Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Test: Star Wars im Snackformat

After Vader Immortal, Lucasarts’ XR studio ILMxLAB is trying a new, VR-exclusive Star Wars adventure. Is it worth the trip to Batuu?

In Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge (abbreviation: TGE), VR players slip into the role of an inconspicuous droid mechanic who works on an old cargo spaceship. The plot begins when one is attacked by space pirates near the planet Batuu, who suspect a valuable cargo in the spaceship.

In the heat of the battle, you drop the cargo and leave the spaceship with an escape pod. Stranded on the green planet, it is time to recover the mysterious cargo before the space pirates and their unscrupulous leader Tara Rashin do it.

A six-eyed bartender

Before the adventure begins, you end up in a pub in the heart of the Black Spire Outpost, a settlement on the planet Batuu. The bar is modeled on the Cantina on Mos Eisley. Anyone expecting extraterrestrial species, exotic music and a lively atmosphere will be disappointed: the bar is empty except for its owner, the bartender Seezelslak.

After you have been instructed accordingly by the droid mechanic Mubo in the bar, you go into the wilderness of Baatu. The Black Spire outpost can only be seen from one window of the bar: you cannot step out of the pub and explore the settlement.

Not much is going on in Seezelslaks Bar. | Image: ILMxLAB

Blaster instead of lightsaber

In the next two and a half hours you shoot your way through a series of tube-like levels with various blasters. Here you come across a handful of types of opponents who don’t really challenge you. If you are overwhelmed by the soldiers, drones and local creatures, you can have up to three flying droids fight by your side. They follow you at every turn and automatically attack opponents.

The blasters use a lot of energy. If this is used up and that happens very quickly, you have to get new weapons. Fortunately, you can pick up weapons from dead opponents, because they are in abundance.

That makes for a bit of variety in addition to the shooting Multi tool, which is used as a screwdriver or cutting torch, depending on the situation. This gives you access to electronics and equipment boxes or repairs damaged flying droids.

On the side 3-CPOs

You move through the game world fluently and by teleportation. The latter is necessary to overcome abysses.

The action-packed storyline is through Appearances by well-known Star Wars characters relaxed: This is how you meet C-3PO in the course of the campaign and search with him for R2-D2.

When you finally find the cargo, the first and last boss fight against Tara Rashin takes place. This final argument doesn’t require much skill or brains either.


The shooter elements dominate in TGE. | Image: ILMxLAB

Mini-Episode mit Yoda

After returning to Seezelslaks Bar, the bar owner is given a range of ingredients for a drink that were collected during the excursion into the wilderness.

The bartender then tells a story that goes back to the era of the High Republic. Players slip into the role of the female Jedi Padawan Ady Sun’Zee, who has to face an ancient evil force at Yoda’s side. As in Vader Immortal, here you can fight with a lightsaber and use the force to defeat demonic creatures.

The episode is separate from the rest of the game and lasts no longer than 20 minutes. It is the first of several eponymous stories (English: “Tales”), of which more than paid DLCs in 2021 will appear.

At the limit of performance

I played TGE on an Oculus Quest and the aged smartphone chip in the VR glasses groans noticeably under the load of the graphics calculations. Especially in fights, I rarely had the feeling of achieving stable 72 frames per second.

You can tell in many places that the developers have made an effort to get the most out of the hardware and to create locations and backdrops that do justice to the Star Wars universe. Due to the lack of power reserves of the Oculus Quest, the result is not always convincing: For example, it is annoying in outdoor areas uniform textures and flat backgrounds.

I will submit my impressions with Oculus Quest 2 if Facebook provides us with a corresponding test sample.


The nicely animated characters are among the highlights of the game. | Image: ILMxLAB

Conclusion: You don’t have to buy this VR game

Vader Immortal put a lot of emphasis on a tightly told story, a great atmosphere with memorable moments and got above it more film than game.

In TGE this relationship is reversed: In the campaign, which forms the heart of the game, the action is in the foreground and the plot is neglected. If TGE had more to offer than blunt shooting, it would be bearable. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. So I clearly prefer Vader Immortal to this adventure.

Tales of the Galaxy’s Edge looks like it would have wanted and could have been a lot more if that Budget and schedule would have been right. Much may have been shortened here so that TGE appears in time for Christmas business.

This is supported by the relatively short playing time of around three hours and that paid DLCs will be submitted next year. In any case, I hope this has more content than the extremely short Yoda episode.

You’ll love Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge if you …

  • always wanted to face C-3PO and Yoda,
  • wishes you an authentic Star Wars experience and
  • likes shallow shooting games.

You won’t like Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge if you …

  • are looking for a large-scale VR game,
  • you hoped for complex game mechanics and
  • and stable FPS expected (with original Quest).

You can buy Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge here:

Supported devices platform price
Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2 Quest Store 24,99 Euro

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Oculus Quest 2 is not sold in Germany for the time being. It is not known how long this sales ban will last.

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