoing White House tenant.



Biden expects more deaths from covid-19 if Trump continues to block transition

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, warned this Monday, November 16, 2020 that the blocking of the president Donald Trump to transition could have lethal consequences, resulting in more deaths from covid-19 If your teams don’t coordinate to contain the pandemic and effectively distribute a vaccine.

“More people could die if we don’t coordinate,” Biden warned when asked what the biggest threat is derived from Trump’s refusal to recognize its victoria in the elections, during a press conference in Wilmington (Delaware).

Possible lethal consequences

Hours after the modern pharmaceutical announce the effectiveness of your possible vaccine against covid-19, the second candidate – along with that of Pfizer– which is approaching approval, Biden recalled that not only will it be enough to get that product, but it will require a solid plan to vaccinate everything EE.UU.

“(The White House) says they have a program that not only addresses how to get vaccines, but how to distribute them. If we have to wait until January 20 to get that plan, that is a delay a month, or a month and a half, “explained Biden, referring to the date in which will assume the power.

The former vice president was thus more frustrated than last week with respect to blocking from Trump, who refuses to acknowledge his victory and has caused an unprecedented situation in which the president-elect has no access to information and the means from federal agencies.

“I am confident that the president will be slightly wiser before we get to January,” said Biden, who insisted however that Trump’s obstruction is not as “debilitating” as it seems for his preparation as president-elect.

Trump does not move from his box

Meanwhile, Trump gave no sign of being willing to change posture, and proclaimed again on Twitter that he had “won” the election despite the fact that Biden has far exceeded the 270 votes he needs in the Electoral College to prevail, according to the projections of the main media.

The president also questioned the validity of the manual count that takes place in the state of Georgia, where Biden won by a mere 14,000 votes, despite the fact that the republican campaign requested that this procedure be implemented to confirm the result.

The president’s own environment privately recognizes the futility of his legal strategy, which to be successful would have to demonstrate to courts a fraud uppercase not just one, but multiple key statessomething extremely unlikely.

And as more and more Republicans declare that Biden should have access to information of intelligence, Trump’s own national security adviser in the White House, Robert OBrien, hinted that he is aware of the defeat.

“If the Biden-Harris duo is determined to be the winner – obviously things look like this now – we will have a transition very professional in the National Security Council, “OBrien said Monday during an appearance before the Global Security Forum.

Biden calls for urgent action to prop up the economy

Aside from his comments on the transition, Biden cautioned that the upturn from pandemic in the United States it is very serious and the country awaits “a winter very dark “in terms of the incidence of covid-19, that in addition to the public health, may affect your economic recovery.

The president-elect insisted that the economic impact of the pandemic can cause close many more business in the coming months and urged Congress to pass a new stimulus package like the one the Lower House approved six months ago, valued at $ 3 trillion.

“The idea that the president (Trump) continues to play golf and not do anything about it seems incomprehensible to me, at least one would think that he would want to leave with positive news,” Biden said.

The republicans, Trump allies and that they control the Senate, refuse to consider the financial package approved by the Democrats in the Lower House and insist that the cost of such legislation should be less, of about 500 billion.

Biden and the one who will be his vice president, Kamala Harris, met this Monday, November 16, with the presidents of large American companies -General Motors, Microsoft, Target and Gap- and the leaders of several unions -AFL-CIO, SEIU, UAW, UFCW and AFSCME- and the president-elect left the meeting with optimism.

“It has been really encouraging to see how employers and unions agreed on the path we have to follow” for economic recovery, said the Democrat.


10 things Trump can do in the next two months

An article warns of the 10 possible scenarios that the outgoing US president could develop in the short term in a comprehensive transition project.

The American newspaper The Hill In an article he has addressed the 10 possible scenarios that could develop during the next 11 weeks and first mentioned that Donald Trump could continue the struggle for power and challenge the result of the elections, which gave as the winner his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, until January 2021, going to court.

According to the analysis, fomenting internal political unrest may be something Trump resorts to.

Deeply disrupt the transition process to the incoming government. This has already started blocking all cooperation with the president-elect’s transition team.

The extremely high possibility that could happen over the next few weeks is to create a real or fictitious international political crisis.

Grant clemency to many people as did his predecessor Barack Obama, who pardoned 300 people from the 2016 election until he left office.

Getting rich is another thing Trump could do. The local newspaper stresses that he will surely use his tenure as president of the United States for future personal and family businesses instead of retiring and writing books.

Illegal use of the presidential mark. This includes the illegal use of the name and seal of the President of the United States or the launching of post-presidential business ventures while he is still in office.

Destroy documents. Trump has certain assets (physical documents, recordings, electronic files) that he would not like to see released.

Continuing to write executive orders and refusing to leave the White House are two other possibilities that the capital newspaper said the president will be able to do.

Although the official scrutiny of the US presidential election remains ongoing, on Saturday, the country’s media announced Biden’s victory in the November 3 election.

However, Trump, who does not recognize his defeat, insists on questioning the US electoral system and denounces a conspiracy hatched by the Democrats to take the elections from him through “electoral fraud”, in addition to demanding that they must be exhausted all legal avenues before awarding victory to Biden.



Biden: Trump’s refusal will have no consequences on the transition

US President-elect Joe Biden calls Trump’s refusal to help the transition of power “shameful” and assures that this will not hinder the process.

I just think it’s embarrassing, to be very frank. It won’t help the president’s legacy”Biden said Tuesday at his first press conference since his victory in the November 3 presidential election was confirmed on Saturday.

The former vice president, however, has downplayed the refusal of outgoing President Donald Trump to facilitate the transition of power by not admitting his failure in the elections. He assures that he will make the same preparations that he would be making for the transition scheduled for January 20, 2021 without problems if the Republican president had acknowledged his defeat.

A week after the election, the Republican president remains entrenched in the White House asking for vote counts and promoting challenges in court without significant evidence of the massive fraud he alleges.

The fact that they are not willing to admit that we win at this point does not have much consequence. in planning what we can do between now and January“, Explain.

Biden has also stressed that he will prepare the transition without the help of the General Services Administration (GSA), a body that has not yet recognized the victory of the future president.

Biden’s election team has asked the GSA to quickly recognize Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris as winners of the election date in the United States.

In Trump’s opinion, Biden “has been quick to pose falsely” as the winner of the election. The real estate mogul also ensures that his electoral campaign will take the case to court “to ensure that electoral laws are respected” and the legitimate winner occupies the position, that is, him.

Different experts had warned of a “chaotic” transition of power in the United States, if Trump lost to Biden. Even Mary Trump, niece of the outgoing president, had predicted “dangerous months” for the country.

Nonetheless, world leaders, including nearly all of America’s allies, have congratulated Biden, who achieved an undeniable advantage in key states, and garnered the majority of the popular vote nationally.

Biden spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday; the French President, Emmanuel Macron; the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel; and the Prime Minister of Ireland, Micheal Martin.

When asked what he had told them, he replied: “Let them know that America is back. It is no longer the United States alone”.

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