United Kingdom | The Brexit of the little things

London, a cold night in late January 2021. George and Mildred are looking forward to taking the plane and reaching Alicante, where they have a small apartment on the beach. Since they retired they have enjoyed it several months a year, between October and March, during which time they only return to the UK for a few days at Christmas, to spend the holidays with their children Michael and Hellen. This year, because of the covid, they were left without a trip and without Christmas, so on the eve of their flight to Spain they take advantage of the relaxation of the measures imposed by Boris Johnson at the beginning of December to have dinner together as a family.

–It’s the first dinner in which we don’t talk about Brexi! Michael said jokingly.

George didn’t smile. He had voted ‘yes’ in the 2016 referendum, and was always a strong supporter of Brexit. Mildred, not so much, and her children, who have spent half their lives touring Europe, still do not understand what are the advantages of the new blue passport. His father, however, proudly showed it to him at the end of dinner:

-Here it is! Isn’t it nice?

– What is that stamped there? – Michael asked – The visa for Spain?

– Yes, the Schengen visa. Do you see how remainers are you exaggerated? They gave it to us right away! That, yes, for a maximum of 90 days, of course …

“Not only that,” Mildred wailed. At the Embassy they have told us that European visas do not allow stays of more than 90 days in a period of 180. Come on, this year we will no longer be able to return in October. Or, if we go, we would then have to spend three months in London before being able to return to Spain.

“It’s okay,” George said. After all, five months in a row was too long. We have to make the most of and enjoy our Scottish grandchildren more, right Hellen? This year I have thought of renting the house in Spain from April to October, and then we will go from January to March.

-I am delighted, dad, but do not think that things are very good in Scotland Hellen said. There is a lot of tension with the independence referendum.

“Are you still doing that?” George protested. But what are they complaining about? If in the end we had to swallow a Brexit agreement!

“They do it to annoy us”

“Yeah, dad,” the son replied, “but it’s a minimal agreement.” There are a lot of traffic jams at the border, and Scottish companies are whirling. By the way, regarding the house, you can rent it, yes, but remember that Now that you are not European, they would no longer withhold 19.5% of you in Spain as taxes on rental income, but 25%, and above without the possibility of deducting expenses.

–You economists, always so ominous! Europeans do it to annoy us! ”George exclaimed.

“No, Dad, it’s always been like that,” his daughter replied. Those who have changed have been us.

–By the way, when we request the visa we demanded travel insurance Mildred interrupted. They told us that ours could no longer cover us in Spain. That’s true?

“Yes, Mom,” explained Hellen, who worked in a bank. Financial services and insurance are now much more complicated. Not only citizens have renounced the European passport: financial and insurance companies, too. Now we can only provide services in other countries through subsidiaries, not directly from here.

“The same has that to do with the letter I got the other day from the bank … Anyway … For losing, even Poppy lost her passport,” Mildred added. Putting a dog in Europe now is going to be a real nightmare, as the vet told me. Certificates and more certificates, and if any are missing, they quarantine it. This time we will have to leave it here with you. Well, not with you, “she said, looking at her son,” because you’re already coming to Spain to work, right?

The visa riot

“I’m afraid not, Mom.” I am still processing the recognition of my title, because since Brexit it is necessary, and until I have it, I cannot sign the contract. They have told me that they are taking several months, due to the accumulation of files. And then you have to manage the work visa, which is tremendous paperwork.

“Tell me about it,” Hellen said. The bank has canceled the training courses in Frankfurt of staff because of the visa fuss. With the illusion that it made me! By the way, Dad, how come you finally fly? Didn’t you want to go by car, like other years?

“It was a mess,” George said. Car insurance is no longer valid in Europe, I imagine that by what you said before. But I’ll rent one when I get to Alicante.

–Well, don’t forget to bring your international license –Michael pointed out– Remember that the British one is no longer valid to drive through the European Union.

– What do you mean not? George yelled. “But it was worth last year!”

“Like so many things that were worth last year and are no longer worth,” Mildred murmured.

The visit is going to be very expensive, since Brexit they have greatly reduced flight frequencies and tickets have gone through the roof

“Well, well, nothing happens.” I don’t have time before the trip, but I have to return to London in a fortnight for a house issue, I’ll take advantage of it and take it off then. Although the visit is going to be very expensive, since Brexit they have greatly reduced the frequencies of flights and the tickets have gone through the roof.

-Clear, British airlines can no longer make stops in the European Union to pick up travelers. Anyway, if you come you won’t be able to go back to Spain, ”Hellen said, leafing through her father’s passport. The visa they have stamped you is not multiple entry.

“What the hell are you saying?” George growled.

–Look, it puts it here: “Single entry”. You had to have made sure before ordering it. You will have to get another Schengen visa when you return to London. Of course, they will only issue it to you for the days that remain of the maximum of 90.

“Anyway, what can you do to him?” George sighed. It is the price of freedom. What does it matter to be fifteen or twenty minutes in the queue for passports for non-EU citizens, if we no longer depend on bureaucrats in Brussels? By the way, Mildred, did you get the recipes?

“Yeah sure,” said Mildred. At least in Alicante pharmacies will have everything. Here they have told me that it will be a complicated few months, at least until things are normalized in Dover. Speaking of bureaucracy, I am told that they have had to hire hundreds of customs officers …

“Well, guys,” George concluded, “you’d better get going, Mom and I have to get up early tomorrow to go to the airport.” In addition, the curfew. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I am sure that the people of Alicante will remain as friendly as ever.

– Yes, yes. Good trip. Don’t forget to call us when you arrive, ”Hellen said as she got up from the table.

“We’d better send you a message,” George muttered, without looking up. Now him roaming it is very expensive …


Why will the UK start coronavirus vaccination before the rest of Europe?

The United Kingdom has anticipated the rest of Europe and will be the first country in the world to start vaccination against the coronavirus, about a month ahead of the rest of the nations of the old continent. The British Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has approved the vaccine from the American Pfizer and the German BioNTech and will be supplied already during the first week of December. Why will the UK vaccinate against the coronavirus before the rest of Europe? The Brexi it has helped the British.

From the Government of Boris Johnson They pointed out this Wednesday that Brexit, although not fully carried out, allows the British Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), in response to the urgent need, to have been able to expressly process the authorization for the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, with its compound that must be transported to about -80 degrees centigrade so that it does not lose its effectiveness.

The measures for Christmas 2020 common to all of Spain: restrictions on meetings, schedules and trips

Date for Europe

For its part, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) stated that it will give its opinion on December 29 “at the latest” on this vaccine and on January 12 on that of its American competitor Moderna, both with an efficacy close to 95%.

The british example It seemed to spur others, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, who asked his country’s health authorities to start a “large-scale” vaccination campaign next week.

The Russian vaccine Sputnik V is in the third and final phase of clinical trials with 40,000 volunteers. Its creators claim that it is 95% effective.

Russia orders mass vaccination against covid-19 and will begin next week with doctors and teachers

On the other side of the Atlantic Pfizer/BioNTech It awaits the approval shortly by the US authorities, who on Monday also plan to give the green light to the competitor’s vaccine Modern.

If both are authorized, could be available already this month in the United States, the country with the highest number of deaths in the pandemic: more than 270,000. On Tuesday it registered 2,500 deaths in 24 hours, a maximum since the end of April.

Vaccination will be aimed first at the health professionals and nursing homes, as recommended by an advisory committee.

The residences of seniors in the United States they accounted for 40% of deaths so far.

For its part, Japan on Wednesday passed a bill to provide free vaccinations its 126 million inhabitants.

Can you travel to another province at Christmas?  And to another autonomous community?

Italy also announced that the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus will be free.

The race to obtain treatments of all kinds can cause fraud, warned Interpol, which called for extreme vigilance against “the falsification, theft or illegal promotion of vaccines’.

Worldwide, the pandemic has caused more than 1.4 million deaths and about 64 million infections. Europe, with more than 420,000 deaths and 18 million infections, seems to have left the peak of the second wave behind and some countries ease their restrictions.

On Wednesday, England He went from his second confinement to a system of local restrictions based on three levels of alert depending on the severity of the epidemic by area.

Spotify Wrapped 2020: How to see your most listened to songs, artists and genres of the year

For the relief of merchants and buyers in the run-up to Christmas, they were able to reopen all the stores, in addition to the religious services and the sports centers.

But in most of the country it is meeting with family and friends is prohibited indoors, and in the worst affected areas, bars and restaurants can only sell take-out food.

Also in Belgium shops were able to reopen, although a partial confinement is still in force. A symbol of relaxation in France, the Eiffel Tower will reopen to the public on December 16.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, where there are already 450,000 deaths and more than 13 million infections, Uruguay, one of the countries least affected by the pandemic, announced new restriction measures in the face of a sustained increase in cases, including teleworking, the cancellation of sports in closed spaces and the closing of bars and restaurants at midnight.

Uruguay It has registered just over 5,000 cases and less than 80 deaths in a total population of 3.4 million inhabitants.

In addition to the human consequences, the pandemic has made the poor even poorer. In BrazilFor example, one of the countries with the greatest inequalities in the world and also one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, 67 million citizens (out of a total of 212 million) have benefited from emergency financial assistance, between 50 and $ 110 a month, and they fear when this financial support will end, in theory by the end of the year.

If aid stops, “I’m not going to live, I’m going to survive,” he says. Jaira Andrade do Nascimento, 37, in an illegal camp on the outskirts of Salvador, in the northeast of the country.

The pandemic It drove wages down around the world during the first half of 2020 and additional “very strong downward pressure” is expected in the near future, the International Labor Organization (ILO) said.

Can you travel to the second residence at Christmas?


EU tells its Brexit negotiator not to rush to close a deal if it’s bad

BRUSSELS, Dec 2 (Reuters) – The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator told envoys from member states on Wednesday that talks for a trade deal with Britain were reaching “a watershed moment”, and they were They urged not to rush into unsatisfactory treatment.

Photo Wednesday of the EU’s chief negotiator with Britain, Michel Barnier, in London. Dec 2, 2020. REUTERS / Peter Nicholls

Four diplomats told Reuters, after a briefing with Michel Barnier, that talks remained stalled – as they have been for months – about fishing rights in British waters, guarantees of fair competition and ways to resolve disputes.

“He said the next few days will be decisive,” said a high-level EU diplomat who participated in the briefing, with just over four weeks to go before the year-end deadline for an agreement to avoid what could be a financially damaging divorce.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the diplomat said Barnier did not specify a date by which a deal should be finalized, but it will take time for all 27 member states and the European Parliament to approve it before Dec. 31.

“Rapid progress is essential,” David McAllister, who chairs a Brexit group in the European Parliament, said on Twitter. “It is necessary to reach an agreement in a very few days if the (European) Council and Parliament are to complete their respective procedures before the end of the transition period.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain remained “absolutely committed to trying to get a deal if we can,” but that the EU knew what was needed.

“This is about ensuring that the UK is able to manage its own laws, its own fisheries, and so on,” he told a news conference.

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak called for “a positive attitude and goodwill from all parties” so that “we can get there.”

Britain formally left the EU on January 31 after 47 years of membership, but then entered a transitional period in which EU laws apply until the end of this year to give citizens and businesses time. to adapt.

The EU rules for the internal market and the EU Customs Union will not apply to Great Britain from 1 January.

If a trade deal is not achieved, borders will tighten, financial markets will become nervous, and delicate supply chains in Europe and elsewhere will be affected, as will countries facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both sides say they want a trade deal, but have so far failed to bridge the differences. There has been a persistent lack of trust since the British government introduced legislation that its own ministers admitted violated the previous divorce agreement.

A Johnson spokesman said the government has stuck to controversial clauses in that legislation, the internal market bill, which it says are necessary for unrestricted trade between the four nations of the UK next year.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has warned Britain that if its finance bill, which is expected to be submitted to parliament next week, also violates the Withdrawal Agreement, it would be taken as a sign that London doesn’t want a deal.

Information from John Chalmers; written by Gabriela Baczynska, edited in Spanish by Michael Susin and Javier Leira


United Kingdom: Close immigration Brexit and visa regime

(ANSA) – LONDON, DEC 1 – The United Kingdom today launches the online system for the application of mandatory work visas, which must be processed by foreigners, including citizens of the European Union, as of January 1, 2021 , when Brexit takes place

It was reported today by the British channel BBC

The conservative government of Boris Johnson ratified in the last hours that the system will be “simple and flexible”, but in any case it is one of the reflections of the closure to immigration approved months past, at the request of the executive, facing the post period. Brexit. It will imply the end of freedom of transit through European borders and the equalization of entry rules between workers from the Old Continent and non-EU workers, according to the law explained at the time by the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, and later Subject to evaluation by the Westminster Parliament, the migratory flow to the island will be regulated from the beginning of 2021 by a scoring mechanism, similar to that introduced some years ago by Australia, based on which priority will be guaranteed, regardless of its European origin or no, to accredited worker candidates with higher scores in terms of professional qualities, educational qualifications and English proficiency

Those who wish to obtain a visa as a “skilled worker” must be able to count before entering a job offer from an employer based in the United Kingdom, with a minimum annual salary of 25,600 pounds sterling (28,500 euros)

Even when the British government outlined facilities for some sectors – such as health, among others – more related to the current need for imported labor



Premier League: Daniel James, possible signing of Everton, winger, attack, competition for James Rodríguez? | Colombians Abroad

It is true that Everton has very serious problems on defense and that, when it comes to reinforcements, they should be the first line of attention. But it’s also true that if you can’t close your bow, it’s not such a bad idea to try to do a lot more damage on the front one to level the charges. It could be a gamble for Carlo Ancelotti.

In that, according to the rumors that come from Liverpool, the Italian would be thinking, who in those days, near the winter market and in time to secure signings in the next summer, would have more than one active chat.

The feelings in the last 0-1 defeat against Leeds are not good and, apparently, the issue would be resolved with reinforcements.

In that list of possible reinforcements there is a name marked in red: Daniel James. He is a 23-year-old player, a midfielder, a right profile and an estimated value of 20 million euros.

Not only is it accessible in days of economic crisis, but it provides youth and alternatives for players who, like Sigurdsson, need relief. What he has, in addition to youth, is a brand- Just what James Rodríguez suffers from, even if the DT minimizes that obligation and insists that he did not sign for that and that he is a very free player when his team has possession of the ball.

And that’s not necessarily bad news: “You can play him (James) where James Rodríguez is and you can push him (the Colombian) behind Dominic Calvert-Lewin as the number 10 he has played in his career. Richarlison can stay to the left and you play a 4-2-3-1, “suggests the Liverpool Echo.

Today, according to the media, the great concern is that rivals have seen that they can attack through James’ side with some freedom because it costs him the return, an issue that could be leveled with a player like Daniel James, who offers more sacrifice without lose quality in the output.

Two old acquaintances

But it is not the only name in the folder: in the last hours, Sami Khedira, German world champion and who was part of Real Madrid Champions League champion with Ancelotti in 2014, has said that his childhood dream was to play in the Premier League and that, obviously looking at himself in James’s mirror, he would like to meet Ancelotti again.

“There are a lot of coaches, even in the Premier League that I respect a lot. Ancelotti is doing a great job at the moment and he has a great personality. He is one of the coaches who also impressed me,” he said, as one who ‘asks for a clue’ .

He will be released from Juventus and would arrive at zero cost, but one issue works against him: 33 years of age. It is not so easy to adapt to that age to the rhythm of the Premier. James did it on the first try, but he’s 29.

That’s why another ‘madridista’ sounds like, who would better adapt to what the Italian coach is looking for: Isco Alarcón. The British press says that they see him closer to Arteta and his Arsenal, they say that the player longs to work with Guardiola and dreams of City, but the Everton rumor has been installed for several weeks and Ancelotti has had to come out to say what in his moment assured of James, that he is a great player with a contract in other clubs … and the story ended as it ended, so it cannot be ruled out.

In his favor, he is 28 years old and has a crazy desire to leave Madrid and seek revenge (yes, the story of James). The problem? It has a contract until 2022 and offers of less than 30 million euros will not be accepted, beyond which, according to Transfermarket, it only reaches 20 million.

Three possible bargains

The wings are a big headache for Ancelotti, as this is the basis of his attacking game. First he lost Coleman and now he is left without Digne and that is going to show in the offensive production of the team.

That is why a very tempting name comes up: Dele Alli. It would be a temporary remedy since almost the only option is a loan with few purchase options, if one takes into account that he is young (25 years old), has a current contract with Tottenham until 2024, whoever wants it must bring a check for 70 million euros, at least and above has one of the highest salaries of the workforce.

What happens to him is that he no longer wants to be under Mourinho’s orders, who put him on his sentenced list a long time ago and apart, with the arrival of Bale and the devastating pace of the usual attackers, he simply ran out of place. So it would be a bargain, but it remains to be seen if the stars line up.

It is the same case of Harry Winks, another young man from the Spurs (24 years old) with an offensive vocation but who, with a contract until 2024, would be a temporary remedy … which is not necessarily bad for Everton, for Ancelotti and for him. James himself, who has a three-year contract.


UK confirms bird flu outbreak at turkey farm

FILE PHOTO: A group of turkeys in a field at Kings Coppice Farm in Cookham, Berkshire, UK, on ​​November 10, 2020. REUTERS / Matthew Childs

LONDON, Nov 29 (Reuters) – Britain has confirmed an outbreak of bird flu on a turkey farm in northern England, the British government reported on Sunday.

“An outbreak of avian flu has been confirmed at a turkey feedlot near Northallerton in North Yorkshire county,” Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss said in a statement. It is the H5N8 disease strain.

The statement added that the 10,500 birds on the farm will be culled to limit the spread of the disease, reporting that the risk to public health is very low. The outbreak does not pose a risk to food safety, the statement added.

Information from William James; edited by Kirsten Donovan; translated by Darío Fernández in the Gdansk newsroom


Christmas Eve without a curfew in France and dinners for 10 people in Germany: Europe’s restrictions at Christmas

  • UK proposes bubble groups of up to three different households

  • “We must learn from the summer and not repeat the same mistakes,” warned the president of the European Commission so that countries do not relax restrictions too much

Spain is on the way to becoming one of the European countries with more severe restrictions during Christmas. The Government of Pedro Sánchez proposes that the curfew on 24 and 31 be extended until 1 in the morning, while France has eliminated that restriction on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The Government also suggests that family reunions be reduced to six people during the holidays in our country, although each autonomous community will decide its own limitations. However, in Germany, Christmas dinners and lunches can bring together 10 people, those under 14 do not enter this calculation.

“We must learn from the summer and not repeat the same mistakes”, Ursula von der Leyen has warned this Wednesday. The president of the European Commission warns of a new wave if measures are relaxed “too quickly” and fears a “third wave” after Christmas. A warning just when most governments are finalizing their own plans for those dates.

France: no curfew on December 24 and 31

France plans to lift home confinement as of next December 15, after a month and a half if the “health objectives” of keeping the daily cases registered in the country below 5,000 are achieved.

  • As of December 15, the French will be able to move freely between regions to spend Christmas with the family.
  • There will be a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Except on December 24 and 31, there will be no restrictions.
  • Lunches or dinners cannot be held in bars or restaurants because they will be closed until next January 2.
    The Government urges citizens to maintain social distance in meetings and to avoid encounters with many people.
  • Just before Christmas, cinemas, theaters and museums can reopen.

UK: bubble groups of up to three different households

“Christmas can’t be normal”, Boris Johnson has warned. The prime minister has just announced the end of the confinement as of next December 2 after almost a month. From that day on, the British will continue with important restrictive measures.

  • Between December 23 and 27, citizens will be free to meet with other people.
  • Johnson has proposed bubble groups from up to three different households to get together during Christmas. Also outdoors or in places of worship.
  • People over 65 years of age will not be able to leave the residences to meet with family members.
  • The Government recommends reducing voluntary quarantine before and after Christmas to avoid the risk of infection.

Germany: meetings of up to 10 people

German Chancellor Angela Merkel could announce in the next few hours more measures to contain the second wave because the current ones have not been able to contain contagions. In any case, it is planned relax restrictions between December 23 and January 1.

  • Will be allowed meetings of up to 10 people. Children under 14 years of age are excluded from this calculation.
  • The authorities recommend keeping a voluntary quarantine for several days before Christmas.
  • Companies are asked to close between December 21 and January 3, either by giving workers vacations or by promoting teleworking.

Italy: coordinating ski resorts

Italy is still working on the “appropriate” measures which will be implemented for Christmas, as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte assured this Wednesday.
In any case, the Minister of Health recalled this Monday that travel through the country will only be allowed when the incidence drops significantly in all regions, something that does not happen currently.

Until next December 4, in Italy there is a curfew from 10 pm and bars and restaurants close at 6 pm.

  • The Italian Government has set its sights on ski resorts, so important in that country.
    “We can not think about living vacations normally in ski resorts”, Conte has assured that he seeks a coordinated response from Europe to avoid major movements of people in an “uncoordinated way”.

Belgium: bubble groups

“I love Christmas too and I wish I could be with more people. But for my part, I’ll do it with the people who live under our roof: my wife and my two children. It is not necessary to be a virologist to know that this is probably the way to do it, “said Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo. With those words Croo has given clues as to where the restrictions will go in the country and seems to be inclined to create” bubble groups “for the holidays.

About a month after the closure of non-essential shops or the curfew in Belgium came into force, the government has made it clear that the restrictions will continue at Christmas. “The police will enforce the measures”, has assured the Minister of the Interior, Annelies Verlinden.


The UK faces the risk of an “economic crisis” due to Brexit and Covid-19

The British Government has privately admitted that the United Kingdom faces an “economic crisis” as it completes its exit from the European Union, amid the second wave of the pandemic. The confidential report of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office Boris Johnson, to which has had access to the newspaper The Guardian, warns of the economic chaos that Brexit and Covid-19 can generate.

The report, marked “confidential” and dated September, lays out the potential impacts of the latest stage of Brexit, detailing “reasonable worst-case scenarios” in 20 different areas, from oil and healthcare to travel and surveillance. A no-deal Brexit will cost more than the coronavirussays Governor of the Bank of England.

UK and global food supply chains will be disrupted by “concurrent circumstances at the end of the year,” the newspaper warns. The Accumulated reserves at the end of 2019 decreased during the pandemic and they cannot be easily replaced.

There will be general food shortages, but problems could reduce the availability of some fresh supplies and drive up prices. The low-income groups will be at higher risk of food insecurity if there is a no-deal Brexit.

The public administration admits that it is “very aware” of the risk posed by the potential labor shortage in healthcare due to Brexit, due to dependence on EU citizens and a workforce already overwhelmed by pandemic controls.

The Cabinet Office said did not comment on the content of the leaked documents, but he said it was part of “intensive planning” to support individuals and citizens at the end of the transition period.


Manchester United vs İstanbul Başakşehir Live Stream Online watch video 24 Nov. 2020, 20:00 UTC

Football match Manchester United (Manchester, England) – İstanbul Başakşehir (Istanbul, Turkey) watch online live video. Start the fight November 24, 2020 at 20:00 UTC)

The match will take place in Manchester at the stadium Old Trafford 24 November 2020 at 20:00. Live broadcast of the match will start 10 minutes before the start of the game.

Football match Manchester United vs İstanbul Başakşehir will be available in the records immediately after the live broadcast. On our site you can find all the matches involving teams Manchester United and İstanbul Başakşehir to record and watch them at a convenient time for you.

Today, 04:48
International Clubs / UEFA Champions League

Istanbul Basaksehir

Manchester United


Europe. UEFA Champions League, Group H. The live broadcast of the match İstanbul Başakşehir – Manchester United watch online on stream24. Football match will start November 04, 2020 at 17:55 UTC)

RB Leipzig

Istanbul Basaksehir


Europe. UEFA Champions League, Group H. The live broadcast of the match RB Leipzig – İstanbul Başakşehir watch online on stream24. Football match will start October 20, 2020 at 19:00 UTC)

Istanbul Basaksehir

Paris Saint Germain


Europe. UEFA Champions League, Group H. The live broadcast of the match İstanbul Başakşehir – Paris Saint-Germain watch online on stream24. Football match will start October 28, 2020 at 17:55 UTC)

Istanbul Basaksehir



Europe. UEFA Europa League, Group J. The live broadcast of the match İstanbul Başakşehir – Roma watch online on stream24. Football match will start November 28, 2019 at 17:55 UTC)

Istanbul Basaksehir



Europe. UEFA Champions League, Qualification. The live broadcast of the match İstanbul Başakşehir – Olympiacos watch online on stream24. Football match will start August 07, 2019 at 17:45 UTC)

Istanbul Basaksehir



Europe. UEFA Europa League, Group J. The live broadcast of the match İstanbul Başakşehir – Wolfsberger watch online on stream24. Football match will start October 24, 2019 at 16:55 UTC)


Bullying in online games grows in the last year in the United States, according to a study

The number of American players who have suffered harassment of some guy playing some online title has increased in 2020 compared to last year, as shown by a study from the video game market research firm Newzoo made for the Jewish organization Liga Antidifamacin (ADL) and spread by GamesIndustry. The data comes from a survey conducted in July of 1,000 players between the ages of 18 and 45 residing in the United States in which they were asked about positive and negative online experiences.

There are more players who mention positive experiences, but users who claim to have suffered some kind of harassment has grown from 74 to 81 percent this year; in “harassment” enter behaviors of different types, such as “trolear“to other players, as defined by the ADL, embarrass other users, and threaten verbally and physically.

In the last six months, the 68 % (65% in 2019) of respondents have received threats of physical violence or have been discriminated against by your identity. 51% of the players, more than half, have received threats of physical violence while playing, 53% have been discriminated against and the 41% have been sexually harassed.

The practice that has grown the most compared to last year by 10% is the stalking, based on monitor information online of a player to threaten or harass him. 44% of the players have been victims of this form of harassment. Also, the 13% of users have suffered doxing (their personal data has been made public) and 12% say that emergency services have reached their home, a practice known as swatting.

There is no specific genre of video games where bullying is more frequent than in another. However, the medal being the games where more players are victims of these toxic behaviors have it Dota 2 by Valve and Valuing from Riot Games: 80% of its players say they have been harassed and two out of three have suffered frequent bullying.

While bullying has decreased by Overwatch from 75% to 62%, in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, also from Blizzard Entertainment, has grown from 57% to 71%. The only game where less than half of the players have suffered toxic behaviors is Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where 36% of its users claim to have been victims of this type of practice.

The impact of online harassment on players

The study also reflects with data how the players respond to these practices. 21% of them say they have felt uncomfortable or angry after playing, and a 11% say they themselves have treated other users worse after experiencing these practices. He 11% have suffered from depression or thought about suicide for harassment. 9% contacted the police after being victims of harassment.

Also, the 22% of respondents say they have not played again to certain games after being harassed in them. The user reporting tools in these titles are underused: the 36% of gamers report bullying. The reasons they give are varied: 19% think that bullying is part of the gaming experience, 16% believe that the reports are not taken seriously and 15% that it involves too much effort.

Despite everything, the 95% of surveyed players say they have had positive experiences playing online: making friends, belonging to communities and discovering new interests are some of those mentioned. They asked about 17 games and more than 90% said they had had positive experiences in them: 91% in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 98% in World of Warcraft.

ADL requires companies to be more transparent about harassment in their games

The study concludes with some ADL recommendations to video game development and publishing companies, how to increase transparency in terms of hate speech and harassment that takes place on their platforms and the union of brands to tackle the white supremacism present in their online games.

They also ask to create tools for moderation for voice chats, improve the user experience of the reporting tools and demonstrate to players that their reports serve. In addition, they argue that improving the culture of the workspace within companies entails a different approach to supervisory practices on their gaming platforms.