Hard-fought battle: This is how the tough fight goes on the scorers’ table in the Premier League – Ten

Egypt’s Mohamed Salah, scorer in Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Aston Villa on Saturday, caught Harry Kane (Tottenham) at the top of the Premier League scorers’ table.

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Both have 19 goals each, three ahead of Portuguese Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United), with 16 goals.

– Table of scorers of the 31st day of the Premier League:

19 goles: Kane (Tottenham), Salah (Liverpool)

16 goals: Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

14 goles: Bamford (Leeds), Calvert-Lewin (Everton), Son Heung-min (Tottenham)

13 goals: Lacazette (Arsenal)

12 goles: Gündogan (Manchester City), Vardy (Leicester), Watkins (Aston Villa)

10 goles: Rashford (Manchester United), Wilson (Newcastle)

9 goles: Aubameyang (Arsenal), Barnes (Leicester), Ings (Southampton), Mahrez (Manchester City), Soucek (West Ham), Sterling (Mánchester City), Zaha (Crystal Palace)

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8 goals: Bowen (West Ham), Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City), Iheanacho (Leicester), Jota (Liverpool), Lingard (West Ham), Maddison (Leicester), Maupay (Brighton)

7 goles: Adams (Southampton), Antonio (West Ham), Cavani (Manchester United), Dallas (Leeds), Harrison (Leeds), Mané (Liverpool), Matheus Pereira (West Bromwich), Ward-Prowse (Southampton), Woods (Burnley)


Liverpool think about the return of Luis Suárez

Mar 25, 2021 at 5:47 pm


Daniel Guillen

The attacker of Atlético de Madrid, Luis Suarez, It could be him substitute for Mohamed Salah at Liverpool if the Egyptian player left at the end of the season, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail. The Uruguayan, who was in the team red between 2011 and 2014, where became one of the most decisive attackers in European football, continues to demonstrate its great relationship with the goal in the mattress team.

The ex of the Barça, that is giving a great performance to the orders of Diego Pablo Simeone, could return to the Premier League next season if the Liverpool star decided to leave. The ex of Roma has contract until 2023 with Jürgen Klopp’s team, but several British media suggest that there is a possibility that the Egyptian will leave in search of a new sports project. The Liverpool board would welcome the return of Luis Suárez, especially after checking his level away from Barcelona.

That of Chelsea, Fiorentina or Basel, among others, has become Liverpool’s most important player, where he has won a Premier Legue and a Champions League. With the elastic red, Mohamed Salah has scored 119 goals in 192 appearances, confirming his transformation from a skilled winger to a very well rounded player.

A profitable incorporation

Luis Suárez landed in the capital practically at zero cost after Ronald Koeman informed him that he was not counting on him in his project in Barcelona. The third top scorer in the history of FC Barcelona got under the command of Diego Pablo Simeone and his performance is being outstanding. The Uruguayan, who has a contract until 2022, has scored 19 goals in LaLiga and is one of the main responsible that Atlético de Madrid marches as leader.

His main pending subject is still the Champions League: the Uruguayan has ceased to be a determining factor in the top European competition. The red-and-white elimination at the hands of Chelsea has returned to put on the table the debate on the physical state of Luis Suárez. The last time the former Barcelona player scored away from home in this competition was precisely with the Barça club, on September 16, 2015 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. This season, in addition, he has not seen the door in any of the six games he has played.


Liverpool vs Leipzig Round of 16 Round

Liverpool receives this Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. at Leipzig at Puskas Arena de Budapest, in game corresponding to the Round of the Eighth Finals of the UEFA Champions League 2020-2021.

In Ida’s party, the Reds They managed to take advantage of two goals (0-2) over the Germans, so a draw and even a defeat by less than two scores would put them in the Quarterfinals.



Klopp’s great crossroads

Two weeks ago, James Pearce, Liverpool correspondent in The Athletic, defined the club’s results crisis as “The biggest challenge of Klopp’s reign at Anfield”. 15 days have passed and the outlook has not improved. Along the way they have suffered tough corrections against Manchester City and Leicester. The German and several of his players have officially resigned from the race for the Premier and yesterday The Guardian defined his season as “A disastrous defense of the throne”. The worst thing for Liverpool is not the qualifiers, but the doubts do not stop growing in a decisive stretch of the season.

Feb 15, 2021 at 09:01


Liverpool is fourth in the table with 40 points. He is 13 behind City with one more game, this Monday Chelsea or West Ham can snatch his place in the top-4 and on Tuesday they have another final. They visit RB Leipzig in the Champions League, a tie today essential to keep alive a goal to believe in this season. The question that many are asking is clear. How could Liverpool get here?

30 points less than last year

The answer, like every pothole, is in a heap of problems. On Saturday in Leicester the ‘reds’ went out with their 13th different central pair so far this year. The figure speaks for itself. Winter signing debuted Pumpkin With the worst of luck: a serious mistake of his and Alisson gave the comeback to Vardy. Klopp called for reinforcements in January, they arrived and problems persist. Van Dijk’s shadow it is very elongated. It will be necessary to see if in Europe it is still longer.

At the same time, it is unfair to only point to the defensive line. They add 30 points less than last year after 24 days, and the explanation must also be sought up front. Although they have accumulated 45 goals this season, one less than Manchester City, their head-to-head performance since Christmas has been disastrous. In 2021 they have scored 8 goals in 8 games. 6 of them came in two wins. Gündogan has scored more goals (9) than all of Liverpool in so far this year.

Salah, Firmino y Mané they have lost their electricity. Liverpool do not flow in attack as they did in the past, where they were able to hide the gaps in defense with their offensive voracity. Nor have they managed to find the perfect hole for a luxury reinforcement such as Thiago. Klopp expected the Spaniard to give them an extra quality against defensive bolts. The problem is that the ‘scoursers’ are being unable to bottle their rivals. In the meantime, Thiago suffers.

“We have to show a different reaction than we did in Leicester. We conceded the first goal and then the second in a way that I didn’t like, because of the team’s response. We must improve ”, reflected the German coach after his last defeat. He is right, and the reality is that the reaction must be immediate. With the Premier already turned into a utopia, the eighth of the Champions League is emerging as the escape route from the Klopp’s great crossroads.


Salah leads Premier League scorers despite not scoring

Salah has 13 goals, two more than Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Everton), Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and Jamie Vardy (Leicester).

– Premier League scorers table:

13 goles: False (Liverpool)

11 goles: Calvert-Lewin (Everton), Son Heung-min (Tottenham), Vardy (Leicester)

10 goles: Bamford (Leeds), B. Fernandes (Manchester United)

9 goles: Kane (Tottenham)

8 goles: Wilson (Newcastle), Zaha (Crystal Palace)

7 goles: Rashford (Manchester United)

6 goles: Abraham (Chelsea), Ings (Southampton), Mané (Liverpool), Watkins (Aston Villa)

5 goals: Barnes (Leicester), El-Ghazi (Aston Villa), Grealish (Aston Villa), Jota (Liverpool), Lacazette (Arsenal), Maupay (Brighton), Roberto Firmino (Liverpool)

4 goles: Adams (Southampton), Bowen (West Ham), Jiménez (Wolverhampton), Mahrez (Manchester City), McGoldrick (Sheffield United), Neto (Wolverhampton), Reid (Fulham), Soucek (West Ham), Sterling (Manchester City), Ward-Prowse (Southampton), Werner (Chelsea), Zouma (Chelsea)

3 goles: Antonio (West Ham), Aubameyang (Arsenal), Benteke (Crystal Palace), Cavani (Manchester United), Dallas (Leeds), Giroud (Chelsea), Haller (West Ham), Harrison (Leeds), Jorginho (Chelsea), Klich (Leeds), Maddison (Leicester), Podence (Wolverhampton), Rodrigo (Leeds), James (Everton), Tielemans (Leicester), Vestergaard (Southampton), Woods (Burnley)


Klopp talks about Salah in Madrid or Barcelona

Rumors continue about the future of the Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah and Real Madrid and Barcelona are in the shortlist of teams that could ‘host’ the Egyptian player next season. It was Salah himself who fed this information.

I think Madrid and Barcelona are two top clubs. Who knows what will happen in the future, but right now I am focused on winning the Premier League and the Champions League with Liverpool again, “Salah said in an interview for the AS newspaper.

“We make changes and we bring players and if a player wants to go, we can’t stop him. It’s just that he wouldn’t understand why they would want to leave. When Salag answered the question it was that these clubs might be interested and he didn’t rule that out,” Klopp commented on Press conference.

Klopp acknowledges that anything can happen, but He would not understand that one of his players left current Liverpool: “We could all look for something else if we want to. But I think the only reason to leave Liverpool right now is the weather. What other reason could there be? This is one of the biggest clubs in the world, we pay a lot of money. Maybe not them. we pay the most in the world, but we pay well, we have a great stadium with exceptional fans and we have a fan base around the world. Our color is red, which is the most beautiful color anyway. people to stay, but that’s it. It’s about timing, timing, this sort of thing. “


Liverpool between cottons, but always high

When it comes to thinking about a team that has to recover from adversity, and to which new complications appear every time, without a doubt, the first thing to think about is the Liverpool. The team of Jurgen Klopp that he is in search of being able to repeat to stay with the Premier League, but that with the passing of the matches a new complication appears in his way.

Undisputed champion of the previous season, in addition to being one of the best of England, the team led by the German knows perfectly well that they cannot be left behind if they want the so precious trophy for which they waited 30 years to stay in Anfield one more season.

The game of Liverpool is known: verticality, precision, intense, precise, dynamic, direct, among other general characteristics that he built Klopp for five years since his arrival at the club in 2015, completely different from the current one, where he was in charge of discovering and empowering players to turn them into elite footballers, empower them, until he changed his mentality to a totally winning one, something that explains the success of today.

The hardest part of all that is staying. More in a league where it is constantly growing and rivals grow, they begin to know and find weaknesses in the teams that are already formed, which makes it a challenge for Klopp reinvent a team that is at the top so as not to fall.

The new faces of Liverpool 2020/21

That is why, despite the super population in the midfield with options such as Wijnaldum, Keita, Henderson, Fabinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain o Milner, the former coach of Borussia Dortmund saw the opportunity to bring quality play and fantastic game vision as Thiago Alcantara and I do not doubt, took him to his Liverpool that seemed to be covered in that sector, but that the Spanish gives him a leap in quality, a vision of the game incomparable with any footballer.

Thiago Alcántara with the Liverpool shirt. Photo: Premier League.

But it didn’t just stay there, even though so much Andrew Robertson Y Trent Alexander-Arnold are fundamental in the scheme of Liverpool, Klopp you know that if either of you is injured you are in serious trouble. The importance and key piece for Reds work, they go through them both in attack and to maintain defensive solidity in their sector. The replacement for English is Neco Williamsbut who plays instead of Andy Robertson? For that, it came Kostas Tsimikas.

The weak line of last season was based on, when the games were complicated or when some of the offensive trident Salah-Firmino-Mané, is not available, what is plan B. That plan B was unthinkable, it was unknown how he could react, how he could adapt, but it still came Diogo Jota of the Wolves.

Still, something else was missing when thinking about the defensive zone. Will another goalkeeper be necessary instead of Adrián That left more doubts than certainties in previous games? Will another center-back be needed in case Dijk or Gomez is injured? Some of these questions went through the head of Jurgen Klopp at the beginning of the season, but with the motto of taking care of the economy, Liverpool with three incorporations the market closed.

The season between cottons

It cost the Liverpool find the rhythm and intensity that the champion team had. Last season, they passed you overhead. They were solid, they were strong in attack, they were intense to the point of leaving the rival breathless, they made him run because of the fast way of playing with their ends and sides at pure speed that they love to take advantage of space. The long balls in defense, the pressure of the midfield, the defense that made it impossible to generate dangerous plays and, if they did, he was Alisson to come to the rescue.

None of that was seen on the first dates. Unrecognizable defensive errors, it was difficult for him to generate danger even though Mohamed Salah it was intractable for rivals. Firmino It did not weigh so much on offensive power, it did not provide as much silent work to benefit both the Egyptians and the Senegalese. The midfield with the most doubts, provided greater ball possession and little creation for the Reds in the first days. Something very different from the previous one where it was much more precise and direct, without the need to have control with the ball.

To all this, we must add that Jurgen Klopp he never had his dream eleven in any of the first eight days. Injuries, COVID, fatigue, travel, so many games in a row, prevented the German from putting together that perfect team, with his usual con Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, van Dijk, Gomez, Robertson; Jordan Henderson, Keita, Thiago; Salah, Firmino, Mané. He barely managed 45 minutes against Chelsea, one of the best versions.

The deterioration of the level mattered little for the Reds, since they kept winning and winning anyway. Found triumphs against Leeds, although it cost him, another victory against the team of Frank Lampard, where the first half suffered when attacking Werner, but it was higher and a second half with the income of Thiago, changed the image and contributed to round out a great game, and finally, a resounding victory against Arsenal.

Robertson scored for Liverpool against Arsenal.  Photo: Premier League.
Robertson scored for Liverpool against Arsenal. Photo: Premier League.

However, the loss of Alisson Becker in goal and Adrián’s entry, contributed to a decline in the Reds to the point that he received the biggest win of the season so far: in a historic match, Aston Villa beat him 7-2 at Villa Park. Then followed a 2-2 against Everton, where he could win it and had a great football level, superior to a team of Ancelotti he was in his prime, but the WHERE he took away all three points.

The rest was triumph over Sheffield Unitted, before West Ham, thanks to the figure of Diogo Jota and tie before him City. In Champions got three wins out of three: Against Ajax, Midtjylland and Atalanta, going from lowest to highest.

The lesions

Klopp He has already lost count of how many players he lost in the few months into the season. The worst thing for the German is that they were serious, which makes them miss almost the entire season and he could never put the ideal team in any of the games.

The first to be injured was Alisson. In early October he made me miss the match with Aston Villa, the derby before Everton, Ajax and the first FIFA date. A week later, the serious injury was added, his key in defense as Virgil van Dijk, with the rupture of his ligaments, so he will be out for several months.

van Dijk, the hard loss for Klopp.  Photo: Premier League.
van Dijk, the hard loss for Klopp. Photo: Premier League.

In that same game, after missing several games for giving Positive COVID, like Sadio Mané, an unnecessary and disqualifying infraction by Richarlison was added to Thiago Alcántara, which caused him to miss the rest of the games so far. His main signing that was going to change the equation, could not be a solution for Klopp.

In the central rear, with the loss of Dutch, the answers were Gómez-Matip, which is not 100% either, or Fabinho. But Fabinho the thigh was also injured and is not available to Klopp. After that, the alternatives of Nathaniel Phillips y Rhys Williams, both showing good responses by pairing with Gomez.

But, to make matters worse, in the last game against him Manchester City, Trent Alexander-Arnold came out in pain and it was known that he is also out for four weeks. And the last thing Liverpool lacked is the injury of Joe Gomez, who in England training, caused his knee tendon to tear and have to resort to surgery and be out for a while.

And, it seemed that nothing could be worse, the Federation of Egypt announced that Mohamed Salah, one of the highest levels of the Reds so far, it has also tested positive in COVID, so it will be another casualty for the German coach.

Thus, Klopp he was left without his starting central rear. Momentarily, without his substitute, or right back, so he will have to resort to the youth as Phillips y Williams, hope not to demand so much from Matip so that he does not injure himself again, James Milner, the answer first of all, until Klopp can surprise with Andy Robertson, leaving its place to Kostas Tsimikas. While Milner could occupy the right side or Neco Williams.

Diego Jota, the hidden solution

To complications for him Liverpool to find results. When he most needed to change the course of the game by not being able to break the rival defense, what happened in the last games with Sheffield y West Ham, The German sent to the playing field Diogo Jota and the Portuguese gave him the necessary answers.

The ex Wolves began to add minutes before Lincoln City in the League Cup. Then, he made his debut on the net in the match against Arsenal, where it was 3-1. The first of several in his great contribution to the advancement of the Reds. Then he had to enter the tie against Everton and before Ajax, that helped him to adapt to his new companions and to the ideology of Klopp.

After that, the winning goal came from the bench against Sheffield y ante West Ham, It was essential for Liverpool to keep the three points, in two games that were uphill. In the area, associative with Mané and with Salah, showing that it was not difficult for him to understand with his new companions, as he understood with Raul Jimenez, and understood exactly how to contribute to the team of Anfield.

To enhance his good time, he scored against Central Jutland and a hat-trick against the mighty Atalanta that, a priori, would be a more than difficult rival for him Liverpool, more playing in Italy. Liverpool found the player who changes the equation entering from the bench, bringing fresh air to the attack of the Reds, as well Diogo found in the team of Klopp a place to fit in perfectly and be useful, despite the fact that it generates many doubts when putting together the team, since Jota asks for a clue to have his place in the usual headlines.

Diogo Jota shines at Anfield.  Photo: Premier League.
Diogo Jota shines at Anfield. Photo: Premier League.

Definitely, Liverpool is still Liverpool and will have to show that, despite all adversities he has on the way of this new season, he will fight until the end and why, despite that, may still be the best in England as the year before.


FIFA 21: Salah, Oblak and Griezmann lead the team on the “road to the final” of the Champions League | SPORTS-PLAY

Updated 11/06/2020 at 1:35 PM

Half of the group stage of the Champions League and several clubs already dream of going to the round of 16. You can live the experience of the European tournament through FIFA 21.

EA Sports left behind the Champions League base cards to add the “road to finals” batch of packs. The first team is now available in the game and consists of the following footballers.

First team on the “road to the final” of the Champions League in FIFA 21

  • Cloud (92)
  • False (91)
  • Griezmann (88)
  • Rashford (86)
  • Zakaria (85)
  • Perisic (84)
  • Taison (84)
  • Davies (84)
  • Klostermann (83)
  • Muriel (82)
  • Sanson (82)

All these cards are now available in packs in the Ultimate Team game mode. Remember that every hour, EA Sports adds special envelopes so that you have a greater chance of getting a special card.

In turn, you can claim the different SBCs. In those on the “road to the final” of the Champions League you will find Mount from Chelsea with 83 on average and Koundé from Sevilla FC with 82.

Listen to “DeporPlay” on Spreaker.


Cesc Fabregas shares his ‘Fantasy Football’ team from the Premier League

Former Barça player Cesc Fabregas revealed his Premier League ‘Fantasy Football’ team through his personal Instagram profile. One of the most successful midfielders in English football, after spending time at Chelsea and Arsenal -where he was captain-, he forgot his colors when choosing the members of his squad.

11/05/2020 at 19:00


Dani godoy

The current Monaco player chose two Tottenham footballers, a team that shares a strong rivalry with its two teammates in the city of London (Arsenal and Chelsea). The Spanish lined up Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane in his starting eleven, the two greatest exponents of the Spurs’ attack.

In fact, Fabregas had the opportunity to enjoy a lot of London derbies against Tottenham during his stay in England. He won ten, tied eight and only lost five in the 501 games he played in the English championship (79 goals and 146 assists). That rivalry that lived in the flesh seems to have stayed on the field, since the World Champion had no qualms about including one of the most prolific couples in the Premier League. Between the English and the South Korean this season they already have 14 goals and 10 assists.

In his ideal eleven also appears Mohamed Salah along with his partner Alisson Becker, who returned two days ago after overcoming an injury that had sustained him in the dry dock for a month. Among those chosen, there are also ‘Gunners’ players: the Gabonese Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whom he names captain, and the Egyptian Mohamed Elneny.

Kurt Zouma, behind, is the only representative of Chelsea, a team from the British capital where Cesc spent four and a half years. The Frenchman is the ‘top scorer’ of the ‘blues’ with three goals in the Premier League, the same records as Jorginho and Timo Werner. In defense, the two-time Premier League champion also included 20-year-old Englishman Tariq Lamptey in his XI, Brighton sensation at the start of the campaign, and Ruben Dias, who arrived at Manchester City in the last transfer market.

Above, the former Barça player opted for the Mexican from the Wolves, Raúl Jiménez (4 goals in the Premier League), and Leeds ‘9’ Patrick Bamford (6 goals and 1 assist) to accompany ‘Hurrikane’ in the attack .

The full composition of Cesc Fabregas’ team is as follows:

XI headline: Alisson (Liverpool), Lamptey (Brighton), Ruben Dias (City), Zouma (Chelsea), Elneny (Arsenal), Son (Tottenham), Salah (Liverpool), Aubameyang (Arsenal), Raul Jiménez (Wolverhampton), Kane (Tottenham) y Bamford (Leeds).

Substitutes: Steer (Aston Villa), Bernardo (Brighton), Casey (Leeds) y Jairo Riedewald (Crystal Palace).


Trump and Biden offer different varieties of the same nonsense | Opinion

Pope Francis must be watching a lot of news on American television these days. “Political life is no longer about healthy debates about long-term plans to improve people’s lives and advance the common good, but only about clever marketing techniques aimed primarily at discrediting others,” he recently wrote in his encyclical All brothers. The same rightly applies to the economic plans of the two US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden generally offer different varieties of similar nonsense.

Trump offers above all what Francis calls “hyperbole, extremism and polarization.” His campaign website boasts heavily of the economic policies of the first term, promising more of the same. The list includes tax cuts not intended to decrease income or wealth inequality, immigration restrictions, anti-Chinese trade rules, and environmental deregulation.

Supporters may find justifications for Trump’s enthusiasm, but the economic evidence supports neither of these ideas. A more equitable income generally helps create jobs and strengthen growth. Migration, both skilled and so-called unskilled, has long been critical to American economic success. Free trade almost always benefits rich countries at least as much as poor ones. And limiting pollution brings real gains that don’t show up in GDP figures.

Against this, Biden’s campaign literature seems more sensible. While Trump’s website looks like an ad for an emotionally satisfying consumer product, the inside pages of Biden’s site appear to be written by a think tank not very imaginative politician.

There are technocratic platitudes: “Community health solutions can lead to better outcomes, allow people to live more independently, and alleviate healthcare challenges through a focus on prevention and coordination.” And there are the clunky details. New community health workers will be paid “through the provision of direct grant funds, as well as the addition of community health worker services as an optional benefit to states under Medicaid.”

What is lacking is the recognition that new government programs generally require using existing resources. More money for community health services or grants for parents of young children means less money for other good or politically sympathetic causes. Presumably Biden knows this, but he fears losing votes by admitting that raising government aid for poor and middle-class citizens inevitably requires raising taxes for people who don’t think they are so rich.

Presidential campaigns may be the wrong place for these harsh truths. Even so, the vituperative offers of the 2020 campaign seem particularly distant from economic reality. See two particularly relevant divergences. First, the post-pandemic economy. The medical efficacy of the strong restrictions on activity enacted to curb Covid is up for debate, but there is little debate about the great economic and educational damage they have already caused in the US, with no end in sight.

The government’s work will not end when the restrictions are lifted, and the pandemic of fear has been quelled. A full and rapid economic recovery will require substantial additional support for consumer spending. Reducing the debt burden on businesses and consumers, along with subsidies to employers to encourage hiring and rehiring would also help.

Trump took a significant step in the wrong direction by announcing the suspension of negotiations with Congress on the next phase of public support. He backed off, but the delay and uncertainty add to the damage. Biden also promises various types of aid, but is still far from the fiscal approach that is implicitly suggested by the Fed. Biden is also ignoring the overwhelming evidence from Europe and parts of the US that schools can safely reopen with few additional precautions. .

Then there is industrial policy. Both candidates claim to have an idea of ​​the economic future of America, but neither seems to have given much thought to it. The problem is not an excess of free market ideology. Trump, a mediocre businessman, seems to be comfortable with crony capitalism and traditional tools of government control like tariffs and quotas. Biden, true to his ideological roots, is theoretically committed to the leadership of the Government.

But Trump is more fond of gestures than consistent policies and seems to fail to understand that rising productivity destroys far more manufacturing jobs than unfair competition. Biden seems to have the wrong intellectual reflexes. Not surprising, since he has spent much of his nearly 78 years defending unions, which have little presence in high-tech or non-government service industries.

While the economic discussions between Trump and Biden have been largely bitter, their agreement on the economic irrelevance of fiscal deficits is a hopeful sign. There is some talk about the goodness of budget balance on both sides, but in practice Democrats and Republicans accept the basic principle of Modern Monetary Theory: that government spending should be guided by economic reality rather than fear of numbers. red. If only Trump and Biden could stop fighting and think more about what reality demands …

The authors are columnists for Reuters Breakingviews. Opinions are yours. The translation, of Carlos Gómez Down, it is the responsibility of Five days