Labor wants to get hold of Johnson’s nationalist message

  • Starmer follows the advice of a report calling on him to wave the British flag, pay tribute to war veterans and appeal to the patriotism of citizens

  • It is part of a strategy to radically change the party’s image and win back the party’s voters who in 2019 opted for Johnson’s Brexit

  • The critical education sector warns that embracing this policy of the Tories can lead them to lose out to younger voters and Scots.

The Labor Party has devised a new strategy consisting of express messages that appeal to patriotism and nationalism to radically renew your image and recover the voters lost in the last elections. “Use the flag, war veterans and dress elegantly in war memorials” as part of this transformation process “for voters to identify with your values”Says a leaked report to the newspaper ‘The Guardian’.

The document also transforms the terminology used to name the “red wall”, which is how the working-class voters from the industrial areas of northern England who first cast their vote for the Conservatives in the elections that catapulted Johnson in December 2019. And he goes on to call them “founding seats.” He states that “communicating the respect and commitment of Labor to the country can mean a change in the party’s body language.” The report, prepared by an external communication agency, also says that voters they did not know what the main policies of the party were and that, although they perceive Starmer as a positive factor, they also perceive him as someone static who does not want to get involved and who looks at the stage from the armchair.

The mountain to climb

The 2019 elections, led by Jeremy Corbyn, caused the biggest electoral disaster for Labor since 1939 and brought Boris Johnson to power with the simple, nationalist and populist message of Brexit. Johnson achieved the biggest victory since Thatcher’s time for the Conservatives, who plunged Labor into the mud. The coup was so virulent that analysts said it would take at least two elections to recover. A transformation process began then to understand, first, the reasons that led to this debacle and make the correct self-criticism and then choose a new leader that would lead the party in the new direction.

A 150-page report was produced to find out why this point had been reached. The report, finalized in June 2020, concluded that the defeat was caused by a mix of factors such as the negative perception of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, doubts about his electoral program and the party’s ambivalent stance on Brexit. He also said that it was the consequence of two decades of demographic and political change that hit the traditional base of the party and that, if left unchecked, they would lose more seats in 2024. “The Labor electoral coalition had been fracturing for a long time and broke down in 2019. We were rejected by many of the communities for which they founded us, ”the report added. And it warned that they had a “mountain to climb” in front of them.

He also claimed that they lost all kinds of voters across the country, except in London. This was another determining factor for the two million voters of the “red wall”, who had seen how their quality of life had drastically worsened in recent decades in contrast to London and the south-east of the country, where it had increased. Curiously, these voters linked Corbyn, despite his defense of the working class and socialism, with a London politician. Johnson promised them the decentralization of the country, a strong investment in infrastructure and, above all, Brexit, since they believed that it was immigrants who lowered their life status.

Ex-israeli spy

The party elected the centrist Keir Starmer, 58, in the April 2020 primaries. Starmer beat the candidate who represented the far-left Corbynist wing of the party. Starmer led the Europeanists during the Brexit referendum and was the one who forced the second European referendum to be included in the electoral program of Corbyn, who was a Eurosceptic who maintained a criticized ambiguous position throughout the process. Brexit broke Labor in half the same way it did the Conservatives. Half of the Conservatives and a third of Labor were Brexiters.

Now Starmer is trying to bring Labor to the center-left as Tony Blair did to New Labor. He has abandoned his Europeanist message and ordered his people to vote in favor of the Brexit agreement Johnson had achieved by considering it to be that or nothing. 37 of its 200 deputies rebelled. Starmer has opened a headquarters in the north of England as the conservatives have done to get closer to voters in the area and has opened an internal war against the radical left wing of Corbynista and against anti-Semitism, another of the party’s scourges. Starmer is married to a Jewish woman and educates their two children under the preaching of this religion. The party suspended Corbyn last October for disregarding complaints of anti-Semitism. It has also appointed Assaf Kaplan, who worked for five years in the Israeli intelligence services, as the new head of the party’s social media.

The spirit of the Blitz

Starmer recently gave a conference in which he offered his vision on the future of the country and appealed to the spirit of the British during the Blitz, as the Nazi bombings of Great Britain during WWII are called, to rebuild it after the pandemic. He has also sent a message through Facebook to all the voters of the “red wall” or “fundamental seats.” He told them: “We are confined, but the borders remain open”. He calls for tougher controls at ports and airports to prevent the entry of virus strains, but the terminology used is too reminiscent of Johnson’s Brexiters.

Many Labor, however, question this strategy. They believe that the adoption of a national identity policy could have negative consequences and lead them to lose voters, especially to the youngest and the Scots, at a very delicate moment because in three months there will be the local elections and the Scottish ones with the independentistas asking for a referendum.

Among the critics is MP Clive Lewis, who has said that “the Conservative Party has absorbed the Ukip [el partido de ultraderecha antiinmigración y antieuropeo que forzó el Brexit y que desapareció con la llegada de Johnson y la salida de la Unión Europea] Y now Labor seems to be absorbing the language and symbols of the Conservative Party”. Lewis, who was a soldier in Afghanistan, has condemned his party’s choosing to fly the British flag: “This is not patriotism. There are better ways to build social cohesion than to appeal to nativism ”.


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After Trump’s trauma, Democrats want to reform the US electoral system.

Following the hectic election period and a deadly assault on the United States Capitol, Democrats plan to act swiftly on a new congressional bill to reform the electoral system and establish federal standards that allow no doubts.

States have long had different and contradictory rules for holding elections, but the 2020 election, which included changes forced by the pandemic, facilitated former President Donald Trump’s strategy of question elections, mail-in voting, and polling station numbers.

“Should the mail-in ballots arrive by Election Day or should they just be postmarked by then? Is absentee voting allowed for everyone or only for those with an excuse? Can one register to vote the same day or only in advance? The idea is to avoid these doubts and unify the system.

The Democrats, reaffirming the constitutional authority to set the date, place and manner of federal elections, want national rules that say they will vote. more uniform, accessible and fair across the country.

Donald Trumpl questioned the electoral system and presented numerous appeals despite having lost by more than 7 million votes. (AP)

The proposal would make it mandatory to accept early voting, same-day registrations and other reforms that Republicans say are federal overreach.

“We have literally seen an attack on our democracy”said Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, referring to the Jan.6 assault on the Capitol. “I can’t think of a better time to start a democratic reform.”

Legislation initially introduced two years ago, called the For the People Act, would also give independent commissions the task of drawing congressional districts, rwould require political groups to disclose their large donors, would create requirements for report for political ads on the internet and force presidents to disclose their tax returns.

The Republican position was intense during the previous session. So Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called it the “Democratic Politicians Protection Act” and said in an editorial that Democrats they sought to “change the rules of American politics to benefit a party”.

Democrats will have to seek the support of a good number of Republicans to carry out the reform.  (AP)

Democrats will have to seek the support of a good number of Republicans to carry out the reform. (AP)

They need to reverse the Republican rejection

Although Democrats control Congress for the first time in a decade, approval of the initiative depends on whether enough Republicans can be convinced to reconsider a proposal they have repeatedly rejected.

Supporters say the bill is the most significant ballot initiative since the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Democratic representatives promised two years ago to prioritize the proposal and this month reintroduced it as “HR 1,” highlighting its importance to the party.

Joe Biden's arrival in the White House facilitates Democratic reform of the electoral system.  (AFP)

Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House facilitates Democratic reform of the electoral system. (AFP)

People just want to be able to cast their vote without it being an ordeal” said Democratic Rep. John Sarbanes, who is the main sponsor of the measure in the lower house. “It’s unbelievable that in America you still have to maneuver an obstacle course to get to the ballot box. ”

With current plans, the House of Representatives would debate the proposal possibly in the first week of February.

The Senate Rules Commission would then consider an associated proposal in the upper house and a runoff vote there could allow the initiative to go to the full Senate probably in February, said Klobuchar, who is expected to be the next chair of the committee.

A speedy vote would be remarkable, considering that the Senate will almost certainly be dealing with Trump’s impeachment, the confirmation of President Joe Biden’s nominees to the cabinet and another round of social assistance to face the aftermath of the pandemic.

Although states have long had different voting procedures, the November 2020 election evidenced how variability can be used to cast doubt on the results.

Donald Trump's refusal to concede defeat caused a blow to the American political system.  (AP)

Donald Trump’s refusal to concede defeat caused a blow to the American political system. (AP)

Supporters of the proposal, including electoral and civil rights organizations, cited dozens of pre-election lawsuits that questioned rules of procedure, such as whether ballots with Election Day stamps should be counted.

They also targeted post-election litigation initiated by Trump and his allies to try to nullify millions of legitimate votes. Many of those demands focused on electoral changes that sought to facilitate the voting process.

Among those changes is a law passed before the pandemic by the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania legislature to make absentee ballots available to all registered voters who requested them.

Government and electoral officials have repeatedly described the safest election in the history of the United States. Even former Attorney General Bill Barr, a Trump ally, said before leaving office that there was no evidence of fraud that would have changed the outcome.

“The strategy of lying about electoral fraud, delegitimizing the result and trying to suppress votes has been exposed as the illegitimate attack on our democracy that it really is. And I think that opens more doors to a real conversation about how to fix our voting system and eliminate that cancer, ” said Wendy Weiser, director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice, a public policy institute.



How to transfer an incoming call from your Apple Watch to the iPhone | Lifestyle

If you have the set of Apple Watch and iPhone, it has surely happened to you that you have answered a call on the clock screen and, when you realized that everyone around you was listening to what you were talking about, you wanted send it to the phone without much success.

And it is that, unless you have Airpods connected to the smartwatch, the normal thing is that the audio of the call is heard through the small speakers of the clock, so any hint of intimacy that you may expect is automatically lost. So before saying that “I hang up and call you back”, we are going to tell you how to quickly transfer that communication to the phone without wasting much time.

Two screen touches and voila

Although we have many other options to answer that incoming call, the simplest thing in case you have some Airpods is that you answer directly about them when you have them paired to the Apple Watch. Only in case you do not have them, it will be when that communication that appears on the clock will be answered in the style of Michael Knight by calling his car KITT.

How to transfer calls from the watch to the phone.

First of all it must be said that all These tasks of transmitting the call from one device to another will have to be carried out, preferably, before going off-hook. If so, you will see a screenshot like the one you have just above (on the left) where the huge green button appears and, on the right, another control with three horizontal dots. We played there.

We will go to another screen where, yes, the function we are looking for appears that is none other than “Go to iPhone”. That way, we’ll just have to catch the smartphone and answer there, forgetting about the clock. Now, as you can see, we will not only have the option to continue the call on the phone, but also a whole battery of predefined messages in case of not wanting to pick it up at that moment that will allow us to notify the other person that we are busy. .

Once we have answered the call on the Apple Watch, and we have not transferred it to the phone, we will have to conclude it there and, in case you don’t want anyone to hear what you are told, transfer the audio to a connected device, such as wireless headphones or Airpods themselves. We will achieve that, too, by clicking on the same button with three horizontal dots that you will see on the screen once that call has been accepted.


Xiaomi wants you to do sports at home with this smart abdominal wheel | Lifestyle

Xiaomi surprises us once again with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day in Youpin, a plataforma de crowdfunding de Xiaomi. Among the many accessories for daily life on the platform, there is no shortage of products dedicated to sports and wellness. On this occasion, it is an intelligent abdominal roller, becoming the perfect ally for the home and your workouts in times of COVID-19.

A smart abs roller from Xiaomi – perfect for home training

He Yesoul smart abs roller by Xiaomi YouPin have a width 168 mm and a “futuristic” design; made with quality materials and with a multilayer structure – in order to avoid deforming – the device allows both training the abdominal area and other muscles (thoracic, triceps and so on) thanks to the particular movement that will be made to perform the various exercises in the best way.

Xiaomi smart abdominal wheel YouPin

Have a 3 kg weight and a width of 178 millimeters to make it more stable, compared to traditional ones. It should be noted that it can withstand a volume of force of up to 250 kilograms.

It has a LCD screen from which you can view the progress of your training, the battery level, the status of the Bluetooth connection. It connects via Bluetooth, through it you can connect this smart wheel to your smartphone to track exercise, and you can even access an app with tons of exercise classes to motivate you.

Price and availability

The Yesoul abdominal roller, launched in Xiaomi YouPin, is in crowdfunded at an introductory price of 199 yuan, or 25 euros to current exchange rate. At the moment this accessory is only available in China, through the platform of the Asian company, although it is possible that we will soon see it on AliExpress and other similar platforms. but it is expected to soon reach Europe.


Apple wants all its iPhone 13 to arrive with LiDAR sensors | Smartphones

LiDAR is a term that we have become accustomed to in the last year and that refers to a device that, according to Wikipedia, “allows the distance from a laser emitter to an object or surface to be determined using a pulsed laser beam”. That is, by constantly sending these beams it is capable of map an entire area and digitize it for any subsequent use we want to do.

Thanks to this technology, for example, archaeologists have been able to rediscover new areas in excavations or, in the case of iPhones, all these advantages translate into greater precision when applying photographic effects or to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds thanks to an augmented reality that every day that passes offers more and better results in applications and video games of all kinds.

One sensor available for all models

The point is that, according to they report from DigiTimes, the policy that Apple has followed in 2020 with its LiDAR sensors is going to change substantially, allowing them to reach models that last year seemed banned forever. Thus, and unlike the iPhone 12, the future iPhone 13 will all have this technology, without distinction.

For that reason, the smartphones that hit stores this year will all have that little black circle that you can see in the opening image and that he will be in charge of carrying out all that scanning work of what is in front of him, which includes both the Mini and standard models, so it will not be an exclusive closed preserve of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. phones that, if nothing exceptional happens, will hit stores at the end of next September.

iPad Pro with LiDAR sensors. Apple

According to the same information, lThe Cupertino people signed a contract with Sony to be the official supplier of these components and that expires in the year 2023, reason why until that date the supplies of the Japanese seem assured. It should be noted that the PlayStation brand is developing a new generation of these sensors that include a more precise “single photon avalanche diode array (SPAD)”. Remember that The first time Apple included one of these LiDAR sensors in its devices was in March last year, when they hit the market the new 12.9 and 11-inch iPad Pro models that began to be sold just after the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the West.


Large investors are preparing to strengthen themselves in alternatives after the Covid | Markets

At a difficult time to extract profitability from financial assets, it is precisely the high returns offered by alternative assets that are the hook to attract large institutional investors. Investors surveyed by Yielco state that their expectations of returns on their investments in venture capital are 12.75%, 7.25% for infrastructure and 6.4% in private debt.

But not only this. 61% of those who bet on private equity declare that this asset exceeded their expectations in terms of performance, while only 6% were disappointed. As for infrastructure investors, 73% said they had met their expectations, while no one declared themselves disappointed. 67% of those in private debt were satisfied.

Looking ahead, none of the large investors surveyed expects a negative development of their investments in alternative assets. 80% of investors in private equity have a positive outlook on their investment, for 56% of infrastructure assets and 57% in private debt. That is, investors hope that the scourge of the coronavirus on company accounts will cause multiple opportunities to emerge in the market.

As for the secondary market, the one in which positions in private equity funds are traded, almost half of Spanish investors have not yet resorted to it. 19% have used it to sell positions and 30% to buy others.

Thus, 70% of private equity investors plan to increase their exposure to this asset in the future, compared to 77% of those who say they will bet on infrastructure and 65% on private debt. Geographically, investors choose to increase their exposure to the US, first of all, at the expense of their investments in European funds.


Apple wants to remove the last port that remains alive from the iPhone 13 | Smartphones

It is not the first time we have heard such information but, unlike other times, now there are reasons to think that Apple is considering eliminating the only port that is healthy to your iPhone: the Lightning. The one to which we connect the charger and to which, until recently, we also plugged the Earpods through the famous 3.5mm minijack adapter.

But since 2016, Apple’s policy has been directed towards a destination where the phone will only be able to communicate with the outside world through its wireless connections, leaving the wiring for the history books. So by 2021 it is very possible that, if not all, if some of the iPhone 13 that reach the market will do so without that connector at the bottom, so it will only be possible to recharge it through a wireless base or, of course, with an official Californian MagSafe accessory.

Progressive elimination

According to sleepless the best-known analyst of the Apple environment, Ming-Chi Kuo, those of Tim Cook already have on the table the development of an iPhone 13 that won’t have any charging ports to plug in any cables, of no standard. Neither Lightning nor, of course, USB-C. This is a full-blown elimination that would leave us the only option to recover the battery from wireless technologies.

iPhone connected to a Lightning cable. Unsplash

As we tell you, it would not be a complete and sudden transformation but rather the launch of one of the iPhone 13 with this feature that, according to them leakers (including the famous Jon Prosser), the fate would fall on the Pro Max. The largest and most expensive model you would happen to remove from your box, too, the Lightning to USB-C cable They have brought the latest iPhone 12 to replace it with another with a MagSafe end. In the style of the Apple Watch.

Although this feature has already been rumored to become a reality with this year’s iPhone 12, the truth is that circumstances could have helped Americans to be more conservative and introduce the changes a generation later, in 2021. At last and last. cape, the seed of that decision is already planted in the market and is called MagSafe. When these iPhone 13 reach the stores, these accessories will already have a year behind them and future buyers will have cheaper alternatives, from third parties, to replace the traditional charger.

It is a movement similar to the one that occurred in 2016 when Apple removed the headset connector from its iPhone 7 from the map and, simultaneously, presented its new Airpods wireless that made millions of users forget about that controversial decision.


Manchester Untied wanted to sign Arsène Wenger

Arsène Wenger has revealed that the Manchester United He approached him to try his signing, in an interview in the magazine ‘FourFourTwo’.

11/03/2020 at 21:59



The former coach of Arsenal, which marked an era in the ‘gunners’, recognized that there were contacts by the ‘red devils’, supposedly after the march of sir Alex Ferguson in 2002, although he did not specify where or when.

“City never, United yes, I can’t tell you exactly when!”, confessed the French to whom everything was understood, discarding this adventure out of eternal fidelity to ‘his’ Arsenal.

“I was not interested, because I was at Arsenal”He recalled with determination Arsène Wenger.

“You know, I had a true love affair with Arsenal. My life is red and white. When I got to the club, I felt that there was a special charm inside. It was a good mix between respect for tradition, respect for people and not being afraid of sometimes facing unpopular judgments, “he stressed in an exercise in authentic ‘gunner’ memory.

Wenger enjoyed remarkable success in England, clinching three Premier League titles and seven Cups in 22 years (1996 – 2018) with her lover Arsenal.


Lessons from Covid: Contracts are highly overvalued | Legal

There are unavoidable but predictable events. When things do not go as expected and problems arise, in general it is better to have provided mechanisms that can resolve the situation, or at least limit the risks. Regulating this type of situation and foreseeing who has to bear what at their expense is the main function of contracts.

In this regard, it should be borne in mind that contracts are often highly overvalued. That someone signs and commits to something does not guarantee that they can or want to comply with everything agreed. Contracts are basically a personal commitment. There are mechanisms that can improve the creditor’s expectations of seeing the agreed benefit satisfied, but guarantees that allow “automatic execution” can rarely be included. If there is a situation that involves a serious imbalance in the benefits of the parties, that relationship inevitably leads to conflict and non-compliance.

At this point, beyond the assessment of the crisis situation derived from Covid-19, its economic and social implications, in terms of contracts and compliance with obligations, in addition to trying to resolve specific situations, it is also necessary to do a critical exercise in trying to learn from the situation.

I’m not so sure that a pandemic was a totally unpredictable and unavoidable situation. In fact, the emergency plans of the WHO and most of the States contemplate this situation. There have always been wars, crises, and natural catastrophes. Pandemics have plagued humanity for centuries and, although at another level, we have suffered recently: the Hong Kong flu of 1968, the bird flu of 2004, the influenza A of 2009, the Ebola in Africa in 2014, the outbreak of Zika in America in 2015 and the 2019-2020 dengue epidemic.

It is possible that it was difficult to anticipate the specific circumstances of Covid-19, but it does not seem so unpredictable that adverse events or circumstances could occur that could lead to a sudden and serious drop in demand for all types of goods or services. The inclusion of conventional clauses matters standing they were at one time common in French law, until the courts came to consider them implicit in all subsequent bilateral agreements. And in the Anglo-Saxon contractual sphere, MAC clauses are a common practice.

In any case, trying to anticipate the facts, in the sense of anticipating the circumstances that in any way could affect a legal relationship and the underlying business, is an essential part of the lawyer’s job.

Thus, the lack of foresight has no excuse or justification.

To the extent that a contract is basically a tool for the distribution of risks between the parties in a business, in the process of evaluating opportunities and negotiating the agreement, it is always essential to carry out a risk analysis, and treat to include corrective mechanisms that maintain a reasonable balance between the respective benefits or how to resolve the situation.

There will be few situations in which clauses or conditions cannot be found that can redirect the situation and reduce damage. It is true that their inclusion complicates the negotiations, and requires an additional effort of transparency. Sometimes they can prevent a deal that seems interesting. In any case, the role of the lawyer is to inform his client of the risks involved in changing circumstances in long-term contracts, and to propose alternatives or solutions. The decision to take risks so as not to lose what seems like a good opportunity, or to discard a good opportunity to avoid risks, is the decision and responsibility of the parties to an agreement.

Fernando Mier, associate director of Iuristax.