Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, the exmiss crowned by Paris Hilton who stars in ‘My daughter’ and ‘Sweet revenge’

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My daughter is reaping a resounding success on Antena 3. Following in the wake of Woman, this Turkish series has landed in Spain and is already showing its power in the prime time. However, among its protagonists there is an actress who is not new to the Spanish public, as she is also part of Sweet Revenge, the Turkish fiction that Divinity currently broadcasts -with much more discreet data- from Monday to Friday since last December.

Leyla Lydia Tugutlu, who plays Pelin Seyhan in the Mediaset series, brings to life Cordially in My daughter. A character with a stormy past who lives a lonely life until he appears Story, the girl around whom the plot revolves. However, the reality of this actress is quite different, since since her youth she has rubbed shoulders with success and fame.

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu plays Candan in ‘My daughter’.


The daughter of a Turkish father and a German mother, Leyla was born in Berlin and, after finishing her primary studies, the family decided to return to Turkey. There he combined his high school studies with piano and violin classes in the conservatory. At the same time, she began working in a modeling agency.

Her first fruits in modeling came soon, but Tuğutlu continued her training and entered the Istanbul University to study German Language and Literature.

In 2005, the young woman is chosen as Best Promise in the contest Best Model of Turkey. A year later, she would receive the Princess Award at the Miss Tourism Queen International pageant held in China. In addition, in 2007 she won the Most Promising Model award at the Oscars TV Fashion.

Paris Hilton presenting Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu with the Miss Turkey 2008 crown.

Paris Hilton presenting Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu with the Miss Turkey 2008 crown.


But Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu’s greatest success as a mannequin would take place in 2008, when her name leapt into the international press by becoming Miss turkey and, therefore, aspiring to the title of Miss World. As a curiosity, among the jury that named her the most beautiful woman in Turkey was the celebrity international Paris Hilton (39), who was also in charge of delivering the crown.

That milestone on the catwalks opened the doors to television, where he explored his acting skills with various supporting roles in different series until, in 2016, it came to him your first big chance with the starring role in Sweet Revenge. Two years later, she would be cast from the main cast of My daughter, the series that Antena 3 has just premiered in Spain.

Influence solidarity

The actress has collaborated with an association against childhood cancer.

The actress has collaborated with an association against childhood cancer.


The international impact that the actress has obtained with her television work has resulted in followers on Instagram. Tuğutlu has two and a half million followers in this social network, an exhibition that takes advantage of to show its most supportive side.

On October 29, coinciding with her 31st birthday, the actress decided to collaborate with the Vida Sin Cáncer association and encouraged her followers to make donations: “This year, with your support, my birthday will be one of hope to bring children with cancer back to life. What can be more beautiful than the smile of a child? “, He wrote in the publication.

In addition to his philanthropic work, Tuğutlu also shares some of his passions and concerns on his social networks, showing that nothing can resist his boundless curiosity: reading, horse riding or martial arts are some of the activities in which he makes his followers participate. In addition, he has recently taken up a hobby he had abandoned: “After taking a break for years, I sat down and played this piece. I guess it is my favorite. I wanted to share with you even if it is not perfect,” he commented next to a video on the seen performing Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14.

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The rapid of Cuéntamelo ya! (Monday, January 11): Lucía Méndez became a grandmother | Tell me now

The rapid of Cuéntamelo ya! (Monday, January 11): Lucía Méndez became a grandmother


Paty Navidad was censored from social networks, The Kardashians say goodbye to the reality show, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle no longer appear in cyberspace, Cristian Castro opens a romance, Natalia Jiménez divorces, Lucía Méndez’s son welcomes his first-born.


The series for the movie “Love, Simon” will soon also be shown in Germany

The coming-out film “Love, Simon” was THE cinema surprise in 2018. In June 2020, the long-awaited spin-off series of the queer cult film was launched in the USA with “Love, Victor”.

Now Disney + is also announcing the series on its German streaming platform.

That’s what it’s about

The ten-part series also tells the coming-out story of a high school student who is called Victor here and is played by Michael Cimino (22). He too moves to Atlanta with his parents and, like Simon, goes to “Creekwood High”.

Of course, he has all the problems, big and small, that a teenager who moves to a new city has: making new friends at a new school, stress with the family and, in Victor’s case, dealing with his sexual orientation, what for is also a challenge for gay teenagers.

It comes, as it must: Victor develops feelings for his classmate Benji (George Sear) and quickly realizes that he is overwhelmed with this situation. He then turned to Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), the character from the movie who caused a sensation at the school with his coming out.

Start is on February 23rd

So far, “Love, Victor” has only been shown on the US streaming provider Hulu. Now the streaming service Disney +, which started in June 2020, has announced that it will expand its offer on February 23, 2021 – with a new area called “Star”. The series will finally be available there for German viewers.

► “Star”, like “Disney”, “Marvel”, “Star Wars” and “National Geographic” is part of the subscription.

The series can already be seen in the announcements on the social channels.

But that’s not all: 1000 new episodes of many successful series will then also be shown on the new themed channel, including all seasons of “Desperate Housewives”, “Family Guy” and “How I Met Your Mother”.

“Star” is also supposed to include 1000 new films in its program (“Die Hard”, “Logan – The Wolverine”) and, after a few initial difficulties, has become a strong competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co.

Disney + is increasing its subscription prices

If you take out a subscription BEFORE February 23, you can get Disney + for 6.99 euros (per month) or an annual subscription for 69.99 euros. Thereafter, the prices increase by 2 euros per month to 8.99 euros or 89.99 euros for the annual subscription.

And one more piece of good news at the end: All fans of “Love, Victor” can be happy. A second season is already being planned.

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Saturday varied with the attack on the Capitol in ‘Weekly Report’ and Makoke’s first grandson as the axis of the ‘Deluxe’

With the end of the Christmas holidays, the channels are already betting on a prime time for all tastes: La 1 will analyze the attack on the Capitol and Brexit in ‘Weekly Report’, while José Bono will visit the set of laSexta Noche and new couples from celebrities will compete in Antena 3’s ‘The Ring Game’.

Javier Tudela and a Leticia Sabater who has made headlines for an illegal party at her home will pass through Telecinco’s ‘Deluxe’. In addition, MTV premieres a documentary series that addresses addictions

The attack on the Capitol and the ‘Brexit’, in ‘Weekly Report’

Weekly report opens its first news page with a report on the unprecedented attack on the United States Capitol, the seat of the legislative branch. Cristina Olea, TVE correspondent in Washington, will explain the crisis opened by Trump’s campaign to reverse his defeat. The image of the assailants smashing windows, looting offices and taking pictures of themselves on the camera that the police had just evacuated has shaken the heart of American Democracy.

The program will also report on the Gibraltar agreement reached on January 1, which eliminates the border six months in Gibraltar, the Brexit path. Weekly report has been in the Campo de Gibraltar to speak with residents on both sides of the border about the consequences of Brexit. He has also interviewed the Chief Minister of the Rock and the Spanish Foreign Minister. Relief at reaching an agreement has been overshadowed by the pandemic.

Helen Mirren fights with the owners of the culinary competition in ‘A journey to ten meters’ at La 1 (10:05 p.m.)

The Kadams, far from their native India, settle in the South of France, where they open an Indian restaurant. The problem is that it is opposite a French restaurant with a Michelin star. The starting point of this comedy is the battle between two catering establishments of different cultures. It directs Lasse Hallström and stars Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal and Charlotte Le Bon.

Adventure cinema in La 2 with ‘The extraordinary journey of TS Spivet’ (22: 00h)

TS Spivet is a ten-year-old genius who lives on a ranch with his quirky family. One day, an important scientific institution awards him a prestigious award without knowing the age of the recipient. The film is based on the novel by The selected works of TS Spivet by Reif Larsen. The Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jeunet is directed and the cast includes Kyle Catlett, Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis and Callum Keith Rennie.

Alaska and Vaquerizo, Gisela and Rosa López compete in ‘The Ring Game’ (10:10 p.m.)

The Ring Game celebrates its third gala on Antena 3. On this occasion, Jorge Fernández welcomes Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo, Gisela and Rosa López and Monaguillo and Jandro, the three couples who will fight for victory.

Four bets on the sequel ‘Percy Jackson and the sea of ​​monsters’ (22: 00h)

To save their world, Percy and his friends must find the Golden Fleece. They will thus live a true odyssey through the waters of the Sea of ​​Monsters. Mythology and fantasy mix in this sequel to the film Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, both based on the novels of American Rick Riordan. Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario lead the cast of this feature film directed by Thor Freudenthal.

Javier Tudela and Leticia Sabater in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ (22: 00h)

Javier Tudela sits in the Deluxe after announcing that he is going to make Makoke a grandmother. “I do have a problem with him” Kiko Matamoros warned in Save me knowing that he would sit in front of his former stepson. Leticia Sabater will be another of the guests after having made the news for an alleged illegal party at her home: “It comes with evidence of the plot and photographs of the interior of the house. I don’t know if we can broadcast them all,” they assured Telecinco.

José Bono, Miguel Rellán and Secun de la Rosa, in ‘laSexta Noche’ (9:00 p.m.)

the Sixth Night analyzes the rate of vaccination against COVID-19 in Spain. Why is it slower in some communities than others? The experts of the program will give all the keys.

In addition, Iñaki López and Verónica Sanz will analyze the current political situation with José Bono and will talk with the actors Miguel Rellán and Secun de la Rosa.


MTV premieres the documentary series ’16 and recovering ‘that addresses the fight against addictions (11:25 p.m.)

Northshore Recovery High School is a public high school in Beverly, Massachusetts, where teenagers work to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol, and treat their mental health, while continuing their studies. Michelle Lipinski, its director, founded it in order to create a safe community for these young people, emphasizing education and social responsibility.
“Principal Michelle Lipinski and the students at Northshore Recovery High School gave us their trust, offering unprecedented access to their lives and allowing this documentary series to show the pain of adolescent addiction, but also the joy of recovery.” stated Steve Liss, producer and director of 16 and recovering. “I am very grateful that MTV is bringing visibility to one of the most critical issues young people and their families face.”

“At MTV we believe in the immense power of storytelling and it is a privilege to bring our young audience closer to the story of these adolescents and their families in their struggle to overcome addiction,” commented Manuel Gil, Country Manager ViacomCBS Networks International Iberia. “And if the program and the collaboration with Fad, whose objective is to provide information and resources through its own channels, manages to raise awareness about the problem of addictions in young people, from MTV we will feel immensely fulfilled.”
For the general director of Fad, Beatriz Martín Padura: “Drugs continue to be a very important public health problem in Spain. Much progress has been made in the last decade, but the levels of consumption of many substances are still worrying. 50,000 people each year need to enter treatment programs, and many of them are young. That is why it is a priority that we do not lower our guard. ”

With 16 and recovering, viewers will closely follow the path that students and their families travel in the fight towards recovery, with the help of professionals and people who have been through the same. In addition, they will share their heartbreaking experiences facing the loss of people around them, as well as the first hopeful signs of their recovery. Finally, the experiences of these students shed light on the complexities of treatment, from health coverage and financial barriers, to the difficulties of the judicial system. 16 and recovering It is directed by Steve Liss, who was executive producer with Devin Amar for Scheme Engine, Regina K. Scully, Artemis Rising Foundation and The LEF Foundation. Likewise, Lily Neumeyer and Benjamin Hurvitz are the executive producers of MTV.


AWESOME 5: Series with Stunning Visual Effects – The Best VFX

Whether stop-motion technology, green screen, bullet-time recordings or performance capturing – groundbreaking processes for visual effects have so far been the first to be marveled at in the cinema on the big screen. With the triumphant advance of high-quality series in recent years, television and streaming are now setting the standards for new technologies. Series makers create fantastic worlds and unimaginable creatures within a short period of time. I have therefore selected five AWESOME series that impress with their extraordinary visual work. Unlike special effects that are created live in front of the camera, visual effects (VFX for short) are effects that are developed with the camera itself or in post-production.

The Mandalorian

The “Star Wars” series around the mysterious bounty hunter “The Mandalorian” is currently the most impressive example of the successful use of visual effects. With the help of the so-called stagecraft technology, the creators created a digital film environment that is projected around the actors on a 25 meter wide and six meter high circle with high-resolution LED screens. If the position of the camera changes, the environment automatically adapts to the new perspective. The technology developed by ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) was based on modern video games in which the environment also changes in real time depending on the direction of view. The advantage over a green screen is that the actors can play in front of an authentic backdrop and camera positions can also be changed spontaneously. If you want to know exactly what is real in the series and what was created on the computer, I can only recommend taking a look at the making-of series “Disney Gallery – Star Wars: The Mandalorian”.

The Mandalorian VFX

Game of Thrones

The hit series “Game of Thrones” is, especially from season 3, a role model in terms of VFX and its efficient implementation. Better computing power and inexpensive software make it possible for us viewers to see huge dragons and gigantic battles that look real on our home screen. But rocks, castles and even the snow on the trees were subsequently added to the computer using green and blue screens. 3-D modeling also lets the actors interact with dragons. The Stuttgart effect forges Mackevision and Pixomondo were involved in the realization.

Game of Thrones VFX

Stranger Things

The popular mystery series “Stranger Things” not only scores with a good portion of nostalgia, but also offers all kinds of show values. Here, too, 3-D models merge with CGI and live recordings. Especially the nauseating creature effects like the Demogorgon and the Shadow Monster are unparalleled. Camera technology is also used for the series in the bag of tricks. For example, the makers used a rotating camera effect to immerse themselves in the “other side”. There are more impressive effects in the video below with many before and after shots for the third season.

Lost in Space

The reinterpretation of the series of the same name from 1965 about a family in a spaceship on a voyage of discovery makes full use of the possibilities of modern trick technology. Here, too, real recordings are combined with CGI elements in order to credibly depict life in space. In this way, dreary landscapes become extraordinary surfaces of strange planets. The kilometer-long waterfall from the second season is particularly outstanding here.


The sci-fi western “Westworld” is about a technologically advanced amusement park where people can live out their deepest desires. The visual effects did a great job here too. Robots that act extremely human thanks to motion capture or Anthony Hopkins, who is rejuvenated using de-aging software, are just two examples of successful effects that catapult us into the futuristic world.

Westworld VFX

There are many other series like “Altered Carbon” or “Vikings” that amaze us. Visual effects work best when we cannot identify them as such. In order for this to work, these must be realizable, at least in theory, so that the viewer accepts them as real. I am curious to see what will happen here in the years to come.

Photos: Disney | HBO | Netflix


Apple iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini features a beautiful new flat edge design that is more durable, Super Retina XDR display, a Ceramic Shield front that is stronger than any smartphone glass, and A14 Bionic, the fastest chip ever used in a smartphone. Thanks to the advanced two-camera system, it has night mode and 4K HDR videos in Dolby Vision can be recorded with cinema quality. MagSafe accessories attach magnetically and provide faster wireless charging.




The acclaimed «Small Ax» arrives in Spain

It is difficult to catalog and in fact it is difficult to talk about a miniseries when in reality it is five feature films that, some, exceed two hours in length. They do not weigh. The rhythm and cadence of the story in this premiere of Steve MacQueen in his first project for television he transcends for its quality. He is the acclaimed director of such renowned films as «Hunger», «Shame», Oscar-winners with “12 years of slavery” or “Widows” and is up to the task in this great project that he co-writes with Alastair Siddons.

The entire series is inspired by the experiences and real events suffered by the London black community between 1969 and 1982 and its name refers to the phrase “If you are the big tree, we are the small ax”, popularized by Bob Marley in his song “Small Ax”. MacQueern himself stated about this new work that: “We have lost a lot in the last six months of our lives. LThere comes a time when we must stop and think. I wish George Floyd was here today. I’d rather he was here today. But all I can say is that he did not die in vain and that these films, Small Ax, are part of the narrative of being one.

The cast

Throughout the chapters we will see faces known as those of Letitia Wright (Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War); Shaun Parkes (Lost In Space, Hunters of Legends); Malachi Kirby (Curfew, Devils) and Rochenda Sandall (Criminal: UK). The series was presented in the Official Section of the Cannes film festival and it has already received rave reviews, appearing on some of the year’s best lists, such as “The Guardian.”

It will be tomorrow when the series lands in Spain and it will do so on the Movistar + platform with a weekly delivery. The first episode is called «Mangrove»And recreates the call«March of the Mangroves »1970 and the subsequent trial to which nine activists were subjected, unjustly arrested after protesting with hundreds of demonstrators against the violence exerted by the metropolitan police against the black community in Notting Hill. Among those tried were Altheia Jones-LeCointe, of the British Black Panther movement, Darcus Howe and Frank Crichlow, owner of the iconic restaurant The Mangrove, where the police repression originated and the focus of the protests. The premiere coincides with the 50th anniversary of the march.

«Lovers Rock»,

A week later, “Lovers Rock” will be screened, which recounts the fictional love story between two young people at a blues party in 1980. An ode to the genre of romantic reggae, the so-called “lovers rock”, which only sounded in the houses where black youth organized their parties when they were not welcome in the discotheques and segregated nightclubs.

“Red white and blue”

For the third installment is planned “Red, white and blue”, which is about Leroy Logan, a young forensic scientist who aspires to more than just his lonely lab work. When he witnesses his father being assaulted by two policemen, Leroy is reunited with a vocation that has dragged on since childhood: to become a policeman. An ambition born of the delusional desire to change the racist attitudes of the authorities from within.

«Alex Wheatle»

The fourth film focuses on the life of “Alex Wheatle,” the award-winning writer played by Sheyi Cole, from his teenage years to his early adult years. Having passed His childhood in an institutional center for whites, without the love and affection of a family, Alex finds in Brixton for the first time not only a feeling of community, also his own identity and the opportunity to unleash his passion for music. When arrested during the 1981 Brixton uprising, Alex faces his past and glimpses a path of repair.


The end of the party will arrive on February 4, and then on demand, with “Education” and the life of Kingsley, a 12-year-old teenager with an insatiable fascination for astronauts and space rockets. When he is taken out of class and called to the principal’s office for his misbehavior, he discovers that he is being sent to a “special needs” school.. Their parents, immersed in their respective jobs to get ahead, are not fully aware of the segregation policies that are preventing many children from enjoying the education they deserve. Until a group of women decide to take the matter seriously.

A premiere that has already been positioned in the United States as indispensable.

Human dignity, justice treaties

It is the first time that the British director has embarked on a project of this magnitude, in a series of five films. It is once again a claim for the universal rights of man, in this case of blacks. Focusing on London between the years 1960 and 1982. It is not the first time that MacQueen Tackles the Issue of Racism and Does It With Absolute Brilliance. He has already achieved it in the masterpiece “12 Years a Slave” that saw the light in 2013 and which was worth it to win a coveted Oscar. Already then he had like purpose to speak of human dignity and respect between peoples. But he goes further, his films, like the Oscar winner, go one step further to become authentic justice treatises.


The Casademont Zaragoza makes the arrival of Elias Harris official | Our sport

Casademont Zaragoza has just made the arrival of power forward Elias Harris official, hiring that already Aragón Sport advanced last Wednesday. The German player, who joins until the end of the season, will arrive in Zaragoza in the next few days, from HMP Riesen Ludwigsburg, to live his first experience in the Endesa League and to compete again in the Basketball Champions League.

International with Germany from lower categories, the new player of Casademont Zaragoza debuted with the senior team at EuroBasket 2009, four years before his debut on the BBL easycredit with the Brose Baskets, in which he spent seven seasons. His stay in the Bavarian team, in addition to the longest, has been the most successful of his career, achieving a total of five national titles and competing regularly in the Euroleague. This past summer, Harris ended his time in Bavaria, signing for MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, with which he was leading the championship with nine victories in ten games and averages of 15.6 points and 4.9 rebounds in 24 minutes of play.

In statements on the club’s official website, Pep Cargol has defined the new player as follows: “He is an experienced player who will help us consolidate our inner game, since he can function both in the ‘4’ position and in the ‘5’ position. He has extensive experience in Germany and in continental competitions, in addition to being international with your country. a proven player who comes to bring strength and balance to our inner game “.


Huesca runs out of ideas against a dominating Barcelona | Our sport

A slight final match was not enough for the Sports Society Huesca get something out of the Barcelona visit to Alcoraz. The team of Míchel raised a very defensive game, he forgot the ball, any kind of pressure and let Barcelona touch him. Thus, Koeman’s men lived very comfortably until the final stretch, they soon scored 0-1 and forgave their rival. Without ideas, the locals reacted late, arrived little in the area, shot less on goal and lost a new game. The rival was difficult, but Huesca hardly made merits to get something positive. With hardly any possession, with a spectacular Álvaro who kept it 0-1 until the end (he could beat Barcelona) and adding a new day without winning: this is how Huesca left the visit of Barcelona.

A match that Míchel’s men chose to wait for Huesca further back than normal so as not to die running upstairs. That had its dangers: Barcelona moved easily in the three quarters looking for the left wing of Jordi Alba. Thus came the first scare, with a center from Alba that ended with Álvaro doing a feline stretch to deny the goal to Pedri. The people from Huesca suffered crouched behind before a Barcelona that played and played, that made them run. Pedri, undetectable for the defenders, returned to touch the goal after a good center of Dembele. Jordi Alba himself shot wide in the 25th minute as a prelude to what would come a minute later. Messi grabbed a ball several meters behind the area, fixed his eye on the heart of it and sent a fantasy pass to a De Jong who beat Galán and Siovas to shoot Álvaro. 0-1, peaks of 81% of possession culé in almost every moment and too easy.

It was time to suffer, not succumb to the risk of letting go and abandoning oneself to a resigned death, but to react. But there was no way: after a quarter of an hour later the goal in which the only positive thing they got was a corner in favor, Messi found a foul in favor on the front: The Argentine launched it with mastery and Álvaro gave the spectator the other stop of the night, flying one-handed to get to the place where only the chosen ones can put the ball. The break came with the feeling that the Catalans had forgiven the Aragonese: the 0-1 was the best news.

Same tonic in the second part. Barcelona commanded in possession but the danger at least faded a bit. Enough so that Míchel’s men breathed a little and could try to go against it, without success, yes. In minute 62 he had the first chance: Rafa Mir put his heel well into the small area after a corner in favor that ended with an uproar in the area and Ter Stegen had to put his body to avoid the goal. It was the first arrival of Huesca in the whole game. The Alto Aragonese team continued to suffer behind (Messi put the excellent Álvaro to the test after a great wall with Pedri) but was at least one goal away from the tie. And that was worth gold.

Thus, in the last minutes Míchel considered that it was time to take a risk and shook the bench. Juan Carlos, Ferreiro and Okazaki entered through Pulido, Sergio Gómez and Seoane with the aim of changing the game’s script. Álvaro performed his umpteenth miracle before Dembele in minute 77 and kept his team alive, which in the last minutes began to attack. Okazaki nodded into Ter Stegen’s hands without danger. Juan Carlos had more intention five minutes later, but his ball found the same fate: the German gloves. As happened in Vigo, Huesca began to play fluently in search of the goal against a Barcelona that began to waver a bit. The changes had come very well but time was running out and that’s how the game died. With the Huesca players watching another home match slip out of their hands and plunged into the descent, in a match in which Huesca ran out of ideas.


FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Dest (Pjanic 75 ‘), Araújo, Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Busquets (Mingueza 75 ‘), De Jong; Dembele, Pedri, Braithwaite (Griezmann 81 ‘); Messi

SD Huesca: Alvaro; Pulido (Okazaki 72 ‘), Insua, Siovas, Galán; Mosquera, Mikel Rico (Doumbia 64 ‘), Seoane (Juan Carlos 72’); Sergio Gómez (Ferreiro 72 ‘), Rafa Mir and Ontiveros.

Goals: 0-1, De Jong (26 ‘)

Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (Madrid Committee). He admonished Ontiveros (83 ‘).


“WandaVision”, the farewell to “The Walking Dead”, “The Lord of the Rings” and other series that will be seen in 2021

The series also suffered with the coronavirus pandemic during this 2020, with all productions paused in the middle of the year and with a slow return to the studios that has changed the schedule.

While some were able to record without problems as “Cobra Kai”, others had to stop filming and go into quarantine, such as “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” y “Stranger Things”.

In 2021 the explosion of Disney+, the return of popular series Netflix and the expected meeting of “Friends” en HBO Max, a streaming service that can reach Latin America in the second half.

Check out the series that can be seen in 2021:

January 1, 2021 – “Cobra Kai” Season 3 – Netflix

January 8, 2021 – “Marvel Studios: Legends” – Disney +

January 15, 2021 – “WandaVision” Season 1 – Disney +

January 15, 2021 – “Servant” Season 2 – Apple TV +

January 24, 2021 – “Euphoria” second special episode – HBO

January 29, 2021 – “Batwoman” Season 2 – HBO

February 28, 2021 – “The Walking Dead” Season 10 – AMC

19 de marzo de 2021 – “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Temporada 1 – Disney+

May 2021 – “Loki” Season 1 – Disney +

October 2021 – “The Walking Dead” Season 11 and Final – AMC

December 2021 – “The Book of Boba Fett” Season 1 – Disney +


“Stranger Things” Temporada 4 – Netflix

“Ozark” Temporada 4 – Netflix

“The Witcher” Temporada 2 – Netflix

“Grace and Frankie” Temporada 7 y final – Netflix

“Dear White People” Temporada 4 y final – Netflix

“Atypical” Temporada 4 y final – Netflix

“Russian Doll” Temporada 2 – Netflix

“Elite” Temporada 4 – Netflix

“Better Call Soul” Temporada 6 – AMC/Netflix

Special Meeting “Friends” – HBO Max

“Gossip Girl” Temporada 1 – HBO Max

“Green Lantern” Season 1 – HBO Max

“Tokyo Vice” Temporada 1 – HBO Max

“The Lord of the Rings” Season 1 – Amazon

“The Pack” Season 2 – Amazon

“Hawkeye” Temporada 1 – Disney+

“Ms. Marvel” Season 1 – Disney +

“Monsters at Work” Temporada 1 – Disney+

“What If…?” Temporada 1 – Disney+

“Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Temporada 1 – Disney+

“Star Wars: Visions” Temporada 1 – Disney+

“The Morning Show” Temporada 2 – Apple TV+

“Foundation” Temporada 1 – Apple TV+

“The Nevers” Temporada 1 – HBO

“Mare of Easttown” Temporada 1 – HBO

“Insecure” Temporada 5 – HBO

“Succession” Temporada 3 – HBO

“The Handmaid’s Tale” Temporada 4 – Hulu