Activists ask Biden not to repeat Trump’s immigrant minors policy

With signs of frustration and disgust, groups of activists requested this Thursday, February 25, 2021, to the Government of Joe Biden that does not follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, Donald Trump, and dismiss the idea of reopen the center detention for undocumented minors in Homestead, in southeastern Florida.

In front of the headquarters of the municipality of this city, the activists acknowledged their disbelief at repeating an order made two years ago, when the center with capacity for 1,200 minors became “a symbol” of the strict immigration policies during the Republican term.

“It is not the correct way to handle this situation,” said Thomas Kennedy of United We Dream, the network of young immigrants bigger in EE.UU. and who suggested instead the reunification of minors with relatives in the country or their sending to host families rather than taking them to a center that “looks like a military base.”

In addition to information leaked by the press on the possible reopening of controversial center, located about 40 kilometers south of Miami and one of the largest in the country, activists pointed out that local groups have learned of efforts made to hire personnel.

The Health Department (HHS, in English) has not officially ruled so far on the reactivation of the place, which was closed in August 2019 after a national campaign of which candidates for the presidential nomination by the Democratic Party were part, including the current vice president Kamala Harris.

Kennedy recalled that at that time, the senator for California He came to refer to the center as “a violation of human rights perpetrated by the United States Government” and for this reason he was now asked by the same opposition from the “prominent place” that it has in the Democratic administration Biden.

Reports of neglect and abuse

The activists alluded to complaints made before the closure of this center, which came to house up to 2,700 undocumented minors, on cases of negligence, misconduct and sexual abuse committed against the children held there.

Guadalupe de la Cruz, from the American Friends Service Committee Florida group, recalled a report of that organization which also highlighted exposure to toxic substances when at least 16 sources of contamination are discovered within a mile (1.6 kilometers) of the center.

He also referred to “unacceptable noise levels” caused by planes taking off and landing in the Homestead Air Reserve Base.

The activist regretted that none of the suggestions had been listened to and reaffirmed in the request that before reopening the site a analysis complete soil, groundwater, and air in the center, which should include bedrooms, outdoor play area, and tents.

In statements to Efe, De la Cruz said that for each child there was “a profit of more than USD 700” that went to the Caliburn International company, which took over the management of the center when Trump reopened it in 2018 in response to the severe repression against the migrants of his mandate, and that included the forced separation of thousands of children from their parents.

Kennedy stressed that between 2018 and 2019, the private firm received some USD 350 million from contributors.

Mariana Martínez, also from the American Friends Service Committee Florida, stressed that “there is no need to reopen this center”, in which, according to what they were informed, some minors “were lost”, and also requested “transparency” in the process.

For her part, Melissa Taveras, from the Florida Immigrant Coalition, wondered if in the middle of a pandemic now is the time to consider opening a center that received complaints for overcrowding.

Immigration reform or prisons

The activists called for the Democratic Party Florida must oppose the plan to reopen the center as a whole, and they welcomed that some elected officials have spoken out against the idea, including Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, who asked President Biden to explore other options.

“It is important for our community to hear directly from the Joe Biden Administration in the coming days about the planes around this facility as they work to reunite families, “he said in a statement Wednesday.

Nikki Fried, Florida Agriculture Commissioner, the only Democrat in the administration of Governor Ron DeSantis, said this Thursday, February 25 in a virtual forum that detention centers like the one in Homestead were not needed, but rather immigration reform.

For its part, federal congressman for New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, after learning of the opening this week of a center for undocumented minors in Carrizo Springs, Texas, the first of its kind during the current administration, lamented that the immigration system in EE.UU. “It is based on a prison framework.”

In the Homestead case, De la Cruz stressed the lack of a hurricane evacuation and safety plan.

“It is an old infrastructure and represents a threat to the safety of children,” who deserve “dignified and quality care,” he stressed.


Donald Trump plans to return with an act on immigration


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There is already a date for the political return of Donald Trump, after a month of silence and seclusion in his mansion in Mar-a-Lago. And as a sign that the former president intends to continue being a decisive force in his party, the chosen place is the great congress of conservative politicians Cpac («Conservative Political Action Conference», for its acronym in English), which this year is held in Orlando on February 28. There, Trump will thank the 74 million people who voted for him and criticize the immigration reforms of his successor, Joe Biden, according to a member of his communication team told this newspaper yesterday.

It will be Trump’s first public appearance after being exonerated by the Senate in his second impeachment trial. It is true that, out of power, more Republicans have distanced themselves from him. Seven voted in favor of condemning him, forcing a result of 57 in favor and 43 against, although two-thirds of the Senate was needed to disqualify him. In fact, Cpac has invited his former vice president, Mike Pence, with whom his relations have been broken by the looting of the Capitol, and Pence has refused to go.

The Trump family is studying their next steps, with the intention of create a political lineage, something that is not new in the US The Adams, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Bushes or the Clintons are enough for example. With North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr voting to convict Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, is considering running in the primaries for that seat within a year. On Saturday Lara Trump herself gave an interview to the Fox News network in which she reaffirmed that her father-in-law is “the head of the Republican Party, the person everyone is going to ask for help to win.”

Critics of Trump show that although Trump won in 2016, he did not repeat the victory in 2020. In both cases he also lost the popular vote. Although he garnered 74 million votes, a record for an serving president, Biden got 81 million. Under Trump, the House of Representatives and the Senate were lost, and today Democrats have limited power in Washington. For now, however, former President Trump has focused on oppose not the Democrats, but those Republicans who have distanced themselves from him and he has been convicted of his actions before and during the Capitol looting, during which five people were killed (two police officers later committed suicide).

The reason Trump and Pence do not speak to each other is that the former president refused to quickly condemn the mob that stormed the Capitol. What’s more, he inflamed them by criticizing Pence on Twitter for refusing to block the certification of the results in a joint session of the Capitol on January 6. Evidence presented at the Senate impeachment trial shows that many of the assailants screamed «ahorcad a Mike Pence». The former vice president was evicted by the Secret Service by emergency route. Since then, relations between the two leaders have been completely broken.

By inviting Trump, the conservative Cpac conference assures the former president of a very influential pulpit for the Republican ranks. From him, Trump you will be able to repeat your unfounded allegations of electoral fraud, which have rejected all the courts of justice to which he has gone. The former president has not yet openly admitted defeat, and refused to meet his successor in the White House to formalize a peaceful and orderly handover.

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Donald Trump before history | Opinion | Opinion

The acquittal of former President Donald Trump by the United States Senate in the impeachment trial to which he was subjected for his baseless and violent accusations of electoral fraud has historical consequences not only for his country but also for all the democratic countries of the world. It was the first time that a president faced impeachment twice during his tenure; and the first time the trial occurred after leaving the White House.

At the national level, the prosecution sought to demonstrate how Trump, in the words of Congressman and prosecutor Jamie Raskin, “changed his role as commander-in-chief and became the inciter-in-chief of a dangerous insurrection,” for which he provided impressive recorded videos as evidence. by the Capitol security cameras. Trump’s defense attorneys opposed this lawsuit arguing that the charges should be dismissed for constitutional reasons, since, on the one hand, Trump could not be subject to impeachment because the Founding Fathers never intended that process be impeachment. apply to former presidents, and secondly, because Trump’s fiery rhetoric that led to the Capitol site is protected by the First Amendment right to free speech.

Democrats rejected both defenses outright, because the constitutional sanctions imposed by impeachment are not just removal from office, but disqualification from future office. Additionally, they dismissed the claim that Trump is protected by the First Amendment, noting that impeachment is not a criminal case, but rather a process designed to hold elected officials to higher standards of conduct and accountability, while respecting the status of law and the peaceful transmission of power.

Despite the fact that the trial was advanced in the Senate and that 57 senators (50 Democrats and 7 Republicans) voted in favor of condemning Trump, while 43 chose to acquit him, the 67 votes that were necessary were not reached ( two-thirds of the Senate) to find him guilty.

At the international level, being the Constitution of the United States of America, approved in Philadelphia in 1787, the paradigm and example of the democratic constitutions of the world has not only had significance to establish and shape its unity as a nation and articulate its operation as a state. modern, but also, precisely because of this, it has also had an international significance that is not based only on the doctrinal and theoretical, which is in it, but on its practical exercise at the world level, through the continued action of the Presidents as heads of the executive power and guarantors of the natural rights of their people. Trump, by ignoring these principles, broke that tradition.

Manuel Jose Cardenas
International Consultant


Trump calls on the avilesinos to disguise themselves

For the United States and its people, Donald Trump’s tenure as occupant of the Oval Office has come to an end. But … What would happen if, against all odds, the former US president was named King of the Goxu and the Faba of Avilés? This insane premise is the one that feeds the parody ‘Eh Tamos Unidos!’, Which yesterday, on the occasion of Shrove Tuesday, the City Council broadcast through its YouTube account. The comedians were Favila, Toño Caamaño and Carmen Peláez, recognizable figures of this party, starred in an audiovisual bet designed to keep alive the flame of what is one of the most representative festivities of Avilés.

With Favila playing the already defeated president, the parody, which can still be seen on municipal social networks, plays with the idea that a Trump in the last hours of his presidency recognizes his connection with the assault on the Capitol on January 6. It is then when he receives a call from a mysterious woman, embodied by Peláez, who communicates her rise as monarch of Antroxu. Thus, under the slogan “Avilés First!”, With its own shield and allied with the ‘bison man’, leader of the QAnon denial movement played by Caamano, encourages the villagers to “go out into the streets in their best costumes” .

Beyond the humor spilled in the resulting video, the objective of this proposal, the result of the Department of Celebrations, is clear: to remind the residents of Aviles that, if the coronavirus allows it, Antroxu will return in 2022.


Trump and CIA ‘Trumpism’

It is clear that the trumpismo it’s Trump’s doing. But there are others who follow him that will be the derivative of the one he has left, in theory, for the loss of the presidency USA, but perhaps even worse. It often happens that students can outdo the teacher when it comes to exaggeration and excess in everything.

Trump has finished a work that neoliberalism began around the end of communism and that developed in the last decade of the last century. This deteriorated the quality of democracy, giving way to market power as the only value. Little by little they destroyed the values ​​of the human being because money could buy any will or principle and this was done during more than twenty years of a very well thought out economic system to split the world into two societies taking advantage of globalization. There were always those two citizenships of rich and poor, by simple explanation, but now, with the arrival of Trump, an even more dangerous chapter is added. Neo-fascism. And I add the neo for being from this century, but, in the end, it is the same as we knew at the beginning of the last century. With a difference that many consider positive. Wars are no longer won with tanks or missiles. Now they are earned with money and without anyone to control. The difference between Hitler and Trump is that it lasted a short time, enough to cause great human disasters. Trump arrived and only lasted four years officially, but in Spain, unfortunately he has the continuity of a party in his orbit like Vox, recognizing every day that they agree with his principles. And that is the great problem that Spain has in the future if the rest of the politicians are only going to set up a circus to get a vote. If we add to that that the PP is adrift and without leadership and in the current government it seems that Iglesias is trying to backfire the union, we can deduce that it is not unreasonable that Vox becomes unbearable soon. But with the collaboration of a huge pile of useless politicians who will not have known how to stop this latent threat that, in addition, has many supporters in this country due to an extreme late Franco nationalism that awoke from a lethargy with the arrival of Puigdemont and his usual excesses with the support of a Torra of the same caliber.

That’s why I think Trump has gifted students to try to sink the democratic system in Europe with the platform of the Pyrenees well placed with the Abascals, Smiths, and company, who from my humble point of view do not know who they can fool. Francoism is one and true in all its extension and if we have to go back to that, deceiving ourselves with votes, I do not expect a good future for our young people. Because I do know what fascism is and I lived it in the very young years, which is when one has memories, with my Falangist and Francoist father, who wanted to integrate me into those organizations and I was able to refuse despite my young age. Luckily my maternal family, including my mother, was against that format, although enduring the machismo that I also knew of contempt for women. All this was an experience of hatred in those veins that led me to a trauma that I had when I had time to think, when I grew up with something that I do not wish on my worst enemy. Meeting people who believed themselves to be the owners of the country, like now, being in a Madrid theater where phalanx acts were held are acts that I have not eliminated from my memory.

Those straps I never forget and especially the hatred that was breathed in those people from whom I was able to separate before I came of age thanks to my maternal family and my upbringing in a wonderful place, a northern hamlet, where I could doing agricultural work, such as mowing, threshing, etc., which gave me some wonderful moments in my life as a teenager. It is the best a young man can dream of. And climb an apple tree to pick a fruit and split firewood or take the cows to the mountains. That made me forget that fascist world where my father failed to insert me too. And with this that I narrate briefly, I do not conceive that there are young people or working people who vote for that option that uses democracy to destroy it from within. I know that democracy does not work well, and that is what needs to be fixed, but I am very afraid that this lack of solutions by some nefarious politicians who are unable to see these dangers, will not be able to convince our young people that fascism It is the greatest tragedy that can return. And Trump or his people here represented by Vox want to do it again. I would have no problem explaining to young people what it consists of so that they can vote for anyone, except themselves. Never to them. They only use hoaxes, lies and lust for personal power to destroy democracies. They did it in the last century and they want to repeat it.

César Moya Villasante is a partner of infoFree


What does Trump face after acquittal? – Telemundo 62

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Trump, unharmed – Editorial of EL TIEMPO of February 15, 2021 – Editorial – Opinion

Confirming most of the predictions, the former president of the United States Donald Trump was acquitted last Saturday of the second political trial that the Congress of his country advanced against him. The Democrats failed to get them to join their intention to punish and disqualify the former president enough Republican senators to reach two-thirds of the Upper House. Only seven voted to convict the former Oval Office tenant.

The judicious reconstructions made, minute by minute, by the prosecutors –representative of the House Democrats– of the events that occurred on January 6, which motivated the cause, did not serve for these purposes. Although it was very clear that what happened that day was very serious, to a large extent coordinated and that it was very close to producing a bloodbath – beyond the five fatalities -, in the opinion of the Republican senators who voted against declaring guilty of Trump for inciting the insurrection, it was not sufficiently demonstrated that those who broke into the Capitol did so in strict obedience to orders and a plan orchestrated and directed by who for that day was still president of the northern country.

After knowing the result of the vote, many wondered to what extent the position of Trump’s supporters was due to their assessment of the evidence and how much to their electoral calculations. Many of the voters of these senators are also followers of the magnate and would be willing to punish them at the next appointment at the polls, encouraged by him.

Another question that this episode leaves is the future of the Republican Party. A split that leaves Trump’s followers on one side and those who identify with the party’s ideas on the other but, like the seven senators in question, know of the danger it embodies for democracy is beginning to appear on the horizon. Many things come together, but the clear fact is that there will be Trump for a while.



Maduro’s negotiation with Trump failed over demand to release Alex Saab

Washington Correspondent

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When the regime Nicolas Maduro had the opportunity to negotiate directly with an emissary of the president of U.S In some contacts kept secret, he put as the first and main condition the release of the businessman Alex Saab, which awaits a final decision on his extradition in Cape Verde. The meeting between Jorge Rodriguez, brother of the Venezuelan vice president and Maduro’s trusted person, and a close ally of Donald Trump, Richard Grenell, took place on September 17 in Mexico City and until now it had not been revealed how those contacts developed. According to two US sources who left the government after the change in the Presidency, Rodríguez offered to release nine


Donald Trump acquitted in his second impeachment trial

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After a month of debates for and against the conviction of Donald Trump for his “incitement to violence.” The Senate did not get the two-thirds of the votes they needed to convict the Republican: they only got 57 votes in favor and 43 against.

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Trump initially refused to order the attackers to halt the raid

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Former United States President Donald Trump rejected a first request made by the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, to order his supporters to suspend the assault on the Capitol on January 6, according to sources from the Republican party. to the conversation, to CNN (Source: Ruptly / White House)

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