Overwatch 2 development is slow, release date may be delayed

Blizzard announced for the first time Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon in November 2019 with stunning cinematics that set the stage for the story, while also revealing some of the new game modes and other enhancements fans can expect from the game.

Unfortunately, not much information on Overwatch 2 has come to light since the game’s announcement, leaving fans in the dark when it comes to Blizzard’s popular hero shooter franchise.

Fans await information on Overwatch 2

While Blizzard has been keeping quiet about Overwatch 2 since the reveal trailer, fans are looking forward to a big reveal next month at BlizzCon. BlizzCon 2021 is scheduled to take place February 19-20, and that’s where fans look forward to seeing Overwatch 2 again. Some fans have been optimistic that an Overwatch 2 release date might even be revealed at BlizzCon 2021, but those fans may want to keep their expectations in check.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is in development for unspecified platforms

A proven Overwatch leaker named Metro recently spoke about Overwatch 2 on a Twitch stream. “Heard they’re fucking slow and they’re holding it back,” Metro said in response to a question from his Twitch chat. “From what I hear, it doesn’t sound good at all. It seems like it’s a long way off.” Assuming the Metro information is correct, it seems unlikely that an Overwatch 2 release date will be foreseen for BlizzCon.

As for what fans can expect to see from Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2021, Metro suggested they might receive “some” announcements of new heroes on the show, emphasizing that no new heroes will be arriving at the Overwatch base until the launch of OW2. As for the new heroes, the only one officially announced by Blizzard is Sojourn, which was revealed alongside Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon in November 2019.

While Metro has accurately leaked information from Overwatch in the past, they have been wrong about it too, so fans should take this information with a grain of salt. As some may recall, Metro had previously claimed that Overwatch 1 would be scrapped for Overwatch 2, and that the sequel will simply surpass the original game as an update. Blizzard has since rejected those claims, revealing that Overwatch 2 is its own release while sharing PvP with the original game. However, it has also been said that, at some point, Overwatch and Overwatch 2 could merge to become a single product, so perhaps that is what Metro was referring to with those initial claims.

So while Metro’s claim that Overwatch 2 development is slow might be true, fans shouldn’t be too eager until they learn more from Blizzard in an official capacity. Overwatch 2 is still expected to debut at BlizzCon 2021 in February, so anyone curious should be sure to tune in to the show.

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The Truth News informs you that Overwatch 2 is in development for unspecified platforms.


In case you don’t feel old: “Pokemon” turns 25 – Games

The “Pokémon” games have been around in February 2021 for 25 years. The developers publish a nostalgic teaser and call for celebration.

The “Pokémon” franchise is the most popular and most successful Franchise at all. Even more than “Star Wars”, “Marvel” and “Mickey Mouse”. No wonder, because not only the video games are among the best-selling Nintendo games, merchandise such as plush figures and TV series still inspire young and old today.

For its 25th birthday, the “Pokémon Company” now has big plans. In a new teaser trailer, the past highlights of recent years are shown in a nostalgic journey. Pokéballs roll through hand-built constructs that are inspired by different “Pokémon” generations.

Katy Perry is a “Pokémon” fan

According to the developers, we can look forward to “special surprises” this year. Starting in March, new events, promotions and other announcements will be presented regularly throughout the year as part of the celebration. One can follow this here. It is still unclear whether this refers to new games. However, it can be assumed that something new will certainly be shown there for the 25th anniversary.

As part of this big party, “Pokémon” works with “the greatest stars of the music industry”. The first one announced was a collaboration with pop singer Katy Perry. She will support the event musically. During the year, more details and stars will gradually become known.

Katy Perry in a Pikachu look. She supports the anniversary musically.Businesswire

Perry had already been spotted with her husband and son in the “Pokémon” café in Japan in the past and, according to the announcement, comes out as a big fan:

“Pokémon has always been a constant in my life, from the video games on the Game Boy to the trading cards. It’s an honor to be part of the celebration of this franchise that I’ve enjoyed so much over the past 25 years.”

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A mod of The Simpsons Hit & Run connects the entire game world without loads

Since The Simpsons: Hit & Run released in 2003 for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, the title of Radical Entertainment It is considered the best adaptation to the video game of the Fox series. It was an open-world adventure that came at a time when the genre was on everyone’s lips thanks to the success of Grand Theft Auto III. However, like many other games of its kind at the time, it wasn’t totally open, but is divided into three maps different between which the loading screen was traveled through. Now a mud he has solved this connecting the three zones.

He mud Colou has created a mod that you can download from the website of DonutTeam whose main novelty is the existence of “custom zones that connect each map (almost) seamlessly”, something that can be seen in the video inserted under these lines from second 24. In the areas that connect the three maps there are still “functional animations, gags and interactive elements “. In addition, a version with third level daylight, “with other levels coming later,” promises the creator.

The improvements don’t end here. Colou is working on a version of the campaign “designed to make use of all three levels” and where there will be variants of sunset and night for each scene; You can see an example of this in the video below. Likewise, it does not rule out the possibility of including a Halloween variant to those maps.

It is unknown which company has the rights to distribute the game

The problem with The Simpsons Hit & Run, as they remember in PC Gamer, is that it can not be bought by any digital store. The title was published in 2003 by Vivendi Universal Games, but Activision Blizzard and that brand merged in 2007, but were separated again in 2013; therefore, it is unknown which brand owns the rights to the game. In October 2019, the title producer expressed his desire to make a remake o remasterizacin, but nothing has been known since.


In addition to Star Wars, Massive is also working on the new Avatar game.

Earlier this morning, it was revealed that Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft studio responsible for The Division 2, was working on a new open world game of Star Wars. However, let us remember that this same team had also been developing another movie title for some time. Avatar. And yes, we mean that of James Cameron.

Although there has been a lot of silence around this new project, Massive has confirmed that the game of Avatar It has not been canceled and its development is still active within the study. In a recent interview with David Polfeldt, director of management at Massive, the following was said:

“We have been preparing the studio for a long time to work on all our projects with the same degree of love and attention. Since all our teams work with the Snowdrop engine, each project benefits from the progress and successes of the other ”.

On the side of the cinema, Disney keeps delaying the premiere of Avatar 2 due to the pandemic of COVID-19, and it would certainly make sense for the production company to want to launch both products in a similar time frame between the two.


Via: Bloomberg

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Editor at atomix.vg Gamer, movie buff and pop culture lover.


Barcelona Fighters: “We are living a golden age of fighting games”

Marca Gaming Show Its two founders visited MARCA Gaming Show

The Barcelona Fighters logo


Blizzard penalizes players who took advantage of the Stygian bug

The Stygia is the main currency of Las Mauces and the one that we will use to buy the different products that Ve’nari will offer us later. To get this coin we will have to complete all the possible content in Las Mauces before the attentive Gaze of the Jailer.

A few days ago we informed you about an error that caused some enemies of the Maw to not award Gaze of the Jailer when defeated and that in turn, rewarded with Stygia to the players, being able to obtain it indefinitely.

Penalty by Blizzard

Thanks to Wowhead we have been aware that players who took massive advantage of this error have been sanctioned, applying the following penalties to their account (depending on the severity of the action):

  • 1 day of account suspension, -1 level to all Conduits and the amount of Stygia obtained fraudulently.
  • 3 day of account suspension, -2 level to all Conduits and the amount of Stygia obtained fraudulently.
  • 7 day suspension to the account, -3 level to all Conduits and the amount of Stygia obtained fraudulently.


Does FIFA21 contain sports betting? The ‘loot boxes’ put the video game into question

The videogame FIFA21 is again in question, this time because of the modality FIFA Ultimate Team, which has been investigated by various governments. The reward in the form of ‘loot boxes’ is not fully regulated and some voices consider them as sports betting.

Peter Moore, former president of EA Sports, the company behind FIFA21, stated that these rewards, which can be purchased through the direct purchase system, are not sports betting at all. “This is my personal point of view, but the concept of surprise and delight versus gambling are very far from each other”, Explained the manager in an interview for gamesindustry.biz.

You buy and get a gold pack, you open it and either they are happy or you think it was a shit pack. I don’t see it as a bet per sebut again, it’s my personal opinion as an outsider today, ”continued the former EA Sports president.

However, Peter Moore himself understands that from the outside it may seem something different and that is why he remembers that the company has already modified the game model in Star Wars Battlefront 2 after the criticism and consumer studies. “I understand that outside of sports lootboxes be looked at with a magnifying glass and criticized. EA has already rectified in this regard ”.


FIFA 21: three new Icons available in SBC

FIFA 21 released three new Squad Building Challenges to claim three of the 100 available Icons. This time, the Prime versions of the game are available in SBC in Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. Kaka, Michael Owen and Roy Keane.

FIFA 21: the second Headliners team arrived

With the Icon Swaps still in force, the possibility of obtaining Icons was already very latent. Now, FIFA 21 released these three SBCs that feature three very different players. Kaka, an offensive midfielder with great speed, huge punch and a lot of talent; Michael Owen, a lethal scorer of unstoppable pique; and Roy Keane, a defensive midfielder whose greatest characteristic has always been to scrape in the middle of the field.

FIFA 21: three new Icons available in SBC

“Kaka, a most graceful attacking midfielder, was already showing signs of his impressive passing and dribbling skills before Milan ditched his competitors and brought him to Europe from Brazil. Kaka spent six dazzling seasons at the Italian club and he won Serie A, the UEFA Champions League and the Ballon d’Or before moving to Real Madrid, where he gave nine assists for a galactic club that surpassed 100 points in the 2011-12 La Liga season. “.

FIFA 21: three new Icons available in SBC

“Michael Owen, one of England’s most prolific scorers, rose to stardom at a young age during the 1998 World Cup. Blazing speed, intelligence in every move, precision in passing and deadly definition are some of the attributes that made Owen in a real scoring machine “.

FIFA 21: three new Icons available in SBC

“Roy Keane, the heart of Manchester United who dominated the Premier League for a decade, was a midfielder gifted with commendable tenacity. His well-known aggressiveness on the pitch caused many players to have nightmares about receiving a tackle from him.”.


Brad Venable, actor of DMC V and FFVII Remake, dies at 43 years of age

Brad Venable, a renowned voice actor in the video game and anime industry, passed away yesterday at the age of 43. The news about his death comes from Kathryn Venable, his wife, who authorized making the information public. So far, the cause of death has not been disclosed.

Venable began his video game career in 2004 when he voiced various characters from World of Warcraft. He later appeared in the video game of Star Wars Pinball, where he gave voice to Luke Skywalker. His most recent works involve Devil May Cry 5, where he played Griffon, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Serious Sam 4 y Demon’s Souls, in which he lent his voice to multiple characters.

The actor also had a prolific career on television, especially in anime. In Guilty Crown gave life to several characters, in addition to also appearing in One Piece, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia y Assassination Classroom.

Rest in peace, Brad Venable.


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