UK: Johnson and Von der Leyen to take control of Brexit

(ANSA) – LONDON, 07 DEC – The President of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, decided to personally take control of the Brexit negotiations

Both will meet personally “in the coming days” in Brussels to discuss the unresolved differences in the field of talks between the respective negotiating teams, Downing Street said after a joint statement released at the end of today’s telephone call between the two.

In the call, both agreed that “the conditions for the conclusion of an agreement are not there because there are significant differences on three critical issues: parity of conditions, governance and fisheries”

Previously, Johnson had reached out a hand with positive signals for the negotiations on the post-Brexit trade deal, apparently promising Brussels to withdraw the most controversial part of the draft Internal Market Law.

This is the bill with which London claimed to be able to unilaterally modify some “divorce agreements” already signed on the borders of Northern Ireland

For his part, Von der Leyen held a videoconference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and with French President Emmanuel Macron to also talk about the Brexit negotiations, the same European source added.

The post-Brexit negotiations with the EU entered “at a watershed moment,” British Minister Penny Mordaunt said, illustrating before the House of Commons the latest updated preparations by Johnson’s Tory government for an eventual “No Deal”. (ANSA)


A severe dispute between the United States and Turkey and new hopes of imposing sanctions on Ankara – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

A U.S. spokesperson did not confirm or deny the details of Pompeo’s participation in the video conference, but several sources familiar with the matter described the exchange as heated.

Turkey has faced criticism for its position in a territorial maritime conflict with NATO member Greece and its support for Azerbaijan in the recently revived conflict with Armenia over a disputed enclave in Karabakh.

European warships are also attempting to impose an arms embargo on war-torn Libya, where Turkey supports the Tripoli government.

Some members of NATO and the European Union, with the exception of France, were cautious in criticizing the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, fearing an escalation of the crisis.

High-level participants told AFP that Pompeo accused Turkey of being a game in the hands of NATO rival Moscow by buying the Russian S-400 missile defense system, despite opposition from allies.

Pompeo urged Ankara to act more like an ally, accusing it of thwarting efforts to build consensus on vital reforms, according to those who participated.

“His speech was very short, but very clear,” a senior official told AFP, on condition of anonymity.

The official State Department reading of the meeting did not mention Turkey, but Pompeo has criticized Ankara in recent weeks.

The top diplomat in Washington was in Paris last month and told Le Figaro newspaper that he had spoken with President Emmanuel Macron and agreed that Turkey’s recent actions were “extremely aggressive.”

Germany is leading the process of diplomatic contact with Turkey to try to resolve some of the concerns of European capitals. NATO has created a “conflict avoidance mechanism” to prevent accidental clashes with Greek forces, but some EU members are also pushing for economic sanctions.

Macron faced Erdogan at a NATO summit in London in December, but Trump defended the Turkish leader at the time.

In talks this week, the US secretary was the least protective of Turkey, and France and Luxembourg joined Pompeo in launching the attack.

Members of the European Union will decide at a December 10 summit whether to begin the process of applying sanctions against Turkey for violating Greek waters to search for gas or violating the UN arms embargo on Libya.

“Ankara no longer has much support in the European Union as the Turks have not adopted any positive behavior since the dual strategy was adopted in October,” an EU official told AFP.

But sources told France Press that Angela Merkel may be the last person to oppose the sanctions when the next European Union meets on this issue.



United Kingdom: Close immigration Brexit and visa regime

(ANSA) – LONDON, DEC 1 – The United Kingdom today launches the online system for the application of mandatory work visas, which must be processed by foreigners, including citizens of the European Union, as of January 1, 2021 , when Brexit takes place

It was reported today by the British channel BBC

The conservative government of Boris Johnson ratified in the last hours that the system will be “simple and flexible”, but in any case it is one of the reflections of the closure to immigration approved months past, at the request of the executive, facing the post period. Brexit. It will imply the end of freedom of transit through European borders and the equalization of entry rules between workers from the Old Continent and non-EU workers, according to the law explained at the time by the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, and later Subject to evaluation by the Westminster Parliament, the migratory flow to the island will be regulated from the beginning of 2021 by a scoring mechanism, similar to that introduced some years ago by Australia, based on which priority will be guaranteed, regardless of its European origin or no, to accredited worker candidates with higher scores in terms of professional qualities, educational qualifications and English proficiency

Those who wish to obtain a visa as a “skilled worker” must be able to count before entering a job offer from an employer based in the United Kingdom, with a minimum annual salary of 25,600 pounds sterling (28,500 euros)

Even when the British government outlined facilities for some sectors – such as health, among others – more related to the current need for imported labor



Video: Barcelona’s tribute to Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi’s reaction

In the game that marked the return to the Spanish League in Barcelona after meeting on the last Wednesday of the death of Diego Armando Maradona, the club where the Argentine also left his mark dedicated an emotional tribute to him.

“Diego, always with us,” wrote the Culé club on its social networks, and showed the 10 jacket from the time Maradona wore it in the middle of the Camp Nou stalls.

Before the game there was a heartfelt dedication where the players of both teams surrounded the central circle of the game, with a shirt 10 in the center, silence and music to say goodbye to the Argentine star.

With the return of Lionel Messi and the need to win to improve their present, Barcelona against Osasuna, while Real Sociedad -leader together with Atlético de Madrid- will be local to Villarreal in the two outstanding games of the continuity of the date 11th. of the Spanish League.

After the “rest” arranged by DT Ronald Koeman to Rosario, the Catalan team has the obligation to return to victory and improve its weak present in the Spanish League.

The one in Barcelona this Sunday is another setting where Diego Armando Maradona, who died last Wednesday at the age of 60, was remembered, who played for the Catalan team between 1982 and 1984.

The coach of Barcelona, ​​the Dutch Ronald Koeman, remembered Diego as “the best in the world in his time”, and avoided entering into comparisons with Messi, whom he directs.

“We enjoy his quality a lot. On the field you always see the quality of a player much more. He was the best in the world at that time,” the coach remarked in the preview.

“I played against him once against Sevilla. I remember he was late for the warm-up, but he did a lot of things and I was almost more aware of him than my warm-up,” he said.


The resurgence of the PC: the pandemic boosts the sales of HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and Apple | Opinion

Opinion platform of Jorge Díaz-Cardiel, managing partner of Advice Strategic Consultants

The second wave of COVID-19, hitting many countries along with companies preparing for longer-term remote work environments, has pushed PC shipments to levels not seen since 2011, according to analyst firms.

Global shipments of laptops and mobile workstations in the third quarter of 2020 were 28.3% higher than a year ago, helping drive total PC shipments up 12.7% year-on-year to 79.2 million units.

The PC sector sold 64.6 million laptops (includes Chromebooks, but not tablets or removable ones). However, the shift to remote work reduced desktop shipments by 26% compared to a year ago.

This quarter’s growth in PC shipments outpaced the 9% year-over-year growth in PC shipments in the second quarter of 2020.

The pandemic has brought mixed results for Microsoft, which is experiencing a slowdown in demand from smaller companies but higher spending from large companies in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020.

Smaller business stagnation and business closures resulted in Windows OEM professional revenue falling 4% year-over-year, while Windows OEM non-professional revenue increased 34% in the quarter.

On the other hand, people spend more time on their computers: more than four trillion minutes are spent on Windows 10 per month, an increase of 75% year over year.

Lenovo sold the majority of its PCs in the third quarter of 2020, with 19.27 million units, an increase of 11.4%, leaving it with a 24.3% market share. HP sales grew 11.9% compared to last year to 18.66 million units, resulting in a 23.6% share of the PC market. Dell sold 11.99 million units and has a 15.1% market share, but its sales are down 0.5% compared to the previous year. Apple’s Mac sales grew 13.2% to 6.37 million units, giving it an 8.1% share of the PC market and fourth place. Acer’s shipments grew 15% to 5.64 million units.

Bottom line: Laptop sales soared in the last quarter, with Lenovo and HP grabbing half the market.

Apple is a world apart. The company reported Mac sales of $ 7.08 billion in its third-quarter update in July, up 22% from a year ago. IPad sales also increased 31% to $ 6.58 billion.

“Vendors, the supply chain and the channel have now had time to stand up and allocate resources for the supply of laptops, which continue to be in massive demand from both businesses and consumers.”

The industry recognizes that remote work will require providers to focus on mobility, connectivity, battery life, and screen and audio quality. Growth is expected in computing for the educational market and mainstream games.

The next quarter also appears to bring positive news, as consumer spending during the holiday season increases computer sales.

The high demand for laptops as people work and learn remotely helped HP Inc. and Dell Technologies Inc. soften the impact of a slowdown in spending on office equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

HP reported that laptop sales rose 30% in the July quarter from a year earlier, helping the company limit its revenue decline to 2%, as it reported $ 14.29 billion in sales, surpassing Wall Street’s projection of $ 13.34 billion. The drop was driven by the printer business, as well as lower sales of desktops and workstations, and companies invested less in office equipment because employees work from home.

Meanwhile, Dell said consumer revenue was up 18% for the business that includes computer sales, while commercial customer sales fell 11%. Overall revenue, like HP’s, fell 3% to $ 22.7 billion.

“We saw strength in the government and education sectors, with orders increasing 16% and 24%, respectively, as parents, teachers and school districts prepare for a new frontier in virtual learning,” said the director of operations. Dell’s Jeff Clarke in a statement. .

The pandemic has also posed problems for the two tech companies due to lower spending on office equipment. Dell saw sales of servers and data storage equipment drop, the company said, and customers shifted spending to facilitate remote work.

HP says its printing business, smaller in revenue than the computer business but generally more lucrative, saw sales drop to $ 3.93 billion, driven by lower sales of printers and supplies.

The consumer printer market, however, was a bright spot, with people trapped in home buying devices. Chief Executive Enrique Lores said those sales should boost the printing business as people return to buy more ink and other “consumables.”

Earlier this year, HP warned that the last quarter would be more difficult than the previous one for the company’s printing business as corporate customers cut spending on office equipment. Enrique Lores said that the supply chain challenges the company encountered during the pandemic affected printer sales early in the quarter, particularly on the consumer side. But, the CEO said, the consumer printing business, which posted a 7% revenue increase in the quarter, should strengthen. Furthermore, he said, commercial print sales, while still low, were improving and supply chain problems had lessened.

Xerox Holdings Corp., which last year launched an unsuccessful hostile takeover offer for HP, saying the printing industry was decades behind in consolidation, reported that its sales in the most recent quarter fell by more than a third from the previous year.

Laptop and tablet sales drive sales for HP, Dell and Apple

With so many people working, learning, and playing at home, you might think laptop and tablet sales would be strong. And you would be right.

HP and Dell reported quarterly earnings showing strong laptop and gaming system sales.

And market watcher IDC just reported that Western European unit shipments of “detachable tablets” – that is, tablets with dockable keyboards – were up 170% in the third quarter of the year. By supplier, Apple rules the roost.

HP: notebooks on the rise

HP reported its fiscal fourth quarter earnings yesterday, and overall, things are pretty heavy. Total revenue reached $ 15.3 billion, a drop of one percentage point from the prior-year quarter.

Similarly, the company’s personal systems group reported fixed revenue of $ 10.4 billion. That was despite unit shipments rising 7% year-on-year. In other words, the average selling price (APC) has dropped.

In the fourth quarter, laptop revenue increased 18% while laptop unit shipments increased 25%. Desktops, however, declined: unit shipments fell 31% and revenue fell 28%.

Another way to look at it: HP’s fourth-quarter notebook revenue accounted for nearly half of the company’s total revenue. Desktop computer revenue was just 15%.

Dell: double digit growth

Things were a bit brighter at Dell, which reported earnings for its fiscal third quarter. The company reported total revenue for the quarter of nearly $ 23.5 billion, a 3% year-on-year increase.

Things were even brighter for Dell’s Customer Solutions group, which is Dell’s language for PCs. It reported record shipments, record revenue of $ 12.3 billion and record operating income of $ 1 billion.

Of those $ 12.3 billion in PC revenue, 28% came from consumer sales, while the remaining 72% came from commercial sales. In dollars, consumer sales in the quarter totaled $ 3.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14%. And commercial sales totaled $ 8.8 billion, an increase of 5%.

Dell says it enjoyed double-digit growth in most of its consumer and business lines, as well as gaming systems.

More specifically, Dell’s business PC revenue was driven by double-digit growth for Latitude and Precision notebooks, and triple-digit growth for business Chromebooks.

Consumer revenue was driven by double-digit growth in the XPS and Alienware premium gaming systems, both notebooks and desktops.

Apple: tablets

Do all those kids go to school from home now? They (or maybe their parents) are buying a lot of tablets.

New figures from market watcher IDC show that unit shipments of detachable tablets in Western Europe increased 170% in the third quarter of this year, which ended on September 30. These devices now account for 40% of all tablets shipped in the region.

By contrast, third-quarter unit shipments of slate tablets (that is, those without a keyboard) in Western Europe fell 16%, according to IDC.

By verticals, education is now the fastest growing sector in the region for tablet sales. Total tablet shipments to the Western European education market in the third quarter increased 89%, according to IDC.

By vendor, the loot goes to Apple. IDC says the company’s share of the Western European educational market for tablets has risen to a dominant 64%.

Apple also dominates the overall tablet market, with a share of nearly 32% in the third quarter, IDC says. The market watcher says Apple shipped more than 2.6 million tablets in the region during the quarter, a year-on-year increase of nearly 31%.

Jorge Díaz-Cardiel. Managing Director of Advice Strategic Consultants. Economist, Sociologist, Lawyer, Historian, Philosopher and Journalist. He has been Managing Director of Ipsos Public Affairs, Managing Partner of Brodeur Worldwide and Porter Novelli International; Director of Sales and Marketing for Intel Corporation and Director of Investor Relations for Shandwick Consultants. Author of thousands of articles on economics and international relations, he has published around twenty books on economics, innovation, digitization and business success. He is the 1991 Economy Award


ISIS continues to be represented by Turkey and its mercenaries – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Hundreds of people in the Tal Brak district, northeast of al-Hasaka, have taken to the streets to condemn the October 9, 2020 deal on Shengal.

The protesters marched on the main street of the city and stopped at the Martyrs’ Square, where Tal Brak Council member Abdul Salam al-Hasani made a speech saying that fascist Turkey is proceeding to bombard civilian areas and displace them, in an attempt to spread sedition and unrest in the area.

In the end, al-Hasani called on the international community to take responsibility and confront the flagrant violations of human rights and international norms.



Entrapment and the diabetic – Columna de María Isabel Rueda – Columnists – Opinion

It is a pity that an arsenal of intelligence such as the one accumulated in a parliamentary debate organized by senators Roy Barreras, Iván Cepeda and Gustavo Petro for last Thursday, for about 9 hours, leads to a puzzling question: what did they want to get out of the? Visibility to start the presidential campaign? To continue charging former prosecutor Martínez who covered several goals, for which the agreement with the Farc did not come out worse? Or something really implausible: to defend the poor blind man of ‘Jesús Santrich’ from having been involved in a drug trafficking business, without realizing what he was doing, tempted by a hook that would have been thrown at him, to finally end up swelling the dissidents of the FARC, who have battered the life of the Colombian civilian population?

A little of everything. The instruments used by the citing senators demonstrate this. First, it was a matter of accusing Martínez of having hidden the operation from the Santos government. Martínez told the President about it from the moment it began to unfold live (it was from the DEA and there was an obligation to reserve); But that does not mean that the Prosecutor, President Santos, did not have informed of all the adventures that the Farc had discovered with drug trafficking, even after having signed the peace agreement. There are two documents of this.

The second point of the summons is that it was an entrapment, in which they made poor little Santrich fall miserably. Since he doesn’t see anything, he thought he was buying and selling televisions and not coca. That Marín was the agent provocateur, along with Armando Gómez. For the latter, according to the subpoenas, an agent of the DEA, it is very rare that he is in prison in the United States today, after having kicked so much so that he would not be extradited. As for Marín, Martínez exhibited a recording in which the nephew of the chief negotiator of the FARC went to ask for coca from ‘Santrich’: he knew that he worked for that line. ‘Santrich’ never said no. And, sure enough, he got him the coke. That, according to the summons, it did not come from the Farc. First they said that the Prosecutor’s Office put it (which, even today, denies it). Then, that the DEA, which also denies it. It certainly does not sound correct that the coca that accepts to sell ‘Santrich’ to Mexicans does not come from the Farc but from the United States, because what the operation was trying to demonstrate was that the Farc were still in business, because they had coca to market , and because they did not lack the disposition to do so. If the coca, as indicated by the citations, was not from the Farc, it does seem to me that the operation is limping.

In addition, there is not a single resolution of the Prosecutor’s Office that accepts Marlon Marín as an undercover agent to stuff that coca into ‘Santrich’.

It is true that entrapment as such, which consists of provoking a person to commit a crime, is prohibited in Colombia. But does this case really set up a trap? Upon detecting that Marlon Marín planned to steal the money for the health of the reinserted, and then that of the productive projects, he was intercepted one day talking about televisions with ‘Santrich’. Was it logical for the authorities to move to confirm if what they were dealing with was coca?

How induced was ‘Santrich’ to square that business? If they looked for him and it fell so easy, it is to be assumed that he had contacts with the FARC, which remained drug trafficking. And, furthermore, it shows that the peace agreement that he negotiated and signed with the Colombian government was never sufficiently compromising to awaken in ‘Santrich’ an outbreak of morality.

Roy said in the debate that the ‘Santrich’ thing was like a diabetic being put before a delicious dessert. Bad example. Is ‘Santrich’ so dependent on drug trafficking that, at the mere mention of the word ‘coca’, he falls into this diabetic coma?

The smartest senators in Congress, the best speakers and haters of Néstor Humberto Martínez, organized a 9-hour debate to lead people to conclude that authority is the bad one, and that if this supposed entrapment had never occurred, listen to me, there would be no dissidents from the Farc.

Dissidents exist because drug trafficking exists. Not because Néstor Humberto Martínez, supposed enemy of peace, invented them to discredit the process. There they are and, for now, there they stay.

Meanwhile… Petro’s Summary: This was all nothing but DEA-DEA conversations. And the poor blind man, there …



Oboe and others – Stamm Hans-André Triostücke in Celtic Spirit vol 2 für Flöte Piccolo Violine Oboe


Improved weather after Iota and Eta facilitate cleanup in northern Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Nov 28 (EFE) .- The meteorological conditions in the northwestern area of ​​Honduras have improved in the last hours, which is allowing to accelerate the cleaning work in entire communities and the rehabilitation of primary and secondary roads affected by tropical storms Iota and Eta.

“We are removing the mud that was left in the whole house about six inches high, everything was ruined,” Juan Ramón Irías, who lives in the Céleo González residential sector in eastern San Pedro Sula, told Efe in a telephone communication. most important city and located in the north of Honduras.

Irías, who among other activities is a cultural promoter, recalled that, in the midst of the floods that Iota and Eta left in the area where their home is located, the amount of water that fell was higher than that discharged by the devastating Hurricane Mitch.

He added that the three floods that the north and west of Honduras suffered in two weeks, mainly the extensive and fertile valley of Sula, caused much damage.

In the Céleo González sector, where there are around twenty neighborhoods, there were families who, due to the high level that the water reached, climbed onto the roofs of their houses, where some waited several days to be rescued by rescuers.

“The water ruined everything for us, the living room furniture, the beds, the kitchen, the refrigerator, partitions, my modest library and literature that are part of the historical memory, everything was lost,” said Irías, moved by the damage they have suffered. your home and your family.

Irías, married with four children, recalled that in 1995 he attended, as a prosecutor for the Federation of Trade Unions of Workers of Northern Honduras (Fesitranh), the inauguration of Céleo González and that he bought his house for a short time.

Until before the passage of storms Iota and Eta, the only natural disaster that had flooded the area in a similar way was Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

In the Sula Valley region, which is very vulnerable to hurricanes, storms and tropical depressions, many Hondurans, when they know that their home may be flooded, seek to protect their belongings by hanging them from the ceiling.

Irías, after the Eta pass, which flooded the Sula valley and other regions of the country, and before the arrival of Iota, decided to safeguard his belongings, mainly furniture, among other objects, in places at a height of a little more than one meter.

“We did not imagine that the flooding of the Iota would be more severe, the water made everything that we had high fell and they were on the ground full of mud,” he said.

The water level reached around two meters high in the house of Irías, who with his relatives, tools in hand, were busy cleaning their home today.

The structure of the house is preserved, but Irías said that in time they will notice if there is damage to the foundation.

He added that personnel from the Municipality of San Pedro Sula have come to the sector with machinery to clean the neighborhoods that were most damaged by the two natural phenomena, to which was added a third flood due to rainfall in the west of the country, where two rivers are born. mighty that cross through various departments and flow into the Caribbean.

“We are seeing if we rescue the refrigerator, which was thrown on the floor. We will clean it with pressurized water jets and then we will dry it to see if it works,” Irías said.

Thousands of Hondurans continue to clean their homes, offices, factories, shops and other types of infrastructure damaged by the floods left by Iota and Eta.

It is also working on the rehabilitation of totally or partially damaged bridges and roads. EFE

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Weather alert for La Plata with some gusty storms and probable hail

According to the report issued by the local Directorate of Hydrometeorology, “the Risk Attention Level is raised to ‘Yellow’ due to strong storms with gusts and occasional hail” during the day today.

In this context, the municipality initiated an action plan that includes the articulated work of the different communal areas and includes permanent monitoring and control of streams, as well as the cleaning of drains and storm drains, to prevent and avoid inconveniences.

Together, the Hydrometeorological System devices remain active, allowing data to be obtained in real time on the behavior of streams, the amount of rainfall and the status of the storm drains.


Faced with this prognosis, citizens are recommended to circulate cautiously on public roads, not to touch cables or utility poles, and to remove flowerpots or other objects that may fly off balconies and windows.
At the same time, it is advisable not to remove the waste, taking into account that it can cause the obstruction of the drains and prevent the normal runoff of water, causing flooding in streets and sidewalks.

It is also recommended to be attentive to the official information channels: the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Municipality of La Plata; the official website of the commune; ‘MLP Civil Defense’ on Twitter and Facebook; and ‘Clima MLP’ on Twitter.

In the same way, it is recalled that in emergencies residents may contact 103 Civil Protection and 911 of the Police; While to make claims or orders, they can do so at the 147 service line.

Climate APP

It should be noted that the residents of the city have at their disposal the APP ‘Climate MLP’, with which they can inform in real time about the forecast and the particularities of the weather that occur in each of the neighborhoods and, in this way , be aware of the meteorological alerts issued by the Commune in each situation; know the recommendations according to it; and know exactly how much it is raining in each neighborhood.

In addition, the ‘Clima MLP’ app is provided with useful numbers to go to emergencies, such as the Fire Department, Civil Protection, Prefecture, Neighbor Service and Ambulance (SAME).