Trump acknowledges Biden’s victory in “rigged” election for the first time

After last Friday, in his first reappearance to the media after knowing his defeat, he hinted at the possibility of a change of government in the United States, Donald Trump seems to have given in to the evidence, but in his own way. The president acknowledged this Sunday that his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, won the November 3 elections, a fact on which he had so far avoided commenting. But, yes, he has attributed the triumph of former Obama vice president to elections that were “rigged”, as he has assured on his Twitter account. «He only won in the eyes of the fake media. I do not concede anything! We have a long way to go ”, he warned.

In the president’s opinion, Biden “won because the elections were rigged. There were no supervisors or observers. ‘ That is how resounding he has expressed it in an incendiary message in which he has accused the Dominion company, “owned by the radical left,” of supplying “Misleading” vote counting teams with the complicity of “the false and mute media.” A whole declaration of intent that he will not make the replacement in the White House easy, as he already hinted yesterday, when, wrapped up by thousands of followers in Washington, he again claimed about the existence of electoral fraud.

The current president has denounced that “all the mechanical ‘errors’ that occurred on Election Night were, in reality, Democrats caught while trying to steal votes. But those who were not caught were very successful. Elections by mail are a sick joke. However, his accusations, lacking evidence, are also not backed by government security agencies, which claim that “the November 3 election was the safest in the history of the United States.” Nor has any court or electoral authority, including the Republicans responsible for overseeing the recount, have validated these Trump allegations.

The rejection of the electoral result by the president has caused important you hinder Biden on his way to transition. The president-elect has so far been deprived of receiving from the General Services Administration the funds that are stipulated that the winning presidential campaign receives to take the first steps towards the conformation of his Administration. In addition to not receiving those 6.3 million dollars, the Democratic leader has also been denied access to traditional security reports and briefings, keys to the transfer of power to occur in a safe and orderly manner.

An overwhelming result

Despite his reluctance, Trump knows that, mathematically, staying in the White House is an almost impossible challenge since Biden has obtained 306 electoral votes – only 270 are needed to win the presidency – while the Republican president has had to settle for 232. It is the same result, but in reverse, as the one he obtained in 2016 against Hillary Clinton . In addition, even if the count in Georgia was favorable, he would still not have enough support to win.

For that reason, it was not surprising that since his reappearance on Friday he was forced to recognize that it may not be he who will occupy the White House as of January 20. “What happens in the future, who knows what government it will be, I guess time will tell”he said, adding to the confusion the next day as he cried out in Washington, emboldened by a crowd of supporters, that victory was his. “There is tremendous evidence of widespread electoral fraud in the sense that there is irrefutable evidence that our Republican observers were not allowed to be present in the counting rooms. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and others. Unconstitutional! We win with that alone! ”He snapped.


Atlético Tucumán beat Arsenal as a visitor in the final and is the leader of their group

Atlético Tucumán defeated Arsenal 2-1 today at the Julio Humberto Grondona stadium, for the second date of Zone 1 of the Professional League Cup. Gabriel Risso Patron opened the scoring for the visit in the first half and Mateo Carabajal tied it in the second for the homeowner, in a controversial play. At the end, already in added time, Lucas Melano gave the victory to the Dean.

It was a first time in which the owner of the house had possession, although without clarity, and the visit invoiced the only one he had. Maximiliano Gagliardo covered Leonardo Heredia’s heads up, but Risso Patron took advantage of the rebound to convert his first goal in the First Division.

The second period started in the same vein, until at 11 minutes Nicolás Castro crashed a free kick in the upper left corner, Lucas Albertengo involuntarily gave the ball to Carabajal with his right arm and the defender tied the game with a violent right hand . According to current rules, the play should have been invalidated, but referee Leandro Rey Hilfer validated the conquest.

At 33, Méndez saw his second yellow card for a child attack in front of the referee’s eyes and left the local with one less man. The Dean had his chance at 44 with a shot from Ramiro Carrera that Gagliardo covered well. Two minutes later, Melano picked up a rebound and sent the ball into the net for Atlético to lead with an ideal score.

Sergio Rondina’s team continues without winning in the tournament, because in the debut they tied as a visitor against Unión in Santa Fe. Atlético Tucumán, meanwhile, beat Racing in the Cilindro in its debut, so it leads the group with 6 units.


Universidad Católica took out its arsenal and beat Independiente del Valle

Universidad Católica won against Independiente del Valle and got three local points in the meeting that was played this Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Jesús Castillo, Yúber Mosquera and Nazareno Bazán they scored the goals of the victory of the local team. While the away goal did Edson Montaño from the penalty spot.

A highlight of the game was Nazareno Bazán’s goal in the 14th minute of the second half. After receiving an assist from Juan Manuel Tevez, the steering wheel placed it at the left post and down.

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The figure of the meeting was Yúber Mosquera. The defender of U. Católica (E) was important because he converted 1 goal and cleared 3 dangerous balls.

On the other hand, Jesús Castillo was key. The defender of U. Católica (E) was important because he scored 1 goal.

At minute 43 of the first half, the U. Católica (E) midfielder Facundo Martínez made a fool of Christian Ortiz, the Independiente del Valle midfielder, with a great shot.

It was a game with many fouls and with numerous interruptions.

U.Católica will visit Emelec the next day, while Ind. Del Valle will host Deportivo Cuenca at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium.

The local is in third place with 31 points and 9 wins, while the visitor reached 32 units and is placed in second place in the tournament.


Bielsa, happy: Leeds thrashed Aston Villa and turns on

Team and tournament scorer Patrick Bamford (6) scored a treble at 10m., 21m. and 32m. of the second half.

With this victory, Leeds added 10 units and it is one of the surprises of the competition, while Aston Villa (12) wasted the chance to climb to the top and remains in second place.

The schedule will present Manchester United and Chelsea on Saturday, starting at 1.30 pm, as the outstanding match.

leeds aston villa.mp4


The continuity of the date:

+ Sábado: West Ham-Manchester City (8.30), Fulham-Crystal Palace (11), Manchester United-Chelsea (13.30) y Liverpool-Sheffield United (16).

+ Domingo: Southampton-Everton (11), Wolverhampton-Newcastle (13.30) y Arsenal-Leicester (16.15).

+ Lunes: Brighton-West Bromwich Albion (14.30) y Burnley-Tottenham Hotspur (17).

Positions: Everton 13 puntos; Aston Villa 12; Leeds y Liverpool 10; Leicester, Arsenal y Wolverhampton 9; Tottenham y Chelsea 8; West Ham, Manchester City, Southampton, Newcastle y Crystal Palace 7; Manchester United 6, Brighton 4, West Bromwich 2 y Burnley, Sheffield y Fulham 1.


New Adjustment in Fat Cattle Values, with an Eye on Climate

It closes a fourth consecutive week of low prices for fat cattle. Although the adjustment has moderated, the values ​​continue under pressure in a scenario of increasing supply and with some nervousness due to the delay of the rains.

The industries propose lower values ​​and, even, some plant is without spending a price. The offer increases gradually, although the concretion of businesses has slowed down.

The special fat steer is priced between US $ 3.20 and US $ 3.25 per kilo on fourth scale, with some exceptional business above these references. At the end of the week it was difficult to exceed these values. The entries to the plant remain long, between 10 and 20 days.

For the good fat cow, business deals between US $ 3 and US $ 3.05 per kilo, achieving something more in specific batches. The cow is more in demand than the calf. The heifer is priced between US $ 3.15 and US $ 3.25.

Operators consulted agree that a slight additional price adjustment could be registered in the coming days. The volume of work and the weather conditions will be key.

Anxiety rises due to the delay of the rains, which would be arriving next week. The regrowth of pastures has been slowed down by the low rainfall and temperatures that are only now on the rise. There is a yellow light for the end of spring and the run of summer with forecasts that reaffirm a La Niña episode and a probability of below-average rainfall.

With this climatic panorama and the adjustment that the fat cattle has registered, movements in the replacement market have been reduced.

In the international market, uncertainty is increasing about how the European demand for meat will evolve in the face of the resurgence of covid-19. The bloc countries are tightening measures to prevent the spread of the disease; in some regions restricting activity in restaurants and announcing the closure of bars. In China, for its part, there is a sustained demand, but with moderate values.

The meat packing industry remains cautious. Last week the slaughter of cattle crossed 40,000 heads for the first time since the beginning of June. It registered a weekly rise of 12% and totaled 40,313 head. The most notable rise was in the slaughter of cows (19%) that added 16,798 heads. In the case of steers, the rise was 6% with 17,703 heads.

Agreements are being closed for the arrival of kosher crews at the end of the month in some plants. At the beginning of November, meanwhile, a new slaughter of corral cattle begins, destined for Quota 481, which may take away purchasing pressure on pasture cattle.

On the other hand, firmness predominates in the sheep. Business is taking place smoothly and prices continue to rise moderately. Light lamb is priced at around US $ 3.48, heavy lamb at US $ 3.54, lambs at US $ 3.51, capons at US $ 3.13 and sheep at US $ 3.07.

The weekly slaughter of sheep totaled 30,157 animals, a weekly jump of 19%.

Slight rise in exported value

The export price of beef averaged US $ 3,820 per ton last week, slightly above the previous week, according to preliminary data released by the National Meat Institute.

So far in 2020, the value per ton exported stands at US $ 3,823, a rise of 1.4% compared to the US $ 3,771 registered in the same period of 2019.

In sheep meat, the price remained stable with an average of US $ 4,404. So far this year it stands at US $ 4,291, a 3.9% drop compared to the US $ 4,465 registered a year ago.