Tangermouths build a Stargate

The science fiction world has arrived in Tangermünde. Two fans of Star Wars, Stargate and Co. did something special.

Tangermünde l A piece like something out of a science fiction film was recently seen on the property of Maik Lüthgarth, a Tangermünde native. In the Stargate (star gate), set in scene by appropriate light and the starry sky in the background, a Jedi knight with a light sword and a Mandalorian stood facing each other. Both characters are protagonists in the Star Wars series, the story of which began in the 1970s with the hit film “Star Wars”.

Embodied Mandalorians and Jedi

While Tim Döbbelin played the Mandalorian Dane Jair’ved, Lüthgarth played the Jedi. The two Tangermouths are outspoken science fiction lovers and so they found each other through their shared hobby. With projects like this, they want to live out their dream, put themselves in the place of the stories.

As a special fan of the Stargate series, Maik Lüthgarth came up with the idea at Christmas 2018 to build such a star gate himself. Here he was able to contribute his experience in bridge building. The first plans were available at the beginning of January 2019 and in the course of spring he began collecting construction waste in the neighborhood.

Stones for the stargate

The stairs for the gate were built from around two cubic meters of stone. After appropriate casing, the same could be poured. A challenge was to plan the entire electrical system in advance and to guarantee the statics for the probation. A large part of the entire structure was made from recycled material, only gravel, cement and pipes had to be bought.

Tim Döbbelin has been a Star Wars fan for 22 years and is especially connected to the Mandalorian culture. In August 2019 he decided to build his own armor, that of a Mandalorian beskar’gam, and not in the quality of a carnival costume, but as true to the film as possible. So he found his way to what he said was the largest Star Wars fan base in the world, the “Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club” (MMCC – see box). On July 25th, Döbbelin’s costume met the club standard and he became an official member of the MMCC. This spark also jumped over to Maik Lüthgarth, who is now working on his Jedi costume.

Tangermünde build backdrops

Lüthgarth and Döbbelin meet regularly and are already planning sets from other film universes. They hope to be able to participate in national events after the corona wave. “Interested parties are welcome to contact us at any time. We look forward to questions and also to other nice participants at our events ”, Tim Döbbelin invites.

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