Julio César Falcioni assumes a club with a rarefied climate due to the electoral year

2020 was undoubtedly the worst year in the management of Hugo Moyano in Independiente. The serious economic problems that erupted in the middle of the quarantine added to the sporting frustrations made a lethal combo that ended with the team without a manager and without a coach. The first position is still vacant, while Julio Falcioni was surprisingly chosen for the second, who this Thursday will appear before the squad and will sign your contract until December. Pedro Monzón will accompany him as a field assistant.

However, 2021 will also be very busy in the Avellaneda club since to the problems that it has been dragging it is added that in december there will be elections and the political climate has already settled in the bowels of the Diablo. This is the scenario that awaits Emperor in his second cycle in Avellaneda, after 15 years.

The current Board of Directors has less than 12 months to finish its second term with numbers and football at least in a better situation than the current one, which arouses concern inside and outside the institution that accumulates a liability of 2,807,225,559 pesos according to the balance as of June 30.

Hugo and Pablo Moyano, leaders of the assembly in Independiente who had important leadership absences. Photo: Independent

The Moyano and company have several fronts to attend to to try to rearrange the jumbled shelves of the Red. They had managed to lift the club when they took over after the premature departure of Javier Cantero. However, after the 2017 elections they entered a tunnel full of bad decisions and mistakes that had a direct impact on sports and, above all, on institutional matters until they reached this complex scenario, with several lawsuits against FIFA for millions of dollars that are pending resolution and that if unfavorable will increase the debt even more.

The economic aspect will be the transcendental issue and this will have an impact on football. The creation of a trust has already been approved in order to face the obligations and give them order. One of the actors that will play a major role in this regard is Sergio Palazzo, leader of the Banking Association, who went from being a member to occupying the position of Sports Secretary after the departure of Jorge Damiani due to differences with the Moyano management. Together with Héctor Maldonado (secretary general) they were in charge of Falcioni’s arrival.

In the last meeting of the Board of Directors, this 58-year-old from Mendoza, who has a good relationship with the financial system, was one of the singing voices, advised on the management of the trust and mentioned some names that could collaborate.

At the same time, the leadership will try to straighten the boat on the football level. Today, Independiente does not have a manager but a DT. The original idea was to close the first to choose the second, but before the refusal of Nicolás Burdisso That plan was aborted and now it is the small table itself that looked for the coach.

Sergio Palazzo, leader of La Bancaria, is the new Sports Secretary of Independiente.  Photo: Andrés D'Elia

Sergio Palazzo, leader of La Bancaria, is the new Sports Secretary of Independiente. Photo: Andrés D’Elia

The target at all times was Hernan Crespo, who on Saturday plays the final of the South American Cup with his Defense and Justice against Lanús. But Crespo warned that he will not sit down to speak until after the decisive duel this weekend. This went against the trouble of the Diablo I was claiming a guarantee in advance. Therefore, the Emperor Plan.

The 64-year-old coach knows that he is coming to a club where he will have financial restrictions. Unless an opportunity arises for a drinkable name that comes free or that does not require a large investment, no reinforcements will be added. Like his predecessor Pusineri, he will have to make do with what he has and give wings to the kids of the club.

Falcioni’s hiring made internal noise. Several members of the Board of Directors were surprised as many fans before this election and they do not agree very much although they accompany …

Much of the attention of the priests of Avellaneda will also have to be placed on the political plane. The fire in the ruling party grew again after the last Assembly. The absences of many managers were notorious. The leaders who are not part of the truck leg they marked their disagreement by not showing up.

Julio Cesar Falcioni will sign this Thursday with Independiente.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Julio Cesar Falcioni will sign this Thursday with Independiente. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Damiani asked for leave for a year and could resign. And several analyze following the same steps since they understand that all the determinations were exclusively in the hands of three people: Hugo Moyano, his son Pablo (vice president) and Maldonado.

Moyano father He has not yet spoken about his political future at the club. Pablo, meanwhile, warned in several interviews that when the time comes he will evaluate his candidacy to run for the presidency. The opposition, for its part, is constantly on the move. Months of talks, threads and alliances are coming.

Opponents know that to ensure the end of the Moyano era they will have to form a common front, something that will not be easy to achieve. Will the gastronomic entrepreneur Fabio Fernández (owner of the Pertutti chain) the head of this unit?

Meanwhile, Independiente continues to move in step with the decisions of the Moyano, who will seek to change the image in a year that will be measured by the thermometer of the polls. And they chose Julio César Falcioni to redirect the team with his experience and personality.


SNDUP official criticizes Russia’s complicity with Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

In light of the continuation of Turkish attacks in separate areas of northern Syria, especially the Ain Issa district, whose neighborhood has been under Turkish escalation for around two months, there are voices calling for an end to what Turkey is currently facing. doing in Syria.

The official of the Syrian National Democratic Union Party, Mona al-Khalaf, told the Hawar news agency that Turkey aspires to occupy Ain Issa, but that the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to succeed and confront it because it works within a national political project that fulfills the needs of all sectors of society.

Mona al-Khalaf added that “the Syrian Democratic Forces, which were formed from all the components of the region, defeated the ISIS mercenaries, and after the establishment and success of the Autonomous Administration which was managed by all the components, this issue provoked the ambitions of regional and international parties with interests in the Syrian territories that sought to strike at the project of a democratic nation in the region, which has become a unique model. “

He explained that the Turkish attacks on the region undermined the security and stability of the region and caused the displacement of civilians from their areas.

Mona al-Khalaf believes that Ain Issa has great strategic importance, as it is a transportation node that links the areas east of the Euphrates with its western areas, as well as connecting the Autonomous Administration regions with each other, and what it aspires The Turkish occupation is to separate the regions from each other.

Mona held the Russian guarantor responsible for the violations occurring in the Ain Issa region, highlighting the need for the Russian guarantor to play an effective role in dealing with these violations and to stop them, as it is the guarantor.

The Syrian politician noted that “Russia does not want the Syrian crisis to end, and this is evidenced by the lack of its support for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which is why the Syrian government has not opened the way for negotiations with the opposition, such as this is evidence that Russia does not want to open a space for a political solution. “

At the end of her speech, Mona al-Khalaf appealed to the international community and the Russian guarantor to support the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to resolve the long-standing Syrian crisis and seek to expel the Turkish occupier from Syrian lands.




the confessions about sex life with Prince Charles and the humiliating advice he received

The marriage of Lady Di and Prince Charles dazzled the world. It is estimated that 750 million people were awaiting the ceremony that took place on July 29, 1981 in the San Pablo’s cathedral, in London with the display of all the pomp of British royalty.

Her personal reality was more than far from that ideal world and happiness.

Diana was at that time only 20 years old and Carlos, 32. Their courtship had been brief and with many pressures on her back.

Prince Charles and Lady Di after announcing their engagement, in 1981 AP Photo.

Her cycles of eating disorders and depression, coupled with a rather lonely childhood, were not contributing positively.

Furthermore, one day before that great event he coldly confessed to her that he did not love her. Carlos’s relationship with Camilla had been in place for a long time. But, by the elitist parameters of the royal family, it was not viable.

Despite all this, the formalities ran their course and the wedding took place.

The house of Lady Di and Prince Charles was with all the pomp Photo AP.

The house of Lady Di and Prince Charles was with all the pomp Photo AP.

The sex life of Lady Di and Prince Charles

Over time, even the smallest details of that relationship were known, which from the first moment was destined to fail.

The arrival of the children – the princes William and Harry – were the maximum happiness for her and always her beacon.

Along with their growth, the sexual encounters between the marriage began to be very spaced or even null.

Diana, already divorced from Prince Charles, entered into a relationship with Dody Al Fayed.  They both died in the Soul Tunnel accident.  Photo REUTERS.

Diana, already divorced from Prince Charles, entered into a relationship with Dody Al Fayed. They both died in the Soul Tunnel accident. Photo REUTERS.

Diana tried unsuccessfully in the first instance to keep personal problems and between both of them safe from the press and public opinion.

Until, already pressed by her situation, she sought confidants and even made certain issues public. The note for the BBC in which he said that in his marriage there were three – alluding to his relationship with Camilla– Raised a lot of dust and reflected a good part of his suffering.

Sex life between them was not left out of these revelations. According to information from Robert Lacey -the author of the book Battle of brothers (on the bond between William and Harry) and adviser to the series The Crown – she said that the meetings between her and the prince had become rare and unsatisfactory.

Lady Di and Prince Charles after Harry's birth.  AFP photo.

Lady Di and Prince Charles after Harry’s birth. AFP photo.

Lacey -count site After casting– has fluent contacts in Buckingham and is taken as a reliable source by the British media.

The point of greatest distance – according to this source – had occurred shortly after the birth of Prince Harry – the youngest of her children and now Meghan Markle’s husband.

From there, the sexual relations between them became very sporadic and unsatisfactory for her.

This information was collected by the site After casting as a result of the confessions that Diana did to Peter Settle down, her voice coach between 1992 and 1993. According to this version, she would have said: “There was sex, yes. There was. But it was something strange, very strange.”

Carlos and Camilla, after many years of clandestine relationship, made the relationship official.  Photo EFE.

Carlos and Camilla, after many years of clandestine relationship, made the relationship official. Photo EFE.

Diana’s strategies

According to the writer, the note says After casting, Diana came to joke with her friends on the subject. She would also have revealed to them that she was thinking of getting him drunk to see if that would get him to bed.

His interlocutors at the time did not approve of his initiative. Since high levels of consumption influence male sexual response.

So, they thought of a following initiative: to wear a blonde wig and turn off the light. So that in the dark Diana has a physiognomy similar to that of Camilla.

The marriage between Lady Di and Prince Charles was doomed.

The marriage between Lady Di and Prince Charles was doomed.

Most people might think to infer that Diana she was aggrieved by this advice. The funny thing is that -as the note of After casting– not only was not offended. If not, it made him laugh out loud.

A reaction that confirms that for her the bond with the prince was more than finished and that she longed to turn the page.

Its premature and unexpected death – in a somewhat clarified car accident, at age 36– He left many of his wishes truncated. Although his legacy is infinite and enduring.

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Chobani, the king of yogurt in the US who shares the benefits with the workforce

The largest factory in the world dedicated to yogurt production is located in Twin Falls, southern Idaho. Belonging to Chobani, one of the most innovative companies in the food business. The boss, Hamdi UlukayaNot only did he come up with the formula to turn milk into gold. This son of a nomadic Kurdish shepherd is creating with his way of leading a whole management model. He pays his employees twice the minimum wage, he gave them a piece of society as a reward and part of the profit he generates goes to charitable causes.

Chobani did not exist 15 years ago or is listed on Wall Street, but its Greek yogurt is by far the most popular among consumers in the US. And that despite the fact that Ulukaya never intended to settle in the country and much less thought that some day it would end up being part of the billionaires lists. His future when he lived in Turkey was more oriented towards continuing the family goat cheese business. But his life took a 180-degree turn when police began to question his activism. So before he got into trouble and ended up in jail or even tortured, he decided to cross the Atlantic to study business management and english.

He settled in the north of New York State. Fate changed when he saw an advertisement in the local press with the sale for $ 700,000 of a old kraft factory in South Edmeston, fully equipped. He bought it and after two years it produced Greek yogurts under the Chobani brand. The company currently operates three manufacturing plants and the business continues to expand.

Yogurt sales in the US are currently around the 8,000 million dollars. They moderated compared to the close to 9 billion in 2015, when the last maximum was reached, dragged down by the drop in milk consumption. Chobani, however, is being able to maintain its growth thanks to the fact that it is able to innovate faster than large groups, to adapt to new market trends. For example, offer plant-based protein products and explore other categories, such as beverages.

Chobani began by hiring local community employees who were left without work and in the midst of the financial crisis expanded the radius to Utica, where an important refugee community from all over the world has lived for decades. Ulukaya tells in his public interventions that his objective was not only to create the company around a product, but to build a whole new corporate culture that recognizes the value of the most basic employee and rewards him for his contribution to the prosperity of the company.

Ulukaya knew how to see before anyone else the jerk i was having greek yogurt among consumers increasingly aware of food and who did not mind paying more to eat healthy. The young Kurdish anti-capitalist thus ended up dominating an industry that was basically controlled by multinational conglomerates such as Danone, Yoplait and General Mills. And he also won the crown of the business by showing a compassion never seen before his employees, whom a few years ago transferred 10% of the capital for his sacrifice.

Chobani already had more than 2,000 employees when it announced the program in 2016, which also recognized six weeks of paternity leave paid. A third of the workforce is immigrant, coming from a score of countries, and 400 wage earners are refugees, a philosophy of integration into American society that collided head-on with the closed-door policy promoted by Trump. Ulukaya, one of the signatories of the charity initiative Giving PledgeI created one to assist displaced people.

The Chobani founder makes it clear that he is not doing politics with his management model and insists that immigrants, and especially refugees, are willing to work to maintain their communities. “I would never have made it without these people”Ulukaya acknowledged when he decided to return to his employees what he owed them for their effort by starting the company from scratch, “I never imagined that what was built would be so successful.”


A historic snowfall is cruel to Madrid

By Mónica Uriel (ANSA) – MADRID, 09 GEN – The Spanish capital was blocked due to a historical snowfall, with thicknesses of up to 60 centimeters, caused by the most intense storm in the last 50 years that hit the country and caused the less four victims

It was the biggest snowfall in Madrid since 1971 and left 33 liters per square meter in the form of snow after snowing 30 hours in a row

Madrid was one of the regions most affected by the storm, which also caused heavy snowfall in Castilla La Mancha

The situation in the capital was described as “very serious” by the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, who said that “it is a city practically blocked from the point of view of mobility” and asked the people of Madrid to stay in their homes

In the city you could see people skiing through some of its streets

The fatalities occurred in Malaga, where a vehicle with two people on board was swept away by a flood

Another person died in Madrid, in a street situation, and a fourth in the town of Zarzalejo (Commune of Madrid), was found dead in his car

The storm Filomena caused collapses in the ring roads and entrance to Madrid and the occupants of up to 1,500 vehicles that had been trapped were rescued by the army

The government mobilized a device of 1,300 snowplows, the “most ambitious in history,” said the Minister of Transport, José Luis Abalos, who acknowledged that the magnitude of the storm was greater than expected

The situation “is not going to end with the removal of snow, but there is a risk of significant frosts that affect all transport infrastructures,” Abalos warned

For this reason, the government prepares a device for guided convoys to guarantee the supply of medicines and food.

Barajas airport has been closed since yesterday and the railway service to or from Madrid is also suspended

The classes in schools and institutes, which were to begin this Monday after the Christmas holidays, will not do so in Madrid at least until Wednesday

Felipe VI suspended his schedule for Monday and Tuesday. (ANSA)


Mesut Ozil, close to an agreement with Fenerbahçe (press)

Istanbul, 6 Jan 2021 (AFP) -The former German international Mesut Ozil, separated from the team at Arsenal, his club since 2013, is close to signing for the Turkish Fenerbahçe, reports the Turkish press on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old midfielder and Fenerbahçe reportedly reached an agreement for a three-and-a-half-year contract, according to the DHA press agency.

The sports newspaper of reference Fanatik reported for its part that a “principle of agreement” was reached and that the 2014 world champion would receive about five million euros (6.1 million dollars) per season.

Various media also reported that Ozil was also negotiating with the American club DC United.

In conflict with Arsenal, Ozil, a German of Turkish origin, has not played for his club since 7 March 2020. In October, the Gunners did not enroll him in the Premier League squad, reinforcing questions about his future in London.

Ozil, the highest-paid player at Arsenal, with an estimated annual salary of 20 million euros ($ 24.5 million), expires at the end of this season.

Rumors about a transfer from Ozil to Fenerbaçe have been multiplying in Turkey for weeks. The club’s president traveled to London twice in recent days to try to convince the player, according to the press.

If Ozil’s arrival in Fenerbahçe is confirmed, he would be living in a house near President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s home in Istanbul, according to DHA.

The player had been widely criticized in Germany after posing for a photo with Erdogan in 2018. Denouncing “racist” attacks, Ozil ended his international career after this controversy.

Fenerbahçe, one of the three big clubs in Istanbul, is currently fifth in the Turkish championship.




The pandemic touches 84 million cases with half a million in the New Year

The coronavirus pandemic approaches 84 million global infections after registering another 545,000 positives around the world in the last 24 hours, according to the latest data published by the University Johns Hopkins. Thus, it has indicated that during the last day 539,326 cases and 9,424 deaths have been confirmed, bringing the total to 83,979,200 infections and 1,827,796 fatalities.

With regard to the people who have recovered to date from Covid-19, the figure has exceeded the 47 million threshold in recent hours, with 47,300,295, and with India as the country with the most patients cured, with almost 9.9 million. The United States remains the most affected country in total figures, with more than 20 million cases and 347,865 deaths, followed by India, with 10,286,709 cases and 148,994 deaths, and Brazil, with 7,700,578 cases and 195,411 deaths. Russia, the fourth country with the most infections, with 3,153,960, has confirmed 56,798 deaths.

In fifth place in number of cases is France, with 2,697,014 infections and 64,892 deaths, followed by the United Kingdom, with 2,549,689 positives and 74,237 fatalities. They are followed by Turkey, with 2,220,855 cases and 21,093 deaths, and Italy, with 2,129,376 infections and 74,621 deaths. In the fork of the million cases are Spain (1,928,265), Germany (1,762,733), Colombia (1,654,880), Argentina (1,629,594), Mexico (1,437,185), Poland (1,305,774), Iran (1,231,429), Ukraine ( 1,101,893), South Africa (1,073,887) and Peru (1,015,137).

Below this threshold but above 500,000 infections there are the Netherlands, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Romania, Chile, Iraq, Canada and Bangladesh, while Pakistan, the Philippines, Switzerland, Morocco, Sweden, Israel and Portugal have exceeded the barrier of 400,000 cases.

Likewise, in the range of 300,000 cases are Austria, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Hungary, while in the range of 200,000 are Jordan, Nepal, Panama, Japan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Croatia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

Above the 100,000 positives include Belarus, Slovakia, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Denmark, Bolivia, Armenia, Kuwait, Moldova, Qatar, Lithuania, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Guatemala, Oman, Burma, Ethiopia, Slovenia, Honduras, Malaysia, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Paraguay and Libya.

China, the country where the pandemic originated, has 96,023 infected and 4,782 fatalities.


Leslye Headland works with Rayne Roberts on The Acolyte News

30.12.2020 13:23Up

At the time, I really appreciated the Plagueis novel by James Luceno, but I was anything but enthusiastic about the timing. Much too close to Episode I. The intentions behind it can be varied. Should Plagueis necessarily be included in the prequel plot and the grand plan to take over power, or was it simply a matter of taking into account the age of Palpatine, as set in the EU, encyclopedias or wikis? I dont know. But what I do know is that Palpatine mMn should be significantly older. Hundreds of years old. And, in my opinion, he should have got rid of his master long before the PT, so that there is also time to search for a student, which then does not necessarily have to lead directly to Maul. Sidious may have had other students, but they failed. There would be so much potential for stories, but unfortunately this requires that the novel be largely ignored. On the other hand, it might just make sense to keep Sidious out of the High Republic era. If he hadn’t been born then, you would logically have to deal with other Sith. The line could then continue to him. But the novel definitely goes too far in too close to TPM. – Spoiler – Plagueis even observes Qui-Gon talking to Anakin in one scene and only dies after Palpatine has already been elected Chancellor. Seriously? That alone does not fit the narrative as “Legend of the Sith by Darth Plagueis the Wise”. Of course, this can only be an embellishment of Palpatine in the opera scene, it would even make a lot of sense in the context of the scene. But hey, the whole thing had its charm. I just feel like I prefer to see Plagueis long before the PT.


the great challenge of winning the Champions League and the desire to join Neymar with Messi

“It is the law of football”With that phrase, French striker Kylian Mbappé fired the German coach on social media Thomas Tuchel, that despite having won two Ligue 1, two French Super Cup, a French Cup, a League Cup and having reached the final of the last Champions League He was fired as coach of Paris Saint-Germain. And although it is not yet official, the French press reported that his replacement will be Mauricio Pochettino, from Santa Fe.

The same law will govern Pochettino, who will take on the great challenge of his career as a coach after having directed Espanyol de Barcelona (2008-2012), Southampton (seasons 2012/2013 and 2013/2014) and Tottenham (five seasons and a handful of games of the sixth between 14/15 and 19/20). For the one born in Murphy, Santa Fe, on March 2, 1972 (he is about to turn 49 years old) the objective is clear: win the Champions League.

Is it that or nothing, silver or shit. Tuchel was close, but collided with Hans-Dieter Flick’s Bayern Munich in the final, which swept the Lisbon blitz tournament where the quarter-finals and semifinals were played in a single match; and where they crushed Barcelona 8-2 and Olympique Lyonnais 3-1 -respectively- before winning 1-0 in the final against the Parisians. I do not care. For the sporting director of PSG, the Brazilian Leonardo, Tuchel’s cycle at the club is already history.

After the final and with the start of a new season, PSG did not show its best version in Ligue 1 where it is third, one point behind the leaders Lyon and Lille. And in the Champions League they managed to win Group H on goal difference after having obtained the same points as RB Leipzig, but also left doubts due to the defeats against Manchester United at home and the German team, as away. Leonardo and Tuchel had a meeting pending for this -short- break at the end of the year; and while the German arrived with a sports proposal and names to reinforce the squad, the Brazilian decided to fire him. According to the French newspapers it was a meeting with a lot of tension and words in a high tone.

This is the scenario that awaits the arrival -and confirmation- of Pochettino, who for the first time will run with him. commissioner’s horse. In his previous experiences, the Santa Fe had to save Espanyol from relegation first and Southampton later. In Tottenham, a traditional England team that has not celebrated a league title since the 60/61 season, managed to be runners-up in the 2018 Premier and Champions League. But in cold numbers, Pochettino still didn’t win anything.

However, Pochettino will disembark at a club he knows well as he played there for two and a half seasons between 2001 and 2003. He was part of a squad whose top figures were Gabriel Heinze, Jerome Leroy and the Brazilian Ronaldinho, and despite the heavy surnames of the team managed to wear the captain’s tape. In any case, the reality of the Parisian institution is very different from those of those years since in 2011 the Qatari business group Qatar Investment Authority with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi at the head acquired the club and has invested more than 1,000 million euros in reinforcements. Pochettino will be the fifth coach to be hired by the Qataris after Italian Carlo Ancelotti, Frenchman Laurent Blanc, Spanish Unai Emery and Tuchel, the one who was closest to the Champions League.

Pochettino now with DT’s diver must manage a squad full of stars like the Brazilian Neymar, Mbappé, Ángel Di María, the Italian Marco Verratti, Ander Herrera, Julian Draxler and the names follow. And even the versions about possible reinforcements have already started to run (Leandro Paredes would go to Inter in a barter for Christian Eriksen) and in the Spanish press they indicate that his arrival would help to seduce Lionel Messi to move from Barcelona to Paris. The Rosario will be able to negotiate with any club from January 1 and PSG seems to be the strongest candidate to hire him.

You must first remove it from the Champions League as PSG and Barcelona will collide for the round of 16. The first leg will be in the capital of Catalonia on February 16 and the rematch on March 10, in Paris.

“I appreciate and respect Mauricio a lot. The biggest clubs will try to hire him “, had predicted Marcelo bielsa a couple of years ago when Pochettino left Tottenham. And the Rosario – Pochettino’s mentor – did not fail: first it sounded in Real Madrid, then in Barcelona and finally he was one step away from signing with PSG. However, the Murphy-born will go for the greatest challenge of his career with his own style: “Those who do not know me will surely say that I am a bielista. But it seems to me that I am not a technician with the formation of Marcelo’s line”. You’ll make it? The Champions awaits.


Blizzard launches discounts on WoW, Call of Duty and more – Versus Media México

Christmas is coming and nothing better than to give to friends and family, or even yourself with games of Blizzard in 2020 and best of all, without having to leave your home.

The list of digital offers they have prepared for this year includes a free week of Overwatch until January 4 and special discounts. In World of Warcraft you can buy multiple digital items with up to 50% discount. The canine package, which includes dogs and saddles, will have a 65% discount. Also, if you want to bring your favorite characters to life, the character accelerators will be 30% off. The promotion runs until January 4.

The newly released Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be on sale with up to 33% discount (PC Standard version). Hearthstone will have several sets will be on sale and finally Diablo III, Both the base game and the game expansions will be 25% off until January 4.

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Graphic designer by profession, gamer by chance, persevering by conviction.