Enner Valencia brought out his experience in the Turkish league

Enner Valencia finished his first season in soccer Turkey with a credit balance. It was the maximum goal scorer of a Fenerbahce who fought for the national title until the last day and who will play the Europa League in the next campaign.

Manta ties with Macará and takes him out of the fight for the first stage

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According to experts Ricardo Armendariz and Fabian Paz and Miño, Enner Valencia’s key to having a good campaign was in his experience.

Beyond the necessary adaptation to a new environment, Superman surrendered since he came to his new team. For something was headline in most commitments and scored goals that meant more than twenty points in the table.

“What happened in Valencia was extraordinary. Turkish football has a high level and he became the most important player on his team, even above Mesut Özil. The fans recognized him for everything he did and that is a sign of how important he was. “

Ricardo Armendariz

For the strategist Ricardo Armendariz, the experience accumulated in England and Mexico served him to be a true input in Turkey. “Valencia was like a player mature and that is why these results were given. If you look at other players ecuadorians, who are just taking their first steps in Europe, they have not had a similar performance, it is difficult for them to become headlines, “added Bocha.

Fabian Paz and Miño was satisfied with what Valencia did in Turkey, since that will also work for the national team.

Valencia brought out his experience. Every time he was in other countries, he accumulated good and bad things, all that served him to feel very confident in his conditions since he arrived in Turkey. What he did is very good because we remember that he will come to the national team’s matches with that motivation.

Fabián Paz and Miño

It should be noted that Valencia is part of Gustavo’s process Alfaro for the World Cup qualifiers Qatar 2022 against Brazil (June 4) and Peru (June 8). It will also be considered for the Copa América of Argentina and Colombia, from June 11. Even the logistics of his trip to the country are already being assembled to join the concentration.

According to Armendariz and Paz y Miño, the most logical thing is that the tricolor stay in the turkish team for the next campaign. Although he has a contract until June 2023, other teams have also been interested in his file.

Valencia, however, is seduced by the possibility of returning to a tournament European at club level.

Cristhian Noboa Sochi Ecuador

The 12 goals of Cristhian Noboa that make history with Sochi in Russia

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Turkey Does Not Accept The Israeli Persecution, Even If The Whole World Ignores It!

JAKARTA – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a stern statement during a virtual meeting with the ruling party. Turkey will not accept Israel’s persecution even if the rest of the world ignores it.

Erdogan also called on the world to counter Israeli attacks on Palestinians.

“Those who are silent or openly support Israel’s bloodshed should know that one day it is their turn,” Erdogan said during a speech at a virtual meeting of the Justice and Development Party (AK) released from Yenisafak on Friday. may 14.

“It is vital that the UN Security Council take measures to guarantee peace in Jerusalem in accordance with the decision of the General Assembly,” he said.

Regarding the Israeli attack, Erdogan said that Turkey is ready to actively support any UN initiative and take responsibility for peace.

If the Organization of Islamic Cooperation does not take a “concrete” stance against Israeli attacks, it will discredit its own existence, the Turkish president added.

The Muslim bloc has held an emergency ministerial meeting on Sunday to discuss the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territories.

Tensions have risen in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem in the past month, when Israeli settlers crowded in after a court order for the eviction of Palestinian families in the area.

Recently, tensions have risen, moving from East Jerusalem to Gaza after Palestinian resistance groups there vowed to retaliate against Israeli attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque and Sheikh Jarrah if they were not detained.

At least 119 Palestinians, including 31 children and 19 women, have died since then, according to Palestinian health officials. More than 830 people were injured, in addition to serious damage to residential buildings throughout the enclave.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and annexed the entire city in 1980, an act never recognized by the international community.

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The Turkish League, very Aragonese

Victor Lapeña poses with the trophy after winning the Turkish League.

Fenerbahce have won the Turkish Women’s Basketball League. This is news. But why should it be in an Aragonese environment? Although from the community to Istanbul, the host city of the complex, there are more than 3,000 kilometers away, they are linked by Víctor Lapeña, who is the coach in charge of this team that is among the elite of the country and also at the European level.

“It is a very demanding club, here nothing is ever enough”, explains the Zaragoza on which is now his team. He precisely comments that his slogan is ‘never enough’, which in English means precisely that, that it is never enough. “Imagine the level of pressure we have,” confesses the coach. This has its good side, it has led him to have, from his point of view, “an excellent season.”

“We were 34-0 in the Turkish league, unbeaten,” explains the Aragonese coach proudly, who ended up proclaiming himself the winner of the League last Tuesday, and adds that they have “won the title by doing very good basketball.” “The objective at Fenerbahce is always to win all the titles,” says Lapeña, who was not content with going forward in the domestic competition, but also wanted to go as far as possible in the Euroleague.

In this trophy at the European level they were third. They lost in the semi-final against Ekaterinburg, but later earned bronze in the match against Sopron. This was not long ago either, on April 18, less than a month ago. The balance that the coach makes of the Euroleague is also positive: “We have won the bronze medal so it is excellent.” Precisely one of its objectives when arriving at the Turkish discipline was to dispute the Final Four. Last year they were left at the gates, a game prevented them and the pandemic, which paralyzed the competitions.

Precisely because of the circumstances that the coronavirus has marked, he is “very happy” with the work that the team has done to solve them and still achieve what they had proposed. “It has been a very tough season,” recalls the coach and adds that the coronavirus has “affected them in a brutal way.” “All the members of the squad, players and coaching staff, we have taken it,” he points out.

And in this situation they have achieved feats that are not usual for the club. “I think this is the second time that the club has won the league,” explains Lapeña. For the team it has been “extraordinary” and also gains excitement for having won “in the field of eternal rival, Galatasaray, for three wins to nil “in the playoffs. “The team did very well and lived it with great joy and emotion,” says the Aragonese coach.

For its part, it was also four years since the discipline reached the Final Four of the Euroleague. Combining both competitions is not an easy task. Playing two-cushion “is difficult because of the energy level,” he confesses and asserts that that is why they need “good players and long squads.”

This they have achieved and feel “very comfortable.” “We really enjoyed it,” he confirms. He also warns that “when circumstances are normal and there is a regular competition perhaps it is more demanding because of travel, because there is no time to prepare.” However, Something good that the covid has brought is peace of mind.


Erdogan’s moves offer little reward | Opinion

Turkey has resisted the temptation to cut borrowing costs, for now. The new head of the central bank, Sahap Kavcioglu, on Thursday kept the main rate at 19%, while hinting at a possible relaxation.

Tayyip Erdogan’s apparent goal of easing monetary policy falters. In March, he abruptly replaced the governor, Naci Agbal, who had raised rates that month by 200 basis points, the third dismissal from the post in two years. Kavcioglu seemed more inclined to please him, having argued that high rates can cause, rather than slow down, inflation.

So far, you have avoided any rough action. But you are setting the stage for relaxation. He spoke of keeping rates above inflation. Since the annual exceeded 16% in March, you can raise them up to 300 points. Meanwhile, the promise of March to maintain a tight monetary policy “for an extended period” disappeared.

But Turkey is worse than before. The lira has lost more than a tenth of its value against the dollar since the appointment. And, having spent more than $ 100 billion in 2020 to shore it up, the bank only has $ 10 billion in net foreign exchange reserves, the lowest level since 2003, giving it little ability to fight a sell-off. Also, the Turks are avoiding it in warehouses.

That means inflation can continue to rise. The growing current account deficit, of 2.6 billion dollars in February, is another cause for concern, especially since the restrictions mean that tourism will suffer again this year, which will hurt exports. Kavcioglu is unlikely to be able to slash rates without risking rising inflation, or even a currency crisis.

Your biggest problem is a lack of credibility. Société Générale estimates that another $ 5.9 billion of capital will leave Turkish assets in the short term. The central bank’s twists and turns make a rate cut even more risky.

The authors are columnists for Reuters Breakingviews. Opinions are yours. The translation, of Carlos Gomez Down, it is the responsibility of Five days


The Turkish ‘university’ of Martí Vigo

“My goal this year is to gain experience, learn, not obsess over results. I have to learn a trade ”. Martí Vigo expressed himself this way at the beginning of the season, while waiting for the first tests and races in the professional peloton with his team, the Italians from Androni Giocattoli Sidermec. His case, exceptional, jumping from cross-country skiing to cycling with hardly any baggage on two wheels in training or amateur categories, has not gone unnoticed in the cycling world, and his participation, this week, in the Tour of Turkey returns to draw attention to your evolution in your new sport.

This Tuesday, he completed the third day of competition of this stage test – it ends next Sunday – through the Anatolian peninsula, crossing within the peloton, on a day with victory – just like Monday – for the legendary British sprinter Mark Cavendish. These are the first stages that Martí Vigo is being able to complete as a cyclist, something special, unforgettable, at a rough start to the season for him.

A fall in winter broke his hand and forced him to postpone his professional debut until well into March, until the Slovenian Istria GP. However, that baptism was crossed. It barely lasted a few kilometers on the asphalt: the day before, on the classic pre-race activation day, it collided with the asphalt. The pain and bruises advised him not to make his debut yet, but the organization required his team to have a minimum number of runners to be able to participate. So he went out as best he could and endured a handful of kilometers before retiring and re-marking a date with which to remove the thorn. That goal is already underway.

In Turkey, Martí Vigo is surviving fast, flat stages, far from his profile as a light and powerful rider on steep and rough terrain. But they are the stages in which the secrets of cycling are learned that nature does not grant in the form of athletic faculties. Three stages in which Martí Vigo has crossed the finish line in the main peloton. On the first day, starting and finishing in Konya, he finished 105th with the same time as the winner of the sprint, the Dutchman Arvin de Kleijn (Rally). On the second day, also starting and finishing in Konya, he finished 101st, in the time of the winner in the ‘volata’, Mark Cavendish (Deceuninck-Quick Step). And this Tuesday (Beysehir-Alanya), the longest stage (212 kilometers), he came back in the big group, led by the winner Mark Cavendish.

At the moment, waiting for the days that really prove his qualities, the Aragonese cyclist is 111th in a general classification still without significant differences. His objective these days is to go through the so-called ‘cycling university’: learn to roll in a peloton at the pace of competition, face stages like this Wednesday of more than 200 kilometers at full speed, to position himself within the group, to protect himself from the air, to avoid roundabouts, speed bumps and obstacles, not to lose sight of the front wheels, to resist the ‘whips’ in single file, to avoid falls … Endless tricks yet to discover for Martí Vigo, 23 years old.

He still has the whole week ahead of learning, of sum of kilometers, supported by a team in which one of its leaders, the Swiss Simon Pellaud, tested positive for coronavirus upon arrival in Turkey and remains confined in a hotel of the organization no symptoms. Martí Vigo and the rest of his teammates had to undergo controls that allowed them to participate in the race. The negative results gave them the green light and Martí Vigo put on the number and went out to run his first lap through life stages as a professional cyclist.


VIDEO: Turkish footballer went crazy after learning about his first selection call

The Turkish Göztepe footballer showed his overflowing joy in a video collected by a local where he was passing

They say that the first call to your national team is never forgotten. While in The Savior there is a fight for prizes to play World Cup qualifying matches, in Turkey There was an endearing image that shows that not everywhere money is king.

Alpaslan Öztürk is a Turkish central defender who plays for Göztepe of Turkey’s Süper Lig.

Öztürk was called up for the knockout games in Turkey heading to the next Qatar World Cup 2022 by coach Senol Gunes. The defender, upon learning of the call, overflowed with joy and even hugged a guard.

Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image / Link: https://twitter.com/DiarioOle/status/1378731028840321026

What was described was captured by the cameras of a building where Öztürk passed.

It was surely something the defender will never forget, his happiness was evident and contagious. It is worth mentioning that Öztürk did not play a single minute in the knockout games in Turkey, however, that is the least of it for him; being called to represent your country is invaluable.

A lesson in humility? In life there are people who are surprised by nothing, others are surprised every day by everything, showing a grateful heart.


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Turkish uncertainty shakes BBVA again | Markets

Just a decade ago, BBVA closed the purchase of 24.9% of Turkey’s second largest bank, Garanti Bank. He paid 4.2 billion euros. In subsequent years, it expanded its participation to reach 49.85% of its shareholding. In total, it has disbursed more than 7,000 million euros. However, political instability in the Eurasian country has greatly devalued its currency, causing significant losses for BBVA. This week, the Turkish crisis was reignited with the removal of the central bank governor, and the consequent depreciation of his currency.

BBVA, which has had to revise the valuation of its stake in Garanti Bank downwards, considers that these new fluctuations in the Turkish lira will hardly affect it, although its price does suffer with each shock. The bank has long had hedges contracted to mitigate fluctuations in the currencies of those countries in which it operates. “We have a coverage of around 60% on the expected results of Garanti BBVA for 2021”, they explain from the entity.

The latest episode began last weekend when the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the dismissal of Naci Agbal, governor of the central bank, who had raised rates to stop the devaluation of the lira. He is replaced by Sahap Kavcioglu, a former MP for the ruling party and columnist for the Islamist daily Yeni Safak, with little technical experience. He is the fourth governor in two and a half years. On Monday, the Turkish lira started the week with a depreciation of 15%.

A report by the Goldman Sachs bank recalls that the Turkish lira has depreciated 30% since the beginning of 2020 and that this week has been the fourth event of extreme volatility of the currency since 2018. However, the analysts of the US bank consider that “the exposure of European banks to Turkey is limited, the possibilities of contagion very limited and the entities had already discounted possible episodes of volatility in the Turkish economy in their accounts.”

In addition to BBVA, the Dutch ING and the French BNP Paribas also have a presence in Turkey. But the Spanish bank is the one with the largest investment. In the 2020 results, the Garanti group was the third subsidiary that contributed the most (after Mexico and Spain). It contributed 563 million euros, despite all the turbulence. “BBVA’s exposure to Turkey is significant in terms of revenue,” explained from Goldman Sachs. Even so, “the stock market impact of the presence in Turkey of European banking and the perception of risk has been attenuating since 2018”, they point out.

In this latest onslaught, the Spanish bank’s shares have dropped almost 6% for the week. The big question that analysts are asking is: will this be the latest episode of government intervention in monetary policy or will more come? In the four months that the previous governor of the central bank was in office, he managed to give confidence to investors and markets with a return to orthodox policies and a progressive rise in interest rates of almost nine percentage points (currently the rate of reference is 19%) to try to contain the rise in prices, which is close to 16% year-on-year according to official statistics, but is double according to other calculations. The problem is that Erdogan considers that this policy is contrary to the interests of the country, and that the rates should be much lower, as is the case in most Western countries.

In a report prepared by the ratings agency Scope, it is explained that “with the new governor, the central bank is less likely to be proactive in the short term to address the challenges of a weaker lira, rising inflation and high growth of the currency. credit. Instead, Turkey’s significant macroeconomic imbalances may be exacerbated again. “

The fear is that the new governor will lower the interest rate a lot due to political pressure, and that will end up taking its toll on the entire economy of the country. Adrian Hilton, head of foreign exchange at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, believes that this time “the markets are not going to be so easily fooled by Erdogan.” In his opinion, his defense of a heterodox monetary policy has its days numbered and it will not be able to endure long with interest rate cuts.


a television phenomenon devouring ‘prime time’

They entered the competitive audiovisual landscape through the small door of thematic channels, but they have already become the television routine of millions of people. Turkish series have devoured the ‘prime time’ (main time slot) of open channels at night and are experiencing their golden age in Spain, after having swept half the world.

On Antena 3, a pioneer in betting on Turkish dramas, they have managed to win four consecutive nights of ‘prime time’: ‘My daughter‘(2.5 million viewers, on average), on Sundays and’Woman‘(2.3 million) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And in Telecinco, which is not registering as good results as its main rival, ‘Love is in the air‘(about 1.5 million) airs Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by’My home, my destiny. ‘

Atresmedia guessed what was coming after the results obtained in 2018 with “Fatmagul”, the first Turkish production they bought, which swept its thematic channel Nova. It became, and still is, the most watched series in the history of a secondary channel.

“The success led us to think that perhaps our main channel (the Turkish series) could be a good option,” Atresmedia TV’s deputy director of content, José Antonio Antón, tells Efe.

They then took the risk of taking Antena 3 ‘Mujer’, which “is one of the most acclaimed and best-made Turkish series in recent years and it was a success”. The important thing, he adds, is to dedicate time and resources to the selection of products since “not all Turkish series are good, nor do they all work in audience.”

Two things are always clear to those who work commercializing Turkish dramas. The first, that they are not a genre in itself, the “Turkish gender”, Because each production made in Turkey (the second country that exports the most fiction, after the United States) is different and there are many genres.

And the second, that not all are soap operas. Some yes, those that are conceived as such, shorter, for daily broadcast and with a lower budget. But those that make it to Spanish prime-time “are fiction productions of the highest quality, with very careful scripts and stellar casts”.

They do have several peculiarities: an extremely slow pace and a duration per chapter of two or three hours. “But the budget for a Turkish” prime time “series, that two-hour episode, can be compared with the budget for an open series in Spain”, Barbora Suster, director for Latin America and Iberia at Eccho Rights, tells Efe. a company that markets audiovisuals and specializes in Turkish drama.

They were the pioneers in Spain, as they mediated the arrival of “Fatmagul”, which laid the foundations for the subsequent hurricane. “Six years ago absolutely nothing Turkish was sold or bought in Spain and today the catalog is almost completely sold out”, he assures.

After “Fatmagul” came “Elif”, “Cennet”, “Everywhere I go”, “My home, my destiny” … Titles known by more and more people who have become familiar with the Tarlabasi neighborhood or the walks through the Bosphorus river and for those who eat fig leaves or dolmas it no longer sounds so remote.

Why do you like Turkish series?

It is the question that many are asking. How is it possible that, having so much channel, platform and original production to choose from, thousands of people bet every night on this fiction that a priori can screech many?

In the opinion of the expert in audiovisual distribution Judith Clares, professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the first reason is that “its content is universal”. “They talk about family, love, work, day to day. They have that soap opera point close to the Latin American soap opera. But they are more contemporary, close, European “, he tells Efe.

Basic stories repeated a thousand times that are the choice of many. “We think that the simple does not like, but there are many people who like simple stories” and many people who, despite the rise of platforms, “He still wants to see what they program him.”

“We are at a time when the ‘boom’ of audiovisual content is enormous. We all look at the platforms because it is the novelty and they have huge content catalogs, but we forget that there is still a large audience on general television ”, he adds.

Public who want to see different things and Turkish series for the moment are, thanks to that “added exoticism” which, Suster adds, is another reason why the public chooses them.

Will it be a temporary phenomenon? In the opinion of the Eccho Rights board, it will not be. “I don’t think it’s a phenomenon but a trend that is here to stay.” Now it is “very full” and “it may be that later it will go down” but “it will not disappear” but “it will find its place within the audiovisual panorama of Spain”.


BBVA trusts its recovery to its Turkish side with the lira at the head of emerging markets

The lira has become the brightest star in emerging markets. Its value at full throttle since November. For companies and individuals in Spain it will have many consequences. The purchase of Turkish series will be less accessible for Antena 3 (Woman), Telecinco (Love is in the air) or Netflix (Hakan) after the recent boom in productions in this country. Also his famous hair implants will be more expensive. But the one who will notice it the most will be one of the great brands of the Ibex 35.

BBVA, lead by Carlos Torres and the turkish Onur Young, rubs his hands because Turkey is one of its main markets and during 2020 it had once again placed itself in the spotlight of investors due to the currency crisis that the country was going through. The lira fell 30% from January to October. Its subsidiary there accounted for 8% of its assets (60,000 million euros) at the end of 2020, 9.1% if BBVA USA is excluded, sold to PNC that month.

But in November there was the turning point that has accelerated in recent weeks. First for him announcement of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine against Covid-19, which resulted in an increased appetite for risk in emerging markets. Then, the sale of the business in the US eliminated the tension that the Spanish entity was experiencing due to the uncertainty of Turkey and Mexico. Finally, the policy of aggressive rate hikes have ended up propelling one of the most affected currencies between 2019 and 2020.

In less than four months, the Turkish lira has soared more than 20%, going from $ 0.119 to $ 0.143, its highest level since June 2020. The problems of inflation and recession that the Turkish economy experienced after Covid-19 gave way to one of the most dynamic photographs of the recovery. In Turkey, where it operates through its subsidiary Warranty, the investment credit in local currency soared 33.6% year-on-year in the fourth quarter thanks to the business and consumer segment, while foreign currency loans ‘only’ fell by 5.4% due to the collapse of the lira. This effect blows in favor of the bank’s balance since then due to the appreciation of the Eurasian currency.

The CEO of BBVA, Onur Young, has since the end of 2019 a blind faith in the march of his native country. “Turkey is being the big positive surprise this year”, he said repeatedly until well into 2020. The Covid-19 crisis made a hiatus in that story and has postponed the harvest of results until now.

In 2020, customer deposits in lira grew 25.5%, and foreign currency deposits by 7.9%. Net interest income increased 25.2% in the year and net margin 35%, which relates profits to income, cost control and financial result. In this way, BBVA shot up its earnings in the country by 41% year-on-year, to 563 million euros, with a default rate of 6.58% and coverage of 79.9%.

From November 9, the lira has appreciated 20%, four times more than the Mexican peso (+ 5%), the most important currency for the group’s results after the euro. The bank’s price soars 80%, from 2.5 to 4.5 euros, since that key date in which the arrival of the hope of the Covid-19 vaccine, the sale of the subsidiary in the United States and the recovery of the Turkish market. No other Spanish company has so much exposure to the giant that links Europe to the Middle East.

Onur Genç receives the 'green light' from the ECB to be CEO of BBVA

The oasis with rates at 17%

No other country has ended 2020 with similar vigor to Turkey, nor does it have similar prospects. According to the macro table compiled by BBVA itself for a ‘favorable scenario’, Spain would have closed the pandemic year with a fall in its GDP of 11.2% and unemployment of 16.4%. In 2021 it will grow by 6.6% but unemployment will remain at 16%. Mexico, where the leading banking franchise (Bancomer) operates, saw its GDP plummet by 8.8% and will grow to 4.5% in 2021. As a counterweight, Turkey It will be one of the few economies in the world that ends last year in a positive way, according to this forecast, with an increase of 2% of its GDP and will grow to 9% this year.

The growth of credit activity It contrasts with the harsh monetary scenario in Turkey. Unlike other countries where interest rates have been lowered and remain ultra-expansive policies (US, Europe, UK…), Turkey embarked after the summer of 2020 in a race to raise rates and stabilize the lira, its main priority. The governor of the central bank, Naci Agbal, is aware of this and that is why he declared less than a week ago that “It doesn’t seem possible to put interest rate cuts on the agenda this year”, adding that they could be re-uploaded if necessary.

These comments continue to propel the lira down below the 7 per dollar level for the first time in almost eight months. “The Turkish asset recovery narrative has been reinforced by the governor’s statements”, the strategist of Société Générale told ‘Reuters’, Phoenix Kalen. With Agbal, interest rates rose from 10% to 17%, which places Turkey as the strictest in monetary matters and in an oasis in the world of zero rates that undermine the profitability of banks. BBVA, through the Garanti, you can benefit from that favorable scenario for the old banking business, consisting of intermediate between the collection of loans and the payment of deposits.