Choc intoxicated and discovered an arsenal of weapons in his bal

Police personnel carrying out a procedure in San Rafael after a car accident I ended up discovering that the person involved had an arsenal of weapons in your bal.

The incident occurred on Saturday after 5:00 p.m. in Montecaseros and Godoy Cruz of the aforementioned department, in the south of Mendoza.

Ral Martn (44) was driving drunk and crashed in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The police were present and asked him to open the gun, where they could see a long gun holster.

Inside it they found the existence of a 22 caliber rifle, a 22 caliber pistol and a grenade.

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In addition, the respective dosing was carried out and he threw 1.74 of alcohol in his blood, for which he was transferred to the court together with the aforementioned illegally carried weapons.

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Star Wars X-Wing 2: TIE/D-Abwehrjäger | Galaktisches Imperium | Star Wars X-Wing 2 deutsch | Asmodee | Board- and Cardgames

Product information “Star Wars X-Wing 2: TIE/D-Abwehrjäger”

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The TIE / d Counterfighter is so advanced and powerful that Phoenix Squadron feared its mass production would render the Imperial Fleet invincible. He has strong shields, high speed and maneuverability, and is armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons such as missiles and cannons. In the right hands, the TIE / d defender can take down almost any target.

This set expands your Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Edition game world with a TIE / d defensive fighter.

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▷ HZA-IZ: Customs in Schleswig-Holstein – The balance sheet for 2020

10.05.2021 – 09:00

Main customs office Itzehoe

A document

Kiel / Itzehoe (ots)

The main customs offices in Kiel and Itzehoe took stock of 2020 on May 10, 2021. In addition to the announcement of the annual balance sheet, the management of both main customs offices – Francesca Ramus for the main customs office in Itzehoe and Robert Dütsch for the main customs office in Kiel – emphasized that citizens as well as the economy could rely on customs in 2020 despite the pandemic.

“The customs officers at the two main customs offices in Schleswig-Holstein were and are able to carry out their duties at any time during the pandemic. We have ensured that everyone collects their parcel from us during our opening hours and clarifies their motor vehicle tax matters or was able to apply for and carry out the clearance of commercial goods, “says Francesca Ramus.

Robert Dütsch adds: “Our customs officers have also faced the challenges of the pandemic in the fight against smuggling and illegal employment and have proven that customs can guarantee the security of our citizens and our social systems at all times.”

“One of our other focal points in 2020 was the preparation of Great Britain’s exit from the EU on January 1, 2021 – the so-called Brexit. Here, too, we were and are well positioned so that the transition took place with very little friction. We would like to thank you also to the business partners, who have generally prepared themselves very well for Brexit, “explain Francesca Ramus and Robert Dütsch in unison.

Income for the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany:

In Schleswig-Holstein around 2.3 billion euros in revenue were generated for the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany in 2020.

Of this, around 44 million euros are due to the customs duties due to the European Union and around 598 million euros to the import sales tax due to the Federal Republic of Germany. When goods were imported, 1,259,819 items were registered and cleared by customs officers. In addition, there are revenues of around 1.7 billion euros in consumption and transport taxes as well as almost 68 million euros from the enforcement of public law claims.

Security for the state and citizens:

In 2020, customs in Schleswig-Holstein paid particular attention to protecting citizens from the dangers of trading in goods from non-EU countries on the Internet. With 13,682 postal parcels being dispatched, more than 275,000 security-relevant brand counterfeits were found in 370 cases. 418 counterfeit, inferior products with a value of around 257,000 euros were confiscated and 278 cases of violations of the Medicines Act were discovered. The 38,462 drugs that were found, some of which were falsified, were destroyed.

Particularly noteworthy is the successful work of the Schleswig-Holstein control units. Customs officers at the main customs office in Kiel, for example, confiscated over 1.3 million cigarettes in 2020, thus preventing tax damage of more than 224,000 euros. Almost 78 kg of hashish, 16 kg of marijuana, 2.7 kg of heroin, 1.4 kg of cocaine and 55,093 LSD trips were secured by the customs officers in the control units of both main customs offices.

“With 367 arrests in the field of narcotics, we were able to prevent drug smuggling practically every day,” explains Robert Dütsch.

Securing the social systems:

The financial control of undeclared work at both main customs offices initiated 3,977 criminal proceedings last year. They determined a total damage of around 34.7 million euros. The criminal courts imposed a total of 26 years’ imprisonment for criminal proceedings that were initiated after investigations by both main customs offices.

The breakdown of income and the breakdown of individual clearance results or results from controls are included in the attached balance sheet for 2020.

Please send any questions to:

Main customs office in Kiel
Press office
Gabriele Oder
Phone: 0431 / 20083-1106

Main customs office Itzehoe
Press office
Thomas Gartsch
Phone: 04821 / 40345-24
Car: 0162-2592621

Original content by: Hauptzollamt Itzehoe, transmitted by news aktuell


They find hidden in a Naples greengrocer an arsenal of weapons and drugs from the Camorra

Updated:07/05/2021 15: 06h


What a surprise the carabinieri of the Italian police have taken in this greengrocer in Naples. Inside he hid a whole arsenal of weapons. 10 pistols, six kalashnikovs, five automatic rifles, and plenty of ammunition. Also hidden in the same premises, agents have seized 13 hashish and marijuana kiosks. The loot is attributed to the Neapolitan Camorra, the local Italian mafia. Two people have been arrested in the operation: the 41-year-old owner of the greengrocer and his 74-year-old uncle, both Italians with no criminal record.

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▷ HZA-SW: Financial year marked by Covid-19 and Brexit

06.05.2021 – 10:05

Main customs office in Schweinfurt

2 documents

Schweinfurt (ots)

Regional annual balance of the main customs office in Schweinfurt

   -Einnahmen 1,4 Milliarden Euro / 
   -Rund 260.000 Zigaretten, 300 Kilogramm Tabak, 1 Kilogramm Kokain,
10 Kilogramm Marihuana und über 13.000 Dopingmittel beschlagnahmt / 
   -28,4 Millionen Euro Schaden durch Schwarzarbeit / 

The revenue of the main customs office in Schweinfurt amounts to 1.4 billion euros in 2020. Compared to the previous year, they fell by almost 15 percent to 236 million euros, but remained at a high level and well above the billion mark. The share of motor vehicle tax is consistently high, at 271 million euros, which even increased by two percent compared to the previous year.

“As regional local authorities, the main customs offices reliably secure the income of the federal government and the EU,” says the head of the main customs office in Schweinfurt, Franziska Schubert. In the midst of the corona pandemic, the 36-year-old lawyer took over the management of the main customs office in Schweinfurt last spring. “The corona pandemic and Brexit continue to present us as a local authority with major challenges. To this day, we have to react to what is happening or prepare for future developments, e.g. last year for Brexit. I am glad that all the customs officers of the Hauptzollamts Schweinfurt support and thank the colleagues at this point for the excellent work of the last year! “. One of the core tasks of customs is to secure and maintain the international clearance of goods. Medical items and protective equipment in particular were in the focus of the pandemic response.

“We have taken extensive protective and precautionary measures for the population, customers and economic operators and, last but not least, for our customs officers. We can not only ensure the clearance of goods in this way, we also perform our control tasks in the area of ​​illegal employment and on the traffic routes with high quality, “explains the chief customs officer.

– Increase in export clearance items 5.1 out of a total of 6 million clearance items related to the export of goods. As a result, the total handling volume of the six Lower and Upper Franconian customs offices increased slightly by two percent in 2020.

– Success in combating tobacco smuggling, drugs and doping substances In the area of ​​combating crime and punishing violations, the units of the main customs office in Schweinfurt achieved remarkable results. The traffic route control unit confiscated 300 kilograms of untaxed tobacco products (mainly water pipe tobacco) and almost 1,300 cartons of cigarettes. The customs forces successfully withdrew more than one kilogram of cocaine, ten kilograms of marijuana and over 13,000 doping substances last year.

Administrative offenses and criminal proceedings of the main customs offices in Schweinfurt, Nuremberg and Regensburg are processed centrally at the central criminal and fines office of the customs for Northern Bavaria. In 2020, around 6,000 criminal proceedings and almost 440 fine proceedings were initiated there. Almost 7,700 criminal proceedings and around 450 fine proceedings were dealt with by the central office located at the main customs office in Schweinfurt. The specialist unit processes violations from the various areas of customs through to the issue of the matter or to court decisions.

In the past year, too, the central office accompanied several major court proceedings, for which the courts imposed sometimes severe fines.

–28.4 million euros in damage caused by undeclared work / 574 months imprisonment The financial control of undeclared work at the main customs office uncovered 28.4 million euros in damage caused by undeclared work or illegal employment. The courts imposed a total of 48 years imprisonment in the course of the investigation by the financial control unit.

Background information:

At the end of 2020, the main customs office in Schweinfurt had 616 employees. The main customs office in Schweinfurt is the regional customs office in Lower and Upper Franconia. The main customs office district extends over an area of ​​14,205.48 km² and includes the entire administrative district of Lower Franconia and almost the administrative district of Upper Franconia with the exception of the independent city of Hof and the districts of Hof and Wunsiedel.

The main administration of the main customs office is located in the inner city of Schweinfurt. In addition, the main customs office has additional branches in Schweinfurt, Bamberg and Dettelbach-Mainfrankenpark as well as six customs offices (Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Coburg, Dettelbach-Mainfrankenpark and Schweinfurt). The corona pandemic poses major challenges for society. Customs have made extensive procedural simplifications. Customs-related information on the relief, measures and effects of the corona pandemic can be found in a separate section

Please contact:

Main customs office in Schweinfurt
Press officer
Tanja Eat
Phone: 09721-6464-1030

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▷ GZD: Customs annual balance 2020 / Customs for security even during the corona pandemic

03.05.2021 – 10:00


A document

Bonn (ots)

On May 3, 2021, the Federal Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz, together with the President of the General Customs Directorate, Colette Hercher, presented the results of German customs for the year 2020. Customs received around 129 billion euros in tax revenue last year. Excise taxes accounted for the largest share of revenues with 63.2 billion euros.

Even during the corona pandemic, customs ensured that goods were dispatched quickly and thus supported the performance of our companies and the maintenance of supply chains in international goods traffic. In 2020, customs officers processed more than 250 million shipments in goods traffic with non-EU countries with a value of almost 950 billion euros. Customs play an important role, especially when importing personal protective equipment. To protect consumers, customs and the supervisory authorities of the federal states check compliance with the regulations on product safety and conformity (e.g. CE markings).

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz: Despite the pandemic, customs can show a successful record in 2020. Whether in the fight against smuggling, the handling of goods or the fight against undeclared work and illegal employment, customs stands for security and reliability. Citizens, like businesses, can rely on customs. My heartfelt thanks go to the customs officers for their commitment and their service.

President Colette Hercher: 2020 was the year of great challenges. As in all areas of life, the pandemic also presented the customs administration with difficult framework conditions that required quick and unconventional action. The service and control tasks of customs for our citizens and companies have been and are to be fully maintained. The customs officers behind the 2020 annual results have mastered this excellently.

The focal points of the 2020 balance sheet in detail:

tax income

In 2020 he received almost 129 billion euros for the federal budget and 4.7 billion euros in customs duties for the EU.

Combating drug smuggling

In the past year as well, the customs officers – along with many other smuggled goods – again seized record quantities of narcotics. Including over nine tons of cocaine, more than three tons of marijuana and around 1.1 million tablets of amphetamine derivatives (mainly ecstasy).


Customs has ensured that goods handling can continue reliably after the expiry of the transitional regulations from January 1, 2021, especially at major international seaports and airports. In preparation for Brexit, 900 additional jobs were created early on and filled with trained customs officers. The volume of goods has already increased massively in 2021. The share of goods clearance in trade with Great Britain had a share of around 30% in imports and 17% in exports in the first quarter of 2021.

Combating undeclared work and illegal employment

The Financial Control of Undeclared Work (FKS) has initiated over 100,000 criminal proceedings and over 57,000 administrative offense proceedings. As part of its investigations, the FKS uncovered damage totaling around 816 million euros (2019: 755 million euros). Sensitive prison sentences totaling more than 1,800 years were obtained for the offenders. The law against illegal employment and social benefit abuse, which came into force on July 18, 2019, gave the VCS additional powers that enable it to do even better for order and fairness to care for the labor market. There will also be a massive increase in personnel by 2029.


Customs was strengthened with 4,050 new jobs between 2018 and 2021. In addition, around 7,000 additional jobs are to be made available by 2029. For this reason, customs trains over 2,200 applicants each year in the careers of the middle and upper service. In addition, job advertisements are placed on the public job market for suitable work areas. The training and further education capacities are therefore being expanded significantly and new locations are being created in the greater Hamburg, Hanau, Bonn, Roth, Erfurt and Rostock areas.

Please contact:

Dietmar Zwengel
Phone: 0228 / 303-11611

Original content by: Generalzolldirektion, transmitted by news aktuell


Belgium turns firearms into recycled steel – Noticieros Televisa

Authorities of Belgium turned a huge arsenal of firearms in 60 tons from recycled steel molten.

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I know destroyed this week more than 22 thousand weapons collected by the police, melting them into about 60 tons of recycled steel.

About half of the firearms were collected from across the country, mostly handed over by owners, some of whom had inherited them but did not want to keep them, said Carina van Cauter, governor of the East Flanders province.

The other half were obsolete weapons

“The result is impressive: 22,457 firearms have disappeared from our society,” said Van Cauter. “It is obviously positive for the safety of our citizens that these weapons are no longer used.”

This is the third time that Belgian security forces cooperated with steel giant ArcelorMittal (MT.LU) to destroy firearms and transport them to a plant in Ghent in a covert operation that lasted three days.

With information from Reuters


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The United Kingdom deploys the largest concentration of naval war power to Asia

A fleet of British warships and military aircraft heralded as the ‘largest concentration of sea and air power to leave the UK in a generation’, will depart next month for visit India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, in a sample of the british ambition to have a much stronger presence in Asia. The mission will be led by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the flagship of the British Navy.

The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the most powerful surface ship in the history of the Royal Navy, will set sail next month for Asia with eight RAF F35 stealth fighter jets on board. The € 3.4 billion vessel will be accompanied by six Royal Navy ships, a submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, 14 naval helicopters and a Royal Marines company.

The Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace, said Monday that the mission aims to show that the UK “is not regressing, but navigating to play an active role in shaping the international system.” A part of the carrier group will go to the Black Sea to assist in the mission of the OTAN to contain Russia in its expansionist ambitions.


Aggressor with AK-47 falls; They search house and find arsenal and drugs – News

Fresnillo, Zac. The subject shot Metropol officers, who caught up with him; tried to hide in the searched home

After being attacked with firearms in the Plateros community, in Fresnillo, elements of the Metropolitan Police detained a male and secured firearms and tactical equipment.

When they were conducting security and surveillance tours of Valparaíso Avenue in the aforementioned community, the operating personnel observed a male who was wearing a ballistic vest and who, upon noticing the police presence, began to shoot at them and began to run to flee.

The members of Metropol, with all the precautionary measures and with the reasonable use of force, managed to reach and control the aggressor; Upon physical inspection, he was found to be in possession of an AK-47 long firearm with its magazine stocked, a 357 caliber short firearm, a ballistic vest, and a firearm holster.

Following the attack, the operational personnel of Metropol, the National Anti-kidnapping Commission (CONASE) and the Specialized Anti-Kidnapping Prosecutor’s Office (FECS) of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Zacatecas, upon request, carried out a search of the home the aggressor tried to enter ; This procedure resulted in the location of firearms, chargers, tactical equipment, and probable drugs, among other indications. your social media marketing partner


Detainees with arsenal of weapons and Nazi literature planned an attack with the Jewish community

Our country has lived terrorism events against Jewish community on two occasions it left the counterterrorism units working in the country and the world’s intelligence services on alert. The event that happened in Tucuman caused a lot of concern, after detecting it, the Federal Justice ordered the arrest of two men for having planned and announced attacks against the Jewish community.

The raid and arrests took place this Saturday in two houses located in the capital of Tucumán and in the town of El Manantial, in that same province, at the request of the local Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 2, which is in charge of Pablo Camuña.

Following a complaint made by the Delegation of Argentine Israeli Associations (DAIA) before the justice of the City of Buenos Aires, the investigation of the case. According to the sources consulted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, with the progress of the investigations it was found that both defendants used WhatsApp and Telegram to plan a series of assaults and intimidation against people and institutions of the community Jewish in the province of Tucumán.

In the messages found, the accused spoke about an imminent attack in Tucumán during Shabbat. The latter is the weekly ritual of rest for the believers of Judaism, and it runs from sunset on Friday until the appearance of three stars on Saturday night.

In operations the police officers found a arsenal held by the two men: numerous bladed weapons, radio communication items, Nazi literature, objects with hate group identifications, sharps of all sizes and unusual designs, some of which had already been identified by photos posted on social media.

Source Diary 26