Egypt / Turkey.- Egypt and Turkey describe as “frank” their contacts to address the possible restart of relations

MADRID, 7 May. 2021 (Europa Press) –

The governments of Egypt and Turkey have highlighted that their recent contacts to address the possible restoration of diplomatic relations have been “frank” and “in depth”, after two days of meetings in Cairo to try to bring positions closer.

In a joint statement, they noted that the “exploratory talks” have addressed “various bilateral issues, as well as regional issues, in particular the situation in Libya, Syria, Iraq and the need to achieve peace and security in the eastern Mediterranean.”

“The two parties will evaluate the results of this round of consultation and agree on the next steps,” they have indicated, after which Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has pointed to “a positive atmosphere” in the meetings, according to the chain of Turkish television TRT Haber.

In this sense, Cavusoglu has pointed out that “discussions will continue on the steps that can be taken to normalize relations in the next period,” while stressing that Ankara “has always said that Egypt will also benefit from cooperation”, such and as the Turkish state agency, Anatolia, has collected.

Cavusoglu himself announced in mid-March the existence of diplomatic “contacts” with Egypt after the freezing of their relations in 2013 as a result of the coup that overthrew the then Egyptian president, Mohamed Mursi, backed from Ankara.

Diplomatic tensions between Ankara and Cairo after the overthrow of Mursi have been followed by various diplomatic clashes around the conflict in Libya, where they supported opposing sides, and the maritime claims of both countries.


In London they sell a phone booth as an office for $ 65,000

A traditional red phone booth has hit the market in London for £ 45,000 (US $ 65,000), up nine times the price of a family home in the London borough of Hartlepool.

The 100-year-old cabin advertises itself as an office despite covering less than 1 square meter.

Its dazzling price tag is more expensive than a family home in some parts of the country, like Hartlepool, where three-bedroom homes can sell for $ 45,000 and there’s currently one on the market for just 7,000, he says. Daily Mail.

The iconic booth is advertised on Rightmove and is one of only 224 remaining red phone booths in the UK (BidX1 Commercial).

The famous British telephone boxes were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect behind some of the best-known British buildings, such as the Battersea Power Station, the Tate Modern, and Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.

The booth is so small that the ad for the selling company, Rightmove, does not offer a floor plan and the ad reads: “Own an iconic piece of British heritage located in the city. Run your own business, advertising potential or alternative uses. The electricity is connected. “

Included in the sale price will be a new coat of paint for the buyer says Daily Mail.


The notice adds: “Historic England has been listed to preserve these iconic red canines, and many have transformed them into cafes, libraries, museums, bakeries, florists and defibrillators.”

Between 1926 and 1935 1,700 cabins were installed and the total number of survivors was just 224 in the UK, it says Daily Mail.

The notice of sale of the telephone booth (BidX1 Commercial).

The notice of sale of the telephone booth (BidX1 Commercial).

Describing its location, the ad adds: “The City of London is a historic financial district, home to the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England. Modern corporate skyscrapers tower over the remnants of medieval alleys below.”

To add more appeal they add: “Wealthy workers frequent its elegant restaurants and bars. The booth is located on the west end of Austin Friars at its intersection with Cophall Avenue and Throgmorton Avenue, immediately across from the BlackRock offices.”


The phone booth is being marketed by BidX1 Commercial, which is auctioning several of them across the UK, says Daily Mail.

They have four more in central London, all expected to cost around U$S 60.000 a 65.000.

Another is being auctioned in Nottingham for $ 45,000 and others in Bournemouth, Devon and Southport for $ 10,000 to 30,000.

Phone booths have previously been turned into libraries, coffee shops, and even a take-out fast food restaurant.

Tayyab Shafiq, 25, opened a take-out business in a red phone booth on London's Uxbridge High Street (Tayyab Shafiq).

Tayyab Shafiq, 25, opened a take-out business in a red phone booth on London’s Uxbridge High Street (Tayyab Shafiq).

An auction spokesperson confirmed that all of the currently listed phone booths are owned by a single customer and one was already sold in Edinburgh last month for $ 30,000, he says. Daily Mail.

Mat Harris, director of BidX1said: “We are delighted to have sold twelve of these beloved red cabins on our digital platform. Buyers have acquired an iconic piece of British heritage through a very modern sales method.”

And he closed: “I am looking forward to seeing how the new owners put their own stamp on these distinctive red cabins, either a coffee shop, bakery, defibrillator, or miniature art gallery“.

The auction will take place on May 26.

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What is Volt, the party that they “confuse” with Vox on the election ballots

This Tuesday, May 4, up to 5.1 million Madrilenians were called to the polls to participate in the elections to the Community of Madrid. Elections that will lead to the XII Assembly of the CAM and will be made up of up to 136 seats. Through La Información you can follow live, the latest news of the Madrid elections and the last hour of election day.

The highlight of the electoral journey, that has elapsed without any altercation, has been the long lines at the electoral colleges and the activists who have protested in front of the place where Rocío Monasterio was voting.

That, in addition to the ‘complaint’ that the Vox deputy, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has done through his Twitter account. All on the occasion of Volt match, whose ballots were in the polling stations along with those of Vox. Something that for Espinosa de los Monteros has been to create confusion.

“Be careful with the confusion that they have wanted to create in schools between VOX and Volt. Assist people who do not see well!”, He has written in a tweet that takes more than five thousand interactions.

Thus, it has been circulating all afternoon, through social networks, that they have been the proxies of “the left” or, even, the Ministry of the Interior those who have placed the ballots that way to generate confusion. According to account Damn Bulo, the order of the ballots is fixed according to the order of presentation of the candidacies before the Provincial Electoral Board.

What is Volt

But what match is Volt? As defined on its own website: “We are a pan-European movement that aims to revolutionize the European political scene, fundamentally for the values ​​of equality, intergenerational and territorial equity, solidarity between citizens and between peoples and defense of the sustainable use of natural resources Ultimately, we want to change continental and national politics, forever. ” It was founded in the wake of Brexit, in March 2017

They also add that “we firmly believe in the empowerment of citizens as a means to ensure peace, prosperity and democracy in Spain and Europe.”

Some keys to his political program They are the following: they advocate for education and digitization as “key elements of the 21st century”, for “social equality” regardless of their “gender, religion or origin”. They also speak of “economic renaissance”, in this sense they argue that “economic innovation has to be the engine of progress in our society.”

It’s the first time that they appear to the autonomic elections of the Community of Madrid. They have one MEP in the European Parliament for Germany and 3 seats in the Netherlands House of Representatives.


After an ideal autumn for the outdoors, what will winter be like when you have to avoid closed places

April was dominated by a semi-parked circulation pattern that favored blocking conditions and generated persistent milder temperatures than normal. At the country level, it was positioned as the third warmest since 1961.

These weather conditions facilitated the development of outdoor activities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But the arrival of the first colds will reverse the equation. The Buenos Aires health minister, Fernán Quirós, has already warned when he asked that care and protocols be maintained in closed spaces. “Temperatures have a negative impact on curves because when they are low, people tend to find themselves more in heated and unventilated places, “he told this newspaper.

The beginning of a winter with the usual cold. The quarterly climate forecast of the meteorological service (SMN) foresees a greater probability of occurrence of average temperatures (an average between the minimum and maximum that is calculated by averaging temperatures in four main times: 3, 9, 15, 21) during May, June and July. In the central area of ​​the country, the average temperature ranges between 8 and 10 degrees.

Meteorologist Nadia Zyncenko explains that the parameter is obtained from the sum of the value of the temperatures taken during the day, week or month divided by the amount of time. For example, in May the mean in the City of Buenos Aires is 14.6 ° C, the mean maximum, 19.3, and the mean minimum, 10.7.

April was the warmest since 1961 and favored the use of outdoor spaces, ideal for minimizing the risks of coronavirus infections. Winter is anticipated with the usual temperatures. Photo: Germán García Adrasti

So what will happen to the temperatures? According to the report, there are likely a warmer trimester than normal over the provinces of Patagonia; while conditions between normal and colder than usual are favored over the Cuyo region. In the rest of central and northern Argentina, a quarter with temperatures is expected within the usual range.

However, specialists consulted suggest staying informed with the forecasts of a smaller scale, daily and weekly, and through the early warning and warning system for adverse phenomena. Why? Although the report represents a very useful tool for decision-making in the medium and long term, it does not provide details on the meteorological conditions of a given day nor does it contemplate singularities of events on a sub-seasonal scale, such as waves of heat or cold, heavy rains or severe storms, all of them of short duration.

What trend is expected for the next few months? After a very warm april and with great variability of rainfall, the first days of May will have more autumnal conditions. In the center and north of the country, the trend is for a normal quarter with forcing oscillations of the synoptic scale or sub-seasonal. This means that there may be cold air inlet in a variable way, not persistent.

“The precipitation forecast indicates greater chances of registering a quarter normal or drier than usual on the north of the Litoral, east of Buenos Aires and north-central Patagonia. Rains within the range are more likely in the northern and central provinces, southern Litoral, Mendoza and southern Patagonia. Regarding the rest of the NOA, a quarter between normal to rainier than usual is more likely ”, indicates José Luis Stella, climatologist of the National Meteorological Service, and recommends paying greater attention to intra-seasonal variability.

April was the warmest since 1961 and favored the use of outdoor spaces, ideal for minimizing the risks of coronavirus infections.  Winter is anticipated with the usual temperatures.  Photo: Germán García Adrasti

April was the warmest since 1961 and favored the use of outdoor spaces, ideal for minimizing the risks of coronavirus infections. Winter is anticipated with the usual temperatures. Photo: Germán García Adrasti

The neutral girl

The girl it persisted during the summer due to the interaction between the Equatorial Pacific and the atmosphere, which caused less rain in the Humid Pampa and the Litoral. But, in the course of April it finished weakening, and consequently, The signal of a phenomenon on a global scale for the entire quarter was turned off.

“This event generates uncertainty about the predictable meteorological conditions for the next three months, since the temperatures of the Equatorial Pacific will be within normal. The girl no longer has an impact because we are in neutral conditions. What happened in April was something sub-seasonal, ”explains Stella.

And he adds: “The confusion is greater because the signals are not as strong as those of last year, when it was possible to predict with Greater precision the average behavior of the atmosphere ”.



“WELTjournal” / “WELTjournal +”: “Scotland – indomitable and independent” and “Brexit – late regrets”

On May 5th from 10.30 p.m. on ORF 2

Vienna (OTS) Five months after Brexit, there is high tension in Scotland: The elections in early May are seen as a barometer of sentiment as to whether the Scots are again striving for independence from Great Britain and, as a result, a return to the EU. The “WELTjournal” – presented by Patricia Pawlicki – will show the report “Scotland – indomitable and independent” on Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 at 10.30 p.m. on ORF 2. The documentation “Brexit – late regret” will follow in “WELTjournal +” at 11:05 p.m.

WELTjournal: “Scotland – indomitable and independent”

In the past few years the majority of Scots were in favor of independence from Great Britain. It remains to be seen whether that has changed with London’s successful vaccination strategy, which made it possible for Great Britain to become the first country in Europe to normalize public life. Schools, pubs, retail and hairdressing salons are open again, large events are being planned. But flute maker George Ormiston from Sterling sticks: “Nobody who was born here in Scotland believes that he is British. We are Scots and I see no reason why we shouldn’t rule our own country ”. Reporter Benedict Feichtner, himself British, drove across the land of lochs and highlands for “WELTjournal”. In the small town of Aberfeldy he meets the farmer Martin Kennedy, who depends on harvest workers from the EU. In the northwest he visits whiskey distillers who once withdrew to the most inadequate regions to hide from the English tax collectors. You want to return to the EU through independence. But the majority of Scots see it that way too – and how can that work?

WELTjournal +: “Brexit – late regrets”

On June 23, 2016, 52 percent of voters voted for Britain to leave the European Union. Now many are feeling the disadvantages of Brexit and some of them regret their vote. They feel deceived and lied to by the pro-Brexit operators. In “WELTjournal +”, the British screenwriter James Graham tells how he discovered the manipulation strategies that Brexit mastermind Dominic Cummings used to get people to say “yes” after the referendum. People in neglected working-class neighborhoods in particular fell for the wrong promises and controversial social media strategies. They talk about their life on the fringes of British society. Chef and Brexit opponent Guy Matthews, on the other hand, has distrusted the words of the political elite since childhood. He never believed that things would be better if Britain turned its back on the EU.

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124 Organizations Condemn Turkey’s Water Blockade and Demand Compliance – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The text of the statement issued by these civil society organizations reads the following:

“The treaties to share river water are considered a very important issue in international relations and good neighborliness between the countries that share the water of the rivers that cross their lands. It is also a matter of human rights par excellence because it expresses respect for the rights of the peoples of these countries by all the countries involved. The issue of water strongly expresses the water needs of people in their economy, food and beverages. “

In recent years, Turkey has taken advantage of the disastrous conditions in Syria and started diverting water from the Euphrates River to the dams it recently built within its borders. This policy resulted in water shortages in the Euphrates River reaching Syria and Iraq, as the water level dropped sharply from about 600 m3 below the level sufficient for irrigation and the extraction of drinking water of 200 m3 according to the last Syrian-Turkish agreement signed in 1987, which reflects the life of the communities that depend on the Euphrates River in the Syrian Jazirah and in Iraq in a catastrophic impact, especially since the dry season began in the two countries. In addition, the specialists confirmed the amount of damage that would be caused to the pumps and projects built on the river.

More than 4 million people live in the Syrian region of al-Jazirah. They are completely dependent on water from the Euphrates for agriculture, industry, generating electricity from the Euphrates, Tishreen and al-Baath dams, and for drinking water. Residents have started to suffer from water shortages in spring, summer and fall due to the oppressive extraction of water from the Euphrates by the Turkish authorities, from where the Euphrates River originates. In light of the drought caused by the lack of rain for this year, Turkey’s exceeding Syria and Iraq’s allocations for Euphrates water will have a disastrous impact on the livelihoods of the residents of these areas.

The Turkish government should consider its policies towards the countries and comply with the water distribution treaties with Syria and Iraq for the sake of equitable distribution of water resources, especially since the inhabitants of these areas are already suffering major disasters due to difficult conditions, the outbreak of the epidemic and the deficiency of health institutions in their areas due to the problem of water shortage to increase their suffering worsened for years.

We in civil society organizations condemn and denounce the actions of the Turkish government, and call on the United Nations and the international community to effectively pressure the Turkish government to adhere to the rules of sharing water. and consider the needs of the communities in Syria and Iraq and not threaten the already fragile lives of the populations, especially as we are on the brink of a long season of dehydration.



The lake of Turkey that helps to understand the mysteries of Mars

With their turquoise waters and its white sand, the lake Salda, in the southeast of Turkey, holds secrets that could help understand the mysteries of Mars, but its growing popularity also threatens its existence.

This vast expanse of water was made famous when NASA scientists began studying it a few years ago to prepare for the deployment of the ‘Perseverance’ rover on Mars.

Before the device landed on the red planet, in February 2021, the US space agency shared among others a photo of Lake Salda, which reveals its importance in preparing for the mission.

An increasingly popular destination. Photo EFE / EPA / TOLGA BOZOGLU

Taking advantage of this exhibition, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, integrated the lake – with an area of ​​45 km2 – in an extensive program to create more green spaces that attract the public.

But in the face of so much enthusiasm, local ecologists fear that the dual interests of NASA and Erdogan will open the doors to mass tourism and dictate the death sentence of this lake, destroying its ecosystem.

“The future of the lake is in danger if millions of tourists arrive,” warns Gazi Osmak Sakar, leader of the Association for the Preservation of Lake Salda.

White islands

The lake is known above all for its “White Islands”, small islands of a brilliant white, as well as for its unique flora and fauna, in which the frog fish of Salda.

NASA considers this place important to find answers about Mars.  Photo BULENT KILIC / AFP

NASA considers this place important to find answers about Mars. Photo BULENT KILIC / AFP

The rare minerals The site also attracted the attention of NASA, such as hydromagnesite, which resembles substances detected in the Jezero crater, where “Perseverance” landed.

Scientists believe that the hydromagnesite present along the shore of Lake Salda is a residue of clumps of microbialites, rocks formed by the intervention of microbes.

This material captures the attention of researchers who wonder if life existed in microbial form on Mars billions of years ago.

But what is original about Lake Salda, explains geological engineer Servet Cevni, is its closed ecosystem.

“What makes it so special are the bacteria, single-celled organisms that are there (…) very fragile in the face of external influences, “he told AFP.

Fear among environmentalists

But this influence is already materializing with the construction of nine shelters near a developing public garden near the lake.

“The future of the lake is in danger if millions of tourists arrive,” they warn from the Association for the Preservation of Lake Salda. Photo: BULENT KILIC / AFP

“This project must be canceled. The lake cannot be protected if it is exploitedSakar warned.

While bathing is prohibited in the “White Islands” area, visitors can indulge in a dip in other parts of the lake.

Its advocates believe that bathing in the lake should be banned to protect its fragile ecosystem.

“If a single-celled organism goes extinct, Salda is ruined,” warns Cevni. “The ‘White Islands’ cannot be recreated,” he adds.

Lake Salda is called the “Maldives of Turkey.” Photo EFE / EPA / TOLGA BOZOGLU

If action is taken now, the lake could regenerate in 150 to 200 years, Cevni continues. “Otherwise, it will never recover,” he says.

But the task turns out to be arduous. The association’s demand for the preservation of the Lake was rejected by a court to which it went to stop the construction of the public garden.

Sakar now asks UNESCO to classify the lake as a World Heritage Site, a promise of protection. “Salda is dying,” he said.

But this collides with him economic interest sparked by its popularity, which many riparians hope to exploit.

Suleyman Kilickan, a waiter at a lakeside cafe, says visitors increased exponentially after NASA’s interest. “If there is tourism, there is life,” he says, noting that visitors are urged to be responsible. “It is forbidden to collect sand or dirt.”

In 2019, there were 1.5 million visitors and in 2020, despite the pandemic, 800,000.  Photo EFE / EPA / TOLGA BOZOGLU

In 2019, there were 1.5 million visitors and in 2020, despite the pandemic, 800,000. Photo EFE / EPA / TOLGA BOZOGLU

Tourists have already begun to change Salda’s face.

“Our lake and our town were much cleaner years ago,” says Aysel Cig, a shepherd based near Salda.

Aware of the danger, the Ministry of the Environment announced a month ago that it would limit annual visitors to 570,000. In 2019, they were 1.5 million and 800,000 in 2020, despite the pandemic.



What is causing these huge holes in Turkey?

What is causing these bus-swallowing holes in Turkey?


PANTUM expands with the Elite series on the European market for high-quality printers

Madrid (ots/PRNewswire) PANTUM, a global brand that develops, manufactures and sells laser printers and toner cartridges, has launched the Elite Series, a premium line of six models available worldwide, ranging from single to multifunction printers.

The Elite series is designed for commercial channels and, with its outstanding performance, is particularly suitable for customers in small and medium-sized companies, companies, administrative departments, banks and hospitals.

Both the single-function BP5100 series and the multi-function BM5100 series offer the highest possible productivity and performance with high-speed printing of 40 pages per minute on A4 paper. Printing is also very convenient and can be done on a mobile device via the PANTUM app, AirPrint or Mopria. In addition, the printers offer outstanding capacity with a maximum monthly print volume of 80,000 pages, which is supported by a powerful 60-page multipurpose paper tray and two optional 550-page paper trays. As multi-function printers, the BM5100ADN and BM5100ADW can also copy and scan, while the BM5100FDN and BM5100FDW still have a fax function compared to their predecessor models.

Pantum’s launch of the Elite series of printers in Europe will not only complete the company’s product line and give users greater choice, but also demonstrate its technical strength.

In order to better promote the Elite series, Pantum will consider more flexible sales policies in the future through commercial channels such as special offers and giveaways for consumables to better serve the market and users.

Information on Pantum

Established in 2010, Pantum is a printer manufacturer providing printers, printing materials, printing solutions and services. In 2011 Pantum began its overseas expansion and is currently represented in dozens of countries and regions around the world. With its patented technology, Pantum strives to meet the evolving printing needs by offering economical, user-friendly and energy efficient products as well as reliable printing solutions. Today, Pantum also offers its customers greater added value through its cost-effective products and premium services.

Photos –

Inquiries & contact:

Europe: Mr. Jack Hao
Sales Manager Europe
Car: 86 15916279793

Spain: Mr José Ballesteros
Regional Manager Iberian Peninsula
(+34) 670439744

United Kingdom: Wayne Hill
UK Sales Manager
(+44) 77 593 45580


Ara Partners supports the management in the takeover of the px Group

STOCKTON, UK and HOUSTON, Jan. 23 / PRNewswire / Private equity firm focused on industrial decarbonization acquires fully integrated operator of industrial plants

Ara Partners, a private equity firm specializing in industrial decarbonization investments, announced today that it has acquired px Group (“px” or the “Company”) along with management and the Aksiom Group .

The px Group, based in Stockton, UK, is a provider of integrated infrastructure solutions. The company manages complex energy and industrial systems and offers additional services in the areas of energy management, engineering and consulting. The company also owns Saltend Chemicals Park (“Saltend”), a 370-acre industrial center in the Humber region of Great Britain. Saltend is home to several world-class chemical and renewable energy companies, is a partner in Equinor’s flagship H2 Saltend hydrogen project, and will host Pensana’s materials processing facility, which produces key elements for the renewable energy sector. px Group is led by Chief Executive Officer Geoff Holmes and Chairman Chris Picotte.

For each of its customers, the px Group brings highly qualified employees and over two decades of experience in the operation of complex energy infrastructures. This experience is a foundational toolbox that is directly applicable to the management of energy transition assets such as carbon capture and storage (“CCS”) and hydrogen, which are expected to play an important role in the UK’s decarbonization journey. In contrast to other renewable energy sources, CCS and hydrogen are complex industrial plants whose operation is more comparable to energy plants such as natural gas processing and power generation and biomass combined heat and power, where px has long and successful operating experience. The company actively supports three of the UK’s most notable energy transition projects under development – Acorn in Scotland, Net Zero Teesside and Equinor’s H2H Saltend – and now operates the surrounding infrastructure in each of these areas.

“px has established itself as a world class industrial operator and we are thrilled to work with management and the Aksiom team to drive the development of critical infrastructure for the UK’s energy transition,” said Charles Cherington, Managing Partner at Ara Partners. “With a portfolio of companies developing low-carbon industrial facilities around the world, Ara understands very well the critical role that an experienced operator, project manager and engineer like px Group plays in systematic project development and operational performance.”

“Px has provided world-class operational and technical support to its valued customers for more than 25 years,” said Geoff Holmes, CEO of px. “The past few years have been a strong period of growth for the company and we remain enthusiastic about the path ahead with the abundance of energy and industrial activity in the UK and EU. The px team sees a perfect fit between the company’s strategic direction and Ara’s focus on industrial decarbonization. We are delighted to welcome Ara to the px family and to continue our successful collaboration with Aksiom. “

“The relationship between px and Aksiom is a real partnership,” says Chris Picotte, co-founder of the Aksiom Group and chairman of px. “Also, Ara and Aksiom have a longstanding working relationship and we are encouraged that a company like Ara, with a low carbon focus, sees the tremendous opportunity that lies ahead of px. As the energy and industrial landscape in the UK and EU continues to change , experienced operators like px will play a crucial role in this transition. “

Ara Partners, management and Aksiom Group will work together to accelerate the company’s growing portfolio of energy and industrial transformation projects, expand its offering of integrated energy services and enter new markets in the UK and EU.

Information on Ara Partners

Ara Partners is a private equity firm specializing in industrial decarbonization investments. Ara Partners invests in the Industry & Manufacturing, Chemicals & Materials, Energy Efficiency & Green Fuels, and Food & Agriculture sectors and aims to build companies that are aligned with sustainability and ESG principles. More information about Ara Partners can be found at

Information about px Group

Px Group (“px”), based in Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom, is a leading provider of comprehensive and integrated operations and maintenance, engineering and energy management services across the UK energy and industrial complex. The company has more than 25 years of experience in the operation and management of highly complex energy and industrial infrastructure systems and has earned a reputation for bringing an “owner mentality” into the systems it operates.

Px Group delivers exceptional operational, financial and safety, health and environmental services that enable the company to develop deeply rooted partnerships with its customers, which translates into the award and renewal of long-term contracts in sectors with high barriers to entry and change shows.

Information about the Aksiom Group

Dublin-based Aksiom Group identifies, acquires and develops companies with high potential for technical services and differentiated asset-based strategies in the European infrastructure sector. The founders of Aksiom, Christopher Picotte and Luis Pais Correia, have been shareholders since 2013 and CEO or board member of px since 2014 and have accompanied the company through several phases of its growth.

Inquiries & contact:

Greg Zuboff,