Ryanair trusts the return of its air reign in Spain to Johnson’s ‘green list’

The largest European airline by number of passengers, Ryanair, will depend on the ‘green list’ of tourist destinations prepared by the Government of Boris Johnson in order to regain his reign in Spain. This list, which includes a total of twelve countries to which the United Kingdom facilitates travel from this week, includes neighbors such as Portugal or Gibraltar, but leave out for now our country, France or Greece. This implies that the British who choose to travel to these last destinations will have to keep a quarantine of 10 days when returning to their country.

Since 2011, the airline had been continuously leading the Spanish market. Also in the midst of the collapse of air transport in 2020. However, the latest data provided by the manager of Spanish airports, Aena, confirm that between January and April the irish firm has fallen from the first to the sixth position among the companies that have transported the most passengers to Spain. Thus, of the total number of travelers who arrived at the national airport network in the first four months of the year, 928,803 opted for the ‘low cost’ company. This figure implies that Ryanair has reduced its market share to 7.79% from the 15% it represented in the year prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After announcing the first red numbers in its history due to the effect of the coronavirus crisis (with a red number of 815 million euros in its fiscal year, which runs from March to March, compared to the benefits of 1,002 million it obtained in the previous year), its manager, Michael O’Leary, has trusted that Greece and Spain – which had been its main market until now – will soon join the British ‘green list’.

“The reserves are returning in very strong volumes to Portugal, Greece and Spain”, has assured during the presentation of the annual accounts to the analysts, at the same time that it has ruled out that Athens and Madrid will remain for much longer on the ‘amber’ list (the one that forces them to confine themselves when returning to the United Kingdom). “People are looking beyond the short-term news. Will come [a Grecia y España] in June, July and August “, he has settled. Furthermore, the CEO has been blunt in his forecast:” We expect Greece to join the green list at the end of May. Spain will be a little behind, but it will be added from June “.

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It is not surprising that O’Leary refers to Spain, given the weight that trips to our country have been having on the group’s accounts. Getting as close as possible to the pre-pandemic figures will be key to meeting the guide that the company maintains for the current fiscal year in a situation still marked by uncertainty. Facing this new fiscal year, it foresees that it could transport between 80 and 120 million passengers, despite the fact that in its first quarter -which runs from April to June- it will barely register a traffic of around five or six million.

Heathrow CEO also targets Spain

Those responsible for Ryanair are not the only ones who send messages to the Government of Boris Johnson about the need to open the range of countries to which it is possible to travel without restrictions of any kind, especially now that the vaccination process is picking up pace in All Europe. Perhaps the most forceful to date has been the CEO of Heathrow, the largest airport on the islands that is owned by the Spanish Ferrovial. John Holland-Kaye, warned this Monday that 500,000 jobs related to the tourism sector could be put at risk if the ‘Tory’ Executive does not expand its “green list” this summer.

Air Nostrum

Thus, he not only urges the Government of his country to give British industry and tourists the “confidence” that they will be able to fly to the main European destinations this year, but also specifically recalls that “holiday hot spots” for your compatriots like Spain, France and Greece they remain on the Amber List. Therefore, he has urged Downing Street to lift the restrictions for the three countries before the summer season starts.

The United Kingdom has been the main source of tourists to our country over the last few years. The situation changed last year as a result of the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the virus. However, according to the Survey of Tourist Movements on the Border (Frontur), prepared by the INE, the British managed to remain as the second market of origin with a total of 3,173,861 travelers, only behind the 3,877,619 of French who visited us.


The double game of some countries with ‘green’ energy

First it was ‘green’ Germany, which a few months ago opened a coal-fired power plant to attend to its industrial businesses, similar to those that were closed in Asturias thanks to the ‘advanced’ policies of Teresa Ribera’s ministry. Now it is the turn of the also ‘green’ France, which continues to think about the nuclear energy business – second in the world ranking with 59 reactors, only behind the United States, with 97-. This week it became known that EDF (Electricité de France), the state company that inherited the nuclear business from Areva in 2018, has presented a technical-commercial offer for the construction in India of what would be the largest power plant nuclear power plant, which could power 70 million people. The project, started under Sarkozy and halted after the Fukushima disaster (Japan), would generate, according to EDF, tens of thousands of jobs in India, but also huge benefits in France, “with thousands of jobs in hundreds of companies for fifteen years”.

The nuclear wave is now joined by Bangladesh, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic … Everything ‘green’.


Begoña Villacís, the best example that skinny pants continue to work with ‘working’ looks

In the midst of the electoral campaign, Begoña Villacís has chosen a ‘casual’ set formed by about skinny jeans and a green top that are pure trend.

Begoña Villacís has become over time one of the most stylish policies in our country. Its elegant combinations, always with an avant-garde touch, have made her wardrobe one of the most sought after by the national press and, moreover, on occasion the international press has echoed his enormous physical resemblance to Meghan Markle.

– Begoña Villacís changes her look and dares with a haircut with trendy bangs that favors a lot no matter how old you are.

– Begoña Villacís once again opts for white with a dress as elegant as it is flattering.

Curious coincidences aside, the truth is that Begoña Villacís has given us a style lesson uniting two basic garments, but together they offer us a wonderful result.

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The deputy mayor of Madrid has attended an event in the middle of the electoral campaign and has done so with a ‘casual’ look whose main protagonists have been her skinny jeans. A design that has been successfully combined with a green ribbed top short sleeve and ones high-heeled ankle boots.

A ‘working casual’ look that works wonders. | Daniel Gonzalez / GTRES

A top that is very reminiscent of the one she wore on April 13 when the vice mayor of Madrid I attended the press conference to present the Madrid Fashion Week, which took place in Ifema.

For the occasion, Begoña recovered one of Zara’s most famous skirts (a striking yellow snake print design) and paired it with a mustard ribbed top. In addition, she spiced up the look with an ocher bag with a bamboo handle.

The look of Begoña Villacís with a snake print skirt from Zara at the presentation of the 73rd edition of MBFWMadrid. | Sergio R. Moreno / GTRES

That same day, a few hours later, Begoña Villacís went to pavilion 14.1 of the Madrid Fair to enjoy the Maya Hansen show where she wore a set made up of some baggy jeans and a double-breasted tweed-style jacket. Thus making it clear that the ‘jeans’ are part of your work wardrobe.

The look of Begoña Villacís in the photocall of the Maya Hansen fashion show at MBFWMadrid. | Sergio R Moreno / GTRES

In fact, it was that very model with frayed hem and high waist the one he wore to go to the Juanjo Oliva fashion show. However, this time he opted to combine them with a white crossover blouse which combined with a spectacular articulated collar of blue stones and a thin belt.

The look of Begoña Villacís during the Juanjo Oliva fashion show as part of the Madrid es Moda presentations. | Ivan Martinez / GTRES

“Fashion is those clothes that you bought when you had your first salary, that bag that you inherited from your grandmother; that is also ‘slow fashion’. Fashion is opening up to the world and showing it how you feel,” he emphasized Begoña Villacís during the inauguration of this 73rd edition of Madrid Fashion Week after declaring herself “a firm defender and a believer” in this sector.


Lar gives the green light to a dividend of 27.5 million after increasing its income

Green light for dividends after the first year of Covid. The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Lar Spain has approved this Thursday the proposal of pay out a dividend of 31 euro cents per share, up to a total of 27.5 million euros and one 6.7% return per share.

The listed company has a market capitalization that exceeds 460 million euros and has positioned itself as one of the main investment vehicles in the segment of malls, a typology that has suffered greatly from the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. In fact, the value of its assets fell by 4.9% last year, up to 1,475 million euros, which caused an accounting impact of 100.7 million euros.

However, the company managed to increase your income by 15% in 2020, from 81.1 million to 93.3 million euros. On the other hand, ebitda was 69.7 million euros, with an increase of 18%, and recurring net profit reached 53.7 million euros, 30.3% higher than the 41.2 million euros obtained in 2019.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, José Luis del Valle, highlighted in his speech to shareholders that “the Brexit and the signs of a slowdown Growth in the main economies made some sectoral adjustment foreseeable. The pandemic came to aggravate that scenario, which logically also reached our specific retail sector. All over the world, specialized companies have had to apply nonessential activity closures and restrictions very relevant of different kinds in our shopping centers and parks “.

[Grupoturismo]  Ndp Castellana Properties Acquires The El Corte Inglés Spaces Of The Los Arcos And Bahía Sur Shopping Centers For 36.8 Million Euros EUROPA PRESS (FILE PHOTO) 5/27/2019

Regarding the impact of the pandemic on the income of its tenants, the businessman has indicated that “we have renegotiated practically 100% of the more than a thousand rental contracts existing in our fourteen centers. The agreed bonuses, and therefore the impact on cash for the year, represented a final amount of 22 million euros, which at the level of results will be applied over the next few years “.

The manager valued that the success achieved in 2020 was mainly due to the “extraordinary coordination with our merchants. We were the first to implement comprehensive security measures, subject to independent health certification. In parallel, we managed to update commercial agreements with practically all tenants, with rates always close to full technical occupancy, “he said.

Merlin Properties requests authorization from the CNMC to purchase Saba's logistics business

Even so, the businessman has recognized the blow that the sector has received and the need to make adjustments. Del Valle has clarified that the recovery will tend to focus on prime shopping centers and parks: “If before the real estate assets depended mainly on the location, from now on they will depend on their dominance and ability to attract end customers and merchants. It is important where you are, but above all how you are and who you are with. Commercial offer, shopping experience, entertainment, omnichannel and customer knowledge will make the difference. “


UK Gives Provisional Green Light to Merger of O2 and Virgin, Key for Pallete | Companies

Relief for Telefónica in the UK. The British competition authority, the CMA, has given a provisional green light to the merger of O2, the British subsidiary of the Spanish company, with Virgin Media, owned by the American LIberty Global. The operation is valued at 35,800 million and will create a telecommunications giant in the country, which with 46 million lines, between mobile, fixed broadband and television, seeks to threaten the historical leadership of BT. For this reason, the authorization of competition is key.

“A thorough analysis of the evidence gathered during our investigation has shown that the agreement is unlikely to lead to an increase in prices or a reduction in the quality of mobile services, which means that customers should continue to benefit from strong competition.” , has indicated the CMA. The competition authority, in this case the European Commission, has already thwarted a key operation of Telefónica O2, its sale to Hutchison in the spring of 2016.

Like the former, the integration of O2 and Virgin is key to the plans of the Spanish company and its president, José María Álvarez Pallete, in reducing debt. With the operation, teleco foresees a debt reduction of between 6,300 and 6,652 million euros, and an initial payment of 6,500 million euros. At the end of 2020, Telefónica’s debt was around 35,000 million, although the teleco pointed out that, with the pending operations, the merger of O2 and Virgin, and the sales of Movistar Costa Rica and the Telxius towers to American Tower, indebtedness would be around 26,000 million.

The operation was announced in May last year, in the midst of the pandemic, and a few months later the United Kingdom asked Brussels for the operation’s file, in view of its characteristics and the end of the post-Brexit transition process.

The CMA has indicated that its analysis has not focused on possible duplications in the retail markets, without considering whether the operation may reduce competition in the wholesale market, that is, in the rental of services to third-party operators.

Virgin rents lines to operators such as Vodafone or Three to complete its own networks, while O2 rents its network to alternative mobile operators. The CMA feared a price hike in these areas, but has provisionally ruled out this possibility, indicating that customers should continue to benefit from strong competition.

The final approval could take place during the month of May, according to industry sources, who point out that it is highly unlikely that the CMA could change the direction of its decisions. From the outset, Telefónica’s management has demanded approval without conditions, recalling that, in 2015, the United Kingdom gave the green light to a very similar transaction, the purchase of Everything Everywhere by BT, also without setting conditions.

Both partners have worked with that conviction. In fact, already in the second half of 2020, they completed the recapitalization of the joint venture, with the raising of more than 6,100 million euros between credits and bonds. Last week, Telefónica and Liberty announced the management structure of O2 Virgin Media. Thus, Lutz Schüler, from Virgin will be the CEO of the new operator, while Patricia Cobián, financial director of O2, will occupy the same position in the joint venture.

In addition, Liberty Global has accelerated in recent weeks the segregation of Virgin Media’s business in Ireland, which was not part of the agreement with Telefónica.

Telefónica and Liberty have argued that the merger combines the mobile strength of O2, with an ambitious 5G deployment, and the weight of Virgin Media in fixed broadband. One of the promises of both partners is the acceleration of the deployments of the next generation infrastructures, both mobile 5G and fiber. In this case, the Spanish group has highlighted that it will contribute its experience in the deployment in markets such as Spain and Brazil.

Telefónica shares started the session with slight decreases, amid the doubts that surround the markets. In the first minutes of trading, they are left around 0.7%, up to 3.71 euros. Various analysts have agreed that the approval of the merger of O2 and Virgin Media should be a catalyst for the recovery of the matildes.


Sustainable financing is here to stay | Legal

It is the latest trend in the capital markets. Sustainable financing has made a dent in the headlines as a new source of financing, but the general public will be unfamiliar with the criteria they apply to classify debt as sustainable and the characteristics that a bond must have to be green.

The European Commission is not immune to this uncertainty and has launched an ambitious project called “Action Plan for a greener and cleaner economy” (the Action plan) which seeks to examine how to integrate the consideration of sustainability into the European framework of financial regulation. The creation of a market standard for the issuance of green bonds it is one of the objectives pursued by the Action Plan.

The history of the green bonds It dates back to 2008, when the World Bank issued the first green bond at the request of a group of Swedish pension funds seeking to invest in climate projects. Therefore, a new way of connecting financing with climate projects was born.

The increase in demand led different organizations to consider the need to create a framework that would define sustainable financing, and in 2017 the International Capital Markets Association, ICMA (for its acronym in English), published a pioneering project called “ The Principles of Green Bonds ”(Green Bond Principles, the GBP) that designed a guide of practical recommendations to promote the transparency and the divulgation of information regarding the issuance of green bonds. A framework of characteristics that entities could use to issue these instruments was provided, and the disclosure of information that would help investors to assess the environmental impact of their investments was promoted. The goal was none other than homogenizar the development of the green bond market.

GBP define green bonds as those instruments in which the funds are used exclusively to finance green projects according to four fundamental premises: (i) that they contribute to environmental objectives; (ii) that there is a clear disclosure of information; (iii) that the funds obtained are credited to a subaccount that the issuer adjusts periodically; and (iv) that annual reports on the use of the funds be published. In addition, the use of external evaluators is recommended to review and confirm the bond’s alignment with the basic components of GBP. These principles have gained a lot of weight in the market, and are the main tool used by issuers when placing green bonds.

The Commission has taken the baton from ICMA, and one of the objectives of the Action Plan is to standardize the concept of green bonds and provide it with a legal framework. A Committee of experts in sustainable finance (the TEG) has been in charge of analyzing the best market practices and proposing a green bond standard, its conclusions were reflected in a report issued in mid-2019 that recommended: (i) alignment of the projects where the funds are used with the taxonomy European, (ii) the creation of a document green frame to be disclosed by the issuers, (iii) the establishment of certain obligations of report on the use of funds and the environmental impact and (iv) the necessary check compliance by third parties.

The project to set a European green bond standard is already a reality and, in this sense, the European Council has invited the Commission to present a legislative proposal in the first half of 2021. An announcement that will mark the future of what will be the flagship product in the capital markets for the next few years.

Antonio Arenas, Attorney at Capital Markets at Pérez-Llorca


Covid passport: how to obtain the green digital certificate online | Lifestyle

The European Commission (EC) presented on March 17 the digital certificate with which it intends to promote travel in the European Union (EU). This is free, in digital or paper format and will contain information on whether a person has been vaccinated, if they have antibodies for having passed COVID or a negative PCR test.

The challenge for the EU is to create a document or application that is accepted around the world, protects privacy and is accessible to people regardless of their wealth or access to smartphones. Once it is launched, European citizens will be able to consult their digital certificate on their mobile as an application or part of the digital wallet.

Covid Passport: European Union Digital Green Certificate European Union

Surely you are wondering how you can get this digital certificate, that is why we are going to tell you the steps that will have to be taken to get it.

What is the green digital certificate?

Is a digital and printed document, available in at least two languages ​​(each country and English), free and universal, will have the same information regardless of the nationality of the person with any nationality and all those who possess it will have the same rights. In fact, it is not a document, but a three-in-one document, because the certificate will contain information about the vaccination, as well as the details and results of the vaccination: tests performed (antigens, PCR or others, date of the test and its results ) and information on whether the person in question has overcome Covid-19.

What information will the Digital Green Certificate include?

Covid Passport: European Union Digital Green Certificate
Covid Passport: European Union Digital Green Certificate European Union

The Digital Green Certificate will contain the necessary key information, such as name, date of birth, issuing Member State and a unique identifier of the certificate. What’s more:

  • For a vaccination certificate: vaccine product and manufacturer, number of doses, date of vaccination;
  • For a test certificate: test type, date and time of test, test center and result;
  • For a certificate of recovery: date of positive test result, certificate issuer, issue date, validity date.

How does the Digital Green Certificate work in the EU?

The Digital Green Certificate contains a QR code with a digital signature to protect it against forgery. When the certificate is verified, the QR code is scanned and the signature is verified.

Each issuing body (eg a hospital, a test center, a health authority) has its own digital signature key. All of these are stored in a secure database in each country.

What will be the cost of the Digital Green Certificates?

The certificates will be free. Member States must bear the cost of installing the infrastructure at national level.

How is the green digital certificate obtained?

The national authorities are in charge of issuing the certificate. It can be issued, for example, by hospitals, testing centers or health authorities. The digital version can be saved on a mobile device. Citizens can also request a paper version. Both will have a QR code that contains essential information, as well as a digital seal to ensure that the certificate is authentic.


Brexit throws the electric glove on the British automotive | Opinion

It is difficult to start a car in the cold, when engine oil becomes very viscous. The British Government, after Brexit, is in a similar situation when it comes to boosting its car industry. Although it managed to avoid tariffs at the last minute in the trade agreement reached with the European Union, the rules on the export of electric vehicles could leave British manufacturers stuck in second gear. The deal reached on Christmas Eve brought a sigh of relief from British carmakers, who together account for 13% of UK merchandise exports. Tariffs would have clogged automotive supply chains and weighed down on the sector, which exports just over half of its production to the EU.

But British manufacturers are bound by so-called rules of origin, which govern how much of a product’s value can originate outside the UK or the EU to remain duty-free. The trade agreement sets that ratio at 45% for combustion engine vehicles, ensuring that plants operated by manufacturers such as BMW and Jaguar Land Rover do not have to pay tariffs.

In principle, battery-powered vehicles may have 60% of their value originated in third countries, but it is a temporary measure, which will drop to 55% between now and 2024. This is a problem because batteries alone, which originate Mainly in Asia, they currently represent up to half of what a zero-emission car is worth. Added to other foreign components, UK-made electric vehicles exported to the EU could suffer a 10% surcharge under World Trade Organization rules.

It is true that electric vehicles accounted for a miniscule proportion of the 1.3 million cars produced in the UK in 2019. But the future of car manufacturers is increasingly electric: sales of cars powered by petrol or diesel are They contracted around 40% in the first nine months of 2020, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, while sales of electric and hybrid vehicles doubled year-on-year.

Convincing companies like Nissan Motor to stay in Britain is not going to be an easy task for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. One option would be to manufacture more batteries in the UK, although this would require a substantial increase in production. The UK Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders estimates that the country’s current electric battery manufacturing capacity is just 2 GW per year, compared to the long-term goal of 120 GWh needed to power two million electric vehicles .

Another option would be to use batteries produced in the EU. The value of these should decrease as the production capacity in the sector increases. Even so, UK-made cars are going to encounter all sorts of annoying potholes along the way.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 16.9 cm (6.67 “) Dual SIM 4G USB Type C 6 GB 128 GB 5020 mAh Green, Mobile (green, 16.9 cm (6.67”), 2400 x 1080 pixels, 6 GB, 128 GB , 64 MP, Green)

Type Smartphone Color verde EAN 6941059643449 Manufacturer No. MZB9432EU Processor Denomination Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G Processor cores Number 8 cores Clock frequency 2300 MHz SIM slot Nano-SIM-Slot, Dual-SIM Simlock No SIM lock (free) Memoria RAM Capacity Total 6 GB DDR 4 (of which 6 GB built-in) screen Image 16.94 MU (6.67 Inch (es)) Resolution 2,400 x 1,080 pixels Contrast 1500:1 Touch screen incl. Type IPS Graph Type Adreno 618 Hard drives) Number 1 Total capacity 128 GB Hard drive 1 128 GB [UFS2.1, Flash] Camera Number Lens number 4 Resolution 1 64 megapixels Resolution 2 8 megapixels Resolution 3 5 megapixels Resolution 4 2 megapixels features 4K video, Autofocus, Bokeh, HDR, Wide angle, Macro Frontal Lens number 1 Resolution 1 16 megapixels features HDR, Portrait mode Sound Speakers 1.0 canal Microphone incl. Card reader microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC Maximum supported card size 512 GB Connectivity WLAN Wi-Fi 3 (802.11a), Wi-Fi 3 (802.11b), Wi-Fi 3 (802.11g), Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 NFC incl. Infrared incl. Mobile phone standard LTE B1 (2100 MHz), LTE B2 (1900 MHz), LTE B3 (1800 MHz), LTE B4 (1700 MHz), LTE B5 (850 MHz), LTE B7 (2600 MHz), LTE B8 (900 MHz), LTE B20 (800 MHz), LTE B28 (700 MHz), LTE B38 (2600 MHz), LTE B40 (2300 MHz), LTE B41 (2500 MHz), 3G/UMTS, Edge, GPRS, GSM (1800 MHz), GSM (1900 MHz), GSM (850 MHz), GSM (900 MHz) Type of construction Smartphone Location GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo features Radio, Acceleration Sensor, Compass (Magnetometer), Distance Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, 3-axis Gyro, Fingerprint Sensor Operating system Android 10 Interfaces 1x USB-C 2.0, 1x headphone / microphone combo port Power supply Drums Capacity 5020 mAh Dimensions Width: 76.68 mm x Height: 165.75 mm x Depth / length: 8.8 mm Weight 209 grams