Taron Egerton to star in Tetris movie for Apple TV Plus

The movie of Tetris is coming to Apple TV Plus with Taron Egerton as protagonist, who will play Henk Rogers, the entrepreneur who introduced Tetris to the world. The movie will show how the game became such a powerful force in the industry.

The film will star Kingsman and Rocketman star Taron Egerton, who will play Dutch businessman Henk Rogers, the man who introduced Tetris to the world after obtaining the rights to distribute the game on console.

Alexey Pajitnov, the Russian creator of Tetris, will also appear in the film, as will British businessmen Robert and Kevin Maxwell, but these roles have not yet been cast. The cast of characters suggests that the film will focus on the rights dispute that surrounded the game in the late 1980s.

Director Jon S. Baird He will direct the project, while Noah Pink will serve as a screenwriter. Pink previously developed National Geographic’s Genius television show, about the life of Albert Einstein, starring Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson.

Tetris: The film will begin filming in Scotland in December 2020 and will arrive at some point on the Apple TV Plus service.

Do you like Taron Egerton’s participation in the Tetris movie?

Source: ScreenRant

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