Biden’s Transition Takes Shape, Trump Admits His Legal Options Are Running Out

WILMINGTON, Nov. 30 (Reuters) – President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to unveil his appointments to various top economic team positions on Monday, when he will also receive his first classified intelligence report, an essential step before taking over. of national security in the United States.

FILE PHOTO: United States President-elect Joe Biden delivers a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, on November 25, 2020. REUTERS / Joshua Roberts

While Biden’s transition to the White House appeared to be going strong, the Democrat broke an ankle Sunday while walking his dog.

The future administration has been delayed in the handover process for weeks because current President Donald Trump refused to accept defeat in the elections, and claimed, without providing evidence, that the November 3 vote suffered from an extended fraud.

Biden is slated to name the top positions on an economic team that will have to combat the crippling blow to the U.S. workforce and businesses in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

In contrast to Trump, who elected mostly white men to senior positions, Biden’s early appointments were extremely diverse, including a communications team made up of all women and revealed Sunday night.

Biden is expected to announce Janet Yellen, who was the first woman to lead the Federal Reserve, as Treasury Secretary, and Adewale Adeyemo as the first African-American to become Assistant Treasury Secretary.

Other members of the planned economic team include Neera Tanden, executive director of the Center for American Progress, as the White House budget chief. Tanden will be the first woman of color to lead the agency, Reuters and other outlets reported.

Brian Deese, who helped lead former President Barack Obama’s efforts to bail out the auto industry during the 2009 financial crisis, will head the National Economic Council, the New York Times reported Sunday, drawing some criticism from progressives for his ties to Wall Street.

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will also receive the first intelligence report from the White House, a step that has so far been postponed because of the Trump team’s refusal. The report is the first degree towards the transfer of responsibilities for the most sensitive security data in the country.

Trump, for his part, maintained his allegations of fraud in an interview with Fox News on Sunday and in tweets that were classified as “unverified information” by the social network.

But the Republican president, who on Thursday said he would leave the White House if Biden is declared the winner by the Electoral College on Dec. 14, appeared to have backtracked on his combative legal stance, telling Fox News he saw no way to pursue his case. to the Supreme Court.

Reports by Trevor Hunnicutt, Simon Lewis and Patricia Zengerle; written by Patricia Zengerle. Edited in Spanish by Marion Giraldo


U.S. court reviews Trump’s decision to exclude undocumented immigrants from population count

WASHINGTON, Nov 30 (Reuters) – US Supreme Court justices will consider President Donald Trump’s move on Monday that seeks to exclude undocumented immigrants from the total population figures used to assign legislative districts to states, a aspect of his tough policy towards immigration.

US President Donald Trump at the White House, Washington, USA, November 20, 2020. REUTERS / Carlos Barria

The court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority and includes three Trump-appointed magistrates, is scheduled to have an 80-minute oral hearing via teleconference.

The judges will decide the case expeditiously and their ruling would be known before the end of the year. That would make it difficult for President-elect Democrat Joe Biden, who will take office on January 20, to review Trump’s plan if it is ratified.

Opponents of Trump’s July provision include several New York-led states, cities, counties and immigrant rights groups. They claim that the Republican president’s move could exclude millions of people and lead to California, Texas and New Jersey losing seats in the House of Representatives.

Lower House districts are based on the state’s population numbers from the national census that is conducted every 10 years.

His opponents have said that Trump’s plan reduces the political influence of states with large numbers of undocumented immigrants, including California, by not counting their actual population and taking away seats in the lower house. If California loses districts, that could possibly mean that Democrats would lose seats in the House of Representatives, which would benefit Republicans.

There are an estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States without documents. Until now, governments counted everyone, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status. The Constitution of the United States requires that the distribution of seats in the House of Representatives be based on “the total number of people in each state.”

Those who reject the measure claim that Trump’s policy violates both the Constitution and the Census Law, a federal law that outlines how the census is conducted. Trump’s attorneys said in court documents that he acted within his authority and that the plaintiffs lack the necessary legal grounds to present a case.

A three-judge panel from New York ruled against the government in September. Federal courts in California and Maryland have reached the same conclusion in other cases, however, a court in Washington ruled in Trump’s favor.

By statute, the president must send Congress a report in early January with the population of each of the states and the corresponding number of districts for the House of Representatives.

Once states are assigned districts, they draw their boundaries, which will be used in the 2022 legislative elections. The number of seats in the lower house of each state also determines the number of votes the state has in the Electoral College, the system used to determine the winner of the presidential elections.

Reporting by Lawrence Hurley; Edited in Spanish by Ricardo Figueroa


Scott Atlas resigns as Trump’s special adviser on coronavirus

File image of US President Donald Trump listening to Dr. Scott Atlas during an appearance on the coronavirus at the White House, Washington, USA. August 12, 2020. REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque

WASHINGTON, Nov 30 (Reuters) – Dr. Scott Atlas has tendered his resignation as special adviser to President Donald Trump, a White House official said Monday, after four controversial months in which he repeatedly clashed with others. members of the special group on coronavirus.

“I am writing to resign from my position as Special Advisor to the President of the United States,” Atlas said in a letter to Trump dated December 1, according to Fox News, which was the first to report the resignation.

Atlas, a neuroradiologist, apologized via Twitter this month for giving an interview to Russian television RT, which has the backing of the Kremlin, claiming that he did not know he was a foreign agent registered in the United States.

Atlas has been heavily criticized by public health experts like Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, for giving Trump misleading or incorrect information about the pandemic.

He repeatedly downplayed the importance of masks and this month said the lockdowns were “an epic failure” in curbing the spread of the virus.

His views on handling the pandemic were denounced by his peers at Stanford University School of Medicine and elsewhere.

Reporting by Andrea Shalal, Aram Roston and Eric Beech; edited in Spanish by Carlos Serrano


U24 News | Crazy weather: How will the conditions be to close November?

Good day! After having a weekend with highs that exceeded 30 ° C, the temperature in the City of Buenos Aires drops again. We have a Monday with cool weather and clear skies. It feels a bit chilly on the last day of November, we actually returned to 12 ° C. How is the weather the rest of the week?

Although the sky is clear, we have a fresh and even cold morning in the City of Buenos Aires, something quite curious after having had a Sunday with 30 ° C. We detail how the weather will be the rest of the week.

Data from the National Meteorological Service 11/30

Now: 12.5 ° C

Minimum: 12 ° C

Maximum: 23 ° C

Chance of Rain: 0%

Humidity: 65%

Next forecast

Tomorrow we start December with very cool weather and partially cloudy skies.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, instability returns to the City of Buenos Aires.

For that day there are chances of rain in the afternoon and we will have a maximum temperature of 30 ° C.

As of Thursday, conditions return to normal until the weekend with mostly clear skies.

Also, the countdown begins to officially begin summer and end the year.


Weltspiegel – tagesschau24 |

  • USA: Georgia – The election campaign continues

The recount of the results of the presidential election could take weeks because every ballot paper will be checked by hand at the request of the Republican Party. Still-President Donald Trump continues to spread allegations of election fraud, although there is so far no evidence. In Georgia the election campaign continues. On January 5th, the two senatorial posts that the state will occupy in the second chamber of the congress will be awarded in a runoff election. In the first ballot, which took place together with the presidential election, nobody from the candidate group was able to achieve the necessary majority. For the first time since 1992, the Democrats had won a majority of the vote in the Georgia presidential election. The state’s two senatorial seats are important: if the Democrats win them in the end, there will at least be a stalemate in the US Senate, which would make the work of the new US president easier. If the Republicans win, they could block many of Joe Biden’s projects.

  • China: One year of Corona – why is China pandemic-free?

On December 1, 2019, the corona virus was first detected in a person in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Since then it has spread all over the world, paralyzing everyday life almost everywhere on the planet. The pandemic is spreading uncontrollably in many countries. In China, the country of origin, however, there are apparently hardly any new cases and therefore no dramatic consequences for the people there. How is the Chinese leadership able to keep Covid-19 under control so efficiently? The “Weltspiegel” reports on the rigid measures in the People’s Republic.

  • Indonesia: Corona and life in paradise on Bali

Those who live from tourism in Corona times have a hard time. The industry is the big loser in the pandemic, which can now be seen on the holiday island of Bali. Over four million people live on the island, 70% of whom live from tourism. In August, Bali allowed domestic tourists to come back to the holiday island, and the number of infections immediately skyrocketed. The provincial government had closed the borders even to Indonesians for months. Actually, foreigners should be allowed to travel to Bali again in September, but this plan was quickly put on hold. Many islanders now have to change saddles, such as Gede Darma. Before Corona he was a diving instructor and had a relatively good income. Now he’s a seaweed farmer. The money is just enough to survive. But many of the foreigners who live in Bali also have to rethink. For some, the dream life as digital nomads in paradise has suddenly become much harder – while others benefit from the fact that working from home has become normal overnight.

  • UK: The Brexit car park in Kent

The vast majority of Kent’s voters voted for Brexit. Nationalism and proud patriotism are good forms in the southern English province. But now many of the Brexit supporters are disillusioned. Because in the middle of the beautiful landscape there is a huge truck parking lot. The authorities want to prevent long queues at the Euro tunnel and at the ferry terminals. Nevertheless, even after the British have left the EU for good, imports from Europe are still necessary to guarantee supplies to the British. And they have to be cleared by British customs officers in the future. The clearance is to take place in the truck parking lot from January. Even if the neighbors don’t find so much sovereignty in the immediate vicinity so attractive.

  • France: hard Brexit? – The fear of the fishermen

Boulogne-sur-Mer is the largest fishing port in France. From here the trawlers sail into the North Sea. One of them is Ludvig Margollet, who has set sail for many years with his 22-meter-long “Saint-Jacques II”. He is afraid of a hard Brexit, in which case there would be no agreement on the use of the fishing waters in the North Sea. “We make 70 percent of our sales with catches in British waters, that would then be gone,” he fears. More than 5,000 jobs depend on the French fishing industry on the North Sea coast. For many decades fishermen have been able to cast their nets in British waters. If there is no agreement on the orderly exit of Great Britain from the EU and no solution for the fishermen, Ludvig Margollet and many of his colleagues would have to give up their jobs.

  • United Arab Emirates – The Women’s Mission to Mars

For the United Arab Emirates it is actually a departure into new spheres: The Mars probe “Khalisfasat” is supposed to show everyone that the ultra-conservative Emirates are about more than just oil! Since a Japanese launch vehicle launched the probe into space in July, the Mars mission called “Hope” has been controlled from a control center in the Persian Gulf. And over 80 percent of those involved are women. Ayesha Al Sharafi helped develop the drive. For her, the Mars mission is fulfilling a rather exciting dream: “There are so many moments when everything just goes wrong. And then we always somehow manage to solve it. It’s actually always exciting,” she says. The probe is scheduled to reach Mars in February, study the dust storms there, take rock samples and prepare a manned mission. The fact that so many women are involved in this high-tech project initially caused irritation in the Emirates. For the young female engineers who came to the space center with excellent training, the project also offers the opportunity to gain a place in the male-dominated society of the Emirates.

The “Weltspiegel topic” podcast deals with space travel. Moderator Philipp Abresch speaks with ARD correspondent Daniel Hechler about the Mars mission of the United Arab Emirates and with ARD Beijing correspondent Tamara Anthony about the background of the Chinese government’s planned moon landing.

  • Ethiopia: The War for the Tigray Province

The conflict over the Ethiopian region of Tigray is escalating. And brutal massacres are said to have occurred. Up to 600 civilians are said to have been killed in attacks by members of a local youth organization. This cannot be verified because there are no independent observers in the province. The Ethiopian military is fighting there against associations of the People’s Liberation Front TPLF, which represents the Tigray population. More than 40,000 people have now fled to neighboring Sudan. The “Weltspiegel” reports on the situation in Ethiopia, the consequences for the civilian population and the fear of the people in the region that the conflict in East Africa will spread further.

Probably the most popular foreign magazine in Germany, it brings gripping reports which, not least of all, should help viewers to find their way around current events on the globe.


Turkey awaits trial of perpetrators of murder of Iranian scientist

Turkey condemns the murder of the Iranian scientist Fajrizade and expresses its desire that those responsible for this act of terrorism be brought to justice.

“Turkey opposes all forms of terrorism, regardless of who perpetrates it and who is the target. We hope that those responsible will be identified and brought to justice “said the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the terrorist attack that caused the “vile” assassination of prominent Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fajrizade on Friday near Tehran, the Persian capital.

The note also highlights that Ankara opposes any attempt to disturb the peace and tranquility in the West Asian region.

For his part, the president of the Turkish Parliament, Mustafa Sentop, published a message on Twitter, where he condemned the attack against the prominent Persian physicist, highlighting that “those who executed him are terrorists.”

The Iranian authorities have denounced that Fajrizade’s assassination was orchestrated by the US intelligence services and the Israeli regime, and have called on the international community, in particular the European Union (EU), to end the double standards and condemn the act of violence in question.

The Islamic Republic has not only promised a “harsh revenge” to the authors of the attack, but has assured that it will promote their scientific development, independence and self-sufficiency to thwart enemy plots.

In fact, several experts are of the opinion that the targeted killings of Iranian scientists respond to the concern of the US and Israel about Iran’s technological development.

What’s more, the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, has echoed Fajrizade’s assassination on his Twitter account, a fact that, according to Israeli media, shows the probability that “it was a joint US operation. and Israel ”.

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Hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the US reach a record 90,000 before expected increase in cases

FILE PHOTO: A man gets a coronavirus test on Thanksgiving at a homeless shelter as the global outbreak of the disease continues. Los Angeles, California, USA. November 25, 2020.REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson

NEW YORK, Nov 27 (Reuters) – The number of COVID-19 patients receiving treatment in U.S. hospitals reached 90,000 on Friday after nearly doubling in the past month as the holidays are expected to end. years drive the next wave of infections.

The hospitalization rate, now at the highest level since the pandemic began, has surpassed the capacity of some hospitals and comes after weeks of increasing rates of cases in the country. It is likely to increase as people who gather with family and friends on Thanksgiving gradually become ill, according to health experts.

Many health experts and politicians asked Americans not to gather for their traditional Thanksgiving holidays this year, warning that socialization between households would accelerate the rate of community transmission and hit an already strained healthcare system.

Some complied with the public health guide and spent their Thanksgiving on Thursday sharing with family members via video calls. But others chose to travel anyway.

The day before Thanksgiving, generally one of the busiest travel days of the year in the United States, more than 1.07 million people transited through the country’s airports. The most of any day since the pandemic began, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Nearly 6 million Americans traveled by air from Friday to Wednesday, the Administration said, a figure that, however, is less than half that in the same period last year.

State governors have also urged Americans to stay home on so-called Black Friday, a day traditionally where many people do their Christmas shopping, encouraging them to take advantage of online offers and support companies that have suffered during the economic recession generated for measures to contain the pandemic.

Remember, avoid the crowds and shop from home this Black Friday. Our local stores have curbside recall options and they need our support, ”Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear wrote in a tweet Friday.

In an effort to mitigate the winter wave of COVID-19, more than 20 states have issued new restrictions, including mandates to wear face masks and limit the capacity of bars, restaurants and places of worship.

Report by Gabriella Borter in New York, Susan Heavey in Washington and Anurag Maan in Bengaluru, Edited in Spanish by Manuel Farías


Biden and Trump celebrate Thanksgiving at home as COVID-19 spreads

REHOBOTH BEACH / WASHINGTON, USA, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Like hundreds of millions of Americans, President-elect Democrat Joe Biden and incumbent President Republican Donald Trump quietly celebrated the Day at home. Thanksgiving, as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the country.

Biden is spending the holiday in the small seaside town of Rehoboth, Delaware, where he has a vacation home with his wife Jill. The Bidens were to host their daughter Ashley and her husband, Dr. Howard Kerin, for dinner.

The former vice president, who appeared with his wife Jill in a video message posted on his Twitter account, said his family usually holds a big gathering on the island of Nantucket off Massachusetts, but this year he will remain in Delaware “with just one small group around our dinner table ”due to the pandemic.

In a presidential-style address to a nation that has lost more than 260,000 lives to the coronavirus, Biden said Americans are making a “sacrifice shared by the entire country” and a “statement of common purpose” by staying home alone with your closest relatives.

“I know this is not the way many of us expected us to spend our holidays. We know that a small act of staying home is a gift to our compatriots, ”said Biden, who will be sworn in as president on January 20. “I know better days are coming.”

Trump, meanwhile, often likes to celebrate the holidays at his Mar-a-Largo resort in Florida, but he was scheduled to stay at the White House on Thursday. Unlike Biden, who called for a safe celebration with face masks and social distancing, Trump urged Americans to “come together” for Thanksgiving.

“I encourage all Americans to come together, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings,” Trump said in a statement.

Trump has frequently ignored warnings from public health officials and has hosted large groups at the White House, where many of his guests have refused to wear face masks.

In addition to Trump, several other prominent Americans, including First Lady Melania Trump and members of Congress, have tested positive for COVID-19 following such events.

While fewer trips than normal are expected, millions of people defied requests from state and local officials and health experts and traveled to family gatherings instead of staying home, despite the rising rate of infection.

Deaths from COVID-19 topped 2,000 in a single day on Tuesday for the first time since May, and hospitalizations hit a record high of more than 89,000 on Wednesday.

Biden, who defeated Trump in the Nov.3 election, has been making progress in the political transition and has vowed to prioritize fighting the virus.

Earlier this week, he announced key members of his foreign policy and national security team and promised to announce more appointments, including his economic team, in the coming days.

Despite not yet admitting defeat, Trump agreed to start the transition, clearing the way, for example, for the Democrat to receive high-level intelligence reports. But the president continues to make unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, as his legal advisers continue to make unsuccessful efforts to overturn the results.

Reporting by Simon Lewis, Jeff Mason and Patricia Zengerle; written by Patricia Zengerle; edited in Spanish by Carlos Serrano and Rodrigo Charme