London celebrates 40 years of its Chinook helicopters by buying 14 more

Disbursement of more than 1,600 million euros

British Air Force (RAF) Chinook helicopter. Photo: RAF

05/17/2021 | London

The UK Ministry of Defense has issued this Friday a statement detailing the purchase of 14 new helicopters Chinook for 1,400 million pounds (slightly more than 1,625 million euros at the current exchange rate). The moment coincides with the recent celebration of the 40th anniversary of the entry into service of these aircraft in the country (1981).

The new order, according to the text, “marks the commitment assumed in the recent Defense Command Paper to invest more than 85,000 million pounds [casi 99.000 millones de euros] in military equipment over the next four years to reform and renew our Armed forces”. Last November the british prime minister, Boris Johnson, specifically announced a total increase of 16,500 million pounds (almost 18,600 million euros) compared to the defense investment initially planned for those four years.

The official source recalls that the Chinook, which he describes as a “very versatile aircraft”, is a helicopter “proven in combat and operated in all major conflicts since the Malvinas War”. It also highlights its ability to “operate in a wide range of environments, from the desert to the Arctic, and transport up to 55 people or ten tons of cargo.”

Variante H-47 Extended Range

The device purchased is now of the new variant H-47 Extended Range (extended autonomy), capable of developing a maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour and equipped with a series of new capabilities. These include the adoption of an advanced digital cockpit, a modernized airframe to increase stability and improve survivability, and a digital automatic flight control system that allows pilots to fly over areas with limited visibility.

“The Chinook [fabricado por la estadounidense Boeing] has been the workhorse of the Armed Forces [británicas] for more than 40 years ”, explained the secretary of defense, Ben Wallace. During this time, the aircraft has participated in a multitude of missions of different entities, “from helping emergency repairs to the UK’s flood defenses, providing vital logistical support during [la pandemia de] covid-19 to its fighting role on the Afghan battlefields. “

First deliveries, in 2026

“The innovator H-47 (IS) will be at the forefront of our specialized requirements in threat management and logistical support ”, added Wallace, before stating that with this acquisition“ we will be one of the few air forces with this capacity ”.

Helicopters CH-47 Chinook they are still active, in their different variants, in the arsenal of countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and Spain. The latter has commissioned the modernization of its fleet of 17 models of the model, of the version CH-47D, to convert them into the C-47F variant, for an outlay of 820 million euros. The Spanish schedule marks this year as the year in which the first modernized helicopter will arrive.

In the case of the British purchase of 14 new Chinook, it is an operation developed under the United States formula in accordance with overseas military sales (FMS, for its acronym in English). The transaction includes development and manufacturing over the next decade. If there is no news, deliveries will begin in 2026.

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Meteorites by chance – RSI Swiss radio and television

Rob Wilcock, his wife Cathryn and daughter Hannah still struggle to believe that they have accidentally found themselves at the center of a great scientific discovery. After hearing a dull thud outside their home in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire on the night of Sunday 28th February. On their property, they recovered the most precious space rock ever to fall in the UK.

And British scientists are ecstatic with joy: the meteorite is a carbonaceous chondrite, a dark stony material that retains the chemistry unaltered from the formation of our solar system 4.6 billion years ago and, as such, could give us new insights into how planets were born.

The meteorite is now on public display at the Natural History Museum in London.

EBU, Bleff

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16 May 2021, 17:32

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16 May 2021, 17:35


Two new travel options to get vaccinated with Sputnik

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By plane from Spain, until landing in Turkish lands. And from Turkey to Russia, sailing through the Black Sea, to be immunized against Covid-19 with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

The Vaccine tourism in Russia spreads and the travel agencies of the world begin to prepare new vacation packages that include the option of receiving the antigen known as Sputnik. This is the case of the Norwegian company World Visitor, which from next June will have two options available to travel to Russia from Turkey.

To travel from Spain, it would be necessary to obtain the visa to enter Turkey. Once in the country, the travel agency takes care of all the transfers, as well as the accommodation.

The first option is two short trips of four days each. Keep in mind that the Russian Covid-19 vaccine requires two doses to achieve immunity. The price per person is 1,049 euros if you choose a three-star hotel and 1,199 if it is a four-star hotel.

The cost includes roundtrip flight from the chosen airport to the Turkish city of Trabzon; transfers to the vaccination center in Sochi (Russia); medical appointment in a private clinic, three nights in a hotel, translator and tour guide.

On the day of arrival in Trabzon (Turkey), the guide will be in charge of picking us up at the airport and transferring us to the hotel. It will be the second day when we will have the opportunity to receive the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus. Thus, we will be transferred in the speedboat known as “Cometa” to Sochi (Russia), where we will have the medical appointment in a private clinic.

The itinerary provided by the travel agency leaves the third day for sightseeing in Sochi, before returning to Turkey again, from where we will fly to our country on the fourth day of the trip.

23 day trip

The second option that World Visitor offers is a 23-day trip. Its price? From 2,060 euros per person, since flights to Turkey are not included and offer the opportunity to extend the itinerary with the hiring of extra excursions.

Thus, the aforementioned cost includes all transfers (both the ferry to Russia and internal flights), the fees of the private clinic for vaccination and 22 nights of accommodation.

Boxes with doses of the Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19.

Boxes with doses of the Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19.

Europa Press

As in the offer of two short trips, we would fly from Spain to the Turkish city of Trabzon, where we would do the first night of the trip. The next day, we would be transferred by ferry to Sochi (Russia), to receive the first dose of the Sputnik vaccine.

The next day, we would return to Trabzon where we would stay until the fifth day of our trip. It would be from this day when we would travel the Turkish roads visiting different cities such as Samsun, Bogazkale o Antalya.

On the 22nd we would return to Trabzon where we would take a ferry to Sochi to receive the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Once administered and after spending the night in the Russian city, we would return to Turkish lands to start the return home from there.

These two new options are in addition to those already mentioned by EL ESPAÑOL and show the deployment that Russia is making to promote vaccine tourism in its territory.


Champions League: Gustavo Dulanto Peruvian defender was champion with Sheriff of Moldova qualifies for Champions ironically to be champion of Namekusein PHOTO

Gustavo Dulanto’s career remains in the old continent, although now he is a player of the Sheriff of Moldova. Although the league is not one of the strongest in Europe, the club to which the former University defender belongs is dominant in the local tournament and usually has a presence in international competitions.

This season, the title of the National Division did not escape them, since this Wednesday they beat Milsami 6-0 on date 32 and were mathematically out of reach of Petrocub, their closest pursuer. In this way, Gustavo Dulanto and company celebrated the new star of the club.

The happiness was enormous and the defender decided to share his achievement through social networks, ironing a bit with the league in which he plays. “I am a Namekusei champion”, were the words that Gustavo Dulanto shared on his Twitter account, accompanied by a photo of the Peruvian flag proudly wearing.

The title achieved not only means an important step for the footballer and the team, but it will also allow them to play international tournaments. According to the quotas granted by UEFA, the Moldovan champions will play the preliminary phase of the next Champions League and there is a possibility that they could reach the group stage.

However, if they do not succeed, they would even have one more chance to go to the Europa League qualifiers, as happened in the season that is closing. Gustavo Dulanto and company will have to work hard in the preseason to finish the knockout games in the future.

Gustavo Dulanto, from Liga 1 to Champions League

The 26-year-old defender Gustavo Dulanto was at Universitario, UTC and Real Garcilaso (now Cusco FC) during his stay in Peru. In July 2019 he arrived in Boavista de Portugal, where he had good performances despite little continuity. Finally, in January 2021 he arrived at Sheriff, where he has a contract until June 2023.


Russia awaits visit of a Turkish delegation to board Sputnik V shipment

During this month, more than 5 million doses of AstraZeneca and Sputnik V will arrive in Argentina. The President continues his tour of Europe. Record soybean harvest eases the government’s macroeconomy. The most important crypto currencies are back on the rise. The North American Stock Market fears that there will be an inflationary scale in the United States


Biden approves emergency aid for Virginia state due to winter storm

The president of United States, Joe Biden, approved a disaster declaration for the state of Virginia (southeast) that will help the recovery efforts of residents affected by a severe winter storm that occurred earlier this year, the White House announced in a statement Monday.

“Today (Monday), President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. declared that there is a major disaster in Virginia and ordered federal assistance to supplement recovery efforts in areas affected by the severe winter storms of 11-13. February 2021 “, says the text.

Last winter, a severe storm blocked many of Virginia’s highways and left hundreds of thousands of residents without power.

The declaration allows local governments and private nonprofits to receive federal funds in their efforts to repair and replace infrastructure damaged by the storm.

Source: Sputnik


Joanne Anderson, black woman and mayor of a big city: a UK first

It claims to be a “left socialist”. At 47, Joanne Anderson, the first black woman elected directly mayor of a large city in Great Britain, is also the first female city councilor of Liverpool, birthplace of the Beatles in the metropolitan district of Merseyside (north-west of England). After the municipal elections of Thursday, May 6, this discreet woman about her personal life succeeds her namesake, Joe Anderson, mayor from 2012 to 2021. The latter, also Labor, leaves his post on suspicion of financial embezzlement and award of contracts public. An investigation is underway.

“Rebuilding Confidence”

As soon as the results were announced, Joanne Anderson promised to « rebuild trust ”. “Liverpool has always been a city that does things differently and chooses its own path. Today we are making history ”, she said. With 59% of the vote, having promised accountability and transparency, she is ahead of an independent, Stephen Yip, (ex-member of Labor) who gathered 40.8% of the voters.

During the campaign, the people of Liverpool did not hide their annoyance with Labor, not enough left for their liking. In fact, if the city resisted, during these elections, the conservative push in the cities of the “red wall”, traditionally Labor, other citadels of Labor were broken down by the conservative party of Boris Johnson.

Former European Capital of Culture

Herself a native of Liverpool, from the oldest black community in the country, Joanne Anderson, did not come from the political seraglio. A single mother, she is preparing to lead a town of some 500,000 inhabitants traumatized by the health crisis. In October, Liverpool recorded the highest death rate from the coronavirus in the country, and was the first city placed under very severe confinement.

The new city council will also have to find ways to revive the economy of the city, once one of the largest ports in the Empire – 40% of British trade – before falling victim to the deindustrialization of the 1970s. decked out with a bad reputation, Liverpool drags an image of a metropolis undermined by industrial decline, the ultra-liberalism of the Thatcher years and mass unemployment. In 2008, elevated to the rank of European capital of culture, it began its rebirth.


They find the body of a newborn baby in the London channel: they investigate his death | Chronicle

London police are investigating the death of a newborn found on the London canal this Sunday.

In the Grand Union Canal, northwest of London, the body was found, according to the Metropolitan Police assured the media. The incident occurred this Sunday before 1:20 p.m. local time.

As published by The London Press, urged the baby’s mother to seek assistance urgently.

The police are investigating the death of the newborn baby. (Courtesy: The Londron Press)

The police responded to a call and found the body near Old Oak Lane but sadly the baby was pronounced dead after being found in the water.

The place was closed to carry out investigations at the scene where the newborn was found.

A witness stated: “This is a popular route for cyclists. There were quite a few emergency services, along with a specialized car for the incidents. The information is very regrettable, I did not expect this to be what was happening “.

Ealing Police reported via Twitter: “ An investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances. We urge the baby’s mother to seek medical help through 999 “, and the citizens were asked to communicate in case of having any information.

The place where they found the body of the newborn baby


the UK holds its breath

Second day of suspense in Scotland, which should also be the last. This Saturday, the fourth nation of the United Kingdom should finally know if the Independentists of the Scottish national party (SNP) have fulfilled their promise to obtain an absolute majority (65 seats) in the Scottish Parliament of Holyrood (129 seats). This absolute majority being the condition set by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon to demand that London call a referendum on independence.

Election for independence in Scotland

The legislative election, which is taking place at the same time in Wales, has turned into an election for independence. The last referendum on this issue took place in September 2014. To the question: “Should Scotland become an independent country?” », 55% of Scots answered no, 44% yes. Seven years later, Nicola Sturgeon, head of the SNP and prime minister this time hopes to ask the question again and obtain a majority of yes. But to call a new referendum, Scotland must be given the green light from the British government. So far, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is against it.

UK rocked by headwinds

But for now, the slow counting of votes, interrupted in the evening due to restrictions due to the pandemic, will continue this Saturday when the results of the last 25 constituencies will be known. The first results show that the SNP after 14 years in power is guaranteed to rule again for 5 years. But the party is not guaranteed to obtain the 65 seats which would ensure it an absolute majority. It will be ” on the razor wire », Estimated the commentators this Saturday, May 8 in the morning when there were still 25 seats not yet allocated.

Labor leaders in Wales

At 9:30 p.m. on Friday evening, the SNP had won 39 of the 48 seats allocated during the day. Conservatives 3, Labor 2, Liberal Democrats 4. The separatists have obviously decided to vote useful and leave divisions behind. The independence party Alba (which means Scotland in Gaelic), founded at the last minute last March by Alex Salmon, former SNP leader and former prime minister, did not allow him to win a seat in parliament.

Scotland: in Kirkcaldy, separatists worried about the future

Wales had a day of suspense yesterday. The other British nation also elected members of the Senedd, the Welsh parliament. On Friday evening, the results were more advanced than in Scotland: of the 52 of the 60 seats allocated, the ruling Labor Party won 30, the Conservatives 12, the Plaid Cymru (independence party) 9, and the Liberal Democrats , 1. For the first time, 16-year-olds voted and if the independence party counted on them to climb the ranks of parliament, hope has been dashed. After 22 years in power, the Labor Party was showing great resistance to the onslaught of the Welsh Conservatives. The only reason to rejoice for Labor which, on the same day, suffered a stinging defeat in the municipal elections in England against the Conservative party of Boris Johnson.


Why are vaccines lacking in the world?

Why are vaccines lacking in the world?

Once the vaccination period has begun, in Spain around 8% of the population have been vaccinated with all doses, for only 1.5% of the world population of the 7,700 million people who live in the world, with the Except that 80% of them are in only ten countries. What is the cause of this “medical apartheid” that has been configured with the deployment of vaccines? Why aren’t vaccines being provided to the world’s 7.7 billion people?

The Chinese authorities, after having detected the “bug”, sequenced the virus and shared the information on a website, in which scientists from different private and public institutions rushed to download the information to have a better understanding of the virus by trying to create a vaccine for the immunization of the population. In such a way that, in a very few months, nine private and public companies announced that they already had vaccine candidates: Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Novavax, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi / GSK, Sinovac, Sinopharm and Gamaleya, some of the which, like the last three mentioned, have been produced by the Chinese and Russian public sectors, immediately proceeding to distribute it among 41 countries.

The rest of the vaccines have been produced by private companies, although financed by the public treasury of different countries, among which is our country with a multimillion-dollar contribution to GAVI (Gates Foundation and CIA that, together with the World Bank , WHO and Unicef ​​are the “saviors of the world”), as expressed in a tweet on May 4, 2020, by the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez: “We have met to promote an ambitious and global to covid-19 based on social justice, science and collaboration. Let’s learn from the past and make sure that, this time, we come out of the crisis without leaving anyone behind ”.

The clearest example of the above is the one referred to the controversial AstraZeneca vaccine, whose 97 percent financing was carried out with money from the British government, European funds and other States, leaving the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry in a scarce 3 percent. Thus, while Boris Johnson had the audacity to point out that the speed of the vaccine was due “to capitalism, to greed”, and the pharmaceutical industry promoted the same message in defense of patents and property rights, the researchers from Universities Allied for Essential Medicines UK carried out by the studies are by no means consistent with these statements by the British president when they state through a statement that: “Our study shows that it is the opposite: public investment and international collaboration gave us the covid-19 vaccines “.

However, these private companies after having received public funding to produce vaccines for the whole world, put these up for sale to obtain colossal profits while further securing their profits through patents, in such a way that the information that We have today about vaccines sold and transported to different parts of the world, changing rapidly, where many of the nations classified as poor will not have vaccines for their population before 2023, while other nations, of the so-called rich, have hoarded enough doses to vaccinate your population up to five times.

Can the countries of the Near and Middle East, where the world’s largest oil reserves are concentrated, continue to be called poor? Are Libya, Zaire, Ghana, Liberia, Zambia, Congo and many other African countries poor, on whose mineral extraction literally depends the operation of the governing branches of the industries of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and? other developed capitalist states? Can countries such as India, Malaysia, Brazil and many other countries in Asia and Latin America continue to be classified as poor, when 80% of the raw material that moves the world is concentrated in their entrails?

Throughout my international trade union career, if I learned something, it was that those countries called poor are exploited by those other countries considered rich, sometimes too poor to hold that title, and therefore it is not possible to continue talking about poor countries, but rather of countries plundered and enslaved, but never poor, reaching the conclusion that in the European Union we continue to live on a bubble with a false illusion of security, largely thanks to the plundering of their material and biological resources, but the truth is that is that “our comfortable and safe existence” has an expiration date sooner rather than later, among other issues, because the increasingly fragile European bubble can burst overnight as it is surrounded by millions of people who suffer, each time more, the direct and indirect consequences of that historical process of great exploitation in those Third World countries, as if there were several worlds on this planet to.

Looking at the percentage of the vaccinated population in the population of the European Union, we see that it is surprisingly low, well below the real capacity that it has to produce such vaccines in the different States that comprise it, resulting paradoxical this vaccine shortage having, as it is, a large pharmaceutical business fabric with a production capacity among the highest in the world.

It is clear that in a situation as dramatic as the current one, in which more than 10,000 people continue to die every day in the world from covid-19, a situation like the one we have to live cannot occur, and this requires a substantial change in the productive and distributive dynamics of vaccines and other necessary elements at European and world levels.

How difficult is it to start manufacturing vaccines to supply everyone in record time, once the formula to fight the virus is known? Sure, I forgot, I’m still a poor fool. We are talking about patents, translated into colossal profits for the world financial oligarchy, but, even so, I still think that the release of these in a global way and the urgent intervention of laboratories and facilities where vaccines can be produced, as well as instruments necessary for its application, it is a matter of life and death for millions of people around the planet. It’s about your earnings or our lives. If the EU is not able to carry it out, it is better that they close the chiringuito and stop misleading the population.